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A recap for Meme House.

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Season 1

    Part 1 
  • Joel starts his Sims game by adding tons of mods, not all of which he knows about. The most prominent one is the Extreme Violence mod, which promises tons of brutal hilarity.
  • After an hour and a half of work and one false start, Bulk Bogan, Dio Brando, and Garfield Cat are added to the neighborhood. They shop for items and completely ignore the neighbors attempting to greet them, including one Johnny Zest. Joel is interested in buying a grill, but the household doesn't have enough money.
  • Garfield is given the job of a chef, and tests his newfound culinary skills by making macaroni and cheese. Unfortunately, he sets himself on fire. As everyone panics, two random Sims come in to play on the GameCube. Joel is not amused at the intrusion, and Bulk finally puts Garfield out. Dio then kills the random Sims for doing nothing to help Garfield.
  • The police arrest Dio, and Bulk sees that a second Bulk Bogan, who Joel dubs "Liquid Bogan," is wandering the neighborhood. He kills his doppelganger immediately, and the body stays on the street all day as no one pays it any mind.
  • Dio escapes from jail and is pursued by one of the cops, who he kills. The Grim Reaper begs him to stop killing, but Dio is unmoved and kicks him in the crotch, though he does try to apologize. Bulk decides to join a gang and quickly becomes mean to everyone, while Garfield kills another Bogan clone.
  • Garfield invades a random lady's house at 4 AM to make cake. Dio properly meets perpetual Butt-Monkey Johnny Zest, and after failing to beat him up, settles for kicking over his trash can and framing him for multiple murders. Bulk, realizing the gang affiliation is affecting his personality, quits his job. Joel tries to order a pizza, but it never arrives. The stream ends as Garfield shoots and kills the ghost of Mortimer Goth, with the cops closing in.

    Part 2 
  • Bulk kills more ghosts and is arrested for the ghostly murders, with the ghost of Liquid Bogan making a mess of things while he's gone. Dio befriends Kayleigh Ordonez, the old lady Garfield encountered in part 1, and begins a quest to make evil food items. Bulk is freed from jail and returns to clean up his clone's mess.
  • Dio recklessly spends his money on a coffin, so Bulk decides to get a new job with criminals. Joel changes Kayleigh Ordonez into a drug dealer named Enyaba Ordonez, but decides her drugs are defective and calls the Shaman to get quality stuff.
  • The Shaman, Wario, arrives at the Bogan house. Under the influence of his drugs, Bulk goes on a series of wacky misadventures at the local gym, where he meets a girl named Madeline who is surprisingly friendly to him. Bulk promptly ruins the mood by killing someone in front of her.
  • Bulk continues to trip out while Dio uses the drugs to make food; he and Bulk eat drug-laced food together while Garfield comes home oblivious to it all.

    Part 3 
  • Bulk got a promotion at work, and after Dio spends everyone's money again the household realizes they need to start saving money, as Joel wants to buy a spiffy grill. Bulk and Garfield work to improve on their jobs, which for Bulk means tormenting Johnny Zest as much as possible.
  • Garfield kills a random Sim, and then Dio kills one of the cops that had visited the house. Dio torments Johnny Zest some more, including cannibalizing Dorian Shafer's ghost for meat inside his house; despite being butchered the ghost still lives.
  • Bulk pranks Garfield, which annoys him so much he wishes Bulk would die. Bulk decides to visit Vampire Town along with Dio, who murders the head vampire after deciding the town sucks. After arriving home, Dio uses his vampiric powers to force Liquid Bogan to fix the toilet he broke.
  • Bulk and Madeline's relationship turns friendlier and potentially romantic. An oddly-shaped treehouse is built in the neighborhood, and Funky Kong and Bonzi Buddy arrive as the Bogans' neighbors. Funky is one chill dude and even befriends Johnny Zest, while Bonzi finds work with computers.
  • Garfield and Wario begin a romantic relationship, sharing a kiss, but Wario's relationship with Bulk begins to sour.

    Part 4 
  • Dio introduces himself to his neighbors by eating their Froot Loops, then drinking Bonzi's blood. He also discovers the Trash Plant, which Garfield uses to make Trash Pancakes. He feeds them to the Kongs and then goes to visit Johnny, but is unable to make him trash food before being thrown out. Garfield takes revenge with a crotch kick in front of a baby, who according to Joel is Johnny's son.
  • Joel test drives a mod for running Sims over with a car, and a funeral in the street begins. While Dio writes a children's book, Fire Lady, a woman constantly on fire, appears for the first time.
  • Bulk goes on a killing spree in Willow Creek with the power of the car mod, getting five innocent Sims run over for no good reason. He invites Madeline over, but has to leave for work just as she arrives. Dio tries to hit on her but she's unimpressed.
  • While at the gym, Garfield seems to arrive to work out despite already being at work. Dio writes more books and controls Bonzi into fixing the broken computer. After a long series of misadventures, the Bogans have enough money to buy their coveted grill. New neighbors Kira and Killer Queen arrive.

    Part 5 
  • At a welcoming party, Kira quickly kills Enyaba Ordenez for kicking over his trash can. When Death arrives, a mourning Sim is randomly run over with a car. Kira and Killer Queen move to find jobs, with Kira taking up computers and Killer Queen fast food.
  • While Kira kills a man with a Waluigi hat, Bonzi Buddy is visited by the Devil, who offers him demonic powers. Bonzi accepts and proves his loyalty by setting a woman on fire. Funky Kong heads off to the bar and meets an apparent Bonzi clone, but his visit is cut short when the bartender is mysteriously murdered and cannibalized for meat.
  • Funky Kong hangs with Johnny Zest and hires a guitarist, who shows up in the nude. Wacky shenanigans ensue as Funky and Johnny try to get along, before Funky gives up and goes home. Johnny is visited by other neighbors and hides in his room until they leave.
  • Kira adopts an adorable kitten, renaming him from Dakota to Stray Cat. As ghosts mess with him, Jerma and Twitch Chat move into the neighborhood.

    Part 6 
  • Albert Wesker and Spongebob Squarepants move into Enyaba's empty house. Spongebob takes a job as a chef and begins to make meals. A neighborhood welcome party surprisingly passes without incident, and Wesker decides to become a professional assassin and kills a pizza delivery girl.
  • Wesker performs several hits on targets, including a man who hired him by mistake, but spares drug dealer Diamond Mooney due to being tired. When a cop steals one of his books, Wesker kills him too, but continues to ignore the Mooney request.
  • Spongebob's life has begun to spiral out of control, and he mopes outside. Tormenting Johnny Zest makes him feel better, and Diamond Mooney shows up in an attempt to get Wesker to kill someone and also herself. When both of them leave for work, Diamond is left alone in the house before leaving.
  • Joel decides he likes Diamond and transforms her into her true self—Jill Valentine. The Bogan household desperately needs money to pay their bills, so Joel has Bulk twerk for money on the street. He makes thousands of Simoleons from random passersby, and Twitch Chat finds love with Johnny Zest.

    Part 7 
  • Joel adds a Fortnite dancing mod, which results in several impromptu dance sessions for hours on end and Bogan happily dancing in the nude. While grilling tacos, Dio starts dancing for no reason, cracking Joel up. As Joel watches other Sims dance, Dio completes an assassination request.
  • Bulk goes on a killing spree and becomes known as a murderer, which Joel ignores. Death shows up to reap more Sims, while Garfield does the Mario.
  • Bulk visits Funky Kong and introduces himself, while Joel sees a ghost named Kory Fuller dancing on his own grave and plays an appropriate song to set the mood. The next day, Bulk visits Funky again, takes a picture together, and invites Wario over once he's back home. Wario and Garfield have tense interactions and break up. Madeline also visits.
  • Wario invites Madeline to play UNO with him. What they discuss is unknown, but she promptly gets up and stabs Bulk Bogan to death! Joel and the chat are shocked at the sudden turn of events, and Wario points, laughs, and celebrates. Joel immediately suspects Wario of convincing Madeline to kill Bulk.
  • Dio wakes up after a refreshing nap and begs for Bulk to live, but his plea to Death falls on deaf ears, and Bogan remains dead; Joel and the chat mourn his loss. Garfield then comes back from work and kills Wario while Madeline escapes. A distraught Dio visits Kira, and Joel discovers Reddit evidence that Madeline was always a murderer, having cannibalized the bartender from Part 5. Kira agrees to reset time to before Bogan's death, and the stream fades to white.
  • When the timeline is rebooted, Joel quickly has Dio kill Wario and beat up Madeline, but she escapes again. Bulk and the others head off to finish the job, but they're soon distracted with the discovery of the Liquid House, which boasts two clones of Garfield and Dio. Liquid Garfield is quickly killed, but Liquid Dio is allowed to live and befriends his original counterpart. Joel speculates the clones are from an alternate timeline where Bulk stayed dead.
  • Bulk catches up with Madeline and enacts sweet revenge, killing her in the same way she killed him. The event is celebrated with the Doom theme.
  • Both Nemesis and CBT Wizard are added to the town. Nemesis eats their housemate and CBT Wizard quickly shows his personality by kicking people in the crotch, doing so to poor Johnny Zest seven times.

    Part 8 
  • Johnny Zest has a usual bad day when his neighbors invade his house and torment him.
  • While SpongeBob serenades them on guitar and the Knuckles Rap plays on radio, Jill Valentine and Nemesis are the first couple to WooHoo, severely freaking Joel and the chat out. Garfield buys 10 CBT books, and a demon proposes marriage to a random woman.
  • CBT Wizard torments Johnny Zest yet again, before Joel decides new blood is needed for the town. He creates vargFren and Pepsiman, and toys with adding Spaghetti Grapes, a raccoon based on The Joker, before holding off on it for later.
  • Bulk Bogan begins to dance while walking around due to a glitch in the Fortnite mod, the result is pure Body Horror.
  • vargFren is added to the town and is instantly cannibalized and killed by the owner of the house. Pepsiman takes swift revenge, but vargFren is a ghost forever due to the circumstances of the death. Not even realizing he died, Fren applies for a job and immediately quits it. Meanwhile, Bulk Bogan is stuck doing dance moves due to a bug.
  • As the new characters settle in, something ominous occurs—demonic clones of Bonzi Buddy begin to appear out of nowhere, one of whom is constantly on fire.

    Part 9 
  • Joel gets the chat up to speed on vargFren and Pepsiman. Pepsiman helps a demon woman deliver a baby to help pay the bills, and Fren decides to become an astronaut.
  • Joel remembers Twitch Chat and Jerma exist and pays them a visit. Jerma spontaneously loses and regrows his hand while cooking, and the two invade the opulent house of two women, one of whom is stuck dancing and cooking. Suddenly, CBT Wizard appears...and he and Jerma get along so well they start a romantic relationship and WooHoo in the women's bed.
  • In true soap opera fashion, Twitch Chat develops a terminal disease that Joel dubs "Boofa Ligma Sugma" and is dying. With a 20% chance to survive surgery, they go in...and live! Tons of random Sims celebrate the wonderful news, though it quickly turns tragic when one of the celebrators is run over by a car. Twitch heads to the museum, plays violin, and encounters a Wario named Raiden, whose only crime is being a terrible bartender.
  • Back at the Bogans', Dio attempts to fix the sink, shower, and toilet himself and succeeds, while CBT Wizard creeps around. Bulk encounters a demon, who randomly drops dead without the need to do anything. He dances while everyone else mourns, and two demon women constantly fight until Bulk settles it with a gun... in front of the entire neighborhood. The cops quickly arrive while Death chastises Bulk for killing so many Sims, but Bulk throws them off the scent by pretending to be asleep. Confounded, the cops dance and violate several gun safety laws just as another demon arrives.
  • Dio has a pregnancy scare when a blue moodlet declares him pregnant, but it turns out to be a false alarm. At the Kong household, Bonzi tests his demonic powers, which are corrupting the neighborhood, while Funky Kong invites Spongebob over only to immediately ask him to leave. Bonzi also senses that he or someone else might be in danger.
  • Suddenly, Funky is randomly hit by a car and dies! Bonzi leaves work early and pleads for him to live, and Death seemingly accepts...only for Funky to die and become a ghost anyway. Luckily, Funky is chill about his new living situation and accepts an invite to Spongebob's movie night, where a random crowd of Sims (including Raiden Wario with a Keyblade) is gathered outside. Unable to find any movies, the Sims turn the crowd into a dance party, while Bonzi gets in a fight to the lovely sounds of fart noises and Team Fortress 2 memes.
  • Joel modifies the game to let Funky live since the 'pleading with Death' mechanic appears to be bugged, though he keeps the tombstone. He then makes a pit for waste from the toilet and makes plans to put a shower there, and is paranoid about letting Funky outside. Spongebob and Johnny Zest want to come over, and Bonzi chats with Johnny before leaving him stranded outside while Funky sleeps.
  • Joel creates Freddie Mercury but doesn't add him to the game. He does add the friendly Toad Bup to the game, giving in to the chat's demands to have him suffer from IBS. Spaghetti Grapes is added to the series as his pet. Toad feeds Spaghetti a treat and immediately goes to sleep, with Spaghetti adorably sleeping with him.

    Part 10 
  • Toad Bup is feeling flirty for no particular reason. Liquid Dio, Pepsiman, and random Sims welcome him to the neighborhood, and knock on the bathroom door since he has no front door. Toad flirts with everyone and offers Liquid Dio relationship advice, creeping everyone out. Toad gets fed up when Twitch Chat arrives and tries to make everyone leave, though it doesn't stop them from coming.
  • Spaghetti Grapes seems to warp reality around a random woman and make her constantly puke, while Toad is oblivious and friendly. Another random Sim, who Joel dubs Dante, knocks on the door and gets puked on, to Joel's great amusement. Toad gets in a huge fight and eventually chokes the woman to death. Death is stuck in a dance loop for hours, as Toad is continually prevented from sleeping.
  • Toad meets Bulk Bogan. They initially get along well, but Toad starts a fire and Bogan bails and then starts dancing, while Spaghetti Grapes happily sleeps. Toad and Bulk visit Pepsiman and vargFren, and while Bulk is outside dancing Toad befriends them and falls asleep, but not before puking in their bed. Fren happily possesses stuff, but makes Toad leave when he takes a bubble bath.
  • Toad hires Bulk Bogan as a caterer, but Garfield shows up instead. After repeated attempts to get him to cook, which totals $350, Garfield makes macaroni and cheese...which Spaghetti Grapes happily eats.
  • Freddie Mercury, Bob Ross, Big Smoke, and Vibe Check are added to the town. Freddie's musical talents are enhanced with cheat codes. After being imprisoned for murder, Big Smoke is cannibalized by a passerby ghost, becoming a ghost himself. Freddie successfully exorcises the cannibal ghost, but not before everyone else eats part of Smoke's remains, including Smoke himself.
  • Vibe Check exhausts himself multiple times being weird, takes several terrible selfies, and takes time out to torment Johnny Zest while he sleeps. Big Smoke befriends Pepsiman and saves him from a bully with lethal force, becoming targeted by a gang as a result.
  • A Sim with Gregory Mouse's head is in a fight with his demon wife. The ghost of Wario (Edgar) appears at the gym, shocking Joel, while Bogan dance-ercises. Bob Ross's art skills are enhanced, and he paints terrible recursive paintings of Vibe Check's face, which are worth more than the Mona Lisa, and puts them around the house to act as billboards/Big Brother-esque posters. At the bar, the second Wario, Raiden Fair, shows up, making Joel wonder if the original Wario’s influence still lingers on. There’s little time to think about this though, as yet another Sim gets randomly butchered by yet another murderer, and Vibe Check is too busy trying to order drinks to care.
  • Back at the Bogans', more dance moves are happening and normal shenanigans ensue, including Garfield getting huge objects stuck to his head and the reappearance of Fire Lady, Gregory, and his bride. Joel changes Dio's outfits to stay consistent.
  • Suddenly, Dio is attacked by two women! He kills them both after briefly being knocked out, but the victory is short-lived; Dio is left distraught as a result of the vicious beatdown he received from one of his two attackers, while demons of all kinds begin flocking to the vicinity of Nookstone. Joel has an idea as to who could be causing all this, and vows that something must be done...

    Part 11 (Mostly Noncanonical) 
  • The intended first season finale begins with Joel visiting the Squarepants household. Spongebob, Wesker, and Jill are all late for work. Joel sends Spongebob to work, but is unable to select Jill or Wesker because of a bug. He saves and then reopens the household. This is the only canon event in the whole episode.
  • After Wesker and Jill return from work, Jill and Nemesis try for a baby. Immediately after, Nemesis is run over by a taxi and killed before Joel can plead for him, and Jill is revealed to be pregnant shortly after with his child. Jill is Very Sad, as is Wesker, thought Spongebob is normal. A ghost and townie infestation makes life difficult, and even Wesker's skills can't stem the tide of people. Jill settles it peacefully.
  • Spongebob has a disease, though thankfully it isn't terminal. Suddenly, a burglar breaks into the house! Despite Wesker's best efforts, the thug proves resistant to fights and death and shoots Spongebob, then robs the house and escapes. Dying from the gunshot wound, Spongebob makes his way to the hospital. The surgery fails twice, and with little time left, he says goodbye to his loved ones, his roommates, and random ghosts, before deciding not to give up and befriending Dio in an attempt to become a vampire. Dio seems to succeed, but it takes too much time to work, and Spongebob passes away at Johnny Zest's house. Wesker's pleas fall on deaf ears, and Spongebob Squarepants is Killed Off for Real.
  • When Jill's baby is finally born, it's taken away immediately by CPS. Joel accidentally resets the save while trying to bring him back, and the stream is declared non-canon. Jill wakes from her horrible nightmare into a dream world where nothing has consequences. Empowered, she shoots Wesker and is last seen happy, but Bonzi Buddy's influence still pervades the world.

    Part 12 (Season 1 Finale) 
  • Johnny Zest attempts to invite Spongebob to a birthday party, but the game keeps crashing, so he gives up. Nemesis and Jill become an Official Couple and their friendship grows deeper, much to Joel's surprise as he thought they were already a couple. Jill is much happier and healthier than in her nightmare, though a terrifying demon gives them pause, while Spongebob and Wesker boogie. Spongebob opens the MDMA bottle on the countertop, takes pills and becomes Very Flirty.
  • Joel adds a basement to the Squarepants home to give Jill her own bed so she won't have to share it with Wesker. Two bullies barge into the house to bully Wesker, including one who looks like Jill when she was Diamond Mooney. He kills them both, then goes to sleep.
  • Spongebob's cooking improves, and Joel speculates on adding Mr. Krabs in season 2. Jill and Nemesis go on a date and hit it off immensely. As their romance grows, Joel considers having them marry. Wesker visits Johnny Zest and torments him, including watching him spin in a tornado while holding a bowl of applesauce. A strawpoll is used to decide whether Jill and Nemesis will marry now or later, and the chat chooses now.
  • Nemesis comes over to the Squarepants residence and Jill finally proposes to him with a ring. He says yes and they began planning for the wedding... before realizing they don't have enough money for it. Jill, Spongebob and Wesker then head outside to twerk for money, earning over 3 thousand Simoleons. Next, they travel the neighborhood to meet friends to invite to the wedding.
  • Jill and Nemesis decide to have their wedding at Johnny's house. They invite Spongebob, Wesker, Jerma, Bogan, Toad, Garfield, Twitch Chat, Vibe Check, Freddie Mercury, Pepsiman and Bob Ross. After a bit of mingling, they exchange their vows and kiss as everyone sits on pizza box chairs. Shortly after, however, a burglar breaks in with a gun. Jerma shoots the robber, but it seemingly has no effect. Following this, Twitch tries to fight off the burglar but is unsuccessful. Eventually, Johnny pulls out a gun and shoots the robber, killing him.
  • The stress finally gets to Johnny and he snaps. He changes his hairstyle, dyes it and puts on makeup to resemble the Joker, becoming Dark Johnny. He then proceeds to kick multiple random Sims in the balls, even his best friend Twitch Chat. Meanwhile, vargFren decides to finally go to space, Joel maxing out every skill for him in the process. The rocket launches and he heads out into space, encountering aliens and briefly adopting a weird alien dog before heading back to Earth.
  • After visiting the Bogan household, Joel realizes that something must be done with Bonzi after the ever-increasing amount of demons and the fact that his house is now surrounded by lava, dead trees and gargoyle statues. He then adds the one and only Doomguy to deal with the situation, who moves in with Johnny Zest.
  • Doomguy goes on a demon slaying rampage through the streets, killing many demons at the gym and bar and briefly getting into a fight with Death itself after pissing him off with all of his demon murdering. He tries to kill a particularly nasty demon with a gun named Hugh Oldham, but fails in his initial attempt, costing the life of Officer Nathan. Officer Nick confuses Doomguy for Nathan's murderer and arrests him, but Doomguy manages to crash the helicopter carrying him and finally kill Hugh. He gains superhero powers afterwards and makes his way to the Kong household to face off with Bonzi Buddy.
  • Doomguy arrives at the Kong household as E1M1 plays to find Bonzi Buddy already waiting for him, now wearing a dark cloak instead of his usual attire. The two then fight with their magic powers, each exchanging blows until Doomguy grabs Bonzi by the neck and slams him to the ground, killing him and finally ridding the world of his corruption. After killing one last demon and celebration dancing, Doomguy uses his new powers to teleport to the hidden room Bonzi trapped Funky in and save him, bringing him back to Zest's home. Joel has Funky move into the Bogan household, but the game ends up bugging out afterwards, forcing him to depict Garfield burning down the Kong house after attempting to make Mac & Cheese in stop-motion.
  • A "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue montage plays over an extended version of the theme song. While most of the characters are still doing their normal stuff, there are notable differences; Pepsiman buys the gym, Freddie Mercury apparently still hasn't shown his true power, Liquid Bogan has somehow come back to life and the CBT Wizard broke his dick after falling. Afterwards, it's revealed that Spaghetti Grapes was behind everything, which Bogan finds out and confronts him about... then starts exercising.

Season 2

    Part 13 
  • Joel makes his triumphant return to the Sims 4 and finds Oasis Springs has a completely new layout. After recapping the previous season finale, he checks in on the Bogan household, now with the addition of Funky Kong. Dio demonstrates the new ability to murder people with his butt, and while Funky and Bulk call the police, they're stymied by the doors being locked and yell at a wall for hours until they give up.
  • Bulk visits Johnny Zest's house and chats with Doomguy, but can't find Johnny initially. Suddenly, Johnny appears out of nowhere, zeroes in on Bulk, and beats him up. Dio takes revenge by tormenting him as usual.
  • Spaghetti Grapes becomes ill, deeply worrying Toad, who takes him to the Brindletown vet. Despite the vet being a Bonzi Buddy clone and the method of treatment being an injection to the rump, Spaghetti is cured, and Toad happily feeds his pet a treat.
  • The Nemesis household decides to celebrate Harvest Fest, but chaos ensues when Wesker poisons the turkey with laxatives and calls everyone, even neighbors, to the feast. Wesker partakes of the food himself, and with constant diarrhea and bladder issues, everyone is rendered helpless when a burglar arrives. Luckily, the police actually do their job and arrest him. Immediately after, Wesker is kidnapped, leaving behind a clone of himself due to a bug.
  • Eugene Mister Krabs is added to the game, and nearly saves Wesker but backs out upon learning the kidnappers want a ransom. Meanwhile, it's discovered that the CBT Wizard has lost his powers due to the Kick Croutch option being removed from the game.

    Part 14 
  • Bulk and Garfield now despise one another, and Bulk goes on several failed dates with 'Dantette', a red-headed seductress looking for love and murder.
  • The CBT Wizard's powers were restored, but Dio seemingly lost his, and every interaction he had in attempting to hurt a Sim was dodged. When he got fed up and tried to kill one, he revealed himself as his nemesis, Jotaro Kujo, who was married to Kakyoin and lived with their dog Iggy. Joel tests out a brief non-canon scenario where they fight to the death, with Jotaro winning.
  • Back in the real world, Funky Kong is unusually angry, and while Garfield is miserable, suddenly the ghosts of Madeline and Bonzi Buddy appear, led by Wesker. The only way to solve this problem is to call the Ghostbusters!
  • Bill Murray is added to the game and goes to bust some ghosts. Unfortunately, he's distracted by breadsticks, and a pyro named Anakin Skywalker burns the house down, killing himself, Dio and Bill, who was transformed into a Plantsim/pickle by mistake. With Bill's death, the game is technically over, and Joel decides the horrible fire was a premonition Dio had. When the world resets, Bonzi's ghost... does the dishes.
  • Joel messes around some more and disables reactions for the household, preventing Funky Kong from slandering Dio or calling the cops, while Bulk kills a robber with grilled cheese but then brings him back to life. Jerma and Twitch Chat are living as normal, with the addition of giant stone rats.
  • Jerma and Twitch head to a lame cookout hosted by CBT Wizard, while Dantette murders someone and Layne Hartman, despite being a ghost, is kidnapped. Jerma is freaked out by a humanoid dog and heads back home. Vibe Check goes clubbing and murders someone as Freddie Mercury ascends into godhood. With Winterfest approaching, the stream ends with the promise of a Christmas special.

    Part 15 
  • It's a typical day at the Bogan household when suddenly Jotaro appears! He just wants to play games, but then Anakin Skywalker reappears to burn down the household just like in Dio's nightmare. The World kills him almost immediately, but then random Sims come in uninvited, including a Russian version of Dracula and a nerd, who Joel christens "Shaggy." Dio starts to bully Shaggy...who stabs him to death! Luckily, Funky Kong and Death are bros, and his pleas to the Reaper succeed in resurrecting Dio, no retcons required. Garfield then kills Shaggy as revenge.
  • The CDI family moves into the neighborhood, consisting of King Harkinian, CDI Zelda, and a horribly paper-thin CDI Link. Instead of Winterfest, they celebrate the new holiday of Gamer Day, which consists of smoking weed, streaking nude, and playing all the games. Dance fests also ensue.
  • The King almost freezes to death in the pool while nude, but shrugs off his near-death experience to visit Jerma and Twitch to buy hard drugs. He then visits a Russian bar and almost freezes to death again while making snow angels in the nude. Meanwhile, a pyromaniac appears near the house but disappears due to the door being locked.
  • Three different versions of Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik move into town in a terrible egg-shaped house. The Boom version of Eggman quickly befriends Bulk Bogan. Sonic the Hedgehog is added, who looks more like a terrifying blue human. He nearly burns the house down cooking chili dogs indoors, and is then visited by Toad, Pepsiman, and Liquid Dio.
  • Sonic interacts with the Eggmen and befriends Boom Eggman, annoys regular Eggman and becomes hated enemies with Jim Carrey Eggman. At the Bogan household, Bonzi Buddy's ghost is still around, and Garfield summons Freddie Mercury to take care of it. After almost visiting Kira, Freddie bravely enters a cave in the Cursed Lands and travels to a Forbidden Grotto. To be continued...

    Part 16 (The Magic Bullet Special) 
  • Joel takes a break from regular Meme House to make the Magic Bullet Express family from the commercial of the same name, including Mick, Meme, Grandma 2, Grandma Martha, and Ralph.
  • A large chunk of the episode has the 20-minutes long commercial playing in the background, with some of the dialogue accidentally, but hilariously, synching up with what's happening on-screen.
  • The family cooks frequently at first, but Ralph's fraying nerves and constantly being picked on make him snap and kill everyone in the household after a few false starts, except for the immortal Grandma 2. The Grim Reaper is added to the family when he arrives, and soon three of them are added, all of whom are dancing machines, and eventually kill Ralph. Joel decides that if Grandma 2 can't die, she'll live in agony and seals her up in the pool with only a giant rat for company.
  • Bulk Bogan turns off the TV and says it was the craziest commercial he's ever seen, revealing the preceding events are a Show Within a Show.

    Part 17 
  • Freddie Mercury explores the Forgotten Grotto and finds a lot of drugs and a list of Bogan clones, signed off by Liquid Bogan. Having enough, he travels around with Vibe Check and visits the Bogan household. He attempts to warn them about what he saw, but is rebuffed.
  • Vibe Check spends his time at a Wacdonalds and discovers a new love for pole-dancing and other sexy things. Back at the Bogans', the holiday of Dio Day is celebrated by Vibe and ignored by everyone else. Vibe finds CBT Wizard with an unfortunate graphical glitch and performs some CBT of his own on him. Vibe then visits Johnny Zest's house and smothers Doomguy to death with grilled cheese, though it's hinted Doomguy let him win for a purpose yet unknown.
  • Johnny Zest is invited to see a celebrity with Twitch Chat. Surrounded by the most shallow aspects of society, he goes berserk and attacks almost everyone there, quickly earning a terrible reputation. He also briefly visits a Russian MC Escher house, where Nick the cop is visiting. Still miserable as ever, Johnny heads home and punches Bonzi Buddy's ghost.
  • Joel reveals a hidden plan involving Kira. The Eggmen raid the Bogan household and steal their video games as the stream ends with Johnny planning to go to GameCon.

    Part 18 
  • After a scare involving a lost save file the previous day, Part 18 begins with the Robotnik household enjoying the spoils of their thievery. Meanwhile, Bulk Bogan visits the new and improved Wacdonalds, which now includes a grill and fridge. Bob Ross and Nick the cop visit, and while Bulk writes a children's book on the office computer, he finds many people requesting a lap dance. Unleashing a new form of CBT called "Extreme CBT" (seemingly even stronger than the "Super CBT" previously used by Jotaro and numerous other Sims), Bulk calls on the CBT Queen, a dominatrix, to deal with them, and the restaurant descends into chaos as she kicks the crotches of everyone around her. Bulk then kills her when she turns her talents on Bob Ross, and all the Sims celebrate. Bulk briefly watches The Simpsons before heading home.
  • Dio visits the Wacdonalds and makes a nuisance of himself by taking off his clothes, peeing in the roof's ventilation shaft, and chatting with Bob Ross, who leaves after one too many questions. Due to the sun rising, Dio is briefly trapped in the restaurant but makes the most of it by drinking blood.
  • Dio sneaks home via the map and the Bogan household is interrupted by a lecturer, who creepily watches Garfield pee and talks about knowledge. Bulk realizes he's one of the five immortal serial killers, and Dio kills him by telekinetically slamming him into the floor. When the Grim Reaper arrives, Funky attempts to bond with him, but Death leaves as soon as he puts on The Simpsons.
  • The grilled cheese thief, back from the dead, arrives to the rob the house but is foiled by the locked door. The police arrives to no avail, also frustrated by the door, but the first successful pizza delivery to the Bogan household occurs.
  • Vargfren is being adorable as usual, and Pepsiman heads to the gym to work out, seeing Bulk, Dio, and Kakyoin Hecking. After chatting with Dio and working out, he visits the gym's basement, which contains the turn of the first Wario. Just then, GamerCon begins, and Johnny Zest hurries to the convention with the Bogans, Wesker, and Twitch Chat.
  • Johnny starts attacking other Sims at the convention while Joseph Joestar appears, though no one really notices, as they're distracted by the majesty of Liquid Bogan. Johnny soon develops acne due to constantly wearing clown makeup, and a random Sim attempts to murder him, but he miraculously survived. It turns out Twitch Chat told everyone he was a serial killer and to run for it, though Johnny doesn't mind this betrayal. Johnny heads home and kills a Sim while telling terrible jokes, and tries and fails to get plastic surgery. He also avoids an assassination attempt by Shaggy due to being too busy to talk to him.
  • At the Squarepants household, Jill and Nemesis unsuccessfully try for a baby. Wesker is somehow kidnapped twice in a row, becoming a ghost who posts about his own kidnapping on social media. With a sudden influx of money, Spongebob successfully pays the ransom and brings Wesker home. He then gets a phone call from a dog telling him he's ugly, and Wesker chills with the Bogans for a bit.
  • Duke Nukem moves in with Briella Foy and Buff Vargshroom, starting a romance with Briella immediately and killing Vargshroom when he steals Briella's weave. They have a risky hookup, and Duke visits Johnny Zest to perform Extreme CBT on him. Two CBT Queens appear, including the ghost of the first one, and Johnny retaliates by beating Duke up to end the stream.

    Part 19 
  • As part of the Vinesauce is Hope charity stream, after buying a vape for Dio Joel adds the Vinesauce family to Liquid Town, including Vinny, Joel himself, and Rev. Their house is unique in that it lacks basic functionality, including not having a roof.
  • Vinny visits Wacdonalds and sees Johnny Zest after being beat up, as well as Rev, who was apparently attacked offscreen. Ignoring this, he makes piles of chicken nuggets and discovers a cultist member is actually Tommy Wiseau.
  • Joel wants to play Skyrim so badly he beats up Bob Pancakes and completely ignores Rev's attempts to talk to him. The households visits Jerma and Twitch Chat briefly, and Rev's attempt to order pizza summons firefighters instead, who leave due to the lack of a fire.
  • Vinny decides to follow his life's dream to open a restaurant. After buying a lot, completely broke and resorts to stealing, then twerking for more moolah. After still failing to earn enough money, Vinny sees a random Sim playing on the household's laptop and kills him, and Death joins the household in a friendly game of Garfield Kart.

    Part 20 
  • Vinny continues work on his "restaurant," eventually earning a gramophone and pool with a pizza pool float, celebrating by swimming during a thunderstorm. When Jerma complains about his reputation, Vinny visits the household to kick him and Twitch Chat in the crotch. Upon returning to the restaurant, Vinny is struck by lightning twice and somehow lives. Meanwhile, Joel and Rev are completely miserable due to the rain and their house not having a roof.
  • At the Bogan household, a burglar is once again thwarted by a locked door and has his neck snapped by Dio. The last of the five serial killers, the Nanny, arrives and proves terrible at her supposed job. Jill is upset at Bulk for apparently texting Nemesis, and Pepsiman invites him to the gym. Bulk sees cultist members there, including Tommy Wiseau, and, unable to be friendly to them, heads to the basement where a creepy pentagram for Wario is found.
  • At Wacdonalds, Anakin Skywalker is back and starts a huge fire, burning CDI-Link and Dio. Dio walks it off, but over concerns Link may be dead, visits the CDI household. Luckily, Link is fine and is happily dancing with CDI-Zelda. Bulk and Garfield visit the restaurant, but Shaggy kills a customer, ruining their dinner.
  • Deciding to visit a different restaurant, Bulk and Garfield hit up the Krusty Krab only to be jumped by members of the Russian mafia. Bulk kills their leader and is marked for death, and the two flee past a suspicious Liquid Bogan to their house, where Dantette appears. Garfield attempts to kill her with fire, but is set on fire himself and saved. The members of the Bogan Household take turns trying to woo her, with only Funky succeeding. The stream ends with Vinny visiting Johnny Zest's house and being beaten up.

    Part 21 
  • It's the one-year anniversary of Meme House, and things start as the series began: with yet another horrible fire. This time the culprit is Bulk, who burned up the grill. After an initial period of deciding to do nothing, Funky realizes Albert Wesker may be behind the fire. Bulk's attempts to order pizza and call the fire department end in tragedy as the firefighters lose their lives in the line of duty, while Garfield and Bulk end up saving the day.
  • Bulk's continuous calls to the fire department catch up to him as one of them, annoyed at the repeated calls and being kicked in the crotch for fining them, shoots him in the head. Garfield's plea to the Reaper is successful, but shortly after, Dio dies from the one enemy vampires can't defeat: the sun. Garfield restores Dio to life as well, and while everyone is disappointed, he tells Wesker off with a kick to the crotch and orders him out.
  • Dio goes on a nighttime blood hunt and to a local church, indulges in his artistic side, then drains Johnny Zest of blood and leaves him unconscious. Bulk visits Jill's house and becomes possessed by THE MOTHER after eating bizarre fruit, but is saved thanks to the power of God. In response to this life-changing event, Bulk decides to become a Mormon.
  • Bulk Bogan demonstrates his newfound religious fervor by killing a vampire and fleeing from one of the serial killers. Meanwhile, the grill repairs are far beyond the Bogan household's means, and Dio writes a love email to Johnny Zest before defeating Jotaro in a game of Uno. After Dio steals the soul of a woman who was threatening Garfield, Johnny sends a reassuring email to Funky Kong, arrives in person, and punches Death in the face before suffering mood swings, alternately helping and beating up the household.
  • Johnny leaves, and Bulk is briefly possessed again, visiting Kira for the first time in a long time. He plays with Stray Cat, then saves Kira from a burglar, offering him money as a bribe. Bulk then visits several other places, including Liquid Town and Vaporwave Town, all of which have their own secrets.

    Part 22 (Season 2 Finale) 
  • In the Bogan household, everything is so trashed from the fire that a pizza box's soul is visible. Funky Kong is depressed, and Bogan, terrified, visits the Pepsi Gym, where he's surrounded by cultists. Jotaro invites him over but enters the gym with his husband instead. Bogan decides to check out the gym's basement before leaving, and is epically trolled.
  • Back at the Bogans', Dio buys a vape and challenges Bogan to a vape-off, which Dio loses. DoomGuy's spirit has begun to fade away, and to make matters worse, Liquid Bogan and Lasagna Ocelot have begun to scheme using the mannequins as spy cameras. Bogan visits the Squarepants household and learns how to make cake, though he isn't able to finish before being yelled at. Bulk then torments Wesker via kicks to the crotch, making him pass out, while Spongebob and Nemesis cheer him on.
  • Johnny Zest visits the Bogan household, interrupting Dio's gaming session, playing with him, and forcing him to retaliate with Extreme CBT. Johnny retaliates and Dio further damages his groin, then heads to Johnny's trailer. Meanwhile, a CBT Queen performs CBT on her own soul. At Johnny's house, Dio befriends DoomGuy's ghost and makes him and Shaggy poor-quality spaghetti, which they dislike. Freddie Mercury is hired to entertain, but ends up breaking the sink, and he and Dio have a war of jokes and riddles.
  • Dio, low on blood, uses the cunning disguise of John Pringles to snack on Twitch Chat's blood, leaving just as Jerma arrives home. He then seeks out Johnny Zest, who isn't home initially, but catches him coming back and performs even more CBT on him, causing him to pass out. When he's recovered, Johnny invites Funky to his birthday party, while Dantette invites Garfield to her birthday party. Dio and Bogan have another vape-off in the presence of Freddie Mercury, which Dio wins, and suddenly...drama ensues.
  • Liquid Bogan surrounds the Meme House with an army of clones and Metal Gears, monologuing about memes and timelines, planning to Kill and Replace the originals. Bulk doesn't understand any of it, and is forced to defend himself in a fistfight. With the power of friendship (really Google), Bogan defeats his evil twin, killing him.
  • Lasagna Ocelot sees his boss's plan has failed and executes Operation Meow, destroying the Meme House—and enraging Dio over the loss of his beloved Froot Loops. Dio destroys his Metal Gear and Bogan confronts the evil clone, with Ocelot revealing he and the other clones were created by the time split caused by Bites the Dust.
  • With the press of a button, Bonzi Buddy possesses Funky Kong, and he attacks and nearly kills Bulk. Kira and his Stand arrive as backup, but it isn't enough—they need Dio's help. With the power of The World on their side, Funky Buddy is defeated and left for least until Donkey Kong arrives with the magical Bongos of Life, reviving him. Funky decides to live in the jungle with DK, sharing a tearful goodbye with Bulk. Ocelot, like his namesake, escapes.
  • In the Season 2 epilogue, Bogan eats nuggets, Jill is pregnant with Nemesis's child, Bob Ross opens a meme art gallery, Johnny Zest befriends a CBT Queen, Jotaro practices boxing, Fren researches the timelines, Dio uses The World for McDonalds, the Eggman brothers build the Death Egg, Wesker is still scheming, and DoomGuy is set to return from Hell for revenge. After the credits, Liquid Bogan's eyes suddenly open...

Christmas OVA

    Part 23 (Christmas OVA special) 
  • The Bogans are invited by Bob Ross for a Christmas party celebrating his promotion, which is being held at the Squarepants Household. After taking several terrible selfies with Dio, Bulk Bogan becomes possessed by the power of Christmas. Inspired by giving the Grim Reaper a plate of ham after killing Shaggy, Bogan decides to become Santa and run around the world giving out crappy presents.
  • After writing a heartwarming children's book about killing and replacing Santa, Bogan travels to Sulani and gives kids tombstones, followed by a lengthy swim with Jotaro, whose husband flirts with him via text. Bulk heads home and finds Anakin burning trash nearby, and punches the delivery person in the face after receiving presents.
  • Bogan takes his gift-giving local and heads from household to household generally handing out cigarettes, vapes, and CBT. Duke Nukem has a baby girl who's apparently Jesus going by her birthdate and seemingly coming out of nowhere, and Jill is heavily pregnant. Meanwhile, CBT Wizard has regained his lost powers and then some, and Bogan kills another Shaggy to present his heart to CDI-Link.
  • At Johnny Zest's house, Doomguy has returned alongside three CBT Queens, while Garfield spontaneously catches on fire. Johnny returns home and is mean to Bogan and Garfield before going to sleep in the burning house like nothing unusual is happening. More fires break out, but Johnny is receptive to Bogan's gift of cigarettes, and Dantette cameos as everyone finally begins to panic.
  • At the Bogan household, Kira attempts to hang out but they're distracted when Toad invites them over for a baby shower. Absolute mayhem ensues when Bogan's possession kicks in, Dio becomes horny, and a dish Toad was cooking catches fire. As the Bogans and Spaghetti Grapes flee the growing inferno, Toad enters the living room, and begins dancing while singing "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey, completely oblivious to the growing inferno. The Grim Reaper arrives, panics, and reaps Dio, who burned to death in the sun. Toad makes it outside, passes out, and takes one look at the fire before panicking.

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