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Drinking Game / Meme House

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Feel free to use any drink of your choosing for the following, preferably something non alcoholic; or just water. Stay safe:

  • Take a decent-sized sip anytime a Sim is seen dancing.
    • Double down on this if either they dance for several in game hours or Joel activates the animation glitch on them.
  • Have a sip anytime Joel gives a Sim a command and then says "okay" as they proceed to follow it.
  • Drink while Joel yells at a Sim to get to a specific location. Whether it be to work, indoors, etc.
  • Take a drink anytime somebody dies. Beware the Season 1 finale.
    • Have a bigger one if a major character dies.
  • Have a SIP anytime someone gets hit, kicked in the crotch, beat up, in a fight, etc.
  • Sip anytime a random Sim is seen who's either a demon, has the head of a modded in character, or just isn't right in some way, such as Fire Lady.
  • Drink anytime someone goes nude.
    • Have more if Bulk starts working out while naked.
  • Sip whenever a ghost breaks something.
  • Take a drink anytime Dio laughs evilly or gloats in his evil pride as he does a mundane activity. Also anytime he eats Froot Loops; or better yet: grab a bowl with him for a fully immersive stream!
  • Have a small drink whenever someone kicks over a trashcan.
  • Drink anytime cannibalism occurs.
    • Have more if the Sim eats themself.
  • If somebody starts crying, drink as they do it (consider limiting this to once for each character per episode).
  • Drink whenever random people suddenly come into the household being played.
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  • Take a drink every time Joel says some variation of "This is the worst stream I've ever done" or "This stream sucks".
  • Have a drink whenever there's a failed pizza delivery.
    • Finish everything you have on you and stop playing if it manages to be successful.
  • (Optional) Drink whenever Joel just cannot decide on something in CAS, suddenly changes his mind entirely on something, forgets to do something, ignores a helpful option or good detail to add, or spends around 30 minutes or more on a single character.
  • Take a drink every time Joel says some variation of "We've had quite a day."

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