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Fire Lady is a vampire.
She appears and disappears at random and is constantly on fire; some vampires can teleport, and are weak to sunlight, which could explain the fire mishaps.
  • This could also explain why, shortly after Kira uses Bites the Dust, she's seen not on fire during the night.
  • Seemingly jossed as of Part 10, which shows her on fire at night.

Bonzi Buddy will take the role of villain at some point.
With the ending of Part 8 in mind, there's no doubt he's doing something sinister in the background. Plus, would be a mighty shame if those demonic powers went unused...
  • This was confirmed as of Part 9, as Bonzi's influence was corrupting the world, until DoomGuy stepped in.

The World will be added to the Bogan household as a playable sim in Season 2.
Dio already has The World in Season 1, however it is invisible, short-range, can only be seen by Dio and isn't sentient, unlike Killer Queen.
  • The character model for The World exists in the create-a-sim editor, and Joel has said that he needs to add The World as a proper member of the household, although didn't in season 1, so season 2 seems a likely place for The World to be added.
  • This became a reality as of Part 22.

The Ghostbusters will be added as the first new household in Season 2.
Joel has expressed increasing frustration with the amount of ghosts infesting the Bogan and Squarepants households and has repeatedly said he ought to add the Ghostbusters to deal with it in Season 2.
  • Jossed, they weren't the first household added in season 2, Mr. Krabs was, but they could still be added later in the season.
    • Bill Murray Ghostbuster was added in Part 14 but his entire existence was retconned, so the Ghostbusters are still to be added.
  • Double jossed now that Season 2 has ended and Joel has seemingly forgotten all about his plans to add the Ghostbusters.

The Liquids are actually the originals, and had more successful and stable lives than the Bogan household (at least until Liquid Bogan and Liquid Garfield were killed by their doppelgangers).
The Liquid household was probably created when Joel accidentally added Dio, Garfield and Bogan to the wrong place in part 1 before changing his mind about where to move them in and forgot to delete the Liquids, so this technically means that the Liquids are in fact the originals.
  • In-universe it's still not known how the Liquids came to be, so it's possible that they are the originals in-universe as well, and the regular Bogan household members are in fact the clones, or either household is from a Star Trek-style mirror universe to the main Meme House universe.
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  • Judging by the big mansion the Liquids lived in, the suit that Liquid Bogan was seen wearing before he was shot and the fact that Liquid Garfield actually seemed to have free time instead of nearly constantly being at work, it's probable that the Liquids were actually a lot more successful and sane compared to the regular Bogan household.

Vibe Check is going to play a much more villainous role in Season 2.
Considering his general Humanoid Abomination appearance and that he spends most of his time invading peoples homes, tormenting them, watching them sleep and hanging giant distorted pictures of himself (that Joel has implied he can see through to check vibes from a distance) on their walls, not to mention he seems to have turned Bob Ross into a Mad Artist that only paints giant murals of Vibe Check, it's possible he could become the next big antagonist in the series after Bonzi Buddy and Madeline.
  • We haven't seen what happens when he finds someone's vibes unsatisfactory, so it's possible that this will happen and he'll go on the rampage.
  • While this has yet to be outright confirmed, Vibe Check's A Day in the Limelight in Part 17 did feature him killing DoomGuy, the one who defeated the demons and killed Bonzi Buddy after finding his vibes unsatisfactory.

Eddsworld and Mokey's Show takes place in the same universe as The Meme House.
Think about all the insane and crazy stuff that happen to the people in those shows and how it make sense for them to all be in the same universe.

Joel will add himself to the cast as a playable sim in Season 2.
It's only a matter of time before Joel adds a sim version of himself to the cast. Most likely, he'll live with the Bogan household, or he might not. Who knows?

  • He was originally going to add himself as the very first Sim (called "Joel Dumbo") all the way back in Part 1, but got distracted and forgot when he saw the Bulk Bogan head, so it's only a matter of time before he remembers to add himself again.
  • Likely jossed now that Death has his face, it would get confusing having two versions of Joel running around.
  • Becomes unjossed and confirmed as Joel adds himself to the cast in Part 19.

Skeletor will be a part of a household in Season 2.
Joel did want to add Skeletor at one point, but disliked the original model added to the game as he thought it wasn't enough like the 80's cartoon version. However, a more 80s cartoon-esque model was added in a later episode, so it's likely Skeletor will be added at some point.

Grand Dad will be a major villain in the series if he's added.
Considering Joel's relationship with the Grand Dad meme, if Grand Dad is added, he'll be a villain, similar to how Bonzi Buddy was a meme Joel created and had a similar opinion on to Grand Dad that became a villain in Season 1.

Meme House Garfield is in fact a form of Gorefield.
It would explain why he moves "like he's full of parasites" as Joel puts it.
  • It could also be an explanation as to why he occasionally appears as a normal sim; he's not wearing a human costume and he's not a human wearing a cat costume - he's assimilated Jon Arbuckle a la The Thing and is impersonating him in order to blend in with other humans.

The underground zone in the Pepsigym contains a Sealed Evil in a Can
And whatever that evil is, it's going to play a big part in the rest of Season 2.

The Red-Eyed People, the Clones, The Russian Kidnappers, the Demonic Painting, and whatever is below the Pepsigym will all serve as antagonists at some point in season 2
The Red-Eyed People serve as minor annoyances like the normal demons did, the Liquids are likely just as dangerous as the original household (barring DIO), the Russian Kidnappers seemingly have enough power to (kind of) hold sims as powerful as Wesker hostage, the Demonic Painting was the Man Behind the Man to Bonzi, and if whatever lies beneath the Pepsigym is a Sealed Evil in a Can, its got the most threatening aura of anything yet.

There are actually two sets of Liquids running around.
Venom Bogan and Lasagne Ocelot are in fact a seperate set of duplicates to the original Liquid household. The original Liquid Bogan and Liquid Garfield are still dead, which would explain why Liquid Bogan's ghost is still floating around, and the second Liquid Dio has either somehow died already or just hasn't been encountered yet.
  • Potentially confirmed as of Part 17, as Freddie Mercury discovered evidence of a Bulk Bogan cloning laboratory in the Forgotten Grotto below the Cursed Lands.
  • Jossed as of Part 22, Liquid Bogan and Liquid Garfield were just able to resurrect themselves between Seasons.

Liquid Bogan is actually the head of a Russian criminal organization/Private Military Contractor.
...And he's the one that had Wesker be kidnapped.

Potential proof: The newly alive Liquid Bogan seems to be immensely rich, and lives in a large mansion typical of extremely wealthy villains in media. It would also fit as a comparison to the actual Bogan, who is also a criminal boss in his night job. On top of that, Lasagna Ocelot/Liquid Garfield dons Revolver Ocelot's outfit, indicating he works as a soldier/mercenary.

He would also have a motive to attack Oasis Springs and its residents, as he likely would want revenge against his doppelganger and his friends for...well, killing him.

  • Seems to be partially confirmed in Part 17 thanks to the discovery of the Forgotten Grotto's secret base indicating a Bulk Bogan cloning army experiment signed by Liquid Bogan, meaning he very likely has a whole organization working for or under him.
    • Fully confirmed in Part 20, with Liquid Bogan confirmed to be the head honcho of a Russian Mafia group.

Jouta Kujo will be born.
Joel has used a male pregnancy mod in past Sims streams, and he decided to make a married couple into Jotaro and Kakyoin... It is Meme House, after all, and "Kakyoin, did you lay this egg?" is one of the most notorious memes in the fandom.
  • One of Joel's chat members mentioned the "Kakyoin, did you lay this egg?" meme to Joel in Season 2, however he hasn't added Jouta.

Anakin will become the main antagonist or a major antagonist of Season 2
He's managed to survive being killed in Part 15, so will likely appear in later episodes to cause more havoc.
  • Mostly confirmed. While he's not the Big Bad, he and the other members of the Immortal Five are major antagonists in Season 2.

Carl Brutananadilewski and/or the Aqua Teen Hunger Force will be added at some point.
Meme House and Aqua Teen Hunger Force could pretty much take place in the same universe considering how insane the worlds of both series are, and the dynamic between Frylock, Shake and Meatwad is similar to that of Funky Kong, Dio and Bogan respectively. Johnny Zest, being Meme House's resident Cosmic Plaything is pretty similar to Carl too. Plus it'd be hilarious to see what antics Shake gets up to in Meme House and what bad things could happen to Carl.
  • Carl could also take the place of the series' resident Cosmic Plaything if Johnny Zest is ever killed off.
    • Considering Johnny has become just as insane as the rest of the cast, Carl could also take Johnny's place as the Butt-Monkey Only Sane Man.

Funky Kong may move out of the Bogan household or even depart the series soon.
Joel has said that Funky is getting increasingly tired of life in Oasis Springs and particularly living with the Bogan household, and Funky's actions in Part 17 support this, with some implications that he might be becoming a Stepford Smiler too, so it's possible he may leave the series soon, although whether he'll be killed off or simply move somewhere more peaceful is yet to be seen.
  • There's also the possibility that, while he might not leave the series completely, he might move to one of the other towns or cities that Joel has installed and become Out of Focus as a result, similar to how Kira got his quiet life he always wanted after Part 7.
    • Confirmed, in Part 22, after being possessed by Bonzi Buddy and being killed, then brought back to life in the final battle, Funky decided to leave the Bogan household and Oasis Springs to live in the jungle with Donkey Kong, although whether he's left the series entirely has yet to be seen.

Doomguy could come Back from the Dead.

Come on, if he's capable of escaping Hell itself, there's no way he's going to stay dead.

  • Potentially already confirmed by Joel in Part 17 shortly after Doomguy's death.
  • Confirmed as of Part 22, which says he's coming back for revenge on Vibe Check.

Motörhead will appear as a real Sim and use the Lightning McQueen model in CAS.
  • Already Jossed. Joel's said in one of his Signal Simulator streams that Motörhead isn't canon and Bogan doesn't have a stand, and it's unlikely he's changed his mind.

Johnny Zest will suffer a severe Big Bad Slippage later down the road in Season 2
It's no secret that Johnny's mental state has been deteriorating progressively through Season 2, to the point of assaulting multiple people at the celebrity meeting with Twitch. It would be no surprise if Johnny's actions start to escalate, going as far as to possibly commit mass murder. And what's a better location to do it than Geek Con mentioned near the end of Part 17?
  • Confirmed, Part 18 was pretty much the completion of Johnny's descent into being a murderous psychopath who's ultimately just as bad as, if not worse than the people who made him that way.

The Meme House universe is where Kira's soul ended up after the events of Diamond Is Unbreakable.
At the end of DIU, Kira's soul is Dragged Off to Hell after being forced to look behind him in the ghost alley, so maybe the universe of Meme House is where Kira's soul ended up, in a world so insane that he can never have the peaceful, quiet life he wants because of how relentlessly chaotic the world of Meme House is. Inspired by this piece of fanart:
  • Granted, he got off lighter than he probably should considering he still has Killer Queen and how easy it is to get away with murder, not to mention Kira jumped on the "harass Johnny Zest" bandwagon, but still, living near the likes of the Bogan household and (formerly) Bonzi Buddy can hardly be the peaceful existence he wants.
    • He has also, at least for most of the series thus far, been left largely alone, although he may just be too scared to leave the house.

The random sims with Bonzi Buddy heads aren't clones of him, they're cultists who worship him.
It would explain why they're still around even though Bonzi and the demons aren't, they're just ordinary sims who at some point started a cult around Bonzi Buddy, and wear masks that look like his face. Maybe they want to bring him back to life somehow.
  • Alternatively, Bonzi himself started the cult offscreen at some point during Season 1, and these sims decided to carry on worshipping him even after Doomguy killed him and stopped his demon invasion.

Liquid DIO will be edited into Diego Brando
Joel is aware there’s a Diego costume, and as Liquid DIO is already a human, non-vampiric version of normal DIO, he’s the perfect fit.

Wesker will actually be the Big Bad of Season 2, not Venom Bogan.
While it seems like Venom Bogan is shaping up to be the main villain of Season 2, Wesker has already been implied to have been manipulating certain things behind the scenes as far back as Part 8, with him being implied to have been behind Jill and Nemesis getting together. As of Season 2, there's already the theory that he's behind his own kidnapping, and if that is true, Venom Bogan might actually be one of Wesker's underlings, considering how they both seem to have links to the Russian Mafia behind all the kidnappings. This also means that all the shady stuff that Venom Bogan has been getting up to over the series is possibly him carrying out Wesker's orders. What Wesker is trying to work towards however, is a mystery.
  • Joel has also said that Wesker's plans are so labyrinthine and complex that not even he knows exactly what the end goal of them is, further pointing to Wesker's status as the Big Bad and The Chessmaster of Season 2, albeit one with severe Complexity Addiction.
  • Jossed as of Part 22, Liquid Bogan was the Big Bad of Season 2, although whether he has any connection to Wesker other than the Russian Mafia Kidnappers has yet to be seen.

Alternatively, Edgar Kohler/Shaman Wario will be the Big Bad of Season 2.
Considering how his grave has been sealed under the Pepsigym and there's an ominous group of cultists who regularly visit the gym to worship him and perform resurrection rituals, it's very possible he'll be brought back as the Big Bad.
  • Jossed as of Part 22, as the Cultists have escaped with Kohler's remains after Bulk tried to destroy them, so while he's not the Season 2 Big Bad, he may very well be the Big Bad of Season 3.

Wesker orchestrated his own kidnappings in Season 2.
Whatever he's got planned is clearly so dangerous that he doesn't want to get caught up in it personally in case it goes wrong and ends badly for him, but leaving would make him too suspicious, so he faked his own kidnapping in order to replace himself with a doppleganger that works for him.

Johnny Zest will be the Big Bad of Season 3.
It seems like the logical conclusion to his character and story arc, he's already been undergoing Big Bad Slippage and as of Part 18 is just as bad as the people who made him that way in the first place. Him becoming the main villain of a season and then possibly being finally put out of his misery would be a fitting Grand Finale to his character arc, a season and maybe even Meme House as a whole. Plus it would bring the Joker (2019) comparisons full circle.

Wesker, Edgar Kohler, Johnny Zest, Liquid Bogan and the Cultists will all, to varying degrees, be the main antagonists of Season 2 and possibly beyond

Considering all the plot points that have been introduced in Season 2, to the point of them being a bit overwhelming, it makes sense that this season will have (or introduce for later seasons) a full-on Big Bad Ensemble.

Bonzi Buddy had a Stand in Season 1.
「PURPLE REIGN」 was an incredibly powerful Stand granted to Bonzi Buddy by the demonic painting. It was an automatic Stand that had the power to corrupt the world around it and reshape it in Bonzi's image, as seen by the multiple Bonzi-headed sims and the sky itself corrupting into Bonzi Buddy error messages. However, while very powerful, it was all but useless in physical combat, hence why Doom Guy was able to defeat Bonzi. After Bonzi's death and subsequent existence as a ghost,「PURPLE REIGN」was presumably destroyed.

The Season 2 finale revealed that there are multiple timelines in the Meme House universe, and who better to explore this new plot point than the Jo Jo villain whose Stand is based entirely around parallel universes?

Vibe Check will be killed off in Season 3.
Considering how much Joel despises him and tries to get him killed this is almost a given really.
  • Doom Guy was also stated in Part 22 to be coming back from hell for revenge.