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Due to the ever-changing nature of this series, all spoilers will be unmarked.

  • Abandon Shipping: Everyone stopped shipping Madeline/Bogan after she brutally murdered him.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Joel theorises that the Meme House incarnation of Garfield might really be Jon Arbuckle, who memorialized his deceased cat by wearing a fursuit of him. In later episodes Joel seems to think that it's the other way round, and Garfield is actually wearing a human skin suit for some reason. Maybe it's Jon's skin.
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    • Garfield's mood changes from Happy to Very Angry when killing Wario for getting Bulk killed, with commentators speculating as to why.
    Comment 1: I believe there was a lot more going on with Garfield's character that led him to this decision. Yes, he’s very angry with his former lover for breaking his heart and betraying his family, but Garfield still loved him and it pained him to do what he had to do.
    Comment 2: The relations between Garfield and Bogan may have been shaky, but Garfield was genuinely angry to learn about the death of a close roommate mere moments after returning home from work, especially when someone he thought was his lover was in on the scheme.
    • It’s never stated why Bonzi locked Funky in their basement. It's possible he may have been keeping him there for nefarious reasons... or maybe this was his way of protecting his only friend from the corrupted world, after all Funky did die once before out there. We’ll probably never know since Bonzi is dead.
    • Speaking of Bonzi, did he make a deal with the devil simply because he wanted to, or did he do it during a moment of weakness where, out of frustration at being constantly picked on by Dio, he decided to turn his back on any semblance of goodness?
    • Is Jill Valentine the real Jill Valentine or just a mentally unstable woman called Diamond Mooney who just thinks she's Jill Valentine?
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    • Is Meme House Garfield actually Jon Arbuckle wearing a fursuit of his cat/Garfield the cat wearing Jon Arbuckle's skin or has Garfield actually assimilated Jon and is occasionally impersonating him a la The Thing?
    • Is Edgar Kohler really Wario, or is he yet another clone of the real Wario like the other Wario lookalikes seen in the world?
    • In Part 13, Joel speculates whether Wesker eating the Thanksgiving turkey he'd laced with laxatives was the result of wanting to deflect suspicion or just plain idiocy.
      • Considering that this is Meme House we're talking about, it was probably the latter.
    • A few fans have noticed that Johnny started beating up innocent people after Doom Guy was killed implying that Doom Guy may have been acting as a sort of Morality Chain for Johnny. That or Zest has been so beaten down by the world that he's deciding to attack others first before they can harm him. The meta explanation for the change is that Johnny is in a violent gang, but the fact that he attempted to console Funky Kong in Part 21 after seeing him depressed by witnessing a death suggests that his original personality is still intact, somewhere among all the damage.
  • Bizarro Episode: The whole series arguably counts, but a few episodes are extra strange:
    • Part 11 is easily this, considering the fact all of it was retconned as a dream sequence.
    • Part 13 also falls into this territory, something Joel even says during the stream.
    Joel: "I gotta level with you guys, this one's been an extra fuckin' weird one."
    • Part 14 is also similarly insane even by Meme House's standards, something Joel once again comments on in-stream, and also has a chunk of it retconned as a dream sequence much like Part 11.
    • Part 16, being The Magic Bullet Special automatically qualifies as this, with most of the events of the episode featuring only one household newly created for the episode living in a different town to Oasis Springs, with none of the regular characters appearing until the very end. Not only that, but the whole thing being (In-Universe) one giant and very bizarre infomercial, one that Bulk Bogan watched and was promptly traumatised by, also launches it headlong into this territory.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: While a lot of scenes could be described this way, a particularly egregious one is at the tail end of Season 1, in which as a parody of the Dog ending, Spaghetti Grapes the racoon is discovered by Bulk to be the mastermind behind everything. This has yet to be explained or brought up again, and Spaghetti Grapes makes little appearances in Season 2.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: After Madeline kills Bogan she quickly makes an exit stage right with the standard "I should really get going now. Thanks for hanging out with me. See you later," prompt, while her face in the message is covered in blood.
  • Expy: Ralph Bullet of Ralph Bluetawn; not only do they share a name, but are also two chubby, bald, morons who enjoy pizza and have a primarily blue color scheme.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: At one point, Garfield was so fed up with Bogan's jokes that he straight up tells him "I wish the Grim Reaper would just take you away!". Come Part 7, this did happen, but thankfully didn't last.
    • In Season 1, Joel states that Vibe Check is part demon, and Doomguy would kill him on sight if they ever met. Come Part 17 in Season 2, and Vibe finally meets Doomguy. Joel tries to provoke Doomguy into killing Vibe by making Vibe attack Doomguy with a grilled cheese sandwich, however Vibe's attack ends up outright killing Doomguy instead.
  • Hate Sink: Vibe Check, mainly by Part 17.
    • Johnny Zest is this, but only in-universe. Amongst fans he's The Chew Toy in spades.
    • Dio is this purely in-universe.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Funky Kong's very brief initial visit to the Bogan household in Part 3 is now even more funny considering that as of Part 12 he now lives with them.
    • A few months before Meme House began, Joel did a stream of The Sims 1 (later dubbed "Gun Mod Hell"). When creating a new family at the start of the stream, he very briefly considered creating a Sim version of Albert Wesker. Seven months and three games later, he did just that.
    • Since the sims Joel edited in to create Jotaro and Kakyoin were actually a married couple, Joel was unintentionally making JoJo's Bizarre Married Life canon to the Meme House universe.
  • Love to Hate: Madeline was fairly popular before betraying Bulk. Afterward, she became the center of one of the most humorous/insane arcs in the series, and her popularity skyrocketed accordingly. Posthumously, granted.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Cock and ball torture. Explanation 
    • "Dio eating Fruit Loops. Dio eating Fruit Loops." Explanation 
  • Moral Event Horizon: In a normal series, Bonzi Buddy would have definitely crossed this when he gained demonic powers in Part 5 in a Deal with the Devil and used them on two innocent bystanders to prove he's worthy of them, but Meme House is full of murderous psychopaths and this is pretty much par for the course. However, by Part 9 he's definitely crossed it, even by Meme House's standards, having flooded the world with demons and clones of himself, with his corruption of the world 80% complete.
    • Johnny Zest especially crosses this in Part 17. He went crazy after Season 1 but mainly just targeted those who wronged him. However, by this point he begins to constantly attack and intimidate random people; all while Twitch just wanted to hangout with him. He also never returned Funky's text. He crosses even father in part 18 when he murders a woman in cold blood for calling him insane.
    • Vibe Check after murdering Doomguy with a grilled cheese sandwich of all things.
  • Nausea Fuel: In the Season 2 opener, Bulk Bogan brushes his teeth. Using feces.
    • In the same episode, the entirety of Squarepants household thanksgiving day, where everyone soiled themselves upon eating the laxative-injected turkey.
  • Nightmare Retardant: The Cursed Lands? Creepy. Bulk Bogan visiting them and promptly brushing his teeth with poo? Hysterical.
  • The Scrappy: Joel already had resented adding in Vibe Check since his debut. Though by Season 2 Joel openly and constantly states how he sees Vibe Check as being the absolute worst character made in the series and only thinks of killing him whenever he sees him. It gets to the point where Joel considers making a survivor series over his existence and gives Vibe Check the role of exploring new areas and testing more risky things with the hopes that he'll die. Viewers who supported this at first mainly did so just from finding Joel's extreme resentment to be funny; with any legit criticisms of the character just possibly being from him being an unfitting character from the start who comes from a dumb and now dead meme. However, his status as the Scrappy can now be seen in a more genuine way after Part 17, where he was practically the main character of the episode. What starts out as typical Meme House insanity gets topped off by Vibe Check visiting Johnny's place and then needlessly killing Doomguy in an idiotic matter, being the first to death seemingly gain some genuinely negative reaction from the audience. This is all helped by the fact that the point of making Vibe Check do insane things is with the hope that he will somehow die from it.
  • Signature Scene: Garfield setting himself and the kitchen on fire trying to cook mac and cheese as Bill Gates and Mortimer Goth break in to play on Dio's Gamecube in Part 1 became the most famous highlight of the entire series.
  • Spiritual Successor: The series can be summed up as Joel's equivalent to Vinny's own Vinesauce Tomodachi Life, except it's darker, edgier, gorier, yet no less funnier and it's rife with mods.
  • Spoiled by the Format: The thumbnail for the YouTube upload of Part 7 gives away Bulk Bogan's death. The thumbnail for Part 12 also gives away Johnny's transformation into Dark Johnny and Doom Guy's appearance.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Can possibly be one of the reasons with the negative response from Vibe Check choking Doomguy to death with a grilled cheese. Doomguy had a major role during his debut in the Season 1 finale where he killed all the demons in town and Bonzi Buddy, but then took a backseat during Season 2 only to then come back and die like this. However, it may be possible he'll come back from the dead someday.
    • In a much more gradual sense, Kira and his household who were entirely absent for almost all of Season 2 and were also gone for the latter episodes of Season 1 (not including the epilogue at the season's finale which used already existing footage of Kira anyway); which viewers pointed out more and more. Though in Part 17 Joel noted there being plans for Kira to have a role in Season 2's finale, and he then officially appeared for the first time in over a dozen episodes in Part 21, completely subverting this trope.
  • Ugly Cute: Spaghetti Grapes is a raccoon dressed up as The Joker, yet he still manages to be incredibly cute despite this.
  • Uncanny Valley: Even the most human looking of the demons have something deeply off about them.
    • Introduced in Part 15, Jim Carrey is, by far, the most realistic-looking Sim in the series, looking exactly like his real life self.'s because it's a costume, thus not only does he look completely out of place, he also can't emote. At all.
    • EVERYONE in the Vinesauce Household-
  • Unpopular Popular Character:
    • Just like in his own series, Dio Brando is still this. In-universe, the amount of people who do like him can be counted on one hand. Fans however find his Card-Carrying Villain moments absolutely hilarious.
    • Also, the CBT Wizard. Pretty much everyone he encounters despises him, while Joel and the viewers revel in what a complete bastard he is.
    • Johnny Zest has his fans, despite the fact that everyone in the series (bar Funky Kong and Twitch Chat) delights in making his life miserable.
  • The Woobie: Johnny's backstory is already pretty depressing (he was disowned by his family for following an entertainer's career path and by default has no friends or family), but his constant torment in this series really takes it Up to 11. Since Johnny is just a Sim while Joel is directing everyone against him, there's no way he can fight back or stop the train of bad things that continually happen to him. This, combined with shooting another Sim in self-defense, causes him to finally snap in the season 1 finale, becoming the Joker-esque Dark Johnny.
    • Part 17 sees him become a full on Jerkass Woobie with him now lashing out at everyone around him who isn't Twitch Chat. That being said it still isn't hard to feel sympathy for the guy, even as he falls further into insanity and madness.
    • Really, one could argue that Johnny's entire character arc is an unintentional deconstruction of this trope. At the start of the series, the viewer will most likely sympathize with Johnny due to the unprovoked torment his neighbors are putting him through. As the series wears on, however, Johnny's Sanity Slippage make him less and less sympathetic; once he goes crazy in Part 12, he becomes no better than the people who had tormented him for so long, assaulting sims at random and for no reason. Finally averted in Part 17, where he crosses the line and commits his first murder.

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