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Season 1

  • Any time Johnny Zest is given a break from his constant mistreatment and befriended by some of the households; Johnny's interactions with Funky Kong and Twitch Chat are among the most noticeable examples of this.
  • Joel has Dio visit the neighbourhood's resident grandma, Enyaba Ordonez, as Dio needs to drink some blood. While Dio drinks enough blood to knock the lady unconscious, Joel then makes Dio cook Enyaba a chocolate cake while she's out cold. Once she wakes, Dio sticks around to offer a slice of the freshly-baked cake.
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  • During the third stream, Funky Kong visits Johnny Zest, another one of the neighbourhood's residents who had a pretty bad day at the hands of Dio and Bulk Bogan; in contrast, Funky is completely nice to the guy, striking up a conversation (that quickly turns mildly romantic between both parties) and cleans away some spoilt food that had been left on the side. Immediately afterwards, Joel has Funky introduce himself to Enyaba, and the two become friends right off the bat.
  • During the finale of the fourth stream, Joel adds Kira Yoshikage and Killer Queen to the neighbourhood. After they've spawned in, the first thing the duo do is hug each other quite sincerely. Even Joel finds this adorable!
  • After Bulk Bogan is killed by Madeline, Dio seeks the assistance of Kira in resetting the day with Killer Queen's Bites The Dust to bring Bogan back to life; Kira agrees, and sets Bites The Dust in motion without a second thought.
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  • As creepy as it may be, there's something sweet that the first semi-official couple of the series is between Jill Valentine and Nemesis. Love can bloom on the battlefield indeed.
  • Jerma and CBT Wizard fell in love and WooHooed.
  • In episode 9, Twitch Chat developed a terminal disease, but survived the surgery and was cured. Tons of random Sims celebrated the wonderful news, and Twitch happily celebrated for several hours afterward.
  • Bonzi Buddy may be a malicious supervillain who is steadily corrupting the world but when his roommate Funky is killed he uses his powers to will him back to life after Death lies about sparing Funky's soul.
  • Toad entered the stream feeding his pet a treat and falling asleep with him in bed.
  • A meta example: whenever Joel gushes over the animals such as Stray Cat and Spaghetti; and how "disgustingly adorable" their interactions are is pretty sweet to watch. He will usually mention how much more he cares for them over the people in the game too, refusing to ever let anything bad happen to them and showing immediate concern whenever they have a problem.
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  • Even though he's a notorious gang leader, Big Smoke saves Pepsiman from a bully in Part 10.
  • Though episode 11 is non-canon, Dio agrees to turn Spongebob into a vampire to try to save his life even though the two just met. Since turning into a vampire takes a few days, it doesn't really help, but the gesture alone is very nice especially coming from DIO of all people.
  • A majority of Part 12 centered around Jill and Nemesis's wedding, and not even a burglar breaking in could stop their happiness.
  • In Part 12 Pepsiman helps vargFren put the finishing touches on his rocket ship and then waves off as he launches into space.
  • The first season ends with Funky moving in with the original household after Doomguy rescues him. There's something about this that just becomes incredibly touching when remembering that Joel wanted to add more members to their household early on in the series with "Wario" being the most likely one to be added, which of course didn't go well in the end. So to finally have someone added in and be the first character added after the originals just feels like a nice honorary way to wrap it up. Bonus when seeing how their relationship didn't seem the best before; they're still willing to let their next door neighbor move in after everything.
  • The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue mentions that Kira got the quiet life he always wanted.

Season 2

  • Pepsiman and Funky Kong continue their trends of being super-nice to everyone, with the latter comforting Bogan after Johnny beat him up.
  • When Spaghetti Grapes became sick Toad immediately went to help him and ensured he got the best possible treatment, and then gave him a big treat after he got better.
  • Jerma adoring all the little rats within his basement, and carrying one around feeding it cake.
  • Bob Ross feels sad and insecure because of his thick body type. Joel gets Freddie to compliment him, and Bob quickly regains his self confidence thanks to Freddie's kind words. Joel notes how simple but wholesome this exchange was within the chaos that is the Meme House.
  • Despite being sworn enemies, Dio and Jotaro play Mario Kart together in Part 15.
    • Even Funky, with Dio basically being the one person he dislikes, plays with them and gets along great. Right afterwards, Funky successfully convinces Death to spare Dio despite disliking him.
  • As bat-shit crazy as they are, the CD-I household may feel like the most genuinely fun-loving and happy family to move in so far, arguably getting along the best with each other in the series. It can remind one of the more wholesome part of classic Youtube Poops, the part that really establishes the characters as a crazy family together.
  • The first thing Boom Eggman does when gameplay with him starts is give both of his brothers a hug.
  • In Part 18, Bulk immediately killed the CBT Queen after she harmed Bob Ross, and all the other Sims, including Bob, celebrated.
    • He then has a full on normal conversation with him and gives Bob gifts. This may be the first time Bulk has been fully nice and pleasant to another person. Then later, Dio of all people has a regular conversation with Bob too; DIO.
    • Also heartwarming in a meta sense with how clear Joel makes it that targeting Bob is not acceptable.
  • Bulk shoots the big member of the Russian Mafia after his gang starts harassing and hitting Garfield even though they aren’t on the best terms and this means the mafia will now be out for revenge against Bulk.
    • In part 21 Garfield repays this favor by pleading to the Reaper to spare Bulk after he’s shot in the head.
  • Bogan finally visited Kira in Part 21 and spent time playing with Stray Cat, then saved him from a burglar.
  • Bulk Bogan reassuring Dio after he cries from losing the vape contest against him. As stupid as that scenario is it's one of the rare moments where the household is genuinely nice to each other. Bulk then purposely lets Dio win the next time.
  • Funky Kong after enduring so much insanity and assholeness gets to go live with Donkey Kong in the Season 2 Finale. He even has a genuine goodbye with Bulk and hugs him saying he was pretty alright and his "main monkey."
  • In the Season 2 "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, Jill is finally pregnant for real this time. She and Nemesis are also shown living a quiet, happy domestic life despite all the insanity of the Squarepants household.
  • Johnny befriending the CBT Queen is strangely nice.
  • Part 23's Christmas special has Bogan deciding to be nice and hand out gifts to everyone, most of whom like them.


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