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  • "Psycho Last Supper" is worth noting, especially when Jefferey agrees with Uncle Larry that Jesse should be let back into the house.
  • With a title like "GOLDEN PLAY BUTTON FIGHT", you wouldn't expect Mr.Ridgway and Jeffrey to take Jesse's play button for two million subs and put it in the family room. That is showing how even these two can do something that is so unexpected it is nice.
  • In the aftermath of "Psycho Mom Divorces Husband," Jesse is in his room, cleaning up after Mr. Ridgway destroyed everything. Jeffrey appears in the doorway and asks what happened. Jesse wordlessly walks over to him and hugs him, burying his face in Jeffrey's shoulder and crying. Jeffrey, despite being utterly confused, returns the hug. It's nice to see, given the fact that he usually acts like a sociopathic jerkass.
  • "ENEMIES CLOSER!" is definitely one. Jesse apologizes for the events in "BIGBRUDDA'S BULLSHIT!" and they get along in the end.
    • Makes it better that they first argue..and then they start smiling and agreeing.
    • Don't forget the ending.
      Jesse: And don't keep it rigid.
      Jeffery Jr.: KEEP IT RIGID!
  • Despite not being friendly with each other, Aunt Melissa hugs Jesse in the aftermath of "Aunt Melissa Fights Psycho Dad" with Jesse asking if she was alright after being tossed into her Christmas tree by Psycho Dad.
    • Let's not forget she insists that he stops living with his father and even worries that Jesse may become his father.
  • Jeffrey Jr. seems genuinely concerned for Jesse when he's planning on moving out. It shows how much he's matured.
    • Makes it better Jeffrey Jr. shows immense effort to trying to calm Jesse down after Jeffrey Sr. took his 30K and put it in the safe. Even if Jesse is being an idiot about it.
  • "CONTROL YOUR ANGER!" shows Jesse and Jeffrey Jr. actually making improvement on their relationship and Jeffrey Jr.'s own attempts to calm Jesse down. When Jesse sarcastically asks why does Jeffrey Jr. can about his well being now, his answer? To be the brother he never was to him. Hell, they even hug again, Jeffrey being the one to hug him.
    • The fact they both agree they both have been improving shows otherwise as well.
    • A simple phrase Jesse says:
    I think I've been a little too hard on Jeffrey.
  • "Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo" has this, where it seems Jeffrey Sr. is impressed with Jesse now living in his own home thanks to Larry and friends. Then we get to the Psycho Dad stuff..
    • Even after that when Jesse asks him what does he think of the house, Jeffrey Sr. tells Jesse the house "does have promise".
    • It's to the point where Jeffery Sr. is more than a little curious as to why Jesse would want to move back after Terry more or less kicked him out.
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  • "Psycho Family Hunting", which features Mr. Ridgway telling Jesse he's proud of him after shooting a (fake) deer. Considering how he usually treats Jesse, this is surprising.
  • In "THE GREENHOUSE!", almost two thirds into the vlog, Corn makes an unexpected reappearance.
  • "HELL TO PAY!" shows Uncle Chris's Hidden Heart of Gold, and that he does care about Jesse despite acting like a jerk to him. He saves Jesse a lot of money by getting Warrior to agree on a lower amount than the previously agreed upon $7,500 and tells him to use that money to get an apartment or invest it for the future. It brings Jesse to tears, and he hugs Uncle Chris, who starts getting teary himself.
  • Any time Jesse saves something from being destroyed by Jeffery Sr., a rather notable example being in Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U where he begs Jeff Sr. not to destroy his PS4, thus sparing it from destruction.
  • In "BYE BYE BIGBRUDDA", as Jeff Jr. is packing and moving out, his father Jeff Sr. hugs him and states that he's "so proud of him" and wants to be sure that JT knows what he's doing and knows if he is making the best decisions, giving him genuine advice and telling him to "get a girlfriend" because Jeff Sr. needs grandkids. While it is very harsh with Jesse standing right there, Jeff Sr. flat-out tells JT that he is the only hope for the family.
  • In "PSYCHO DAD'S BREAKTHROUGH!", Jesse and Jeffery Sr. have a discussion about Jesse's future, and this conversation is calm. This is when Jeffery Sr. reveals that he loved video games, but eventually he had to go to outside life, and that his father did not destroy stuff, but rather send Jeffery Sr. out to work because Jeffery Sr.'s father did not want to teach his children how to play, and that more important stuff needed to be done. He also reveals that the reason why he doesn't let Jesse go out of the house is because he feels that Jesse is not yet ready, and that he will let Jesse go out of the house when the time comes. The video ends with Jesse heading back to his room with a smile, commenting that his father is changing.
    • Which only leads to more sadder implications that Jeff is controlling Jesse's life, and Jesse sees it as him and father reaching an understanding.
      • It then turns out to just be a phase, as Jesse heads home from Juliette's after her graduation, Jeffrey's making steaks. Jesse sees this as another step, opens the door to his room and sees that everything's missing, even his posters and gaming setup.
  • The end of Psycho Kid Flees Country. Jesse puts the camera down and then walks to the doorway, revealing that the Psycho Series and the aftermaths of the Psycho Series were staged all this time, and that Jeffery Sr. (who was thought to be dead by many viewers after Psycho Kid Kills Father) did not die at all, and Uncle Larry was not injured at all; he is in normal condition. Jesse and Jeffery Sr. then hug each other.
    Jesse: *hugging Jeff Sr. after finishing the video* I love you, Dad.
    Jeffrey Sr.: *hugging back* I love you, too.
    Jesse: Thank you.
    Jeffrey Sr.: It was all for you. Thank God it's over.
  • The unnamed series has these moments, such as Jeffrey Jr. acting more nicer to Jesse (although not without losing his snark) and Terry actually comforting and being gentle to Jesse like she used to, as opposed to her more recent Jerkass personality.
  • A REAL Big Announcement. Jesse announces that he finally can enjoy the freedom of being open with his audience and admits to making intense sacrifices in his real life over the course of the Psycho Series in order to make an experience as immersive as possible, including not going out with friends and refusing to break character even though lots of people hated his character. He also announces that he has lots of unreleased footage that he plans to release in the future, and states that he will never stop making videos.

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