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  • When Jesse's forced to say grace for Thanksgiving, he sarcastically lists off that he's grateful for the food, video games, the new Halo game that came out, and his mom getting him a new Xbox One, calling Jeffrey Sr. a dick for destroying the old one. That last one results in an argument where Jeffrey Sr. says that if Jesse isn't going to behave himself, then he isn't part of the family.
    • You'd Expect: For Jesse to apologize for the way he's acting.
    • Instead: He pitches a tantrum and flips the dinner table over, ruining Thanksgiving for his entire family and driving his mother to tears.
  • Jesse is locked out of the house in his pajamas, and Jeffrey Jr. tells him he'll let him in if he does a snow-angel and runs in his underwear outside.
    • You'd Expect: That he would find another way into the house.
    • Instead: With the exception of the snow angel, Jesse COMPLIES.
    • As a result: Jesse gets hypothermia on his toe.
  • Jeffrey Jr. decides to dig Jesse deeper and destroy the trophies.
    • You'd Expect: He would be discreet about it.
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    • Instead: He films it and puts it on his channel.
  • Jesse ends up living in a tent after running away from home.
    • You'd Expect: He would prioritize finding a way to get a new place to live.
    • Instead: He tries to find a way to get electricity and somehow gets a game console and TV set up in there.
  • In "Psycho Kid's Birthday Bash", Jesse gets a new Wii U as a birthday gift.//
    • You'd Expect: He would go unbox it in another room.//
    • Instead: He takes the console and the GamePad out of the box in front of Jeffrey Sr.
    • As a result: Jeffrey Sr. destroys the Wii U.//
  • Jesse hears about his parents in a private meet up.
    • You'd Expect: He would leave them alone.
    • Instead: He follows them.
  • Jesse plays Cards Against Humanity with Aunt Melissa, Aunt Jackie, and his mom. It's his Mom's turn as the judge.note 
    • You'd Expect: He'd play any card other than the card he decided to play in this situation.
    • Instead: He plays that card anyways, and guess what it says? "My ex wife".
  • Jesse, with $30k in his hands, goes off to pay his friend for the house.
    • You'd Expect: He would make out a check to his friend and try to sneak out.
    • Instead: He shows it to his dad, and is surprised that his dad takes it and steals it.
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    • What's More: He didn't even carry it in a check - he had it all in cash.
  • Terry, after moving to Melissa's after Jeffrey Sr. found her at Uncle Larry's and her priorities? Drinking, partying, barhopping, and generally acting like a 20 year old Jerkass. This eventually corrupted her into an Aunt Melissa clone.
  • Terry is willing to drive after drinking pretty much the entire day with Melissa. Despite her own son's protest and genuine concerns of his mother's own safety.
  • In "INJURED! *PSYCHO UPDATE*", Jeffrey Sr. refuses to go to the hospital after a pretty sore injury. When Jesse acts what's he gonna do to help the pain, what does he say? "Advil and beer".
  • In "Psycho Dad Woodships Wii U", Jesse easily could have grabbed the games and Wii U from his dad. He practically just let his dad destroy his stuff. If he was really that desperate, Jesse could have just lied (like he usually does) to his dad that he would get a job.
    • Even if Jesse had lied, it would have backfired on him like it has before.
    • To add to the matters, Jesse pranking his father into thinking he got a job. What did he think was gonna happen?!
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  • "THE INTERVIEW!" is this for Jesse in its entirety. In the video, Uncle Larry gives Jesse a mock job interview, which results in an hour and nine minutes of pure unadulterated cringe as Jesse demonstrates nothing but incompetence throughout the entire thing. It has to be seen to be believed, but in order to give you an idea of what you're in for, Jesse responds to a question about his weaknesses with "my dick's, like, 3 inches long." The fact that Jesse believed that to be an appropriate answer in a job interview makes Uncle Larry speechless.
  • Jesse thought it would be a brilliant idea to stick his head in an ice cream dispencer machine at the ice cream shop where he used to work at. The end result, He's getting sued for bad reviews due to his antics.
  • The end of HELL TO PAY has Jesse planning on using the extra money that he no longer had to pay for the damaged car to buy consoles for a giveaway, instead of using it to get an apartment like his Uncle Chris requested him to do.
  • For the series as a whole, any time Jesse stumbles upon something he's not supposed to or otherwise says or does something that he'd generally not want someone seeing (for example, preparing for a prank), he always speaks freely and openly about in his videos. Why doesn't anyone around him think to actually watch his videos to find out what he's up to? Jeffrey Sr. doesn't really know much about the whole YouTube thing, let alone most modern technology (due to his Baby Boomer upbringing), so that is a bit justified. But Jeffrey Jr. has no such excuse.
  • Jesse is hiding inside an RV after running away from home.//
    • You'd Expect: He would find another place to go, like say, behind Uncle Larry's house or maybe with Corn or another friend.
    • Instead: He goes to Aunt Melissa's house.
  • In “THE HARVEST”, Jesse is hiding in the basement and filming Jeff getting a beer. Jeff then moves the trophy shelf to get to open his safe giving Jesse a golden opportunity to film Jeff dialing the combination to the safe.
    • You’d Expect: Jesse to remain silent during this.
    • Instead: After Jeff dials the first number, Jesse says “Holy shit!” Loud enough for Jeff to hear.
    • As A Result: Jeff confines Jesse to only film in his empty bedroom.

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