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Fridge Logic:

  • With the clear video evidence showing Mr. Ridgway's behaviour, why on earth does a third party to this action not call the police?
    • The series is fake.
  • It's mentioned that "Money is tight" in some videos. How do they afford to constantly replace all the property that is casually destroyed?
    • Not to mention, how Jesse is able to offer console giveaways when he's saving up for his own place.
    • Jeffrey, for a prank, gets Jesse's car painted a pink colour. Most paint jobs cost around $2,000 USD - so clearly, Jeffrey at least has a lot of discretionary income - how can money be "tight"?
    • YouTube money would be a simple answer to this question. I'm not sure how much they make per video or anything, but I am assuming it maybe enough to replace damaged property, etc
  • Why on Earth does Jesse's mother let Melissa influence her and her decisions to the point of disregarding her own son? Any sane parent would not let a friend or a step-parent influence their relationships with their own children and not act callously towards them. Granted Jesse is in his early 20's but still.
    • On the same subject, knowing that Melissa is herself a parent, would have known better to not influence the behavior and beliefs of another parent to drive a wedge between mother and son.
  • How did these people get like this? Why does Jesse and his family seem to attract the single most insane people in the state of New Jersey? How has nobody decided Screw This, I'm Outta Here!?
    • As of 2016, both Terry and Jesse have left.
    • But now Jesse has been forced to return, either because Jeff Sr. badly needs someone to control, or because he's planning to kill Jesse.
  • Jesse having wads of money stashed in his bag instead of having a check made out to Buzz.
  • After being threatened by Chris Ridgway, why didint Jesse made any attempt to make Anita aware of the threats Chris made to Jesse?
    • Because he was being threatened by Chris to not tell Anita or the other lady about him 'pushing' him into the pond along with other threats. Chris said he knows where Jesse lives, and so I believe Jesse is likely going to hide any further bullying by Chris until he reaches a Rage Breaking Point
  • After Uncle Chris lowered the amount Jesse has to pay for Warrior's truck from $7500 to $5000. What does Jesse do with that $1200? Spends that money on a console giveaway instead of spending it to get his own place away from his father!

Fridge Horror:

  • Jeffrey Jr. reveals that Jeff Sr was harder on him than he was on Jesse, and that much of this was because Jesse fought back. Just what did Jeffrey Jr go through, in-universe?
  • Jeff Sr's Sanity Slippage following Thanksgiving's divorce is pretty apparent... when Theresa finally got the courage to leave. Just how far will he slip when Jesse decides to leave?
  • The fact that Jesse has been kicked out at least twice (not excluding temporary leaves) and that Theresa had pondered divorce for years yet they kept on coming back to Jeff Sr's residence regardless depicts a horrifically realistic depiction of abuse victims who sometimes don't leave or go back to their abusers. And while most people believe it's fake, some viewers who suffered genuine domestic abuse have said that they show this realistic.
  • Aunt Melissa says that Jesse will wind up just like Jeff Sr if he keeps near him - Jesse's behaviour is clearly on the way to becoming like Jeff Sr. And Jeff Jr? Yeah....
    • Even worse that now Jesse doesn't have any emotional support to keep him stable: While he has Juliette, she's mainly busy for the most part, same with Corn. The only emotional support he had was with Terri and Uncle Larry, but with Terri (who was his biggest emotional support) now basically cutting ties with him, Jesse might as well go ballistic one day on everyone, including Psycho Dad.
  • The way that Terry's friend influence her on her behavior and interactions with her son is very chillingly similar on how a step-parent would behave by influencing the biological child's parent to accept their beliefs and attitudes or downplay the step-parent's behavior and look away.
  • The fact that, despite video evidence of the characters committing crimes ranging from theft, property damage, trespassing, vandalism, just how underfunded and apathetic are the police?
    • Some viewers have claimed to have called the police department of Jesse's hometown, and all were told they were going to do nothing because "it's just entertainment". This means that the Psycho series is indeed fake, or Jeff Sr. is using his political background to bribe the police so he can get away with his actions.
    • The series was revealed to be fake the entire time. They likely did notify the police and such before going this insane with the series. I think it's just the police are annoyed with 1000s of his fans calling them.
  • Just how bad was Jeff Sr's father?!
  • Melissa mentally(putting him down) and physically (A hard slap across the face) abuses Jesse would he a hard Truthin Television on Female on Male abuse.
  • Given now that he's forced by his father to get a job by the end of March 2015. There's going to be some Harsher in Hindsight moments when Jesse's potential employers may not consider him for a job for: 1. Having been unemployed for years. Granted his income comes from YouTube revenue, that wouldn't translate well to a regular job. 2. Employers would perform background checks on Jesse and given his vlogs and Psycho videos, would not likely offer him a job, let alone an interview.
  • Chris Ridgway, oh god Chris Ridgway. The meer fact that he threatened Jesse's life is that it would trigger anyone who's faced with anyone like Chris and been a victim of abuse including having verbally been threatened to have their lives harmed.
  • In "Psycho Kid Smashes TV", Jesse claims his dad loves the tv more than him. What's the one thing he makes sure to destroy before leaving in "RUNNING AWAY!"?

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