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     The Psycho Series 
  • In "Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games", it's hard to not laugh at Jesse's weird cries - especially if you put the closed captions on and it describes two of his screams as "mating call" and "Super Saiyan transformation".
  • Jesse getting the fright of his life in "Psycho Kid's Halloween Bloodbath", only to realize he's covered in ketchup instead of blood.
  • The beginning of "Psycho Dad Raids Stream" - which is from Jeffrey's POV. Just the fact that Jeff Sr. is in the room seeing Jesse sing "Jesse's dad is a big fat bitch, he's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world" is enough to make you think What an idiot - but that's funny.
  • Jeffrey's "NOT THE PRECIOUS!" comments in "Psycho dad Buries Video Games".
    • Also when Jesse throws a game at Jeffery.
  • In "Psycho Dad Launches Wii", Uncle Larry is filming a video when he hears Jesse shouting from inside the house. The look on his face is pure Oh, No... Not Again! and he seems unfazed as Jeff Sr. literally chucks the Wii a couple hundred feet and it bounces into the lake.
  • Aunt Melissa grappling Jeffrey Sr.'s back and getting tossed into her own tree in "AUNT MELISSA FIGHTS PSYCHO DAD". While she did get bruised, it served as a Hilarious in Hindsight Laser-Guided Karma for the things she had done to Jesse. More so after "NOT SO DIFFERENT" when she reverted back to her old Jerkass ways.
  • "The Spaghetti Prank", specially considering it's a Take That, Scrappy! to Aunt Melissa. While Jesse keeps saying it's "fucked up", he admits it's Actually Pretty Funny.
    • Even In-Universe, George found it funny when he saw his wife covered in spaghetti.
  • In "Repeated Offenders":
    Melissa: Who do you think I look like?
  • In "Assessing the Damage!", Aunt Melissa looks up at the ceiling and mentions you can see "sky light". Larry's response? "That's fricken' aluminium, you idiot!"
    • Uncle Larry playing with an old phone is both adorable and hilarious, especially when he pretends to call the city to "report a dog named "Melissa".
  • Haunted Flying Emma Prank, even if it only lead to window damage. Oddly enough, Buzz took it calmly and admitted it was Actually Pretty Funny.

     Other Videos (From Jesse's, Uncle Larry's, and Jeffrey Jr.'s channels)  

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