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  • If the videos are real, like Jesse says they are, then why doesn't he stay with Uncle Larry?
    • Better yet, if they are real, why are Jesse's parents still together? Anyone else would have kicked Jeffrey, Sr. out of the house the instant they saw what he did to Jesse's car.
    • A lot of people who are subject to clear-as-day domestic abuse stay regardless of how plain as the day the abuse is. This is assuming the videos are real - and if they are, that's a pretty compelling reason as to why they are staying and constantly coming back. (It's pretty easy to tell for us who aren't in Jesse's shoes to say "Well if Jeff Sr kicked me out of the house, I'd never return!", but Jesse clearly has problems of his own.) Jeff Sr. is a control freak - he gets more and more Sanity Slippage after Theresa finally says "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!", and if Jesse does the right thing and listens to Aunt Melissa and gets out, Jeff Sr would get more and more unstable since he has one less person to control and only has Jeffrey Jr (who he's broken... or at least claims to.)
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  • Aunt Melissa states in the video (Aunt melissa fights psycho dad) that they should "Start lockign the doors". Don't you live in New Jersey? I get that it's rural New Jersey, but leaving your doors unlocked in the states is like putting a "Rob me" sign on your door. (I lived in Michigan - even in the UP, people lock their doors for this very reason.)
  • In almost every video, Jesse, Jeffrey, Corn, or someone else are shown holding the camera - sometimes right in front of people who're misbehaving. How have they not been destroyed ten times over?
    • Speaking of, if they know full well they're Youtube sensations (see Psycho Dad Axes Laptop), they'd also probably go Oh, Crap! when they have the camera.
  • Does Jeff Sr. not control Jeff Jr's money in any way? Jeff Jr is somehow able to pay to get Jesse's car painted pink as a prank - those usually go for several thousand dollars.
  • If the videos are real, then how has Jeffrey, Sr. not been arrested yet? He almost KILLED Jesse when he dumped all that dirt on him in "Psycho Dad Buries Games", and if the police ever watched just a few of those videos, there's a good chance Jeffrey, Sr. would go to prison for a long time.
    • In "Psycho Dad demolishes gaming room", he admits, on camera, that he knew Jesse and Corn were in the room. That right there is attempted murder. I know this is supposed to be New Jersey, but if you got attempted murder on camera and even have a confession to it, that person is going down.
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    • Several concerned users have claimed to have called the police department in Jesse's hometown, and all got the same response: "It's just entertainment".
    • In universe example is that no law enforcement exist in the series.
  • What the hell is going on in "1 - Rebirth"? I'm guessing this is the start of a new series, but only time will tell.
    • Some rumors are it's inspired by a TV show series called Lost.

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