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  • Approval of God: Jesse has been known to approve of things fans do, such as once tweeting a YouTube Poop video of the Psycho Series, the Psycho Dad channelnote , and even approved of the Psycho Series callout channels, who he used as ways to fix up the series to keep the immersion that it was real.
    • Averted with the infamous "Psycho Mom" channel however, with even Jesse and Uncle Larry called out in the "A REAL LIVE VLOG!" video, due to her coming to their home while they were all in Switzerland and the fact it tries to copy the style of the original Psycho Videos.
    • And gloriously averted with his "MCJUGGERNUGGETS SCAMMING 9-YEAR OLDS" videos, criticizing and parodying the youtube ranter HagyRants, a known hater of Jesse's who attacks his fans and the like.
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  • Ascended Meme: "What ails you?!" is such a popular phrase within the fandom (especially on reddit), that Jesse incorporated the phrase in the skit "Psycho Pirate Sinks Gaming Ship" with Jeff Sr. being "Captain No-Ails".
  • Creator Backlash: A small one but even Jesse himself hated his character in the Psycho Series and had stated he wanted to open up to his fans but had to in order to keep the immersion of the series.
    • Jesse has pointed out that in the BTS series that he is not a fan of Psycho Brother's Filming Freak Out, mainly finding the final too weak, whereas JT found "Psycho Brother Clips Hair" bad as well. Jesse also stated he wasn't a fan of "Psycho Kid's Halloween Bloodbath" due to his distaste in prank videos.
  • Creator Breakdown: From Larry's side anyway. While Larry had endured some harassment from internet trolls (especially on his Twitter), when a troll decided to make a fake account of Uncle Larry's mother as a means to harass him, Larry deleted his twitter. He later on reactivated it.
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  • Deleted Scene: In "A REAL Big Announcement", Jesse revealed that he has over 2 TB of deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, alternate takes, and commentary that he plans to release in the future.
  • Fan Community Nickname: Jesse has "juggies," and Jeffrey (aka BigBrudda) has "Lil' Bruddas." Uncle Larry is currently experimenting with one, and has currently settled on "Coronies", also referring to his fans as "chillers, grillers, and ballers".
  • Missing Episode: Some videos are known to be missing from the channel: A missing trailer for the channelnote  and "THE ICE CREAM MAN", which quote/unquote, got Jesse sued.note 
    • Jesse later on confirmed that yes, the original clip was of a scrapped Psycho video implied to be called "Psycho Dad Crushes Car", where Jesse's "car" (later on confirmed to be a car he bought from Buzz for the purpose of the video) was suppose to be crushed by a tree cut down by Jeff, only to it to fail. The later outcome became "Psycho Dad Wrecks Car".
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: As shown in one of his "real" vlogs, Jesse actually came down with mono and had legitimate problems with his spleen. While this does prevent him from properly working out, it was improvised into a running gag for the Psycho Series to make the character Jesse seem less sincere.
    • Reality Subtext: As explained in the BTS, the subplot of Jeff wanting Jesse to get a job was a real life experience Jesse had with Terri and Jeff, who while knowing Jesse made money off of Youtube videos, still felt he should go get an "actual job". Unlike the Psycho Series where it lead to destruction, it was more relaxed in real life.
  • Reclusive Artist: Invoked by Jesse and his friends/family. They all attempted to hide from the public and even stayed in character in order to keep the series as real as possible. Thankfully with the series being wrapped up, Jesse and everyone else can now be more open with the public, as seen at their appearance at VidCon.
  • The Wiki Rule: Right here!
  • What Could Have Been: Several BTS revealed certain things that never made the Psycho Series, which include:
    • The original video for "Psycho Dad Wrecks Car" was "Psycho Dad Crushes Car" where Jeff destroys Jesse's "car" by cutting down a tree on it. However the tree failed to fall on the car, so Jesse retooled it to the aforementioned "Psycho Dad Wrecks Car", with the pieces of wood from the fallen tree used to destroy said car.
    • Jesse admitted with Jeffrey that Kate was going to be a recurring character in the Psycho Series following "Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad", however following Kate and JT's break up, the idea was scrapped.


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