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Nightmare Fuel / McJuggerNuggets

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  • Jeffrey Sr. has slowly started to become this ever since his wife left. The clingy, borderline stalkerish behavior he's show has proven that he's actually quite dangerous, and one can find themselves terrified for the ones around him as he slowly goes more and more bitter and angry and tempermental. It's also been shown he has no qualms destroying items that don't belong to him in any shape, way or form when angered, and he's more than willing to attack Aunt Melissa for trying to stop him. Arguably the worst part? He sees nothing wrong with his behaviour and tries to play it off as if it's just normal.
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  • In "ASSESSING THE DAMAGES!", you could see Melissa clearly almost attempt to strangle Uncle Larry at one point as he walked by. To make things worse, nobody saw, except for Corn, possibly, but he never mentioned it.
  • In "A SLAP IN THE FACE!", Aunt Melissa making jokes about wishing Jeffery Sr. had died when she found out he went to the hospital, and jokingly asking Jesse if he had cancer. She claimed that they were just jokes, but were they really?
  • After the events of "Forced Resignation", Jesse and Corn inspect a box that's been in the living room for a while, and in it Jesse finds revolver bullets, as well as a revolver and a NES game cartridge inside. Considering Jeff Sr. threatening Jesse that "things would happen" after he gets mad over Jesse getting a job but not in a place he wanted him to, it makes things quite unnerving. Even more so when he finally kills Jeff Sr. later on.
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  • Chris Ridgway is perhaps a walking Nightmare Fuel in general, threatening to stalk, hunt down, and harm Jesse's life.
  • Picture this: You're in your room, playing your game, when all of a sudden, your dad starts causing your room to collapse with you inside it. Then your dad chainsaws the wall and proceeds to ram the room with his car. This is what Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room is in a nutshell. Then there's what Jeffery said to Jesse when he calls him out.
    Jeffery Sr.: "ALMOST DON'T COUNT!"
  • Jesse himself at times, due to him becoming more like his dad. The fact that he doesn't seem to be aware of it makes it more frightening. Even Jesse's Mom admitted in SAVE YOURSELF! that one of the reasons why she left was because she started to see his father in him.
    Terry: "You smashed your dad's trophies."
    Jesse: "Because he smashed my reward, so he got what was coming to him."
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  • Jeffrey Sr. slipping into insanity. Recently, he's removed everything in Jesse's room and took his car away after he tracked it to see where Jesse went. He's now essentially under house arrest and with Larry out in the hospital, it's an almost hopeless situation for Jesse, leaving Jeffrey Sr. free to control and manipulate Jesse however he wants, until he breaks Jesse and foists his dated ways on him.
  • Larry admitting he wanted to kill Jeffery Sr., and that's why he ran over the pool. The worst part is that we don't even blame Uncle Larry, and we doubt other people would either.
  • Prior to THE HARVEST, we have only seen Jeffery and Jesse argue to each other in the third person. The last few minutes in the end has Jesse take the camera and record an argument with his dad in first person, where we can see Jeffery yell exactly at the camera, i.e. us. It doesn't help that Jeffery was forcing Jesse to live/record in a single closet sized room.
  • What makes it worse is that there's a lock on the door, leaving Jesse locked inside a room for 45 minutes daily just to record. The claustrophobia he must be feeling should be terrible.
  • The entirety of DEMMA'S TEMPTATION. It involves Jesse talking to himself/Demma, getting the idea of destroying the whole house to get the safe open and leaving far away so his dad can't get him. The whole thing is rather uncomfortable to watch, as it shows Jesse constantly shouting and showing more signs of him going insane. It literally feels like something out of a horror movie.
  • "DEMMA'S DEMISE!" takes Sanity Slippage Up to Eleven, to the point Jesse nearly screams everything he says for the entire video. He finally destroys Demma all while screaming to himself and yelling about the safe.
  • Aside from being a Tear Jerker, most of "i'm a psychopath" is this. Right off the bat, it reaches red-flag levels when the fucking title isn't in all caps. Aside from the side moments, it's just Jesse going passed the Sanity Slippage level (along with the Despair Event Horizon) as he looks at the verge of suicide...
    • And before that, Jesse calling his therapist Dr. Nelson and saying he's hearing voices again, also apologizing for the events of Psycho Family Therapy. He also calls up Jeffery Jr. and Corn, desperate for help from both of them and telling Corn he regretted not getting inside the car.
    • The whole time he writes "I'm a psychopath" repeatedly on the walls, while there were 2 jump cuts in it, imagine if it didn't. It would result in nearly 15-20 minutes of just him writing "I'm a psychopath" in a dark room in complete silence.
  • And finally, Psycho Kid Kills Father. Jesse confronts Jeffery Sr. and then gets the numbers to the safe, despite Jeffery Sr. telling Jesse that the money is gone. It's not until Jeffery Sr. tells Jesse that video games made him the way he is now that Jesse snaps and proceeds to shoot Jeffery Sr. in the chest. Holy shit.
    Jesse: What the fuck? That's what you fucking say? That's the last thing you say to me... Is it that video games made me this way? The games? No, Dad... It was you! YOU! YOU MADE ME THIS WAY!!! YOU MADE ME THIS WAY!!!
    Jesse shoots Jeffery Sr. after a few seconds.
    • The creepiest part is after Jesse gets the money to the safe and is about to flee the house, Jeffrey Jr. is just standing there, hunched over with a Kubrick Stare, then tells him in the most emotionless tone, that he has "five minutes" before he calls the cops. Fuck.
    • And as Jesse drives away, it cuts back to Jeffery Sr. on the floor with blood on his white shirt where Jesse had shot him for a few seconds.
    • To make the video even creepier, the TV in the background is showing nothing but static. It really sets the tone for the entire video.
  • The scene in Psycho Kid Flees Country where Jesse appears to hang himself. He ultimately chooses not to, but still.
  • Psycho Dad Launches Mii is a modified version of Psycho Dad Launches Wii where Jeff Sr. throws Jesse off the balcony instead. It's clearly Played for Laughs, but imagine if it was in the Psycho Series.
  • The brand new series that is being dubbed "The Haunted Series" will likely be filled with Nightmare Fuel. Jesse, Larry, Parker, and others are going to visit actual haunted attractions and the like through the month of October.
  • Just the entire arc with Boogie.
  • The Snappers arc while being completely over the top, did feature one creepy factor: Jesse reverting back to Psycho Kid.
  • The current unnamed arc which features Jesse becoming more deranged and unhinged to the point where he leaves to Los Angeles, comes off more Jumping Off the Slippery Slope than nothing.
    • The fan interpretations that Jesse's become trapped in a mirror following the events of "MAN IN THE MIRROR" and "Evil" Jesse has taken over, as seen in "TOM CUTS MY BEARD!" where he snaps at Tom and Uncle Larry over a prank.
    • "MY CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND WANTS ME BACK!" had some...uncomfortable implications following a jump cut with "Jesse" and Juliette, his controlling behavior didn't help matters too.
    Jesse: *to Juliette who looks scared* Eat your fucking sandwich.

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