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Tear Jerker / McJuggerNuggets

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There are some moments on the channel that make you realize how damaged the Ridgway family is.

  • The video "PSYCHO DAD FIGHTS UNCLE LARRY" is probably the most saddening, as Jeffrey Sr. again comes in and breaks a gift Jesse got from a fan and accuses him of breaking the last of his trophies (which was actually Jeffrey's doing) and stating how Jesse is the manipulator despite Uncle Larry clarifying that Jesse was with him. After making him leave, Jesse breaks down into Uncle Larry's arms, saying he's tired of the drama and pain. Even if you're a person who firmly believes Jesse's doing this to himself, that's pretty heartbreaking to say the last.
    • Makes it more sad that Jesse apologizes to Uncle Larry for sacrificing his friendship with his father just to protect him.
  • The sheer sadness in Jesse's voice in the Thanksgiving video when he says "I'm not part of the family?"
  • The ending of Psycho Dad Answers Questions. Being a somewhat-surprising calm video involving Mr. Ridgway, it seems like a good tension breaker with Jesse and his dad (in a sense, as Jesse was still acting like a Jerkass and Mr. Ridgway was letting his temper get the better of him), until Jesse reads a question a fan asked on what does Mr. Ridgway feel about being labeled "a psycho" and a "bad father", resulting with Mr. Ridgway storming out of the book pissed off (even breaking Jesse's camera in the process too). The video just ends with Jesse being a bit upset at not just his broken camera, but the fact his father thinks he put that question personally.
  • There's also the fact that despite that he still thinks he's in the right, Jeffrey Sr. does feel guilty for kicking Jesse out and making his life a living hell.
    • This line from "Psycho Kid Smashes TV":
    Jesse: I'm gonna destroy this fucking TV, cuz that's...YOU LOVE THAT MORE THAN YOU LOVE ME!
    • Jesse begging his mother Theresa to help him when Psycho Dad kicks him out of the house again in "Psycho Dad Busts Down Door". Instead of trying to support her son, Theresa says "YOU LIED!!", causing Jesse to burst into tears.
  • In the same video, Psycho Dad breaks down the door to Jesse's bedroom and destroys many of his possessions, including the gifts from Juliette.
    • It was later on confirmed that Teresa herself was heartbroken when she saw Jesse post all of what happened on YouTube.
    • It only got From Bad to Worse when Uncle Larry discusses about Jesse going out of the RV, who takes it too personally and basically renders him homeless.
    • Uncle Larry's video to Jesse, entitled "Plea to Jesse".
  • Jeffrey's story in "PRISONER OF WAR! *PSYCHO UPDATE*". The sheer fact that Jeffrey had to deal with the pressure from Psycho Dad much longer than Jesse, and the fact that he actually had to do the things that his dad wanted him to do instead of what he wanted to do just to not cause any trouble is just heartbreaking. It really makes you feel bad for the guy, even after all he's done to Jesse.note 
  • As of "Psycho Mom Divorces Husband", Jesse and Jeffrey Jr. parents are divorcing. The video opens with Psycho Dad smashing things Jesse's room, with Theresa, now becoming "Psycho Mom" begging him to stop. Her attempt is in vain, and her husband proceeds to destroy one of the Windows from Jesse's car, causing Theresa to make it clear that she wants to divorce him. She packs her bags and drives away, despite Jesse begging her to stay.
    • Theresa's last words to Jesse before driving away: "I love you, Jesse, I just can't... I'm sorry..."
    • Makes it worse when she states that she had been thinking about divorcing Jeffrey Sr. for a long time. Makes you wonder if she's also felt disgusted and horrified at Jeffrey Sr.'s treatment of Jeffrey Jr.
    • The update video makes it worse, as when Jeffrey Jr. comes in, Jesse only runs to him and hugs him in tears, all while Jeffrey Jr.'s just confused as to what's happened.
    • It also doesn't help if you have actually dealt with divorce personally, or if your own mother and father ever divorced.
  • Jesse gets really emotional towards Jeffery in "ENEMIES CLOSER!"
    Jesse: I want to be somebody's favorite! DAD'S ALWAYS LOVED YOU MORE THAN ME!
    • Also:
    Jesse: You have never once been your fucking channel name! You have never been a big brother! EVER!

    • Some tears of joy were at least shed with Jeffrey Jr. and Jesse making somewhat some amends.
  • "AUNT MELISSA FIGHTS PSYCHO DAD" hits this hard, as Aunt Melissa becomes a boarder line Jerk Ass Woobie after Jeffrey Sr. attacks her in her own home, resulting with Jesse calling him out and even checking to see if she's okay.
  • Jesse's mother saying she want's the camera out and that she and Jesse are done in "TAKING OUT THE TRASH!". Which is quite uncharacteristic of her when she's normally alright with the camera prior to moving in Melissa.
    Theresa: And, to be honest with you. You need to get the camera out. You need to get the camera, you need to stop with the camera. All the time, 24/7.
    Jesse: So, right now?
    Theresa: Yeah! Get the fucking camera out! Okay, were done!
    • Made even more tear jerking with Jesse's reaction while trying to tell a story in Mellisa's backyard:
    Jesse: *beat* My mom told me to get the fuck out...
  • "Psycho Dad's Drunken Rant". All of it.
  • Theresa saying that any quality time that she and Jesse had were a long time ago. Despite that the quality time of playing games with his mother happened at least a month prior to the video "A PLACE TO STAY!". Still it shows just how much levels of Jerkass she took where her own son treasured those moments of quality times with his mother, yet Terry herself disregards them as happening in the distant past.
  • After "BOILING POINT!", Terry goes further into the Moral Event Horizon and cementing her status as a Jerkass by calling Jesse while in the middle of cleaning up Aunt Jackie's house and demanding that she does not want her son to come over to Melissa's anymore and want to be left alone, and does not want the camera anymore. Even after Terry demanded and made it clear the third time and hung up, you can see how heartbroken Jesse looks in a moment of silence.
    • The ending of the vlog video implies Jesse's disowning his mother as well, since he already feels the mother he once knew is gone.
    • Uncle Larry even theorized that, even though it was Terry that said it, that the decision was largely influenced by Melissa.
  • There's actually a tearjerker moment for Jeffrey Sr. in Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo, showing he's a bit hurt over the fact Jesse didn't ask him for help with his new house.
  • "MCJUGGERNUGGETS MOVES OUT", especially with Jeffrey Jr. showing some sadness over his brother moving out, even hugging Jesse again.
  • "A SLAP IN THE FACE!" is a huge one. Melissa making jokes about wishing Jeffery Sr. had died is very dark and sad, even with all that Jeffery Sr. has done, but it goes From Bad to Worse when Melissa slaps Jesse across the face.
  • The last 10 minutes or so of "THE FALLOUT! (PART 2)" have some of the most heartbreaking moments in the entire series.
    Jesse: I'm going, ok?
    Terry: Thank you.
    Terry: Can I have a hug?
    Jesse: No.
    • Likewise, the ending of the first part can make you feel once Terry writes "I'm sorry" on the window.
  • "WALK OF SHAME" is pretty much a downer all around, beginning with a very pissed off Jesse crawling back to Jeffery Sr., who all but gloats in Jesse's face about being unable to live outside of the home for little more than a week. Shortly after this, Jesse gets voice mail from his mother who is very heartbroken from what happened between him and her. This ends with tears of joy though, as Juliet comes over to comfort him.
  • Psycho Dad Incinerates Fan Mail is this in a nutt shell where Jeffrey Sr. burns the fan mail Jesse has received in the past year.
  • Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U is essentially a Cold-Blooded Torture moment of Jeffrey Sr. Kicking the Dog to force Jesse to comply to his wishes. You can tell how seriously broken Jesse is when he's on the lawn pleading with his father to not destroy his PS4 and agreeing with his father to get a job by the end of the month. You can tell how defeated and broken Jesse is at the end of the video.
  • Psycho Kid's Birthday Bash is pretty heartbreaking. Gone is the hilarious moment Psycho Dad lawnmows Jesse's games to make him get a job. This episode is one big Trauma Conga Line. Psycho Kid is no saint; he spends the episode acting like a petty brat, but who can blame him, honestly. He gets given a cake, which he accepts (but not without looking the gift horse in the mouth), a basket of ping-pong balls from Corn, a literal bag of shit from his brother, Jeffrey, and finally a Wii U from his parents. The clincher is that the Wii U was bought for him by his mom to replace the old, broken one. This sends Psycho Dad into a rage and culminates in him smashing Psycho Kid's brand new Wii U in front of him. Jesse is once again reduced to a screaming wreck, which culminates in him throwing the broken Wii U through the back door of his parents' home. What really tugs at the heart strings is Jesse crying into his girlfriend's shoulder at the miserable state of his existence. It's no wonder he decides to do the unthinkable later on.
  • Can't we all just say the overall treatment Jesse has been getting from Psycho Dad? This is coming from a person who has dealt with a teacher who treated me like dirt until I spoke up about it and confronted them about their behavior. It had me so terrified to even go to school for a while until I talked to them about it.
  • "Psycho Dad Shoots X-Box". Just the fact that all Jesse wanted was to have some fun/father-son bonding time...and Jeff Sr. flat out thinks Jesse was going to humiliate him. Hot damn.
  • "LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON" during the part where Psycho Dad shows up. It doesn't help that Jesse's being yelled at by Chris and another person while mowing the lawn. The video maybe hard to watch for people who have been bullied in general, or just even growing up in a broken home.
  • Uncle Larry finally showing his angry side in CUSTODY BATTLE! and BREAKING POINT!. After his RV is wrecked by Psycho Dad is when he had finally unleashed a side no one has ever seen of Larry before.
  • Pretty much the entire vlog "SAVE YOURSELF!" is this in spades.
  • "Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool", with the implication Larry was going to kill himself. Or at the least, was going to murder Jeff.
    • Jesse pleading with Jeff to help him with a knocked out Uncle Larry, only for Jeff to say to "get that piece of shit out of my yard".
    • In the Psycho Update, Jeff directly accuses Jesse of orchestrating the attack as revenge for the gaming room and RV, and confiscates his car, esssentially trapping him at the Ridgway Residence.
    • In the next vlog, Tom turns on Jesse, also accusing Jesse of orchestrating the events that led to Uncle Larry's injuries. In the same video, Uncle Larry reveals he was directly aiming for Jeff, trying to kill him to free Jesse of his Big Brother-esque control.
    • This is made even worse considering the fact that now that the series is over, that means that this was Uncle Larry's final appearance. Over the course of a year, we've watched him go from a Cool Uncle whom even haters of the channel generally liked to an emotionally broken shell of a man who is so far gone that he believes that Murder Is the Best Solution. And we never see him recover from this state.
  • The Juggies Powwow - Goodbyes video is full of this. It can be hard for people who have had to say goodbye to a loved one, a friend, or anyone else important in your life. Not to mention that this is the final powwow video Jesse is going to do.
  • There are Tear Jerker moments scattered in Q&A #29, but the end of the video is heartbreaking.
  • All of "i'm a psychopath" is basically Jesse ripping into himself, saying how he's a "horrible son, friend, brother, and nephew", as well as begging his audience to never look up to him. It basically shows Jesse has hit far passed the Despair Event Horizon. It really feels hopeless. The only thing we can look to is 9:30-9:35, where he winks.
  • "Psycho Kid Kills Father" has a lot of these:
    • Jesse insulting and berating Jeffrey Jr. for never being there for him and to not try to be there for him now as it's too late.
    • Jeff actually being regretful for causing Jesse so much pain. Even saying "He failed him as a father". And then he says this wouldn't have happened if he didn't show him video games, resulting in, you guessed it, Jesse killing him.
    • After Jesse shoots Jeff, J.T. responds with a horrified "JESSE, WHAT DID YOU DO?!" before being threatened by Jesse. He lets out a small, quiet: "Are you gonna shoot me too?". Damn.
    • When Jesse finally opens the safe and gets the money, what's the second thing he finds in there? A photo of him and his family together when he graduated. Sniff.
  • The Reveal at the end of "Psycho Kid Flees Country".
    • The final message as well: "Thank you for everything. RIDGID STUDIOS 2012-2016".
    • The beginning montage which ends with Jesse attempting suicide.
    • The song playing in the background alone was sad and made it 10x hard to watch. Jeffery Sr and Jesse hugging as well can be seen this way with how Jeff Sr. was treating Jesse in the series.
  • Psycho Family showed some pretty saddening moments considering the struggle the Ridgways had making the series:
    • Terry confirming Jesse and Corn stopped talking due to Corn bailing out of "Psycho Kid Flees Country" at the last minute. Keep in mind, Jesse paid for Corn's ticket, and Corn was complaining about being paid less, despite the fact Jesse paid him around $30k a month.
    • Jesse's grandmother mentioning the fact the family had been swatted 11 times, with Terry recounting how terrified she was from the ordeal. She visibly tears up too. Depressing considering the person who swatted Jesse did it because they wanted to make Jesse pay for the Psycho Series.
    • The complete hell Terry and Jeff had to deal with following "Psycho Mom Divorces Husband", due to the two having to pretend to be divorced and not be out in public.
      • Even more so is when Brian asks if she wanted to end Jesse's series because of it, Terry quietly says "Well it wasn't his fault..". Poor lady.
    • While Jesse was showing Brian and his film crew the Morton Building with Jeff and even looking through old destroyed props of the series (including the Xbox 360 from "Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox"), Brian asks Jesse what's he going to do from here after the Psycho Series. Jesse begins to slowly cry and asks the cameras to be turned off.
      • Worse is when Jeff tries to comfort Jesse only for him to run off. While Jeff tries to talk to the camera crew/Brian regarding how much effort Jesse put and how he can't let go for how much hard work he put, you can tell Jeff also gets emotional as well.
    • We actually see a legit argument from the Ridgways, where Jesse gets JT, Terry, and Jeff together for a meeting to discuss with them about going to Vidcon for one last Psycho Family hurrah, only for Jeff to argue with Jesse after how he doesn't want to due to the fact he feels he's done his part. Jeff even tells Jesse "I want my life back!", only for Jesse to become upset and storm off, leaving the three upset.
      • Keep in mind, Jeff has a right to be upset and bothered: Considering his character was the most controversial and the amount of stress that would lead to his reputation (as Jeff is a landscaper and at one point was the 'mayor of their hometown) and wants to move on from that.
      • Does go into heartwarming where Jesse and Jeff talk at Vidcon and while Jeff admits he'll do whatever makes Jesse happy, Jesse makes it clear he's done with the series and is ready to move on.
    • Uncle Larry talked about one point the hatred and trolling he endured online (especially considering he wasn't used to that type of talk on the internet) and was ready to quit...until he received a letter from a survivor of the Paris shooting attacks (who also lost their friend in the attacks) and thanked him for his motto ("No hate needed, just love") as a way to keep moving forward. Uncle Larry even begins to visibly cry too.
  • "THE FAMILY INTERVENTION" - Uncle Chris tells Jesse the story of how he couldn't sleep for nights or barely live with himself after his close friend killed himself.

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