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Tear Jerker / Web Original

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May it be fan drawing, vid, or webcomic, just like any other entertainment medium, Web Original does not fail to tear out our hearts.

Mediums with their own sub-pages:


  • Broken Saints has a number of these, chiefly:
    • Sandra's death.
  • Bree's death (and posthumous phone message) in the lonelygirl15 "Season Finale".
    • Gina's Heroic Sacrifice in "Prom: It's To Die For". If the episode itself didn't get you, "No More Fear" will.
  • Charlie's tearful goodbye in the KateModern episode "I Miss You...": "You couldn't sleep. And now you can sleep. You can sleep, Kate. Goodnight, Kate; I miss you so much."
  • At the end of the 6th arc of the otherwise very carefree and funny Nameless series, we discover a new supporting character's mother had sex with him. Right after we discover this, he stabs both of the other new, likable supporting characters, straddles one, and talks to her while mutilating her body. The fact that it's played for laughs doesn't detract from its impact.
  • The last few seconds Weebl and Bob's 100th episode packed quite a punch.
    Weebl: But... but I love donkey! DONKEY, DON'T DIE!
  • There is a new fad of "and [Engrish name of a character]" videos on YouTube, which shows a still picture with Tear Jerker stories in the comments. There is one for everybody. And SehntreeAnd Snipa ... try not to get too touched.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series there's Mako's speech at the end of Harponshipping about how much he loves the ocean and the ocean forgiving him.
    • Marik and Florence's Final Duet and their dramatic not-deaths.
    • The deaths of 4Kids and Noah.
  • For anybody who grew up watching Pingu , this short PSA by a user named joetomdotcom can be a total gut-buster. Stings even more that his mother and friend were calling for him while he was alone on a tiny iceberg because the ice melted from Global Warming.
  • Beyond The Window, a small animation about a disabled boy who wishes upon a star. If you take a look at the lyrics set to it partway down this page, it makes it even more sad.
  • Draw with Me. The person who animated it has made several illustrations with these characters. And then he drew this. Spoilers for the video.
  • Episodes two and five of Tree From My Youth. Episode two for, well, Hinawa's death and Flint's reaction, and episode five for Claus finally giving his last breath, narrowly missed being heard by his father and grandfather. Buzzards are barely audible as they begin to tear him apart. The latter moment is quite possibly worse, as Claus's actor had his tonsils removed a few days before recording and had trouble speaking.
  • Dorf Quest - If you manage to NOT cry when Garrelf died, or when Driblis made his last stand... well, you sir are a robot.
  • Alice and Kev is a blog following the adventures of a homeless family in The Sims. What they go through has encouraged the creator to reevaluate his life. That's right, the writer tearjerked HIMSELF.
  • Days with my father is a heartwarming story, and deserves to be shown to the world.
  • This animation. Everything about it.... just look at Linus's expression when Fantine tells him "They divorced... the week after". The picture that it is based on is even worse.
  • There she is!! doesn't seem like one at first. But with five animated shorts, you start getting into the Unstoppable Rage and Tear Jerker territories at the fourth episode—maybe the third if you understand the implications at the very ending.
  • this Left 4 Dead fan comic about the five boss characters before the infection.
  • This Team Fortress 2 video could probably get a few people to tear up.
    • TF2 Troubles starts out funny, but nosedives into tragedy near the end. Especially after the Fridge Horror that the Engineer has to relive this cycle over and over again.
    • This video will surely be like if your teammates didn't actaully respawn.
  • The Madness Combat series, at the very end of number 6, with Hank, lower jaw completely gone, missing teeth in his upper, his skull smashed to the point that his brain is exposed, and just finding that his nemesis, Tricky, has not only survived being shot and dropped off the cliff, but come back as some horrific monster. The badass that never shows unflinching hesitation at anything stops for a few seconds to stare in disbelief, but then kicks back into the "screw you" mode and starts firing.
  • The endings of the Colour My Series flash games can really get to you. The music, too.
  • The British Railway Series, a Thomas & Friends-inspired YouTube series showing the lives of real engines, has its share. The biggest is in The Legacy of Gadwall, when Gadwall, the first engine to have been renamed Sir Ralph Wedgewood, dies during the bombing of York station. Carly Simon's version of Danny Boy is used to great effect.
  • The end of Alfred's Playhouse. (NSFW!) in which Alfred confronts his mind. In fact, the whole series. Something about the sexually abused dog who desperately retreats into a fantasy world in order to escape the trauma really gets to you. The end shows us that the cold-hearted, power-crazed Dictator Pickles is actually the part of Alfred's mind that was split when Alfred was molested cursed to relive that torment while Alfred lives in perpetual bliss, making DP a true Tragic Villain.
  • One of the most tragic scenes in The Salvation War opens chapter 29, when the decimated survivors of Abigor's army return; there are only 3 to 4 hundred living daemons out of 400,000, and many of those survivors were left cripples maimed by human weaponry. More than any other this one scene, with female daemons desperately searching for their mates among the survivors on a parade ground, drives home the extent of the futility of the daemon incursion that never made it past the first, only, and decisive battle on Earth.
    • A subsequent scene also starring Abigor is when Satan punishes him for his failure by ordering him to make another attack using his entire clan (including mates and kidlings) and the army's survivors, which is so obviously a forced suicide that he ends up deliberately bunching up his rag-tag "force" in hopes that the inevitable artillery shelling will kill them instantly instead of leaving them horribly maimed. Fortunately, the artillery barrage is targeted around them, and he is allowed to surrender.
    • Perhaps even more tragic are the scenes in Chapters 70 and 71 of Pantheocide following Uxhalar, an angel who survived the nuclear strike on Elhmas' army, as he dies of radiation poisoning.
  • America's Saddest Home Videos. You'd expect a parody of America's Funniest Home Videos showcasing some of the most tragic incidents caught on tape to have at least a few laughs in it, but it plays the title straight.
  • This impression of Mark Hamill's Joker saying a speech from The Killing Joke is a surprising tearjerker. It actually makes you feel bad for the Joker, and that's no small feat.
  • Ahmad's death in The Leet World.
    Ahmad:Guess I'm just a Noob to the end?
    Cortez: No Ahmad, you are a noobito no longer. I know now you are the greatest badass the world has ever seen
    Ahmad: Awe...Some...
  • Often said to be the opposite of F My Life (which deals in Amusing Injuries, Disaster Dominoes, and the like), Gives Me Hope deals in Heartwarming Moments.
    • In particular, the following entry.
    My best friend died in a car accident on his way to deliver me soup for my cold. Found in the car was also a bouquet of flowers and a card that read: "We've been best friends for the last 5 years. Now, let's be lovers for the next 50." Unforgettable love Gives Me Hope.
  • Some chain letters. One in particular where a girl got into a car accident after drinking, and asked the doctors just before she died to tell her parents she was sorry...but they couldn't, because her parents had been in the other car.
  • Susan's death in Plague and Treachery on the Oregon Trail, or at least her least words - "I love you, yoo stupid american."
  • The Guild:
    • There's a rather sad moment right near the end of series 3 ep 9 where Codex realises that the Knights Of Good have completely collapsed thanks to the rival guild
    • The end of season 2, when she's casually discarded by the man she's been pining over with the words "She isn't worth fighting over." That bastard.
  • New York Magician: The death of Michel's grandmother.
  • The Game Overthinker has had several moments. Episode 7, "The Psychology of Nintendo Fans", perfectly describes the feeling of a new Nintendo game.
    • "Sonic in Crisis" is a bit depressing, examining what caused Sonic the Hedgehog to become a Franchise Zombie. The title card features a dead Sonic with a crying Mario kneeling beside him.
    • "Putting the Cart Before the Cloud" started with Bob mourning the loss of game cartridge inventor Gerald Lawson.
    • "What We Lost In the Fire" features Bob wandering around the remains of a fictional arcade, and expresses his own regrets for not visiting his local arcades more often, as well as the decline of the industry itself.
    • The story of Retrothinker - an idealistic cable TV host who cryogenically froze himself to see the future of video games, hoping it would introduce a new age of innovation and creativity. However, he is awoken ahead of schedule by the destruction of the arcade he froze himself in and discovers the future he hoped for is disappointing. He eventually turns evil, becoming Necrothinker, who can resurrect forgotten video game characters as zombies to destroy modern gaming. He has a Heel–Face Turn, but is still haunted by his experience.
    • Bob's eulogy video for the scrapped Nintendo Power magazine.
  • The Dragon In My Dreams. James Rolfe finally meets his inspiration as he first saw it as a child just before it was gone...
  • All About My Dog: Marimo, found here. The family's reaction to Marimo's death, which is a majority of the film.
  • This dark comic on "Little Red Riding Hood". However since it's a "dark" comic, a small part of the comic is NSFW.
  • In Chaos Fighters: Cyber Assault-The Secret Programs, Kalen's resurrected as a guardian son, Leon dreamed of her was getting attacked after hugging her legs. In return, he blocked her from an attack when she was trying to get him by force after he woke up from his nightmare. Cue he begging her to switch sides while losing his consciousness. He survived, though.
  • The Perspectives series. Story one: part one, part two, part three. Story two: part one, part two, part three.
  • What could possibly be sad about a video review of Cosmic Encounter and Heroscape? If you haven't heard the news already, watch the whole thing to the end, and then think a for a minute. It's not mentioned in the video itself, but it's inclusion on this page is a major hint. his son passed away not long after that video was made.
  • Browsing Youtube, you may come across a vid called "Schindler's List: The Musical". At first, you may think it's a troll video designed to incite anger. Then you watch it. And you bawl.
  • Mame Love, set to a song by Chinese singer Li Li Fen. Also from the site is Mame Forever, set to Alphaville's Forever Young. Try not to cry while watching these Flash animations...
  • And oh, if you think Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is tearjerking as is, singing the song to the Engrish that is the Zero Wing European Mega Drive intro takes it up to a whole new level. It may seem Narm at first, but once you get to the ending... See it here.
  • Robochi Gets Flamed. A robot who has the misfortune of not having hands with fingers types up gibberish instead of her(?) true feelings on an episode of her favorite show for a fan-forum... Don't cry, little didn't mean any of it...
  • Pokemon Crystal Kaizo Cinnabar Island is a bit more tearjerking, with the music box theme replacing the standard city theme, and even the Pokemon center theme.
  • Normal, a short amateur film some high school kids did for a contest a few years ago. It's just...god, something about it is just so...profound, in a really sad way. "You have a choice to make. You can live a normal life...or you can be happy." And then the final scene with the guy hanging out and just enjoying life with all of his imaginary friends...
  • This video. So simple, so beautiful. Beautiful song, beautiful animation, beautifully put-together, and utterly soul-crushing. "I thought of you, where you'd gone, and the world spins madly on."
  • Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl. But given that the main character dies, it should be tragic. Also given the fact that Ragamuffin would now be alone. She returned in the continuation of the comic, though.
  • We all love our fandoms on Tumblr, but it's touching when fandoms stand up for one another.
  • The death of Kitty Amazing will oddly make you choke up watching it.
  • One Chance is a game available for play on Kongregate. You play a scientist who must live through the last six days of humankind's existence on Earth. Why? You helped develop a cancer vaccine, but it proved deadly. So many people took it, that even those who didn't feel that there is no point in going on living. You can choose to divide your time at home or at work. Spend all your time at work, and on the third day, your wife commits suicide. On another day, you can go to the roof and watch a coworker jump off. If you spend every chance you get going to work, you manage to find a cure on the final day, but only you, and possibly your young daughter are the only ones you manage to get it too, and you must live your days in a mostly dead world. Otherwise, on the sixth day in, if you've spent even one day at home before, the scientist lies down on the cold floor of his lab, alone. The game does not end after this. There are no credits, no final scene. And the intention of the author is that you can only play through it once, so (unless you fiddle with the browser cache), this final scene is what will come up when you reload the game. Despite the primitive graphics, One Chance is an absolutely effective tragedy.
  • In the web original story Paperwalls, the death and funeral of Sandy Shaw, Cameron's mother
  • This excellent Batman fanvid set to "Hurt" by Johnny Cash sums up Batman's character very well, while being quite sad, (though considering the subject matter...)
  • You'd think a funny internet show like Leo and Satan would usually have a funny ending every episode. The episode "Trash Hazard" subverts the usual happy ending by having Satan accidentally killing Leo and crying over his grave. This scene isn't even Played for Laughs. Talk about a Mood Whiplash...
  • Red vs. Blue Season 9's ending: "No, I forget you." Tex disappears for good. That is probably what the quote was about, forgetting about Tex/Alison and moving on.
    • Season 10's ending including Epsilon-Church's rant to the Director: "Not all of us got off scot-free, Carolina. He was brilliant. And we trusted him. But he lied, to us. He twisted, and tortured, us. And used us! Manipulated us for his own purposes, and for what!? For this? This... shadow?"
  • The Sean Bean Death Reel. Most of his roles were villains and had it coming to them, but, especially because of the sad music that plays, watching such a likable actor die over and over again is really heartwrenching.
  • This animation called "Shadows", about Death taking a little girl to the afterlife. Especially when he briefly dances with her.
  • This. A sad story with a little cancer afflicted girl who is dying and losing hope, until she meetsa firefly and makes a wish that changes their lives forever.
  • This piece of Recess fanart, made after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
  • Shane Koyczan's "To This Day" spoken word poem. it's sad enough on its own, but to bullying victims or people with depression it's even worse. Moreso if you come across it by accident and don't know what to expect from it only to end up sobbing uncontrollably into the computer.
  • The Irish short film "Just Saying", especially the final line "there's a million little reasons to stay and about ten big ones not to and I don't know which is which anymore" and the shot of the boy on the boat leaving just hits home for the generation of Irish people that are forced to emigrate in the wake of the economic recession.
    "I'm just saying you might get sick of it all...but you might miss it too."
  • Melodysheep's PBS remixes are just downright moving, and greatly illustrate each PBS personality (Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, Julia Child, etc.) and their great passions for the subjects they teach on their respective shows. It's hard to even listen to them without getting something in your eyes, especially for the ones that have passed away (and you may have grown up with).
  • A Loaf Story, an entry in The Wanderer's Library, will probably be the only time you ever cry about bread.
  • ''Cargo'', short but heartbreaking when you realize what's going on.
  • There is a SMG4 "video" that will chage your prespective about bob-ombs.
  • This video by Youtuber Boogie2988 in his Francis persona, raging about the controversy surrounding the Xbox One and Microsoft creative director Adam Orth. It ends with Francis taking an axe to his Xbox, which normally wouldn't be sad, considering he's wrecked Xboxes in the past. However, he's bawling while he does and even finds himself emotionally unable to continue.
  • This video about a cat losing all of his family.
  • The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows and the associated Youtube channel. The creator coins new words from existing words (even explaining the etymologies) to describe sad realities about life. It's probably not meant to be depressing (just thought-provoking), but it manages to be incredibly depressing.
  • Scientifically Accurate CatDog [1] can fall under being a tearjerker if you think about it. A cat and a dog are made into a CatDog and are forced onto Nickelodeon. The parody even says that CatDog's lives are short and a "nightmare Hell." The poor animals suffer from so many health problems and finally die in the end.
  • This woman's story about her self-harm scars. The heartbreaking music, the story about her struggles with anxiety and depression, and why she self-harmed. Good luck getting through the video without bawling uncontrollably.
  • Buttercup No Yuutsu has Buttercup killing a monster, and the monster laments before it dies that it never got to confess its feelings to its love interest. And after that, Buttercup finds out that she is gay for Robin Snyder. She makes a love letter to Robin, and Robin runs away, off put by how one of her pals is a lesbian. Seeing Buttercup cry over her unrequited love is pretty sad.
  • Cooking with Dog: It was sad watching, for some time, Francis obviously getting older and unable to work in the (admittedly, leisurely) conditions he needed to for this show - he was sleeping much more often, taking two week breaks between episodes, filler was made using a Francis plush, and some "episodes" were just Chef playing with Francis. But then... "Our host, Francis passed away on November 6th in the afternoon. He was 14 years and 9 months old and lived a full, happy life. Over the past 9 years, he was loved by viewers all over the world and we would like to thank you for your kindness and support. Francis was the happiest dog we have ever met and he brought us so many good memories. He was a good friend and will be missed."
    • The following episode somehow makes it all worse. It opens with a note saying that it was filmed before Francis passed away, and Chef introduces the aforementioned Francis plush as Francis' substitute for the episode, as the real one isn't feeling well. This already is enough to hurt, but then Chef's last line: "Get well soon, Francis." is delivered with such optimism and enthusiasm... and knowing that he will not get well at all... is devastating. You'll find that the comments are almost exclusively reserved for noting how heartbreaking this is.
  • This real-time CGI of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Two hours and forty minutes, from the ship sailing confidently along and striking an iceberg, to the back half of it sliding beneath the waves. It's lovingly detailed and based on careful research, but people are conspicuously absent from it. Even the lifeboats are lowered, there are no people in them. The decks are empty. Every so often, a caption appears (as the ship verrrry slowly sinks bow-down) to tell you what's going on, but it's more about the time and the unpreparedness than anything else...and then, at three minutes before the end, the ship starts to make ominous groaning noises. Then, at 2 hours, 39 minutes and 5 seconds, as the brightly-lit ship tilts its stern upwards, the message comes up 'There are approximately 1,500 people still on board.' At this point, the sounds of 1500 people screaming in terror is slowly faded up, and then the ship cracks in half, the lights go out, and then it just takes sixty seconds for the rest of the ship to sink beneath the water like a cup with a hole in it in a kid's bath.
  • This video by YouTuber JaidenAnimations where she talks about her experience with an eating disorder that left her with crippling self-esteem issues. She goes into detail about how worthless she felt, how she felt like such a disappointment; a complete let down. She recalls the pain of starving herself daily and forcing herself to throw up, and how this "darkness" crept over her and sent her into a downward spiral. Jaiden sounds like she's on the verge of tears the entire time, and it's easy to see why.
  • This piece of Harry Potter fan art depicting Tonks weeping over her husband's body just before being killed by Bellatrix.
  • World War II:
    • Almost everything covered in the "War Against Humanity" sub-series which focuses on the atrocities and tragedies of the largest armed conflict in human history.
    • The story of 107 French soldiers at Ouvrage La Ferté in May 1940, covered during the French road trip by Richard Tucker, is unbelievably sad. The garrison, trapped underground by a fire in Block 1, suffocated from carbon monoxide poisoning - none of them survived. In the years after the battle, it was rumoured that the French commander, Lieutenant Bourguignon, had handed over the position to the Germans - only in 1973 did his son find out (from a German veteran) where the bodies of the garrison were buried - Bourguignon was identified and finally recognised as a hero who'd died with his men. When explaining this, Richard Tucker's voice audibly cracks.
  • This fan-video of The Simpsons seems like a normal "Steamed Hams" video, albeit a bit self-referencing as Skinner is also making a "Steamed Hams" video. However, his computer glitches out, so he angrily stomps on it and invites Chalmers to join in. Chalmers promptly fires Skinner for being "an odd fellow", and that's when the video gets dark. Skinner tries to commit suicide by lying on the road, and Chalmers thankfully swerves to avoid him but not-so-thankfully, he ends up crashing into Krusty Burger, causing a fire, which kills him. Then, Skinner feels so bad about Chalmers's death that he grows a Beard of Sorrow and drinks a lot. To make matters worse, he and Agnes get evicted because people mistakenly think Skinner murdered Chalmers, so Skinner eventually commits suicide for real. He comes back as a ghost and he, along with the ghosts of Chalmers and Agnes, who died off-screen, watch the Northern Lights together.
  • "In Loving Memory" videos. These videos consist of many clips of characters from media either crying or feeling wistful, almost as if they're mourning the loss of the person the video is centered around. At the end of each one, the person in question appears, with "You will be missed" often following. They are set to various songs, with arguably the most common ones being You'll Be In My Heart from Tarzan, Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston, and Love Survives from All Dogs Go to Heaven; this helps to amplify the sadness.
  • The Noedolekcin Archives: Jenica's message near the end of "Strange Nicktoons Network Anomaly (2007, Found Footage)" can be hard to read for some. She was trapped in the channel for nearly a decade, all the while she mentally regressed into a childlike state in a last-ditch attempt to save the remaining humanity she has left.
    "I have been trapped here for nine years."
    "Please, let me out"
    "I want to run away from the red man"
  • Pretty much all of O'o: The Last Voice of Kauai. And it's much worse if you are familiar with the detail of the event that the animated short shows, which is very likely if you found it in the first place.