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     The Psycho Series 
  • Jeffery Sr.'s response to realizing he's being played in Jesse's revenge against Jeffery? He takes the camera from Jesse and forces him to take the broken pieces of Jeffery Jr.'s laptop to give it to him personally.
  • Gotta admit, Jesse surviving for almost a month after being kicked out of his house after the events of "Psycho Dad Grills Wii" is pretty amazing.
  • Jeffrey Sr. himself gets one when he smashes Jeffrey's camera and giving Jeffrey a huge "The Reason You Suck" Speech for putting Jesse into more hell than he was. He even says, "He was going through enough!"
    • You also have to admit that Jeffrey Sr's throw in "Psycho Dad launches Wii" actually is pretty impressive given the distance it covered.
  • Jesse defending Corn by smashing a bottle over Jeffrey Jr.'s head in "Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses".
  • Jesse calling out Jeffrey Sr. after he attacked Aunt Melissa and threw her into the Christmas Tree. Seeing Jesse, who usually hates on Aunt Melissa come to her defense is both awesome and heartwarming.
  • Jesse slamming Aunt Melissa and Terri over their behavior in 'BOILING POINT!'.
  • Jesse actually slamming his father after he yet again wrecks Jesse's Super Nintendo and telling him he can't wreck stuff on his property, so much so that yes, even Jeffrey Sr. agrees.
  • Terri, for how much she had become a Jerkass, actually gets on Melissa's case when she slapped Jesse over a misunderstand in "A SLAP TO THE FACE".
  • Corn standing up for himself in RAGE QUITTER! *PSYCHO UPDATE* against Uncle Chris and the farm job in general. What makes it even more awesome is he's usually the quiet/silent type of person.
  • After all the torment that Jesse put Melissa through, including the constant disrespect, name calling, pranks, stealing from her and worst of all, driving what could be a permanent wedge between her and her best friend of over two decades, it was pretty awesome to finally see Melissa score some wins against Jesse. Smashing his newly purchased TV was nice, but realizing Jesse's worst fear, his father finding out his location, and successfully using it against him was spectacular. Her gloating while surveying the damage done to the RV afterwards was just icing on the cake.
  • Jeffery Sr. manages to one up the internet savvy Jesse by using an old piece of tech to see where he's going: a tracker planted on his car. Said tracker's the size of his palm, was planted on Jesse's car around Valentine's Day and Jesse didn't find out until Jeffery showed him after Victoria Day weekend, roughly four months later. Four months, and Jesse didn't even notice. "I don't need Facebook" indeed.
  • Larry's response to the above? Ram his truck into the pool. A later vlog reveals that he wasn't aiming for the pool. He was aiming for Jeffery!
  • Tom's epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech after Larry gets home from the hospital. He rips Jesse a new one over Jesse's manipulative behavior and how he's essentially a leech on Larry's goodwill. Coupled with Larry himself telling Jesse he can't keep waiting for a hero to rescue him from his father's clutches, it's a much-needed one-two reality check for Jesse.
  • Jesse finally kills Jeffery Sr.
    • And before hand, you gotta give Jeff some credit for still standing his ground towards Jesse despite having a gun pointed at him.

     Meta Examples 
  • On a meta level, not only did Jesse manage to give the Psycho series a satisfying conclusion, but he also managed to completely debunk those who thought that the series was real.
  • MCJUGGERNUGGETS SCAMMING 9-YEAR OLDS!!, in spades. To basically explain why, Jesse slams and gives a brutal and nasty Take That! and his own "The Reason You Suck" Speech to HagyRants, a big "hater" of Jesse and showing hostility towards the Juggies, Jesse's family, Uncle Larry of all people, and flat out showing immense disrespect and immaturity over how the series was "fake" (and especially even when the series was revealed as fake, Hagy still berates Jesse) and overall constantly accuses Jesse of "scamming" his fans (despite the fact he never ask them to send him money or items), which makes it no sense considering he attacks his fans and yet is upset over Jesse "scamming fans". It has to be seen.
    • While Jesse has stated the video "is in all good fun", but considering Hagy's disrespect of him, his family, and a slew of other stuff, it wouldn't be surprised if Jesse had bigger intents for it.

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