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Jesse being kicked out of his house and Uncle Larry's is a storyline to explain him getting his own place in Real Life
It's so he can leave the house without admitting that the videos are fake. Him staying with Corn is probably going to be temporary, and he'll likely overstep his boundaries at some point, causing Corn's family to throw him out, and he'll end up getting his own house or apartment.
  • Jossed. He went back home after about a week.

Jesse will have a My God, What Have I Done? moment, causing him to be The Atoner
Jesse will realize that his behavior has been driving people away and causing them to be mad at him and starts to atone for his previous selfish behavior.
  • This may potentially be happening after the latest video, where Jeffrey's backstory comes to light (all the shit Jesse's had to put up with, Jeffrey's had to deal with it his whole life).
  • Sort of occurred as well as Jesse is still in mix with telling Teresa everything, but omitting what he did, probably due to fear of having more drama occur in the house.

"Aunt" Melissa Stahlberger will take up the Psycho mantle
Given how she destroyed her husband's wine in an argument and blames Jesse for getting her mad. It's likely she's going to end up taking up being known as Psycho Aunt as viewers are already comparing her with Jeffrey Sr.

Psycho Dad will get arrested
All of his actions as a result of Terry leaving will catch up to him, and he will go to prison for assault, property damage, trespassing, etc.

Jesse cuts off all ties with his family, except Uncle Larry and Tom
In the fallout of the divorce and Terry turning against Jesse thanks to the influence of Aunt Melissa. Jesse decides to cut off ties with his family when he finally moves out of the Ridgeway residence. The only family he keeps in touch with is with Uncle Larry and Tom. He cuts ties off with his mother due to her Face–Heel Turn after telling him "they're done" and cuts ties off with his father for obvious reasons.
  • Seems to be veering into this after the events of "BOILING POINT!" after he tells off Terri and Melissa for their behavior, although considering JT's Character Development, Jesse may keep contact with him.
  • As of "WHAT I COULDN'T DO..." Tom and Uncle Larry are out of the picture; Tom broke his silence to give Jesse a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech and told him never to return to the Abraham residence.
    • Not really. Uncle Larry took to Twitter to state that Tom does not run the house, meaning Jesse isn't banned.

Both "Aunt" Melissa and Terry gets a form of Laser-Guided Karma
Both Aunt Melissa and Terry receive a big karmatic payback for treating Jesse like crap. Melissa will be on the receiving end of some form of negative karmatic payback for treating Jesse like crap while visiting his own mother that would dwarf what she has experienced with in "AUNT MELISSA FIGHTS PSYCHO DAD" and "NOT SO DIFFERENT". Terry would have a My God, What Have I Done? moment when she realizes that she pushed her own son away thanks to Aunt Melissa's Influence and becomes The Atoner and
try to reconnect with her son that she pushed away while at Melissa's.

The "Psycho Series" finale.
Jesse is about to move out, when Psycho Dad locks him in his room and prevents Jesse from exiting via his window. He says that Jesse is not moving out until he gets a job, gives up video games forever, and shuts down his YouTube channel, saying that his ways are the only ways and that Jesse's ways are lazy, easy, and will make Psycho Dad look bad amongst the neighbors. He threatens to kill Jesse if he calls the cops, and trashes his entire room, as well as setting fire to the Morton Building so Jesse can't retreat to his other room, and gives Jesse a black eye, before taking a chainsaw to his bed and forcing him to sleep on the ground without a mattress, blanket, or pillow because he "doesn't deserve comfort".

Two days later, as Jesse is about to lose it, the Ridgway Residence gets an unexpected visitor. A loud, Southern-accented voice is heard shouting "MOTHERFUCKER!", and Angry Grandpa storms into the Ridgway Residence, with Michael filming and Bridgette as a spectator. AGP chews Psycho Dad out for his parenting style, calling him psychotic, abusive, hypocritical, and saying he goes too far. At least when he destroys Michael's stuff, Michael usually starts it, or its his own stuff he destroys.

Psycho Dad orders AGP and co. to get out of his house before he calls the cops, but AGP just gets angrier, takes the same wrench he used to destroy Michael's PS4 to Psycho Dad's television and coffee table, and then goes outside and smashes the windows on Psycho Dad's truck, all the while shouting "HOW DOES IT FEEL, ASSHOLE?!". Psycho Dad moves to call the cops, but Jeffrey tackles him, saying his reign of terror ends here. Psycho Dad, though, manages to get a beer bottle and smashes it over Jeffrey's head, knocking him out once more.


At this point, Angry Grandpa goes ballistic, and decks Psycho Dad, as the police, whom Jesse called, storm the yard. Psycho Dad manages to get off, run back into the house, open the safe, and burn all the money, before confronting the cops and telling them to arrest Jesse for destroying two televisions, a glass door, countless trophies, and Jeffrey's motorcycle. The police, though, tell Psycho Dad that it's HIM who's under arrest for numerous cases of property destruction, assault and battery, false imprisonment, stealing $30,000, and domestic abuse. He loses it, and reveals he's been keeping a shotgun this whole time, running to Jesse's room and shooting at him before he is shot in the back of the head by police. Jesse manages to get out of the window during the exchange of gunfire, so it isn't on-camera, though you can certainly hear it.

Jesse flees to safety as Michael and Bridgette get Jeffrey out of harm's way. A news crew has been there for some time, and as a result, Theresa, Larry, and Corn have shown up. Theresa is told what has happened, and realizes that there is no helping Jeff.

A few minutes later, after Jesse and Michael have been chatting and Angry Grandpa has joined them, a cop approaches them and states that Psycho Dad has been pronounced dead of a gunshot to the head. Theresa shows little emotion, as Psycho Dad had immersed himself in his insanty, which ultimately led to his death.

Jesse and Michael close out the video, with Jesse telling everyone to "Like, Comment, Subscribe, Favorite", and Michael telling everyone to "Keep it Ridgid".

Jesse's POV is posted to McJuggerNuggets, while Michael's POV is posted to TheAngryGrandpaShow, with an aftermath video posted on KidBehindACamera. Jeffrey also puts up his own POV.

In the following weeks, Jesse moves out of New Jersey, and there is zero activity from the channel in that timeframe. Then, Jesse posts a cryptic video with a link in the description, which leads to a video called "Weclome Jesse!", posted by the Game Grumps announcing Jesse as the newest Grump.

  • Can I just say.... BEST FINALE EVER! I would love for this to truly happen! My god, you are amazing.
  • Alternatively, the opening could be Jesse and Psycho Dad arguing about Jesse not having a "real job", or about Youtube. It'd be your typical Psycho Dad quote/saying you'd expect from him.
    • Semi-confirmed. In the most recent video, Jesse SHOOTS AND KILLS his father (in the chest) in cold blood.
    • Even more confirmed. It was faked. Come on, you were all thinking it.
  • Seems an Angry Grandpa and Mc Jugger Nuggets crossover is taking place at the moment

Jesse is going to screw up this farm job after the video "NO CAMERAS ALLOWED!"
I am calling it now. "Uncle" Chris will get pissed off at him for lying, sneaking in a camera, among whatever else Jesse fucks up. I also don't mean the NEXT video will be the screw up.
  • Jesse will also end up ruining Chris' friendship with Anita(is that right?), the owner of the farm causing another "Psycho video" to be uploaded

The Vlog Finale as a whole
We'll say that the psycho series finale above is true.

The "finale" for the vlogging starts up on the Youtube channels birthday with Jesse in his room with Corn recording as usual. He goes on to finally admit about the series being staged and scripted, then he explains how he did it all and that he will be moving in a couple days to another state. I'll take the above finale and say it's Jesse moving in to be a Game Grumps member and start recording game content with them. He'd be happy doing what he loves, and also still kinda 'recording' videos for people on YouTube.

Jesse is using Anita as a Parental Substitute
It's become obvious, honestly. His mother isn't in his life (or least the vlogs/psycho series) and Anita reminds me almost of his mother with defending Jesse up until Terri's Jerkass behavior.
  • In one of latest vlogs, "LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON", seems to confirms that Jesse sees Anita as reminding him of his mother.

Jeffrey Sr. Is going to do something that's going to physically harm Jesse
Either by accident or on purpose

The series is inspired by Moral Orel
Psycho Dad is a mix of Orel's father and Clay. Jesse could be Shapey, and Terri could be a parody of Bloberta. Not sure about anyone else!

The Psycho series was originally meant to be an over the top parody of web series such as The Greatest Freakout Ever and The Angry Grandpa.
However, as the Psycho series became more popular, Jesse decided to instead turn it into a deconstruction of these types of videos showing just how much these situations would affect everyone involved. Eventually, the series will reconstruct itself. This sorta goes with the previous WMG entry.
  • So, basically, it's to Wafflepwn and Angry Grandpa like Neon Genesis Evangelion was to the giant robot genre? I can see that very well, as the series is starting to become Evangelion-esque.
  • It's fair to say The Angry Grandpa has become less about him destroying things over the years. It's still up for debate if THAT web show is fake. Michael is more transparent about up and saying on camera he is buying grandpa a new item of whatever he ended up destroying sooner or later. You also gotta remember they started waay back before Youtube got this big.

The Psycho series is heavily inspired by Breaking Bad.
I got this theory from the subreddit, and felt like sharing it here. Both series have protagonists which you initially like and sympathise with. They both make you eventually hate what that person has become.

  • Jesse is Walt, doing the thing he loves to do (i.e playing games, making videos).
  • Corn is Jesse Pinkman, Walt's sidekick, eventually pushed away due to Walt's selfishness.
  • Psycho Dad is Hank, trying to stop Jesse doing what he loves to do, but Jesse (Walt) still loves and respects him.

Demma represents the Youtube Comments
  • Everyone and Demma told Jesse to apologize to Corn and Jesse listened. The only person he'd probably listen to is his fans
    • A separate theory on the subreddit had been posted that is starting to come true.

There will be a spin-off series starring Jeffery Sr, Jeffery Jr, and Theresa.
Sure Ridgid Studios is gone, but leaving your channel with almost 3 million subscribers seems absurd. Now that most of his family have "acting" experience they could do a spin-off series of sorts. Better yet, it will be about the REAL them.
  • Confirmed.
  • It was confirmed much later with the Hollywood Hype series being a spin-off of The Psycho Series.

The reason the Psycho series ended was not only due to Jesse moving away.
It was also due to how his fanbase has been bothering the police force and having Juggies stalking the family house, among other creepy activity.

An analysis of how the Psycho videos may have been faked.
  • Sure, we know the videos are faked, but how were they made? Feel free to add to this.
    • Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox: Perhaps this was real and more were made due to its popularity.
      • Jossed. It was always fake.
    • Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout: The camera was replaced off-screen, as seen in the next video.
    • Psycho Dad Axes Laptop: I'm not sure.
    • Psycho Brother Clips Head: Jesse was informed the prank was going to take place.
    • Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games: Blank discs were shredded and the actual games were put somewhere.
      • Confirmed. The games were all either blank discs or Playstation 1 games.
    • Psycho Kid Smashes TV: The TV survived.
      • Jossed in "BRIAN FINALLY ANSWERS!" The TV was dead before filming.
    • Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox: The game disc was ejected before the console was destroyed and later repaired.
    • Psycho Dad Wrecks Car: The car was old and due for scrap.
      • Probably not.
    • Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One: The chainsaw had a rubber blade.
    • Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree: They were going to destroy the tree anyway. Most families do.
    • Psycho Dad Raids Stream: Psycho Dad's intervention was staged and the stream was scripted, with the exception of actual gameplay.
    • Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad: The "iPad" was damaged already.
      • Jossed.
      • Further jossed. It was actually an Asus tablet with an Apple sticker slapped on.
    • Psycho Dad Shatters YouTube Play Button: The house tour was staged and the Play Button was a duplicate, perhaps sent for the video.
    • Psycho Dad Pounds Nintendo DS: I'm not sure either.
    • Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party: Same reasons as Psycho Dad Raids Stream.
    • Psycho Dad Grills Wii U: The "Wii U" was a block of wood painted to look like a Wii U.
      • Probably Jossed.
    • Psycho Dad Flattens Gaming Lair: Everything was removed from the tent beforehand.
      • Jossed.
    • Psycho Dad Reacts To One Million Juggies: The video was made by young fans who believed the series was real.
      • Semi-Jossed. The video was made of contest entries which just so happened to consist mostly of children.
    • Psycho Dad Buries Video Games: The games were later retrieved.
      • Confirmed in a recent video.
    • Psycho Brother's Kung-Fu Freakout: Scripted.
    • Psycho Dad Launches Wii: An old, dead Wii was used.
      • Semi-confirmed. It was a functional Wii, but with the Wii U, they had no further use for it.
    • Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream: Jesse was made aware the machines were going to be used.
    • Psycho Kid Crushes PS4: An object painted to look like a Playstation was driven over.
      • Jossed. It was a real PS4.
    • Psycho Dad Busts Down Door: An excuse to renovate Jesse's room.
    • Psycho Kid's Birthday Bash: Perhaps it was an actual Wii U this time...
    • Psycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle: The motorcycle was later recovered by Jesse/Jeffery.
    • Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses: The glasses were old or fake, and the lenses were not destroyed.
      • Jossed. He used his own glasses.
    • Psycho Mom Divorces Husband: Whoever was in charge wanted a major turning point in the series.
    • Psycho Dad Splits Computer: The computer was a fake or had stopped working.
      • Jossed. It was working, but it was over 15 years old.
    • Psycho Dad Trashes Store: The store was later rebuilt, as seen in later videos.
    • Psycho Dad's Drunken Rant: Jeffery Sr. was reading from a script.
      • Confirmed. It was one of the only times Jesse had Psycho Dad use a script.
    • Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo: The SNES in question died of age.
    • Psycho Dad Incinerates Fan Mail: Only envelopes and empty boxes were used. Jesse stopped Fan Mail Monday because he wanted to focus on the Psycho series.
      • Part-Jossed. The "fan mail" was not burned.
    • Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U: The Wii U was shorted out by the rain and Jesse had another one. As for the Boomco Magnum...
    • Psycho Family Hunting: The video itself was staged, similar to Psycho Kid Gets Arrested.
      • Confirmed for Psycho Kid Gets Arrested. The policeman was fake, the costume can be bought on Amazon, and Jesse is even auctioning it off.
    • Psycho Dad Shoots Xbox One: Jeffery Sr's gun was firing blanks.
      • Jossed. It was a real bullet. Actually, there was a danger that it could ricochet off and hit Jeff, so they took a big chance that paid off.
    • Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room: The gaming room was systematically demolished so Jesse and Corn could escape.
    • Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer: The Wingless Eagle was later repaired.
      • Temporarily Jossed by the latest vlog. The trailer is damaged, but it will be repaired and sold.
    • Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool: Uncle Larry faked his injury and slowed down before driving into the pool. The footage in question was sped up and voiced over.
      • Pretty much mostly confirmed. Larry stated on the behind the scenes video it was a prop for the video, and it wasn't going to be worth the money to repair it. Larry didn't slow down according to the behind the scenes video, his truck is history.
    • Psycho Kid Kills Father: The "blood" was food dye and Jesse was either firing blanks or an airsoft gun.
      • Confirmed. It was blanks he fired. He's even auctioning the bullet that slayed Psycho Dad.
    • Psycho Kid Flees Country: The Ridgways went on a vacation to Switzerland and the intro montage was cropped to only include Jesse.
      • Jesse is supposed to appear on Keemstar's "popular show" Drama Alert. Perhaps he'll ask the hard questions such as this.
      • It's very possible a lot of the things destroyed were bought specifically for the skits. The TV in "Psycho Kid Smashes TV" is different from the TV shown in all the other videos.
      • Jesse is going to be uploading around 2 TB of behind the scenes stuff on his channel, so perhaps some of these questions will be answered. Not 2 TB at once, but over a year he has said.

Jesse is going to Go Mad from the Revelation or have a Heroic BSoD that the Psycho Series was staged/faked in the end of finding all the letters
He lost his memory in this new series/skit thing, and is gonna deal with the revelation of none of the events in the Psycho Series really happening.
  • In all of the videos, he has mentioned things that happened in the "Psycho series" such as hitting Jeff Jr with the glass bottle, Larry with a neck brace, and other things. The flashbacks he is having are restoring his memory as well along with talking to the family involved in the series. This brings me to my next theory...
    • Confirmed. Jesse freaks out upon encountering Jeff Sr.

Jeffery Sr will be the last person to give him a letter or two.
  • Double Confirmed.

Psycho Dad's televisions are symbolic of he and Jesse's relationship.
Each TV that is destroyed or focused on reflects a major strain in their relationship. For example, Jesse kicks the TV in his dad's room following the events of "Psycho Kid Moves Out". In "Psycho Kid Kills Father", the static on the TV could be symbolic of Pyscho Dad's death.

Somebody will make a filler guide for the Psycho Series (including all the vlogs)

The Mc Jugger Nuggets and The Angry Grandpa crossover is a new series.
Jesse and Michael (Pickle Boy) are just denying it to cover face.

A Psycho Dad vs Angry Grandpa showdown will take place within the crossover series.
Maybe not in the form of an actual "fight" but to see who can destroy stuff.

Jesse's new character is a parody and also a Take That! at Hollywood directors who push their actors to do things they are uncomfortable with doing.
Many stories have come out of Hollywood with actors admitting to doing things they didn't want to do, but were threatened by the director to do so anyway or face being fired.

Psycho Dad's Flying Kite Freakout is obviously scripted/faked, and is a part of a new series.
He could also just be making these sorts of videos for the summer too due to most of his fanbase who are younger being out of school.

Jesse's car being painted pink was going to be done in reality anyway
I mean THIS VIDEO. The reaction video by Larry and his friend Joe. I am also going to argue that the entire pink car thing was set up too ahead of time as they bring up a good point. How was it/is it legal for him to sign Jesse's name? The only way I can see it being allowed is if Jesse wrote a letter/note to the owners of this place allowing this to happen.

Psycho Kid vs Psycho Dad graphic novel ending.
Will be all in Psycho Kid's head aka All Just a Dream

The Boogie storyline/arc
It's all a Take That! at fans who want Jesse to do another Psycho Series, or something similar.

The latest storyline is a Take That! at cancel culture
The video on Storyfire called "Psycho Brother Destroys Xbox" seems to allude to the fact. It also could be a Take That! toward people who act different on social media than they do in real life.

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