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  • A bit of an In-Universe example: In the Yogsquest Episode 8, shortly after Duncan killed Sjin's rat dad, Sjin's about to cast his only healing spell on its only charge, and casts it on Duncan, saying he forgives him.
  • In Hannah's playthrough of The Darkness II. "Remind me to let Dolfo shoot pigeons."
  • Pretty much any of Rythian's reactions to the treatment of Elizabeth in his Bioshock Infinite playthrough. In particular his utter rage at the scientists calling her a specimen. (Hell his reaction to pretty much any of the extreme Values Dissonance in that game.)
    • Then there's the Little Sisters in Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den. The interaction is already heartwarming enough, and then you add Rythian.
      "Daddy, are you taking me home, too?"
      "Yes, yes I am."
  • You get a similar reaction from Kim's play through of ''The Last of Us''.
  • The Cry of Fear Let's Play with Zoey and Nilesy.
    "Noooo! You don't touch my Zoey!"
  • Nilesy is incredibly cute with Lyndon, his cat, especially here.
  • Marytn and Toby meeting for the first time at Minecon. Hilariously trolly and yet, adorable at the same time.
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  • The second half of Zoey's Q and A session where she addresses the problems she's faced herself and her efforts to help others. Most of it is beautiful. Nobody has ever put it better.
    "And smile more, because you really do look beautiful when you smile."
  • Simon gets Kim a present for hitting 250 thousand subscribers. Starts out as Trolly. Ends with adorable.
  • Strippin and Eddie. Watch hearts melt all over the internet.
  • After Strippin goes on a rampage towards Turpster for locking him in his car boot, they agree to "resolve it like men"... with a cold beer on the park bench.
  • An example that relates to both the Yogscast as a whole, as well as to Area 11. When it was obvious that Sparkles* had drunk far too much for part of the livestream, Duncan and Strippin immediately volunteered to get him home. Sparkles* then gave Simon a very drunk hug after saying how much he loved him before being dragged home.
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  • You are Awesome Zoey tells her story to show support for those who are bullied or depressed or have problems with their lives. Tearjerker meets Heartwarming meets Moment of Awesome. I defy you not to tear up a little when watching it.
  • To James, best friends forever! -Nilesy.
  • Big Girl A song from Sips about how larger women generally hate themselves because they're not "thin" and "fit" and how they're absolutely wrong about it. It can hit really close to home for some fans.
    • Although it takes a while to get there...
  • Their Dwarven Dairy Drive raised over $100,000 (£60,900) in their first day.
    • A lot of the donation messages are also heartwarming messages about how the Yogscast has got them through life, much to Sparkles* and Strippin's obvious happy surprise.
      • Day 28. The donations now stand at over a million dollars. A million US dollars. With the largest single donation standing at over fourteen thousand pounds.
  • Kim's song, So This Is Yogscast, in which she looks back on her first year working at the Yogscast. She sings about how she's very lucky to have all her friends beside her, while the video shows footage of her playing games and fooling around with other members. It was published on her birthday as well.
  • People being accepting of Zoey's girlfriend Fiona, who joined her on the livestream, and of Zoey reversing her decision to appear on facecam due to her anxiety.
  • An unexpected one in the How Do I Craft This Again? music video is that there's a distinct sense in certain parts of the film that many of Martyn's friends already know how to craft this stuff (Sjin, Lalna and Xephos being amongst them, and they're some of the most skilled Crafters in Yogtowers)... but they just don't have the heart to tell him and spoil his sense of achievement.
  • Turpster and Lewis giving some heartfelt advice to someone who doesn't know how to come out as trans.
  • Christmas day of Hannnah's Advent calendar. Lewis gets her a present, aka, puts the last package wrapper over his head.
  • There's something sweet (and funny) about a lot of the nicknames Rythian chooses for the members of his XCOM crew named after his fellow members. Zoey gets "The Princess", and Nilesy is "Cara Mia" in a shout out to last year's live streams.
  • A surprising incident during the Charity livestream 2013, while reading out the donator comments. A Proposal. Spoilers: she said yes.
  • One that mixes with Crowning Moment of Sadness, The Last Rufus Blog. Hearing the normally calm Hybrid Panda choked up and just playing with his dog for one last time is both incredibly sad and incredibly cute/heartwarming at the same time.
  • Dave Chaos opens his space themed lootcrate with son, Jack. Cue adorable.
  • Nilesy tells one utterly bizarre yet strangely heart-warming story which may or may not be a dream on his part. The Yogscast have decided that each of them has to come up with a board game if they're going to die, so that their friends can play it to remember them. Dream or not, that's adorable.
  • Turps got married, and most of the Yogscast team were at his wedding. There's an adorable pic of Simon, Lewis and Hannah all chilling out together.
  • Zoey sends Fiona a Valentines. Adorable doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • Before she leaves for the haunted house, Zoey absolutely has to try the playground slide out.
  • Pretty much everything about Zoey playing Gone Home. Her Squees every time something romantic happens is just too adorable for words.
  • In the final battle against Lysandre in Pokémon X and Y, Zoeya chooses not to use Xerneas for it since she feels that it's had enough abuse and deserves some rest away. She also refers to it as a rescue rather than capturing it, saying she's here to help it and not to hurt it. Finally, she chooses to finish the fight with Chou, complete with flashback to him as a baby Chespin.
  • Any time Strippin and Dodger are onscreen together.
  • In episode 21 of Zoey's Tomodachi Life LP, Fiona's Mii asks out Zoey's. Zoey's joyful squeals are so worth the wait.
  • Nano's Notebook.
  • Episode 24 of Zoey's Tomodachi Life: Zoey's Mii proposes to Fiona's. Words can't describe the girls' reactions, to Fiona's jealousy of Sips' Mii (who wanted to ask out Zoey's) to them unable to stop blushing at the whole situation. It's difficult not to smile around these two in general.
  • The video Oxfam made to thank the Yogs for raising money for them every Christmas. Also a Moment of Awesome because it's an actual choir singing the epic version of "Diggy Diggy Hole".
  • Nilesy taking over the stream after Simon, Hannah and Kim kept glitching out.
  • The response from Kim's fanbase to some racist and mean comments being sent her way? To go on Twitter and use the hashtag "WeLoveYouKim" to cheer her up.
  • Rythian's speech at the end of his stream with Ravs, which is both a thank-you to the people who donated and a insightful message about how the donations have changed lives for the better.
  • Turps now has a healthy baby girl.
  • Strippin at one point went silent, with limited activity online and fans getting a bit worried. It turned out that all of this was because he was flying back to celebrate his parents' twenty-fifth wedding anniversary as part of a surprise party, and he had to say nothing at all because his parents follow his online activities. He went that extra mile to make them feel happy.
  • People who follow Panda may know that he lost his puppy Rufus and went through a bad time afterwards. He now has a new puppy and it is super adorable.
  • There's something gently heartwarming about Kim's play-through of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Her quiet involvement with the world and pondering on faith, the way she stops talking to hear music play and her interactions with the gold lights that represent characters.
    Kim: Frank... let's go then, Frank.
    • When you consider also that Kim has no way of knowing what these lights are actually leading her towards, her open trust in the story these lights are leading her on is compelling and touching.
  • Kim and Duncan trying to power their way through Five Nights at Freddy's 4. While the subject matter is unsurprisingly scary, they do seem to be trying to keep each other calm and happy with lots of nervous jokes.

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