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This is a text-based recap for the Mayor Vine series on Vinesauce. For now, recaps for Vinny's streams will only include the events depicted in Captain Southbird's condensed videos (which generally contain footage from multiple streams).

Spoilers are unmarked.

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Episodes taking place in Vineland

     Part 1 
  • In the intro, Isabelle tells Mayor Vine that she hasn't seen him around lately. After the game is actually started, Mayor Vine reads a letter from Lolly saying that she moved away.
  • A flashback occurs showing Mayor Vine talking to Lolly, who wants to go to his house... right now.
  • Mayor Vine tries to seduce Lolly from his Robo-Bed while she mostly just walks around. She leaves not long after this, so his attempt failed, much to Vinny's dismay.
  • Cut back to Lolly's farewell letter. Vinny claims that chapter of his life is closed.
  • Mayor Vine walks around town while Vinny gives a "eulogy":
    "Um... she was a good cat. She shit in the litter box... most of the time. Rest in peace in peace, Lolly."
  • Mayor Vine walks up to Pompom at the Roost. While Brewster makes his coffee, he tries to convince her that he's also a duck and that she should go to his Scoot Room, but she doesn't buy his disguise. Vinny ends up not minding this as much after a comment she made leads him to declare her to be a hipster.
  • The video cuts to the very beginning of the streams, with Vine speaking to Rover on the train to Vineland. He tells him that his name is Vine and that he's headed to Vineland.
  • Isabelle and a few other Vineland residents welcome Vine... who's apparently the new mayor. Isabelle introduces herself as his secretary and offers to help, also complimenting his youth to contrast him from the previous mayor.
  • Pompom is standing in the plaza and greets Mayor Vine, adding that she thought he looked cool planting the Town Tree. She believes that he'll end up being a dependable leader.
  • Mayor Vine shakes a tree near the plaza, only to find out that said tree was housing a now-angry swarm of bees. Vinny wants them to attack Skye or Pompom instead, but they don't and end up stinging their original target, leaving Mayor Vine with swollen eyes. Not long after this, he also gets bit by a mosquito.
  • Skye tells Mayor Vine that medicine would clear up his bee stings. Mayor Vine runs off.
  • Vinny comments that he can't get over how stupid-looking his character is. In particular, he isn't fond of how his eyes look.
  • Pompom wonders what happened to "[Mayor Vine's] gorgeous face" when she sees him with swollen eyes. This comment piques Vinny's interest.
  • Vinny wonders if Nintendo will ever allow animals to have babies, adding that nothing explicit would be involved, but that he's interested in the idea of "Scoot + elephant = eleduck... cat".
  • Isabelle wants Mayor Vine to get her a seashell. Southbird emphasizes the embarrassed-looking expression she had when saying this.
  • Mayor Vine goes off to get Isabelle a seashell. Vinny comments that he thought Isabelle wanted to actually go with him to get it. He ends up getting her a "choice" of two identical-looking seashells.
  • Isabelle receives her seashell and is very pleased with it, stating that she'll put it in her room and take good care of it. Vinny wonders if "room" is actually an Unusual Euphemism.
  • After Isabelle suggests that Mayor Vine write a letter to one of Vineland's citizens, he chooses to write a threatening letter to Pudge.
    "Dear Pudge,
    I want you out of town.
    You hear me? I will end you.
    When this is over, you won't
    have a family to put the piec
    es back together. Die. :)"
  • Mayor Vine visits Pudge, whose "pudgy" Verbal Tic leads Vinny to believe that he's calling him fat. Despite what happened earlier, Pudge wants to visit Mayor Vine's house sometime, followed by wanting to send him a letter. Vinny assumes that maybe Pudge didn't receive Mayor Vine's letter yet.
  • Mayor Vine reads a bulletin board message declaring him to be the new mayor. He then flips to the previous message:
    "I'm going to dismember
    pudge, and put the peices in
    everyone's stew. ;)


  • Vinny comments that his first day was kind of boring, so he now wants to figure out how to be a mayor. Mayor Vine ends up sitting down in his office chair and discovers that he only has a 17% approval rating, preventing him from doing much.
  • Mayor Vine writes Mac a letter.
    "Dear Mac,
    As mayor, I hereby declare
    you unfit to live in this town.
    I hear you have rabies.
  • Mayor Vine talks to Isabelle and discovers that he's finally able to start public works projects and enact ordinances. Vinny checks out the ordinances first and is put off by the 20,000 Bell fee, as Mayor Vine only has slightly more money than that. He ends up not enacting any ordinances at that time.
  • Mayor Vine leads Isabelle to where he wants a new bridge to be built. He leads her across the river from his house, denying that there's any particular reason for this location.
  • Mayor Vine goes to the Able Sisters' shop and Sable addresses him by name, surprising Mabel.
  • While still at the Able Sisters' shop, Mayor Vine looks at a Lite Polka Skirt, which is being sold for 480 Bells. He tries it on and it makes his outfit look even more ridiculous, and Mabel doesn't seem to be particularly impressed by his choice.
  • Mayor Vine ends up looking at a Prep-school Uniform afterward. He tries it on as well and Mabel is still unimpressed.
  • Mayor Vine buys a pair of glasses and a Student Cap to go with them. Vinny ended up being dumbfounded by how utterly ridiculous-looking his character ended up being and a viewer wondered why he owns so many skirts.
  • Mayor Vine purchases a fortune cookie from Nookling Junction... and the prize is a Master Sword. Vinny wonders if it can be used to kill Timmy.
  • Mayor Vine talks to Sable again. She turns out to have warmed up to him significantly and Mabel makes some comments that make Sable sound obsessed with him.
  • Curt asks Mayor Vine if he's ever caught an arowana, bragging about the one he caught recently. The bridge is also seen to have been completed and the townspeople want to hold a ceremony commemorating its completion.
  • Isabelle wants Mayor Vine to give a short speech about the bridge's completion. He says "On to the next project!" because the other villagers had little to do with its funding. Mayor Vine walks away from the end of the ceremony, bumping into other villagers while doing so.
  • Vinny wonders whether the animals will notice that the bridge was only built because it's next to Mayor Vine's house. He then walks over to the campsite and enters the tent, with Vinny hoping Scoot is camping.
  • Lolly turns out to be the camper, surprising Vinny. Mayor Vine tries to ask her to move to Vineland, but she refuses.
  • Cut to Mayor Vine convincing Lolly to move to Vineland if he can win a game of charades. The game ends up being about seasons and she asks what comes after summer, fall, and winter. Vinny highlights the "Bedspring" option and Southbird emphasizes how risqué said option ended up sounding. However, Mayor Vine actually ended up choosing the "Spring" option and successfully convinced Lolly to move to Vineland.
  • Mayor Vine ends up trying on ridiculous-looking custom clothing at the Able Sisters' shop, including a hat with a Slowpoke pattern and a shirt that looks like muscles. Vinny comments that everyone will end up staring at him, with Pompom doing just that and Mac saying that "the rumors" are true.
    Vinny: "Now my character looks fucking stupid."
  • Mayor Vine gives Tex back a book he lost. It turns out to be his unfinished autobiography. He states that it will be very detailed and "sophistimocated" when it's finished, leading Vinny to declare him to be the weirdest villager in Vineland.
  • Eloise announces that she plans to move away and Vinny couldn't care less, declaring her to be the most vapid character he's seen in the entire game.
  • Mayor Vine gives Tex a peach. For whatever reason, Tex claims he's always going to associate Mayor Vine with peaches from now on, to Vinny's dismay.
  • Vinny looks at the megaphone in his inventory and wonders exactly what it does. He ends up using it to bother Tex by calling his name through it. He also tries to call for other villagers, though Lolly doesn't answer while Pudge does (despite the fact that Pudge's name wasn't called).
  • Mayor Vine visits Lolly at her house. She says she was about to write a poem about a tambourine. Vinny also notices that she has a full kitchen but has few ingredients to cook with.
  • Mayor Vine checks on Pudge, who's unsurprisingly on a snack run. When Mayor Vine catches up with him, he states that he spent the last of his money on an orange, despite the fact that there's an orange tree right behind him.
  • Skye tells Mayor Vine that she's heard other villagers call him "dumpling" and wants to use it as well. He ends up being OK with this.
  • Pudge refers to himself as forgetful, but says he'll remember the good times he's spent with Mayor Vine. Vinny isn't happy with this.
  • Vinny concludes the episode by saying that he wants an Egyptian room and a "grandmaster pimp-daddy room" in his house.

     Part 2 
  • The episode begins with Mayor Vine shown sitting under the Town Tree. He's then seen exiting his house.
  • Vinny comments that he think's Curt's all right, but that his name looks like "cunt" when read quickly.
  • Mayor Vine is shown trying on new accessories, such as an afro wig and a beak.
  • Mayor Vine talks to Pudge and promptly gets called fat.
    Pudge: "Fatty! What's shaking, pudgy?"
    Vinny: "You see what Pudge is calling me? Do you see how Pudge abuses me? I'm his mayor! Pudge is... a jackhole. That's the best word for him."
  • Mayor Vine tries to visit Lolly's house, but she isn't home. He tries to ask Pudge where she is, but Pudge ends up calling him fat and talking about how nice the weather is.
  • Mayor Vine comes across Pompom and Vinny comments that he's dumping her for Lolly, adding that she can go out with Tex instead.
  • Frita wants to visit Mayor Vine's house, giving wanting to learn about "the mystery that is Vine" as one reason. She says she's free after 2 PM, with Vinny claiming to not have that much time. Mayor Vine ends up rejecting her desire to see his house.
  • Mayor Vine visits the fossil section of the museum. While skimming the exhibits, he comes across Lolly and sneaks up on her. When spoken to, she says she didn't know that Mayor Vine also had an interest in archaeology and that she's there to study the difference between fossilized plants and animals and their modern-day counterparts. However, she's disappointed by how limited the exhibits are, inspring Vinny to look for more fossils.
  • Mayor Vine talks to Pudge, who comments that the two have time to chill before sunset. He then asks Mayor Vine if he's talked to Lolly yet, drawing ire from Vinny. He claims that she gave him half-eaten shrimp risotto.
  • While Mayor Vine is working on his house, Vinny further expresses his hatred of Pudge.
  • Mayor Vine discusses ordinances with Isabelle. Vinny decides against choosing to make Vineland a beautiful town because he doesn't like flowers, so Mayor Vine enacts the night-owl ordinance, resulting in the game being more compatible with Vinny's schedule.
  • Mayor Vine checks the villagers' houses and sees that Harry moved in. Vinny doesn't know who Harry is and claims he barely sees Curt, commenting that he rarely sees anyone other than Tex (who appears briefly), Eloise, Skye, and Pudge, adding that Pudge seems to be following him, making his life difficult, calling him fat, and eating oranges.
  • Mayor Vine checks the bulletin board. A message was posted commemorating the construction of a street lamp. Despite the fact that the message referred to the lamp as anticipated, Vinny says that no one cares and Southbird shows a newspaper covering Mayor Vine saying "No one cares" in response to the lamp's construction, with the same newspaper having an article saying that the Vineland Island apartments' construction will be finished in 2014.
  • Mayor Vine finally meets Harry. Vinny ends up with a poor first impression, calling him vapid and ugly, concluding that he's the worst villager in the game.
  • Mayor Vine proceeds to repeatedly hit Harry with his bug net, which angers him.
  • Mayor Vine sees Lolly at T&T Mart. She refers to their meeting as coincidental and compliments the store and its selection.
  • Vinny admits to actually liking Pudge, despite his tendency to call him fat. This decision came about due to Vinny's very strong dislike of Harry, and Vinny comments that Pudge at least isn't nearly as ugly as Harry.
  • Mayor Vine comes across Skye outside Re-Tail. She greets him by saying "Babuguuscootie" and comments on the weather, followed by asking if she can visit Mayor Vine's house.
  • Skye thanks Mayor Vine for inviting her over. She compliments his house and calls it comfortable, despite Vinny's general dislike of the place.
  • While Skye walks around, Mayor Vine lies on his cardboard bed and repeatedly rolls into his Gyroid. Skye then refers to the bed in question as cozy and imagines that Mayor Vine must sleep well on it, despite it being made entirely out of cardboard boxes and not looking particularly appealing.
  • Mayor Vine leaves his house and Skye does the same. Vinny comments on how rare of an occurance it is for a Wolf to visit and compliment his cardboard bed. He isn't sure if that event made him happy or confused.
  • Eloise comments that she thinks it's time to pack up and move. Mayor Vine doesn't try to convince her to stay, but nevertheless she seems happy about how things turned out. Vinny comments that he hopes to get a better neighbor after she moves, hoping for Scoot or Camofrog to move in.
  • Mayor Vine speaks to Lolly by the river. She ends up commenting that she enjoys eating oranges from Vineland and Southbird points out the fact that Mayor Vine is wearing a hat that looks like an orange. She then asks if Mayor Vine can get one for her, to which he agrees (though it turned out that he didn't have to walk far to find one).
  • Vinny sarcastically comments that the villagers ask him to do "impossible things" after having to spend little effort finding an orange for Lolly. He claims that he always gets low-quality rewards for doing favors, but he ends up getting an exit sign from Lolly.
  • Eloise is seen with everything in her house boxed up. She claims that Mayor Vine was one of her best friends in the time she spent in Vineland.
  • Mayor Vine visits Harry's house. Vinny comments on how unpleasant the place looks, assuming that it must be plagued by foul odors because it belongs to an ugly villager and looks like a giant bathroom.
  • Pudge asks Mayor Vine to find him a Perfect Fruit. Mayor Vine accepts and gets him a Perfect Orange. After enjoying his snack, Pudge gives Mayor Vine a Polka-dot Clock. Vinny concludes that Pudge must have a character arc centered around him.
  • Curt wants something to go on top of his kotatsu and asks Mayor Vine for suggestions. Mayor Vine briefly brandishes his axe in response to this.
  • Tex brings up the subject of rumors, saying people are claiming that he and Curt are feuding. However, he refuses to elaborate further.
  • After hearing about the supposed feud between Tex and Curt, Vinny comments that he wants nothing to do with it because Curt is the biggest and strongest villager and isn't someone to mess with.
  • Mayor Vine goes to Shampoodle to get a haircut. He ends up with pointy light-purple hair, leading Vinny to immediately question his decision. Harriet is still pleased with the result, however.
  • Harry asks Mayor Vine to bury a time capsule for him. Mayor Vine takes the time capsule from him and proceeds to steal its contents. The fact that Mayor Vine opened it angers Harry, who asks him to return the now-empty time capsule. Harry ends up being angered further upon seeing that its contents were stolen, threatening revenge if it happens again.
  • Southbird notes that the stream archive contains a gap between July and September 2013. However, he does show a clip from the VinesauceVinebits YouTube channel, which depicts Mayor Vine trying and failing to seduce Lolly after she decides to visit his house.
  • Pompom says that people say she isn't a good winner, leading her to wonder why she should be. She mentions that she once won a handkerchief in a style contest and Broffina insulted it. She then mentions that it made her sad and that she always shouts "I WON! I WON!" to drown out anyone who says anything bad to her.
  • Mayor Vine talks to Pompom again and she turns out to be thinking about moving away. Mayor Vine convinces her to stay simply because she's the only duck in town.
  • Mayor Vine runs around town in the rain and backtracks a bit after seeing Lolly nearby. She comments that she hasn't seen him in a while. The video then cuts to Isabelle saying that Lolly is moving away.
  • Mayor Vine visits Lolly while she's packing up. Vinny is disappointed in her decision, as well as the fact that she simply considered Mayor Vine to be a friend.
  • Vinny points out the LED sign indicating the entrance to Mayor Vine's Scoot Room. It's shown to have multiple items depicting Scoot, as well as a box of tissues next to the bed.
  • Vinny reminisces about the time Lolly spent in Vineland, wondering if she had plans that weren't working out in Vineland.
  • Broffina comments that it's been a whole week since she's seen Mayor Vine, followed by clapping at him for speaking to her. Vinny mentions that he's disappointed by who's left in Vineland.
  • Mayor Vine talks to Mac, who compliments the letter he sent him in the past. Despite how unflattering it was, he still treasures it because it was the first letter he received from Mayor Vine.
  • Tex says he "can't get [his] dance on" and blames fruit. He asks Mayor Vine to get him a piece of fruit so he can increase his vitamin intake and Mayor Vine accepts. However, Vinny questions why he didn't grab a piece himself, as he was surrounded by fruit trees when he asked this.
  • Mayor Vine talks to Curt. Because Curt borrowed the nickname "foreskin" from Lolly, Vinny assumes the two must have been dating, but that Curt cheated on Lolly with Broffina, and that this is why Lolly decided to move away.
  • Mayor Vine goes shopping at T.I.Y. Vinny assumes that the Nooklings must be high on cocaine due to how quickly they speak and sell items.
  • Vinny states that he doesn't like the villagers in his town. He does say that he likes Pudge (noting how his opinion of him changed) and Mac, however.
  • Vinny claims that Vineland doesn't feel like his town anymore. Mayor Vine then speaks to Broffina, who brings up the subject of rumors. She mentions that a lie can turn into a scandal, but doesn't give any specific examples. She also states that the reason why she's carrying a shovel is none of Mayor Vine's business. She says that she's "said too much already" and Vinny assumes she killed someone and buried them.

     Part 3 
  • At the beginning, Vinny comments that his town has been neglected, but that he'll come back to it every now and then. He said this in October 2013. Mayor Vine is shown sitting under the Town Tree.
  • After a two-year hiatus, Vinny returns to the game in December 2015 and he jokes that everyone is dead and there's AIDS in the water, as well as killer toads and penguins. We're then shown the interior of the train, with Isabelle riding it along with Mayor Vine. She's asleep in her seat and wakes up to find her employer across the aisle. She looks embarrassed and claims she was merely resting her eyes. She asks if Mayor Vine was on vacation and Vinny claims that that sounds about right.
  • Mayor Vine exits his house with messy hair and lets out a big yawn. He wanders around town and weeds are everywhere. He then decides to visit Pompom.
  • Pompom said that she assumed Mayor Vine moved away and presciently worries that he'll only stay for a day, while Curt gives him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Vine wanders around and Vinny comments on how most of his villagers are unappealing, wishing he had Scoot in his town.
  • Mac asks Vine to figure out what the look in his eyes means and Vine says Mac's in love with him. Mac looks embarrassed after realizing that there's always a risk of someone assuming that if you gaze into their eyes.
  • Vinny laughs and says that he forgot about the LED sign above the door to Mayor Vine's Scoot Room. Vinny refers to the room as a place to relieve stress. Vine retreats there, lies in the bed, and has a horrible series of nightmares that starts with him passing out onto a fountain....
  • Mayor Vine is shown having a dream of a town that has bamboo and houses in the water. He enters one of the houses and sees Derwin, who, being a duck, seems to be at home in his partially submerged house. Derwin seems tired and wonders if he's dreaming, also wondering how Vine got into his house.
  • Vinny is shown in a bizarre town called the void, which has weeds, stumps, and an oil rig in the river, jet-black terrain, and a pile of concrete pipes in the middle of town.
  • Mayor Vine enters the home of the void's human resident and finds pictures of Zell and Jingle in the basement. He examines the pictures, particularly the messages written on them. Vinny wonders if the messages are symbolic.
  • Mayor Vine wanders around the void and finds out that multiple Cocos live in it. Vinny claims the town is cursed.
  • Mayor Vine is shown in a different dream town, which has train-crossing signs in front of the path to the beach, which is quite obviously far from the train station. He then enters the house of one of the human residents. He wears a Spider-Man outfit and says something composed of Japanese kana and squares with question marks in them. Vinny comments that his house is way too normal for that town.
  • Mayor Vine visits another player in in the town with the guy in the Spider-Man outfit. His dialogue is written similarly and his name is too long to fit in the text box. He visits another player character and her name and dialogue are a similar case.
  • Mayor Vine visits a ruined dream town that makes Vineland look pristine by comparison. Vinny wonders if it's in New Jersey. A resident claims "It'll all be over soon" and Vinny wonders what that means.
  • Vine visits another dream town, which is similarly infested with weeds but much more green than the previous one. Vinny claims the town looks pretty normal, but is proven wrong when Vine comes across a bloody bed with a doll and an axe next to it. Vine also comes across an altar for a demonic ritual of some sort, as well as basement filled with various bloodstained items, followed by a visiting another similar basement.
  • Mayor Vine visits another dream town house and... a birthday party is being held while creepy music plays. Upstairs, a doll has an axe in front of it and the same music plays. Canvases have drawings on them that have things mostly or partially scribbled out.
  • Mayor Vine looks down a cliff and sees a grave. He notices that something is buried there, but we never see what it is.
  • Mayor Vine wakes up after his series of nightmares. We then cut to Vinny commenting on the Welcome amiibo update's New Game+ feature.
  • Mayor Vine tells Isabelle that he wants to demolish Vineland. Isabelle is shocked by this and tries to persuade him to reconsider, but he isn't convinced. Tom Nook then appears.
  • Tom Nook happily greets Vine. He begins negotiations for the sale of Vineland... and it's worth 13,575,828 Bells, or a "Couple o' mil!" as Vinny puts it. Tom Nook is excited by how valuable Vineland is, as well as how quickly the sale went.
  • We get a final look at the Scoot Room in Vineland, with Vinny requesting a moment of silence, followed by requesting a moment of privacy.


Episodes taking place in Da Burbs

     Part 4: Da Burbs 
  • Vine walks around a room in his house, which has flooring and wallpaper that look like muscular abs. There's also a stained-glass window with a Vineshroom on it.
  • We're once again shown the sale of Vineland. Afterward, Isabelle says she hopes she can be of assistance, and Vinny claims it's because she'll be the only remaining resident from Vineland.
  • Vine is on the train to his new hometown. Rover is sitting across from him and asks where he's headed. Vine says he's moving to Da Burbs, which Rover is unfamiliar with and doesn't know the location of.
  • Rover asks Vine if he goes to Da Burbs often. Vine says it's a secret, and Vinny says it's a "pepperoni secret" specifically. Rover then asks Vine what he plans to do when he gets there, having a sly look on his face when he asks if that's also a secret. Vine does in fact say it's a secret, but Rover claims that he can guess it if he thinks about it hard enough.
  • Rover comments that Vine's train ticket appears to be a one-way ticket. He then asks Vine if he's moving there and Vine tells him that he guessed correctly.
  • The train arrives in Da Burbs and this is announced over the PA. Rover thanks Vine for their conversation, adding that it's been a long time since he's had that kind of conversation.
  • Vine steps off the train and is greeted by Isabelle, Hopper, Bella, and Bob. Isabelle states that they've been awaiting his arrival. She asks Vine, who's once again made the mayor of a town he just moved to, to continue their conversation at the town hall and hands Vine a map of the town.
  • Bella welcomes Mayor Vine to Da Burbs and says she got there early because she was eager to see his arrival. She wants to talk to him after he finishes up at town hall.
  • Mayor Vine continues exploring Da Burbs. He picks up a mushroom and then talks to Bob, who welcomes him to Da Burbs. Bob claims that "[Mayor Vine] swept into town like a movie star." He wishes to refer to Mayor Vine as just Vine and Vinny angrily says to refer to Mayor Vine by his title.
  • Mayor Vine speaks to Hopper, who welcomes him to Da Burbs.
  • Mayor Vine enters town hall and Isabelle tells him to go to Main Street to get some fresh air. Vinny claims that Tom Nook now owns Mayor Vine's life and knows what happened to the residents of Vineland.
  • Tom Nook gives Mayor Vine a plot of land to build his house on. Mayor Vine only has a tent to live in for now and needs to pay for his house later.
  • Hopper asks Mayor Vine to talk to everyone in town. He says everyone is excited to meet him and has useful advice for lving to Da Burbs. Vinny claims that some of their homes need to be demolished so a highway from Vineland to Da Burbs can be built.
  • Mayor Vine visits the campground. He enters an RV and finds out that Pavé, a Third-Person Person peacock who claims to be bringing "the gift of his rhythm" to Da Burbs, is camping today. Mayor Vine briefly sits in the driver's seat of the RV, then leaves.
  • Mayor Vine continues to wander Da Burbs. He shakes a tree and a beehive falls out, earning him the ire of the bees living in it. Vinny insists that "it's not as hip as you think it is" but Mayor Vine gets stung anyway.
  • Mayor Vine visits his tent. Isabelle enters, apologizing for appearing so suddenly, and hands him a lantern. Vinny refers to her as a "true MVP" for being up at 1 AM to help Mayor Vine even at odd hours.
  • Mayor Vine exits his tent and finds out he has mail, with Pete personally notifying Mayor Vine of this. One letter contained a box of tissues from the post office.
  • Mayor Vine walks over to a newly purchased plot of land right in front of his own, which belongs to Cherry. Vinny is angered by this and hates Cherry before she even finishes moving in.
  • Mayor Vine talks to Isabelle about problematic citizens. He tries to tell her about Cherry, but can't because she isn't yet a resident.
  • Mayor Vine exits the campground and a magic lamp appears out of thin air. The lamp houses an individual who says he's a lamp, followed by correcting himself by saying he's inside a lamp. He requests that Mayor Vine take the lamp to his house. The lamp's resident thanks Vine and comments that he doesn't like wide-open spaces like this.
  • Mayor Vine runs back to his house so he can drop the lamp off, while Vinny insults Cherry again. Mayor Vine examines the lamp and its resident turns out to be Wisp, the ghost character from past games, who previously never appeared in New Leaf. Wisp introduces himself as the spirit of the lamp and offers to grant a wish.
  • Mayor Vine wishes for Scoot. Wisp says he can only grant one wish per day, and grants Mayor Vine's request to have Scoot as a neighbor. Wisp says he'll get in touch with the real Scoot (with Vinny being pleased that he's referred to as "[Mayor Vine's] friend") and get him to move to Da Burbs.
  • Mayor Vine reads the town's bulletin board. It states that he has assumed the role of the mayor of Da Burbs. He then flips to the previous message, which insists that all pigs in Da Burbs be mae into bacon, followed by saying that non-pig residents wil get free BLTs.
  • Mayor Vine is seen in his tent again. He tries on a shirt with Speed Luigi on it, followed by a hat with a similar pattern on it. When Mayor Vine is outside his house in his new outfit, Vinny refers to it as "some existential Luigi shit" because his new clothes appear to depict an endless loop of Speed Luigi licking himself. Vinny claims that witnessing this is the only way to entertain oneself when all the villagers are asleep.
  • Mayor Vine proposes a new town flag to Isabelle. Naturally, the new flag depicts Speed Luigi, who appears to be licking the flagpole.
  • Vinny announces that someone new moved in, noting that it was Cherry and not Scoot. He knows this because she moved in right in front of Mayor Vine's tent.
  • Cherry happily greets Mayor Vine. She says she heard about him and that he was one of the reasons she moved there. Vinny wonders if she watches Vinesauce. Cherry then proceeds to compliment Mayor Vine further.
  • Mayor Vine walks around Da Burbs after exiting Cherry's house. He then finds the place Scoot decided to build his house. Vinny is OK with where he decided to build his house because it isn't too close to Vine's.
  • Mayor Vine talks to Curly while Bella watches them. Curly notes that working out is his hobby.
  • Mayor Vine speaks to Gala, with Vinny not knowing that she's also a pig. She's happy to meet Vine, despite his desire to turn the town's pigs into bacon.
  • Mayor Vine heads toward Re-Tail, noticing that they're offering extra money for perfect cherries, with Southbird implicitly referencing the villager named Cherry. Inside, Timmy is selling Reese a tape deck.
  • Mayor Vine walks over to Cyrus. Reese yells at him for trying to wake him up, saying that he was working all night (Vinny insists that he was actually streaming until 5 AM). Mayor Vine then sells the mushrooms he found.
  • Mayor Vine speaks to Bob, followed by heading to Nookling Junction and the Able Sisters' shop. Vinny comments that the superhero helmets in the latter shop look like Jahn helmets.
  • Mayor Vine writes Curly a letter claiming that Gala wants to cook him for Christmas dinner, with this being a plan to get the pigs to turn against each other. Vine randomly includes a seashell with the letter, assuming that Curly will interpret it as symbolic.
  • Isabelle asks Mayor Vine to get her a seashell from the beach. She wants to go with him but is unable to. Vinny adds that she was basically running Vineland while Vine was gone, and that the whole town was sold into slavery to Tom Nook.

     Part 5: Best Bass 
  • In the intro, Vinny claims he put "at least ten minutes of thought" into getting the seashell he got for Isabelle.
  • We then see Mayor Vine in the town hall, after Isabelle receives her seashell. She hands him a basket of peaches in return. Mayor Vine then plants at least one of them.
  • Cut to Mayor Vine at the campground. Harvey is feeding the birds. Vine greets Harvey by saying "Heya, Harv!" and Harvey isn't sure how the two know each other. Vinny reads this and the dialogue after it in a stereotypical hippie voice. Harvey says he likes to "smell the vegan burrito" every once in a while and Vinny says he likes to smell and pick "the weeds" every once in a while.
  • Mayor Vine asks Isabelle about his approval rating, which is at 36%. Vinny comments that it seems to have risen by only 3%.
  • Vinny comments on what he was paid to sell Vineland. He adds that he chose for Tom Nook to give him a portion of it each day with interest instead of giving it to him all at once. He claims this money was earned from the salt mines that Tom Nook owns, being transferred into Vine's bank account.
  • Vine talks to Bella and she randomly changes her clothes. He tells her that her new outfit is slightly below average. Vinny comments that he isn't comfortable with the idea of mice getting changed in front of him.
  • Mayor Vine waters random objects (such as a beehive and a Speed Luigi pattern on the ground) after reeling in his fishing line. He then proceeds to insult Cherry before entering his tent.
  • Vinny mentions that there will be polls to remove villagers after too many villagers have moved in.
  • Mayor Vine is seen playing his guitar. Southbird portrays this scene as an ad for The Mayor Vine Xperience, which comes on two CDs for $24.95.
  • Mayor Vine talks to Cherry. She says she got lost in thought and and then it was already evening. She then says that there's been a rumor going around about Mayor Vine: That he's quite the freshman mayor. She says she sees what they're talking about, even though he hasn't had a chance to do much yet.
  • Mayor Vine visits Scoot at his house and Vinny says Cherry will be removed. Scoot is still unpacking and refers to Vine as one of his rivals. However, he's too busy unpacking to compete.
  • Vinny comments that his property (which now contains an actual house instead of a tent) will never increase in value because Cherry's house is right in front of it. He comments that his house is small after entering it, followed by Isabelle entering.
  • Isabelle apologizes for intruding and gives Mayor Vine some wallpaper to celebrate the construction of Vine's new house. It turns out to be a Paw-print Wall, which Vinny isn't fond of. Vine then changes into an Inkling hat.
  • Vine browses the shop at the campground. He asks about the sushi container on display. Vinny comments on the large amount of sushi offered, but claims that it's part of a scheme because it spoils easily, adding that it was found in a dumpster.
  • Bella suggests that Mayor Vine look at the bulletin board. Vinny notes that there's a new unread bulletin if there's a bird perching on it. He mentions bulletins about the salt mines, adding that he thinks that Cherry would be a perfect fit for the mine.
  • Vinny comments on the daily 150,000 Bell payments from Tom Nook. Mayor Vine then pays off the loan on his house.
  • Mayor Vine browses Nookling Junction. Vinny wonders why they're selling a steamroller, particularly how they obtained it. Vine ends up buying it for 4,500 Bells.
  • Mayor Vine buys an astronaut helmet from Labelle. Vinny adds that a white helmet would make it possible to dress like Scoot, which would allow him to visit Scoot while dressed like him. Mayor Vine then puts on a beak, followed by changing back into his Speed Luigi hat.
  • While Vine walks around town, Vinny says he wants to study Scoot so he can become Scoot, adding that they could become friends as a result.
  • Cherry has something to say to Vine. She had a dream that he lost his best bass. Vinny isn't sure if she means the fish or the instrument. She hands him the bass because she claims it would be bad luck to hang onto it.
  • Vinny restates that he isn't sure what kind of bass he received, giving the kind of fish and a bass guitar as examples of what it could be. Mayor Vine puts it in his house and it turns out to be an upright bass instrument. Vinny then ends up warming up to Cherry a bit, but still hates the position of her house.
  • Vinny mentions that he hasn't seen Hopper in a while, wondering if he's been off doing something covert.
  • Vine goes to Visit Scoot, who's standing behind a box with nothing below his eyes visible, making appear that he's spying on him. Vinny claims that he's avoiding him because of his obsession with him.
  • Vine summons Wisp. Vine makes a wish... and it's for Ganon, the Big Bad of The Legend of Zelda series.
    In-game text: "There goes the neighborhood! A manifestation of absolute evil has moved in! Yikes! This game just got dark... Maybe he'll play nice with everyone this time?"
  • Ganon, who's in an RV at the campground, says that "This place is nice enough" and that he plans to stick around for a while.
  • Vine stumbles upon Scoot while walking around town. Scoot mentions that he's sweaty from playing all day. He also mentions that he bought a bag of potato chips and there was a basketball player's face on the package. He desires for his own face to be on a bag of chips.
  • Vinny notes the fact that three villagers have moved right in front of Mayor Vine's house, saying he has "a ghetto block" in that part of town.
  • Vine visits Ganon, who's unpacking his belongings after moving in. He wants Vine to make "good ol' Ganon" feel welcome. Vine is wearing the same outfit as him.
  • Hopper asks for some fruit. Vinny sarcastically comments on how little effort it would take to get some, because a pear tree was only a short distance away.
  • Vine sees Gala while walking around. He talks to her and she turns out to have fleas. She says she's been itchy for a while but didn't know fleas were causing it. She asks Vine to keep the incident a secret. Vine refuses to comply and quickly posts a bulletin about it.
    "Gala has fleas.
  • Vine asks Isabelle about his approval rating, which is finally at 100%.
  • Vine talks to Bella. She heard he has a flea and says she's been wanting one for a long time. She offers to trade her candle for it. Vinny wonders if she read the bulletin board.
  • Vine comes across a "gathering" consisting of Hopper, Scoot, Inkwell, and Gala. Scoot says he's tired and says he feels like he's seeing "some weird creature right now" and Vinny comments on the fact that there's a walking octopus right behind him, while a pig with fleas and a penguin with a yellow shirt and a net are also nearby.
  • Vine writes Scoot a letter, which comes with a Mush Closet.
    "Dear Scoot,
    sup bro, wanna lift
    sometime? us real ducks
    gotta stick together.
    zip fuckin zoom mother fuck
    —From Vine"
  • While Vine is walking around town, Vinny claims that Scoot's real name is Scott, but that no one bothered to learn the proper spelling and pronunciation. Gala also turns out to have fleas again. She still wants it to be a secret, despite it being too late for that, especially because of Bella. Following this, Vine shakes a tree and gets stung by bees.
  • Vinny speculates that Gala had fleas, then Bella took the flea from Vine, then Gala got the fleas from Bella. Vinny claims that's "downright insidious" and that he likes Bella because of that incident. Vinny also claims that Bella is a plague rat who's trying to infect the whole town with the black plague, which Vinny is OK with.
  • Inkwell comments on Vine's swollen face after he got stung by bees, and Bella happens to be walking around nearby. Vinny claims she's waiting for Vine to leave so she can infect more villagers.
  • Bella tells Vine that today is a good day for doing paper crafts. Vinny interprets the phrase "doing paper crafts" as a euphemism for spreading the plague.
  • Vine makes another wish with Wisp. He wishes for Digby this time and receives a picture of him. He displays his new picture next to his magic lamp.
  • Vine talks to Cherry on Main Street. She looks uneasy and claims he's looking at her weird. Vinny claims it's because she'll be evicted soon.
  • Vine leaves his letters with Phyllis at the post office. Vinny claims Phyllis is his kind of night shift worker because of her attitude.
  • Vinny mentions that he was at a drive-through and a woman was trying to get around his car. He says there was plenty of room, but that she drove to the side of him with her window down and gruffly said "fucking car" while she was looking at his car, again despite the fact that there was plenty of room. Vinny ended up backing up and she said "thank you" in the same tone of voice.

     Part 6: Duck Town 
  • Vinny sarcastically insults his picture of Digby, which he considers to be underwhelming compared to other things in Mayor Vine's house.
  • Mayor Vine checks his mail while Vinny insults Cherry again. Vinny says he found a new villager while shopping for amiibo cards, which he mentions was an impulse buy.
  • Mayor Vine walks in front of Re-Tail while Scoot walks nearby. He avoids letting Scoot see him as he walks away and refuses to make eye contact.
  • Mayor Vine buys an axe from the Leif (who describes it as a "happy axe"). Vinny says he's going to murder his villagers, though he "catches" himself by saying he's going to use it to chop down trees.
  • Vine repeatedly tries to talk to Sable. In contrast to how she was obsessed with him in Vineland, she refuses to talk to him and focuses on her sewing instead. Vinny then says that he needs to talk to Sable multiple times to smash some rocks, followed by saying that he'll keep his bodily functions to a minimum.
  • Vine has axe out and slowly approaches Scoot with it. Two attempts to swing it at him are mostly obscured by a tree. Scoot then notices Vine and talks to him, unaware of what Vine was attempting, and Vinny denies that he was trying to kill him.
  • Vine gives Scoot a pipe stool, followed by running away with his axe out, passing by Bella while doing so.
  • Cut to Mayor Vine at his desk. He enacts the Night-Owl Ordinance to account for Vinny's tendency to stream late at night. Vinny insists that the townsfolk must also stay up late.
  • Mayor Vine tells Isabelle that he wants to build a new bridge. Between this decision and going toward the location, Vinny mentions that he tried to enact a topless ordinance, but it didn't work out. The bridge is set to be built near Vine's house, unsurprisingly.
  • Vine enters Ganon's house and Vinny is caught off guard after seeing Inkwell visiting, saying that "Ganon and an Octorok are plotting the end of Hyrule." However, he seems to be mistaken, as Ganon ends up calling Inkwell and Scoot ugly and saying that this ruins their otherwise perfect friendship. Vinny ends up being upset that Scoot appears to prefer Inkwell over Vine.
  • Bob asks Vine for his opinion on his outfit. Vine calls it flashy, though the angle blocks Vinny's view of it.
  • Sable appears to be warming up to Vine again, as she comments that she likes the fact that he seems busy and visits often.
  • Vine attends the commemoration ceremony for the completion of the cobblestone bridge, with Isabelle seemingly agreeing with Vine's decision due to her description of it as vital. Vine sarcastically says "Hooray for everyone!" when asked to give a short speech. Vinny also claims that when Isabelle said that hard work went into building the bridge she meant that it was built by slaves from Vineland.
  • After the bridge's completion, Bella immediately tries to get Vine's attention. He speaks to her and she says she's planning to move away later that month. He tells her than he doesn't mind this. Vinny comments that she waited until the "momentous occasion" of the bridge's construction to leave town, as well as that when she said she wanted to spread "the good word about Da Burbs" she actually meant that she wanted to spread the bubonic plague.
  • Vine decides to have a modern police station built. Vinny considers this a way to prevent the spread of the bubonic plague. The construction site ends up being just south of the railroad. Vine discusses the funding with Lloid and finds out that the other villagers only donated 582 Bells out of 264,000. Vine withdraws money from his bank account to donate the rest of the funds, though he has second thoughts and saves the money for house expansions.
  • Vine is in his house and a cartoon with a cat chasing a mouse is shown on his Mush TV. Vinny refers to the mouse as Bella getting chased out of town.
  • Gala is concerned by Bella's decision to move away, despite what happened in the past. Vine refuses to fulfill her request to talk to Bella.
  • Vine approaches Scoot while wearing a helmet and a beak in an attempt to emulate him.
  • Scoot found an item that Bob lost and wants Vine to return it to him. He checks his house and he's on a snack run.
  • While looking for Bob, Vine shakes a tree and bees attack him after he fails to catch them. Bob ends up commenting on Vine's swollen face before Vine returns his lost item, which turns out to be a spiderweb tee, as in the same shirt Cherry usually wears. Vinny questions why Scoot has Cherry's shirt.
  • Vine angers another swarm of bees. This time, he succeeds in catching one, avoiding getting stung. Vinny plans to fill Vine's basement with bees to express dominance over them.
  • Drake turns out to have moved in near Vine's house, resulting in two ducks living within close proximity of each other. Vine enters his house and Vinny insults him by calling him "fake Scoot" while he introduces himself to Vine. Drake says he's heard good things about Vine and randomly says he wants a house made of candy.
  • Vine talks to Sable, who mentions getting shoulder cramps from working, which Mabel helps with by giving her a massage. Vinny has a double take over this comment.
  • Vine visits the campground and sees a succulent plant for sale. Vinny finds its name amusing and wonders exactly what kind of plant it is. Vine ends up turning down Harvey's offer.
  • Bob has fleas. Not long afterward, Bella is seen nearby with an unsettling-looking expression on her face. Bella asks for a new catchphrase gives "plaguette" as a suggestion, which she considers fitting.
  • Bob once again asks for Vine's opinion of his outfit, this time wearing the same shirt as Cherry. Vine gives a dumbfounded response, disappointing Bob.
  • Vine finds a lost item on the beach. He ends up trying to see if it's Cherry's and she says she thought his visit was a "daring nighttime raid" until he talked to her.
  • Cherry does turn out to be the owner, with the lost item being a misplaced bag of donuts. She's glad to have it back, despite the fact that waves repeatedly splashed saltwater onto them. Vine ends up getting a birdhouse as a reward.
  • Vine stumbles across Bella, who herself has fleas this time. Vinny notes a comment from a viewer who hasn't seen nearly as many fleas as him.
  • Vinny hypothesizes that Scoot is avoiding Vine because he's stalking him and wonders if he's as the museum admiring its only fossil, which is a single segment of a fossil of a whole dinosaur.
  • Scoot does turn out to be in the museum's fossil exhibit, which has slightly more to it than Vinny said it had. Scoot says he wishes to become as big as a dinosaur, that he'll be a future fossil (which Vinny interprets as a death wish), and that he imagines that dinosaurs would be his rivals if they were still alive.
  • Vine's eyes are once again swollen due to a bee sting. Vinny heard that Cherry gives out medicine for it, which turns out to be true. Vinny interprets what she said regarding this as being said in a joking way, though he does say he likes her more now.
  • Vinny comments on how Southbird edits the streams, saying that he can "Cling-bait" Southbird, which Southbird responds to by displaying fan art of Cling On in a Playboy Bunny outfit (drawn by Teckworks, Southbird's thumbnail artist for this series).

     Part 7 Makin' Bacon 
  • The video opens with a fan comic about Scoot reading a letter from Vine, followed by Vine sneaking up behind him and giving him eggs and bacon.
  • Dr. Shrunk asks for permission to open Club LOL, with Cherry apparently eavesdropping on the conversation, to which Vine agrees. Vinny comments that Cherry probably would enjoy clubbing and Vine goes around town getting everyone's signatures, with Cherry wishing she could sign twice.
  • While Vine goes to the post office, Vinny jokes that the petition to open Club LOL was actually a petition to evict Cherry and that she unknowingly signed it.
  • Vine goes to T&T Mart... and Cherry's there, too. Vinny comments that she appears to either be stalking Vine or is capable of teleportation.
  • Vine is in his house, which contains a Wii U on top of a GameCube dresser and a couple of bees in containers. He tries on a King's Beard, which Vinny thinks makes him look significantly older.
  • Vinny shows a map of Da Burbs. Only one villager didn't move in near Vine's house, leaving Vine's neighborhood unnecessarily crowded. Vinny says that only Scoot is welcome, and maybe Drake as well. Scoot ends up signing the petition to open Club LOL, even adding that he's willing to help build it.
  • Ganon says the idea of building a club is the best idea he's heard all day and eagerly signs the petition to open one. Inkwell and Hopper also sign.
  • Hopper mistakenly received something that was supposed to be delivered to Curly. He asks Vine to deliver it and Vine accepts, but Vinny isn't particularly fond of the idea.
  • Curly's missing item was an Arctic camo tee. Vine delivers it and receives a garbage can (which Curly thinks will look good in Vine's home) in return.
  • Medli's moving in. She's too busy unpacking to have much of a conversation with Vine. Vinny adds that she's "more bird than duck" to contrast her from some of the other villagers.
  • Someone in the chat asks "Does Medli jerk [Vinny] off with her feet?" and Vinny says "That's a Vine 'what' if [he's] ever heard one... and the answer is yes."
  • Vine hands Dr. Shrunk the completely signed petition. He intends to start working right away.
  • Vine summons Wisp and wishes for Coco, who Vinny thinks is creepy-looking. Vine wants Coco to move to Da Burbs, but there aren't any vacancies, so someone has to move out. Wisp's first choice is Drake, despite the fact that he hasn't been in town that long. Cherry ultimately ends up being the one replaced by Coco. Wisp wants the whole thing to be a secret between him and Vine.
  • Vinny adds that he had nothing against Cherry herself, but that she happened to build her house in a bad location, that being right in front of Vine's own house.
  • While unpacking, Cherry says that Wisp told her that a friend from another town needed help, which Vinny says is a lie.
  • Vinny discusses who else is going to move out and who he wants to keep. He says he'll probably keep Bob, but that Curly and Gala are definitely going to go because he wants more ducks instead of pigs.
  • Vine goes to see where Coco's house is being built, only to find that it's still right in front of his, just further to the west than Cherry's instead of directly to the south. Vinny predicts that someone else will build a house directly to the east of Coco's due to the amount of land situated there.
  • Vinny points out the Scoot wallpaper in Vine's house. Vine also puts on a frog shirt and a white helmet to go with his beak, making him look more like Scoot. Vine unsuccessfully tries to convince Drake that he's actually Scoot.
  • Drake asks Vine what kind of pie Vine likes best. Vine says chocolate and Drake adds that it would be perfect with a graham cracker crust, which angers Vinny because he wants to avoid sweets.
  • Vine goes to look for Scoot and ends up finding the right house almost immediately. Vinny says "It's time to zip zoom" and Vine enters Scoot's house.
  • Vine slowly approaches the interior of Scoot's house while Scoot watches him. Despite Vine's attempt to take over his house, Scoot waves goodbye after Vine leaves.
  • Vine goes into his basement, which is filled with bones and gravestones. Vinny says they're the bones of villagers who died in the salt mines.
  • Vine visits Coco. She stands still between her Gyroids and stares at Vine, which Vinny and Southbird both find creepy. She ends up taking a few steps forward and Vine talks to her. She introduces herself and says she moved in a few days ago, saying that "a voice" told her to move to Da Burbs, saying that she couldn't resist and doesn't want to be considered odd because of it, which she thinks would be embarrassing because she considers herself levelheaded.
  • Vinny comments on the fact that Coco's house has no bed or bathroom, only containing Gyroids and a few other things, with Vinny claiming that Coco doesn't experience normal bodily functions.
  • Drake asks Vine what he thinks of his outfit. Vine says it looks cool and Drake says that looking cool was his lifelong dream. Drake wants to celebrate this occasion with some peanut brittle.
  • Medli tells Vine that Bob told her he wants to move. She isn't sure if he was being serious, but is still worried by it and wants Vine to check on him.
  • Vine talks to Bob, who says he's tired. He refuses to discuss his moving plans.
  • Vine tries on a pair of striped pants at the Able Sisters'. He ends up buying the pants and continues to wear them when he goes to town hall.
  • Vine sits at his desk, but Isabelle doesn't notice. She turns out to be asleep at her desk and is shocked when Vine wakes her up. Vinny says that Isabelle is too nice.
  • Vine goes to look for Scoot, who's "missing" according to Vinny. He sees Medli, Inkwell, and Drake while walking around.
  • Vinny plays the game on Thanksgiving and it's the Harvest Festival in-game. After loading the file, Vinny says "the music is wacky" while Vine talks to Coco. Coco comments that the food Franklin is cooking smells good and Ganon is wearing a chef's outfit. Vinny says he never would have guessed that Ganon is a chef.
  • Vine talks to Scoot, who says that he sometimes gets a sudden burst of energy right after he thinks he's completely exhausted. He says runner's high is the coolest thing ever.
  • Vine tries on an afro wig. At first Vinny thinks the hat it comes with looks like Scoot's helmet, but then he adds that it kind of looks like a yarmulka.
  • Vine walks up to Franklin and talks to him, surprising him. He says Isabelle hired him to cook and wants Vine to find ingredients for him. Vine refuses and says the idea of a turkey serving turkey would be weird.
  • Vine accidentally shakes bees out of a tree. He reaches for his net and drops it, giving the bees a chance to sting him.
  • Vine exits his house and it's snowing. He checks his mail and then asks Wisp to get Molly to move in. Vinny says that the choice of Molly is partially because she's a duck and partially as a tribute to his late dog (also named Molly). Wisp adds that there are no vacancies, so someone has to move out. Gala ends up moving out, with Vinny claiming that she's trying to avoid becoming bacon. Vinny claims that he has more pigs (Ganon, Curly, and Gala) than ducks (just Scoot and Drake until Molly moves in). He adds that Medli isn't a duck.
  • Vine visits Coco. She starts talking about clothes, saying she likes iconic clothes the best. Vine talks to her again, with Vinny suspecting her of engaging in Satanic rituals.
  • Vine talks to Bob by the river, with Vinny insulting him. Not long afterward, Vine speaks to Ganon, who says Vine "isn't exactly cut and chiseled" but "must be a real charmer" and Vinny wonders if he's actually talking about him and not his character, leaving him confused.
  • Vinny points out that another villager is moving in front of Vine's house. This time, Molly's house is being built to the southeast, directly east of Coco's.

     Part 8: Unknown Machine 
  • Vinny has some bad news: The next villager to move in, Molly, is moving in directly in front of Vine's house, which already has a neighborhood of sorts in front of it.
  • Vine visits Bob, who's preparing to move away. As Vinny puts it, "Bob japed me and didn't give me a chance to get him to stay." Vinny suspects that Bob is tired of him and that Isabelle is in on it, and that he was spreading rumors and telling everyone but Vine of his plans.
  • Vine speaks to Scoot, who wants Vine to bury a time capsule. Vine instead opens it without his permission. Vine puts on the shirt he stole from Scoot along with a white helmet and a beak in an attempt to convince Scoot that he's his future self.
  • A while after running off, Vine goes to look for Scoot to tell him about what happened to his time capsule. Scoot is upset that Vine "mess[ed] with the power of time" and is saddened by the fact that Vine also stole the shirt he intended to bury in it. Vine responds by dropping the shirt in front of Scoot, but he ends up walking away.
  • Vine shakes a tree and stumbles across a swarm of bees. Vinny assumes that this is the result of bad karma from the time capsule incident.
  • Vine writes an "apology letter" to Scoot, sending some beans along with the letter.
    "I'm sorry I opened your time
    capsule and used the shirt to
    clean me bum. Soz m8
    —From Vine"
  • Vinny claims he turned into a Brit halfway through, but it was worth it. Vine gives his letter to Scoot to Phyllis and heads back home.
  • Molly is outside Vine's house. It turns out that the two hadn't even met, despite the fact that she moved in a few days ago. Apparently, a voice told her to move to Da Burbs and she found the suggestion hard to resist. Vinny isn't fond of her "quackidee" Verbal Tic.
  • Vine received a response from Scoot, who's apparently been making use of the beans he received, despite not knowing what they're for.
    "I've been using that thing you
    sent me a lot! It really helps
    to get practical gifts from
    people. They save you lots
    of time. Now can you tell me
    what it's supposed to do?
    —From "All Muscle" Scoot"
  • Vinny talks about what Scoot could do with his beans while Molly watches Vine sort through his mail.
  • While Vine is at Re-Tail, he takes off his hat to reveal his ridiculous-looking hair, which is pointy and green.
  • Vine is visiting Drake, with the latter commenting on the former's gift of a sushi chef's outfit. Drake gives Vine a cherry while looking embarrassed. Vine calls him a good duck and Drake bows as Vine leaves his house.
  • The four houses in front of Vine's are shown, as well as the interior of Vine's house. Despite what happened with Cherry's house, Vinny is fine with the current arrangement.
  • Vinny says that Bob wouldn't have moved if it were up to him, with Vine supposedly going through several failed attempts.
  • Vinny wonders if "love is happening" when Molly and Curly are seen speaking to each other. He then says that that probably isn't the case, but that there was probably some sort of pig-related conspiracy going on, such as ducks vs. pigs.
  • Vine visits the fossil exhibit at the museum... and Cherry is there. She says she decided to visit the shops in Da Burbs for old time's sake, which Vinny thinks raises questions as to what she was doing with Drake.
  • Scoot is also visiting the fossil exhibit. He assumes that it took a lot of effort to polish the fossils and that care would have been taken not to break anything. Vinny interprets this as innuendo related to Cherry and Drake's relationship.
  • Vine's frog hat and oval shades earn an "alien frog" description from Vinny. Meanwhile, Molly wants something yellow for Toy Day.
  • Hopper tells Vine that he decided to try out a new outfit, though he complains that the tag is itchy. Somehow, this earned a comment from Vinny saying that his villagers are boring.
  • Vine shops for furniture at Super T&T, or at least tries to, as he doesn't have enough money on hand. Vine ends up heading to the ABD while Vinny comments on the fact that Bella was shopping while Vine was there, claiming that she continues to spread the plague from the sewers.
  • Bella compliments Vine's outfit, despite the fact that he's a Rummage Sale Reject while this is being said.
  • Vine tries on an academy uniform at the Able Sisters' shop. Mabel hesitates when commenting on it, referring to it as "adventurous" with Vinny commenting that she knows how bad it looks.
  • Vine summons Wisp. He wishes for Cherry and receives a Modern Wood Shelf. Vinny comments "Did Cherry give anyone else modern wood?" and Southbird emphasizes her eager-looking expression.
    Wisp [imitating Cherry]: "I'm back, what what! And just who do I have to think for that?"
  • Vine checks his mail while there's snow on the ground. He reads a letter Gala sent after moving away. Vinny segues into comments about Vine's frog-themed outfit, saying that Scoot would like it because he likes frogs, which in turn would result in Scoot liking him.
  • Scoot tells Vine that "It seems like Curly and Medli are always cooking something up" and that they seem more like conspirators than friends. Scoot assumes they're planning a prank while Vinny suspects that they know about the salt mines.
  • Ganon asks Vine to dig up his time capsule. Vinny is confused, as he completely forgot about it. Despite forgetting where it was, he doesn't have much trouble finding it.
  • Ganon's time capsule has him asking his future self if the world became bleak and scary. Vinny considers this comment to be odd, as making the world bleak and scary is Ganon's job. Ganon rewards Vine with an Unknown Machine, which Vinny claims is the key to making the world bleak and scary, with Ganon switching to relying on machines instead of magic to cause destruction.
  • Vine places the Unknown Machine in his house and wonders what to do with it. He then proceeds to press it and a statue of Scoot explodes. Vinny says he doesn't know what to expect from activating the Unknown Machine.
  • Vinny claims that Bob will live on in Southbird's edits, which he ends up complimenting, saying that watching himself stream for a prolonged period of time is something he wouldn't do himself.
  • Vinny asks Southbird to hastily add Bob to the footage as a paper cutout. Said drawing appears onscreen and Vinny denies that Bob ever left.

     Tomodachi Life Crossover 
This section covers the crossover with the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life streams, which is considered part of the Mayor Vine series because it happens entirely in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Southbird's numbering scheme does not group it with the other episodes.

  • The video begins by introducing a little island in the middle of the ocean, which was peaceful until its owner went mad.
  • Cut to Tomodachi Life footage showing the Jahn trio being added, followed by showing a piece of fan art that keeps track of of former residents of Vineland Island, some of whom were the Jahns' victims. Vinny comments that he hasn't seen some islanders in a while, followed by attending to multiple Jahns and even doubting his own sanity.
  • The Jahns' threat was taken care of, though one of them, LumberJahn, chose to stay. He wants to be human, while Captain Jahn was using a mind control device. Vinny says everything is OK, but that doesn't seem to be the case, as more islanders were evicted afterward.
  • Back in Da Burbs, Vine decides to take a nap at the Dream Suite. Vinny makes a random comment about gay porn actually being memes and corruption, while Vine wakes up in a town called Vineland, which shares a name with his old hometown, though the unusually cluttered plaza already indicates that something is off.
  • Vine dons a detective outfit before investigating. He goes to see who lives in this Vineland and visits a dream version of Scoot, whose bed's blankets and pillowcase are identical to the ones on the bed from Vine's old Scoot Room.
  • Scoot is surprised to see Vine and wonders if he knows where he is. He says he isn't completely sure himself, followed by calling Vine a jabroni. Further comments from Scoot acknowledge that he's in a dream.
  • Vine enters a human character's house, immediately followed by Vinny being caught off guard after seeing Two Faced behind said house. The house, aside from mostly containing furniture from the Lovely Series, contains pictures of Birdo, Dheerse, Broccoli, and Seabiscuit, former residents of Vineland Island.
  • Vine speaks to Two Faced. She claims he forced her to hurt them. Vinny is puzzled by this.
    Vinny: "What the fuck are you talking about?"
  • Vine stumbles upon Dheerse, another former resident of Vineland Island. She accuses Vine of "crawling back here" when he speaks to her. Vinny comments on how both she and Two Faced are angry at him.
  • Vinny notices that Pudge and Lolly, the former of whom was a resident of the town of Vineland and not Vineland Island, both live in this Vineland.
  • Vine speaks to Pudge. Pudge greets Vine by saying it's nice to meet him, as if the two had never met. Pudge then says he wonders what Dheerse is like, saying that her being a "world traveler" is his opinion of her.
  • Vine visits Lolly, whose house doesn't look much different from how it looked in the original Vineland. Vine pauses awkwardly while Vinny says he's been ready for her for years.
  • Lolly doesn't recognize Vine at all, claiming this is because he's from a different town. Her horoscope said she'd meet a new friend and she thinks it's Vine, despite the fact that they had met in the past. Vinny compares Vine's old aquaintances' apparent amnesia to Westworld.
  • Vine enters another player character's house... and it looks strikingly similar to the one he owned in Vineland, aside from containing a few extra pieces of furniture. He checks a dresser drawer and apparently "What is seen cannot be unseen."
  • Vine enters the back room of the same house. Instead of containing a replica of the Scoot Room, it's apparently the Jahns' base, particularly because of all the high-tech equipment it contains.
  • Vine enters the same house's basement. It contains a shrine to Dheerse and for some reason has an axe in the corner. Vinny finds the room, which has more minimalist decor than the other rooms he'd seen so far, to be creepy. Vine opens the music box and it plays an Ominous Music Box Tune version of "K.K. Lament" while Vinny comments on how Dheerse was Vlinny's girlfriend.
  • Vine exits the house while Vinny comments on how this dream town wasn't as lighthearted as he expected. Nearby is Vlinny, the owner of the house, who refers to Vine as his old puppet.
  • The clock chimes while Vine is on the beach. The town tune turns out to be the Song of Storms, as with the original Vineland.
  • Vine looks for a wetsuit so he can go into the ocean. There's a house in the middle of the ocean and he wants to get to it.
  • After Vine enters the house in the ocean, we see a surreal sequence regarding the Jahns' influence on Vinny during the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life series. The Jahns' UFO can be seen over Vineland Island.
  • Vine wakes up and Vinny says they're wanting him to "let go" and "join them" while Vine is shown entering the eastern room of his house.
  • Vine activates the Unknown Machine he had previously received from Ganon, which this time destroys the Jahns' UFO. While this ends their hold on Vinny and Vineland Island, the UFO crashes into Vine's house, leading to Vinny angrily yelling for Tom Nook.

     Part 9 
  • Vinny introduces the stream in an... unusual way.
    Vinny: "So, let's... let's dive in, between Cherry's leeee...?"
  • Vinny has a gift that he was told not to open until Christmas. His guess as to what it is: "Get ready for lube."
  • Vine puts a White Festive Tree in his front room. Vinny refers to his house as shitty and claims the tree makes it at least somewhat festive.
  • Vine goes off to find Scoot while wearing a ski mask. Vinny wants to steal whatever it is he uses to keep his beak in good condition.
  • Hopper plans to move away. He says he has nothing against Da Burbs followed by calling it "lukewarm" and saying he has to "harden himself" and intends to leave on December 21. Vine is OK with this and Hopper thanks him.
  • Vinny calls Vine's encounter with Hopper "emotional" followed by saying he intends to rob his house. Vinny says he has nothing against Hopper and simply wants to move more ducks in.
  • Curly talks to Vine about the weather, saying it's perfect for working out or watching sports. Vinny would rather stay inside and play video games.
  • A balloon floats by with a present attached to it. Vine grabs his slingshot and shoots it. It falls into the nearby river, shocking Vine and angering Vinny.
  • Vinny says Curly is next to be bacon, adding that he's trying to create an ideal town and Curly is being stupid. Surprisingly, he intends to move Cherry back in.
  • Coco is anxious for Toy Day and wants Jingle to bring her a toy. Vinny brings up her age when questioning why she's so eager about this, followed by wondering if Jingle is like Krampus.
  • Drake is upset because Vine hasn't talked to him in a while. Vinny says he's not his number one duck, followed by Drake saying he wants something yellow for Toy Day. Vinny finds this questionable, and wonders what would happen if he gets something that's red, but still cool.
  • Drake heard a rumor that Vine is "kind of a hometown hero" and Vinny is surprised by this. Drake wishes to be gossiped about as well, though Vinny says that he doesn't want that.
  • Vine is at Re-Tail. Vine is making a "Scoot masturbatorium" and has Cyrus customize a stained-glass window to have the VineFlag pattern on it. Vinny says his plans shouldn't be shocking to regular viewers.
  • Vine is outside his house holding a bubble wand, though Vinny wonders what happened to his sunglasses. Vinny then shows a large set of monitors in the front room, which are displaying Scoot's face, claiming the "Scoot control tower" is for spying on Scoot at all times and provides detailed information on his activity.
  • Molly asks Vine to share the titles of any interesting books he's read. Vinny gives The Blood Orgy: Part 1: The Blood Orgy as an example.
  • Vinny comments on the rows of houses in front of Vine's, saying he was opposed to it at first but likes it now. Scoot greets Vine while Vinny comments that Scoot's mostly green clothes make him look naked. Vine wants to replace this Scoot with another Scoot to get his original frog shirt back.
  • Someone suggests reporting Scoot to Isabelle for being a problematic citizen, saying this will reset his clothes. Unfortunately, she's out of the office because it's the Winter Solstice.
  • Vinny notices a dung beetle pushing a snowball and calls one of the most amazing things he's seen, despite not liking bugs. Vine catches it.
  • Curly asks Vine to look into his eyes and guess what he's thinking. Vine says "You want me to shoot!" and Curly congratulates him for guessing correctly.
  • Vine talks to Scoot and hands him the dung beetle he caught earlier. He calls it cool and says he somehow intends to train it. Vine receives a merry-go-round in return. Vinny calls the merry-go-round a "cheap piece of shit" and decides he doesn't regret giving Scoot a dung beetle.
  • Vine picks his customized stained glass up from Re-Tail. Meanwhile, Cherry is on Main Street.
    Vinny: "Cherry's been showing up. How... dare you."
  • At first Cherry is surprised to see Vine, but then realizes that it would be weird not to see him because Da Burbs only has one Main Street. Vinny thinks she's aware of the slave trade Vine is helping Tom Nook with. Southbird shows a piece of art depicting Isabelle telling Vinny that Cherry is leading a rebellion in the salt mines.
  • Cherry is moved back into Da Burbs, with Vinny adding that she's been freed from the salt mines, on the condition that her house isn't right next to Vine's.
  • Vine is in the eastern room of the first floor of his house, which contains some pizza and has pictures of Scoot on the flooring and wallpaper. Vinny turns the camera around, discussing the salt mines while Vine's Unknown Machine is shown behind the lid of a pizza box.
  • Drake says he took 57 naps during the Winter Solstice, while Vinny says he took one. Vinny then starts to talk about a YouTube video discussing the use of color in film, but is caught off guard after seeing Scoot staring at Vine's house. Vine hides from him while Vinny wonders if he's plotting something. Southbird shows a piece of art showing Scoot talking to Drake and wondering if Vine is plotting something.
  • Vinny laughs while Vine enters his house. While in the pizza room, Vinny figures that Scoot is looking for the bodies in his basement.
  • Ganon calls his outfit "tasty" and Vinny isn't sure exactly what he's talking about, saying he could see Cherry taking a bite out of Ganon's "chunkay ayuss" while Vine reads the letter from Hopper announcing his move.
  • It's Toy Day, and Vinny wonders why Scoot looks like he's naked with a tattoo of a chick on his stomach. Scoot wonders if Vine has had too much oolong tea.
  • Scoot provides Too Much Information regarding Cyrus.
    Scoot: "Cyrus took care of me at Re-Tail the other day! He's so cool!
    Trickling sweat! Rugged hands! He's a true master of his craft!
    [a heart appears above his head] And soooo manly! Zip zoom!"
  • Vinny finds Scoot's apparent crush on Cyrus to be funny and weird, saying he didn't know he felt that way. Vine also finds where Cherry is building her house: While not directly next to Vine's, it's still not west of the river, with only Curly living there.
  • Vinny buys Santa clothes, commenting on the 420 price tag of the Santa coat.
  • Vinny speculates that many years later the world became a safer place and humans an animals began to coexist, but things got weird and dead bodies are found in his basement.
  • Vine, wearing his Santa outfit, stops to look at his Unknown Machine, followed by activating it and apparently setting the real Santa on fire.
    Vinny: "Well, Christmas has been ruined. And with the press of a button, everyone's Christmas has been destroyed. Happy fucking holidays."
  • Vine enters his basement, which is filled with bones and gravestones.
    Vinny: [whispering] "They'll never find the bodies."
  • Vine stumbles upon a "duck committee" consisting of Scoot, Molly, and Drake. Vinny suspects that they're plotting to take down the other animals, adding that Medli wasn't invited because she isn't a duck.
  • Scoot wonders if "Santa" got separated from his reindeer, Jingle, and says he's around town somewhere. Molly says Jingle is looking for him and wonders how he could lose track of someone wearing a bright red outfit.
  • Vine finds Jingle, the black-nosed reindeer, or "the bootleg version of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" as Vinny calls him. Jingle says he wants to sneak into everyone's house to deliver presents, but Vinny suspects that he actually wants to set up hidden cameras disguised as presents.
  • Medli asks for a present. Vine refuses to give her one and she wonders if she did something wrong. Vine also refuses to give Molly and Drake presents.
  • Scoot is given an orange jacket for Toy Day. It isn't what he asked for, but he's still thankful.
  • Molly receives a banana for Toy Day. She claims she isn't ungrateful, despite looking dumbfounded by this.
  • Ganon receives a Bat Umbrella for Toy Day, with Vinny considering it to be fitting because of the Keese he allies himself with in his home series. It turns out that this really is what he wanted for Toy Day, marking the first time Vine delivered the right present. However, Vinny isn't happy with the fact that he made Ganon's Christmas good.
  • Medli receives a jasmine bonsai. Her reaction is the same as Molly's.
  • Drake receives a Retro Fridge. It isn't what he was hoping for, but he's thankful anyway. Vinny comments that all three ducks, as well as Medli, were disappointed.
  • Vine visits Coco, who says that "Santa" is shorter than she pictured. She receives a tall lantern. Her reaction is the same as Molly and Medli's.
  • Curly receives some Kitschy Tile. It isn't what he wanted, but he thanks "Santabro" anyway.
  • Vine reports Scoot to Isabelle for public indecency. Isabelle jokes that she wants him to wear a barrel for a day to make up for this.
  • Scoot calls Vine "Santabro" and Vinny notices that his new shirt is a plain white shirt instead of the frog shirt he originally had.
  • Inkwell receives a Mini Circuit. His reaction is the same as Curly's.
  • Vinny jokingly calls this year's Toy Day successful, adding that the only satisfied villager is the one who's trying to destroy the world.
  • Vine reports to Jingle, who says he would have been more careful with the deliveries.
  • Vinny refers to the idea of impeaching the mayor to be traitorous and calls himself a good mayor. Vine puts on an army hat and a frog shirt after changing out of his Santa outfit. Vinny refers to this as a "rugged combat Scoot" outfit.
  • Vine stumbles upon Bella on Main Street. She says she made the trip back to Da Burbs just to run around. Vinny wonders if she still has fleas.
  • Someone sent Vinny a wearable duck beak, which makes quacking noises when blown into.

     Part 10: Zip Zoom ♥ 
  • Vinny begins by assuring everyone that the stream is PG, followed by Scoot telling Vine he wants to take a hot bath.
  • Vine visits Cherry, who's done unpacking after moving back to Da Burbs. She doesn't remember him at all. This confuses Vinny, who wonders if she's lying. Cherry then says she wonders why people know her for playing basketball when she's famous for bowling. This confuses Vinny further. Vinny wonders if either her memory was wiped or the original Cherry was replaced with a robot.
  • Vinny says "There's no business like snow-business" while trying to make a snowman, followed by seeing an unfamiliar cat nearby. It's Katie, who wants Vine to help her travel to another town. Vine declines, which saddens Katie.
  • Vine visits Harvey, who's watching the birds while drinking coffee. He warns Vine to watch where he steps because "nature calls" in part of the campground.
  • Curly wants some furniture. Meanwhile, Scoot suggests that Vine move around to take his mind off the cold.
  • Molly asks if Vine has ever been to Coco's house and says she always picks up decorating tips while she's there. Vinny's response: "Coco's loco."
  • Katie shows up again. This time Vine fulfills her request and takes her to another town. While the train is moving, Vinny tells viewers he'll tell them about the Ninja Turtles sex museum and says that he's OK with leaving random cat girls on people's doorsteps.
  • Vine talks to Whitney while he's in the other town. He throws beans at her and a report is shown depicting Copper arresting Vine for throwing beans at Whitney, followed by Vine leaving the police station.
  • Ganon says it's been at least a week since he's spoken to Vine. He thinks Vine looks a lot older, prompting Vinny to call him a jerk.
  • Vine is in his pizza room. He plays his guitar a bit, examines the tacos on the floor, and closes the pizza boxes, followed by activating the Unknown Machine in the same room, causing Whitney to explode.
  • Vine checks his bank account. He turns out to be a millionaire and thus can repay his current loan. He also examines the random assortment of items in his inventory.
  • Vinny says he wants to be Nook's business partner, saying he wants to respect his boundaries and he wants him to respect his boundaries, but that Nook is hell-bent on owning his life.
  • Coco says to pardon her "silly smile" and that she just finished a book. She says she thinks big events are great, but that everyday life is also enjoyable and gives her a chance to unwind. Vinny claims that everyday life gives her a chance to commit her rituals.
  • Drake says he usually enjoys caesar salad, but would like a piece of fruit. Vinny says he has a bunch of coddled, lazy ducks who are used to doing their own thing. He then hands Drake a basket of peaches, which he refuses because he only wanted one piece of fruit.
  • Vine gives Medli a juicy-apple clock. Vine receives a plaster wall in return, disappointing Vinny.
  • Vine visits Scoot, who wants signatures for his "Don't Hate! Hydrate" initiative. Vine accepts and it turns out that Scoot wants signatures from six residents of another town. Vine then sends a suit of armor to Scoot.
  • Vine boards a train again, this time to get Scoot's petition signed. Biskit is the first to sign.
  • Vinny comments that visiting other people's towns makes him feel bad about his own town because of said other towns' designs, such as the golden roads in the town he worked on Scoot's petition in.
  • Vine speaks to Frank. He ends up signing Scoot's petition as well.
  • Vine finds another villager to sign the petition... and it's another Ganon. Vinny thinks Scoot will be confused to see that another Ganon signed his petition.
  • Walker eagerly signs Scoot's petition.
  • Vine enters another house... which is the home of another Cherry, who signs the petition.
    Vinny: "Oh fuck, it's this Cherry. I don't understand, how is there a Cherry in this town? What's happening? I know who you are! This is the third Cherry that I've had to introduce myself... it's clones. Are the Jahns behind this? Did they... clone... animals? Hm. [Cherry signs the petition] You're not my Cherry."
  • Ken introduces himself to Vine, followed by signing Scoot's petition. Ken thinks it must be fate that he was the last to sign it.
  • Vine heads back to Da Burbs and hands Scoot the completed petition. Scoot rewards Vine with a paulownia closet. Vinny isn't sure exactly what that is and is disappointed when it turns out to be a wooden chest of drawers.
  • Vine is back at the campground. Harvey assumes that Vine is interested in his trash bags, leading to a Trash Man reference.
  • Molly says that on a day like this, it's hard not to think of one of her favorite books: Harnessing the Power of Paste. Vinny wonders who she's making the paste out of.
  • Vine goes into his pizza room. He now has a brick oven to go along with the food that was already in the room.
  • Vinny announces that Inkwell is leaving, mispronouncing his name several times in the process. Afterward, Vinny is puzzled by the fact that he's fishing despite being a sea creature.
  • Curly brags that he set a world record for a 100-meter dash, but that no one was around to see it. He wants Vine to spread the word, with Vinny making an offhand remark that he's burning the eggs he's cooking.
  • Scoot randomly asks Vine what he'd do if he had a million Bells. Southbird shows a shot of the gravestones and skeletons in Vine's basement, followed by Vine saying he'd use it to repay loans. Scoot says that's responsible, but wonders what will become of their dreams, with Vinny wondering what dreams he's referring to. After Vine walks away, Ganon bumps into Scoot, with Vinny saying Ganon saved him from Scoot, who gets accused of getting too obsessive.
  • Drake wants his room to look cooler. He asks Vine to get him some new furniture.
  • Vine searches for something to give to Drake, followed by running around town searching for Drake himself. He turns out to be fishing in front of Re-Tail and is too busy to accept his gift.
  • While Drake is fishing, Molly tries to get Vine's attention. She wants to sell Vine a banana for 800 Bells. Vinny finds this to be oddly amusing and accepts her offer. Molly says she hopes she wasn't too pushy and hopes Vine enjoys the banana. Southbird shows a flashback of her mistakenly being given a banana for Toy Day, with Vinny suspecting her of re-gifting her Toy Day present, calling it a ballsy move to sell someone a 15-day-old banana.
  • Drake is no longer fishing. He receives a Balloon Bed.
  • Scoot wants Vine to check out his soda case, followed by giving it to him. Scoot doesn't know where he got half of his stuff and thus doesn't consider giving it away to be a big deal.
  • Vinny makes a comment about how he was pursuing Scoot for a long time, but now Scoot is apparently trying to butter him up, apparently to avoid getting hurt by him.
  • Ketchup, another duck, is staying at the campground. Vinny finds the game's description of her, which says she thinks she goes well with everything and not to eat any of the pizza she offers, to be suspicious.
  • Ketchup thinks she can get famous in Da Burbs. Vine asks her to move in.
  • Inkwell says he went shopping with Scoot recently and bought a sandbag, followed by regretting buying something he has no use for. He begs Vine to buy it for 2,552 Bells. Vine agrees.
  • Vinny says he has no idea what exactly his pizza room is, followed by activating the Unknown Machine in it causing an unseen explosion, which causes a woman to scream. Vinny knows that something got blown up.
  • Vinny asks Southbird to show a clip from an unrelated stream when the Unknown Machine is activated, featuring something like an explosion in Wolfenstein, or a moment from another game that has something horrrendous happening (which Southbird depicts as Vinesauce being turned down by Two Faced in Tomodachi Life), or a disaster happening in Cities: Skylines (which turns out to be the Oak Residence being renamed "the Bitch Residence" after they complain that taxes are too high). Vinny also mentions Planet Coaster, followed by retracting that, followed by Southbird showing the park exploding anyway.

     Part 11: Little Jealous 
  • While at the title screen, Vinny wonders what Cherry and Inkwell are doing together, saying he hasn't even started and there are already scandals. He then loads his file and comments that he thinks Cherry and Inkwell were necking.
  • While at the title screen again, Vinny sees Ketchup, commenting that the new duck has arrived.
    Vinny: "Animal Crossing: New Duck."
  • Molly comments that Vine is up late and doesn't want him to stay up past his bedtime. Vinny wonders where Ketchup moved in.
  • Vinny checks the map and sees that Ketchup lives in the southwestern part of town, far from the "neighborhood" Vine accumulated around his house. She lives across the river from Curly, who also lives away from most other villagers.
  • Vine puts his army hat back on, or his "twat outfit" as Vinny calls it. Vine speaks to Inkwell and Vinny comments that he said he was going to move on the 13th. Inkwell asks for a new piece of furniture.
  • Cherry says she hasn't seen Vine in about a week, which Vinny thinks is good compared to most people.
  • Vine goes near a tree that Scoot was staring at. Vinny wonders what's special about it to make Scoot stare at it for so long.
  • Vine gives Scoot a peach. Vine receives a CD player in return, which Vinny calls old technology that he no longer needs. Vinny insults it further upon seeing what it looks like after he temporarily places it in his house.
  • Vine drops a pile of leaves next to the anatomical model in his basement. Vinny thinks the room looks trashier, but that the fountain in the back looks kind of nice.
  • Vinny plans to give Inkwell the CD player and comments that he said he was going to leave town but didn't. He also wonders why Scoot sometimes stares at absolutely nothing, commenting on how Cherry appears to be admiring the flowers in front of Re-Tail and Inkwell has somewhere to go.
  • Inkwell receives the CD player. Vine receives a clothes closet in return. Vinny commented on the concept of giving someone a CD player and receiving an entire closet in return.
  • Scoot asks Vine what his role would be if he were a baseball player. Vinny pauses awkwardly upon seeing the options and Cherry appears to be eavesdropping. Vinny questions whether the question was really about sports and wonders if the terms "pitcher" and "catcher" were innuendo.
  • Vine enters Re-Tail. He speaks to Coco and she asks Vine if he thinks she should buy the spa chair being sold. Vine says yes and she buys it from Reese.
  • Vine goes to meet Ketchup. Vinny calls her a "pizza duck" after noticing her box of pizza, cutting board, and brick oven. Vine introduces himself to her and she says she already loves it in Da Burbs.
  • Vinny says Ketchup's "bitty" Verbal Tic needs to be changed while Ketchup asks Vine if he's ready for the Fishing Tourney that's happening on Saturday. After she refers to the tourney as epic, Vinny says he's done with her, but that maybe she'll grow on him.
    Vinny: "You're a disgrace. You're a disgrace of a duck."
  • Curly talks to Vine about the 100-meter dash he did the other day while Vinny discusses possible tension between the ducks in Da Burbs, saying that said tension will get weird.
  • Curly wants Vine to spread the news about his 100-meter dash because nobody saw it. Southbird shows a clip of another time he asked Vine to do something like that, with Vinny ignoring his request while commenting that he's burning his eggs. Back in the present, Vinny says Curly will be bacon soon.
  • Vinny comments on how the game is suitable for all ages, yet perverted things can be found in it. Not long afterward, Inkwell asks for Vine's sea cucumber and Vinny wonders what he wants to do with it, wondering how he knew about it to begin with.
  • Vine reads the letter Curly sent when he moved out. Vinny didn't even know he was gone.
  • Molly asks Vine to give Coco something she forgot to deliver. Vine obliges and Molly says that he can wait until tomorrow because of how late it is, with Vinny commenting that Coco is right outside.
  • Vine delivers the item to Coco. It turns out to be a vintage camera. She says she had her eye on it and Vinny comments on the fact that she doesn't appear to have eyes.
    Coco: "It's the vintage camera I had my eye on!"
    Vinny: [beat] "You have eyes?"
  • Vine receives a cherry for delivering Coco's camera. Vinny pauses for a bit and Southbird emphasizes Coco's description of it as a nice snack for later.
  • Medli says she hasn't seen Vine in a while. She wonders if he's been busy reading a book about heroes and villains and this confuses Vinny. Meanwhile, Scoot is walking away.
  • Scoot says it's been a while since he's seen Vine, but that he hasn't changed at all. Scoot says he heard an inaccurate rumor recently. According to the rumor, he's the prince of another planet. Scoot thinks it sounds like it was dreamed up by a little kid.
  • Vine speaks to Cherry, who's been seeing him a lot today. She asks for something to replace her bromeliaceae. Vinny finds that hard to pronounce and doesn't know what it is. She wants something the same size as it in particular.
  • Vinny comments that he feels like he's staring into a void when Coco stares at him. Vine enters town hall and sits at his desk.
  • Isabelle notifies Vine that the townsfolk want to hold a ceremony commemorating the completion of the Dream Suite and wants him to attend. He declines, which disappoints her.
  • Vinny and Isabelle try to find a place to build a new Public Works Project. Cherry looks at them and and later accuses Vine of toying with her emotions.
  • Coco asks Vine if he hangs out with Cherry much.
  • Vinny comments that Scoot means well and thinks he's strong, but isn't actually strong and is a little dim. Vinny puts further emphasis on the word "dim" upon seeing Scoot staring at a tree.
  • Scoot wants to come up with a new nickname for Vine. He comes up with "Bro" and is pleased with his decision, with Vinny finding it amusing and Vine agreeing to be called that. Scoot feels like Vine's king because of it. Vinny comments on how Scoot is into Cyrus.
  • Vine finds a glove on the ground. Meanwhile, Molly is behind her sofa and Vinny wonders why she appears to be hiding. The glove isn't hers.
  • The glove turns out to be Scoot's. Scoot comments that "the guys" will be glad that he'll get to be keeper again. Scoot comments that Vine now knows how careless he can be.
  • Vinny comments on how Harvey is selling propane and makes a Hank Hill reference.
  • Raddle is staying in an RV. Vinny comments on his large collection of medical equipment. The game says he isn't a real doctor and Vinny is inclined to agree.
  • Vinny takes a further look at Raddle's medical equipment and finds it strange that he has it despite not being a real doctor. He also wonders whose X-ray is shown on his desk.
  • Vinny's conclusion is that he's uncomfortable with having Raddle move into town and decides against it. However, he orders some of the medical equipment with MEOW Coupons.
  • Scoot discusses his fondness for Cyrus... again. Vinny says that the lore confirms that Scoot has a crush on Cyrus, adding that Cyrus is married.
  • Ketchup tells Vine that a piece of "movie memorabilia" she bought turned out to just be a ballpoint pen.

     Part 12: Not Connecting 
  • Vinny starts up the game.
    Vinny: "Let's do some stupid animal shit, with animals—not in a weird way, but just you know, like... like friends."
  • Vine checks his mail, but his letter inventory is too full to take everything out of his mailbox. Coco and Molly unexpectedly show up and form a "line" behind Vine as he checks his mail. Vinny thinks they wanted to complain about the state of the town, adding that they were too afraid to do so after they walked away.
  • Vine adds to his "fine art display" by hanging a counterfeit Graceful Painting next to a picture of Scoot. Meanwhile, Molly and Scoot are still outside Vine's house.
  • Vine speaks to Molly, who greets him. She says she reads or experiments with new recipes when she has nothing else to do, adding that Vine is free to visit anytime.
  • Ganon brags about his outfit, saying that iconic clothes are perfect for him.
  • Vine visits Scoot at his house. Vinny notices that he displayed the armor he was given instead of wearing it, followed by adding that the bathtub in the corner is Scoot's bed.
  • Scoot says that he rinses off sweat in his wash station after running. Vinny wonders if that's the bathtub referred to earlier, raising questions about the cleanliness of his sleeping area.
  • Vine speaks to Medli, who's developed an interest in blowfish ecology. She wants Vine to catch one for her and he says he will.
  • Vinny recounts a story from when he was in the Bahamas when he was a kid. He says there was a "little blowfish fella" swimming around him and it would come back every time it was let go. He refers to that blowfish as his "best and only friend" at the time.
  • While still looking for a blowfish, Vine changes into an ugly Christmas sweater.
  • Vine gives up on trying to find a blowfish for Medli. Vinny jokes about getting a blowfish from a market, attaching a string, and dropping it off with Medli.
  • Vine visits Inkwell, who's still in Da Burbs despite his plan to leave town in the past. He comments that the "citrus aroma" Vine is smelling is the smell of youthful ambition, adding that some say his house smells like a gym. Vinny says he wonders what the ink smells like, as everything in Inkwell's house is Splatoon-themed. Vine leaves and Inkwell waves goodbye.
  • Vine goes to Main Street and Vinny is disappointed that everything closed while he was doing other things in town, particularly with Scoot. He also sees that Bella is hanging out on Main Street, much to Vinny's dismay.
  • Coco talks to Vine about fishing, mentioning that she sometimes panics and reels in too soon, resulting in the fish getting away. Vinny comments that this could be interpreted as a euphemism.
  • Ganon thinks he's overstayed his welcome in Da Burbs and plans to move out on the 8th. Vine tells him not to leave and he changes his mind. Vinny adds that he won't allow anyone in front of Vine's house to move away.
  • While Vine is walking around town, Ketchup praises his mayoral duties. We then see Vinny randomly saying "get in the bag" while Vine is at his desk. Vine decides to build a custom-design sign and adds that he already has plans for the design, jokingly saying it's going to feature nudity.
  • Vine speaks to Ketchup, who says that a lack of goings-on is no excuse to not dress fashionably.
  • Vine removes his Christmas sweater because it isn't Christmas. He then speaks to Coco, who hasn't seen him in a while. She says she likes iconic clothes, something Ganon has in common with her. Vinny comments that she shouldn't be like Ganon.
  • Molly says she hasn't seen Vine in a while. She wonders if Vine went on a journey to find himself and Vinny claims it was a spiritual journey involving peyote. Vine speaks to Molly again and she asks for a piece of fruit, with Vinny angrily and sarcastically commenting on the fact that a pear tree was nearby. Vine gives Molly a pear and Vine receives a Green-zap Suit in return. Vinny comments on how similar that outfit is to the Jahn uniform.
  • Vine comes across Ganon quickly walking around town and speaks to him. Vinny thinks it looked like Ganon was trying to mug him. Ganon comments on how it's been a long time since he's seen Vine. This is followed by Ganon asking Vine to give a present to Ketchup, which Vine accepts and Ganon says it can be done tomorrow because of how late it is.
  • Vinny suspects that Ganon was tricking Ketchup and that the present is actually a pile of cow feces, but Vine opens the present and it turns out to actually be a clackercart. Vinny adds that Ganon appeared to be trying to mug him earlier so he doesn't mind opening his present.
  • Vine goes through his various belongings and ends up trying on a cow skull hat. Vinny thinks this makes him look like a Cubone. Vinny wonders if the clackercart can still be delivered.
  • Vinny comments on how Vine's hat came from something that used to be alive while he walks around town, followed by finding a glove on the ground.
  • Vine tries to deliver Ketchup's clackercart. She wonders why it isn't wrapped and Vine's response of "Who cares?" is surprisingly met with agreement. Vine also asks if the glove he found is hers and it isn't.
  • Vine goes to see if the glove belongs to Molly or Drake. Drake turns out to have lost it and Vine receives a barber's pole in return.
  • Vine tells Ganon that he made the delivery. Vine says he doesn't remember how Ketchup reacted. This is followed by Ganon saying that rumors can be scary and can get even bigger as they spread, with Vinny connecting this to what happened with the present Ganon gave to Ketchup.
  • Vine comes across an igloo. Jambette is spending the day in Da Burbs. Vinny thinks her lips look unnatural and is put off by the fact that the recipe for the chowder she's making came from a book about shoe polish.
  • Ketchup talks to Vine about how she likes gift exchanges. She asks for Vine's Mr. Flamingo in return for her rubber apron, to which Vine accepts.
  • Vine visits Cherry at her house and Vinny comments that she's hiding behind her couch. She hasn't seen Vine in a while and suspects that he was mixed up in "something shady" and is glad that he wasn't.
  • Cherry comments that Vine is looking at her oddly. She refers to "You're no match for my stringfish tail attack" as the best movie line ever. She asks Vine to find her a stringfish so she can learn the attack herself. Vinny is disappointed that she simply wanted a fish instead of wanting to talk about movie quotes. Vine accepts anyway.
  • Cherry wonders what exactly Vine does and feels that she's missing out on the stuff he does. Vinny comments on how weird this sounded while Vine sells pears at Re-Tail, wondering if either she's a fan or she knows about the slave trade Vine's running with Tom Nook. Vine then tries to catch a fish in the river, but he gives up after it refuses to bite.
  • Vinny comments that he hasn't seen Scoot all day, even while he was going around trying to catch a rare fish. Vinny wonders if he sneaked into Vine's basement when he wasn't looking and found the bodies down there. Vinny adds that he wishes there were more drastic measures he could take with the villagers.
  • Inkwell is hanging out at the museum's fossil exhibit. Vinny pauses on Inkwell's surprised expression and discusses what sorts of violent things he could do to him, followed by Inkwell saying that it must have taken a lot of work to polish all the fossils, adding that they probably had to be careful not to break them.
  • Vine goes to the aquatic creature exhibit at the museum and Scoot happens to be there. Scoot tells Vine that he hopes he wasn't slacking off on his workouts while he wasn't looking. He says he wonders if any of the animals on display are plotting to escape, followed by saying he was just joking. Vinny comments on how there isn't much other than a starfish in the tank, raising the question as to what Scoot was talking about.
  • Scoot says he wants a pool like the one in the museum, saying he'd be able to swim all he wants. After concluding this conversation, Vinny comments that he finally found Scoot and he just wants to talk about tanks, wondering if he wants to be given one.
  • Vine goes into Club LOL and Vinny is angered by the fact that Bella is there. She says she made the trip back to Da Burbs just to run around and says it's good to see Vine. Vinny says K.K. Slider will have fleas by the end of his performance, followed by Bella saying that K.K. looked right at her.
  • Vine goes to the campground and Hopkins is camping in an RV. Hopkins is a bit caught off guard when Vine speaks to him, followed by adding that he loves green curry. He adds that he made his driver's license himself instead of filling out forms to get one, claiming that the time it takes to do that would be better spent eating a pie.
  • Vine asks Hopkins to move to Da Burbs. He comments on how much he likes to eat followed by saying that he needs to start getting ready to move.
  • Ketchup asks Vine what kind of TV shows he likes. He says he prefers detective shows over soap operas and reality TV. Ketchup follows this up by saying that spying and investigating are appealing and says her life is like a detective show. Apparently she saw Ganon drop a blowtorch. Vinny wonders why Ganon had a blowtorch and Ketchup comments that his behavior was suspicious.

     Part 13: Coco's Birthday 
  • The video begins with a parody of when players pick their first Pokémon in the Pokémon games. The choices are the Fire-type Cherry, the Water-type Bob, and the Grass-type Scoot. Vinny says "I would go with the Grass-type, but you knew I would say that."
  • A comic is shown featuring Scoot wondering how to get into Vine's basement, with Cherry nearby. Scoot asks Cherry for a favor. We don't see what Scoot tells Cherry afterward, but it involves stringfish.
    This is followed by Vine saying "Your cook is here" to Cherry, who hasn't seen him in a while and thought he got into "something shady" and is glad he's OK. Vine says says he definitely wasn't selling drugs to the other animals. Cherry finds Vine's look off-putting and Vine says "Talk to me!" in response. Cherry quotes a movie line involving a "stringtail attack" and Vine doesn't know what movie it's from. Cherry comments on the line, followed by asking for a stringfish. Vine is disappointed that her request was only for a fish.
    Vine: God dammit! You tricked me! I thought this was going in a different direction I thought we were gonna... I don't know... exchange movie quotes on the couch or something?... But now you're telling me I have to catch a fucking fish?!
    Cherry: Sorry to bother you, but I really have no idea what it is you do all day.
    Vine: Are you super sly, or am I just not paying attention? Le—let me go ahead and say I'll do it, and not do it...
  • In the game itself, Coco (whose birthday is today) is staring at Vine while he's outside his house.
  • Vinny remembers that a rabbit villager was supposed to move in today. He forgets his name and calls him "Rabbid" and "Rabob" instead. His house is being built near the path to the beach.
    Vinny: Hopkins? Yeah, Rabob. Sure.
  • Molly wants Vine to dig up a time capsule she asked him to bury. Vinny doesn't remember where it is.
  • Vine talks to Drake, who has something to return to Medli. Vinny sarcastically points out that Medli is within walking distance of where Drake is standing.
  • Vine speaks to Medli. Vinny claims that Drake didn't talk to her himself because he likes her, and that the item being returned is a love bracelet with "Drake pheromones" on it. It turns out to actually be a deep-blue tank.
  • Vine digs up the time capsule. It contained a shirt, which Vine receives in return for digging it up.
  • Vine speaks to Bella on Main Street, with Vinny calling her a plague rat in response.
  • Vine visits the fossil exhibit at the museum. Gala is also there and is interested in fossils. Vinny wonders why she isn't in the mines.
  • Vine sees Inkwell looking into the museum's tank. Vinny wonders if he wants to live there.
  • Vinny suspects that Inkwell was caught in the ocean as a baby, lived in a tank for a long time, studied and mimicked other animals and humans, lived outside the water, escaped and became a totally normal dad for a long time, and eventually became who he is today.
  • A viewer asks whose skull Vine is wearing in response to seeing his cow skull hat. Vinny says it doesn't matter, but it strikes fear into the other animals.
  • Vine finds Scoot at Club LOL. Vine tries to get his attention by dancing in front of him. Scoot says he wants to have a dancing competition, but then he stops dancing. He also says K.K. Slider is cool, followed by staring at the wall while Vine walks out.
  • Bob is now on Main Street alongside Bella. Vinny wonders if Main Street is "a town for has-beens" due to former residents' tendency to show up there.
  • Cherry wants Vine to bury a time capsule, which she says contains her life goals. Vinny says it's actually a letter to the animals in the mines.
  • Vine digs a hole to bury the time capsule while Drake watches him. Vinny comments that Drake is making sure Vine does the job properly.
  • Vine speaks to Drake, who's glad that Medli was happy about the delivery earlier.
  • Drake says Ketchup and Molly only ever talk about the weather and that it'll be a while before they get past the small-talk phase. Vinny says they should yell at each other.
  • Medli gives Vine a pep-squad tee. Meanwhile, Ketchup is glad to hear that a new house is being built and wonders what the "fancy new neighbor" is going to be like.
    Vinny: Well, it's a rabbit, and the rabbit is very sarcastic.
  • invoked Ketchup talks about her love for music and talks about music getting stuck in her head. J-pop is in her head at the moment. After Vine walks away, Drake and Ketchup have a conversation, during which Drake changes his clothes.
  • Vinny thinks Ketchup was lying about hearing J-pop and was actually hearing The Beatles, saying it was "Lady Madonna" specifically. Vinny then sings the song in question in his Scoot voice.
  • Vine speaks to Ketchup again. She says her watering can is actually filled with tomato juice instead of water, and that she refuses to say what it's for. Vinny thinks this makes her weird, but that he prefers that over her being a douchebag.
  • Vine sees Scoot at Re-Tail, then exits. He re-enters while Coco is nearby. Scoot isn't there this time, with Vinny suspecting that Cyrus is hiding Scoot in his toolbox.
  • Southbird shows a "Coco Review" segment. Coco asks Vine if he hangs out with Cherry much. Art is shown that depicts Coco as shipping Cherry and Vine in fan fiction.
  • Vine runs around his front room while Vinny repeatedly says "Only babby games" in his "Binyot" voice. Vine then goes to Coco's birthday party.
  • Only Ketchup is attending Coco's birthday party. Coco says Ketchup brought an amazing present and wonders if Vine brought one as well. Vine gives her a birdhouse.
  • Coco says she heard a funny cake joke and wants to tell it to Vine on his birthday. Meanwhile, Ketchup is disappointed that it isn't her birthday and wishes she could have a gift.
  • Coco says birthdays lead to maturity and that she wants to be mayor of her own town. Vinny comments that her birthday party sucks. Vine leaves.
  • Scoot and Drake are right next to each other, facing each other. Drake walks away and Vinny comments that that was a weird moment.
  • Vine talks to Scoot while Molly is in the background and Drake is behind the text box, with Vinny commenting on how many ducks are present. Scoot talks about his love for festivals.
  • Drake heard that Ketchup is moving. After hearing this, Vinny concludes that no one in town likes Coco, and that Ketchup was just interacting with her because she had just moved to town. Vinny claims Ketchup decided to move after being unsettled by Coco's face.
  • Molly comments on how versatile official clothing is.
  • Scoot is next to Cherry's house. Vine enters Cherry's house and sits on the couch repeatedly. Vinny says he's been going through tough times and everyone is using him because he's the mayor.
  • Cherry welcomes Vine to "the all-night party" and says the password is "snooze button". Vine leaves.
  • Vine goes to visit Hopkins, whose name Vinny forgot again. Vinny mistakenly calls him "Bunnelby" and "Rabite" in addition to calling him "Rabob" again.
  • Hopkins greets Vine and discusses their meeting at the campground. Hopkins says he cleaned his house thoroughly recently.
  • Scoot stares at Coco and Vine's houses while Vine pulls weeds. Vinny refers to Molly and Scoot as "suspicious ducks" after both appear outside Vine's house.
  • Ganon brings up the rumor that Ketchup is moving. Vine goes to find out if it's true. Vine tries to see if Ketchup is moving by walking around her, but she doesn't acknowledge him. He speaks to her and she talks about wanting hot cider instead of talking about moving.

     Part 14: Cherry Ketchup 
  • Vinny answers a viewer's questions about whether the Welcome amiibo streams are ending, and he says he's simply streaming less. He says he'll come back from time to time, which Southbird responds to by showing the one-year gap between Episode 56 and 57 of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life and the two-year gap between the last Animal Crossing: New Leaf stream from the year that game was released and the revisit stream Vinny did in December 2015, as well as a "Come back from time to time" caption.
  • Mayor Vine is checking his mail. Vinny says there's going to be an invasion, animals are going to die, and then Animal Crossing can end.
  • One of Vine's letters turns out to be from Ketchup, who moved away. She asks in her letter if Vine should have gone with her and asks if that would be selfish to ask, to which Vinny responds "Fuck off, Ketchup." Meanwhile, Coco is walking around nearby.
  • Vine wanders around town while Vinny talks about how he tried to convince Ketchup not to move, but was never able to. Vine then talks to Inkwell, and Vinny comments that he thought he was going to move, but never did.
  • Cherry comments on how long Vine has been gone, but isn't going to ask what he was doing. She does, however, ask if he's OK, followed by saying she heard Vine is a Bell-pincher, which Vinny thinks could be a euphemism.
    Vinny: What do you mean? I'm not pinching my bell right now. Shut up!
  • Drake tells Vine that he bought a new comic book while he was gone and thought it was exciting. Vinny says he fells like he's getting guilt-tripped by all the animals commenting on how long Vine has been gone.
  • Drake wants Vine to bury a time capsule because he'd be tempted to dig it right back up if he did it himself.
  • Vine opens Drake's time capsule. The letter inside refers to the enclosed shirt as something he was thinking about throwing away. Vine puts the shirt on. Drake ends up being upset that the time capsule was opened, especially after he finds out that the contents were stolen.
  • After Vine upsets Drake, Vinny decides that Ketchup moved because Vine betrays the ducks that live in Da Burbs, further saying that they're easy to betray because of how trusting they are.
  • Coco is glad to see Vine outside his house again, followed by saying she's gained an interest in squid ecology. Vinny points out how Inkwell is nearby, followed by offering to catch a squid for Coco.
  • Vine's attempt to catch a squid involves hitting Inkwell with his net. Inkwell then comments on how he hasn't heard much lately, and his comment about not hearing any rumors leads Vinny to say he's got some, specifically that Coco is interested in his ecology.
  • Vine visits Scoot at his house. Vinny says he betrayed Drake, but Scoot still says Vine's been good to him, followed by waving goodbye when Vine leaves.
  • Vine comes across Ganon, who gets called a dickwad and a fuckstick by Vinny. Vinny wants him gone and threatens to take him down. Ganon comments on how long Vine has been gone, followed by asking if Vine wants to talk to him about anything.
    Ganon: Hey, hey, Vine! You got somethin' you wanna say to me? Is it "crenando"?
    Vinny: It usually is, actually.
  • Ganon says he thinks he looks sharp in his iconic clothes. Vinny wonders if he says anything different, followed by Ganon repeating the same line. Vinny says he's never speaking to Ganon again if he says the line one more time... and he does.
    Vinny: WHAAAAAAT!? Ganon is broken! That's three times in a row! The same dialogue! I guess I have to kick him out of the town. I said I'd never speak to him again.
  • Vinny says he wants to go visit Ketchup, followed by being disappointed upon remembering that she moved.
  • Vine comes across a tent at the campsite. Vinny is put off by the bandaged appearance of the camper, Lucky.
    Vinny: Oh shit! Are you OK? What the fuck happened to your face?
  • Vinny says that he wanted to replace Ketchup with another duck, but wants to move Lucky in out of pity, saying that his skin was removed.
  • Lucky is a bit hesitant to move in, but offers to play a game to decide whether he does. Vinny finds it bizarre that Vine's axe ends up being at stake. Lucky loses his game of rock-paper-scissors and says he'll be moving in soon.
  • Vine wanders around after getting Lucky to move in, with Vinny being disturbed by the idea of what Lucky planned to do with his axe.
  • Vine visits Scoot at his house. Scoot asks for a piece of fruit. Vine hands Scoot a pear and receives a bear costume in return. Vinny laughs at the bear costume's appearance and wonders why Scoot had it in the first place.
  • Vine comes across Coco standing directly behind Drake, with Vinny saying that Drake was being stalked. Drake asks Vine what he's doing with a bear costume, saying that he's always wanted one. He offers to trade it for his round cactus. Vine accepts his offer.
  • Vinny says Drake has been wanting Scoot's bear costume for years. He then sees Inkwell by Vine's mailbox, declaring him to be "next" before Vine enters his house.
  • Vine goes around town to find a squid for Coco, avoiding Ganon while doing so. Cherry eagerly approaches Vine while he hands Coco a squid, with Vinny telling her to wait. Cherry then walks away.
  • Cherry says she refuses to go to sleep. Vinny suspects that she's nosy, followed by Cherry commenting on Ganon and Molly's close friendship, which Vinny thinks is odd. Vinny wonders if Molly wants the world to end.
  • Vine is at Scoot's house. He refers to the citrus aroma Vine smells as the smell of youthful ambition, and that some people say his house smells like a gym.
  • Vine buys a watermelon from Harvey's campground store. Meanwhile, Bella is at Club LOL, with Vinny suspecting her of still spreading disease. Vinny further points out that she's wearing a skull shirt.
  • Bob is in front of the Nookings' store on Main Street. He says he's there to shop, despite the stores being closed.
  • Vine exits his house. He tries to check his mail, but his inventory is too full. He finds out that Cherry moved away again, this time without his input. She sent another letter saying Vine can keep the contents of the time capsule he buried for her, which Vinny suspects is actually a bomb.
  • Scoot gushes about Cyrus again, with Drake walking around nearby with a confused look on his face. Inkwell and Medli show up not long afterward.
  • Lucky has finished moving in and is walking around town. Vinny wonders if Cherry had to move out so he could move in. Not unlike Cherry, Lucky heard Vine is a Bell-pincher, with Vinny saying that he heard Scoot is one.
  • There's a tent at the campsite. Vinny says the series is over if the camper is Cherry. It turns out to be Marina. Vinny refuses to let her move in, and especially doesn't want her to get together with Inkwell.
  • Vinny refers to Main Street as the "hall of shame" after three former residents, Hopper, Bella, and Bob, are seen there.
  • Curly is at the Nooklings' store. He randomly claims his presence there isn't a case of a criminal returning to the scene of a crime. Vine then goes to the Able Sisters' shop and Vinny declares everything there to be trash.
  • Vine goes to Re-Tail. Scoot is outside and Vinny suspects him of wanting to see Cyrus.
  • Vinny discusses the pizza room while Vine puts a watermelon in it. Vine gets it to split and reform just by touching it.
    Vinny: Yeah. I'm a fruit ninja.
  • Vine activates the Unknown Machine in the pizza room. This results in Cherry snowboarding through the westernmost stained-glass window in the room and crashing.
  • Vine uses his megaphone to call for Scoot, with Kapp'n responding instead. He then calls for Cherry and Lucky, with nothing happening. He then calls for Scoot, with nothing happening this time. He then randomly says "asshole" and the game says that there's no reply.

     Part 15: Pay Attention 
  • Vinny starts the game.
    "We're gonna fuck around with animals."
  • Lucky is seen on the title screen. Vinny talks about how good is very subjective and he sometimes says "good" when bad things happen, such as with Lucky (or "Stitches" as he calls him).
  • Coco wants Vine's gold nugget because she's wanted one for a long time. She offers to pay 3,200 Bells for it. Vine refuses. Vinny suspects that she wanted to put the gold nugget into her face along with some corrosive acid and turn it into something else through metallurgy.
  • Leif is having a bad dream about weeds. He ends up wanting Vine to help him with an actual weed problem in Da Burbs. Vine offers to help, but gives up partway through.
  • Vine sees Drake. Vinny wonders if he's wearing the same shirt as Scoot. Drake says he wants to be called "Big Drake" when Vine talks to him.
  • Vine talks to Lucky. Vinny says Lucky is constantly in pain. Lucky has a package for Inkwell, which he wants Vine to deliver because he's tempted to open it himself.
  • Vine calls Inkwell with his megaphone while he's a short distance away. He delivers the package.
  • Vine looks for Scoot. When using his megaphone to look for Scoot, Drake responds instead. Vine tries a few more times and nothing happens, but then Coco responds instead of Scoot.
  • Vinny mentions that the town's ducks, particularly Scoot and Drake, have Duck as a last name. Meanwhile, Freckles, another duck, is moving in, and Vinny notes that she isn't moving in next to Vine's house.
  • Vine comes across Hopkins at the museum. Hopkins is furious because he thinks Vine was ignoring him and threatens him into paying more attention to him using Cool and Unusual Punishment.
    Hopkins: Hey! You haven't been talking to me at all recently! Don't think I haven't noticed! If you don't start paying attention to me, I'm gonna start doing stuff to MAKE you pay attention to me. Just the other day, I was banging some pots and pans together! The noise was terrible. You wouldn't want me to do something like that again, would you.
  • Bob and Scoot are visiting the museum's sea creature exhibit. Vinny refers to their presence as a rendezvous followed by saying he's been worried about Scoot.
  • In addition to Vinny wondering where Scoot was, Scoot wondered where Vine was.
    Scoot: Oh, bro! Where have you been lately. I was really worried because I haven't seen you for a while!
  • Scoot wants a pool as big as the sea creature tank in the museum. Vinny thinks it's because the pool he already has is tiny. Vinny wonders if he can get Scoot to live in the museum instead.
  • Lucky asks Vine if he wonders why he's carrying a shovel. Vinny says this could go in a weird direction, but he turns out to only be planning to build a tunnel between their houses. Vinny says he doesn't want to be in Vine's basement because he is the one disposing of bodies, and that would be the last thing Lucky ever sees.

     Mayor Vine / Imakuni Crossover! 
This section covers the crossover Vinny did with fellow Vinesauce streamer Imakuni, who has also done a significant amount of Animal Crossing: New Leaf streams. Southbird lists his highlight video as part of the Mayor Vine series, though his numbering scheme does not group it with the other episodes.

  • Vinny says he's been getting tired of his town and wants to see more of the world. Vine then gets on a train and Vinny says "Is this Animal Crossing crossover? Or perhaps 'Animal Crossover'?"
  • Vine gets off the train in the town of Knothole and Vinny is greeted by Imakuni. Vinny says her character is a bit of a dictator.
  • Mayor Risa, Imakuni's character, throws beans at Vine repeatedly and Imakuni says "Put the beans on it, Vin!" and Vinny says "Thank you" multiple times in an increasingly deadpan manner while Vine looks surprised every time he has beans thrown at him.
  • Vinny compliments the flowers in Knothole and says it would be a shame if something were to happen to them. Imakuni tells Vinny not to trample the flowers, several of which are hybrids.
  • Vine enters Camofrog's house. Vinny says he likes Camofrog and Imakuni asks if he wants him, and he says "not really" to her offer. It turns Imakuni despises Camofrog because he ended up being a Jerkass after moving to her town. Camofrog tells Vine that he's been hesitant to make friends with out-of-town visitors.
  • Vinny asks Imakuni about her town and what she does, what she likes, and what she's going for.
    Imakuni: I'm going for the whole, uh, "I have to rule everything and everyone has to listen to me" because fuck you.
    Vinny: Your villagers must love you.
    Imakuni: Oh yeah, they love me! They love me when I scream at them.
  • Vine speaks to Wolfgang, who randomly sniffs him upon meeting him. Meanwhile, Imakuni says she's gotten requests to catch butterflies while it's raining and thus can't catch one without going to the island.
  • Vinny offers Imakuni some duck villagers because of all the duck amiibo cards he has. Afterward, Imakuni says she had Cherry in her town for a while and she moved out, wanting to leave town to become a pro paintballer. Imakuni adds that her viewers said Cherry escaped the salt mines from Vinny's streams when she moved in and Vinny references how Cherry has moved out of his own town twice.
  • Vinny notices how Risa's town has multiple animals living near it, not unlike Vine's.
  • Vine enters Risa's house, which contains multiple toilets. Vinny also notices how a toilet is being used as a computer chair, a decor choice that also showed up when Imakuni streamed Happy Home Designer.
  • Vinny comments on how there's a box of tissues in addition to multiple toilets. Imakuni claims there's no specific reason for why it's behind a picture of Isabelle.
  • Vinny asks "What's all this creepy shit?" when seeing the random assortment of items in Risa's basement, specifically mentioning the portable toilet and bones. Imakuni says they're ingredients for a bomb, which is to be used to threaten the villagers into obeying orders.
  • Vinny refers to the Unknown Machine in his hometown, saying that he doesn't know what it does, but that Southbird has figured it out: When it's pressed, something random explodes, either in a different town or a different game. He wonders what would happen then, and it shows Cling On and Vinesauce failing to propose in Vinesauce Tomodachi Life. Vinny says Southbird will figure out the rest and that he believes in him.
  • Vinny sees the house of a human resident other than Risa and wonders who lives there. Imakuni says to ignore it and the resident remains unseen and unnamed.
  • Vine and Risa are on Main Street. Vinny says they're "going to flavor town" and he and Imakuni reference Guy Fieri a few times.
  • Vine is at Knothole's museum. He speaks to Soleil, whose name Vinny has trouble pronouncing. Vinny finds her "cheekers" Verbal Tic to be funny.
  • Vine talks to Apple, who correctly assumes that Vine is from out of town, followed by insulting him.
    Apple: My name is Apple. And you must be Vine! It's SUPER nice to meet you, eat my ass!
    Vinny: All right, I've had enough video games! I'm so fucking done with this shit.
  • After his character is insulted by Apple, Vinny adds to her dialogue by saying "everyone loves to make friends and eat ass" in Knothole.
  • Vinny tells Imakuni about how Vineland's residents are working in the salt mines. Imakuni says a viewer pointed that out when Cherry moved to her town, with said viewer saying that Cherry fled to Knothole to escape the salt mines, with Cherry leaving to become a pro paintballer not long afterward.
  • Vinny says his style of dictatorship is that he's aloof and opens time capsules before they're supposed to be opened, sends animals to work for Tom Nook, and may have bodies in the basement. Imakuni says she does the same things.
  • While Risa is speaking to Kapp'n, Vinny says he's allergic to apples and thus can't comply with Apple's "eat my ass" catchphrase. Imakuni says she was fully aware of this.
  • Vine and Risa go to the island. Vinny comments on the scene with "Two Fieris going to Flavor Island. All right."
  • Imakuni asks Vinny if he "wants some nugs" and the "nugs" turn out to be a gold nugget. Vinny is very happy to receive this.
  • Vinny gets ready to leave, but Imakuni says he hasn't seen the fire pit yet. She says it's where animals are sacrificed as punishment. Vinny finds the calm way she said it to be scary.
  • Vine gets ready to board the train while Vinny discusses the fire pit, saying that he doesn't have one and simply disposes of animals' bodies in his basement.
  • Risa is visiting Da Burbs. Vinny says he doesn't have any "welcome beans" so he types an in-game message instead. He starts to type "cum in" but ends up saying "hi" instead, followed by claiming that what he was typing "definitely wasn't going to be a filthy message" and that he edited at least two supposedly non-dirty messages before hitting the "send" button.
  • Vinny introduces Da Burbs by saying it's "kind of shitty" and underdeveloped. He speaks to Scoot, who heard he has company and wants to meet her.
  • Vinny shows Imakuni Da Burbs' Town Tree, which is small because of how little time has been spent there. Imakuni says her Town Tree is small as well.
  • Vine and Risa try on ridiculous clothing, with the latter putting on a dress and hat with marijuana leaves on them and the former wearing a Scoot shirt and hat and skeleton pants.
  • Vinny discusses his abandoned attempt to give his front room a pirate theme.
    Vinny: This was, um, for a little while an attempt at a pirate theme, and then it turned into, like, pirate plus barber shop and assholes.
  • Vine and Risa have a "jam session" with Vine on guitar and Risa on drums.
    Vinny: That's the sound of music dying.
  • Imakuni comments on Vinny's gravestones, saying she's going to need some eventually. Vinny says they're good to have when there are dead villagers in the basement.
  • Vine's second floor is briefly seen, with the room containing several space-themed items as well as the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Vinny notes a graphical glitch that caused Vine and Risa to merge into "super Fieri" for a moment.
  • Vine hits Risa with an axe while she's sitting on a rock. Nothing happens, and he turns around when she faces him.
    Vinny: It's rubber, bro! It's just a prank, bro!
  • Vinny tells Imakuni to look deep into Coco's eye holes. Imakuni says she likes Coco, especially because she has a bonfire like the one in Knothole.
  • Vine checks the bulletin board while Risa is in a hurry to leave Da Burbs.
    It's hip to fuck bees

    - ♂ Marisa ♂
    —Risa from Knothole

    Vinny: GET OUT!
  • Vinny concludes the stream by telling viewers to check out Imakuni's channel. Southbird shows the URL for her channel onscreen.

     Part 16: Mayor Fieri 
  • Vinny says "Hi, Isabelle" when starting the game, followed by a Tucker skit featuring Tucker telling his mom that Vinesauce streams say "hail Satan" when played in reverse.
  • Vinny is surprised to see Leif sleeping where a house once was. Vinny says Ganon moved out. Vine talks to Molly, who is surprised to see him again, though Vinny says "Crenando's gone" when she says her "crenando" Verbal Tic.
  • Molly wants to visit Vine's house, saying that she's been studying new interior design techniques and wants to learn from him. Vinny claims he's a duck after seeing this request. Molly wants to visit after 6 PM and Vine says 6:30 is OK, but Vinny's clock is an hour behind, as Southbird points out, so Vinny doesn't realize the scheduled time is more than three minutes later.
  • Vine checks his mail while waiting for Molly. He received a letter from Coco, who moved away. Vinny is surprised to find out that Coco is the one who moved from the spot Leif is standing in, and that Ganon wasn't the one who moved.
  • Vine comes across Ganon, with Vinny reacting negatively upon seeing him still living in Da Burbs. Ganon says Molly told him his room needs more decorations. Vinny wants to make keeping track of villagers easier, so Vine places a tile with Scoot's face on it in front of Scoot's house.
  • Vine enters his house, which has a cockroach problem. Vinny says he has to kill them before Molly arrives. Not long afterward, he notices that his clock is set to 5:30 PM, so Molly isn't arriving yet.
  • Lucky forgot what Vine looks like after going so long without seeing him. Vinny wonders what he looks like under his bandages, suspecting him to be Cherry in disguise.
  • Vine is at Redd's art gallery. Vinny comments on the art, saying that the Beautiful Statue is worth buying for its realistic breasts alone.
  • Vine is speaking to Harvey at the campground. Vinny interprets his reference to "smelling the vegan burrito every once in a while" as an Unusual Euphemism for marijuana usage.
  • Vine speaks to Bella on Main Street and she's happy to see him again. Vinny comments on how the plague has come back to town. Vine tries to ignore her and speaks to Bob instead.
  • Vine is at Shampoodle. He describes his desired style as being that of a casual, yet stylish role model. He ends up with spiky blond hair, intended by Vinny to make him look like Guy Fieri along with his sunglasses.
  • Vinny comments on how Scoot is always at the museum, thinking he's avoiding him. Scoot says it's been a long time since he's seen Vine, and that he's been working out while he's been away. He wants to have Vine work out with him sometime.
  • Vinny comments that Scoot's face is that of a duck who barely knows what it's like to be alive. He then jokes about Peking duck with orange sauce using a Guy Fieri impression.
  • Vinny sees Freckles and refers to her as a mistake. She says she wants to be friends with Vine after meeting him, followed by inviting him to her house. Vine obliges, despite Vinny being weirded out by the conversation.
  • Vinny tries to figure out where Freckles lives. He refers to her as "the outcast" after seeing that she doesn't live close to Vine.
  • Vine is at Freckles's house. Vinny wonders why there isn't a bed. Freckles says something in her house "looks like a bed" and is in fact one, but she doesn't use it as one. Vinny is disgusted by this, so Vine leaves not long afterward.
  • Vinny closes the stream by saying it was short and says he'll move another villager in, saying he plans to get Ganon to move out. Vinny also references Southbird's Beast Intersection series, specifically referencing the custom text featured in those videos.

     Part 17: Birthday Duck 
  • Vinny discusses plans he had for after he left the studio earlier: To attend Scoot's birthday party.
  • Vinny uses his Scoot voice while Animal Crossing: New Leaf is selected on the Home Menu. This is cut short when he notices that it's getting close to midnight, thus it won't be Scoot's birthday for much longer.
  • Vinny is happy to see that Scoot is home and awake. Vine enters Scoot's house and Inkwell is also attending Scoot's birthday party. Scoot greets Vine, or "bro" as he calls him.
  • Inkwell asks Vine if he was also ready for a birthday party. Inkwell says he skipped going to a hockey tournament so he could be there, which Vinny takes to mean he and Scoot were working out together.
  • Scoot asks if Vine has something for him, and Vine says he does. He starts to hand him a durian, but decides to give him something better instead, with Scoot assuming Vine said what he did because of a mistake.
  • Vine is at his house to get Scoot a birthday present. Molly is outside as well. Vine decides to give him the Beautiful Statue he previously got from Redd. Vinny says the statue's bare breasts aren't distasteful because it's art, and that Scoot is probably old enough to look at breasts. Vinny adds that Scoot is into Cyrus.
  • Vine hands Scoot the statue, which Vinny again jokes about, saying that he doesn't know what Scoot's reaction will be, not helped by the fact that a decorative tree is blocking the view of Scoot's face.
  • Scoot says he really wasn't expecting to receive a Beautiful Statue. He thanks Vine and says he's glad to have him as a friend. Scoot adds that "Days like this really make [him] appreciate all [his] bros and ladybros" and Vinny is amused by that.
  • Vinny comments on the way Scoot is strutting, comparing it to Creator/Karlpilkington and realizing that this is why he likes Scoot.
  • Inkwell says today brought him and Scoot closer together as friends, though Vinny wants him to stay away from Scoot. Scoot says he'll take good care of his present and keep others from messing with it. He imagines that Scoot might reach for the statue's breasts in his sleep and imagine Cyrus's abs instead.
  • Molly tells Vine that Lucky said he is thinking about moving. She isn't sure if he's serious, but wants Vine to check just in case. Vinny thinks he's a negligent mayor and that everyone is leaving because of that.
  • Phineas gives Vine a badge because of how many Bells he saved. Vinny compares Phineas to Colonel Sanders and also comments on the "Bell-pincher" description Vine received in the past.
  • Vinny makes Guy Fieri jokes while Vine pulls weed while dressed as Guy Fieri. Vinny thinks this needs to stop.
  • Vine is at the Nooklings' store. Freckles tells him that she wishes there were two of her so she could shop twice as fast, with Vinny adding that she can already see in multiple directions at once because of how far apart her eyes are.
  • Vine asks about a Dharma at the Nooklings' store. Vinny says it's "almost like a Wario nesting doll" and buys it because of that. After leaving, Vine talks to Bob, who decided to visit Da Burbs and is happy to see Vine. Bob adds that it's fun to visit Main Street during off hours, leading Vinny to comment that "Bob is a fascinating creature."
  • Vinny mentions "grind[ing] ass in this beast intersectional" and Vine dances at Club LOL with his back next to Gala's. After going back into town, Drake asks if Vine's absence was because he was on a cruise with a huge buffet, saying he wished he could have been there. Vinny comments that it would have been a huge buffet with "Vine Fieri" attending.
  • Medli comments on the weather, saying she wants to make tarte tatin later. Vinny doesn't know what that is, nor does he know how to pronounce it.
  • Hopkins talks about how he hasn't seen Vine in a while, with his comment being exactly the same as Drake's cruise-related comment, leading Vinny to wonder how everyone is hearing about the buffet. Hopkins also says he's heard a rumor that Vine is a hometown hero, which Vinny says is better than rumors saying he has no neck and has a dubious taste in food.
  • Lucky comments on the weather, saying he's been craving tom yum kung because of it. Vinny says he almost misread the dish's name in a very bad way.
  • Lucky says he had a chat with "Knothole from Risa" and quickly realizes he meant to say Risa from Knothole. Lucky claims she's a shopaholic and Vinny agrees.
  • Vine visits Scoot's house. Vinny laughs after seeing that Scoot is displaying his birthday present in his room, declaring that to be the best moment ever. Vine speaks to Scoot, who asks if he's moving in and talks about how to use a fishing rod.
  • Vinny is confused as to where Vine would stay if he moved in with Scoot, wondering if he would sleep on the bench. After Vine sits on the bench, Scoot stands in front of him, preventing him from getting up, which catches Vinny off guard.
  • Vinny says that Scoot's bathtub is his bed and wonders if that's where Scoot would have Vine stay. Vine then visits Franklin's RV at the campground, with Vinny commenting on the assorted food dishes he has. Vinny suggests putting turkey, specifically Franklin himself, in the soup. Vine leaves not long afterward.
  • Molly asks for Vine's opinion on how she says "crenando" often, wondering if she should says something else. Vine tells her to say "4K" instead.
  • Drake says it's funny how he keeps running into Vine. He tells Vine that Lucky forgot Inkwell's name, but Inkwell didn't mind, so the situation wasn't as awkward as Drake expected.
  • Vinny tells Southbird he has something to add, referring to the Unknown Machine. Vine presses it and it causes plane crashes.
  • The episode is closed with Vinny saying that it began with Scoot's birthday and was followed by innuendo.

     Part 18: Pharaoh Vine 
  • Isabelle hasn't seen Vine in a while and was worried, saying everyone was asking about him. After Vine exits his house, it turns out a new villager moved into the spot where Coco's house was.
  • The new villager is Bill, who's another duck. He doesn't recall meeting Vine and wonders if he was practicing boxing near the river, because he recalls seeing him before speaking to him. While this conversation is going on, Vinny says he's kicking out all non-duck villagers, but that the process is too slow to be noticeable.
  • Vine speaks to Bill again. Vinny is confused by the fact that Bill says "quacko" because that's what Drake, or "Quackbert" as Vinny calls him, also says.
  • Vine checks his mail while Molly walks around near his house, with Vinny assuming she's being nosy. Lucky sent a letter saying he moved away.
  • Scoot said in a letter that his birthday present opened up new possibilities in his exercise routine. Vinny finds it questionable that he's saying this about a topless statue, and thinks Molly is being nosy about this because she's still walking around nearby.
  • Scoot mailed Vine a work shirt. Vinny takes this to mean that Scoot thinks Vine should stop acting like a TV show host and get a job.
  • Molly has a present for Freckles, but doesn't feel confident enough to deliver it herself. She wants Vine to deliver it and he accepts, with Vinny commenting that Molly doesn't like to look at Freckles.
  • Phineas has another badge for Vine. The badge is to commemorate the time Vine has spent in Da Burbs, with Vinny snarkily commenting on how he's spent so much time away from Da Burbs.
  • Medli tells Vine about how Hopkins asked her to take something to Freckles's house. Phineas is right next to the two during this conversation, leading to another comment about how the town's residents are nosy, listening in on conversations and watching Vine read his mail, also adding that no one seems to want to visit Freckles.
  • Vine looks at Scoot for a while. Phineas is nearby again, and he gets even closer when Vine speaks to Scoot, who's discussing a karate event that was on TV.
    Vinny: Phineas? Can you just fuck off for a second?
  • Scoot and Freckles are seen speaking to each other, with Vine hiding behind a tree. The conversation ends when Phineas starts pushing Scoot to the side.
  • Vine gives Freckles the delivery he was tasked with earlier. It's a six-ball tee, which she changes into immediately. Vine says it looks great, but Vinny himself doesn't think that. Vine receives a bamboo shoot in return for the delivery.
  • Medli tells Vine to clean out his letters every once in a while, which Vinny doesn't take well. Vine then speaks to Inkwell, leading Vinny to comment again about how he once said he planned to leave.
  • Inkwell is surprised to see Vine walking around with an axe and questions whether he should be doing so. Vinny thinks it would be no big loss if he cut off a tentacle, because he would still have seven left.
  • Scoot brags about his massage chair and thinks it's something Vine would be into. He eagerly offers it to Vine, who acknowledges how awkward the situation is when accepting it. When Vine sits on it, Vinny says it stabs the sitter in the butt, though Vinny denies there's anything sexual about why it does so.
  • Vine buys a pharaoh's outfit. He puts it on and also puts on the King Tut mask he had in storage. Vinny isn't sure what to think about the outfit, and acknowledges that the mask is cursed.
  • Vine goes to see if Kicks has any shoes to go with the pharaoh's outfit. He buys some tropical sandals. Vinny wants the animals and their descendants to help build a pyramid for Vine.
  • Vine comes across a scorpion when wandering around town. Vinny mistakes it for a lobster and doesn't think much of it at first, but then it starts chasing him when he gets his net out.
  • Vine frantically runs away from the scorpion, with Molly trying to get his attention while he's doing so, and Vine ends up getting stung and knocked unconscious when he tries to turn around and catch it.
  • Hopkins asks Vine if he's been to an all-you-can-eat buffet and proceeds to gush about buffets. He says he once ate enough spanakopita to pop a button off his pants. Hopkins also heard that Medli is moving.
  • Vine checks the ground to see if he can extend the road to the part of town Hopkins lives in. He then comes across a "gathering" of birds in front of Re-Tail, with Freckles wanting him to bury a time capsule from her biggest fan, who is herself. Vine accepts.
  • Medli notices that Vine has a mosquito in his pocket and wants it. She ends up buying it from him, though Vinny doesn't see the need for her to pay for it.
  • Scoot brings up how Medli has plans to move, thinking that the rumor may have been that she likes toys that move. Vinny interprets the "toys that move" comment as innuendo.
  • Freckles reminds Vine that he has a time capsule to bury. Vine ends up opening it himself and removing the dice tank from it. Vine buries the shirt without burying the time capsule itself.
  • Freckles isn't happy that Vine opened her time capsule and ends up being shocked that he removed its contents. Vinny uses the King Tut mask's curse as a scapegoat for what happened.
  • Vine looks at the pizza in his pizza room. He then activates the Unknown Machine in the room, which results in a strange montage instead of a single object being affected.
  • Scoot gives Vine a lady palm and Vinny doesn't know what it is. Scoot says he gave it to him just for being nice to him.
  • Vine puts the tree he got from Scoot in his front room. He then walks around town to find more villagers to interact with, with Vinny assuming the villagers giving him gifts are either paying tribute to Vine because of his pharaoh outfit or attempting to cover up a plot.

     Part 19: Playing Ketchup 
  • Vinny starts by saying it's time to check on the village, and adds that the villagers live debaucherous lives when the game isn't being played.
  • Vinny starts to say he tries not to do too much at once, then interrupts himself after noticing Vine's pharaoh outfit, which he forgot about.
    Vinny: "Oh, right, I forgot. I'm... I'm Ra."
  • Vinny guesses that one of the letters he received was from a villager who moved away. He's correct, as he turns out to have such a letter from Medli, who's said to be cursed by Vine due to Vine's pharaoh outfit.
  • Drake talks to Vine about a letter Vine wrote to him. The letter apologized about stealing a shirt, with Vine claiming he has "duck problems" as an excuse. Vinny claims his duck problems haven't been solved, and Drake is then shown thanking Vine.
  • Inkwell thinks Vine wants him for a new sports league and is eager to join. Vinny interprets it as a possible reference to Splatoon 2 e-sports. Inkwell claims someone previously wanted him to join a bowling venture, but he turned down that offer.
  • Vinny is surprised to see a gorilla at the campsite. She turns out to be Rocket, and Vinny thinks her name indicates that she went to the moon. She thinks Da Burbs is a nice town.
  • Vine speaks to Freckles, who lost a bet that Vine's absence was because he was gone forever, losing her Little Ms. Moussaka title as a result.
  • Vinny comments that the ducks in Da Burbs have bad fashion senses, noting that Drake is wearing tie-dye and Freckles is wearing a six-ball shirt.
  • Vine is running around town and suddenly trips, and Vinny comments on how his mask is causing tripping due to its unluckiness.
  • Ganon says he had a dream about Jahn from Music. Vinny doesn't like the idea of the Jahns from his Tomodachi Life streams having any involvement in the plot of his Animal Crossing: New Leaf streams, due to what they did in the former game.
  • Vinny sees that Joey's house is being built in the northeasternmost part of town, next to Ketchup's house, calling that part of town a "little colony". Vinny acts like he doesn't know who Joey is, except that he's a duck.
  • Vine goes shopping at the Nooklings' store and sees Curly there. Vinny wants to buy Curly from the Nooklings, also wanting knives to make bacon out of him.
  • Vine speaks to a surprised-looking Ketchup, who Vinny thinks looks like she was caught doing something he wasn't supposed to know about, particularly the fact that she left town. Vinny says he's afraid that Scoot will be the next villager to move away.
  • Ganon notices Vine's pharaoh outfit, with Vinny noting he's the first to point it out. Ganon loves it because he's interested in ancient Egyptian mysteries, which Vinny attributes to part of a plan to use knowledge of said mysteries to invade Hyrule.
  • Vine changes his outfit because the King Tut mask is unlucky. He chooses a Santa hat and a pair of sunglasses.
  • Vinny comments on whether he's said hello to Joey, then visits Chadder at the campsite and comments on Chadder's name.
    Vinny: "You know, like cheddar, 'cause you're cheese, but Chad? Do you know how much pussy this guy gets?"
  • Vinny sees Bella at the Able Sisters' shop and references her reputation as a plague rat. The scene then switches to Vine witnessing Drake apparently defending himself from Ganon and winning the fight.
  • Vinny refers to Joey as "Karl" due to his resemblance to Karl Pilkington and reads his text with a Karl Pilkington impression.
  • Vinny says his ideal Christmas present is for Ganon to get kicked out, followed by a duck replacing him.
  • Scoot shows Vine the first letter he received from him, and refers to it as one of his most prized possessions. Scoot then wants Vine to bury a time capsule for him. After this, Vinny notes that Scoot has the Beautiful Statue he previously received for his birthday displayed in his house, noting that the statue is topless.
  • Vine buries Scoot's time capsule on Christmas, and Vinny says it's part of some "Scoot lore", which he says there's a lot of, such as Scoot's real name possibly being Scooter.
  • Vine is shown in his basement graveyard, which now has cockroaches in it. Vinny says that's where the bones of animals who moved out or tried to move out are kept.
  • After a Time Skip to four months later, Vinny is surprised that Vine is still dressed as Santa Claus, and says he's going through a fashion crisis.
  • Vine's checking his mail. Molly moved away, and says she was reluctant to move in her letter. Vine is then seen at the Nooklings' store, where Ketchup is visiting. Vine speaks to her and Vinny makes the pun "We should play Ketchup" on her name as a reference to Vine's absence.
  • Vine is at Shampoodle, and Vinny says he thinks Southbird will be able to get a full episode of highlights from the footage.
  • Vine gets a new hairstyle. Vinny predicts that it'll look stupid, and Vinny thinks Harriet turned Vine into "green Spock" after he gets a green bowl cut.
    Vinny: [using a Spock impression] "No! Noooo! No! It's not logical! It's... not... logical!"
  • Vine tries on a heart shirt at the Able Sisters' shop, followed by buying it and a jockey helmet. Vinny thinks the helmet "fixes things a little bit" because it covers up the "green Spock" haircut he received from Harriet.
  • Vine comes across Cherry at Club LOL. Her comment that "This huge sound... It stirs up my animal blood!" is interpreted as lewd by Vinny, who scolds her for saying that. This segues into a parody of "Cherry Pie" by Warrant.
  • Vine comes across Drake, who's thought to be becoming a second favorite. Vine then speaks to Scoot, who wants his time capsule back. Vine replaces his heart shirt with a sweater, which Vinny thinks is an improvement, followed by digging up the time capsule.
  • Vinny comments on how Scoot hasn't changed his clothes, and says he's considered deleting and re-adding Scoot to get his old outfit back. Vinny then quits the game.
  • Vinny comments that the stream is coming to the end of an era, adding that interactions and lore are the fun part. He says regular streams will continue if a Nintendo Switch installment comes out.
  • Vinny jokes that he doesn't recall moving Joey in, followed by saying that Southbird will cut to him adding Joey. This footage, which Southbird refers to something he usually omits, features Vinny scanning a Joey amiibo card and referring to Joey as Karl Pilkington in duck form.
  • After Joey is shown being asked to move to Da Burbs, Vinny says he'll look like a fool after "forgetting" about Joey being asked to move in. He repeats saying he'll look like a fool for the sake of intentionally Tempting Fate so the King Tut mask will make him trip, which didn't happen immediately. He suggests that Southbird cut to Vine tripping, which ends up happening at the end of the video.