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Vampires Are Sex Gods

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Don't worry, I won't bite... unless you want me to.

"My throbbing vampire dick is a fan-based parody. Its shaft, balls, and scrotum are a property of me, Jan Valentine, and whatever bitch I happen to be giving it to at the time. Please support my dick by helping with its official release! You know you want to..."
Jan Valentine, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged

Vampires tend to have a lot of sex appeal. It may be because Evil Is Sexy, but not all vampires are evil, so maybe it's because they're bad boys or sultry Femme Fatales. The bloodsucking may be a great fetish source, something about a quick sting of pain followed by pleasure. Or maybe they just figure hundreds of years of practice at love making makes them really, really good at it. Whatever the reason is, people find vampires arousing, and writers use that to please the fans, and sometimes themselves.

This goes back pretty far, since vampirism has long been a metaphor for sexual activity, sexual predators, and/or sexual transmitted diseases in legends. The very term "vamp" is an evolution of this metaphor. Vampires' thirst and consumption of bodily fluids makes them animalistic predators; therefore, their sexual needs are more basic and rougher, which can be a Fetish for some people, hence the expression "necking". The other part of the Trope goes to the Victorian ideals of womanhood: pale, frail, and bloodless, which was the effect of tuberculosis, aka "consumption", on women, which is part of where the vampire myth originated. Certainly, a lot of vampires have Raven Hair, Ivory Skin.

The question of how vampires can be sexually active despite being clinically dead (in most settings),note  and what it says about the people attracted to them anyway, tends to be hand waved or played for squicky laughs. Other Undead (except possibly death knights, if they—like this sort of vampire—fall into the pale, looks-almost-alive variety) such as Zombies usually tended not to get this treatment as they are almost always less human-looking and more obviously dead. However, this trend seems to be changing: other types of undead beings, like zombies and mummies, are nowadays increasingly being portrayed as humanlike and physically attractive. It's rare in a Fur Against Fang scenario, or Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle, for Werewolves to get the same treatment, as sipping from your vein is easier to make sexy than being mauled and eaten, but some go ahead anyway to portray that bestial power as alluring.

Related to Kiss of the Vampire, Romantic Vampire Boy, and Hemo Erotic. A subtrope of You Sexy Beast. Contrast Feral Vampires, although the less severe versions of that aren't incompatible with this..


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Digimon Ghost Game, the vampire Digimon Myotismon manages to blend into human society perfectly enough to become a Pretty Boy Corrupt Corporate Executive who easily manages to invite female Internet influencers to his Evil Tower of Ominousness and turn them into his thralls with little to no resistance on their part.
  • Seraphim and Sarasvasti from Is This A Zombie?. Especially Sera — she just stepped on to the stage and was instantly ranked number 7.
  • Vassalord is based on this trope, being a Ho Yay-drenched manga about a pair of extremely sexy male vampires who spend a lot of their pagetime having not-quite-sex-but-it-sure-does-look-it with each other.
  • Midnight Secretary takes this one step further. Rather than just being inherently appealing, it is stated that vampires actually prefer to have sex with their prey before they feed, since arousal improves the taste of blood (in a blatant denial of HoYay/LesYay, vampires in this universe can't feed on humans of the same sex). This is a major plot point, since it is part of what fuels the ensuing romance between the male and female leads.
  • Diabolik Lovers is probably famous for this trope. More than for its actual storyline, Diabolik Lovers is known for being very obscene. Why would you bite the heroine in her neck when you can suck blood from her inner thighs? Not only do we get a ton of sadistic vampires, multiple of them seem to be sexual deviants as well.
  • Seraph of the End: Vampire nobles, and even regular vampires, tend to be sexy Bishōnen or Bishoujo with plenty of mention of their looks. Of the male vampires, Crowley, Ferid, and Mika are Mr. Fanservice and Crowley and Mika fall into Even the Guys Want Him as well.
  • Carmilla from the 2018 anime iteration of Gegege No Kitaro is a well-endowed vampire with a deep voice and a penchant for young girls, including Neko Musume, she also likes to take blood baths.
  • Interspecies Reviewers explains why vampires are the most palatable of the undead to bed: They preserve their mortal beauty (and often improve on it due to certain vampiric traits), pair it with long-lived experience/skill, and do not have the coldness, the stench of death, or the lack of skin and flesh other undead have to deal with. The Count Call Girlula keeps some undead, including his faithful vampire bride Soufu, in a harem that is allowed to operate as the brothel Necrowife during his downtime sleeping in a coffin; as he spends long years resting, he cannot keep mortal women in his harem as they would get bored.

    Card Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering: The vampires of the Innistrad block, rather than being true undead, are ageless immortals who happen to share some vampiric traits like bloodthirst and aversion to sunlight. This fools some humans, who eagerly wish to become vampires themselves. Vampires outside of Innistrad avert this, being undead abominations and looking the part.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Vampire Vamp certainly plays up the image of, well, The Vamp. Her effect, which equips an opposing monster to herself, suggests she's a Femme Fatale who enchants and seduces the opposing monster with her looks. In face, the Konami article "PRIO Preview: A Vampiric Revamp," this is also supported by describing its effect as "mesmerizing any opposing monster".

    Comic Books 
  • Josie from Chester Brown's underground comic Ed the Happy Clown was created specifically to take advantage of this trope.
  • Vampirella and her alias, Vampi. It's not just her amazonian looks or skimpy costume either; she actually has a supernatural effect on most men from her presence alone and can make them do what she wants.
  • The vamps in the comic adaptations of the Anita Blake novels are very pretty, as befits the bloodline.
  • In The Tomb of Dracula, the Count assaults attractive women in every issue, and the act of biting is often described in sexual terms.
  • Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl is not quite clear on this with Ragamuffin, as all the characters are caricatures. Lenore is mentioned to be extremely cute, in spite of her quite grotesque, morbid traits, implying that both Lenore and Ragamuffin would be beautiful if they were realistically portrayed.
  • Vampires in Life Sucks aren't necessarily any better-looking than humans, but with the ability to cloud the minds of others comes the potential to force others to fall in love with them. The protagonist describes it as glorified date rape.
  • In The Unwritten, after Richie Savoy gets turned into a vampire, he apparently has lots of sex with gothy vampire groupies. (Helped along by the fact that he's outed himself as a vampire in a bestselling book.)
  • Zig-Zagging Trope in Requiem Vampire Knight: a great number of them are butt-ugly such as Mortis, Cryptos and Black Sabbath, and those that aren't have tattoos carved into their faces that makes them very fearsome. With that said, some prominent vampires such as Requiem, Claudia and Nero are heavily sexualized regardless and even Dracula, who looks like a 9-foot winged titan with fangs as large as sabretooth has a massive harem of brides.
  • Durham Red from Strontium Dog is an interesting example in that she's actually a mutant with a condition resembling vampirism. She still tends to be played up as an Action Girl Ms. Fanservice character, with an appearance similar to the main character in BloodRayne.note 
  • Many female vampires from the Chaos! Comics verse fit the bill, with Purgatori as probably the most obvious example. She's basically a demon-vampire hybrid, hence her red-skinned Horned Winged Humanoid appearance, but she needs blood to survive. When she was human she was the favorite consort of the Pharaoh, so you do the math.
  • Raptors centers around a vampiric brother and sister, Drago and Camilla, who have sworn to annihilate the fallen members of their own race who have chosen to become part of the masquerade. They're both portrayed as stunningly attractive and temptuous, as well as sensual lovers (including, incidentally, to each other).

    Fan Works 
  • NGE: Bloodlust has Rei becoming a vampire. It makes her a borderline nymphomaniac and Maya gets herself off by being fed on by a vamp.
  • Discussed in Imperfect Metamorphosis, where part of Yukari's dismissal of Remilia involves mocking how often people and vampires themselves believe this trope, when most of the time vampires are just arrogant blowhards. (In Remilia's defense, having the body of a ten-year-old is not really conducive to a sexy persona.)
  • Looking like prepubescent girls does not save the vampiric Scarlet sisters from the huge shipping community in the Touhou Project fandom. In fact, they receive more shipping attention than most characters, be it with their employees, friends or each other.
  • In Promstuck, Vriska assumes Kanaya must be filled with uncontrollable lust because she's a Rainbow Drinker (vampire). This leads to Aren't You Going to Ravish Me? moment when Vriska seems to be wanting Kanaya to take sexual liberties with her. Kanaya is not amused by this groundless sterotyping.
  • Twilight Sparkle attempts to invoke this in the Friendship is Witchcraft episode "Lunar Slander":
    Princess "Luna" Molestia: I do not see how these scary teeth will make me more sexy.
    Twilight: Because... vampire!
  • Played for Laughs in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. As she's being cornered by Anderson, Seras briefly considers seducing him to try an get away. She quickly crushes the idea upon remembering that she isn't "an eight year old boy".
  • Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way of My Immortal is an example, as every male character seems to be banging her.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Dracula:
    • The original Dracula (1931) made Bela Lugosi a sex symbol.
    • Christopher Lee didn't do too badly with the character either in Horror of Dracula.
    • The 1979 film with Frank Langella was really the first attempt to deliberately present Dracula as a romantic and attractive figure. When the film was being made it was mentioned that Dracula being attractive was to make him more terrifying in a way; it effectively hides the monster underneath and at the time was quite novel, to mislead the audience.
    • Bram Stoker's Dracula: The bloodsucking is played very erotically, Dracula's brides pleasuring Jonathan like a threesome. Lucy's death ends in a parallel to The Immodest Orgasm, and vampire!Lucy tries to seduce Arthur.
  • In Embrace of the Vampire, the vampire serves as a dark and tempting contrast to the heroine's mortal boyfriend. The vampire believes her to be the reincarnation of his lover when he was a mortal and attempts to rekindle their relationship in the present. He tries to seduce her through dreams, an effort made easier by the fact that just about everyone around her is trying to convince her to be more hedonistic. At the climax, the vampire has put her in a trance and is about to bite her so they can share Eternal Love but then she whispers her boyfriend's name. The vampire tries to convince her to forget him, but she whispers his name again. Stricken, the vampire realizes he has no chance with her and releases her. He then commits Suicide by Sunlight.
  • Freaks of Nature: Petra is very attractive, and so is her sire Milan, who is Tall, Dark, and Handsome as befitting a parody of Edward Cullen. Lorelei also qualifies after being turned into a vampire (helps that she's played by Vanessa Hudgens), even remarking that her boobs grew in size.
  • While not technically a vampire, Mrs. Bathory in Hostel Part II evokes this trope when she kills Lorna, stripping naked and bathing in Lorna's blood after slitting her throat.
  • Exploited Trope in From Dusk Till Dawn. Santanico Pandemonium and the rest of the female vampires pose as strippers at the Titty Twister Bar to lure in victims. When they drop the act and adopt their Game Face, they're not so appealing anymore...

  • Early legends of vampires often depicted them as lustful beings.
    • The Slavic belief that female vampires can live a normal life and marry, where they would exhaust their husbands with their sexual demands.
    • The Yugoslavian belief that a male vampire will eventually kill his widow with sexual attentions. The probable explanation, according to Vampires, Burial and Death: Folklore and Reality by Paul Barber has to do with exhumed men's corpses having the appearance of erections due to the gases of decomposition puffing out the genitalia as well as other parts of the body.

  • A Dowry of Blood: Dracula is a handsome vampire, who is described in various erotic manners and is noted to be a great seducer of both genders.
  • Vampires from The Twilight Saga never get tired, never have to eat, never have to go to the bathroom, and (apparently) lack a refractory period, since they never stop. That doesn't mean they can't get people pregnant, of course… But only the men. Female vampires can't ever get pregnant.
    • The attractiveness factor is touched on in the books, saying they use their beauty as a way to lure people in to feed on them.
  • Dracula never presented Drac as sexy, described as having a big, beak-like nose, a unibrow, and hairy palms. Him being thought of as a sex god comes from him being a metaphor for sex, at a time when sex was viewed as completely repulsive and subversively fascinating at the same time. There's still something irresistible about him and his three "brides", but it's probably supernatural mind powers. He does tend to target attractive women though, so the brides and his other victims are an example.
    • The female vampires play this trope dead straight, however - the male protagonists are shown to be irresistibly attracted to Dracula's brides and to Lucy's vampire incarnation. Van Helsing even struggles to destroy them, only succeeding when Mina's cries for help awaken him from his trance.
  • Every vampire from The Vampire Chronicles. Every one. Including Claudia. Ironic, considering that Rice's vampires were unable to copulate at all upon being turned. The drinking of blood did become a bit of a metaphor for sex, though. In Interview with the Vampire, however, Louis and Claudia meet vampires in Eastern Europe, who are basically rotting, animated corpses.
  • Sanguini, a vampire party guest in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, seems to attract a number of girls, and he leers back at them.
  • The vampires in Night World, by L. J. Smith. As well as the vampires in The Vampire Diaries, of the same author.
  • President's Vampire plays with this in case of Nathaniel Cade. Muggle Zach notes that while Cade is psychically attractive, he has an "aura" that makes people terrified when alone with him. Tania, a fellow vampiress, says that Cade is sexy as hell. And Cade himself...
    Cade: Humans are our food. Do you want to have sex with a cow?
    • Interestingly enough, he and Tania do have sex at one point, although its apparently no better than human.
  • An entire bloodline of vampires are this in Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, up to the point that they are (in-story) the inspiration for Succubi and Incubi myths. It's implied, though, that everyone except the "good guys" aren't above just grabbing some random person and draining them dry every night. Apparently, "hiding kills from the authorities" is a bloodline power of every line but Belle Morte's.
  • Rhage of Black Dagger Brotherhood.
  • Vampire Kisses: Alexander Sterling. Alternatively, his cousin Claude. You know, the one that hits on all the girls, single or not.
  • Discworld:
    • To quote Otto in The Truth, "Vell, let's just say, zey don't alvays scream."
    • This is pretty much a rule on the Disc. In Thud!, it is commented that female vampires look stunning in just about anything, and that, unlike males, they can't reform their clothing when changing back to their human form, 'probably due to all that underwired nightdress business.'
    • Subverted for laughs in Reaper Man with a pair of overweight, middle-aged, Morporkian vampires who'd certainly like to be sexy and elegant. And the Countess isn't even a vampire proper—she's just pretending because her husband inherited vampirism with the title, well past the point where biting the missus was likely to happen.
    • Lady Margalotta is described as a reasonably attractive middle-aged woman, who dresses in fuzzy pink sweaters.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • A near literal example with the White Court House of Raith, who feed off of lust. Poor Thomas can't even hold a job slinging burgers, because the women on staff keep trying to molest him in the break room!
    • The Red Court vampires get a dose of this. Suave, sophisticated, and more than a little drop dead gorgeous—and on top of that, their saliva serves as a potent narcotic with euphoric properties. Mind you, the sexiness is quite literally only skin deep...
    • Completely averted with the Black Court vampires, however. They're the most classic of the vampires, having all the Stoker-esque powers and weaknesses, but each and every one presented in the series is described as a foul-smelling corpse. Older ones appear to be more withered husks, but recently created Black Court are specifically noted to be more than a little leaky from decay.
  • The male vampires in novels by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro are dead below the belt, and compensate by being cunning linguists.
  • Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore. Tommy's response to discovering that his new girlfriend is a bloodsucker? "That's the coolest thing I've ever heard. Let's do it with our socks off."
  • From book to book, P.N. Elrod can't seem to remember if her male vampires are able to engage in conventional intercourse or not, which is kind of embarrassing. Her female vampires definitely can, however, and in books where the males are impotent, a little neck-nibbling and heavy petting usually gets the job done. Potent or not, Jack and Bobbi can barely refrain from getting it on for five minutes at a stretch whenever they're alone.
  • The protagonist of S. P. Somtow's Vampire Junction often feeds himself by picking up horny men in the red-light districts... and he looks ten years old. (Guess if you gotta kill somebody...) Similarly, all the vampires we see in the short story "Venus and Mars" (besides one mook) are beautiful young girls, all mostly ex-child prostitutes. They have a fairly successful racket going on.
  • Depicted in an interesting way in Barb Hendee's series, starting with Blood Memories. Vampires project a hypnotic aura that varies depending on the personality type they had in life. Someone who was naturally sexy and appealing will be able to easily attract human prey, whereas someone who came across as intimidating or creepy in life can paralyze victims with fear. Other vampires in the series give off an "innocent and helpless" vibe that draws in people who want to take care of them or take advantage of them, or an aura of charm that makes that vampire seem naturally charismatic and likable.
  • Larry Niven plays with this trope in the Known Space universe. There is a group of Human Aliens called Vampires living on the Ringworld which drink blood as their primary means of sustenance. They emit a pheromone capable of seducing any humans or other Human Aliens that they encounter and then drink them dry during sex (luckily, our hero has befriended a tiger-like alien who cannot be harmed by the pheromones). However, the Vampires are also non-sentient, possessing about the same intelligence level as a monkey. Some perverted Human Aliens use defanged vampires for sex.
  • Ivy and Kisten from The Hollows—much is made about both characters' sexual prowess throughout the series.
  • This seems to be a universal rule for vampires in the Night Huntress series. Their venom acts as an aphrodisiac and they have centuries of experience to back it up with. Though only two vampires (Bones, with his experience as a former gigolo, and Annette, whose visits to gigolos in the eighteenth century indicate a general horny nature) have ever been commented on in this manner. Also, the implications of having sex with undead people were joked about once or twice (in the scene where Cat's boss and her team are pointing out that her relationship with Bones makes her a necrophiliac, and she points out that a number of them have expressed interest in screwing her, and since she is a Dhampyr, that means they are all necrophiliacs too).
  • Necroscope goes interesting directions with this trope. Its vampires have impressive shapeshifting capabilities, which, though unpleasant to look at, can greatly enhance sex. Then, when it's time to feed...
  • Discussed and averted in The Mortal Instruments, as Jace makes clear to Simon:
    Jace: There’s no such thing as vampire mojo.
  • Subverted in the Coldfire Trilogy. Vampire Villain Protagonist Gerald Tarrant is ridiculously handsome, something that everybody who meets him regardless of orientation is prone to remarking on. Unfortunately for any would-be partners, his vampirism itself renders him both impotent and asexual.
  • In Tentyrian Legacy, the character of Maximos has had 3,000 years to practice his romantic and sexual skills. Sadly, the Dark Coven's members are the only ones who are inclined to romance humans and they're all pretty sociopaths.
  • Averted hard in The Strain, where a rock star in the process of becoming a vampire finds struggling with impotence. After trying and failing to have sex with a groupie, he gets up to use the bathroom... and his penis falls off. Vampires don't reproduce sexually, so they have no need for the associated body parts.
  • The vampires in The United States of Monsters and especially Straight Outta Fangton are capable of delivering an incredibly sexual bite that is like a minute long orgasm according to many. They also are capable of changing their appearance over time so most become ridiculously beautiful. The Old Ones tend to have huge harems and spend much of their time having sex.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Buffyverse:
    • Angel, Spike, Drusilla, and Darla, whose sexual energy is remarked upon by many, including main characters. Oddly they are all "descended" from the Master, who Looks Like Orlok.
    • Mocked when Spike's inability to feed after getting the chip installed is a metaphor for impotence.
    • Vampire Willow is the only one who integrates sex with her feeding and Cold-Blooded Torture sessions. Like playing sex games with Angel by slowly burning him alive.
    • Seen in the opening two-parter—Alpha Bitch Cordelia won't give Jesse the time of day until he becomes a vampire, whereupon he suddenly becomes more assertive, darker, and sexier.
    • According to Andrew, one of Dracula's abilities, next to hypnosis and shapeshifting, is "romantic undertones". He seduces his victims, likes to make a connection with them before he feeds from them, and only sires them when they beg for it. A lot of characters mention his "dark, penetrating eyes" and good looks, to the point that even lesbians comment on his sexiness.
  • True Blood:
    • Bill Compton. Eric and Pam are also sexy, particularly given they run a club for Vampire Fan Boys and Fan Girls.
    • The number of hot vampires grows with the appearances of Jessica, Godric, Lorena, Franklin, and Talbot.
    • Lampshaded and justified In-Universe. Vampire blood is prized for its healing powers and is often used as a recreational drug... with the side effect that it gives you vivid and intense sex dreams about the vampire it came from.
  • Mitchell (Aidan Turner) from Being Human.
  • Mick St. John of Moonlight. See also Josef, Coraline, and Lola.
  • Subverted in Forever Knight. It's not like Nick Knight isn't attractive to women, but for vampires the excitement is in the blood-drinking. Even if he just wanted to have sex, there's always the risk that he'd vamp out and kill them. The popular version of this trope is lampshaded when a woman on a talk show claims her boyfriend is a vampire (he's not) and the sex is great. A psychiatrist on the show then says such relationships are based on fantasy and abuse, while the sex is actually non-existent. Both Natalie (who has Ship Tease with Nick) and Tracy (who has Ship Tease with Vachon) are listening to the show, and this strikes an uncomfortable chord.
  • The Vampire Diaries:
    • It's implied when a vampire friend tells Stefan that if he wants Elena to love him, he should just give her a taste of "awesome vampire sex." Stefan admits he wants to, but refrains because he wants her to "have a choice." Thus, it is implied that not only is he a supernatural sex god, he's also a romantic idiot.
    • Katherine, Vicki, Caroline, Rose, Klaus, Elijah, Damon, Rebekah … Basically every vampire on the show.
  • Rory in My Babysitter's a Vampire subverts this; he has even worse luck with the ladies than Ethan and Benny, and that's saying a lot (although he is good-looking enough for the audience to admire). Played straight with Erica and Jesse though. And while Sarah is sexy, she doesn't quite qualify as a full vampire.
  • Parodied in Supernatural when Dean, while hunting vampires, runs across a teenager who wears fake vampire fangs to pick up girls. Also exploited in the same episode by actual vampires who use the Twilight craze as a... recruiting tactic.
  • The X-Files: Agent Scully repeats many times in "Bad Blood" that she doesn't believe in vampires, yet she admits they're supposed to be extremely charming and seductive creatures. She's completely dazzled by Sheriff Hartwell, who happens to be a real vampire.
  • Young Dracula: The only unattractive vampires that have been seen are Count Dracula's parents-in-law the Westenras.
  • Parodied in the Key & Peele sketch "Sexy Vampires", where the vampire clan's newest member Tyrell finds it ridiculous; he only became a vampire so that he could live forever and see future cars. The other vampires actually agree with him, noticing that their tight leather pants are uncomfortable, that they don't actually like the gothic music playing, and that some of the "lesbian" vampires actually have boyfriends, and think that their leader Cyrus is more desperate than anything. They proceed to anoint Tyrell their new leader and let him give their clan a more ghetto-fabulous makeover.
  • In Community episode "Epidemiology", Troy tries to invoke this when he changes out of his Power Loader costume into a "sexy Dracula" costume, hoping he'll attract more girls that way.
  • One Castle Halloween Episode deals with a murder in a vampire LARP community, complete with the team interviewing an attractive woman playing the head vampire who insists that all their blood-play is Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Ryan comments he once dated a woman who was into the lifestyle but broke up with her.
    Esposito: What happened, did the relationship suck?
    Ryan: Deal-breaker for me? She wanted to have sex in a coffin. I'm... open-minded, I'm not that open-minded.
  • The Countess, Donovan, and Ramona Royale of American Horror Story are this. Elizabeth and Donovan also mark their first appearance in the show by luring a human couple into having sex with them during the pilot episode. As one might imagine, the humans aren't exactly aware what they bargained for...
  • Dracula (2013): Dracula wastes little time seducing Lady Jayne, and from her enthused reactions when they have sex, he's very good.
  • Sherlock Holmes. In "The Last Vampyre", John Stockton's alluring effect on women is one of the things that make people suspect he's a vampire. It's ambiguous whether he really does have this effect or people are just imagining it.

  • In Bram Stoker's Dracula, one of the animated displays has Dracula seducing and biting a woman, to which she moans in pleasure.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • This trope was accidentally invoked by CMLL when they created the Vampiro Canadiense gimmick. The bookers thought the wrestler was funny looking and thus deserved a funny gimmick, the lady fans disagreed.
  • The "sex god" archetype was played to the hilt by Gangrel and Edge (yes, that Edge), who were hot blond studs who also just happened to be vampires. Though Edge later said that he and Christian were "pseudo vampires".
  • Ariel, the tarot playing attendant of wrestling vampires Kevin Thorn, the aforementioned Gangrel and Billy Blade, who would sometimes attempt to seduce their opponents.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Atmosfear: With her breathy voice, seductive comments, and vampiric traits, Countess Bathory starts as very attractive. She then subverts it by becoming grotesque during the climax.
  • Bleak World: The Dracul and Mods fit this trope to a T, being inhumanly beautiful and gaining significant bonuses to seduction. For some reason that is often chalked up to animal magnetism, Wendigo also receive these bonuses. Primal Vampires do not get the bonuses, but have a strong aversion to wearing shirts and are quite ripped. Female Primal avert this however, being completely hairless with about the same body type as the men. And nobody is attracted to Nosferatu.
  • Warhammer: The Lahmian bloodline of vampires consists entirely of gorgeous Femme Fatales. This stands them in marked contrast to the Necrarch and Strigoi bloodlines, who appear to be withered corpses and feral Bat People, respectively. The Blood Dragon lineage can go either way. While the Von Carsteins don't quite have the same reputation as the Lahmians, they are still intensely charismatic aristocrats and more or less uniformly attractive. Later lore establishes that many of the Von Carsteins are only members politically, and many of them were technically male Lahmians.
  • The World of Darkness:
    • Vampire: The Masquerade has the Toreador, Anne Rice-style vampires who stick close to humanity (especially its artists). It helps that they have powers that make them the center of attention. Their weakness is Creative Sterility, more so than any other vampire clan. It should be noted that in Masquerade, vampires do not generally enjoy sex unless they're feeding during it. Earlier editions treat this as vampires not getting physical gratification, but more getting off intellectually on the idea that they know how to please their partners; however, 5th edition has it so that high Humanity vampires can naturally enjoy sex, whereas low Humanity vampires can't get it up even if they spend blood to mimic human biological functions (a trait backported from Requiem).
    • Vampire: The Requiem features the Daeva, spiritual heirs to the Toreador who are often called "Succubi" by other vampires for obvious reasons. (Indeed, Toreador are still in the game, but as a Bloodline of the Daeva.) This is basically the "vampire archetype" that their clan is meant to embody, and so they carry on the tradition of powers that can make everyone in the room fall in love with them. Their splat has stories of them being descended from Inanna/Ishtar, a sex goddess of conflict, so, at the very least, they're children of a sex goddess. Even their weakness furthers the standard of the trope; in 1e, Daeva suffer from having to indulge their Vices at every opportunity or take a hit to their will (most often Lust or Gluttony, but a Daeva with Wrath as their Vice is... something to run away from), whilst in 2e, Daeva are prone to becoming obsessed with someone that they feed on more than once. As their Humanity wanes, their affectations become increasingly artificial, their beauty more and more plasticine and mechancial - they devolve into sex objects rather than people.

  • Invoked in the theater skit "Les Branleurs" (literally, "the wankers"; here with a figurative meaning like "the lazy coarse fools") from Les Inconnus, three beaufs are discussing their sexual life, then decide to talk about something else. Cue an awkward silence, followed by this:
    I rented the Bram Stoker's Dracula videotape yesterday evening, it was very good. Especially the scene where the vampire bangs the chick! Wow, just for this, I would like to become a vampire!
  • In Tanz Der Vampire Graf von Krolock is a seductive and mysterious vampire lord (also getting played by a variety of handsome musical actors certainly helps). Von Krolock's son Herbert is (usually) a sexy beast too. As is Magda. (And quite a few other vampires, in a rotting, creepy way.)

    Video Games 
  • Bloodrayne was featured in Playboy, if the games didn't provide enough of a hint.
  • Vivi from Brain Dead 13.
  • Dracula in the Castlevania series has tons of sex appeal, whether he's drawn in his mid 20s or early 40s. Carmilla says as much in Castlevania: Judgment, and she's the Lesbian Vampire Trope Codifier! Interestingly, human incantations of either Dracula or Alucard share the same aspects. The few instances we see of Dracula as human or reincarnated as human doesn't seem to lack in sex appeal, Alucard as Genya had the description of being "very cold but inhumanly attractive", Soma is pretty easy on the eyes, and the previous mortal incarnation of Dracula, the supposed Mathias Conquist, was pretty bishonen by most standards.
  • Sylea in Champions of Norrath is a gorgeous and alluring Dark Elf vampire maiden adorned in jewelry and nothing more. Despite looking seductively evil (in contrast to her master Vanahorst who Looks Like Orlok), she is actually a good person who helps the player character in their quest.
  • Darkstalkers: Demitri Maximoff resides in an elegant (albeit otherworldly) castle and has an outrageously huge harem of female servants to do his bidding. In the Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter OVA, he manages to eventually sway Morrigan with his charm.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • The vast majority of the time, the series averts this. Vampires are diseased/cursed monsters to be slain and aren't treated as being remotely sexy. Additionally, Dibella, the Aedric Divine Goddess of Beauty who has a particular association with the carnal and sexual aspects of love, commands that her followers are not to associate with vampires, believing them to be "impure spirits". However, some exceptions do exist.
    • In Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC, there is a race of "pureblood" vampires. They look much less ugly, and the women wear seductive robes with cleavage (which is quite unusual in the setting). Serana in particular is downright gorgeous.
    • In the series' backstory, the Tsaesci are said to be a race of "snake vampires'' hailing from the continent of Akavir, far to the east of Tamriel. They invaded Tamriel late in the 1st Era but were defeated and incorporated into the Reman Dynasty empire. They are said to have left behind children with the Tamriellic races, who are stated to be "beautiful, if frightening". Though there are conflicting sources, some sources state that the Tsaesci have fully serpentine lower bodies.
  • Fate/Grand Order has Carmilla, whose final ascension art portrays her as a dominatrix - although Elizabeth Bathory, her younger version, averts this.
  • Nitara from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.
  • The Dark Master from Quest for Glory IV is a powerful vampire mage who knows how to play up their sex appeal for all it's worth.
  • In The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, Nefertiti the mole girl finds Jurgen irresistible. Admittedly, even before he becomes a vampire, but even moreso after that. Jurgen lampshades this.
  • Raphael from SoulCalibur. How else did he get maid henchmen...?
  • Suikoden: Sierra is a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who becomes attracted to one of the main characters, much to his bashful grief.
  • Twisted Wonderland: Vil Schoenheit is a human, but his vampire Halloween costume is meant to evoke this image, with dapper clothing and thick makeup. His card art even has him hold an umbrella between his legs as if pole dancing.
  • The Toreador clan of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (and its other associated media) are the embodiment of this trope (see Tabletop Games). In-game, you can utilize seduction as a tool to get blood from humans and as a form of persuasion during quests. It can be used by most playable clans in the game with the right allocation of your exp points, but will come easiest for Toreadore players.
    • Generally speaking, most of the Vampires in the game (PCs included) are pretty good-looking. The only real exception to this is the Nosferatu, the Tzimisce, the Sabbat-aligned Gangrel mooks (likely due to their very low humanity), and whatever LaCroix's Sheriff is supposed to be. Even the flesh-eating vampire you can find running amuck in an abandoned hospital is eerily beautiful.
    • For some very specific examples, Jeanette Voermann, a Malkavian in a schoolgirl outfit who has a line of lovers out the door (including mortals, much to the disgust of her sister, Therese) and Velvet Velour, a Toreador who runs a strip club in Hollywood.
  • Serena of Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption. In the modern day, have Lily feed from Christof, then select Christof and look at Lily in first person view.
  • A variation in The Witcher. For the most part, vampires are generic monsters to kill, but there's one particularly intelligent vampire who is the madam of a high-class brothel. (And, like so many other women in the game, Geralt can sleep with her.) Subverted in that they're actually quite innocent (she and her fellow vampiresses are high vampires that don't need to drink blood, they just drink it because it provides an alcohol-like buzz), and are one of the most successful brothels in the city. This doesn't stop a group of knights from a monster-slaying order from storming the place to try and rescue another knight's sister, who had not only come there of her own accord, but also came to escape the marriage that her brother had arranged (with an old, ugly man that apparently has massive hemorrhoids and he's apparently been the scourge of her existence all her life).
  • In Darkest Dungeon, this manifests in the form of the Countess. Her outward appearance is as a "bewitching predator" who is incredibly beautiful and seductive... until the the light of the moon reveals that she is a nightmarish tick-like monster. For the most part, however, the vampires are something of a mockery of this trope, for while many of the Courtesans' and the Countess's attacks bear names laden with sexual innuendo, they are all monstrous bloodsucking insects hiding beneath a gossamer-thin veil of civility and long-discarded humanity.
  • Parodied in Grabbed by the Ghoulies: vampire girls wear strapless purple dresses and are very buxom... but are also quite on the plump side of things. They even have a risque attack in which they grab Cooper and drag him in their coffin, which then closes and rocks as Cooper's health diminishes and little hearts emerge from the coffin.


    Web Original 

    Web Videos 
  • Carmilla the Series plays with this.
    • Carm is certainly drop-dead gorgeous and Laura thinks she uses it to seduce her victims, but the vampire and sexy parts are unrelated; much to Laura's surprise Carmilla is genuinely interested in her, and not as a meal.
    • Season 2 adds Sophia Walker as Matska "Mattie" Belmonde, Carmilla's elegant, urbane, sophisticated older sister.

    Western Animation 
  • Castlevania (2017): Purposely invoked by Lenore. She seduces Hector, has sex with him, and has him fall in love with her to have him become her "pet". The next season shows them having a genuine relationship with no sexual abuse of him so much as implied and Hector even being comfortable trading innuendos.


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