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"I never thought I'd die this way... but I'd always really hoped!"
"O'Grady, he was eighty, though his bride was just a pup,
He died upon the honeymoon when she got his Irish up"
Da Vinci's Notebook, "Another Irish Drinking Song"

When a character dies in the very act of sexual intercourse, to the shock, embarrassment, or mortification of the still-living partner. In many cases, the cause of death is a heart attack or stroke — which is generally Played for Laughs. If the moment was particularly heated, the character may also Go Out with a Smile.

Alternatively, someone may be killed through other means during sex. If it's murder, then the killer may do it to get their jollies, or because that's when the victim is particularly vulnerable.

The expected outcome for a Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex scenario. Contrast Mate or Die, where the character must have sex to live, and Pre-Climax Climax where the likelihood of death encourages sex. If death is averted, expect Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex instead. Both Making Love in All the Wrong Places and being Overcome with Desire could lead to this if the couple were particularly careless about the circumstances in which they make love. This trope can also be a result of Lust Makes You Dumb, where a character's libido leads them to making stupid decisions.

Not to be confused with a person blowing themselves up, or with people deciding to make their demise a memorable one. This should also not be confused with Sex Signals Death, where sex is a method of foreshadowing death rather than causing it directly. Also not the same as Coming and Going; although that also juxtaposes sex and death, the people involved don't have to be the same people.

Truth in Television for some people, although the chances of someone dying naturally during sex are very low, unless there are already some serious medical issues, usually pulmonary, cardiac, or blood pressure-related, usually due to age. Also true for some animal species, most notoriously drone bees, whose genitalia literally explode inside the queen bee during mating, and octopi, who both die in relatively quick succession - the male from rapidly going senile and either dying of aging or from being eaten by a predator, and the female from slowly starving to death while protecting the eggs.

May happen to those who sleep together with a Shady Lady of the Night.


As this is a Death Trope, unmarked spoilers abound. Beware.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Afro Samurai, Okikku attempts to invoke this trope on Afro by killing him during sex with a blade disguised as a hairpin, but she undergoes a Sex–Face Turn instead. She is killed soon afterward by her former bosses for her betrayal after revealing to Afro that she is his childhood friend Otsuru and briefly fighting alongside him.
  • Ayakashi Triangle: A curse the Gogyosen meant to kill Suzu instead ends up inside Matsuri—specifically, the male half of him that splits off. Their plan then becomes to take control of the male Matsuri, have him seduce Suzu, and transfer the curse into her through sex.
    Shadow Mei: (imaginging Suzu mid-coitus) By literally defiling the ayakashi medium, they could activate it... the god-killing curse!
  • Basilisk:
    • It has Kagerou, a female ninja "blessed" with the ninja skill of having her breath turn into instant-death poison when she's aroused. The results of this are seen a bunch of times, too. You'd think it obvious that raping a ninja lady is not a good idea. Too bad the guy who DOES rape her is... well, immortal.
    • Basilisk also had Okoi, a ninja who pulled her opponents' blood out of their bodies via skin contact. Guess what her favorite method of getting close enough is.
  • In the Battle Royale manga, Mitsuko Souma forces herself on already-dying Yuichiro Takiguchi, because she thinks it will "make him better". She stabs him to death out of frustration when it doesn't. This is not played for laughs. At all.
  • The very first demon we meet in Berserk takes the form of a beautiful naked woman who lures men into sex with her so that she can transform into her true form and eat them alive. She is killed by Guts in the very first scene of the manga when she tries this on him and gets her brains blown out the back of her head with his Arm Cannon. But during the Eclipse, we get to see this Apostle in action when she eats Corkus alive.
  • In Bleach, Bambietta Basterbine will sometimes call a subordinate to her room under the pretense of sex, but the encounters always end up with her killing them, with it being ambiguous as to whether anything actually happens in-between. Her friends complain, but she doesn't care.
  • In Blood+, Diva's rape of Riku is implied to have either directly caused his death (through the... fluid transference) or directly preceded her killing him by giving him her blood.
  • Demon Beast Invasion begins with a demon having sex with a woman until she explodes.
  • Similarly yet again, this is the point of the 'Poison Princesses" in Dokuhime. Their poison-exporting kingdom uses them to get rid of troublesome political opponents.
  • Don't Meddle with My Daughter!:
    • Played for laughs in chapter 2, when the giant plant monster makes the mistake of raping Athena. Her immense strength, combined with her pent-up libido, made her cum hard enough that the plant monster couldn't contain the energy from it; causing it to explode!
    • The alien parasite doesn't fare much better, in the "Amazing Eighth Wonder Vol.1". It possessed Clara so it could feed off of her pent-up sexual urges. But it winds up getting caught in the middle of a two-woman orgy between Clara and her mother. During which, Clara uses speed clones to gangbang her all at once. The combined energy released from their orgasms reduces the parasite to a shriveled husk.
  • In the second chapter of Franken Fran, Fran heals a crippled girl by making her part insect. When she goes to a love hotel with her new boyfriend after her convalescence is over, she instinctively eats her mate.
  • In GTO: The Early Years, Makoto claims that last year's car race winner, Masao, died from too much sex (3 girls every night for a month), and he looked like a (very happy) mummy when they buried him. In the next panel, Eikichi and Ryuji completely miss the point and declare that they're going to win this year. In the background, another student is handing Makoto some money, implying it was just a bet to see if he could get them to believe such a ridiculous story.
  • Narrowly averted in episode 4 of the anime adaptation of Interspecies Reviewers. The reviewers enter a room full of Lilim despite being warned, with Crim sitting it out. Zel casts stat buff spells on himself, Stunk, and Brooz beforehand, but the buffs expire half an hour later, with the reviewers only being saved from death by exhaustion by the arrival of a "Raid Party" consisting of 100 orcs, who demand a "rematch" with the Lilim. Stunk gives the Lilim a 1 out of 10 in his review, while Zel and Brooz give them a 0. Furthermore, as mentioned by the narration, it takes the three of them 3 weeks to recover from the ordeal.
  • In Isuca, the demons pleasure their victims to ecstasy while fatally draining their life force.
  • In episode 2 of Kaiba, a woman has intense sex with Kaiba's body, into which she has copied her memories. The ominously heightening experience, coupled with thoughts of her father, results in an explosion, covering the entire room with what appears to be green blood.
  • Maken-ki!: In chapter 111, Love Espada is confronted by apparitions of high school students who call her a whore for always tempting them with her body, yet never allowing them to screw her. So she gives them what they want. But her sex appeal and her libido are both so unbelievably high, that they only manage to last a few minutes before each of them blows their loads and dissipates. Espada is left disappointed, but still horny.
  • Monster Musume has poor Kimihito avoiding his charges for one chapter—mostly because they're riled up by the full-moon, a sudden annulment of the "No having sex with extra-species" rule, and have little to no self-control at the moment.
  • A PG variant of this appeared in Negima! Magister Negi Magi after the World Tree causes Nodoka's request for a kiss from Negi to turn him into a kissing-obsessed Determinator. Asuna is quick to point out that if he actually kissed anyone in that state, they could die due to suffocation. When Negi finally ends up kissing her, she actually faints before the magic wears off and he turns back to normal.
  • In the Ninja Scroll movie, the ninja Kagero is the poison tester for a feudal lord because her body is immune to poison. Unfortunately, the immunity is because her body absorbs poisons instead of processing them, and as a result, her bodily fluids are so toxic that even kissing her is a death sentence for the other person. Tessai finds this out the hard way when, after kissing her (and then going further) his stone form's invulnerability becomes compromised. Subverted later on, when she and Jubei learn that them having sex would be the antidote to Jubei's poisoned state.
  • In The Seven Deadly Sins, Nadja's heart disease was worsening, so she decided to spare herself a slow and bedridden death by seducing her Love Interest. Unfortunately, she did not tell him that, which led to Gowther panicking and being falsely imprisoned for rape.
  • The infamous "goosh goosh" scene in Tokyo Tribe, in which Buppa rapes a young man so violently that he gets split in half.
  • Discussed early on in Undead Unluck. After a kiss on the cheek by Fuuko causes her Unluck power to drop a giant meteor, Death Seeker Andy theorizes what sex would lead to. Fuuko is quick to shoot down the idea: since how effective Unluck is depends on how much Fuuko likes the target, Andy would only get crappy results forever if he tried to force himself upon her, causing Andy to wisely change his mind.
  • At one point in the yaoi manga Under Grand Hotel Swordfish has sex with Sen to the point where Sen would have died if Swordfish wasn't stopped by guards.
  • Urotsukidoji is infamous for its graphic depictions of violence against women, especially during sex scenes, where the victims are often raped, then killed. The only exceptions were its two female leads, Akemi and Megumi. Both are raped several times during the series, but they're the only ones to be spared afterward.
  • The Three Sisters in the first Vampire Hunter D novel kills its victims this way. (No, that's not a typo.) They use the demonic power of their hair to consume their victims with pleasure, then they consume the pleasure, then they consume the victims.

  • Bill Hicks had a bit where he talks about his ex-girlfriend, and how he fantasizes that one day, she'll be having sex with her morbidly obese, abusive husband, and he'll die mid-coitus, right on top of her, slowly crushing her to death, and bile and blood and tobacco-laced saliva will spew out of his mouth into her face, and just before she drowns, she turns her head to the TV, "...and I'm gonna be on it!"
  • One of Whoopi Goldberg's popular characters from On Broadway was a Jamaican woman who travels back to America with a rich old man she refers to as "the Old Raisin". He dies after having sex with her, and she shrugs, "You know, they come and they go." However, she realizes she had developed feelings for him, calling him a "remarkable man" who "liked to give people adventure". Fortunately, she inherits his entire estate of $40 million.
  • Richard Pryor claimed that this is how his father checked out; "My father came and went at the same time". He also said in one routine that it's how he wanted to go if they were ever going to do World War III: "If they launch, we'll get told you got half an hour to get out. Half an hour? That ain't enough time. Everyone clogging up the road; you ain't getting no-place! Me, I know a woman I been wanting to be with for ten years... I would RUN over to her house; I'd say "baby (pant) we got fifteen, (pant) fifteen minutes!" And hope I get a nut just as the bomb go off!"
  • In his third Evening With... DVD, Kevin Smith talks about the requirements for being canonized and says it helps to die in the name of God, which means you could be in the middle of coitus, and suddenly clutch your chest and cry out "Jesus!" and you'd be "Saint Nutsdeep, Patron Saint of Dying While Fucking".

    Comic Books 
  • The Authority: Revolution: Issue #9 reveals that the Doctor was murdered by the new Rose Tattoo during sex. Her poisonous bodily fluids entered his bloodstream and made it seem like he had died of a drug overdose.
  • The Host of The Darkness dies if they conceive a child, and the Darkness will make sure he does if he ever has sex. There are loopholes, however.
  • In God Is Dead, a new goddess, the crimson-skinned goat-legged Gaia, distractedly announces to her female acolytes "Yes, yes, tell my followers I love them. Now... I need a man." In the next issue, a man is on her bed, and she is seen sliding onto the bed with him. Elsewhere in her fortress, two women are talking, and the man's screams are heard. One woman looks up and casually says "The goddess will require new bedsheets." After events elsewhere, cut back to the entrance to Gaia's bedchambers, as two women are carrying the old bedsheets between them with the unfortunate man's dismembered limbs sticking out.
  • Gold Digger:
    • Issue #220 has Madrid running afoul of an exiled Amazon Breeder who devised a spell that would suck nine months of vitality from her lovers and transfer it to a fertilized zygote, allowing her to give birth to a fully developed baby almost immediately after getting pregnant. Problem was, the spell would eventually glitch, and instead of taking nine months, would take nine hundred years from the unfortunate paramours. The fact that she seemed to have no problem with that is one of the reasons she got exiled.
    • A later episode had Gina and Brianna's respective boyfriends with the otherwise-enviable position of studying a tribe with an extreme size difference between genders; exposure to a magical field made men grow to a good eight or nine feet tall, but the women more like forty to fifty feet. Zan rather worriedly notes that despite their superhuman strength and toughness, the men of the tribe still get very nervous at the prospect of mating with their wives. The "worried" part, of course, comes from the fact that the single women of the village find the two of them very cute, the pheromones given off by nervous or frightened men is considered a turn-on to them, and one of them in particular is having a little trouble with the concept of "no"...
  • One Hellblazer storyline's Big Bad is the act of rape made flesh. In the climax, said rape demon sodomizes a man to death. The poor guy bursts.
  • A gruesome example in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Edward Hyde rapes Hawley "The Invisible Man" Griffin to death.
  • In Lori Lovecraft: Back to the Garden, two demons use Danke Schoen as a portal through which to enter the mortal realm. The process creates an intense, orgasmic sensation that overwhelms and destroys the target vessel. The demons note that most humans are killed in a few minutes — Dirty Old Woman Danke holds out for two hours.
  • This seems to be a major problem for Elizabeth Hawkesmoore in Nikolai Dante — modern army men have no staying power.
  • The "Little Deaths" storyline of Powers focuses on the police investigation of a philandering Superman Substitute who died at the climax of sex with one of his (many) lovers. In a rather tragic twist on the matter, his secret identity was married and his secret wife, upon being bombarded with the news of how her husband lost his life, kills herself.
  • Purgatori: The vampire Jade prefers to have sex with her male victims before draining them of their lifeforce.
  • Common in the Ramba comic series (which is about a hit-woman who frequently uses sex as a weapon to reach her targets). Two particularly disturbing incidences (from the same two-part story) are a woman being raped to death by a man with a blade attached to his penis, and a woman being drowned in semen.
  • Raptors: Sex with vampires is very dangerous for humans. Aznar ends up killing his girlfriend Sylvia when his vampire side awakens and he drains her dry, and Vicky nearly dies of exhaustion after being shared on the bed by the Molina twins.
  • Sabretooth has been shown & stated to occasionally kill his sex partners. In one quick instance, we see him lying in bed with a woman, who appears to be sleeping. When we see a close-up, it's clear she's dead and not from natural causes.
  • In The Sandman (1989), a minor Running Gag is the thought of going out "between two nubile virgins, crushed by an elephant at the moment of ecstasy". In Death's story in the anthology Endless Nights, someone actually pulls this off (ringing a bell to cue the elephant, if you were wondering) and lives to tell about it, thanks to some Alchemical Phlebotinum that sticks a small island in a sort of "Groundhog Day" Loop.
  • The Simping Detective had this happen to a number of the Boss' Mooks. It turns out that Bob was injecting alien prostitutes with a substance called Jazzalite, explodes violently upon contact with semen. His ultimate plan is to inject the Boss' new wife, Innocence, with the stuff and let nature take its course. It turns out that she's been having an affair with Colm "Shite" O'Leary and ends up killing him instead.
  • In Spider-Man: Reign, it's all but outright stated that Mary Jane dies from radiation poisoning and cancer derived at least partially from exposure to Peter's radioactive semen, thus forming a particularly slow-working example of this trope.
  • Teen Titans: Cinder of the fake Titans team put together by Deathstroke is a serial killer who hunts down rapists and sex offenders. Deathstroke first discovered her when she murdered one of his targets, a child molester, by having sex with him and causing her vagina to transform into a gout of flames in mid-coitus.
  • In Tomorrow Stories, Lapis Lazuli (whose body is composed of sapphire) murders her gangster lover by driving her diamond hard finger into his ear while they are having sex.
  • In Wanted, the Professor mentions killing his arch-nemesis by giving his lady friend a radioactive condom.
  • The Wicked + The Divine: The 455 special reveals that Attila the Hun dying on his wedding night was because he married the reincarnation of Inanna who killed him as they were consummating their marriage.
  • Wolverine: In the story arc "Get Mystique", Senator Ralph Miles Brickman is about to get it on with his favorite sex worker, Zahira. He asks if she would like to oblige him with "one of those funny positions"; she obliges by trapping his neck in the crook of her knee, strangling him. As he dies, she shape-shifts, revealing herself to be Mystique and she hisses "How was that? Was it GOOD FOR YOU?"

    Fan Works 
  • Stated to have been Paul's fate in Cabin Fever: Promises To Keep. Though the story is very vague about how he actually died, it's explained that he died very soon after the impulsive casual sexual encounter in which he got Marcy pregnant.
  • In the Parody Fic Captain Proton and the Planet of Lesbians, Queen Sapphia threatens to inflict the "Death of a Thousand Sluts".
  • In Divine Blood Aphrodite's last stand in words of one commentator:
    "Check me on this, please ... Aphrodite killed at least fifty rebel gods, and incapacitated not less than 250 others for, well, we can assume several days at least, one of whom is Zeus himself ... in a bedroom-Olympiad that ran over two days?"
  • In the comedic essay-fic, Equestria: A History Revealed, this is apparently the way the Equinus Republic fell, in an induced mass orgy between the ponies of parliament that devolved the nation into chaos. The author even makes a pun about it.
    And so the Equinus Republic went out not with a whimper, but with a bang. Several of them probably.
  • In Hecatemus Dumbledore has a heart attack while having sex with a prostitute.
  • In "iFight Crime with Victorious", Beck and Jade are submitted to Unresolved Sexual Tension and when they attempt to resolve this, Beck's power inadvertently activates, igniting Jade and killing her.
  • Kuso Miso Technique's Abe Takakazu in this fan video kills a guard by raping him. Which doesn't make much sense until later when it's shown all gay men have lightsaber swords for penises.
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tempest Rewrite: How Emma assassinates Jimmy.
  • The Lost Cause features this fate for Jin Guangshan. Unlike in canon, it was the result of a consensual sexual encounter...and some poison to weaken his heart.
  • In Seed of Death, Zagreus died while giving Thanatos a blowjob, neither of them knowing that his ejaculate was basically poison. Given that Zagreus revived moments later, they take it in stride and resume their session, presumably taking Hypnos's advice to spit and not swallow. Zagreus even gives us this lovely feghoot.
    Zagreus: Death came, and I died.
  • In the Touhou Project doujin Though the Wind Cries a man who lost his entire family in the drought blames Suwako for it. He then proceeds to rape her as she is going through quite a severe Heroic BSoD and does no resistance. However, during this, something snaps inside of her and she kills the man during the act.
  • During the orgy in chapter 20 of What Lies Beyond the Walls, Elonv is busy sodomizing an otter and reaches his orgasm. A few seconds later, he's killed when someone throws a knife in the back of his neck.
  • In Chemical Attraction or How Harry Deduced He Was Gay, Voldemort dies while having sex with Bellatrix.
  • Quiververse: Changelings are treated as The Ageless in this universe, provided they have a steady supply of love and don't engage in sex. Chrysalis, never having engaged in the latter, is in the neighborhood of a thousand years old, though no other changelings are of similar age. Being Explosive Breeders keeps their population numbers up and balances things out, however.
  • With Pearl and Ruby Glowing: King Candy dies this way, as, after being arrested for molesting his adopted children, the corrupt cops assault him in prison, leading to his heart giving out due to his old age.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In 11:14, Aaron and Cheri are having sex in a cemetery when part of a damaged stone monument breaks off and falls on his head.
  • The ABCs of Death: The protagonist of the "L" segment is murdered by a beautiful woman while they are having sex.
  • The Italian film Amiche Da Morire has the elderly Don Vincenzo goes to Gilda for an afternoon of happiness and then dies of too much happiness.
  • In Art of the Dead, Richie Winter and his girlfriend Becky are murdered by Richie's father while having sex.
  • In An Autumn Afternoon, Shuhei and Kawai prank Kawai's wife Nobuko by saying Horie died, and heavily implying that this was how. She is not amused when Horie shows up alive and well.
  • In Barbarella, a Mad Scientist tries to kill the title character with the "Excessive Machine" that gives lethally powerful orgasms. Barbarella not only survives, she overloads the machine. She is then vocally disappointed to learn that the machine is broken.
  • Basic Instinct opens with a woman murdering her partner during sex. With an ice-pick. Ouch. The detectives actually share a BIG laugh over this trope, when they find out it's what happened:
    "Looks like he got off before he got offed!"
  • The political scandal in The Birdcage is the result of this. "Louise, I'm the Vice President of the Coalition for Moral Order! My co-founder has just died in the bed of an underage black whore!"
  • The Madonna vehicle Body of Evidence opens with a wealthy man dying from a heart attack caused by indulging in cocaine and the stress brought about by having extremely passionate sex with his younger girlfriend. The resulting court case asks the penetrating (pun definitely intended) question of whether "sex was the murder weapon".
  • Cabin Fever features a moment where the diva is convinced that there is no escape from the deadly disease going around. Rather than actually trying to flee the infected area, like most of her friends, she resigns herself to her fate and decides to spend her last minutes gettin' her freak on. Grabbing the nearest available man, she gets naked in the blink of an eye and rides the dude to her last moaning madness. She was in such a wild mood the guy didn't even have time to put on a rubber. Pity for him that it turned out she had the disease while they were doing the deed bareback. You could say he went out from a bang.
  • Cherish in Cecil B. Demented. The FBI must have some crack snipers if they can hit someone between the eyes when they're bouncing up and down like that.
  • The Australian film Children Of The Revolution implies that Josef Stalin died in this way.
  • In the low-budget Clay Pigeons, Vince Vaughn gets revenge on Joaquin Phoenix's behalf by murdering his ex-girlfriend during sex... with Elvis playing in the background.
  • Clerks:
    • Subverted when the old man Caitlin has sex with (thinking that he is Dante) is already dead. He had died while masturbating.
    • Randall's story of his cousin who broke his neck trying to service himself.
  • Dave. The president suffers what apparently would have been a fatal stroke were it not for all the life-sustaining measures taken—a later scene when his wife meets with his doctor make it clear that there's no chance for recovery and that he's only being kept alive by machines—while shagging his secretary. This kicks off the whole plot, with White House staffers secretly replacing him with Dave, a look-alike.
  • In Death Becomes Her, Bruce Willis's character has a "customer" who died this way, big grin and all.
  • In The Distinguished Gentleman, Eddie Murphy's character runs for Congress because he has the same name as the Congressman from his home district, who has a fatal heart attack while boffing his secretary at a party.
  • Dust Devil: A woman and the Dust Devil get it on, and he breaks her neck right as they both climax.
  • Faust: Love of the Damned: A mook who escaped the hero's clutches reports what he has seen to Claire, who proceeds to mount him before slitting his throat in mid-coitus.
  • In the Flash Gordon porn-spoof Flesh Gordon, the evil emperor Wang fires a Sex Ray at Earth from his planet Porno, causing humans to go mad with lust, including pilots who should be at the controls of their airplane instead.
    "We're going down!"
    "Oh, yes, please!"
  • In Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks, Genz and Ook kidnap a peasant girl whom Ook rapes to death.
  • In the 1987 British-Swedish film The Girl, a tabloid journalist threatens to expose the affair a schoolgirl is having with an older married man. She seduces the journalist and then stabs him in the back with a knife in each hand at the moment of his climax.
  • Grindhouse. The fake trailer for the horror movie Thanksgiving has a girl giving her boyfriend a blowjob in a convertible, only to discover afterwards that the serial killer has cut his (other) head off during the act.
  • Played with in The Happiness of the Katakuris when one guest, a sumo wrestler who went out with a bang, was lifted to reveal his girlfriend had suffocated underneath him afterward.
  • The Hidden: While possessing the body of a stripper, Puppeteer Parasite-like alien screws a man to death in the parking lot. It's a bit unclear exactly how this is done, as there were no obvious wounds on the victim, nor does the alien seem able to literally consume a person's life force.
  • In Infernal Affairs II, the capo "Gandhi" gets suffocated with a plastic bag by a "masseuse" when he's expecting a different kind of "happy ending".
  • James Bond:
    • In You Only Live Twice Bond is apparently killed thanks to a lethal combination of Murphy's Bed and a Chinese Femme Fatale. Two Hong Kong policeman race in and examine the body, but they're too late. Naturally, the event is lampshaded with the usual tongue-in-cheek Double Entendre. "At least he died on the job. He'd have wanted it this way."
    • Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye murders a Canadian naval officer by strangling him with her legs during the act. 007 later finds the officer's corpse still wearing a huge smile on its face. To quote Empire Magazine:
      "There can't be too many gentlemen of a heterosexual persuasion who, if asked how they'd want to die, wouldn't tick the box marked 'crushed to death between Famke Janssen's thighs'."
  • Killer Workout: While unconscious, Jimmy has a dream where Jaimy starts having sex with him, and then has her throat slit by the killer.
  • A killer prostitute in Kiss of the Dragon asks her victim things like "Do you want to go to heaven?" and "Are you ready to go to heaven?" as she's riding him to (his) orgasm. He asks her to take him there. Mortality ensues.
  • Lady Frankenstein: Thomas is killed with a Vorpal Pillow while he is having sex with Tanya, who continues to ride him orgasmically as he dies. At the end of the film, Tanya is strangled by Charles as they have sex in the burning lab.
  • At the end of Lady Ninja Kaede, Kaede kills a Loan Shark by giving him a blowjob and activating a secret ninja technique called 'Like a Dried Fish' which fatally desiccates him.
  • The Big Bad in Lifeforce (1985) is a stunningly beautiful nude space vampire that sucks out your Life Force. It doesn't help that her current form is based on the protagonist's subconscious ideal of the perfect woman, so he's obsessed with her at the same time as he's trying to track her down and kill her.
  • Formed the basis of the Black Comedy Liquid Sky, in which a woman learns that anyone who sleeps with her dies, which she then uses to get revenge on several of her enemies.
  • In Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent], the serpent kills Clayton by stabbing its tail through his chest from behind while his is screwing Ashley. She initially thinks he has come prematurely.
  • In A Madea Family Funeral, the titular funeral is held for a man who suffered a heart attack while having sex with his mistress and later died in the hospital. Hijinks to follow.
  • In an unintentionally funny scene in Malcolm X an old friend of his is shown to have died of a heart attack during sex, while still on top of the girl who's now screaming her head off.
  • In A Man with a Maid, Sir Cecil dies while having sex with one of the girls at Madame Helena's cathouse. The girl notes that he died with a smile on his face.
  • Referenced in Manhattan. A character at one point mentions a book he's writing about a guy who's so good at sex, the women die from the intensity of the orgasm.
  • Played with in The Merry Widow (1925), where the pervy old Baron finally gets to be with his Trophy Wife on the wedding night. He sits on the bed, caresses her, and promptly dies of a heart attack.
  • Other Halves: Jasmine stabs her lover to death mid-coitus.
  • In Patriot Games, one Irish assassin is a redheaded beauty who chokes her target during sex at the beginning of the movie.
  • Happened to Goldie Hawn's character's husband at the beginning of the film Private Benjamin.
    At the funeral:
    "What were his last words?"
    "I'm coming."
  • Played for Drama in Red Sparrow:
    • A nonfatal example early in the film when Uncle Vanya gives Dominika information that the stage accident that broke her leg and ended her career wasn't an accident: the danseur she was partnered with flubbed the move on purpose because he was sleeping with Dominika's understudy. She promptly walks over to the Bolshoi Ballet, catches them having sex in the ladies' shower, and beats the crap out of them both with her cane.
    • During what becomes Dominika's recruitment into the SVR, she plays Honey Trap to a Russian oligarch, Ustinov. He's garroted to death while raping her.
  • In Revenge In The House Of Usher, the resurrected wife of the Mad Scientist has a very odd way of getting her revenge on the villainous Doctor Orloff as his last act on Earth: she threatens to make love to him. He reacts with horror.
  • Richard III. Earl Rivers is Chained to a Bed enjoying the attentions of a Sexy Stewardess, only for both parties to scream when someone hiding underneath shoves a bayonet through the bed and out Rivers's chest.
  • In a German sex horror film called Rossa Venezia, the killings are touched off by a wife coming home to find her hunting-crazy husband in bed with a pretty young thing riding his lap. As quietly as she can, she picks up his elephant gun and lets her have it in the back of her head. Just so happens they were climaxing at the same time too, making this a twofer for the unlucky gal. She then proceeds to flip the hell out and rampage across Germany Mrs. Voorhees style, killing anyone she sees 'doing the deed' or just having done it. For less of a bang but still a bang, she executes a couple of other women with electrified dildos.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has an unusual take on this trope. In the Scott/Ramona vs Roxie fight, Scott defeats Roxie by poking her in the back of the knee after Ramona tells him that it's her weak spot. Roxie immediately has what is unmistakably an orgasm, and bursts into a giant pile of coins.
  • In Se7en, the Lust victim suffers a particularly gruesome form of this, via bladed dildo.
  • In Shandra: The Jungle Girl, Shandra kills her victims by draining their life force while she is having sex with them.
  • In the screwball comedy Sibling Rivalry (1990), the one-night stand of Marjorie Turner (Kirstie Alley) dies during a wild rumpus. This lands Marjorie in a fine mess.
  • In Slaughter High, Stella and Frank are murdered when the jester elextrifies the metal frame of the bed while they are having sex.
  • Sound of the Mountain: Shingo and a buddy chuckle about their old friend, who died "during a tryst with a young woman at a hot spring.". They agree that it was a pretty good way to go.
  • In Spies Like Us, Chevy Chase even says the line. Perfectly subverted in that everyone in the group of spies and Soviets gets to have sex with someone, and then they figure out how to disarm the nuclear missile and avert world obliteration.
  • In the 1981 Made-for-TV Movie The Star Maker, Rock Hudson (as Danny Youngblood) drops dead in bed while having sex with a very young (possibly underage) girl. Ed McMahon (as Lou Parker) makes jokes about it at his funeral.
  • Ten Little Maidens with input by the same writer also features an electrified DOUBLE dildo as part of an incredibly unrealistic murder ploy. Yeah, that seems to kind of be his thing.
  • In Thursday, as Dallas is having sex with a bound Casey, Billy busts in and shoots her in the head.
  • In Trouble Shooters Trapped Beneath The Earth, a hotel is sunk underneath the ground when an earthquake opens a giant sinkhole. Rescuers entering through the building's roof discover an apartment room in which a dead, naked couple is lying in bed with debris on top of them, cue this line:
    "Now THAT is how I'd like to die."
  • In Varsity Blood, Peter Paxton and Vikki are murdered while they having sex in the back of Peter's truck.
  • Very Bad Things: The Plot-Triggering Death of a stripper while having rough sex with one of the guests at a bachelor party is what kicks off the Plethora of Mistakes that drives the plot. This is one of the more believable instances: she doesn't die because of some perfect storm scenario involving an unusual medical condition, she dies because they're doing it in the shower and she hits her head hard on the plumbing.
  • In the Mexican erotic comedy "Los Verduleros", the protagonist is having sex with a girl in his cop car only for her to have a heart attack. His partner gets in the car and assumes that the half-naked corpse is trying to seduce him. Cue comedy sequence of him driving around and flirting with her as the corpse snuggles against him or leans away as the car moves.
  • The 2011 film The Victim begins with a stripper played by Danielle Harris dying of accidental head trauma while being raped in the woods.
  • We Are What We Are: Mr. Parker murders Anders while he's having sex with Iris.
  • Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies: A prisoner wishes that his lawyer would go "fuck himself". Wish granted.
  • Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled: Done literally when one of the characters wishes for "killer sex".
  • In Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!, a john invites a hooker into his car, somehow failing to notice that she is a zombie, and immediately unzips his pants for her. She then bites his penis off.

  • An old joke, somewhat NSFW: Two people are having sex in the back of a car when the man suddenly has a heart attack whilst still joined with his partner. The woman freaks but can't get him off her; she nevertheless manages to summon help, who get the emergency services to come out. They determine that the only way to get him out of there is to take the roof off the car. The fire department saws the roof of the car and manages to get the guy out, and as the paramedics are taking him away a police officer tries to comfort the woman, who is sobbing hysterically. She says "Don't worry, your husband's going to be fine." The woman replies "Fuck him, he's not my husband. It's my husband's car, though."
  • An ambulance is called early one Sunday morning to the home of an elderly couple, and the paramedics find them both naked in bed - him dead, her weeping. When the paramedics ask what happened she explained: "Well my husband had a weak heart, but we both still wanted to have a sex life. So we'd only have sex once a week, timing our thrusts to the sound of the church bells to keep it slow.... if only that fucking ice cream van hadn't come along!"note 
  • Three nonagenarians are chatting.
    Abe: I see old Zachary died last night. That's how I'd like to go - suddenly in bed while I sleep.
    Bob: You're right about suddenly, but that is way too boring. I want to die in a spectacular high-speed car crash.
    Charlie: You both have it partly right. I want to die suddenly, spectacularly and in bed.
    Abe: How does that work?
    Charlie: I want to be shot dead by a jealous husband.
  • Two men exploring a jungle are captured by a native tribe. The two men are given a choice: Death, or Unga-Bunga. The first man chooses Unga-Bunga and is immediately raped by all the men of the tribe. After that, the second man chooses death as he prefers it to gang rape. The tribe leader declares "DEATH... BY UNGA-BUNGA!". Some versions of the joke instead have three men: the first chooses Unga-Bunga not knowing what it is, the second chooses it as he prefers it over death, and the third chooses death.
  • An undertaker is reminiscing about his career: "There was one time when I got a call from a brothel regarding one of their patrons, who seemed to have passed on after congress with one of the ladies working there. I picked up a body bag, a toe tag, collected my off-sider, and off we went to the cathouse. When we entered the room, my young lad noticed that the deceased had an erection. Well, he wasn't exactly polite, but I decided to use it as a teaching moment and said that this often happens. In fact, it could be used as a means of testing whether someone was truly dead or not. Saying so, I reached for the gentleman's member and firmly pulled on it. And... well, it turned out he wasn't dead at all."

  • In Angels & Demons, the assassin's final atrocity was to be making the leading lady give him head and slitting her throat as he came. Foiled, thank God.
  • The Yeerks from Animorphs die after mating. Actually, it's not so much "die" as "three Yeerks merge into one big blob and the blob breaks up into little baby Yeerks". Bizarre Alien Biology, indeed.
  • In Apprentice Adept, this is more or less how Agape's people, the Moebites, reproduce: when the mating urge occurs, two Moebites basically do a Fusion Dance and form a new Moebite. Since the process pretty much eliminates the personalities and memories of the parent Moebites, it's a case of "Mate and Die".
  • Lawrence Block novels:
    • In The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian this happened to Bernie's lawyer.
      Ray: He was bangin' his secretary on his office couch, same girl's been with him eight, ten years, and his ticker blows out on him. Massive whatchacallit, coronary, an' he's dead in the saddle. Girl said she tried everythin' to revive him, and I just bet she did.
    • In Here Comes a Hero Léon gives Evan a Belgian passport belonging to one Paul Mornay.
      Léon: It is genuine.
      Evan: And M. Mornay?
      Léon: M. Mornay has taken to bed one of the most energetic tarts in Montmartre.
      Evan: From his picture, one would think it would kill him.
      Léon: And so it did. At the critical moment, zut! The little death becomes the great one. Thus did his passport come upon the market, and thus one may rest assured that M. Mornay will not report its loss.
  • A particularly disgusting variation of this occurs in John Connolly's short story "The Cancer Cowboy Rides". Buddy Carson seduces a drunken waitress and has sex with her; however, on the second round, the waitress begins to feel the effects of Buddy's unique gift — fast-acting cancer transmitted by touch: tumours, black blood, and a slow and agonizing death that Buddy watches eagerly.
  • What happens to any Mortal who has — or tries to have — sex with a Caster or Incubus in The Caster Chronicles. It's doubtful how far anyone would actually get; just a heavy make-out session with Lena nearly kills Ethan in Beautiful Creatures. He would have died, had it not been for Ryan's intervention.
  • In The Chronicles of Amber, the lead character Corwin claims that when he said he wanted to die in bed, what he meant is that he wanted to be stepped on by an elephant while having sex.
  • Ciaphas Cain:
    • In one short story set while Cain was commissar for the 12th Valhallan Field Artillery, Cain visits a women's home that turns out to be a Slaaneshi cult. The leader starts to seduce him, intending to use him as a Human Sacrifice, but he twigs to the plan and kills her with his laspistol mid-foreplay ("Sorry, I prefer blondes."), then escapes with his troops while frantically calling in an artillery barrage on his own position to stop them from raising a daemonhost.
    • A nonlethal variant is present in another story where a local brothel turns out to be the epicenter of a genestealer infestation. Several of Cain's troopers visit it and end up implantees suborned to the will of a tyranid hive-mind.
    • In one campaign, the planetary governor dies at an extremely inconvenient time, and several people suspect foul play. The historian Amberly has provided just says that the governor's death was perfectly reasonable for a man of his age, considering his large number of mistresses.
  • The Color Purple: Celie finds out at her father's funeral that he died during sex with his new young wife.
    Celie: How he die?
    New wife: [whispering] On top of me.
  • In the Darkness Series books, an officer decides to tie up and rape a hot spy for no particular reason and sends his soldiers out of the tent. She manages to get to a razor and slit his throat (though it is implied to be after he finishes) before cutting her bonds and escaping.
  • In Digital Fortress, an obese man hires a prostitute. Because they came into possession of an item that the hitman was tracking down, they were murdered while in the act, as the hitman's instructions were to kill anyone who had even seen it.
  • Discworld:
    • Discussed in The Last Continent; Much to the embarrassment of the wizards, their prim and stuffy head of housekeeping, Mrs. Whitlow, offers to give The Talk to a God of Evolution who's interested in this whole "sexual reproduction" thing... with amusing anecdotes and racy hand gestures involved. Ridcully wonders aloud if there's a Mr. Whitlow, and when Ponder says he's pretty sure Mrs. Whitlow is a widow, Ridcully asks "Anyone know what he died of?"
    • In Making Money, the previous bank owner died during sex with his mistress. Moist later finds a closet full of interesting sex toys, including a clockwork vibrator that Mr. Fusspot takes to use as a chew toy.
    • Discworld, it should be noted, is carried on the back of a giant turtle that is flying through space. Some people are very concerned about where it's migrating to, and what effect the answer will have on Discworld. What if the turtle is planning to mate? Which turtle will be on top?
  • Dragaera: A strange aversion in the third Vlad Taltos book, when the main character decides (for no good reason) to have sex with the female assassin who just killed him (he got better, evidently); later, thinking back, he notes that he was wondering whether she would kill him before they finished.
  • It's all but stated outright Kitiara from the Dragonlance books has killed men while or after having sex with them.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Storm Front begins with Harry being called in to help investigate the deaths of two people who took this to the extreme—magic caused both of their hearts to explode messily out of their chests mid-coitus. Justified as Harry theorizes that the strong emotions during sex amplified the magic attack.
    • White Court vampires feed on various emotions, and the Raith clan specifically prefer to feed on lust. They can and often do kill during sex, especially if they're particularly hungry and need to feed intensely.
    • Lord Raith was such a boss White Court that he used to use this power as an opener at parties by kissing someone to death, something that takes most of his kind the duration of sex, so minutes instead of seconds. Then Margaret LeFay McCoy neutered his demon and linked that curse to her bloodline, so as long as Harry and Thomas are around, Papa Raith can't Feed and therefore can't do this. He also doesn't have much access to any of his other vampire powers since he can't feed to refresh them.
    • In White Night, Molly gets to re-experience someone's 'out with a bang moment' thanks to a White Court vampire. This makes things very awkward for Butters and Dresden who were watching, expecting pain and despair rather than an orgasm.
      Butters: Is she above age?
      Dresden: Um, yes.
      Butters: Good. Now I don't feel quite so Nabokovian.
      [Cue comments about needing to get out more.]
    • In Cold Days, Harry reveals that he considered asking Lara Raith for this if Kincaid refused to kill him.
      I mean, hey, if you're going to go, there are worse ways to do it than to be taken out by the freaking queen of the world's succubi.
    • After witnessing a... rather unpleasant death, Injun Joe remarks that he'd rather go in his sleep. Harry, on the other hand...note 
      Harry: I want to be stepped on by an elephant while having sex with identical triplet cheerleaders.
  • In Eccentric Neighborhoods, Ulises Vernet, who can't keep it in his pants, appears to die from a heart attack sustained during the act. He is found naked and with an expression of contentment on his face.
  • The Elenium: In The Tamuli, the emperor of the Tamul empire is required to marry a woman of each subject kingdom at the same time, (there are nine subject kingdoms) and then consummate with all of them that night. After mentioning this, Emperor Sarabian recalls that his grandfather had not survived the night.
  • In the Forgotten Realms novel Daughter of the Drow by Elaine Cunningham, female-on-male murder during sex is called "the spider's kiss" among the drow (in reference to their spider goddess Lolth, among other spidery things in their culture). The title character, wizard/cleric Liriel Baenre, actually subverts it, however, as she instead knocks her lover unconscious to save him from a group of Vhaeraun worshipers.
  • A character in Gai-Jin dies like this after the strain re-opens injuries sustained at the beginning of the book.
  • The Soft Ones in The Gods Themselves reproduce by "melting", an extended period of time in which they physically merge with their other two partners. Afterward, one of them gives birth. The children's sexes always occur in a specified order, and all the members of the triad die after the birth of the third child. Subverted because we eventually discover (along with the viewpoint Soft Ones themselves) that they don't actually die, they permanently merge and become a "Hard One", which up until now the Soft Ones and the reader have been led to believe is a different race. This also occurs temporarily during the other meldings, though the Soft Ones retain no memories of this.
  • Golden Terrace: This is the manner in which Yang Hexuan reportedly died, as he had often frequented brothels before his death, and the reported cause was due to “ an acute loss of Yang." As it turns out, he had actually overdosed on a mysterious, highly-addictive drug that mimics the physical symptoms of “dying in the saddle”.
  • In Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi and its subsequent adaptations including The Untamed, Sect Leader Jin Guangshan is killed this way when one of his many bastard children has finally had enough of his ill treatment, drugs him, and orders a dozen prostitutes to keep servicing him until his weakening heart gives out. No one figures out it was murder for over a decade because he was so notorious as a womanizer that everyone figured it was inevitable he'd eventually be found dead in bed with a woman.
  • Horizon of War: Lord Arte actually assassinated an elderly baron by sneaking him a high dose of aphrodisiac and arranging for a courtesan to visit.
  • "How's the Nightlife on Cissalda", a Harlan Ellison story about the human race ending because people were too busy having sex with aliens to eat.
  • In the Inheritance Trilogy, the enslaved Old God Nahadoth kills anyone who makes him sleep with them via the Brown Note of his true form; it's mentioned that the last person who was tempted to try ended up splattered across a courtyard. When Yeine survives having sex with him, it's a sign that he's truly come to care for her.
  • In The Iron Dragon's Daughter, Jane used sex magic to convert her unfortunate targets into jet fuel for Melanchthon.
  • The Laundry Files
  • In the Johannes Cabal series, Zarenyia is a spider-centaur succubine who feeds through sex that is always lethal to her partners/victims. It's established that they enjoy it immensely and that they are also horrified because they know they're going to die-its mostly Played for Laughs in the series traditional Black Comedy- there's a funny moment when Zarenyia and Cabal go up against somehow she's slightly powerless against because in addition to being a mighty warlock he is also a eunuch.
  • The Kingkiller Chronicle: The Felurian is an infamous Fae woman known for being a Sex Goddess and the mortal men she seduces usually die of a heart attack or sheer exhaustion after having sex with her. The rare few that survived the experience emerge with their minds shattered beyond repair, knowing they will never feel such pleasure again. Kvothe is legendary for being the only man to ever survive with his mind and body intact, although he accomplished it via trickery.
  • In Like Water for Chocolate, Tita's lover Pedro literally dies at the climax, due to a sudden heart attack.
  • Mentioned in reference to Shelob in The Lord of the Rings, who killed her mates. However, this is a case of Truth in Television, since spiders do actually do this.
  • Matador Series: In The Albino Knife, Marcus Jefferson Wall has his consciousness transferred into a cloned mastodon, which then suffers a stroke while having sex with an elephant. It Makes Sense in Context. (This is a subversion, as the scientists who transferred him manage to pull him back out in time. Marcus is undamaged.)
  • Mademoiselle Boleyn has Mary Tudor be free of the aged king of France when he dies as they have sex.
  • "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex", an article by Larry Niven explaining — in very close detail — exactly why Superman could never have a Superboy and why this trope would be the likely outcome of any mating with Lois Lane or other non-Kryptonian females. (This appears to have been totally ignored by the modern-day DC Comics, which has established Clark and Lois as a married couple who, presumably, have a non-lethal sex life.)
    With Kryptonian muscles behind it, Kal-El's semen would emerge with the muzzle velocity of a machine gun bullet.
  • Orthogonal plays this universally and chillingly straight: For the protagonist race, sex triggers immediate reproduction, which consists of the mother fissioning into four children. It's a necessary part of biology... and also murder.
  • In Rainbow Six, part of the villains' testing of their lethal-if-not-vaccinated biological agent involves getting uninfected captives to have sex with infected ones while both sides are drugged. True to form, said virus can be spread by intercourse.
  • Retired Witches Mysteries: The sea witch in book 2 seeks out a new mate — a young male witch — every hundred years or so, sleeping with any witch of the right age that she can get her hands on, but if they aren't suited to be her mate, they die in the process.
  • In Ringworld, one of the humanoid species is a race of "vampires" that use cranked-to-eleven pheromones to draw in victims of the opposite sex from other species, with almost invariably fatal results.
  • Roadmarks features a woman who specializes in killing her partner at "the moment" so that he's coming and going at the same time.
  • The Sano Ichiro book The Perfumed Sleeve, Sano's rival Makino dies during a threesome; his partners fled in panic, and his manservant finds his body and tried to "clean things up" so it looks like his master died with dignity.
  • The Scholomance: Sexual consent is one way to bypass a wizard's personal defenses and drain their life energy for Black Magic. The protagonist guesses that Jack killed Luisa this way since he wasn't powerful enough to drain her by force.
  • In "The Serial Murders", a jockey is literally 'ridden to death'' by his girlfriend, who was using a whip and spurs.
  • In the book Snap Shot by A.J. Quinnell, the Mossad agent Misha Wigoda is killed this way by the SDECE's agent Janine Lesage at the end of his interrogation. This was because even though he was on Valium, they couldn't extract any useful information from him until they discovered the lust Janine was producing in him. They used this to extract the information they wanted from him. Janine always wanted to kill a man while having sex as she had heard that when that happens the victim gets a monumental erection.
  • Setup for Chuck Palahniuk's Snuff: An aging porn star is shooting a world-record gangbang and may or may not die at the end of it. A lot of the book is other characters arguing about whether this result is intentional and/or inevitable. The actual ending manages to be much more embarrassing.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Sansa meets Lady Myranda Royce, a widow her own age whose middle-aged husband expired the first time they had sex.
      Myranda: He died on top of me. In me, if truth be told. You do know what goes on in a marriage bed, I hope?
      Sansa: That must have been dreadful, my lady. Him dying. There, I mean, whilst... whilst he was...
      Myranda: Fucking me? It was disconcerting, certainly. Not to mention discourteous.
    • Also discussed by Tyrion, who, when asked how he wishes to die, replies, "At the age of 80, in my own bed, with a girl's mouth around my cock."
    • While it doesn't need to be fatal, Melisandre is implied to drain the life out of people she has sex with and use it to fuel her magic. After doing so twice with Stannis, she says she can't do it again lest she kill him.
    • Given that author George R. R. Martin has created an extensive fictional history for his story, it's not surprising that this shows up in historical contexts. Lord Ossifer Plumm was an old man when he married young, nubile Princess Elaena Targaryen of the royal house. Apparently, this trope was the result. By great good fortune, his single interaction with his bride left her Someone to Remember Him By, and young Viserys Plumm inherited the lands and title upon his birth. However, rumors dogged Lady Elaena that Viserys had been conceived too late. One suspect was the current king, Aegon, the Fourth of his Name — called "Aegon the Unworthy" because he Really Got Around (amongst numerous and sundry other flaws). Another, only a little more outlandish, was that Ossifer Plumm had impregnated his bride from beyond the grave, from six feet under. This becomes a Brick Joke over a hundred years later when Princess Classic Daenerys Targaryen meets one of Plumm's descendents, Brown Ben Plumm, now an exile leading Private Military Contractors on the other continent. He explains that a Targaryen married his ancestor because said ancestor "had himself a cock six foot long."
    The three bells in Dany's braid tinkled when she laughed. "You mean inches, I think."
    "Feet," Brown Ben said firmly. "If it was inches, who'd want to talk about it, now?"
  • The Speed of Sound: Henry Townsend, a congressman backed by the American Heritage Foundation, accidentally strangles a hooker during sex, and calls the Foundation to get him out of trouble. Instead, the Foundation sends two assassins who force him to shoot himself to protect their reputation.
  • In Spinning Silver, the demon that inhabits Tsar Mirnatius consumes anyone who has sex with him. He goes to great lengths to keep his bed empty, but inevitably he manages to attract a maid or a footman and has to send a compensatory purse to the family. This has led to a lot of worry among his nobles about his heirless state since he doesn't even have a bastard who could take the throne.
  • Split Heirs: Ludmilla, who was in her seventies or so, died while having sex with Odo when she climaxed.
  • For a nonlethal variation, the novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture gives this as one of the reasons Deltans who enter Starfleet swear an oath of celibacy. Because Deltan sex involves a merging of minds as well as bodies, a non-Deltan who sleeps with one risks insanity by doing so. Captain Willard Decker enters into a relationship with Lieutenant Ilia knowing full well the risk.
  • At the beginning of the Star Trek: New Frontier series, the Vulcan Selar is consummating her Pon farr with her mate when he dies. This merely delays the Pon farr for a little while. She eventually consummates with Burgoyne, the hermaphrodite engineer.
  • In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, it's revealed that the H'nemthe have evolved (naturally or socially, it's not clear) this trait due to their 20 males to 1 female gender ratio. The females, who are otherwise vegetarians, eviscerate their partners after sex with their razor-edged tongue and they sincerely believe this is actually the greatest expression of love between the sexes. One of the short stories in Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina revolves around an alien Corrupt Bureaucrat named Feltipern Trevaag wooing and having sex with the alien identified in the movies only as "Yamnose", here revealed to be a female H'nemthe named M'iiyoom Onith. When the inevitable happens, the folks who clean up the mess consider Trevaag to have truly been Too Dumb to Live, not only for trying to sleep with a female H'nemthe but for not realizing the Genius Bilingual Bonus in her name; "M'iiyoom" is the H'nemthe word for "Nightlily", a beautiful but carnivorous flower that uses its sweet scent to attract prey.
  • Gene Wolfe's "There are Doors" features an alternate Earth where humans have a very different reproductive cycle; after sex, women store men's semen in their body for the rest of their life and can use it to have as many children as they wish. Men die, as their immune system shuts down.
  • In Timeline-191, Lucien Galtier dies, after a long and eventful life, of a heart attack during the act. This event provides the transition to his son-in-law, the new viewpoint character, who helps his wife, Lucien's daughter, deal with her grief via gallows humor.
  • In Time Scout, someone conjectures that sex with Margo would kill you. His interlocutor implies that it would be worth it.
  • Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me (originally Mañana en la Batalla Piensa en Mí), the book by Spanish author Javier Marías, is about a man whose lover dies in his arms while having sex.
  • In the Towers Trilogy, Xhea's mother Nerra was raped by a man who died in the process due to her Touch of Death.
  • In Michael Ely's Twilight of the Mind, a Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Expanded Universe novel, the daughter of the imprisoned Sheng-ji Yang kills her husband, the new chairman of the Hive, by placing a poisoned device in her vagina and getting him to forget his distrust of her long enough to seduce him. As soon as he penetrates, he gets injected with a fast-acting poison, while her guards take care of his guards. Thus she becomes the new Chairman Yang.
  • Averted, sort of, by Cheryl in John Ross' Unintended Consequences. She's about to be retired as a mob boss' toy, so he gives her to one of his lieutenants who's infamous for getting bitey with his playmates. Fortunately for Cheryl, when the big moment comes, he doesn't notice the rock maple hair sticks that she uses to lobotomize him, and the thrill of escape helps her get off.
  • In Vicky Peterwald: Rebel, Vicky is kidnapped by assassins after the bounty put on her by her Evil Stepmother, and escapes by seducing one of them and then crushing his throat while riding him. She regards the act as a rape of her later, since even though she initiated the act, she was motivated by desperation rather than desire.
  • Villains Don't Date Heroes!: Invoked. CORVAC brainwashes the superstrong Fialux into having sex with Night Terror, minus any restraint. Night Terror admits that it sounds like a fine way to die but saves them both instead.
  • Roulette, from Wild Cards, has the superhuman ability to fatally poison men having sex with her, and she is manipulated by the Big Bad into being a hitwoman for supers.
  • In the The Witcher books, Ciri is right about to have sex with Hotsporn when he dies from his injuries in a previous battle. He dies in her arms, but it's not at all romantic.
  • Discussed in Zolang er leven is by Renate Dorrestein. A widower realises that there was nothing he could have done to prevent his wife's death, but he could have been making love to her instead of fighting.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Featured, not surprisingly, in 1000 Ways to Die:
    • A very shy Japanese couple who were very much in love, but restrained themselves from even kissing each other for the 7 years of their marriage so far decide one day to consummate it with the help of some plum wine. As the couple simultaneously climaxes, their bodies weren't used to the exertion, and after passing out, the two die peacefully in their sleep from their hearts stopping.
    • In another episode, a man with a fetish for overweight women ended up dying by suffocation when his date for the night climaxed and then passed out from exhaustion on top of him, preventing his lungs from expanding and covering his face with her fat rolls. He doesn't seem too displeased. Her reaction when she awoke was disappointed, but oddly not that surprised.
    • A subversion in "Sex Ray", where the victim didn't die during sex, but because two others were Making Love in All the Wrong Places. A man in for a routine head X-ray gets a front row seat to his X-ray technician getting it on with a nurse in the control room, which he doesn't seem too bothered by. Unfortunately, the patient has his brain fried by repeated X-rays as the nurse kept hitting the button to turn the machine on with her backside.
    • A cheating sleaze is bitten by a spider, whose venom acts like Viagra during his final hours. Trying to relieve himself of the... tension, he goes through a series of his girls until finally collapsing dead with one.note 
    • And there was one about a virgin who went to a Nevada brothel, signed on with a Dominatrix for the night... but it turned out he had a severe allergy to latex. That he was completely dressed in (including a zipper over the mouth).
    • Another cheater was inadvertently given nine times the recommended dose of Viagra - his wife snuck him three, he took three before he went to see his mistress, and she slipped him three. Needless to say, it was fatal.
    • A couple likes to do it out in the open. They have sex on top of an old and malfunctioning electrical transformer. The dude had just gotten a "Prince Albert" cock piercing, and once it touches the transformer... BZZZZZZT! He gets electrocuted to death. (The girl lives, but only because her feet weren't touching the ground, thus not completing the circuit.)
  • In an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun, Sally and Harry were trying to kill an overweight fortune teller they thought knew they were aliens. Eventually, they asked her how she foresaw her own death and she replied that she would be killed having sex.
    Fortune teller: Not a bad way to die, right?
    Sally: No... but a horrible way to kill. Right, Harry?
    [Harry has an Oh, Crap! expression on his face]
  • American Gods (2017): Shadow's wife Laura died while giving a blowjob to another man (he was driving at the time, and they crashed). Bilquis also devours people while having sex with them.
  • In American Horror Story: Coven, we have Girl Next Door Zoe, who has a magical vagina that kills anyone she has sex with. She eventually finds a loophole that lets her escape the life of a Celibate Hero - it turns out that she's perfectly fine to hook up with people who have died once and been brought back from the dead.
  • The Angel episode "Lonely Hearts" has a parasitic demon that keeps a constant stream of hosts by emerging from the current one and, er, "penetrating" a partner during sex, killing them and coming to rest in their body. Not during, after. While cuddling.
  • In Anything But Love, it happens to a guy Jamie Lee Curtis' character is dating. She later recalls him saying "Omigod, not yet!" but thought he meant something else.
  • Babes in the Wood: Caralyn fears that she bonked a man to death in the second episode of Series 2. Charlie is worried when he finds that this sex partner of Caralyn was the same age as him and fears that he'll befall this fate, whilst Frankie implies that this has happened to her before. At the end of the episode, Caralyn finds that the man had a weak heart and is thus convinced that she didn't do it, whilst it is heavily implied that Charlie killed his own partner in sex.
  • Being Human (UK): Succubi and Incubi inflict death on any human they have intercourse with. The succubus Yvonne killed the only man she ever loved in this manner, due to being completely unaware of her own nature, and has been living a sexless life ever since due to the trauma it caused her.
  • One sketch in The Benny Hill Show, Benny Hill sings about a guy who died this way. He notes it took the coroner a week to get the grin off his face... and two more days to close the coffin.
  • In the Sitcom Blossom, Blossom, displeased that her father Nick plans to remarry, has a Fantasy Sequence where Nick's much younger new wife has killed him in this way.
  • The Boys (2019): Popclaw is shown getting oral sex from her landlord when she accidentally crushes his head with her thighs while losing control of herself.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Where the Wild Things Are", Buffy and Riley compulsively have sex in a haunted house, fueling it with psychic energy in the process, and it is revealed that they'll die from it if not rescued.
    Willow: It must have been terrible, being trapped like that.
    Buffy & Riley: Yup, oh yeah, terrible...
  • One episode of Caroline in the City had Caroline help Richard fake his death to make his art more valuable and to get back at an art critic. They even arrange a fake funeral, and Richard manages to stay convincingly dead through a harangue by the critic who didn't buy his act, but just as he starts apologizing for his behaviour at the funeral, he mentions how Richard died. Caroline had been telling everyone he died this way with her, and the shock/outrage causes Richard to blow his cover.
  • In one episode of Cheers, an elderly woman who Sam hired as a waitress (ironically because Carla didn't want him to hire someone who he would fall for like he did with Diane) claimed that all three of her former husbands died this way. Both she and her daughter believed that it was because she was too passionate.
    Sam: I don't mean to beat this to death, but were they... smiling?
    Lillian: From ear to ear! And that was the grumpy one!
  • Subverted and then played straight in an episode of Chicago Hope. A man has a very bad blockage in his heart and shows up to get surgery. It turns out the doctor is an old flame of his. He doesn't tell her about his heart condition, instead acting like the only reason he's come to town is to see her. (Which isn't entirely a lie. It was really both reasons). They end up having sex and he has a heart attack during it. He actually lives for a while afterward since the doctor took the necessary steps to preserve his life and got him into surgery immediately. But while in recovery, his wife shows up. He wakes up to see his wife and the doctor together and instantly assumes that the doctor felt guilty (she didn't know he was married) and told the wife about his infidelity. The panic causes him to have ANOTHER heart attack, which kills him.
  • CSI:
    • Forms the basis of the plot of at least one episode, with rather roundabout complications. The main suspect, a very overweight woman, accidentally suffocates her partner when she passes out drunk on top of him. The woman actually told the police that she smothered him with a pillow because she said she would rather confess to murder than suffer through the jokes that would be made about her because of the true nature of the victim's death. Believe it or not, the show handled this with a degree of sensitivity.
    • And then there was the guy who fell off a hotel balcony while having sex on the railing... The woman claimed that he raped her and that she accidentally pushed him off the balcony. She was married and didn't want her infidelity to become known.
  • CSI: NY: In "Enough", one Victim of the Week is shot in the head while having sex with a prostitute in the back of his car. The prostitute then pushes his body out and steals his car.
  • This is how Kemal Pamuk dies on Downton Abbey. Awkwardness, drama, and Disposing of a Body ensue.
  • In The Dresden Files, Harry attempts suicide by vampire while having sex with her.
  • On Dynasty (1981), Cecil Colby (Lloyd Bochner) suffers a heart attack and dies underneath new wife Alexis (Joan Collins). Alexis slapping him in the face to bring him around adds Narm.
  • Ha'Gel from Earth: Final Conflict. Very similar method of death for his victims. Of course, he was desperate, as he seemed to be the Last of His Kind. He essentially rapes both Sandoval and Beckett to produce Liam, the hero of seasons 2&3. Liam doesn't seem to acknowledge his alien parent any more than he absolutely has to.
  • Farscape:
    • John Crichton enters an alternate reality where one of his plans went pear-shaped and Moya is on the verge of imminent destruction. So naturally, Chiana tries to have sex with him, figuring she might as well die doing something she likes. An earlier episode has Aeryn and John trapped on a transport pod that's running out of air. Realising they'll be dead in less than an hour they suddenly start tearing off their spacesuits to have sex... only to be interrupted by D'Argo coming to their rescue.
    • Zhaan's backstory has her murdering her Quisling lover while having sex with him.
  • An Invoked Trope in Chilean Telenovela La Fiera (1999). In her Establishing Character Moment, Black Widow Magdalena Ossandón is shown to have gotten rid of her latest elderly mark on their wedding night this way. It crosses into Black Comedy/Gallows Humor territory when people in charge of the funeral suggest making it a closed casket ceremony because the rigor mortis set in too soon due to the guy's strenuous activities prior to his passing (Truth in Television), leaving his face fixed in a satisfied expression that made it incredibly obvious just how he died.
  • Firefly: Word of God regarding the mysterious syringe that Inara reveals in the pilot is that it contains a drug that makes having sex with her lethal. There was supposed to be an episode later in the series where Inara was attacked by Reavers. Mal was to discover her badly traumatized and surrounded by Reaver corpses and help her through it.
  • Discussed in Game of Thrones by Tyrion, who, when asked how he wishes to die, replies, "At the age of 80, in my own bed, with a belly full of wine, and a girl's mouth around my cock."
  • In Ghosts (UK), Julian Fawcett is the trouserless ghost of a disgraced MP who died in a sex scandal in 1993.
  • Discussed but averted in Gilmore Girls. At the beginning of season five, Paris calls Rory and tells her boyfriend Asher died over the summer while they were on vacation. Asher being old enough to be Paris' grandfather, this is, of course, Rory's first assumption for the cause of death, leading to one of the best lines Paris ever had in the show:
    No, Rory, this great man was not brought down by my vagina.
  • On The Golden Girls, this is how Rose's husband Charlie died.
    Rose: Oh, there was something wild about him that night. Although I did think it was strange when he started yelling, "Rose, I'm going! I'm going!" Normally it was the opposite!
    • The episode that revealed how Charlie died started off with Rose's then-current boyfriend dying in his sleep after they made love. She almost gives up sex because she's convinced she must be cursed for this to happen to her twice.
  • The Great: Lady Joanna, who fell out of an open window mid-coitus.
  • In Isabella Rossellini's humorous educational series Green Porno, this is the common fate for male bees.
  • The Handmaid's Tale: After the Ceremony (Rape) with Emily, her new Commander dies from a heart attack. She promptly starts kicking the shit out of his corpse.
  • The Hard Times of RJ Berger: R.J. Berger and Lily Miran... in a hospital bed while she is in critical condition no less. Although viewers will have to wait; due to the machine indicating that she flatlined, it is unknown if she is truly dead.
  • Harrow: In "Peccata Patris" ("Sins of the Father"), the Victim of the Week is a gay schoolboy who suffers a fatal allergy to semen while giving his boyfriend oral sex for the first time. This leads to Death by Falling Over when he is given a shove while choking.
  • Hill Street Blues: When Michael Conrad died in 1983 (due to urethral cancer), his character, Sgt. Phillip Esterhaus also died. How did he die? Suffering a massive heart attack while making love with his girlfriend, Grace Gardner. (Several episodes that had been completed prior to Conrad's death were aired in late 1983-early 1984, prior to the airing of "Grace Under Pressure," although his last appearances had him only appearing "at roll call.")
  • Not the trope itself, but Barney of How I Met Your Mother names the trope when a cremated friend of his that happens to be a suit in an urn, which he takes to the bar, causes a girl to go home with him.
  • In Just Shoot Me!, Nina encounters her old agent, Catherine, who has grown suicidal. Nina tries to help her take her mind off of it by introducing her to Finch. It seems to work as the two hit it off, only for Nina to find out Catherine had intended to invoke this trope, figuring her heart would give out during sex. Nina rushes to try and stop it only to find a stretcher being wheeled out of Catherine's apartment. Ultimately subverted. The one on the stretcher was Finch. Catherine had performed a particular maneuver and his asthma kicked in. He was still begging for more as the paramedics were wheeling him out.
  • Killjoys: Sabine dies having sex with D'avin as she hemorrhages the green plasma.
  • Portrayed in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that opened with a paranoid millionaire having his trophy wife gunned down after one last love-making session.
  • Lexx: Technically, being eaten by Lyekka isn't sex, but the victims surely hallucinate so.
  • Mad Men's Roger Sterling has a heart attack and nearly dies while cheating on his wife.
  • A bit on The Man Show featured a commercial for "Die Like A Man" a service that would let an aged relative expire in a more manly way. Among them was a parachute not opening, a boxing match with a pro boxer, and vigorous sex with a beautiful woman.
  • On an episode of M*A*S*H, a visiting general goes out this way with Major Houlihan... Hilarity Ensues as the general's aide de camp spends the second half of the episode trying to find a battle into which he can bring the general's corpse. The idea, of course, is that instead of going out with a bang, the general — in the public eye — will Go Out With a *BANG*.
  • Metal Hurlant Chronicles: In "Three on a Match" the captain of the USS Atlanta is having very rough sex with one of her crew members. The two of them have The Immodest Orgasm at literally the exact instant Metal Hurlant collides with her quarters and sets off the chain-reaction destruction of the Atlanta.
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: In "Death & Hysteria", the Victim of the Week suffers a High-Voltage Death when the killer tampers with her vibrator.
  • The concept of this trope gave rise to this classic observation on the British show Mock the Week: "There are those who say there is no good way to die. These people have obviously never heard the phrase drug-and-sex-fueled heart attack".
  • On Mr. Belvedere, George is distressed to learn that one of his friends died this way and is subsequently very reluctant to make love with Martha. She finally manages to seduce him by telling him, "At least you'll go out with a smile." He suddenly remembers that his friend did indeed have this expression on his face and they fall out of sight.
  • Subverted in an episode of Night Court. Dan Fielding met a woman who had killed most men she'd had sex with. The only survivor was John Wayne, "... who never walked the same again." At the end of the episode, Dan emerged from her embrace while doing an impression of The Duke.
  • Happened to multiple characters in Nip/Tuck.
    • Larry Hagman portrays an elderly porn star who dies with a smile on his face while filming a sex scene in his latest movie.
    • Teddy, a black widow serial killer, murders her new husband while they have sex on an operating table, by convincing him to get high on the anesthetic and forcing him to overdose.
    • A gold-digging man dies during sex with his octogenarian wife, the irony being he had half been hoping that she would die any day due to her poor health.
    • Gina Russo dies during sex with Christian while they screw in the room of the medical practice, with the glass railing she is braced on gives way mid-coitus, causing her to fall to pavement several stories below.
  • In Outrageous Fortune, gold-digging Pascalle marries a much older man but they can't consummate the marriage because he has a serious heart condition. I could kill him with my body!
  • Oz. Preferred murder method of Depraved Bisexual Serial Killer Chris Keller, as it's a good way to get an inmate to walk off with you someplace where there are no witnesses.
  • Paris Police 1900 begins with French President Félix Faure dying of a heart attack while receiving oral sex from his mistress, which is widely claimed to have happened in real life.
  • Picket Fences did a similar story, but without the sex: an obese woman didn't want to admit that she'd rolled over in her sleep and smothered her husband by accident, so she claimed to have done it deliberately.
  • A BBC Play For Today set in the Ulster Troubles featured a scene in which a senior RUC (police) officer was "getting it on" with a "sex worker" when two IRA gunmen burst into the bedroom; before they killed the cop, one of them said "For the love of God, man! Have you never heard of Safe Sex?"
  • In Powers at the start of the series, Olympia dies while having sex.
  • One episode of The Practice involved an attractive woman in her thirties/forties on trial for murdering her elderly husband by sex. The Reveal is, of course, that she did it, but not to get his money; she just had some serious daddy issues.
  • In the "Coasts" episode of Prehistoric Planet, the scaphitids (a type of ammonite) are shown dying after mating, just like their modern cephalopod relatives.
  • Emmett of Queer as Folk (US) had an older lover die this way. In an airplane bathroom.
  • Red Dwarf:
    • Supposedly fated to be Lister's death long after the events of the series. "He chokes to death, aged 181, trying to remove a bra with his teeth." The source of this information does not have a stellar record, however. (And the Cat comments that at the age of 181, the bra was probably his own.)
    • He does seem to have a penchant for that kind of thing, though... in the episode "Timeslides", he gains a Portal to the Past and tweaks things a little so that he does not go on Red Dwarf and instead dies in a plane accident, aged 98. He was having sex with his fourteenth wife and lost control of the plane.
  • Parodied on Seinfeld, where one episode includes Kramer passing out (while not during sex, the situation seemed headed that way). The woman he passes out on top of contacts her relative (brother?) who has mob connections and Kramer wakes up in the East River.
  • The Jailbait episode of season 5 of The Shield had Officers Lowe and Hanlon called to a warehouse where the owner reported discovering two bodies. The fat truck driver presumably having died of a heart attack and crushing his partner to death with his weight. After the necessary gallows humour, the officers are shocked to discover the woman is still alive.
  • Happens in almost every episode of Silk Stalkings. Sometimes more than once. One example stands out in "Where There's a Will": a wealthy man is murdered by his younger partner when she handcuffs him to the bed and forces him to take a sexual performance enhancement drug that aggravates his heart condition. The man starts begging her to stop when he realizes what's happening, but she ignores him and continues to ride him while he's suffering a fatal heart attack.
  • Referenced in Smallville, where Clark spends an episode worrying that this will happen to Lana, if he gets overexcited and loses control of his powers. He doesn't. Which is a pity, cause it would have been hilarious. Jor-El apparently took precautions and later "trained" Clark to prevent this from happening, which allows him and Lois to later have a healthy sex life.
  • Star Trek:
    • In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Let He Who Is Without Sin...", Dax's previous host Curzon is stated to have died having sex. (With Vanessa Williams, so, justified.) However, this directly conflicts with Jadzia's Orb vision of her symbiont implantation in the pilot (in which Curzon is very much alive), and with her account of Curzon dying in a hospital bed in "Blood Oath" (in which he is said to have died in a hospital bed a day or so after Dax's removal).note 
    • In the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Favorite Son", Taresian reproduction involves three women and one man, and is always fatal to the man. Between this and the fact that the species doesn't have male children very often, they end up depleting their male population so severely that they devise a scheme to bring alien men to them.
    • Jokingly discussed in Star Trek: Picard regarding the Beta Annari, a sentient reptiloid species whose highly developed olfactory sense allows them to smell the last thing you ate and the last person you had sex with... if they're not the same thing.
  • On The Steve Harvey Show, Regina's husband Jordan dies this way on their honeymoon. She returns home and recounts the tragedy to Cedric, Lovita, and Steve.
    Steve (to Cedric): I always knew it would be killer, but Damn!
  • The Tick (2001): The Immortal, (a Superman-expy), has a heart attack while under Captain Liberty. Given the... erm, frizzy part of her hair in the following scenes (and the paired scorch marks in her ceiling), it's evident he wasn't in full control of his heat vision during the act.
  • Tidelands (Netflix): All men whom the sirens call to mate with them out in the sea drown while they're doing so.
  • On Too Close for Comfort, Ted relates how a friend of his died this way, the woman in question not his wife. ("All he was wearing when they found him was a pair of socks and a big grin..." he mutters.) However, Muriel is less upset by the guy's adultery than the fact that he had no will, something Ted has been putting off writing. (He spends most of the episode trying to convince himself that he has to.)
  • The Torchwood episode "Day One" features an alien that feeds off sexual energy, which has the unfortunate effect of reducing its sexual partners to dust.
    [The team is watching a security video of the act]
    Gwen: He just...
    Jack: [deadpan] Came and went.
    Owen: Now that's how I'd like to go.
    Tosh: I'm sure we could arrange it.
  • Happens in one of the later episodes of Twin Peaks as a hot 20-something gets married to a 70+-year-old who happens to be the Mayor's brother. Only on their wedding night, the groom dies of a heart attack. The Mayor brands her a witch and almost shoots her but after a quick, ahem, discussion they decide to get married instead.
  • In Two and a Half Men, Alan befriends his elderly next-door neighbor (who has a dislike of Charlie), and eventually dates and has sex with her, and she passes. Charlie keeps making fun of them (well, mostly Alan) till the end:
    "That's it! I knew there was a "big bang" joke! "
  • On Waiting for God, Diana reveals this once happened to her. When Tom says, "What a wonderful way to go!" she replies, "For him, maybe! I was dreadfully embarrassed!"
  • Westworld. Once Maeve discovers the true nature of Westworld and that Death Is Cheap, she arranges to get killed every time she wants to talk with the technicians whose job it is to fix her. One death involved taunting a client during sex until he strangles her, and a couple of others involve having sex with outlaw Hector Escaton, one on top of a safe while a posse shoots down the door, the other inside a burning tent.
  • On What We Do in the Shadows (2019), Laszlo summons his mortal form's ghost. His unfinished business? He died (or, rather, was sired) "in the saddle" but before reaching the end of the act.
  • On Will & Grace, Karen's husband Stan apparently dies in bed with his mistress. It's later revealed that he was faking it.
  • The X-Files:
    • The episode "Gender Bender" from season 1, is an example of this trope.
    • The third season episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" had the titular psychic suggesting that this would be Mulder's death: "You know, there are worse ways to go, but I can't think of a more undignified one than auto-erotic asphyxiation."
    • In the same episode Clyde also predicted he himself would die in bed with Scully. This ended up being true, as he died in bed, and Scully was in the room. He was in bed, and with Scully, but not in bed with Scully. Ironically, he dies in a way similar to how he predicted Mulder would die, but the way he asphyxiates himself is suicide.

  • Mitch Benn's Black Comedy "Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation" is about people who died while attempting, yes, well...
    Was it a tragic accident or was it suicide?
    Would they still be alive today if they hadn't gotten bored and tried,
    Auto-erotic asphyxiation.
    Did they want to die? There's no way of knowing,
    They couldn't tell whether they were coming or going.
  • The Eric Bogle song "Little Gomez" is about a randy Chihuahua that is crushed to death while attempting to consummate a liaison with a Saint Bernard.
  • Kim Petras' "Death by Sex", from her Halloween album Turn Off The Light, features her offering this to her lovers as an incentive.
  • In name only: If you think "Death by Blowjob" is A Good Name for a Rock Band...too late. A (now defunct Industrial) Belgian label had this name.
  • Musician John Entwistle went out like this in June 2002, in a Las Vegas hotel room with a hooker note  and a supply of cocaine. In the words of his bandmates:
    Pete Townshend: That's how John would have wanted to go out.
    Roger Daltrey: If you knew John, ... that was the perfect ending for him.
  • A double KO takes place at the end of "Leaving Love All Over The Place" by George Jones:
    The mourners formed a single line
    As they filled by to pay their last respects
    And they couldn't help but wonder how
    Two lovers could break each others' necks.
  • Yuliy Kim's song "Baron Germont" is about a baron who went to war, leaving his young wife behind. Years later, he returns and is surprised at how young his friends look (they fell victim to the trope; he was looking at their kids).
  • Father John Misty's "I Went to the Store One Day" actually wishes for this.
    When my body says, "Enough!"
    Don't let me die in a hospital
    I'll save the big one for the last time we make love
  • "Nymphomaniac Fantasia" by Nightwish seems to be (the lyrics are somewhat cryptic) about a woman who discovers her significant other has cheated on her ("The scent of a woman was not mine") and kills him after having sex with him one last time.
    Old love lies deep, you said
    Deeper shall be the wound between your legs

    Myths & Religion 
  • Classical Mythology:
    • In Greek mythology the empousae are a species of female demons that take on the form of beautiful women and use this form to seduce male victims. Once an empousa has gotten the guy to bed, she devours him alive and drinks his blood.
    • King Minos was under a curse... to ejaculate snakes and scorpions. This was a curse placed on him by his wife, a powerful sorceress, who did it so that he wouldn't cheat on her (the curse was only activated if he slept with anyone other than his wife, in order to cause him pain and kill his mistresses in the process). Minos eventually found a workaround when he got a mistress who was also a sorceress, and she made a potion that counteracted the curse so they could be together.

  • Irish Mythology: In story of the first people to settle Ireland, a ship lands on Ireland carrying 50 women and 3 men.note  In order to try and sire a second generation for the settlers the women split into three groups, one for each man. When one of the men died of exhaustion the women of his group all joined the second man's group. He died of exhaustion too. The final man, a druid and shapeshifter named Fintan, now pursued by an army of lonely women fled by jumping into a river and turning into a salmon so as to not share the fate of his compatriots, and hiding inside a cave until the women were all killed in a flood.

  • The Book of Numbers tells us that after Israel settled in Shittim, they started worshipping Baal and being driven to sin by the Moabites. God responds by smiting them with a plague and in the midst of everything an Israelite man named Zimri and a Midianite woman named Cozbi sneak into a room to have sex. They are spotted by Phineas, son of Eleazar who immediately takes a spear and shoves it through both of their bodies at once. This soothes the wrath of God who ceases the plague.

    Pro Wrestling 

  • Old Harry's Game: The Devil gets pretty irritated after the invention of Viagra, as Hell experiences a sudden flood of old men suddenly showing up half-dressed and smiling like idiots, leading Satan to wonder if mankind will successfully manage to pork itself to death.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Multiple instances of this in F.A.T.A.L., including being the victim of an eternal orgasm spell and failing a saving throw if your anus or vagina is stretched too far.
  • In Warhammer 40,000 this is apparently the only way to have sex, especially when Slaanesh is involved, and especially when the Dark Eldar are involved. The only ones this doesn't happen to are either asexual (Orks, Tyranids), religiously abstinent (Space Marines), or beneath notice (99% of human and tau civilians).

  • In La Cage aux folles, the conservative political leader, while noting that most of the national newspapers have fondly eulogized the president, noticed that one liberal newspaper noted that the president's last words were "Remember my little gift."
  • In City of Angels, upon hearing that the sexy young "Miss" Alaura Kingsley actually has a 75-year-old husband, Oolie's quip (after several unsuccessful ones are rubbed out by Stine's typewriter) is: "He must've decided to go out with a bang instead of a whimper."

    Video Games 
  • In The Consuming Shadow, victims of a lust god are described as having died from "exhaustion". All damage to the body comes post-mortem.
  • Can happen to your character in the Crusader Kings games if he's old enough, though as it's a Real-Time Strategy / Simulation Game, nothing explicit is shown.
  • In the Gamecube game Cubivore, you play as a titular creature, who, as an animal, likes to talk about how much he wants to kill and eat things and also mate. Of course, "mating" in the Cubivore-verse involves the females slaughtering the male in some obscure way. We later find out that what appears to be the dominant female in all of Cubivoredom apparently devours the male when mating with him.
  • Disco Elysium has a notable dramatic version. It turns out that the Hanged Man, whose murder the Player Character is investigating, was shot dead right in mid-coitus with the Femme Fatale. She turns out to genuinely have nothing to do with his death though, except for the killer being a Stalker with a Crush towards her and deciding to Murder the Hypotenuse.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • In the in-game book Hallgerd's Tale, Pasoroth beheads the man cuckolding him during the act of cuckolding, then takes over where the other guy left off.
    • The Morag Tong is an assassin's guild officially sanctioned by the Dunmeri government. One of their favorite techniques is to seduce their target and murder them in bed. Fitting, given that the Tong operates in service to Mephala, the Daedric Prince associated with manipulation, lies, sex, murder, and betrayal.
  • In Fallout 2, the player can get his/her car stolen in New Reno. After finding the chopshop with their car in it, the player can buy it back, threaten to kill the owner T-Ray, or, if female, pay by other means. Female players can keep doing this to get car upgrades and fuel cells. However, doing it too quickly in a short span of time will make T-Ray explode after having too much sex.
  • F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin's ending changes the context of several life-threatening scenes throughout the previous game, making this implication clear. If Beckett is killed during any of Alma's attempts to grapple him, it turns out that getting overpowered and raped by a psychic ghost of world-ending power is quite lethal.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: Roman Bellic's ideal way to die, as he tells his cousin Niko, is to die on his 100th birthday whilst participating in Three-Way Sex.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Some asari of the universe have a rare genetic defect that kills their partners during sex. These asari, known as Ardat-Yakshi, grow smarter, stronger, and deadlier with each encounter, and it is an addiction to them, such that upon diagnosis, the Ardat-Yakshi is given the choice of living in isolation or being executed. In Mass Effect 2, Samara's loyalty mission has you going after an active one of these by the name of Morinth, who uses her condition much like a serial killer and has been doing this for 400 years. You can choose to recruit her on your team, and get it on with her — with predictable results.
    • Also in Mass Effect 2, Science Hero Mordin Solus warns Shepard of possible complications with various romantic partners:
      • He hypothesizes that Jack might lose control of her already unstable biotic powers and accidentally kill Shepard mid-coitus. If you do consummate the relationship, however, nothing of the sort actually occurs.
      • A similar aversion also occurs with Tali, except in this case Mordin is afraid that she'll be the one to die due to her species' unusual immune system, which adapted to assimilate pathogens instead of killing them. However, Tali's smart enough to take the right precautions and comes out of it with nothing more than a nasty cold. And even then, she admits that it was totally Worth It. If you continue the romance in Mass Effect 3, she suffers no ill effects due to having adapted to Shepard. Mordin also warns both Tali and Garrus that, due to Mirror Chemistry, ingesting bodily fluids could give either partner a potentially fatal allergic reaction.
  • In Monster Girl Quest, when Luka is defeated by certain monster girls they will kill him in the resulting rape scene. They may do this by draining all his energy (mostly succubi), draining all of his fluids, forcing him to ejaculate until he dies of exhaustion, or eating him whole.
  • An interesting take on this trope in M.U.G.E.N- Panty's finishing move is to have sex with her opponent (thankfully, it's censored). Granted, this is accurate to her character, but Panty never had sex during a fight at any point in the series.
  • In the Rogue Like game NetHack, there are incubi and succubi who might have sex with you (incubi for female characters, succubi for male characters). When this happens, there is a chance that "You feel exhausted", and you lose some hitpoints. If you die because of this, it's considered "overexertion". There is also a chance of leveldrain. Unless you wear proper "protection", then it's just HP loss.
  • Sengoku Rance has the Ninjas themselves. Hell, Suzume has a few like poison on her breasts, a drug that would burst whenever someone came inside her, and so on.
  • The Sims:
    • This is actually possible in The Sims 3 (console), as can be seen in this screenshot.
    • An elder Sim in The Sims 4 can suffer Death by Overexertion if they "WooHoo" while uncomfortable, and promptly warrant a visit by the Grim Reaper.
  • Avoiding this is actually a puzzle in the first game of The Spellcasting Series, as Ernie ends up on an island of amazons who have no problems taking what they want from our dorky hero. Take too long, and Ernie dies from exhaustion.
  • In The Spiral Scouts, after providing King Roland with an elixir, he goes to have sex with Queen Vale, so loud and so intense it shakes the castle and sounds like cannon fire, and that Vale can feel Roland's "bone-dog" in her ribcage. After it's over, Roland goes back to Remae and tells her "Well, she's dead."
  • WildStar has a quest in Deradune where you guide explosive Mammodin (rhinos) into poacher camps. You fail if you get too close to other Mammodin, which prompts them to either attack you or try to mate with you, prematurely detonating the explosives.
  • Implied to be the cause of death of the first husband of Lucrezia Flathead in the Zork Series. Given that husbands four through eighteen all died on their wedding nights, it may have happened to them, too.

    Visual Novels 
  • In ATOM GRRRL!!, Big E's "weapon" hid under her coat. She basically pegs guys to death.
  • The hentai game Bible Black (which spawned an even more popular H-anime) has several "Bad Ends" which use some combination of drugs and/or magic to cause the hero to die of... "dehydration".
  • Bloodbound has a suspiciously cheap diamond scene to hook up with an antagonistic character (less than half the price of typical hookup scenes) and warns you that it's not going to end well. In the scene, the vampire Priya Lacroix warns the player not to make a sound or she'll bite. No matter how quickly you select the choices to stay quiet, you'll eventually cave, causing Priya to suck you dry before you return to the checkpoint.
  • Similar to the Mass Effect example above, in Fate/stay night the Makiri lust worms do this to women. Basically (to quote the game), "The worms will transform when attacking a woman so that they are only able to violate her nerves. They will spread their tentacles all over her body and devour her spirit. The lust worms will wet the woman's skin with their mucus, excite and destroy her central nerves of pleasure, and satisfy their hunger. It must be their instincts, as the worms seem to love the woman's womb. They do not eat female flesh but seek the organs within them. They give the woman huge enough orgasms to fry her brain, and they go into her body to devour her placenta. Unwilling to eat human flesh, the worms have only one way to get what they desire. As a result, the woman's mind and body are completely violated and destroyed." And these worms are basically penises with More Teeth than the Osmond Family.
  • Katawa Shoujo treats this seriously because it is a very real danger for the hero, who has a weak heart that can fail from too much excitement and/or physical exertion. Usually, he's able to keep calm enough to avoid any problems, but at least one H-scene is cut short due to him coming extremely close to having a heart attack.
  • Subverted in Phantom of Inferno, where Drei informs the badly wounded main character that she wants to go out like this as commandos approach the building they're in. While in great pain and doubting her sanity, he is forced to go along with her plan as she undresses him herself, and just at the climax the commandos rappel into the room - Drei rolls off, grabs her pistol, and shoots both dead. While stark naked. She then explains that she's decided that was a stupid plan, and she's going to kill them all instead.

  • Amazing Super Powers — "I can't decide whether I want it to be Keith..." (see also Alt Text and hidden comic).
  • The protagonist of a risqué webcomic Bad Bunnynote  is a rabbit in love with a dog twice his size. Every night of their sex ends with him in trauma center. They do each have another lover their size (a rabbit and a wolf, respectively), but the rabbit keeps occasionally coming back for more, despite knowing the next time could kill him.
  • Rek'mar of Drowtales was finally able to sleep with Lulianne, who he had been courting for the longest time. At this point, Lulianne was already under the possession of Khaless and Rek'mar's aura is absorbed by her during the act, killing him.
  • Get Medieval: One character finds himself in a brothel and in dire need of clothes. He's given a spare set of clothes whose previous owner is said to have died in the act.
  • In Mage & Demon Queen, Malori dies this way after finally managing to get her longtime-crush-now-turned-girlfriend Velverosa into bed. Played for Laughs in that Malori being a human wasn't able to keep up with Vel's draconic stamina, and since Death Is Cheap for humans, she revives in her hometown's church not long after, naked and mortified.
  • Oglaf:
    • Navaan convinces a man dying from a snakebite on his penis to have sex with her, asking "Do you want to die fucking or not fucking?"
      Navaan: Fact! It's not necrophilia if he was alive when the sex started.
    • A man who's about to be executed for treason asks if they the town does "erotic executions", so they assign him to Greta, an executioner dominatrix who proceeds to ride him until he suffocates in the noose.
  • Ow, my sanity: Apparently, a female member of the cult in David's dorm went into cardiac arrest and died due to either one mammoth-sized orgasm or several.
  • This Perry Bible Fellowship comic. With a twist, naturally.
  • This Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic has Superman explaining to a woman that she wouldn't survive sex with him, she understands and leaves. Then Wonder Woman says the same thing to a guy... next panel shows a tombstone. The bonus panel says he was the Author Avatar, and didn't last two minutes.
  • Super Rivals: Shapshifting supervillain, Madame Mischief, executes a security guard after having sex with him while disguised as a female guard he had a thing for.
  • Magarce from Tally Road experiences this trope almost literally. If it were not such a shocking and gratuitously furry image, the latter would almost be a perfect trope-illustration- except that she's not actually dead, just 'out'. One can only assume she has an (ahem) Made of Iron.
  • Tripp: Tripp has to have sex with Proxy (not his girlfriend) in order to meet God, who gives him a mission that requires sacrificing himself, immediately. It looks like he went this way until he can come back and explain what really happened.
  • Unsounded: Karl dies while being sexually assaulted and mutilated by Ruck.
  • Vampire Cheerleaders: During her introductory scene in chapter 1, Suki gets into an argument with Zoe, who mentions Suki having killed her boyfriend. Suki taunts her by bragging that she screwed him first and said he was a good lay.
  • White Dark Life: As to be expected, this is exactly how black widow driders function. The stimulation from sex outright kills the males and drives the females into a berserk frenzy who promptly devour their partner. The other types reportedly don't have this problem though.

    Web Original 
  • Mortasheen has two creatures designed to administer this: Abysmal, an anglerfish with an illusionary ideal mate as a lure, and Widoweed, a venus flytrap creature that attracts men via pheromones.
  • Snopes has a (false) story about someone who electrocuted himself using a cow's heart as an electrically-stimulated sex toy.
  • This Dirty Old Man on Not Always Right says he'd die of pleasure to see the submitter dressed like an old-fashioned pinup girl. She's more amused than offended.

    Western Animation 
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force: After Carl's pool is severely polluted for several episodes and is revealed to have even developed life, Frylock finally cleans it. A mermaid comes out and offers to have sex with Carl, or rather she shrinks down into his penis to grant him an unmatched sense of euphoria that turns out to be her laying her eggs in him, which causes Carl to explode open. Frylock admits to having sex with her as well and also explodes, then Meatwad follows suit.
  • Family Guy:
    • Justified, wherein one of the...involved parties is Death.
      Death: Sandy? Awww, not AGAIN! I'm gonna be a virgin forever! ...or am I?
      [Car resumes rocking]
    • In season 14, Superman is seen standing over the body of a young woman with some police. She's in bed in her nightie, her mouth is open, and her brains are splattered all over the wall. Superman claims that he just heard her scream, and everything was like this when he got there. No clues, probably never to be solved, but what can you do? One of the police comments it's just like the bodies of three guys they found in a public restroom a few days ago. "Yup. Unsolvable."
  • Futurama:
    • In "Amazon Women in the Mood", Fry, Kif, and Zapp Brannigan are actually sentenced to "Death by Snu-snu" from eight-foot-tall Amazons. Fry and Zapp's expressions upon hearing of their fate shift rapidly (and repeatedly) between horror and shit-eating grins while Kif sticks with horror. As shown by the image above, three skeletons of previous victims are seen nearby with crushed pelvises in very satisfied poses (one even holding a cigarette).
      [Kif sobs]
      Zapp: What are you, gay?!
    • Also, as revealed in "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?", Decapodians die when they mate, much like real octopuses do.
  • This trope was spoofed in an episode of Robot Chicken, which combined aspects of The Golden Girls and Sex and the City:
    Blanche: In the middle of my no-denture adventure, my boyfriend's spirit released, in more ways than one!
    Man sitting at an adjacent table: Check, Please!
  • South Park:


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