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One-Night-Stand Pregnancy

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Two characters have a fling together. They usually expect that to be it, however a while later the woman finds out she is pregnant. Bonus points if it's one or both character's first time.

Abortion may be brought up, but it's very rare to actually be done in media. A Convenient Miscarriage might occur, but more than likely the infant will be born.

This can turn out multiple ways for the father: he never learns that he fathered a kid (or doesn't learn until years later), he is a Glorified Sperm Donor who isn't in the kid's life, the parents end up co-parenting, he ends up with a Doorstop Baby and the mother runs away, or he might even begin dating the mother of his kid. In the latter case, this often results in a Shotgun Wedding. In some cases, the father might want the baby but not the mother, which complicates things further.

Sub-Trope of Law of Inverse Fertility. Often related to Abandoned War Child, Chocolate Baby, Can't Get Away with Nuthin', Shotgun Wedding, A Mistake Is Born, and Heroic Bastard. See also Chosen Conception Partner, which is when this is intentionally tried for. Compare to Child by Rape for another, less consensual, instance of characters getting easily impregnated.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • During the Vertigo era of Animal Man, Buddy Baker has a falling out with his wife Ellen and ends up sleeping with Annie Cassidy, resulting in Annie being pregnant with his child and giving birth to a baby girl by the final issue. Like most aspects of the Vertigo run, this was ignored after Buddy and his family were reinstated in the main DC Universe.
  • Elfquest: Skywise slept with a number of female Go-Backs on the night before the Palace War began. It turns out much later that he got one pregnant, and she gave birth to his daughter Yun. He doesn't meet her until many years later.
  • In Love and Rockets the basically lesbian Hopey gets pregnant after a drunken MFF three-way with a couple of her bandmates. She eventually has what she claims is a Convenient Miscarriage, but we only have her word for it.
  • In The Sandman (1989), Hazel McNamara had sex with a male co-worker and ended up getting pregnant as a result. Since Hazel is a lesbian and is woefully naive, she erroneously thought that having sex while standing up would prevent her from getting inseminated.
  • Y: The Last Man: On his adventure as the last living male on Earth, Yorick meets a woman named Beth (the same name as his missing girlfriend) and has a one-night stand with her before moving on. When Yorick's sister and her group come by trying to track him down, they find a heavily pregnant Beth and immediately realize what happened.

    Fan Works 
  • In All My Kittens, two of Duchess' three kittens are the result of a fling with a stray. This explains why her sons look so different from her and her daughter.
  • best served cold (Nyame): Olivia is born from a quickie Laurel had with Oliver at his party while he was still under house arrest for (supposedly) being the Hood.
  • In The Blooming Lily, fifteen-year-old Leni ends up pregnant after hooking up with a college-aged boy at a party.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: In "The Survivor," Jack and Emily hastily get married because of the latter's unexpected pregnancy, occurring shortly after they begin dating.
  • Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones in born of hell('s kitchen) had a drunken hook-up in a janitor's closet, causing their son Peter's conception. Jessica only remembered the father was named Matt and was so completely wasted she still can't believe he managed to knock her up, so she didn't inform him. Matt only learns he's a dad when he runs into the six-year-old Peter at his workplace.
  • Cabin Fever: Promises To Keep follows the notorious one-night stand between Paul and Marcy, but changes the subsequent events so that Marcy survives, although Paul still dies. Unsurprisingly, Marcy's decision to not bother with a condom has consequences and, after returning home to safety, she discovers she has become pregnant with Paul's child.
  • Chaos and the Aftermath: Samus gets pregnant with a fling on a random planet. She can't remember the man's name, face, or even what planet she was on at the time. Samus ends up getting an abortion because the cons of a pregnancy in her line of work outweigh the pros.
  • Consequences And Control has Mary Crawley become pregnant after having sex with Kemal Pamuk as a starting point.
  • Downton Abbey The Story Of Emma Barrow started off with Thomas Barrow having a fling with a friend named Martha in an attempt to Cure Your Gays. While the attempt failed, Martha bore a daughter whom she died giving birth to; her family brought the baby to Downton.
  • Give In, Give In [and Relish Every Minute of It] starts with Frollo finding out he fathered a son from a fling fifteen years ago. His son, Quasimodo, comes to live with him after his mother and stepfather are killed. Frollo can't even remember the face of Quasimodo's mother.
  • Hazbin Hotel fanfics Last Friday Night and Big News show Alastor and Original Character Megan getting drunk and sleeping together, eventually conceiving twins. This leads to the two of them getting a Relationship Upgrade and getting married not long after Megan gives birth.
  • The plot of Hell's Kitchen, Full of Grace is kicked off when Jessica finds out that she's pregnant after she and Matt have sex the night before they make their move into Midland Circle.
  • In Sotto Voce: Impa's mother Tikala conceived her from a rebound fling after she had her heart broken by Zelda's mother, the previous Zelda.
  • In the Lyrical Nanoha fanfic Infinity, Megane states that her daughter was born from a one-night stand with a coworker. The implied father (Zest) is unaware that Lutecia is his child, and presumably never learns the truth given the fact that the fic takes place less than a year before his canon death.
  • The Line Is Not Broken is a Naruto oneshot where Tsunade is secretly Minato's mother, conceived with Jiraya through a drunken one-night stand. She never told Jiraya about the pregnancy and doubts he even remembers them having sex. Tsunade gave Minato up for adoption and never told anyone about him but her teacher Sarutobi.
  • Leona and Qrow from Little Bird are more than acquaintances but aren't in a committed relationship, more akin to Friends with Benefits than anything. They see each other when Qrow drops in town, However, Qrow hadn't visited Leona in over two years, so he wasn't aware of her pregnancy.
  • In The Little Cherub series, Raven falls pregnant after she and Beast Boy have sex while drunk. She runs away and only returns with their kid a few years later. She and Beast Boy start a relationship, have three more kids (none exactly planned for, though very much welcome), get married... come seven years later, and Raven is pregnant again despite strict birth control.
  • Katrina of Ma Fille was born via a fling between her parents. This is why she didn't meet her father until she was four months old.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has Delia, who only knew Ash's father for one night. Same with Red's mother, Travis's mother Luana, and quite a few others all over the world. All the same guy in fact.
  • In the Witcher fic Red Rowan, Geralt has a one-night-stand with Shani while he and Yennefer are on a break... and three months later, Shani returns to tell him that she is pregnant, and he is the father. Since it is relatively common knowledge that witchers are infertile, many find this hard to believe - until something in Geralt's past reveals it may not be as impossible as everyone thinks.
  • Subverted with Raya in The Ripple Effect. She reunites with Luis (her love interest from the episode "Aztec Enchantment") while in Mexico. They end up going on a romantic date and have sex together before Raya returns to California. A few months later, Raya finds out she's pregnant. She calls Luis, who ends up moving to the US with her to take responsibility. Right after their daughter is born, Luis proposes to Raya.
  • RWBY: Scars explains that Yang was the result of this. Raven was in love with Summer but it was unrequited. She had sex with her other teammate Taiyang and ended up pregnant. Despite Incompatible Orientation, the two tried to settle down. It worked for a while but Raven left because her mother passed, leaving Raven the next leader of their tribe.
  • The plot of The Silver Raven begins with Lilith waking up from a drunken one-night stand and finding herself pregnant, later giving birth to her son, Nero.
  • In the Fairy Tail fanfic The Spirit Doll Nashi was the result of one night between Lucy and Natsu before he took off for his year of training. Over seven years later, Natsu is left in shock when he finds out that the urchin girl his team picked up is Lucy's daughter that he comes to the obvious conclusion that he is her father.
  • In Unexpected Surprise, Ladybug and Chat Noir have a one-night stand and she falls pregnant. What makes it particularly twisted is that 1) neither know each other's secret identities, 2) they soon break up due to Ladybug loving another, 3) they both have to give up their Miraculouses a few days later and 4) Adrien moves to the USA at the same time. The result is that, after a six-year-long absence, he returns to discover there is a girl about whom three people know she is the daughter of Ladybug and Chat Noir, but the only one to have figured out she is the daughter of Marinette and Adrien is Gabriel.
  • The Victors Project: Abram Mills, the Victor of the 69th Hunger Games, might be the result of a one night stand that his widowed mother had with Ben Cooper, the Victor of the 29th Hunger Games. This is the reason why Ben comes out of retirement forty years after his own Games to mentor Abram to victory, and he ends up becoming something of a Parental Substitute to the younger man from that point on.
  • You Are My Sunshine has Tony Stark and Mary Fitzpatrick having a one-night stand that leads to the birth of their son, Peter. Tony is unaware of this until five years later after Mary has died in a car accident and her friends reach out to him.

    Films — Live Action 
  • Admission: Portia was conceived this way. Her mom had a brief tryst while on a train with a stranger. She initially claims it was precisely to get pregnant, but then comes clean that this was accidental.
  • The Birdcage: Armand's son Val is the result of a one-night "Let's See What Those Straight Guys Are Raving About" affair with a woman he was appearing in a play with.
  • Citizen Ruth: Stoops is an insolvent indigent that resorts to one-night stands just to get a bed for the night. One of her johns gets Ruth pregnant, and a magistrate orders Ruth to terminate her pregnancy, or face felony charges since Ruth's four other children were rescued by the state from Ruth's neglect. This puts Ruth in a tug-of-war between pro-choice and pro-life activists.
  • Entre Nous (2021): Laetitia gets pregnant from the drunken tryst she had engaged in with Simon, the only time they had sex.
  • Fools Rush In: The premise of the film is that this trope leads to a Fourth-Date Marriage (actually a second date, in a Vegas "chapel of love" no less) and all the complications arising from both.
  • Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives: One lesbian relates she did sleep with a man once. She got pregnant with her daughter from doing so.
  • In i am sam, Sam's daughter was the result of a fling. Her mother ran off and left her with her dad.
  • The MTV movie Jailbait starts off with the male lead impregnating an underage girl during a one-night stand.
  • The title character of Juno becomes pregnant after having a one-night stand with a friend who's in love with her.
  • The premise of Knocked Up where Allison gets pregnant after a one-night-stand with Ben and the film explores their relationship through the following nine months.
  • Love, Rosie: Rosie gets pregnant due to a tryst with her date Greg after a dance. After she tells him about the pregnancy, he immediately runs off.
  • Mermaids (1990): Rachel relates to Lou that her second child Kate was conceived this way due to a tryst with a swimmer.
  • In Oblivion (2013), Julia has sex with Harper one time and gets pregnant that night, leading to Someone to Remember Him By after Harper dies.
  • Obvious Child. The protagonist has a drunken one-night stand with a stranger after being dumped by her boyfriend and gets knocked up. The rest of the film is about her finding the father, starting a relationship with him, and getting an abortion.
  • The Rock: John Mason's daughter, Jade, was the result of a one-night stand after a Led Zeppelin show in the early 1970s.
  • Stardust: Tristan's parents only have sex once, but she gets pregnant and his father learns about this when he's sent for him to raise.
  • Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl: Beth got pregnant due to hooking up one time with a stranger.
  • The Terminator: Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor only spend one night together and conceive the future savior of the human race. They probably would have stayed together longer if Kyle had lived long enough. John, their son, confirms that it was only one night in the second film, remarking that his mother is still in love with Kyle and often cries about his death.
  • Early into Titanic (1953), Richard learns that his 10-year-old son was fathered by another when his wife had a fling after they had a fight.
  • Vox Lux: Celeste got pregnant with Albertine due to a one-time tryst.
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting: Rosie gets pregnant after an impulsive, one-time tryst with Marco. However, it ends in a Convenient Miscarriage.

  • The Alice Network: Charlie gets pregnant as a result of one of her many one-night stands with random boys.
  • Cat Pack:
    • Implied with Carlotta. She has kittens with an unspecified he-cat but the cat is never mentioned. It wasn't a planned pregnancy either as Carlotta's afraid that her owner will react negatively to her kittens.
    • It's implied that Texas Jake was an unwanted pregnancy from a fling. His mother didn't want children and abandoned her litter when they were old enough to fend for themselves.
  • In the Catteni series, protagonist Kris gets drunk during a communal party and hooks up with one of her fellow colonists on two separate occasions. Both times she came away pregnant. Her Catteni lover has no issue with this, as he knew she wanted children, and he couldn't give her any (and in fact had suggested she do this very thing on purpose). She swears off alcohol after the second time.
  • In Darkover's The Forbidden Tower, Dezi's mother slept with half a dozen random guys at a party and came up pregnant. Nobody has a clue which was his father, and none claimed him, which was very embarrassing for Dezi.
  • The Forgotten Beasts of Eld: Sybel's grandfather had been conceived this way, according to the introduction, being the result of a tryst in Mondor between the wizard Heald and an unnamed woman.
  • Melissa's deadbeat dad from I Am J was a musician who was in town for a show. Melissa's mother tracked him down for child support but he otherwise isn't in their lives.
  • Kushiel's Legacy: Moirin was the result of Fainche's tryst with Phanuel. Fainche didn't even know his name, just that he was a D'Angeline.
  • A Master of Djinn: Siti was conceived as the result of one tryst her djinn father had with her human mother.
  • Piece of My Heart: Michelle got pregnant with Johnny when she was 22 via a one night stand with a man she met at a beach bar; she claimed she didn't even know the father's surname or how to contact him. Due to the circumstances of her pregnancy and her current lifestyle (she'd taken a break from college to work at a restaurant and save up money), she decided to put her son up for adoption before he was born. It's later revealed this isn't true; Michelle had actually been in a serious relationship with her baby's father, even believing they would get married, but shortly after learning she was pregnant she discovered her boyfriend was actually already married with a young child. Michelle told her mother and other people the pregnancy was from a casual hook-up because she didn't want to make things worse and potentially break up a marriage.
  • Quarters: Annice got pregnant by Pjerin from a single time having sex with him, specifically saying that at the time she wasn't interested in anything more.
  • Reconstructing Amelia: Kate tells her daughter Amelia that this is why she has a Disappeared Dad; she met a nice young man in a bar who was about to leave for work overseas, they had a lovely night together, and she didn't realize she was pregnant until he was out of the country and she never got his last name. Subverted in that, while this encounter really did happen, he's not Amelia's father, and Kate knows it — she actually got pregnant while having regular sex with a coworker, but she doesn't want to admit it because he's not a very good person and their relationship was bad for her, and she wants Amelia to believe she came from a happy union. Double subverted, as it turns out that during this time, Kate slept with her boss Jeremy — only once, but it was enough. He figured it out years ago, but was waiting for the right time to break it to Kate and Amelia.
  • In the Renegade X series, Damien Locke was conceived out of wedlock by his mother's one-night stand with a superhero.
  • The Silerian Trilogy: Elelar gets pregnant as a result of one spontaneous tryst, after having thought that she was barren for years.
  • Stardust: Tristran was conceived when his father, Dunstan, had a one-night stand with one of the stallholders at the annual fairy market. She left baby Tristran with Dunstan the following year since her life situation was not conducive to raising a child. Dunstan went on to marry a local woman and although Tristran later finds his mother, she and his father don't get together.
  • In The Trouble With Peace we find out that Savine is pregnant from the night she spent with Leo in A Little Hatred. Their mothers strongarm them into getting married, though they both turn out to be more or less okay with that, if only because neither of them can be with the person they really love.
  • Warrior Cats:
    • In Bluestar's Prophecy, Bluefur and Oakheart, who had feelings for each other, decided to sneak out to spend one night together, but then Bluefur decided that her loyalty to her Clan was more important and that that one night would be their only one. Bluefur becomes pregnant shortly afterward. Oakheart originally planned to join ThunderClan to be a father to his kits. Bluefur realized that if she was nursing kits when the deputy position became vacant her Warhawk Clanmate Thistleclaw would be chosen instead, so once they were born she gave her kits to Oakheart to be raised in RiverClan.
    • Fans suspected Spiderleg and Daisy of having a one-night stand when the characters suddenly have kits after barely speaking together. Even then, he barely looks at her and is incredibly awkward around the kits until others criticize him for not being a good father to them. The authors have confirmed that this is indeed the result of the characters having a one-night stand.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The 10th Kingdom: Virginia and Wolf have a single tryst, from which she gets pregnant.
  • Accidentally On Purpose: This is the main plot, where the main character Billie falls pregnant via a one-night stand with a younger man named Zack.
  • Accused (2023): In "Jessie's Story" Kara got pregnant by having sex with Dominic once while they were drunk. She deliberately refrained from telling Dominic out of fear he'd take Jessie from her, so he was just as in the dark as everyone else.
  • Ash vs. Evil Dead: Ash learns he has a daughter due to a long-ago one with a woman in town. Then the mom is killed off by Deadites on the same day he learns this, so he's now her only parent. Since Ash is a Hero with Bad Publicity, father-daughter time is difficult.
  • One of the stories in Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction revolves around a radio disc jockey haunted by the ghost of his son, the result of a one night stand he had with a woman.
  • The Brittas Empire: Carole falls pregnant as a result of a night of sex with an unknown man who is eventually revealed to be Gordon Brittas himself.
  • Since Call the Midwife generally features multiple births per episode, this comes up too frequently to list individual examples. Hard to track down the father to “do the decent thing” when you never caught each other’s names. Both instances of Chocolate Baby and many of the teenage pregnancies are this trope.
  • Castle: The titular character is the result of such a pregnancy (or at least it was a very brief relationship between his parents). His mother attempted to contact his father about it, but she didn't have enough of his personal information to track him down. It later turns out that his father was in the CIA, which is why his mother couldn't find him. He's been tracking the family ever since and is aware of Castle and Castle's daughter Alexis. He actually indirectly inspired Castle to become a writer by handing him the book that inspired his love of literature in the first place (Casino Royale).
  • Class of '07: Sandy became pregnant by hooking up with a man she'd met on her long ocean journey it turns out.
  • Degrassi Junior High featured a famous example that influenced the entire direction of the franchise. In the episode "It's Late", Amanda "Spike" Nelson and Shane McKay have Their First Time at a school party, and she learns that she's become pregnant, causing her to become ostracized from the school body (and being expelled) and forcing her to raise the ensuing child, Emma, through the entirety of the series and the subsequent Degrassi High.
  • Gotham: At Jim's lowest point in Season 5, he sleeps with Barbara. As a result, she gets pregnant with their baby.
  • Hell on Wheels: Cullen Bohannon impregnates a Mormon girl after a single tumble in the hay (of course, she's around twenty, meaning she's at her most fertile). When he finds this out, he's a captive of the Mormon colony for separate reasons, so he's forced to agree to a Shotgun Wedding.
  • In the finale of How I Met Your Mother, Barney's one-night stand only identified by a number drops a baby daughter on him. He's happy to have the baby in his life, but nothing is known of her mother.
  • The King's Woman: Gongsun Li gets pregnant after sleeping with Jing Ke once.
  • Life Unexpected: Cate and Baze conceived Lux this way while they were in high school. Baze assumed Cate had an abortion-in fact, she gave Lux up for adoption, who fifteen years later contacts them.
  • Mayfair Witches: Deirdre became pregnant by Patrick from the single night they had together. However, it turns out she'd actually been raped the same night by Cortland, thus conceiving Rowan.
  • Misfits: Jess gets pregnant this way after she's sent back in time, having sex with her son's father before killing him to ensure he's still born.
  • The Musketeers: Aramis and Queen Anne spend a single night together while hiding from assassins at a convent. Shortly afterwards, the King announces that Anne is pregnant after years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive an heir. Aramis and Anne's expressions make it clear to the audience that Aramis is the actual biological father.
  • Nip/Tuck: Happens three times toChristian Troy. Being a sex addict who regularly sleeps with a different woman every week will do that.
    • In Season 1, he is told by a woman he used to sleep with that he impregnated her, only for it to turn out to be a Chocolate Baby. The boy's actual father is a traveling businessman who only slept with her once, and is otherwise deeply religious, thus regretting his mistake seriously. Nevertheless, he and his wife decide to raise the child together after a custody dispute rules out both the mother and Christian himself.
    • At the end of Season 1, Julia learns that her son, Matt, is not in fact her husband Sean's son, but Christian's, from a single tryst when the two men were in Med School and she was in college.
    • In Season 5, he is approached by another woman who claims they slept together 20+ years ago, and that his most recent female patient is his daughter, who didn't want to tell him until getting to know him. The mom only approached Christian because the daughter confessed to her she was sleeping with Matt. Christian has absolutely no memory of this encounter, but does a paternity test and realizes it's true. Then he and the mother get high and sleep together again.
  • The Originals: Klaus and Hayley had a one-night stand that resulted in Hope. Hayley contemplated aborting her but was interrupted by some vampires who wanted to kill her. She ended up keeping the child and becoming her primary caretaker. She and Klaus did co-parent eventually developing a sibling bond and they became each other's "Shipper on Deck" for Klaus and Cami and Hayley and Elijah.
  • Pramface: Laura ends up pregnant with Jamie's baby due to a tryst they had during a party.
  • The Republic of Sarah:
    • Maya was conceived by a "one-time thing" her mother and father had.
    • Josh was conceived the night before Danny left Greylock when he and Corinne had unprotected sex. Shortly after, Corinne met Adam and did this again, so when she found out that she was pregnant a month later, she convinced herself and everyone else that Adam knocked her up. Sarah claimed a DNA test confirmed that Adam is the father, but she turns out to be lying, as she did not want Danny to have a reason to reconcile with Corinne.
  • Hilariously subverted in Schmigadoon!. After Melissa has a one-night stand with Danny Bailey, he has a whole musical number about how he's going to provide for her and the baby... while Melissa fruitlessly tries to tell him she won't be having a baby because she has an IUD.
  • Stath Lets Flats: In the Season 2 finale, Carole admits to Stath that he impregnated her during their fling in Season 1.
  • Supergirl (2015): Natalie Hawkings told her daughter Elizabeth she was conceived this way, with her father being a deadbeat who didn't want to be involved. However, it turns out this is a lie-they had a long-term relationship and he didn't even know about her. Natalie felt so bitter about it she never told him they had a daughter and lied to Elizabeth.
  • Ben from Supernatural was the result of one of Lisa’s one-night stands. She claims it wasn’t the one with protagonist Dean, but another bad boy drifter (she Has a Type), and he believes her. Not all of the fans do.
  • On Timeless, the man who killed Wyatt's wife Jessica was conceived in a one-night stand. Wyatt then gets the idea to go back in time and prevent her murder by preventing the killer's conception. He succeeds, but Jessica still dies.
  • Underground: Rosalee gets pregnant due to having sex a single time with Noah on learning about her brother's death. It's somewhat subverted however as they become a couple afterward, and he even proposes to her.
  • Without a Trace's Samantha conceives her son this way. Despite the fact that she couldn't even remember the guy's name when they woke up the next morning and needed to use her job skills (she's an FBI agent) to track him down, she not only doesn't terminate the pregnancy, they end up co-parenting and the series concludes with them deciding to make their "relationship" work (the Reality Subtext is that the actress was pregnant in Real Life and the guy playing her baby's father was her boyfriend).
  • World on Fire: Lois and Harry have sex once, from which she gets pregnant.

  • Heart's song "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You" is sung from the viewpoint of a woman who picks up a hitchhiker for a one-night stand. The closing lines reveal that she is now a mother to his child, and that she had intended from the start to get pregnant this way because her husband is sterile.

  • The Bible:
    • In the Book of Genesis, Tamar had one with her father-in-law Judah by disguising herself as a prostitute in order to have a child from him when Judah wouldn't give his surviving son Shelah to her as a husband. Tamar had Judah give over some signature items as collateral for payment of her services, and would later use them to prove that Judah was the father of her children when Judah heard that Tamar was pregnant through prostitution and demanded that she would be brought to be burned to death.
    • Later in 2 Samuel; King David brings in Bathsheba for a one-night stand even knowing that Bathsheba was married; and when David learned that she was pregnant; attempted to cover it up by calling her husband Uriah (a soldier on the battlefield, where as the custom of the day was, David should have been) from the battlefield in hopes that Uriah would sleep with Bathsheba in an attempt to pass the child off as Uriah's; and when that failed David ultimately arranged for Uriah to be killed in battle

  • If/Then is a Split Timelines Plot following a woman named Elizabeth. In one of the timelines, she impulsively sleeps with her best friend Lucas, whom she dated on and off in college, and becomes pregnant. Lucas's general immaturity, clingy behavior, and the fact that she recently landed a job in the field that she's wanted to work in since college makes her decide to get an abortion, to Lucas's dismay.
  • Love Never Dies: Christine’s son Gustave was conceived this way. The night itself and the resulting consequences are discussed on two separate occasions in the songs Beneath A Moonless Sky and The Phantom Confronts Christine.

    Video Games 
  • This trope occurs at least twice in the Assassin's Creed franchise.
    • Clay Kazmarek is the descendant of one of Ezio Auditore's many illegitimate children. The dude was quite the charmer.
    • It is eventually revealed that Desmond himself had a kid after a one-night stand at eighteen, fathering a son. He died before he knew about it.
  • Prayer of the Faithless: Presumably how Serra was concieved, since it's easier for "No one knew the name of the drunken scumbag that got the [Serra's mother] pregnant" if it was only one time.
  • Yakuza 6: This is how Haruka's son Haruto was conceived. Haruka and Yuta had a quick and rather intense relationship, and Yuta didn't think to use protection.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Baby Bump, Chapter 1 is a How We Got Here between the main character Jen Cassidy and her future baby's father Clint Covington having had one of these after escaping from some rather aggressive and drunk groupies of his.

  • El Goonish Shive: Adrien Raven turns out to have fathered Diane during a one-night stand. He thought he was sterile at the time, and didn't find out the truth until almost twenty years later.
  • Girls with Slingshots: When Hazel and Clarice go to confront Tyler's mother over his creepy, perverted behavior, they find out A) She (and extension Tyler) had no idea what sex was B) Tyler was conceived at a party, where an unnamed guy dressed as an angel convinced her he was giving her "God's Blessing".
  • Durkon ends up sleeping with Hilgya during the first story arc of The Order of the Stick, which much later on is revealed to have gotten her pregnant (she actually wanted to pursue a relationship, but he rebuked her when she revealed that she was already married).
  • Positively Yours: Upset that her best friend and her crush are dating each other, Hee-won decides to go wild for once, and has a one-night stand with a handsome stranger, only to get pregnant as a result. To complicate matters even more, the father just so happens to be the uncle of one of her students, and he is determined to do the right thing and marry her.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: According to the author, this is the reason the grandfather shared by Onni, Tuuri, and Lalli has Only One Name in the official family tree of the cast. The twin sons conceived that night are apparently the only children their grandmother ever had, and the twins eventually fathered three children between them.
  • Tina's Story: Chapter 59 featured "new" character Gray hooking up with the much-younger bartender Nina. When Gray reappeared in Chapter 70, he got a mystery callnote  telling him that he and Nina had a son and that she "needed his help."note 

    Web Original 
  • Kontrola: After she's come home from Spain, Majka learns to her surprise that she's pregnant, from what was apparently casual sex with a stranger. She then has to deal with deciding on what she'll do. Natalia pushes her to have an abortion, which Majka goes along with at first, but ultimately she doesn't (having always wanted a baby), and happily becomes the mother of a daughter.
  • Manga Soprano: In this story, a 10-year-old Ram asks her mom why they rejected her while doting on her younger sister, Momo. The latter reveals to the girl that she was born from a one-night stand. Therefore, the abusive hag couldn't stand Ram because the girl reminded her of her lover.
  • The series Talking Kitty Cat reveals Random Kitty and Gibson had "bumped fluffy butts", as their owner Steve put it. The reasons it was a permanent one-night stand was because Gibson died during the episode's production and Random presumably got spayed after having her kittens.

    Western Animation 
  • On Big Mouth, Barbara recalls how sometime in The '90s, she went to a concert at a nightclub and hooked up with a man who obsessively played the slide whistle. In the morning, she returns home, having decided that slide-whistle guy is not long-term boyfriend material, never to see him or contact him again. Several weeks and an Exploding Calendar montage later, she throws up, then realizes her period is late. She takes a pregnancy test, and it's positive. She recalls going to Planned Parenthood and having an abortion, which resulted in a Meet Cute with her now-husband Marty and the subsequent birth of her son Andrew.
  • In Bojack Horseman, we find out that this happened to Beatrice Sugarman in the past. Her father wanted to marry her off for a business deal, but she rebelled, left her debutante party with the hoodlum Butterscotch Horseman, and had a one-night stand with him. While she later discovered that the one her father wanted to marry her to had a good chance of resulting in a Perfectly Arranged Marriage, she discovered she was pregnant from her one-night stand, and so they eloped. This one-night stand resulted in Bojack.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: "Grannies Gone Wild" has a cameo appearance by Jack Pot, who's implied to be Trixie's father (and outright confirmed in a tie-in book). When fans asked Supervising Director "Big Jim" Miller about the character on Twitter, he replied "The question is, does HE know he's Trixie's dad?" and "Whether or not he's aware he has a daughter is up for debate."
  • Steven Universe heavily implies that Sour Cream was conceived when Marty briefly stopped in Beach City for Greg's music tour. "Story for Steven" shows his mother Vidalia coming out of Marty's van. Marty is later confirmed to be Sour Cream's biological father, however he wasn't involved in his childhood.