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Fanfic / Chaos and the Aftermath

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Chaos and the Aftermath is a Metroid oneshot story that can be viewed here.

The story revolves around a simple plot: The famous space bounty hunter Samus Aran finds herself pregnant from a recent one-night stand. She juggles over what this means and what she should do. In the end, she decides to terminate the pregnancy.

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Dark Fic: The story explores Samus becoming pregnant. She's confused on what to do about the pregnancy but ultimately decides to abort it.
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  • Deconstruction Fic: On Samus being a Pregnant Badass and Action Mom. Her line of work means that pregnancy and children aren't options. It's too much of a risk to have kids. It'll also likely harm the child to have a distant mother like Samus.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Subverted. Samus feels the urge to drink after she terminates the pregnancy, but her body won't let her.
  • Finale Title Drop: The final line of the story explains what the "chaos" is:
    There is no word for the physical and emotional pain that overwhelms her. Perhaps only "chaos" can truly do it justice.
  • One Night Stand Pregnancy: Samus gets pregnant with a nameless fling on a planet she can't even remember. She ends up getting an abortion because the cons outweigh the pros.
  • Really Gets Around: Samus only has sex to soothe her biological urge to. There's no emotional bond and she doesn't even remember the faces of most of the men. She's not picky and has had number of lovers.

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