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"Oh come on! I didn't even say that outloud!"
—-Salvage, after having mentally taunted Murphy with predictable results.

A Transformers: Prime Self-Insert Fic, Canonfodder follows the adventures of Salvage, a one-time human who, thanks to the intervention of a bored omnipotent being and a one-in-a-million shot to the Spark of a Vehicon, finds himself in the Transformers Aligned Universe - stranded on a lifeless Cybertron, and quickly finding himself with plenty of reasons to doubt his sanity...


Started as a Journal Fic on, but after a debate over whether it qualified as a fanfic or a Role Play became a more standard work of fan fiction. It has the occasional Rouge Angles of Satin but is a very worthwhile read, and an index can be found here.

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