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The Calvinverse is an unofficial name for The 'Verse of Swing123 and garfieldodie's Calvin and Hobbes Fan Fics.note 

All of them share some common traits: a tendency to rely on aliens and monsters, a lot of Genre Savviness, Lampshade Hanging, and general troperifficness. Oh, and a hefty dose of Adaptation Expansion and Script Fic.

The other main gimmick of the series is that they all pretend to be either an animated movie or a series on a children's network, and thus most Medium Awareness moments refer to those areas (though, confusingly, there are some references to fanfiction elements, such as chapters).

Calvin & Hobbes: The Series is the main focus of the canon, running for five seasons (with increasingly sparse updates). However, after garfieldodie took over uploading duty from Swing, he announced that Season 5 is the last season of The Series, but the verse will continue in a series of one-offs that will eventually bring everything to a close.

After The Series, garfieldodie proceeded to upload a rewritten version of Can You Imagine That?, including a coherent timeline for the series, as well as the long-awaited rewritten version of Calvin and Hobbes II: Lost at Sea. Calvin and Hobbes III: Double Trouble and Trouble Island have also been rewritten, with numerous in-between stories such as The Collective building up towards a climactic final confrontation in the completed rewritten version of Retro Chill.

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    Official works in the series (in order of release): 

    Calvin and Hobbes fics by the same authors connected to the canon 

    Official timeline (with comments from garfieldodie) 
  • Can You Imagine That? – "Now set immediately after the final strip. I like to imagine this as an experimental TV movie the network was attempting before actually going ahead with a movie. Upon outstanding viewing figures for this, they commission..."
  • Calvin and Hobbes: the Movie – First introducing the aliens.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: the Series: Seasons 1 - 4 – "The first season probably needs a rewrite. Attack of the Teacher Creature would be rewritten to take place during this season, re-purposed as a TV movie. All other seasons would proceed as they are."
  • Christmas with Calvin and Hobbes
  • Season 5: Part 1
  • Wildlife From Beyond – Takes place during Season 5
  • Season 5: Part 2 – ending the Series
  • Calvin and Hobbes II: Lost at Sea – rewritten
  • The Luna Syndicate – complete
  • The Collective – complete
  • The Final Grade – complete
  • Escape to Nowhere – complete
  • Calvin and Hobbes III: Double Trouble – rewritten
  • Trouble Island – rewritten
  • Calvin and Hobbes IV: Retro Chill – rewritten

There are also several recursive fanfics using the same characters, though none have been addressed by the main two authors as canon. Among these is The Pez Dispenser and the Reign of Terror.

This series is the Trope Namer for:

Common tropes in the stories include:

  • Anime Hair: A very common trope throughout the characters in the series. It's often lampshaded as well.
  • Canon Discontinuity:
    • The official timeline implies that the original versions of the rewritten versions are not canon.
    • At the end of the Retro Chill rewrite, garfieldodie confirmed that Which Way is Where? is no longer canon.
  • Fainting: Quite a lot of people faint in shock in these stories.
  • Foreshadowing: "Prelude to a Season" is entirely made to drop hints for an upcoming storyline for the (now officially canceled) Season 6 of The Series. Nonetheless, later Season 5 stories seem to follow up on it.
  • Medium Awareness: An odd case — since it's a Script Fic, all the Medium Awareness moments are movie and TV show-related. It even has its own page!
  • Troperiffic: Oh yes. If there's a science fiction or action-related trope out there, chances are the verse will have used it.
  • Your Mom: Calvin is rather fond of these types of jokes. Using examples from Garfield is also common.

Alternative Title(s): Swing 123 And Garfieldodies Calvinverse