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Medium Awareness / The Calvinverse

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    From Swing 123 
  • From Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie:
    Hobbes: Why wait till tonight?
    Calvin: Hobbes the good part of the movie happens then. Do you want to RUSH through the movie?
    Hobbes: No.
    Calvin: Good. Then we'll wait for tonight.
    • Then there's an absolutely fourth-wall shattering exchange in Chapter 8, where Calvin and Tracer's brawl interrupts the movie. It takes quite a while, and the news guy ends up undergoing some Sanity Slippage.
    • And there's this:
    • Then there's the Credits Gag, which has Calvin insulting the audience.
  • The introduction to Calvin and Hobbes II: Lost at Sea's bonus chapter has a bit of this.
    "Welcome!" Calvin yelled. "In this bonus chapter on um... What's this place called again?"
    "Fanfiction." Hobbes yawned.
    "Oh yeah. ...On Fan-friction, you'll see a trailer for CALVIN AND HOBBES III: DOUBLE TROUBLE, a soundtrack for songs, and a quick preview! I hope ya like it!"
  • Exaggerated in Calvin and Hobbes III: Double Trouble: Calvin manages to briefly hijack the narrative.
    Susie was playing on the sidewalk with Mr Bun.
    She was performing a ritual known to us only as "THE TEA PARTY".
    That's not me talking by the way, Calvin slipped it in while I wasn't looking.
    • Then there's this:
    Calvin: But anyway, if this is a UFO, it has to have some kind of Escape Pod or something! It's in the rules!
    Hobbes: It is?
    Calvin: Plus this chapter would be extremely boring if we just sat in a cell all day.
    • Another one:
    Tracer: Who's Earl?
    Calvin: The ship captain! Didn't you know that?
    Spiff: Not really. He wasn't called Earl until the end of the second movie.
    • Even later:
    Calvin: Now hurry up, and go! We're running out of room for this chapter!
    • "Nothing like a bunch of drama to get the movie going, huh Hobbes?"
    • "And if we'd known that trick in the first place, this movie would've been shorter."

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