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"What happens after the film ends and the credits roll" is a subject of fanon everywhere, but in this universe we do things slightly... differently. We ask, "What happens when the film ends, and while everything in it happened, it's still a film? Where do you go from there?" The answer appears to be: Buildingverse!
Sursum Ursa, Stuff You Like

In a World…, where fictional characters can go after their story ended. In an unnamed, secret university town with a population consisting almost entirely of aforementioned fictional characters stands the eponymous Building. It all began when Jareth of Labyrinth and Erik of The Phantom of the Opera decided to move in after some years of drowning their sorrows together. And the madness spreads ever since.

In less movie trailer like words: The Buildingverse is The 'Verse that sprung up around the DeviantArt Fan Webcomic Roommates when different authors began producing Spin Offs and otherwise expanding on the source material. Most of these take place in the Building (Building #42) or the University (Saint Jude's), or at least in The Unnamed University Town, but the world outside is big and some already stepped outside... a bit.

It has a Trivia subpage, and—if you didn't need that liver anyway—a Drinking Game.

Notable longer works in the "franchise" in alphabetical order:

Most DeviantArt ones end up in the fan group.

Works with trope pages:

  • Down the Street by Heroes Daughter:
    Focuses on a nearby building where Dr. Frankenstein and Dracula are sharing an apartment. Wasn't updated since May 2011.
  • Girls Next Door by Pika-la-Cynique:
    Focuses on unwilling love interests Sarah and Christine. Ongoing, updates on Wednesdays. More Popular Spin Off.
  • Meanwhile Upstairs by EveryDayArtist:
    Focuses on new tenants John Taylor, Spencer Reid, and Agent Derek Morgan, as well as supporting characters who don't get as much limelight in other series. Ongoing, updates on Fridays.
  • Roommates by Ashe Rhyder:
    The mother series of it all. Cerebus Rollercoaster and highly Mind Screwy. Ran from 2007 to January 2019.
  • Superintendent by spiritfox94:
    Slash Fic about superintendent Valjean and his boyfriend. Ongoing, without a fixed update day.


  • Children and Monsters by Belle-et-la-Bette:
    Extrapolated from the GND strip "Not-Pocket Monsters". Ongoing, without a fixed update day.
  • Funny Days with the Stars by romancefreak:
    Strictly a collection of one page gags (it isn't even numbered) centered around the misadventures of various characters, a self-insert and the occasional OC.
  • Homework also by EveryDayArtist of Meanwhile Upstairs:
    Wasn't updated since June 2012.
  • Only A Dream by greeneyesandglasses:
    Fanfic with Sarah/Jareth and heavy emphasis on dreams.
  • The Vampires Below by LadyAkeldama:
    Fanfic that added various more crossovers mostly from the Anita Blake novels. Wasn't updated since Feb. 2011.
  • Tanuki in the Building by Amarth9:
    Fancomic which adds some OCs. Wasn't updated since Sept. 2011.

Tropes associated with the Buildingverse: