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It's a slight variation on the GND Drinking Game (here). Works best with the main comics Girls Next Door and Roommates but can be played with any other work of the 'verse.

Note: We are so not responsible for the state of your keyboard/liver/front room if you choose to participate in this. Seriously—you could kill yourself playing this game. If you are going to do it, just pick a couple of the criteria to play with. Don't use them all.


Character specific:


  • Take a sip if Javert agrees with a silly plan because he gets to play CSI/Batman.
  • Take a sip if Javert tells someone off.


  • Every time Legolas points out something obvious, take a sip.
    • Two sips if he says "LO!"


  • Every time Jamie's alcohol problem is mentioned or addressed, drink. Just For the Evulz.
  • Take a drink every time there's an awkward moment between Norrington and Elizabeth.
  • Every time you go "Oh No! James!" take a sip.

Building staff

  • Every time Marsha shows up, take a good chug. Because she would do it for you (or for any excuse).
  • Every time Saito shows up take a sip. Because why should we leave out the other landlord.
  • Take a sip when the superintendent(s) show up or are referenced.


  • Take a sip if Erik says something pointing out how anachronistic his world-view is.
  • Take a sip if Erik mentions the sequel.
  • Every time Jareth insults Erik, take a drink.
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  • Every time Erik lets slip his homocidal/generally criminal tendencies, take a drink.
  • Take a sip every time Erik gets emo hair or catlike reaction.
  • Take a sip if the Punjab Lasso appears.


  • Every time Jareth makes a Dramatic Wardrobe Change, take a drink.
    • Everytime his outfit changes based off his mood. (Double drink because it goes with the first as well.)
  • Every time The Area comes into conversation, cheer raucously, take two drinks and put on a Bowie song.
  • One drink every time Sarah calls Jareth a pervert. Finish your drink if someone other than Sarah calls Jareth a perv/pervert.
  • Take a sip if a Crystal Ball (other Power Crystals count too) shows up.
  • Take 1 sip if Jareth is Winning Sarah Over.
    • 2 sips if he messes it up in the next panel.
      • …and down the glass if he doesn't mess it up. :)
  • Take 1 sip when Jareth tries to help.
    • 2 sips if he messes up in less than a page
      • …and down the glass if he doesn't mess it up. :)
  • Every time Jareth (ab)uses his Cute Widdle Owl form to get sympathy, take a drink.


  • Take a drink whenever Christine is actually shown, y'know, singing…?
  • Take a drink every time Christine burns her baking.
  • Take a drink if Christine plays hostess and is passing a plate around.
  • Take two drinks if Christine (or Erik) refers to original novel-only events.


  • Take a drink if Sarah is seemingly the only character from a modern-enough era to get what's going on.
  • Take three drinks if Sarah gets tied up. If you're Jareth, down the whole bottle and pass out to dream happy naughty thoughts.
  • Take a sip whenever Sarah changes her hairstyle.
  • Take a drink whenever Sarah interacts with the goblins in a clear Goblin-Queen-in-all-but-name fashion.
  • Take a drink when the Goblins or other supenatural creatures (excluding Jareth) acknowledge her in words or action as Goblin-Queen-in-all-but-name.


Take a drink whenever…

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