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Drinking Game / The Dreamer

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Take a drink when:

  • Beatrice is conflicted over choosing between Ben or Alan.
  • Alan does something heroic and/or manly.
  • Lt. Col. Knowlton says something snarky.
  • Yvette tells Beatrice it's okay to date two guys at once.
  • The time period transitions.
  • A parallel character appears/is mentioned.
  • Something remotely historical occurs.
  • Beatrice or another character mentions acting/Broadway.
  • Beatrice is the only female in the vicinity.
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  • There are other females besides Beatrice in the vicinity.
  • The comic passes The Bechdel Test.
  • The comic fails The Bechdel Test.
  • A scene occurs wherein Alan and Beatrice show their Official Couple - ness.
  • Something/someone foreshadows Nathan's fate.

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