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Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Jillian Faye Hall (born Jillian Faye Fletcher, September 6, 1980) is a professional wrestler who trained under Dave Finlay and debuted in 1998 as The Bombshell Macaela Mercedes.

Mercedes ran through just about every wrestling show within her stomping distance, often with the rest of her Bomb Squad cohorts in tow, before she began wrestling under her legal name in Ohio Valley Wrestling and was eventually called up to WWE's main roster, which Hall was a part of between 2005 and 2010. Jillian took the role of a "fixer" out to strengthen the public opinion and careers of her fellow employees, but of more concern was an unsightly growth that had suddenly sprouted on her face. Eventually her blemish would be bitten off by Boogeyman and Jillian instead became known for torturing audiences with her singing.

NWF, SWF, HPW, ICW, IWI, WCPW, MCW, MWA, FIW, NCW, NWCW, SSW, MECW, NEPW, CAPW, AWF, CIWI, WWA and BTW are but a sampling of promotions to have Macaela Mercedes on their roster and she has won the Superstar Wrestling Federation women's title, the SWF tag team titles note , Southern States Wrestling's women's title, Hoosier Pro Wrestling's cruiserweight title, the HPW Lady's title, Mid-States Championship Wrestling's Mid-American title, The Women's Wrestling Alliance women's title, Canadian International Wrestling's indy women's title, Blue Water Championship Wrestling's women's title and The Glory Championship Trophy. Jillian would also, ever so briefly, hold the WWE Divas championship and later win the Pro Wrestling Xtreme Women’s title.

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  • A Handful for an Eye: She and Melissa Coates went on a spree of blinding people with rubbing alcohol in OVW.
  • Arch-Enemy: For Macaela Mercedes: Sin-D, whom she never got over losing her debut match to, and Peaches. Jillian Hall cited Christie Hemme, Stacy Keibler and Mickie James as her most hated enemies.
  • Bash Brothers: Squad members Dozer and "The Bomb" Rob Williams. In SWF, Randy Allen and Pyro. In WWA, Crystal Carmichael. In OVW, Melissa Coates and Linda Miles. Also the tag team known as the Blonde Bombers: Chad Toland and Tank Toland. On Smackdown, London and Kendrick. While she mainly did the job during her time with the Raw brand, Jillian often had Chavo Guerrero to do it alongside. Also, Katie Lea/Winter.
  • Beat Them at Their Own Game: Jillian Hall tried to do a twin switch against the Bellas with Maryse. It did not work.
  • Big Entrance: In her "fixer" role she had JBL replace his usual limo with horses, donkeys, and whatever else she thought would be best to get a Cheap Pop from various locations. She once gave him a local high school marching band.
  • Blonde Republican Sex Kitten: During her run as JBL's "image consultant", which ended when she accidentally hit him with a door when aiming for Chris Benoit.
  • Butt-Monkey: Essentially booked to look stupid during her entire WWE run, save for a little stretch as a face.
  • Canon Name: Jillian Faye Fletcher was her real name till she had her last legally changed to Hall when she was 19.
  • Cheap Heat: Jillian attempted to get a pop on the November 19th 2007 Raw, snatching the microphone from her tag team partner Melina and yelling "Hello Miami!" only to get boos in response. Jillian then drew attention to Grammy award winning singer Jon Secada, who had done a duet for the Lillian Garcia album WWE was promoting, saying he was wasting his time trying to promote it there since "...nobody in Florida even understands Mexican talk." which got an even more negative response.
  • Clothing Damage
    • During her match with Victoria at OVW Fall Brawl 2, September 1, 2004 (aired September 4), the back of her top came undone and the match just stopped, with the referee having to fix it while Victoria simply stood there and waited. Victoria ultimately won.
    • After becoming "the bombshell"(again), Jillian Hall lost to Alexis Laree by disqualification when she refused to stop beating Laree down, then tore Laree's shirt off, destroyed her bra and tried to lift a face down Alexis off the mat and expose her to the crowd. The referee would save Laree's dignity with a towel and Jillian would be booed out of the building but continued to mock Alexis for the incident until Laree finally beat her in match later down the road.
  • Cool Teacher: Briefly. In 2010 she was taken off TV to act as trainer for the developmental Divas. She was released a few months later.
  • Naked Freak-Out:
    • During the February 24th 2006 episode of Smackdown, Jillian Hall interrupted Kristal Marshall when she was trying to strip for the audience to promote the 2006 Divas Magazine. Kristal slapped Jillian in her face and ripped her shirt off, revealing her white bra. Jillian panicked in embarrassment and ran away back up the ramp, trying to cover herself; screaming "Stop looking at me!".
    • Due to what transpired on 2 weeks prior, Jillian Hall and Kristal Marshall squared off in a bra and panties style match up, named a "Divas Uncovered Match" During the March 10th 2006 episode of Smackdown. Jillian Hall ended up losing to Kristal Marshall in her first match on Smackdown. Utterly humiliated in her underwear, Jillian ran back up the ramp trying to cover herself from the ogling crowd.
  • Demoted to Extra: Similar to Victoria, she was one of the strongest contenders in WWE before being reduced to jobbing to everyone.
  • Dirty Coward: Although she helped Melina when she was attacked by Beth Phoenix, she quickly abandoned Melina in favour of Beth - clearly because she didn't want to piss the Glamazon off.
  • Dumb Blonde: Not so much at first when she came in as "the fixer" and then became an "image consultant", where she was a decent (if superfluous) manager. Once she developed her "singer" gimmick though, she interpreted any continuous noise the fans made for her as being positive, jeers, boos, hisses, moans of agony and all. Even when the Miami audience gave her a clear "You Suck!" chant Jillian insisted to Jon Secada it was simply something they said for fun and did not mean it.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: When her theme was changed away from the recycled tracks to Sliced Bread, which she performed.
  • Does Not Like Men: She and the other women of the Northern Wrestling Federation put their differences aside and formed "The Union" for the purpose of causing grief to all the males in the organization.
  • Dreadful Musician: She often got the most negative reaction on the roster. Ironically enough, her gimmick album has outsold the album of the singer her gimmick is allegedly based on (Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan's daughter). More importantly, it also outsold the Lillian Garcia album that WWE was negatively contrasting it against.
  • Enemy Mine
    • Lexie Fyfe seemed to go along with facing Tiny Tim and The Diva with Macaela Mercedes but after Lexie had proven she could beat them both, she attacked Macaela instead and let them win the match, still upset about a black eye Macaela had given her prior. This lead to all three of them tormenting Mercedes, till she pulled off an unlikely win in a handicap match against them after The Diva accidentally hit Fyfe with a loaded purse. In their resulting feud, The Diva came running to Macaela for help against Lexie.
    • Jillian Hall got this turned on her when she thought Passion wouldn't mind Jillian running out to attack Alexis Laree during Passion's match. Jillian later tried allying with Lita against Trish Stratus but instead was what was needed to get them to side back together. Simply singing a friendly song to Alicia Fox to thank her for beating the Bella Twins caused Fox to attack Jillian, though in the later case, this did put Melina and Jillian back on the same page for awhile.
  • Evil Redhead: Died her hair "Dark Auburn" in the Northern Wrestling Federation.
  • Expy: Jillian Hall started out as one to Holly Cousin Molly during her OVW run. Molly Holly even came down from the Raw roster to fight her, though Molly herself had long become something else entirely.
  • Fake Boobs: Macaela Mercede's personal referee, the Disguised in Drag Whipme Spearz, wore them in their attempt to convince everyone else in the PGWA and Glory he was a woman (those being all women's organizations). Mercedes was going to out him after they wrestled but when she won he declared her the greatest wrestler in the world, so she kept him around in exchange for his servitude.
  • Finishing Move
    • Macaela Mercedes started with a top rope frankensteiner before settling on a missile dropkick and a 450 splash. She took up the latter in her efforts to show up Tiny Tim.
    • At first Jillian Hall used a full nelson face drop but then the Miz took it. She then used an X-factor, which was one of her signature moves as Macaela Mercedes.
  • Forgot Flanders Could Do That: After jobbing and being made to look like an idiot for four years, she defeated Mickie James for the WWE Divas' Title on the October 12, 2009 Raw...only to lose it to Melina about a minute later. Her pinning Eve Torres in 2010 got lampshaded on commentary.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: She had a falling out with Ashley because Jillian wanted the attention Ashley was getting from her Playboy cover. Later, Jillian's attempts to maim or permanently injure Ashley Massaro brought about Michelle McCool's face turn. Jillian went to such lengths this time because Ashley was going to dance in one of Timbaland's videos. She also frequently pestered Lillian Garcia for being the designated anthem singer and having a notable music career.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door
    • Throughout Macaela's interactions with Tiny Tim, Lexie Fyfe, Whipme Spearz, Poison Apollo Star and The Diva she was the Face in CIW, IWI, PWW and PGWA but the Heel in ICW, PCW, HPW and WWA (wasn't always face in PGWA or heel in WWA). Also, while she was usually associated with the Bomb Squad, she sometimes wrestled against them when face.
    • Jillian's singing continued to be reviled by the crowds of Victory Pro and National Wrestling Superstars but she had a face turn in PWX that lead to chants of "Let Her Sing!" when she was opposed by Shooter Storm, who was out to destroy women’s wrestling.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Her attempt at opera was so bad it made Melina Perez, of the primal scream fame, weak in the knees. While completely embarrassing the Miz in a match on the 10/13/2008 Raw, JTG found himself unable to continue due to Jillian spontaneously wailing at ringside. Her album, A Jingle With Jillian, was still bad but nowhere near as bad as her live action performances. Likely closer to her real singing voice.
  • Humiliating Wager: Macaela Mercedes beat Lexie Fyfe in a loser wears a bikini match.
  • Insistent Terminology: Her "blemish" or to the commentators "mole".
  • It Will Never Catch On: After defeating a comparative rookie by the name of "Madison Eagles" in 2003, Macaela proclaimed she should have stayed in Australia.
  • Jobber: She started off winning in WWE but then went on a really prolonged losing streak. Her jobber status in WWE became cemented when Jillian became the shortest reigning Diva's champion on record, a record that probably won't be broken. When other punching bags like Kelly and demoted divas like Gail needed a win, this is who they were put up against. Also did a One Night Only job for TNA after several former Knockouts declined.
  • Large Ham: Her gimmick was of a wrestling bad singer, what else would you expect?
  • Masked Luchador: Macaela Mercedes disguised herself as "Mysteria" to get at The Diva in ICW
  • Mistaken Ethnicity: For the record, Jon Secada is a Cuban and Lillian Garcia is a Puerto Rican. The only Mexican at ringside was Melina Perez.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Whipme Spearz turned on Macaela Mercedes due to her treating him like dirt and joined up with Syren. A lesser example happened when Alicia Fox attacked her for not liking her singing (after Jillian had helped her win a match). Jillian responded by throwing her to Melina the next week.
  • Modesty Shorts: Macaela Mercedes lost an evening gown match against The Diva but had the foresight to wear shorts.
  • My Eyes Are Up Here: She cut scathing promos against the fans on Smackdown, demanding that they look at her eyes instead of the mutant growth right underneath them.
  • Not in the Face!: She would only wrestle initially if wearing her face protector because of a huge tumor on cheek. Then The Boogeyman ate it.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Initially she didn't seem very notable, being MNM's manager/"fixer". She 'fixed' Mercury and Nitro's issue of not being on the cover of SmackDown Magazine (as opposed to The Legion of Doom beating them for the tag team championships) and Melina's issue with Torrie Wilson(even though Melina handily defeated her every time). Then Stacy Keibler tried to shut Jillian up for interrupting her interview on Christian's Peep Show, which resulted in Jillian nearly squashing Stacy on Velocity, signaling to viewers who did not know Jillian yet that as ridiculous as Jillian's gimmick was, she was deadly in the ring.
  • Off Screen Moment Of Awesome: Besides representing Smackdown in OVW, Jillian Hall and Trish Stratus had a match considered to be one of the best in WWE history, comparable to Ricky Steamboat vs Ric Flair if Canada's Slam Sports are to be believed, in 2006. The match happened at a house show and the two never wrestled each other again.
  • One-Steve Limit: Macaela was not the only Mercedes chosen for the Kiryoku Pro experiment.
  • Perky Female Minion: Mercedes was one to both Brooklyn and Amos Jones. Of course Brooklyn was pretty perky herself. On PGWA shows the two women would put on their best Nitro Girls impersonation and dance for the fans in between matches.
  • Pistol-Whipping: Jillian apparently did not consider the wet wild water contest battle royal to be a joke match, using the water cannon as a bludgeon on Mickie James instead of to squirt her.
  • Red Baron: The Bombshell. For Macaela Mercedes, it was because of her membership in the Bomb Squad power stable. For Jillian Hall, it was because she bleached hair and managed a tag team called the Blonde Bombers. Jillian used to be known as "Chronically Cute", then "The Fixer". She eventually came to be known as "The Pop Princess", "The Songstress", "The Tone Deaf Diva" and "The Jazzy Jezebel".
  • Red Right Hand: Apparently, people were supposed to dislike her because of the stupid thing on her face. Unfortunately, it worked.
  • Series Mascot: Discussed trope: OVW considered Jillian Hall not only a mascot but their little Shirley Temple until "That damnable augmentation surgery."
  • Signature Move: A power bomb out of the corner. She actually did not use it as much as she got it from Lexie Fyfe, Tiny Tim and Lady Victoria but when you're a "bombshell" associated with not one but two groups with "bomb" in their name, you're just asking to be remembered for anything else you do called "bomb".
  • Small Name, Big Ego
    • As Jim Cornette put it, "Pay her what's she's worth and sell her for what she thinks she's worth! We could all retire!"
    • As the fixer, who was convinced her services were necessary for people already successful or otherwise in no position to benefit. No so much as the pop singer, where Jillian simply did not realize how bad she was.
  • Sore Loser: Tried to tear apart Lexie Fyfe's knee after failing to win the PGWA title belt from her.
  • Stylistic Suck: She may not be a great singer, but torture she subjects the fans to is deliberately worse than the mediocrity she's really capable of. Thanks to the Parody Displacement, more people are familiar with her than the singer she supposedly parodies.
  • Talk to the Fist: Okay, talk to the forearm. This was Jillian Hall's reaction to Kristin Astara and Shooter Storm bringing up the less flattering parts of her WWE run (WSU and PWX respectively).
  • The Fighting Narcissist: Macaela Mercedes claimed to have the biggest arms Hazard Kentucky ever saw (and gave Tiny Tim a DDT on a chair for disputing it). In a series of matches against Syren inside the Eastern KY Correctional Complex Mercedes told both groups of prisoners they wrestled in front of they would never be good enough to have a Bombshell and that she could take everyone of them out.
  • The Rival
    • At the same time Tiny Tim was Macaela's tag partner in one promotion he feuded with her over the cruiserweight title in another, eventually working with another rival in American Kickboxer to try and end his reign.
    • Macaela also teamed with and feuded with The Diva, who was also part of The Bomb Squad, at the same time in different places. Sometimes the promotions would try to explain the discrepancy with angles but often did not.
    • Lady Victoria (not that one, nor the one from Mexico) teamed up with Macaela to fight Tiny Tim and Mr. Main Event while they were in their PWW Straw Misogynist phase but immediately went back to fighting Mercedes afterward, joined up with Tim and Main Event against Mercedes in fact!
    • In tag team action, Brandi Wine and Brandi Alexander. Brandi Alexander was teaming with Brandy Collins when she ran into Macaela in Ladies All-Pro Wrestling (L.A.W.). Back in a Continental Wrestling Alliance match when Mercedes was "green as grass", Collins noted she had potential, which made her jealously try to "snuff the candle early".
    • She and Gail Kim faced each other rather a lot in their latter years in WWE. They never had a proper feud but had some very good matches on Superstars.
  • Vehicular Theme Naming: Her alternating signature moves, the crash test splash(round off into a splash), fender bender (hand stand leg drop) and cartwheel elbow. (while not officially called so on WWE television, online reports kept using those names even after she became known as Jillian Hall)
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Even when she and Melina Perez were "friends" they did not sugar coat very many of each other's problems. Still, their feuds always reverted to friendship, eventually.
  • We Used to Be Friends
    • Macaela Mercedes did not have any particular issue with Alexis Laree, who went on to be Jillian Hall's tag team partner in OVW. But then Jillian turned on her. Even after WWE, Mickie was still a little friendly toward Jillian, but the best Hall had to show her was thinly veiled contempt.
    • Twice with Melina. Jillian came in as an associate of Melina but the latter mocked her after getting fired by JBL in 2006. After Jillian was moved to Raw, they were friends again. Then when Melina turned face, Jillian abandoned her. In between these, she turned heel against Ashley Massaro.
  • Worf Had the Flu: Tying her actual flu into an angle, Macaela Mercedes struggled to beat Phoenix and could not pin her before time limit ran out. Apocalypse Wrestling Federation had earlier decided there would be more no ties so the match rested on referee decision and it was ruled in favor of Macaela Mercedes, awarding her the Glory title trophy. This incidentally brought out new aggression in Mercedes, as she tried to prove everyone who called the win "illegitimate" wrong.
  • Writer on Board: Jim Cornette said the leaking fluid from her ruptured implants turned Jillian Hall into a raving lunatic. When Jim Cornette was not around, other such as Ron Hed had more mundane suggestions, such as Jillian Hall's success in OVW causing her to believe her own hype and then her snapping after an ego shattering loss to Victoria. In spite of Jillian's wrestling persona being made into a sink Jim Cornette could pour all his hatred for "people in this business having too much focus on frontal protuberances" into, Jillian was not booked any weaker than she had been in the rest of her OVW run, remaining a dominant force. Even with her joke status in WWE she could still get a win if she returned to OVW.
  • You Have Failed Me: After repeatedly putting on unsatisfactory performances against Lexie Fyfe and Mighty Heidi in ICW, Macaela abandoned The Diva to them in a tag match. She eventually took credit for the successes in The Diva's career and proclaimed to be tired of carrying her.
  • You Need a Breath Mint: Jim Cornette told Jillian her breath smelled like kiwi boot polish.


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