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Adam Jared Brody is an American actor born on December 15, 1979 in San Diego, California. Following roles on The Sausage Factory and Gilmore Girls, he broke out as Seth Cohen on The O.C., a role that catapulted him to Teen Idol status. During and after the show he turned to film, and had roles in movies like Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), Jennifer's Body, and Sleeping With Other People, and starred in Some Girls and Welcome to the Jungle. In 2019, he gained superhero cred by appearing in SHAZAM! (2019) as Adult Freddy Freeman and played a major supporting role in Ready or Not.

Brody is married to fellow Turn of the Millennium Teen Drama star Leighton Meester, whom he met while filming The Oranges, and they have two children.

He is not related to Adrien Brody.


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