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Professional Wrestling of the 2000s

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Tag Teams and Stables




  • Big Gold Belt. Following the acquisition of WCW in 2001, the WCW World Championship was unified with the WWF Championship into the Undisputed WWE Championship. However, the design was reused for WWE's World Heavyweight championship, with a WWE logo eventually added for trademark purposes.
  • Elimination Chamber: The match debuted in the main event of Survivor Series 2002.
  • Grand Slam Champion: AJ Styles became the first wrestler in TNA to get this feat. For the WWF/E, most of its Grand Slam Champions were crowned in this decade.List 
  • Money in the Bank: The concept was introduced in 2005 during WrestleMania 21 and has been a staple of the event until 2010.
  • Triple Crown Champion: Several more wrestlers have achieved this feat, and in different promotions at that.