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MIKE TENAY: "Don't be fooled by his stocky physique".

César Cuauhtémoc González Barrón (January 9, 1968-May 11, 2019) was a Mexican Professional Wrestler and actor best known as Silver King. He debuted in the UWA promotion in Mexico in 1985, losing his mask very early to El Hijo del Santo. He formed a long-running team with El Texano as Los Cowboys/Los Efectivos. He also wrestled for CMLL, All Japan Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, WCW and numerous other promotions, primarily in Mexico and Japan. He died during a match with Juventud Guerrera in London, England on May 11, 2019.

Along with his CMLL World Heavyweight Title win, he also was a 1x UWA (Mexico) World Tag Team Champion with El Texano, a 1x UWA (Mexico) World Light Heavyweight Champion, a 2x WWA (Mexico) World Tag Team Champion, a 1x UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Champion, a 2x CMLL World Tag Team Champion, a 1x CMLL World Trios Champion (as Black Tiger), a 1x IWA (Japan) World Tag Team Champion, a 1x IWRG (Mexico) Intercontinental Trios Champion, a 1x IWRG Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, a 1x AAA World Tag Team Champion (as Silver Kain), a 1x All Japan World Junior Heavyweight Champion and a 1x LyC (Mexico) Tag Team Champion.

"Don't be fooled by his stocky tropes":

  • Acrofatic: That quotation at the top of the page? WCW's Mike Tenay said it EVERY time he called a Silver King match.
  • Bash Brothers: With El Texano, El Dandy, Dr. Wagner Jr.
  • Color Character: As both identities
  • Cool Mask: As Black Tiger
  • Finishing Move: Moonsault Press, Airplane Spin
  • I Have Many Names: Silver King, Silver Cain, Black Tiger, El Bronco, Dr. Wagner II, El Hijo del Dr. Wagner, El Invasor
  • Legacy Character: The third Black Tiger after Eddie Guerrero.
  • Loophole Abuse: He wasn't allowed to wrestle under a mask again in Mexico after losing it, so he got a license as Silver Kain so he could wrestle again under a mask.
  • Masked Luchador: His background which he applies as Tiger Mask.
  • Power Stable:
    • (in AAA): El Consejo, La Sociedad, La Legion Extranjera, La Maniarquia, La Nueva Sociedad, Los Maniacos, Los Wagner Maniacos
    • (in WCW): The Latino World Order, led by Eddie Guerrero
    • (in New Japan): Team 2000, led by Masahiro Chono.
    • (in All Japan): Voodoo Murders
  • Red Baron: "El Fabuloso", "El Efectivo"
  • Tag Team:
    • Los Cowboys/Los Efectivos, with El Texano
    • Los Fabulosos, with El Dandy in WCW
  • Wrestling Family: Son of Dr. Wagner, brother of Dr. Wagner Jr.