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In Professional Wrestling, a "Grand Slam Championship" is not a championship in and of itself. Rather, it's a special achivement given to wrestlers who have won at least four certain titles in their career. Currently, WWE, TNA/Impact Wrestling, and Ring of Honor are major promotions with a Grand Slam methodology.

See also Triple Crown Champion, a feat which in most cases are required to achieve in order to win the "Grand Slam".



WWE has had two methods for determining a men's Grand Slam Champion and currently one method for women's.

Men's Original Rules

  • A wrestler had to have held:
    • Either the WWF/E Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship
    • Either the WWF/World Tag Team Championship or the WWE Tag Team Championship
    • The Intercontinental Championship
    • Either the European Championship or the Hardcore Championship

Men's Modern Rules

  • A wrestler has to have held:
    • Either the WWE Championship or the Universal Championship
    • Either the Raw or Smackdown Tag Team Championshipnote 
    • The Intercontinental Championship
    • The United States Championship


Women's Rules

  • A wrestler has to have held:
    • WWE Raw Women's Championship
    • WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
    • WWE Women's Tag Team Championship
    • NXT Women's Championship

WWE Grand Slam Winners



  • A wrestler has to have held
    • Either the NWA World Heavyweight Championship or the TNA/Impact World Championship
    • Either the NWA Tag Team Championship or the TNA/Impact Tag Team Championship
    • The X Division Championship
    • The TNA/Impact Television Championship (under any of its names) or the Impact Grand Championship

TNA/Impact Wrestling Grand Slam Winners

Ring Of Honor


  • A wrestler has to have held
    • The ROH World Championship
    • The ROH World Tag Team Championship
    • The ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship
    • The ROH Pure Championship or ROH World Television Championship

ROH Grand Slam Winners


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