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In Professional Wrestling, a "Grand Slam Championship" is not a championship in and of itself. Rather, it's a special achievement given to wrestlers who have won at least four certain titles in their career. Currently, WWE, TNA/Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, New Japan and World Wonder Ring ST★RDOM are major promotions with a Grand Slam methodologynote , though other minor promotions have their own Grand Slam methodologies.

See also Triple Crown Champion, a feat which in most cases is required in order to achieve the "Grand Slam", usually involving three Championships that are required for a Grand Slam.


WWE has had two methods for determining a men's Grand Slam Champion, and one method for women's.

Men's Original Rules

  • A wrestler had to have held:
    • Either the WWF/E Championship or the original World Heavyweight Championship from 2002-2014
    • Either the WWF/World Tag Team Championship or the WWE Tag Team Championship
    • The Intercontinental Championship
    • Either the European Championship or the Hardcore Championship

Men's Modern Rules

  • A wrestler has to have held:
    • Either the WWE Championship or the Universal Championship
    • Either the Raw or Smackdown Tag Team Championshipnote 
    • The Intercontinental Championship
    • The United States Championship

Women's Rules

  • A wrestler has to have held:
    • WWE Women's Championship (formerly the WWE Raw Women's Championship)
    • WWE Women's World Championship (formerly the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship)
    • WWE Women's Tag Team Championship
    • NXT Women's Championship

WWE Grand Slam Winners

WWE has absorbed the history of WCW and ECW, however neither promotion had four titles eligible for a Grand Slam. If the WCW World Television Championship was recognized as eligible, all WCW Triple Crown Champions except Goldberg and Bret Hart would also be Grand Slam Champions. Booker T would be the only man to have earned Grand Slam Champion status in both WCW and WWE, and would be the only man to have earned both without counting the same championship for both. AJ Styles is the only man to have earned the Grand Slam Champion status in both TNA and WWE. Kevin Owens and Finn Bálor are the only Grand Slam Champions who are not considered Triple Crown Champions due to not winning the WWE Championship, but the Universal Championship instead. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are the only Grand Slam Champions since the establishment of the modern format to win newer versions of World Titles (the Universal Championship and the new World Heavyweight Championship introduced in 2023) that do not qualify as requirements for WWE's Triple Crown for some reason (Rollins has won both, and was in fact the inaugural holder of the newest title).



  • A wrestler has to have held
    • Either the NWA World Heavyweight Championship or the TNA/Impact World Championship
    • Either the NWA Tag Team Championship or the TNA/Impact Tag Team Championship
    • The X Division Championship
    • The TNA/Impact Television Championship (under any of its names) or the Impact Grand Championship

TNA/Impact Wrestling Grand Slam Winners

Impact introduced the Impact Digital Media Championship in October 2021; it has not announced whether this title will be a future Grand Slam component.

Ring of Honor


  • A wrestler has to have held
    • The ROH World Championship
    • The ROH World Tag Team Championship
    • The ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship
    • The ROH Pure Championship or ROH World Television Championship

ROH Grand Slam Winners

New Japan Pro-Wrestling


  • A wrestler has to have held
    • The IWGP Heavyweight Championship
    • The IWGP Intercontinental Championship
    • The NEVER Openweight Championship
    • The IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship

NJPW Grand Slam Winners

NJPW established its Grand Slam on a retroactive basis in 2021. It's unique among Grand Slams that it consists of four singles championships, and also in that two of the required titles no longer existed when the Grand Slam was established. On March 1, 2021, NJPW retired its IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental championships, merging them into the new IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. NJPW has not announced whether it will establish a new Grand Slam, even though it added the US-exclusive Strong Openweight Championshipnote  later that year and the NJPW World Television Championship in 2023.

World Wonder Ring Stardom


  • A wrestler has to have held
    • The World of Stardom Championship
    • The Wonder of Stardom Championship
    • The Goddess of Stardom Championship
    • The Artist of Stardom Championship
    • The High Speed Championship
    • The SWA World Championship.

World Wonder Ring Stardom Grand Slam Winners

  • Io Shirai - Completed on May 21, 2016.
  • Mayu Iwatani - Completed on May 5, 2022.

World Wonder Ring Stardom established its Grand Slam on a retroactive basis in 2022. Notably, its Grand Slam requirements consists of all the available titles promoted by the company except the Future of Stardom Championship.

All Elite Wrestling

AEW is as of this writing just shy of its 4th anniversary, and booker/CEO Tony Khan doesn't seem to like frequent title changes, so this hasn't come into play yet. However, AEW does have 3 singles titles and 2 tag team titles, so a Grand Slam Championship would certainly be possible and would consist of:

  • The AEW World Championship
  • The AEW International Championship (formerly the AEW All-Atlantic Championship)
  • The AEW TNT Championship
  • Either the AEW Tag Team Championship or the AEW Trios Championship

So far no one has been able to win more than two of those titles. A women's grand slam, or even a women's triple crown, wouldn't be possible as AEW only has two women's belts. However, AEW now owns Ring of Honornote , while the two companies are being ran as separate promotions (or at least as separate TV shows) there's lots of cross-pollination between the two and ROH champions frequently appear on AEW programming. AEW has more or less absorbed ROH's history into its own canon, similar to what WWE did when they bought WCW and ECW, so a hypothetical AEW-ROH combined Grand Slam Championship would look like:

  • The AEW World Championship
  • The ROH World Championship
  • The AEW Tag Team Championship
  • The ROH Tag Team Championship