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Jeffrey Nero Hardy (born August 31, 1977), often known as "The Charismatic Enigma" or "Brother Nero", is an American professional wrestler, singer-songwriter, painter and musician.

He started as a backyard wrestler and motocross competitor; after being trained by Michael Hayes and Dory Funk Jr., turned into pro wrestling. He is best known for his time in WWE, where he began as part of the Hardy Boyz tag team with his brother, Matt. Being of short stature by pro wrestling standards, and not being the greatest talker in the business (nickname notwithstanding), Jeff got over by using an array of high-flying moves in his matches that took the crowd's breath away. In the WWE and WCW he's 2x World Heavyweight Championship, 1x WCW Tag Team Championship (with Matt Hardy), 1x WWE Championship, 1x WWE European Championship, 1x WWE Raw Tag Team Championship (with Matt Hardy), 3x WWF/WWE Hardcore Championship, 5x WWF/WWE Intercontinental Championship, 1x WWE United States Championship, 1x WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, 6x WWF/World Tag Team Championship (with Matt Hardy), 18th. Triple Crown Champion, 9th. Grand Slam Champion, won the Terri Invitational Tournament in 1999 with Matt, was awarded a Raw Greatest Match Award in Raw X Anniversarynote , and has two Slammy Awardsnote . In TNA he is 3x TNA World Heavyweight Championship, 2x TNA World Tag Team Championship (with Matt Hardy), won the Bound for Glory Series in 2012 and the TNA World Cup 2015note  and 2016 note , and TNA Wrestler of the Year in 2012; he also won the Green Case in Race for the Case 2017.


While Jeff's made his living by being "extreme", some of the things in his matches bring his sanity into question. And while his wrestling persona can be pretty strange sometimes, he's reportedly even stranger in real life. Besides motocross, Jeff Hardy is also somewhat known for poetry, painting, sculpting and for being part of his own band but speaking of Jeff's life outside of wrestling, it hasn't always been much fun. He's had his house burn down with his dog still inside, and in 2009 he was arrested after the police found a large stash of drugs during a raid on his new house.

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"Another trope is what there will never be":

  • Action Dad: He has two children.
  • Alternate Company Equivalent: Has been called WWE's Teddy Hart, which became funny when Hardy later showed up in Ring of Honor and TNA, where Hart had previously been.
  • Apologetic Attacker: As part of his heel Antichrist/Dark Messiah thing, Jeff's promos consisted of him apologizing for crippling you, and then saying it's human nature to do so, and that anybody else would do the same thing. Kinda doubles as a Mind Screw, if you really think about it. Which, by the way, would, not be advised.
  • Arch-Enemy: Hardy has a history with Edge and Christian and The Dudley Boys going back to their tag team days (their ladder matches were something else). CM Punk feuded with Hardy and ultimately forced him to leave WWE (kayfabe, due to Hardy's expiring contract). He also feuded with his brother Matt. After 2018 Superstar Shake up he move to WWE SmackDown Live feud with Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton, Sheamus, AJ Styles and Sami Zayn. In late 2020 he's feud with Elias after Elias attacked Hardy with the guitar.
  • Ascended Extra: Matt and Jeff spent years as TV jobbers for WWE, and they were used to open the doors for the wrestlers at King of the Ring 95.
  • The Atoner: Following his drugged up performance at TNA Victory Road 2011.
  • Author Avatar: As himself in the Trampoline Wrestling Federation and later, Willow the Wisp in OMEGA (an affiliate of Pro Wrestling International).
  • Badass Beard: Grew on out in 2013, supposedly to counter Kurt Angle's accusation of looking like a lady.
  • Battle Couple: At times with Trish Stratus, who initially was an enemy to Team X-treme (Hardy Boys and Lita) when she managed T&A (Test and Albert) but became their ally out of convenience during the WCW Invasion and gradually fell for Jeff. He eventually returned her affections when she ran out to fight off Victoria, who was interfering during a match Jeff had with Stevie Richards.
  • Big Damn Heroes: He interfered in Raw's "Champions Only" handicap match, which pitted WWE Champion John Cena and Women's Champion Candice Michelle against World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock with Intercontinental Champion Umaga. John Cena refused to tag Michelle in, and got his ass kicked as a result, then the other champions went after Candice anyway, which is where Jeff seemingly had enough.
  • Blah Blah Blah: Invoked this on Edge at one point.
  • Braids of Action: Jeff braids his hair sometimes when he is the erratically violent Willow.
  • Break/Corrupt the Cutie:
    • After a month of being tormented by Matt, Jeff snapped by nailing multiple twist of Fate on their opponents the Tribunal, swantoned their coach and swantoned himself, becoming just as broken as his brother Matt.
    • This got ascended on the July 17, 2017 episode of Raw, where after failing to win the tag team titles from Cesaro and Sheamus, with their grueling 30-minute tag team Iron Man match at Great Balls of Fire resulting in them bleeding, hinting at a possibility of being broken again.
    Jeff: ...and maybe we should just...fade away...and classify ourselves as OBSOLETE!
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Jeff Hardy has been portrayed like this. He gyrates and dances his way to the ring, covers his arms and face in fluorescent paint, makes abstract paintings backstage, seems to have an affinity for large African animals (he and Matt did at least one interview while straddling wooden cheetahs [also notice Jeff's leopard-print pants], and there's another photo of him gleefully hugging an honest-to-god giraffe), openly refers to his fans as freaks and misfits (in a good way, indicating that he's just as much one as them), and throws his body into his every attack with reckless abandon... and is a three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and six-time Tag Team Champion. Even better? He fits this trope in real life as well, as his real behavior is even more bizarre, and yet he was respected enough and loved by the fans enough during his WWE run that he was given all those title reigns.
  • Camera Abuse: When Jeff splashed Johnny Nitro with paint on Monday Night Raw, he also obscured part of the camera's lens.
  • Charlie Brown from Outta Town: Jeff Hardy brought the Willow gimmick to TNA after he had been banned from Lethal Lockdown.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: His TV character is in fact considerably more normal than he is in real life. His closest friends claim that one of his favorite activities outside of wrestling is "digging holes and filling them back in." His sculpting material of choice is aluminum foil. Also, there's his alter-egos Itchweeed (which is in fact the correct spelling) and Willow.
  • Confusion Fu: This how TNA plays up his offense, especially as Willow.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Willow's entrance during TNA Impact is filmed this way. Ironically, Jeff does not use much body paint for this gimmick and the mask is actually silver.
  • Dented Iron: As far back as 2000, the toll his high flying wrestling style was taking on his body was obviously apparent. During entrances, he looked to be in pain just walking down to the ring.
  • Determinator: Jeff's never-say-die performance in his legendary 2002 Undisputed Championship ladder match against the Undertaker. It took a Chokeslam off a ladder to down Jeff long enough for the Undertaker to win, and then when Jeff DARED get back up after that, Taker put him down with a Last Ride. When Jeff got back up after THAT, screaming through a mic that "You ain't broke me, Taker!", the Undertaker's response was to simply pat Jeff on the head as a sign of respect and call him 'one tough son-of-a-bitch'.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune:
    • Jeff, with his band Peroxwhy?gen, performs all seven of his TNA entrance themes: "Modest", "Another Me", "Resurrected", "Similar Creatures", "Time and Fate", "In Willow's Way" (as Willow), and "Reptilian" (as a tag team with his brother Matt, who once used the instrumental version titled "Rogue and Cold Blooded").
    • When he became (Broken) Brother Nero, his theme was an a capella version of him chanting a line from their song "Obsolete", that had debuted the year prior. He has recently switched to using the full song.
  • Double Knockout: Double pin to concluded the main event of Wrestle Superstar's Fight Forever in Chile against The Young Bucks.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: His TNA Heel run has made him look even girlier than he normally does, from the avante-garde championship belt he designed himself, to the pink nails and eyeshadow, it's almost approaching Goldust levels.
  • Drugs Are Bad: They get you ejected from airports. They get your home raided. They lead to 90-second squashes that ruin pay-per-views and taint your reputation. They make you an enemy to the Straight Edge Society.
  • Easily Forgiven
    • Matt, by Jeff, after they feuded in 2009. Essentially Matt said that he had made a mistake and Jeff forgave him. The "mistake" involved Matt burning Jeff's house to the ground, killing his dog (both of which happened in real life, albeit not because of anything Matt had done), and trying to murder him and/or end his career at least three times. The forgiveness came only a couple months after the end of their fighting over it. To be fair, Matt still had to prove himself by helping Jeff a lot before he was trusted again, and Jeff rebuffed his initial apology during their "I Quit" match by putting him through a table, breaking Matt's arm in the process.
    • Even more so with WWE and TNA, considering he's been a world champion in both companies despite being previously fired from both for drug use, though Victory Road 2011 may have finally averted this, as afterwards he was promptly was written off of the show for months. Despite asking for forgiveness from other wrestlers, all he has gotten in return have been What the Hell, Hero? speeches and a feud with Jeff Jarrett. It was well over a year before Jeff got back into the world title scene again, and that was mainly because his contract was running out soon and TNA didn't want him to sign back with WWE.
  • Face: During his decade-plus career, Jeff has almost never been a Heel, except for the period between Bound for Glory 2010 and his return after the Victory Road 2011 debacle in TNA.
  • Face–Heel Turn: He turned heel at 2010's Bound for Glory, at the Anti-Climax of an angle that was irredeemably terrible.
  • Facial Markings: Frequently paints his face, sometimes paints his whole body. For a stretch in the WWE he was using glow in the dark paint, which tended to rub off on whoever he was wrestling or on then-love interest Trish Stratus.
  • Fashion Model: Jeff represents this better than any woman he's ever worked with. He can show up in anything from casual T-shits and wife beaters with jeans, to form fitting acrylics body suits, to crop tops with detached sleeves, to biker gear, to little but body paint, to a formal suit discounting that it will probably be hot pink. That was all before Immortal and doesn't get into his alternate gimmicks. Given his nature, Jeff will preen and pose for crowds and cameras regardless of what he's wearing.
  • Finishing Move:
    • The Twist of Fate, a modified Stunner borrowed from his brother.
    • The Swanton Bomb, a top rope senton bomb which involves flipping at the last possible instant where it is still possible to somersault (a more showy version).
    • The Reverse of Fate, an inverted Twist of Fate where the back of the opponent's head hits the ground instead of his face.
  • Functional Addict: Hardy has had a sorted history with abusing drugs, even while on the road. This came to a head at Victory Road 2011, when he came out to perform completely inebriated. Since then he's managed to stay on the wagon.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: Broke his leg in a motorcycle accident in May 2015, causing him and Matt to have to drop the TNA World Tag Team Championship.
  • A God Am I: When Bully Ray declared Team 3D to be gods of tag team wrestling during the setup to the TNA Tag Title Series between themselves, The Hardy Boys and The American Wolves, the Hardys agreed. Agreed that they were also gods of tag team wrestling and that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were not but as the champions had earned a chance to insert themselves into the circle.
  • Groin Attack: One of his signature moves is to spread apart the legs of a prone opponent and then drop both legs on his balls. This has been hand waved as not actually being a strike, as the move is supposed to be planting his feet in the opponent's abdomen, and having his legs land on their groin is just collateral damage, and therefore legal in a match.
  • Hard Head: Striking Willow's head is not very effective.
  • Heel–Face Return: Returned a few months after his performance at Victory Road 2011 asking for forgiveness and getting another chance.
  • His Own Worst Enemy: Both In-Universe and in Real Life. More than once, it's been remarked that Jeff's daredevil, high-flying style is a double-edged sword. On top of being risky, those moves tend to hurt him almost as much as they hurt his opponent. In Real Life, Jeff has jumped between WWE and TNA several times due to his inability to keep off the drugs, and those same problems arguably prevented him from reaching his full potential as a performer. When it comes down to it, nobody has screwed over Jeff Hardy more than Jeff Hardy.
  • History Repeats: Game-breaking injuries forced him and his brother Matt to drop the tag team titles in TNA and WWE.
  • I Have Many Names: Besides Jeff Hardy, he also performed under many other names such as Galaxion, Gladiator, The Iceman, Keith Davis, Mean Jimmy Jack, Wildo Jinx, Itchweeed, Willow the Wisp, and just Willow.
  • I Have the High Ground: And it does not get much higher than the TitanTron. This is especially notable because Jeff Hardy is not a part time wrestler and WWE is not a Garbage Wrestling promotion.
  • Inner Monologue: Willow would do these. As in, he would stand there silently while Jeff Hardy's voice was sounded from somewhere. An inner monologue everyone else could hear.
  • Kid-Appeal Character: In the WWE, in spite of his overall bizarreness and being rough around the edges in real life he had much merchandise pushed at kids and tended to wear very bright colors. It worked too, his merchandise sales were usually second only to and at times surpassed John Cena. His problems outside of the ring kept him from getting a bigger push most times in spite of this status and success.
  • Laughing Mad: As Willow, it is even part of his entrance music. Even though he was in pain gasping for breath after Magnus hit him in the gut with a crowbar, Willow was still laughing.
  • Light-Flicker Teleportation: A trick employed as Willow the Wisp.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Jeff may rely on his quickness and agility, but he can also take a shitload of punishment, especially in TNA, where he has been repeatedly show to trade blows with the monster Abyss somewhat evenly and still employed his usual jump around style. Sometimes that punishment's self-inflicted in order to deal even more damage to his opponent. Of course, in real life, even in his early twenties he was obviously in pain as he walked. He's had a surprisingly few amount of serious injuries for his style of wrestling.
  • Made of Iron: He does not sell all the tables he goes through after jumping off of high things too much, and he has lasted a lot longer in his career doing it than other guys who had cleaner lifestyles too.
  • Mask Power: As Willow in TNA, everyone still knows it is Jeff Hardy, since he used the gimmick before joining the company, but Willow is a different beast to face all the same.
  • Mr. Fanservice: TNA doesn't need to add the sound of screaming girls to his entrance music; it's a given that the female members of the crowd will provide that themselves.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Paul London laments that his Mexico City matches with Jeff were not recorded by WWE and that the company never put him and Jeff together again.
  • Only Sane Man: The first part of "The Final Deletion" had BROKEN!Matt shooting him with a "roman candle assault rifle" and Jeff blocking the projectiles with a trash can. While Jess screamed out "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!"
  • Oh, Crap!/This Is Gonna Suck: The only words to describe his reaction to seeing Fortune turn face directly around him and leaving him alone in the ring. Needless to say, he was very right.
  • Once a Season: Seems to debut a new TNA theme at every Bound for Glory since 2010.
  • Power Stable:
  • Power Trio:
    • Team Extreme, with Matt and Lita.
    • The New Brood, with his brother Matt and Gangrel.
  • Prophet Eyes: As Brother Nero, he wears white contacts to emulate this effect.
  • Ramp Jump: Has done this in his own yard on a motocross track he built over a statue, which he also built.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: ...or green, or yellow, or purple, or whatever color Jeff will wear next.
  • Reality Ensues: From 2017 through to early 2019, the narrative put out by WWE and the Hardys was that Jeff had finally beaten his demons, was totally clean and making a triumphant comeback, beginning with his and Matt's shocking return at WrestleMania. Then he got injured, and while recovering he was arrested for public intoxication, and then arrested again for DWI, and, making it especially heartbreaking, WWE and Matt both released statements that suggest they've finally given up on him for good. Because Jeff Hardy is an addict, and will struggle with his addiction problems for life, and is in constant danger of falling off the wagon, especially if he is away from the scrutiny and regular drug tests that come with being on the road with WWE.
  • Red Baron: "The Charismatic Enigma" and "The Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling". According to Broken Matt Hardy, he's "The Evil Enigma" and now "The Obsolete Mule" as Brother Nero.
  • Shout-Out
    • Poetry in Motion is basically a double team version of a move Nobukazu Hirai used in "Shin" FMW. Jeff has even used it solo.
    • On the second Impact Wrestling on Destination America, the Hardys employed moves of older TNA tag teams, Jeff using Elix Skipper's rope walk and then both using the Natural Disaster to defeat The American Wolves.
  • Sibling Team: If Jeff performs in a Tag Team, chances are he's performing with his brother Matt.
  • Signature Move
    • A slingshot dropkick to someone on the lower turnbuckle he calls "Hardyac Arrest", double leg drop to the sternum, Whisper in the Wind (top rope or spring board corkscrew, usually to a standing opponent)
    • A sliding elbow drop from the ring to the floor and a handspring Stinger splash as Willow.
  • Spot Monkey: Has sometimes been accused of being this, although he's shown improvement over time. In fact, this was lampshaded the first time Matt turned on Jeff, as it was because Jeff's love of high spots was costing them matches. But let's face it, a lot of those spots were amazing.
  • Squee!: Jeff, PLEASE don't take your shirt off again in the middle of a match. It hurts our ears.
  • Squash Match: His TNA World Heavyweight Title match against Sting at Victory Road 2011 lasted all of ninety seconds. See above for the reasons why.
  • Start My Own: He and Matt would start a Backyard Trampoline Wrestling Federation. It did not take too long to fold but managed to have at least one successor.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Willow.
  • Tag Team:
  • Third-Person Person: While not all the time, Willow sometimes dips into this.
  • The Unfettered: Heel and face, this man gives it his all with every move.
  • Three Month Rule: At the end of TNA's 2014, The Revolution beat the American Wolves for the TNA World Tag Team Championship and the Hardy Boyz won a tournament to become number one contenders. When TNA got a new TV deal one of the first things they got out of the way was the Wolves getting their rematch for the belts, which they lost, which would logically give the Hardy Boyz the next shot. Despite this the next week featured the Hardy Boyz facing the Wolves for the number one contendership without explanation.
  • Took a Level in Badass: As far as his WWE career goes, his ladder match with the Undertaker in the early 2000s. He didn't receive his first main event push until late 2007, but that was the match that really put him in the public's eyes as legitimate singles competitor.
  • Tournament Arc
    • Quite a few, but highlights are he and Matt winning the Terri Invitational Tournament in WWE and Jeff winning the Bound for Glory Series in TNA.
    • He and Matt won the TNA's November 2014 #1 contenders Tag Team Tournament for a shot at the American Wolves, defeating Samoa Joe and Low Ki in the last round.
    • "Team Hardy" (Gunner, Crazzy Steve, Davey Richards, Rockstar Spud, Gail Kim and himself) won TNA's 2015 World Cup of Wrestling.
  • Vetinari Job Security: As described throughout the page, Hardy has had a spotty record with both WWE and TNA, that would've gotten anyone else lower on the card fired with prejudice. Hardy has Popularity Power on his side. Case in point, when Jeff and Matt both respectively had their drug related issues, Jeff was kept on board and sent to rehab while Matt was fired.
  • Villain Song: One of his TNA theme songs, "Another Me", fits this to a T.
  • Warrior Poet: Especially as Willow, who get plenty of backstage promos on Impact Wrestling.
  • Weapon of Choice: An umbrella as Willow.
  • Will-o'-the-Wisp: Jeff Hardy's masked gimmick, Willow the Wisp, in OMEGA. In TNA, it is stated Willow is nothing but a figment of Jeff Hardy's imagination. Willow's light show makes his surroundings deliberately monochrome.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Jeff Hardy ran into this dilemma in Ultimate Pro Wrestling when he and Matt went against the promotion's tag team champions, the Ballard Brothers, who were affiliated with Lexie Fyfe at the time.
  • Worthy Opponent: Treated as such by both The Undertaker and Triple H.
  • Wrestling Family: As mentioned above, he and Matt are not Unrelated Brothers.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: Boyz.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Red, purple or whatever color or combination of colors he feels like at the time. WWE's Jim Ross called him "The Rainbow-Haired Warrior."
  • Younger Than He Looks: His facial hair, weight gain and drug use means he hasn't aged well. Look at the page picture, and now look at this one. Just a reminder, he's the younger Hardy brother.


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