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  • His feud with Johnny Nitro in 2006 involved him mocking Nitro, saying watching paint dry is more interesting than watching Nitro's promo. To prove his point, Jeff even snuck behind Nitro and painted a picture when Nitro was giving an interview.
    • And when Nitro knocked it over, Jeff screams, "That's my painting, man!" and dumps paint on Nitro and Melina.
  • The night he beat Jeff Jarrett three times in a row.
  • Everything about Jeff's character while Matt is being "Broken Matt", When JEFF is The Comically Serious, something is up.
    • This is definitely shown when Matt got amnesia and Jeff is absolutely frustrated that Matt isn't the BROKEN brother that he knows acting like the Only Sane Man out of the two.
    • During the beginning of Treat or Delete, the Hardy family is exploring a corn maze. While Broken Matt is happy about being lost, Jeff has decided to eat one of the ears of corn after becoming lost. It's raw corn though, so you know where this is going.
    Jeff: (after spitting out raw corn) Shucks.
    • After Delete or Decay, Broken Matt tosses Brother Nero into the Lake of Reincarnation, and he pops out as his Anti-Christ self, suit and all. Anti-Christ begins going, "You can't see me!" before Broken Matt goes "Nope" and dunks Jeff again to become Brother Nero.
    • On 2/23/17, BROKEN Matt gives Jeff some of his abilities and BROKEN Matt has to teleport to Egypt in order to gain the abilities of his first vessel. The first thing that returns after Matt leaves is a golden Skaasgard. What is "Broken Brother Nero" thinking?
    Broken Jeff: Oh no! My brother has been turned into a BOAT!
    • Not to mention, the side effect of Jeff gaining BROKEN Matt's powers is that Jeff starts to act and talk like BROKEN Matt. Which he does perfectly.
    • And then he becomes enthusiastic on fighting off Smokin' Joe Frazer the kangaroo. In fact, he admitted in an interview that he was close to Corpsing at that scene, compared to his brother able to stay in character.
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  • Returning to the RAW after Wrestlemania 34 to find his WOKEN brother and WOKEN Wyatt. After he and Bray share an awkward hug, the camera turns to see both Finn Balor and Seth Rollins watching the entire exchange with "WTF looks" on their faces.

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