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Tonight in This Very Ring... You'll laugh so hard, it hurts!

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  • It is hard to choose the funniest moment of the Andy Kaufman-Jerry Lawler feud, but Andy's video tutorial series for the people of Memphis (Lawler's turf) on how to use soap, toilet paper, etc. is definitely up there.
  • The ECW ring collapses.
  • "I can go both ways!.........I DIDN'T MEAN THAT! SHUT UP!" (Chris Hero's legendary junkyard match against Shun the Kabuki Ninja for CZW)
  • Colt Cabana hates unprofessionalism. Before a match against Christopher Daniels (a.k.a. the Fallen Angel), the crowd starts chanting for Colt...then Daniels...then back-and-forth cheers for both men. The announcer then declares, "You know who's wrestling, you guys can announce them!" and tries to walk away. Cabana was not amused. (3:50 to 4:17)
  • Inverted, as this came from the audience and it was the wrestlers who found it funny. The commissioner of the late Stampede Wrestling asked the audience to tone down on the swearing. At the next show, audiences chanted (at moves they thought impressive) "HOLY BEEP! HOLY BEEP! HOLY BEEP!" The wrestlers found it HILARIOUS.
  • El Generico's promos suck! So says Colt Cabana, who tries to help him cut better ones.
    El Generico: Kenny Omega! Chuck Taylor!
    Colt Cabana: Good...
    El Generico: El Generico numero uno!
    Colt Cabana: Ah, geez
    El Generico: Kenny Omega, no bueno!
    Colt Cabana: No. Ready...say what I say...(whispers to El Generico)
    El Generico: Kenny Omega y Chuck Taylor...(Colt whispers to him again) I want...I-I want to piss in your boots! (more whispering) ...and your ears! (more whispering) I EAT CHILDREN!
    Colt Cabana: No! (whispers) I eat your children!
    El Generico: Que no comprendo "eat children"...
  • We SHIMMER fans know that only women are real wrestlers, but we occasionally let the men do a pre-show comedy match. Here's the Come As You Are Rumble. Highlights include:
    • Delirious emerging from under the ring with a Star Wars-themed pillow and Looney Tunes blanket (apparently Delirious was sleeping under the ring), with the pillow and blanket involved in several spots during the match
    • Claudio Castagnoli coming out in a bright white suit, taking the pillow and blanket and taking a nap in the middle of the ring
    • Austin Aries emerging from the back with toilet paper stuck to his shoe (and after his very hasty elimination, runs right back to the bathroom)
    • Every other participant turning on Brad Bradley, the largest competitor, and in the process managing a Total Party Kill.
    "I hear babies come from Mommy but you like green so much you came from a cabbage"
    • On volume 45, Portia Perez thinks Regeneration X's Rocky cosplay is something from the Attitude Era:
    Portia Perez: I know Allison Danger's Butterbean - does that make Leva Bates Bart Gunn?
    Dave Prazak: No, this isn't the Brawl For All, it's Rocky.
    Perez: Maivia? That's the worst cosplay I've ever seen! It looks nothing like him! So who's Leva, then? Farooq?
    • Volume 46 had a sequence that became this in hindsight. Sweet Saraya knocked a drink of one fan into the face of another before attempting to assault a woman behind the barricade. The latter two were two different critics from two different website staffs. They were startled but said they enjoyed the show regardless.
    • Volume 57 - Miss Natural vs Leva Bates. Leva cosplays as Spock. Miss Natural tells her to "Come to the Dark Side". The entire crowd chants "Wrong franchise!"
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the most illegal move in all of professional wrestling.
  • Bryce Remsburg the dancing referee, guest starring Allison Danger.
  • Christopher Daniels meets Delirious.
  • Steve Corino has a story about working a show with The Iron Sheik that has to be heard to be believed.
  • This match for Irish indie fed Main Stage Wrestling between Justin Shape and Philly The Kid. Try to count the amount of famous WWE finishers that get teased.
  • Whatever you do, do NOT give Mad Man Pondo a stun gun.
  • During Cheerleader Melissa's challenge to Pure Wrestling Association Women's Champion 21st Century Fox in March of 2006 a chant of "Show Your Tits!" started to become audible only to be shouted down by a louder chant of "You're A Pervert!"
  • With Triple H and The Undertaker scheduled to face one another at WrestleMania XXVIII, John Morrison made this video.
  • Kevin Steen's displeased reaction to a fan trying to start a "We want wrestling" chant: This IS wrestling!
  • A rather complicated chant from Chuck Taylor.
  • The 24/7 Championship!
  • Bobby Fish is not a fan of slow motion.
  • While wrestling for either AAA or IWRG in October of 2011, Jennifer Blake of Las Gringas Locas heckled a fan to the point she ended up flashing Blake just to shut her up.
  • The three way dance between ACH, Ricky Marvin and Lio Rush at Chilanga Mask 3. Aniversario. Especially when ACH tried to taunt the crowd with a "USA" chant and some of them actually chanted along with him before they were drowned out by booing and a left field counter chant of "Honduras".
  • You think WWE's Hardcore Championship during the 24/7 rule is hilarious? Well maybe you should check Dramatic Dream Team's Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship. In principle, it's similar to Hardcore Championship with the 24/7 rule. With Ironman Heavyweight Championship however, said 24/7 aspect is cranked up to eleven by allowing literally anything to win the title. Title winners includes former/current/future WWE/WCW/ECW/TNA performers at the time of when they hold the title (with the former consists of people like Rey Mysterio and Scott Hall, current performers being Rhyno, while a good example of a future performer being Asuka), indie stars like Joey Ryan, two "invisible" (i.e. non-existent) wrestlers, three animals, six different dolls, three different ladders, several ringside objects and pieces of food, the entire audience of a show, Vince McMahon's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and the title belt itself. Yeah.
  • Gillberg vs James Ellsworth for the IWC High Stakes Championship. Just... words fail.
  • Following the passing of Leon "Vader" White, a commenter on the forum's wrestling thread speculated on how things would go if he'd ever had a match with Masato Tanaka:
    "Masato, is it all right if I hit you as hard as I can?"
    "Why certainly, Leon old chap. Here, use this chair."