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  • Awesome Music: His entrance theme from his previous WWE run, No More Words by Endeverafter.
  • Broken Base: His main event status combined with his known drug usage. He's a hot debate source for Smarks.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: For all the complaints you will see online about Jeff Hardy, both regarding his in ring career and offset legal troubles, he has little trouble getting cheered for in most venues. Even his harshest detractors have to relent that he is one of the greatest baby faces of all time.
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  • Estrogen Brigade: He's wildly popular with teenage girls (and women in general).
  • Evil Is Sexy: Maybe its the aggressiveness, or maybe it's just the black, but he looked really, really good as a heel.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: His self designed version of the TNA World Heavyweight Title Belt, which is his own asymmetrically painted silver face on a purple strap.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Congratulations, brother! - said from Hulk Hogan to him in presence of Ric Flair. Several years later, the three would fall in disgrace: Jeff and his drug problem, Hogan being banned from the WWE after the Gawker fiasco, and Flair's lifestyle problems. And then there's Immortal and its effect on TNA.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: After his famous Ladder Match with the Undertaker, he boasts that the deadman hasn't broken him yet. More than a decade later, his brother would break him.
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  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Hooo, boy...just go online and find that he's been shipped with everyone male and female alike.
  • Memetic Mutation: His drunken Take That! rant on CM Punk seen here.
  • Never Live It Down
    • Among Japanese fans, it was Jeff Hardy defending TNA World Heavyweight title against Tetsuya Naito at the 2011 Wrestle Kingdom while high. For everyone else it is the...
    • Victory Road 2011 main event match. The only way he will is if it's generally attributed to TNA's overall incompetence and not just Hardy, but knowing Jeff's lifestyle this is unlikely.
    • Despite winning back the crowd with his redemption story, he's still never gonna fully live it down—not only does his record keeps him from being able to attend overseas tours, but his checkered past (both real and storyline, the latter being pretty rare) can easily be used as a plot point against his character as Magnus did expertly at Impact: Final Resolution.
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    • While he didn't exactly "live it down", Jeff's Epic Fail did get overshadowed later that year when his older brother Matt Hardy faked a suicide note via YouTube video. In fact, it was so overshadowed that Jeff is now considered to be the more responsible Hardy brother, especially after he took responsibility for his actions and stayed clean.
  • Periphery Demographic: Jeff Hardy is a proven draw amongst teenage girls and young women who wouldn't otherwise be interested in professional wrestling. Nowhere was this more obvious than in his Ring of Honor appearance, where a couple hundred teenage girls showed up to cheer him while the RoHbots booed and mocked him.
  • Shocking Swerve: The most infamous and despised angle in TNA history will probably go down as Jeff Hardy's Face–Heel Turn. Done with no foreshadowing on a wrestler that everyone likes, even the smarks. Add to that his almost exclusive use of high flying moves and lack of mic skills, and you have a disaster that will go down in wrestling history.
    • Or maybe not. His video promos and the nasty treacherous in-ring style he's developing are getting heat even if half the crowd still cheers him.
  • The Scrappy: For whatever reason, there is a large part of the internet community, even among those who generally like Jeff Hardy, that hate Willow The Wisp. There was a lot of hype on for the Hardyboyz vs Briscoe Brothers DVD but a lot of negative comments were made solely because Willow was in it.
  • Vindicated by History: A few years ago, during the era where CM Punk was really making a name for himself with his pipe bomb and subsequent world championship push, Jeff Hardy released a drunken and/or drugged out shoot video where he trashed Punk and called him a nerd, claiming he, Jeff Hardy, was the one who made Punk a star and that Punk didn't have any real respect backstage by not even saying hello when Jeff tried to greet him. At the time, a lot of fans really trashed Jeff Hardy for his drugged out rant, making fun of Jeff for his botched TNA run along with his drug habits while saying that Punk was the one who was making something of himself in WWE as a main eventer and world champ all the while Jeff was the washed up has-been who behaved like trailer trash. Now, however, due to CM Punk leaving WWE on very bad terms, more people seeing him as being an ungrateful and bitter person, and a predictably bad MMA run where Punk was defeated in a humiliating fashion in little over two minutes, Jeff Hardy's shoot has come to be seen in a more positive light. While few people would defend Jeff's drug habits or some of his own Dork Age moments in TNA like Victory Road of 2011, the shoot video he made of CM Punk is now seen less as a drunken has-been rant and more of a humorous and prophetic deconstruction of Phil Brooks as a person, especially in light of CM Punk burning bridges with pro-wrestling and embarrassing himself in the UFC.
  • Win Back the Crowd: Jeff Hardy's return to the company has him making a public apology to the crowd, apologizing for his unprofessional behavior causing the PPV to be ruined. About a year later, he won the 2012 Bound For Glory Series at No Surrender and he won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Austin Aries at Bound For Glory a month later. Of course, the fact he has -by all accounts and records- stayed clean since the incident does help a lot.
  • X-Pac Heat
    • His first appearance for ROH did not go well. Despite being told by the fans not to come back however, "Brother Nero"'s eventual return was taken as well as anyone could hope for. He's tolerated while everyone focuses on Matt.
    • The Internet was not forgiving after the disaster that was Victory Road. It just didn't show since the Impact Zone, aside from a couple of regulars and plants, was mainly made of tourists who wandered inside. Even years later, Jeff has yet to completely live it down — though it was overshadowed by his brother's even dumber exploits later that year.

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