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Thou shalt not fuck with the Dudleys.

The Dudley Boys (also known as The Dudley Boyz or Team 3D) consist of storyline half-brothers Bubba Ray (originally spelled Buh Buh Ray to account for his stutter) and D-Von, occasionally Spike Dudley, and a whole heap of others in ECW. As one of the top tag teams in the histories of ECW, WWF/E, and TNA, Bubba Ray and D-Vonnote  are notable for becoming the most decorated tag team in professional wrestling history, as well as for their groundbreaking series of matches during the WWF Attitude Era against the Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian.

Originally the Dudley characters were conceived as a wrestling version of the Hansen Brothers from Slap Shot by Raven, with the storyline that they were all born to different mothers but to the same father, a traveling salesman known as Big Daddy Dudley. They were also billed from "Dudleyville", a makeshift community implied to have been formed in either a borough of New York City or the hills of Charleston, Pennsylvania.

After leaving for TNA in 2005, the Dudley name was reduced to unofficial name status due to WWE trademarking it, and the main three brothers were known as Brother/Bully Ray, Brother Devon (or simply just Devon), and Brother Runt (based on Spike's reputation of being "the runt of the litter" alongside his much larger kayfabe brothers), with their team name being Team 3D (taken from their finishing move). Still, they and other fellow ECW alumni did get away with calling Bubba and Spike by their original names due to familiarity.

Bubba Ray and Devon returned to WWE in 2015, until announcing their departure a year later in 2016 and returning to the independent circuit. Devon retired after their last match together at the December 2016 House of Hardcore event. Bully Ray embarked on a singles face run with Ring of Honor which was seemingly cut short when he retired in October 2017 following a concussion, though ended up unretiring in May 2018.

The Dudley Boyz were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.

You can find the basics about the whole "brothers" in general here and about Bubba Ray and Devon in particular here.

"D-Von! Get the Tropes!":

  • Acrofatic: Bubba Ray's pretty chubby, but is incredibly agile for a guy his size.
  • Affectionate Parody: Dances with Dudley.
  • Alleged Lookalikes: Bubba Ray and Devon were able to get away with the twin switch on WWE Smackdown after Paul Heyman declared them to be identical... even though they are not.
  • Alliterative Name: The full name of the 3D, the Dudley Death Drop. After leaving the WWE & being forced to drop the Dudley names, the move was simply referred to as the 3D, but they had the name "Deadly Death Drop" trademarked.
  • Anything but That!: Bubba Ray has said that the two things he never wanted to have to do in wrestling were shave his head and use the name "Bubba."
  • Arch-Enemy:
  • Ascended Extra:
    • Bubba first appeared on ECW TV as evil referee Bill Alfonso's bodyguard Mongo. He took a chokeslam from special guest referee 911 during the Gangstas-the Public Enemy match at the Sportsland Café in Middletown, NY on September 23, 1995. He redebuted in the Buh Buh Ray gimmick with a win over Axl Rotten at the Big Apple Dinner Theatre in Middletown, NY on October 27.
    • D-Von first appeared in ECW at the March 29, 1996 show at the Bodyslams Arena in Reading, PA as A-Train. The ECW World Tag Team Champions the Eliminators d. him and El Puerto Ricano (Pablo Marquez). See Cluster F-Bomb below.
    • Dudley Dudley jobbed for the Tazmaniac (Taz) as Evil Snack on May 5, 1995 at the War Memorial Auditorium in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and on May 6 at the Expo Park in Tampa. The Dudley gimmick (originally Dudley Dudley, Little Snot and Big Dick) debuted at ECW Hardcore Heaven 95, July 1, 1995, at the ECW Arena with a surprise win over the Pitbulls. See under Hilarious in Hindsight on the YMMV page.
  • Badass Family: Moreso in the original ECW.
  • Bald of Evil: Buh Buh Ray has been bald through the entirety of his wrestling career, and plays a heel most of the time.
  • Beard of Evil: Big Dick Dudley. Spike Dudley also had a double horned beard when he was the Cruiserweight champion.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: Until D-Von cleaned house. See below under The Corrupter.
  • Black Sheep: Very literally in the beginning, D-Von lead the rest of the family down the dark path of a Face–Heel Turn.
  • Bomb Whistle: Their WWE entrance includes some pyrotechnic effect that makes the appropriate sound as it falls. This has become so associated with them that the sound is used even by promotions such as TNA, who don't use the effect itself.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: The "Whassup?" which accompanied their diving headbutt to the groin was taken from the popular Budweiser beer commercials of the time.
    • The Artifact: And became so synonymous with the Dudleys performing the move, that they continued using it long after the adverts had faded from the public consciousness.
  • Brooklyn Rage: Bubba adopted this as part of his Bully Ray turn. Mark LoMonaco (Ray's real name) is from Queens, NY, appropriately.
  • The Cameo: The Bushwhackers appeared at ECW's April 9, 1998 show as "Cousin Luke Dudley" and "Cousin Butch Dudley."
  • Canon Discontinuity:
    • On the October 11, 2007 episode of TNA Impact, there was an in-ring confrontation between Team 3-D and the Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott). Scott was challenging Brother Ray's claim of being former WCW World Tag Team Champions, claiming, accurately, that they spent a lot of years in WCW and that they never saw Team 3-D's names on the roster. This was because Team 3-D, then the Dudley Boys, defeated the Hardyz for the belts on the October 25 (taped October 23), 2001 WWE SmackDown during the InVasion/Alliance feud, after WWE had bought WCW and not brought the Steiners along, but Ray just could not say that.
    • Doubled with Three Month Rule: On the October 25, 2012 edition of Impact, Bully confronted Devon over the latter joining Aces And Eights. Devon claimed it was because the Aces & Eights picked him back up when Hulk Hogan carelessly let his contract run out and did nothing to resign him. However, Bully refuted him by saying it was about the two's personal issues stemming back from two years prior, when Bully turned on Devon for expressing his disregard for the fans backstage after Team 3D lost their supposed "retirement match" — which Devon was all too happy to confirm having said/done. Except anyone who was actually watching TNA at the time knows that Bully was the clear heel in that feud, having betrayed Devon solely because he blamed Devon's "weakness" for them losing said match and claimed himself to be the star of the team, even going so far as to attack Devon's teenage twin sons to hammer the point home.
      • This turned out to be a case of an Unreliable Narrator deliberately invoking these tropes. Months later, Bully revealed himself as the Aces & Eights' President as the culmination of his master plan to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, then explained his plan through a series of Arc Welding Evil Gloating vignettes. When he got to the part involving Devon's role in it, he cited how Hogan "turned his back" on Devon — proving that Devon was telling the truth regarding his own motives and that the "Devon dissed the fans" angle was revisionist history designed to enhance Bully's cover as The Hero.
  • Catchphrase:
    • D-Von's first was "Thou shalt not steal! Thou shalt not kill! And thou shalt not fuck with the Dudley Boys!"
      • Bowdlerization: WWE changed the last part to "mess."
      • Further altered in TNA with the name change to Team 3D.
    • As a team, Bubba's cry of "D-VON! GET THE TABLES!"
    • D-Von's long-running "Oh Testify!"
    • Whassup!
    • Bubba, now as Bully Ray, with "Do you know who I am?!"
  • Characterization Marches On: At least in terms of their attire. They've gone from tye-dye wearing fashion victim villains to leaders of a vicious biker gang, with military camouflage, custom jerseys, and merchandise T-shirts in between.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: From D-Von's ECW debut at Massacre on Queens Blvd., before what was supposed to be the Buh Buh Ray/Big Dick-FBI (JT Smith and Little Guido) match, April 13, 1996:
    (To the stuttering Buh Buh Ray): "Your name is fucking Buh Buh Ray! (To Sign Guy Dudley) And your name is fucking Mute Dudley! (To Big Dick Dudley) And your name we all know is Big Dick. And my name is fucking D-Von Dudley!"
    (Announcer Joey Styles): "D-Von Dudley. I'll assume the F word isn't actually part of his name.
    (To the FBI): "There are three rules that you two morons are gonna know. Thou shalt not steal! Thou Shalt Not Kill! And thou shalt not fuck with the Dudleys!"
  • The Conscience: As one of Bully Ray's Co-Dragons in the Aces & Eights, Devon was a villainous version of this for Bully and the group in general, keeping things together and helping organize their plans. Ultimately the club began to fall apart once he was pinned by AJ Styles and forced to leave TNA — mainly because Bully's once-stellar and uniting leadership deteriorated quickly. Even before this, it's been acknowledged both in and out of kayfabe that Bubba has had a tendency to come off as an asshole to people backstage, whereas Devon, considered to be a model professional and human being by everyone who knows him, has even protected Bubba from burning bridges on occasion. This is all ironic, considering who initially served on TV as…
  • The Corrupter: D-Von, when he debuted in ECW in 1996. The Dudleys (Buh Buh Ray/Chubby/Sign Guy/Dances With/Big Dick) were comedic faces at the time, having left Raven's Nest, and D-Von went about the business of making them serious. He purged Chubby and D.W. Buh Buh finally turned at Crossing the Line Again, February 1, 1997, losing his stutter as well.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Buh Buh Ray showed signs of this early on, particularly when he showed he could hang on the mat with submission master Taz.
  • David Versus Goliath: Spike, in his "Giant-Killer" gimmick in ECW, or generally against anyone significantly bigger than he is, including Buh Buh Ray, D-Von and Big Dick.
  • Deer in the Headlights: Bully Ray and Devon's reaction to Abyss returning in 2013 and making a beeline right for them. The fact that Abyss has already left the entirety of their Stable unconscious backstage earlier and promptly bulldozes over Mr. Anderson is a good indicator this was a justified reaction.
  • Disney Owns This Trope: Thanks to WWE's habit of trademarking, they had to change their name when they left for TNA. Bubba Ray became Brother Ray, later Bully Ray as heel, D-von went with Brother Devon and Spike became Brother Runt.
  • Distracted by the Sexy:
    • Bubba, by Trish Stratus, until he overcame it and table-bombed her at Backlash 2000.
    • Stacy Keibler's primary tactic as the Dudleys' valet. Occasionally backfired by distracting the referee instead, and on the rare occasion, Bubba.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: When competing on The Weakest Link, Bubba stated he was competing for the American Cancer Society, "and my momma".
  • Evil All Along: Devon, in regards to Aces And Eights. Bully Ray joined soon after in GOLDEN fashion, revealing that everything up to that point had been planned by him.
  • Fat Bastard: Chubby Dudley, who just used to stand around and eat potato chips.
  • Finishing Move:
    • The Dudley Death Drop/3D (evolved out of the Buh Buh Cutter, which he had debuted at November to Remember '96 in his match against D-Von. The 3D first appeared at Crossing the Line Again, February 1, 1997.)
    • Bubba Ray: Bubba Cutter (Cutter)
    • D-Von: Saving Grace (Lifting Reverse DDT)
    • Big Dick: Total Penetration (Sit-out Chokebomb pin), Big Dick Driver (Torture rack into a Death Valley Driver)
    • Spike: Acid Drop/Dudley Dog (running up turnbuckles cutter) and a top rope diving double foot stomp
  • Flanderization: WWE pretty much made tables and catchphrases the focus of their characters in WWE, to the exclusion of what they were like in ECW.
  • Friend to All Children: After putting Ink Inc's Jesse Neal through a table at a TNA show in New Jersey, Bully Ray and Brother Devon called the children in attendance into the ring and distributed the table wreckage to them.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Little Spike Dudley.
  • Genius Bruiser:
    • Bubba is a lot smarter in real life than his character would suggest, as evidenced by his performance on The Weakest Link, where he was the strongest player for the first four rounds. Eventually his character was brought to this point in TNA via The Reveal of him as the Aces & Eights' Big Bad complete with Arc Welding series of vignettes in which he not only made sense of the entire storyline up to that point, but convincingly made the case that he was the mastermind all along.
    • Also, Spike is another in the list of teachers turned wrestlers.
  • Gimmick Matches: They're quite fond of Table Matches (the winner is the first to put an opponent through a table.) Along with the Hardys and Edge and Christian, they originated the TLC match (essentially a Ladder Match, where Tables, Ladders and Chairs litter the arena).
  • A God Am I:
    • The second episode of ECW on TNN, September 3 (taped August 26), 1999, was their last night in ECW. They defeated Balls Mahoney and Spike for the ECW World Tag Team Titles and threatened to take them with them to WWE.
    BUBBA: "In ECW boys become men. In ECW men become heroes. But in the World Wrestling Federation heroes become legends and legends become gods. And if God was a heel, he'd be the Dudley Boyz!"
    • At some point during their run as a team in TNA they ended at least one promo the same way, save for the name change to Team 3D.
    • Bully Ray also says this in the 10/24/2013 edition of TNA: "If God was a bully, he'd be me!"
  • The Goggles Do Nothing: The glasses the Dudleys wore were just the frames.
  • Hammy Herald: "The Quintessential Studmuffin and a damn handsome man, Joel 'Put your lipstick on my dipstick' Gertner."
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: From the Brand Extension onwards.
  • Heel: From Buh Buh Ray's turn in February 1997 until they left in September 1999. On the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD, Bubba says, "We were the definition of the word heel, we were the worst of the worst."
  • He's Back!: After a decade-long absence, the Dudley Boys returned on the August 24 edition of RAW, attacking The New Day. The crowd exploded when they saw them, and were red hot as they absolutely destroyed the newly crowned Tag Team Champions.
  • I Have Many Names:
    • Dudley Dudley (Jeff Bradley) has also been known as the Insane O.D.D., "Bad Boy" Jeff Bradley and "Texas Tangler" Bruiser Bradley.
    • Little Snot (Anthony Michaels) has also been known as Fire and Tony Carlone.
    • Big Dick (Alex Rizzo) had previously been known as Alexander the Great.
    • Dances with (Alfonso Bermudez) has also been known as White Wolf, White Cloud, Chief Dudley and Alfonso.
    • Sign Guy (Lou D'Angeli) was repackaged as "Lou E. Dangerously," a Take That Me knockoff of Paul E.
    • Bubba has also been known as the Terminator, Mongo, Mongo Vyle, Brother Ray and Bully Ray.
    • D-Von started out as A-Train, and also used the names Reverend Devon, Brother Devon and simply Devon.
  • Implacable Man
    • Big Dick Dudley, in Real Life. Bubba Ray has claimed in a shoot interview that he once saw Big Dick beat up five guys all by himself outside a Long Island bar. He also once put his hand through a plate glass window, causing nerve damage and leaving him unable to feel pain in that hand.
    • ECW also played Big Dick's Wrestling Monster image for laughs. At ECW Gangstas Paradise, September 16, 1995, he showed up on crutches with his ankle in a cast. It was explained that he had been hit by a truck, and that the truck had been totaled.
  • Improbable Weapon User:
    • Oh boy. The Dudleys love using tables in matches. "D-VON, GET THE TABLES!!!"
    • The three used belts on Smackdown when Spike took over the group and became the Cruiserweight champion.
  • Knight Templar: Reverend Devon, in his attempts to make his brother "see the light".
  • Knight Templar Big Brother: Bubba and D-Von could react very badly to anyone who picked on Spike. When Crash Holly threw Spike over the ropes during a Hardcore battle royale, Bubba gave Crash an angry Death Glare. Crash tried to bamboozle Bubba by telling him to get the tables, but Bubba wasn't having it and plowed Crash through a table Spike had already set up.
  • Legacy Character:
    • Florida indy wrestlers Schmuck Dudley (Jeff Roth), who teamed with Little Snot, and Urkel Dudley.
    • New York indy wrestler Psycho Sam Dudley, who teamed with Big Dick in the USA Pro (later USA Xtreme) Wrestling promotion.
  • Leitmotif: "Watch Out, Watch Out" in TNA.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Devon more so than the rest, at least until Bully Ray went through his personal makeover to become the TNA World Champion.
  • Mascot: Spike was this as Bubba and D-Von's third wheel in the beginning of his WWF/E run.
  • Mighty Glacier: Big Dick Dudley. Fearsome, though not entirely agile.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Little Spike Dudley. Especially during his giant killer run.
  • Mythology Gag: While thanking the audience on their final appearance in WWE programming, the Dudley Boys (who were heavily associated with Table Matches in the WWE) made passing references to two of their most famous rival tag-teams in the promotion: Edge & Christian (who pioneered the use of chairs in matches), and the Hardy Boys (who gained notoriety in the WWE for their memorable Ladder matches).
    • Also, the in-show portion of that final appearance saw them taken out in an attack by Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (Team 3D cut a promo at TNA's Bound for Glory in 2014 sending out a challenge to Bullet Club, over a year after a certain big bald outlaw had served as the Director of Chaos in Aces & Eights).
  • Nerd Glasses: Frames held together with tape to be precises.
  • No Name Given: As Team 3D, following their WWE departure forcing them to drop the Dudley names. However, the full trademarked names of Brother Ray and Brother Devon featured the last name "Deadly"—which Bubba (self-admittedly) held off on using because he got pissed when it leaked ahead of time.
    • Canon Name: They briefly mentioned that their father's name was Dudley during their feud with Konnan and LAX, and Devon continues to go by "Devon Dudley" both on Twitter and for certain independent appearances. Also, remember that 3D stands for "Dudley Death Drop".
  • Noble Demon: Bully Ray became this at the outset of the Aces and 8s angle as a misdirection to hide that he was behind it all.
  • Older Hero Versus Younger Villain: They feuded against The New Day and The Wyatt Family, who were much younger than them.
  • Parts Unknown: "Dudleyville." In ECW, the various Dudleys were billed from various parts of Dudleyville including Metropolitain Dudleyville (Bubba Ray), The South Side of Dudleyville (D-Von), The Twisted Steel Section of Dudleyville (Big Dick).
  • Power Stable: Aside from the family itself, Buh Buh Ray was a member of Raven's Nest until the family turned face and left in early 1996. As a team, they were in the Alliance in WWE and the TNA Front Line, EV 2.0 and now Aces & Eights. Ray was also in Immortal.
  • Power Trio: Upon his debut in Ring of Honor, Bully Ray initially targeted world champion Adam Cole, saving The Briscoe Brothers and Bobby Fish from Bullet Club in the process. He would up joining up with the Briscoes to win the 6-Man Tag Titles from The Kingdom.
  • Putting the Band Back Together: Bully Ray and Devon's feud from 2010-11 was promptly considered to have been long resolved off-screen the moment Bully revealed that he was the true leader and mastermind behind the Aces & Eights. Since then, aside from Bully coldly dismissing Devon's value to him to keep up his image of being in control after Devon was literally pinned out of TNA a few months later, they have had each other's backs whenever they've appeared together in any promotion as faces and heels.
  • Put on a Bus:
    • Dudley Dudley (Jeff Bradley) and Little Snot Dudley (Anthony Michaels) both went down to the Florida independent scene (where Bradley had started) after leaving ECW.
    • Big Dick Dudley was fired from ECW after the December 6, 1998 show, but continued to appear until leaving after a loss to Tommy Rogers at the February 17, 1999 show.
    • Bubba Ray and D-Von both spent the better part of six years in WWE before the bus from there dropped them off at TNA for the better part of nine.
    • Spike joined his brothers a year or two later in both companies, was put on the bus at the same time from WWE, went back on the bus due to semi-retirement in between brief stops at TNA.
    • The Bus Came Back: Bubba Ray came back to the 'E in 2015 as a Royal Rumble Entry.
  • Really Gets Around: The backstory explanation for why the Dudleys look nothing alike is that Big Daddy Dudley was a traveling salesman who really got around and as a result sired alot of children
  • Rearrange the Song: Bubba's singles theme, "Turn The Tables" by Saliva, was a heavier version of the Dudleys' prior theme, "We're Coming Down" by Pete Blast.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The main two, Bubba Ray and Devon. Though over the years, Bubba Ray became the loudmouth and Devon the more reserved.
  • Repetitive Name: Dudley Dudley.
  • Signature Move: Besides the diving headbutt, Bubba Ray also had the Bubba bomb and a punch combination that finished with a Bionic Elbow. Devon had a diving shoulder block and on lesser occasions, a corkscrew forearm.
  • Speech Impediment: Buh Buh Ray's stutter, which caused him to pronounce his first name as "Buh buh" instead of Bubba.
  • Subverted Catchphrase: When Buh Buh defended the WWE Hardcore Championship in a solo match against Raven, he yelled "Buh Buh! Get the tables!" since D-Von wasn't wasn't there.
  • Talking with Signs: The Dudleyville Fashionplate, The Silence Behind The Violence, Sign Guy Dudley.
  • The Three Certainties in Life: One of their T-shirts had "Death, Taxes, Tables" on the back.
  • Tipis and Totem Poles: D.W. Dudley. That's Dances With Dudley (from The Dudleyville Reservation).
  • Took a Level in Badass: Bubba/Brother Ray reinvented himself as Bully Ray, dropping fifty pounds off his rotund figure and improving his workrate. Now the man can chain-wrestle Kurt Angle! He's also not shy about letting everyone know, too; during his massive weight loss, he would often boast about it during promos, demand that the cameraman "shoot [his] calves", and refer to himself as Calfzilla.
  • Unrelated Brothers: None of them are related in any sort of way. One of them is black.
    • Wrestling Family: In kayfabe, they're all half-brothers with the same father, who really got around.
      • Alex "Big Dick Dudley" Rizzo was married to ECW valet Donna "Elektra" Adamo in Real Life. They divorced prior to his death in 2002.
      • Devon's twin sons Terrence and Terrell were trained by him and Bubba, made appearances in TNA during Devon's 2011 feud with The Pope, have been wrestling actively since at least 2015, and in 2020 were booked as enhancement talent by AEW.
  • The Voiceless: Big Dick Dudley.
  • Weapon Specialization: Love using tables during their matches. Their Finishing Move, the 3D (Dudley Death Drop), is frequently done by putting their opponent through one. It's even become a chant to yell "D-Von, get the tables!" along with Bubba.
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: Sometimes in ECW, Bubba would wear a Confederate flag do-rag on his head.
  • White Sheep: Spike Dudley would be the scrappy good guy against his bullying brothers. The exception was during his Smackdown heel turn, where Bubba and Devon were trying to help him take the Cruiserweight Championship from Rey Mysterio even though he did not want it. Eventually though, Spike would side with them against Rey and declare himself the boss.
  • Worthy Opponent: They considered Tommy Dreamer this, and acknowledged it twice. Ever. The first time was when he and Raven defeated the Dudleys as they were leaving ECW for WWF, and the second time was during the post-show at ECW One Night Stand.
  • Would Hit a Girl:
    • Sent Beulah McGillicutty into retirement when they gave her the 3-D in ECW in 1998.
    • More in the line of putting them through tables. This included Mae Young, who was in her eighties at the time!
    • When Mr. Anderson talked about his pregnant wife prior to his and Bully's confrontation at Turning Point 2013, Bully outright started that he could still seriously harm her. Yikes.
    • Subverted during Bully's following Heel–Face Turn the night Dixie Carter first came back to Impact after losing control of wrestling operations. At one point all that was in the ring was Bully, Dixie, and a table set up across the ring from them. He approached her as if he was gonna do it. Cue commercial break. When the show returned, she was walking through the back and confronted Magnus on her way out. It was all a Pseudo-Crisis for Dixie, most likely because of Spike TV's rules against man-on-woman violence. Bully references this the following week.
    • Later played straight after Dixie, disguised as a cameraman, blindsided Bully and shoved him through a table during a match between him and Bobby Roode at the next pay-per-view. From there, the storyline developed into Bully's quest to put Dixie through a table in revenge, which he eventually did with the help of Devon.
    • They defeated Erika and Margaret for the HUSTLE super tag team championship belts.
  • Wrestling Doesn't Pay: When the team was split up by the original Brand Extension, Devon was given a gimmick as a crooked reverend and Vince McMahon's "spiritual advisor". It didn't last long (he reverted back at Survivor Series in aiding Bubba Ray against 3-Minute Warning, after Bubba had already lost teammates Spike and Jeff Hardy, to give Bubba Ray's team the win in an elimination Tables Match).
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: They sometimes spelled their name The Dudley Boyz.


Alternative Title(s): Team 3 D, The Dudley Boyz, Dudley Boys, Dudley Boyz