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This index comprises duos. For trios, check Power Trio. For groups of four or more members, check Power Stable.

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  • Every tag team match ever. Professional Wrestling also averts the "tag" part with Tornado tag-team matches, where every participant is legal.
  • Most long running tag teams have their own names, signature double team and finishing moves. The especially lucky ones will have their own theme, in addition to those of the individual members. This is both downplayed and expanded in Mexican parejas, where tagging is not the only method of switching, and entire divisions for "tercias" (trios) are common thanks to LLI/UWA.
  • Parejas Incredibles is a common lucha libre attraction where tecnicos and rudos are forced to work together against other mismatched teams. This is sometimes combined with Parejas Suicidas, where the losing team then has to compete against each other in a singles match with their masks or hair on the line. WCW had a similar concept with the "lethal lottery", where long running rivals would be paired together, the motivation for working together being qualification for a title shot battle royal, where they would also be free to finally beat on the partner they needed to tolerate to get there.
  • The Torneo Cibernetico, most commonly seen on the Mexican lucha libre scene, condenses an entire knockoff style tournament into one big elimination style tag team match, where the participants often must switch out based on a "batting order" and the winning teammates must then wrestle each other in an elimination match should they have more than two members left when the other side is completely eliminated. Other times the match is halted after a certain number of eliminations, as a "qualifier" for those left to go to another event.
  • Relevos Australianos is a minimum three on three elimination match where each team has a designated captain. Victory comes when either one team's captain is eliminated or every member of the team but the captain is eliminated.