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Nathan Everhart (born September 28, 1988) is an American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler who is signed to WWE under the ring name Jason Jordan.

He signed a contract with WWE's developmental system in July 2011, and found moderate success as one-half of the penultimate FCW Florida Tag Team Champions with CJ Parker before the titles were deactivated upon the switch from FCW to NXT. However, he struggled to gain any momentum under the revamped system for several years. In July 2015, fortunes changed when formed the tag team American Alpha with Chad Gable, with the duo capturing the NXT Tag Team Championships before being drafted to SmackDown and winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. In 2017, American Alpha disbanded after Jordan debuted on the Raw brand as the (kayfabe) son of Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. On the 2017 Christmas edition of Raw, he teamed up with Seth Rollins to become the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. They lost the titles a month later at Royal Rumble 2018, and since then Jordan not wrestled due to suffering a neck injury that required surgery, and currently works backstage as a producer.


Tropes associated with Jason Jordan:

  • Aborted Arc: At the beginning of 2018, Jordan was being booked with an increasingly arrogant and whiny attitude to draw heat from the crowd, which seemed to be blatantly leading up to a Face–Heel Turn and a feud with Seth Rollins (with whom he was teaming at the time) and, perhaps down the road, Kurt Angle, but Jordan's neck injury and subsequent surgery derailed the storyline.
  • Alliterative Name: Jason Jordan.
  • Captain Ersatz: American Alpha appeared to be a two-man love letter to Kurt Angle, and Jordan represented the matured Angle of the Ruthless Aggression Era—the intense badass wrestling machine who's come to own just how good he is and is capable of going on nigh-unstoppable tears. Bonus points for American Alpha also carrying similarities to a certain team of former Angle protégés, covered below.
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  • Charles Atlas Superpower: A former amateur wrestler, Jordan can throw full grown men around like paperweights.
  • Composite Character:
    • American Alpha were seemingly composites of Kurt Angle and one of his former understudies, and in Jordan's case, as a black athletic prototypical wrestler, he hearkens back to Shelton Benjamin, but his moveset and intensity is more reminiscent of Ruthless Aggression Era Angle. He also has the legitimate amateur wrestling background to match both men as well. And in kayfabe, Jordan is revealed to be Angle's illegitimate son, making all this similarities even more striking. These similarities were Lampshaded in one promo where Jordan almost called himself and Gable "The World's Greatest Tag Team" before Gable cut him off and asked him to stop, presumably out of respect for the original team.
    • Outside the Angle-related comparisons, Jordan's strength, intensity, athletic prowess, and suplexing aptitude can evoke memories of Scott Steiner during his time in The Steiner Brothers before he became Big Poppa Pump. American Alpha even did their own version of the Steinerizer (an elevated diving bulldog) for a while, called Tech Fall.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: To The Shield, to the point that even calling him a 'friend' would be a misnomer. After Dean Ambrose got put on the shelf for nine months, Jordan won the tag titles with Seth Rollins in his place and tried to take his place in the Shield as a result. This failed miserably, as Rollins can barely tolerate him, and only does so for the sake of the titles. To say nothing of Roman Reigns, who borderline hates Jordan and took Ambrose's injury really badly. This seemed to be blatantly leading up to a Face–Heel Turn for Jordan (who was being booked with an increasingly arrogant and whiny attitude to draw heat from the crowd) and a feud with Rollins, except that Jordan's own injury and subsequent neck surgery derailed the storyline.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: Had to undergo surgery for a neck injury suffered during a January 2018 live event. It was serious enough that not only has Jordan been off TV ever since. Jordan was transferred over to a Producer role not long after and became the lead producer for both Raw and Smack Down in 2021, all but confirming that his in-ring career in over.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Yes, Jordan worked alongside Gable as heels early on. However, fans loved them too much to boo them, and so they became cemented as faces through their gutsy performance in defeat against Baron Corbin and Rhyno in the semi-finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The 245-pound (in billed weight) Jordan has a beautiful dropkick and incredible quickness in the ring.
  • Lovable Jock: Essentially his gimmick in American Alpha as faces, particularly during their NXT run (characterization for tag teams tends to be more well-formed on NXT). They're very athletic and very confident in their athletic ability, but they also wrestle a skilled, clean match and come off as all-around nice guys.
  • Manly Tears: The emotional resonance of the moment Jordan became NXT Tag Team Champions with Gable in Dallas was palpable, as both (especially Jordan) found themselves on the verge of breaking down. Their amateur wrestling careers had ended in disappointment (in Everhart's case he never managed to win the NCAA national championship); and Jordan, despite his athletic raw talent, had spent years toiling away in WWE's farm system with only two weeks as a Florida tag team champion to show for it prior to his team with Gable. To finally find themselves crowned as champions on a major stage with every fan in the arena supporting them, you can imagine why they were overwhelmed.
  • Salt and Pepper: As part of American Alpha, Jordan has a more hot-headed personality, while Gable is more efficient, joyful, and relaxed.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He's utterly convinced he's not just a suitable replacement for the sidelined Dean Ambrose as Seth Rollins' partner, he's superior. Gets even more pronounced when they actually win the Raw Tag team Titles, as he's now sure he's somehow part of the Shield - one of the most dominant factions ever in WWE - in Ambrose's stead. For their part Rollins tolerates him largely for the titles and seems increasingly irritated by Jordan's landing them in fights they don't need, while Reigns seemed like he was seconds away from beating him senseless whenever they were together - not that Jordan seems aware of any of this.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: After Tye Dillinger refused to tag him in not once, but three times during a match, Jordan got pissed off and left Dillinger to get hammered by the Lucha Dragons. This led to a story line where he teamed with various WWE Superstars in an attempt to find a better tag partner. He eventually found one in Gable, who before long turned out to be more than a mere Replacement Goldfish, creating the avenue for opportunity Jordan had been waiting on for years.
  • Tag Team:
  • Took a Level in Badass: Teaming with Gable turned out to be the breakthrough Jordan needed, as they instantly started winning and dominating opponents, with Jordan breaking out more of his amateur wrestling background. Completed at TakeOver: Dallas, where they beat The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championship.
  • Unrelated Brothers: Well, Unrelated Son, of Kurt Angle.
  • Ur-Example: He is the first wrestler to win the NXT, Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships.