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"Animo!" "Cero Miedo!"

The Lucha Brothers are a professional wrestling tag team consisting of real life brothers Pentagon Jr/Penta el Zero M/Penta Oscuro and (Rey) Fénix from Mexico City, Mexico. They are most known for their appearances (as both a tag team and singles competitors) in AAA, Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling, MLW and are currently signed with All Elite Wrestling. In recent years for their singles careers, Fenix is a one-time AAA Mega Champion and AEW International Champion and his brother Pentagon Jr. is a former Impact World Champion, while both were Lucha Underground Champion at one point.

As of 5th of September 2021, they achieved the virtually-unheard-of feat of becoming dual tag-team champions across two major promotions in two different countries: holding both the AAA tag-team titles and the AEW tag-team titles simultaneously. They also have the longest single AAA Tag Team Championship title reign of all time by a massive margin, holding them for 853 consecutive days before finally losing them to FTR.

One of these brothers wrestles like he's unfamiliar with the concept of gravity. The other wrestles like he's hostile to the concept of fear. Whether individually or collectively, these two are hailed amongst the greatest luchadores of the post-WCW generation.


  • The Ace: As simultaneously the longest-reigning AAA Tag Team Champions of all time by a long way and one-time Tag Team Champions of AEW (the company considered to have the single strongest and most competitive tag division in the entire world), the Lucha Bros make a strong case for being THE best tag team of this generation. Arguably their only rivals (in AEW at least) are The Young Bucks and FTR.
  • Arch-Enemy: No tag-team has faced them more often and more bitterly than the The Young Bucks. As of September 2021, they have faced each other a grand total of 9 times across both the US and Mexico, and each battle has been more intense than the last. As of this writing, the Lucha Bros are technically ahead in the rivalry, having won 6 out of those 9 meetings.
  • Badass Creed: "Cero! Miedo!" started out as Pentagón's catchphrase but it became the creed of both their brothers to signify their lack of fear against anyone or anything. Fenix has his own "Animo!" (a word relating to life and movement, referring to his insane motion capabilities) but it's used less often.
  • Bash Brothers: Both brothers by blood fighting side-by-side.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Pentagón, who's otherwise known for being an amoral and sadistic competitor, occasionally shows his care for his younger brother. Memorably, during a steel cage match with the Young Bucks, Pentagón used his own face as a human shield to protect Fenix from being hit with the spiked boots of the Young Bucks.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Penta's older by five years and he was one of Fenix's main tutors in the wrestling business.
  • Bragging Theme Tune: Their first theme in All-Elite Wrestling is a very braggadocios rap tune daring their opponents to "meet [us] in the ring". Their second was similarly braggadocious.
  • Catchphrase: Aside from their creeds ("Zero Miedo" and "Animo"), there's their translator over at AEW Alex Abrahantes who coined "Penta says..." as he's (somewhat) translating whatever Penta is saying. It gets to the point every time Penta is about to say something, the crowd will often chant "PENTA SAYS!".
  • Combination Attack: One of their signature moves is setting up a opponent in the middle of the ring and then running up to him with two simultaneous superkicks on opposite sides of his head to put him out of commission.
  • Crowd Chant: "CERO MI-EDO!" (clap-clap-clap) is the usual chant in support of the Lucha Brothers.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Penta is not a face or a heel but more like a tweener with gray area when he's with his brother. Kind of a subversion really, since he was supposed to be Dark Is Evil (his gimmick was originally the Evil Counterpart of face wrestler Octagon Jr. and Legacy Character to Pentagon, a similar Evil Counterpart to the original Octagon), but he just got so over with the fans that trying to get them to boo him consistently proved to be futile. (To wit, assaulting and injuring an innocent non-combatant woman became literally the only thing that could get Pentagón booed at all, and repeating that ad nauseam would be more likely to get a show canceled than anything else.) Fénix meanwhile is sort of a reverse where he can follow his brother into dark areas aesthetically and in personality, but is otherwise more of a Face.
  • Dark Reprise: Their theme song underwent this after they started teaming with PAC.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: The brothers first started to gain mainstream attention outside of Mexico in Lucha Underground where they were two of the breakout stars- despite their fraternal relationship never being acknowledged at all and they never teamed together (or really had much to do with each other at all).
  • Force and Finesse: Pentagón is more based on brute strength and violence, while Fenix is a airborne legend of grace and finnesse.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Their booking in AEW is often subject to this, often going face or heel depending on who they're aligned with and/or feuding against. This is in contrast to both their prior run in Impact Wrestling as well as their home promotion AAA down in Mexico, where they would consistently be faces when teaming together.
  • Masked Luchador: Both wear masks. Penta wears a mask with skeletal facepaint, while Fénix sticks to just the mask.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Their true identities and names are unknown.
  • Power Trio: With PAC as Death Triangle.
  • Red Baron: They are called the "Mexikings".
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Pentagón is the more hot-blooded and unstable of the two, with Fénix being more calm and level-headed.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Penta tends to be the heel while Fenix leans more towards face. Either way, they're still united as a team.
  • Tactful Translation: Alex Abrahantes at AEW would often have to tone down whatever foul-mouthed thing Penta said in spanish.
  • Taking the Bullet: During the brutal steel cage match between the Bros and the Young Bucks at All Out 2021, the Bucks got their hands on their secret weapon, a sneaker with thumbtacks stuck all over the bottom, intending to use it on Fenix. Penta threw himself in front of his little brother, taking the spiked kick to the face instead.
  • Toxic Friend Influence:
    • Right before PAC's shocking return on the Dynamite following Full Gear 2020 derailed his attempt, Eddie Kingston was clearly trying to throw in his lot with Pentagon during and following Penta's climactic match with his brother Fenix, Kingston literally kicking Fenix to the curb as he tried to butter up Pentagon into splitting from Rey and aligning solely with Eddie himself.
    • PAC himself tried to influence the brothers into more heelish, cheating ways while they were wrestling as Death Triangle, with Fenix in particular resisting on the grounds that the three of them were good enough that they didn't need to cheat. He was eventually forced to give in during the Trios Championship match against The Elite at Full Gear 2022 when he found himself in the unenviable position of being perched on the shoulders of Kenny Omega, about to receive the One-Winged Angel, with his only recourse being to clonk Omega in the head with the ring bell hammer he'd taken off PAC and roll through into the pin. PAC congratulated Fenix afterwards for his pragmatism.
  • Tag Team: The best tag team in the universe.
  • Translator Buddy: Alex Abrahantes acts as their translator over at AEW.
  • Undying Loyalty: Due to their nature as blood brothers, they are very loyal to one another.
  • Writing Around Trademarks: Because AAA owns the rights to the name Pentagon Jr, he's known as Penta El Cero Miedo later Penta Oscuro when performing in AEW.