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Wrestling / Lucha Brothers

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"Cero Miedo!" "Animo!"

The Lucha Brothers are a professional wrestling tag team consisting of real life brothers Pentagon Jr/Penta el Zero M and (Rey)Fenix from Mexico City, Mexico. They are most known for their appearances (as both a tag team and singles competitors) in AAA, Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling, MLW and are currently signed with All Elite Wrestling. In recent years for their singles careers, Fenix is currently the AAA Mega Champion and his brother Pentagon Jr. is a former Impact World Champion.



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    Tropes applying only to Pentagon Jr. 
  • Bash Brothers: With his younger brother Fenix.
  • Catchphrase: "CERO MIEDO!" ("ZERO FEAR!"), made while flashing his signature three-up-three-down hand sign.
  • Finishing Move: He has two finishers a Package Piledriver and Pumphandle Piledriver.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He's not a face or a heel but more like a tweener with gray area.
  • Masked Luchador:
  • McNinja: His ring attire and war paint usually is based of a ninja despite that he's from Mexico.
  • Signature Move: He often breaks his opponent's arms.

    Tropes applying only to (Rey) Fenix. 

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