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"After 30 long years, finally, the two of us meet. The brother of light... and the brother of dark."
Liquid Snake, Metal Gear Solid

In real life, siblings rarely act the same. Fiction sometimes takes this to an extreme.

Enter Sibling Yin-Yang, the occurrence of siblings that are polar opposites. If he's cool and reckless, she's responsible and thoughtful. If she's a spiky-haired hooligan, he's the nerdy wimpy one. If he's an immature brat, she's... well, you get the picture.

The even more extreme form leads to Polar Opposite Twins or even Evil Twin. When this leads to complete antagonism, it becomes Cain and Abel. See also The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry and Tomboy and Girly Girl. If an Aesop is involved, chances are it's a case of Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling. The siblings may very well (though not necessarily) be a case of Red Oni, Blue Oni.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Both leading families of B Gata H Kei have this dynamic. Yamada is an energetic Covert Pervert who has little on her mind but sex. Her younger sister Chika is much more level-headed. Takashi Kosuda is shy but thoughtful, expressing himself through his camera. His older sister Kazuki is outgoing, boyish and shameless within her own house.
  • Bakusou Kyoudai! Let's & Go!! has a titular Seiba siblings. The older brother, Retsu, is level-headed and careful while the younger one, Go, is Hotblooded and reckless. Their traits show in their representative racing machines.
  • Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki of Bleach, with Yuzu as a sweet Girl Next Door and Karin as a rough tomboy.
  • Jun Ushiro and his sister Kana in Bokurano. She is sweet, shy, and forgiving, he is violent and brooding.
  • Code Geass has the proud and xenophobic Lady of War Cornelia li Britannia, and her little sister, the self-deprecating Wide-Eyed Idealist Euphemia li Britannia.
  • Goura and Yumoto of Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!. One's a manly woodchopper, one's a hyper teenager who loves cuddling fluffy things. (However, there is one mutual thing about these two — love for each other in the "family" sense.)
  • Hot-Blooded Fiery Redhead Apollo and Defrosting Ice Queen Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette Artemis in Cyborg 009.
  • The Yamai twins in Date A Live, while similar in appearance, are very different in personality and speech. Kaguya is childish, impulsive, and speaks in a bombastic manner because she thinks as a Spirit she needs to sound cool. Yuzuru is cool-headed, prone to pointing out Kaguya's mistakes, and speaks in a flat-toned robotic manner.
  • Yoh and Minatsuki in Deadman Wonderland are an interesting case: both are liars, cowards, and opportunists, but Yoh may be fundamentally a caring guy while his sister is a Yandere.
  • Light and his sister in Death Note. Their only common points are that they are both good-looking and respected. She is a nice, ordinary person, he is a freakishly intelligent Well-Intentioned Extremist with sociopathic tendencies and a god complex.
  • In The Demon Girl Next Door, Yuko is a bit of an airhead that has no real demonic ambitions — despite a descendant of Lilith — beyond breaking the seal (and she hardly even does that). Her little sister Ryoko is an incredibly intelligent girl who aspires to help her sister conquer the world.
  • Detective Conan:
    • Masao and Sanae Kouda look nothing alike. Sanae is a pretty Office Lady, Masao has a huge case of Face of a Thug. Despite this, the siblings are very close... so when Sanae is killed by Watanuki, a man in debt that she was visiting for work reasons, Masao goes Knight Templar Big Brother and decides to prove it at all costs. Even by robbing a bank and hiding his loot near the man's backyard to force the police dig in so they can find Sanae's corpse.
    • The Suzuki sisters, too. Older sister Ayako is a soft-spoken and mature Ojou, younger sister Sonoko is an outspoken fashionista.
  • Soma and Kanna from Devil & Devil. Soma is a weak ocult otaku and Kanna is a violent rebel. It doesn't help that they each get possessed by the devil Sword and the angel Ios respectably.
  • Kouichi Kimura and Kouji Minamoto of Digimon Frontier. Aside from being twins, the holders of the spirits of Light and Darkness, and having the entire Separated at Birth thing going for them, there's even an episode named "The Brothers Yin and Yang."
  • Twin examples: Risa and Riku in D.N.Angel; Vash and Knives in Trigun; Abel and Cain in Trinity Blood; Metatron and Sandalphon in Angel Sanctuary; Chrno and Aion/Ion in Chrono Crusade; Suboshi and Amiboshi in Fushigi Yuugi. Also as is often the case for the twin archetype, which some scholars view as a sub-category of the hermaphrodite archetype (seriously), one twin is gendered more 'feminine' (Risa, Vash, Abel, Chrno, arguably Metatron) and the other more 'masculine' (Riku, Knives, Cain, Aion, Sandalphon). (This has nothing to do with sexual orientation.)
    • This trope is even lampshaded by the twins in D.N.Angel:
    Riku: We have absolutely nothing in common!
    Risa: Nothing at all!
  • In Dragon Ball:
    • Gohan is polite and well-mannered and sees fighting as only a last resort when necessary. Goten sees fighting as more of a game, having not gone through the same kind of life-or-death battles as his big brother until Majin Buu was revived. Ten years later in Dragon Ball GT, Goten has lost his borderline Blood Knight attitude and is more interested in girls, another contrast to his older brother, who was apparently Oblivious to Love and married his first girlfriend.
    • Goku is a Nice Guy and Spirited Competitor who loves to fight but dislikes wanton killing and would never harm innocent people. His brother Raditz is a cruel Dirty Coward who enjoys killing and routinely liquidates entire planets for money. They are both like and unlike most other Saiyans in completely opposite ways.
    • Vegeta is constantly tense and angry, extremely proud, brutish, has a hard time expressing affection even for his own family, and like all Saiyans, is a major Blood Knight. His brother Tarble (introduced in a 2009 TV special) is gentle, polite, self-effacing, and was actually sent to a remote planet by King Vegeta because of his utter lack of battle instincts. Their taste in wives is also completely different: Vegeta gets with Bulma, a headstrong, brassy, and cunning Plucky Girl (and was the only person who not only put up with Vegeta's crap, but could occasionally bring him in line), while Tarble marries Gure, a very sweet and gentle alien who's the definition of Yamato Nadeshiko.
    • Master Roshi and Baba, Roshi is a Dirty Old Man who uses Ki Manipulation, Baba is a Cool Old Lady who uses Magic and Powers. They’re both very wise and tricky though.
    • Bulma and her rarely seen older sister Tights. While Bulma is bossy, easily angered and vain, Tights is quite calm, easy going and modest. Though as Jaco the Galactic Patrolman shows Tights can get fiery as her sister when pushed hard enough.
    • Tao Pai Pai and his brother Shin aka Crane Hermit. Tao is headstrong and precise, Shin is cautious and has others do his dirty work.
    • In Dragon Ball GT there’s Nuova and Eis Shenron. Nuova is a Noble Demon who avoids harming innocents and unfair advantages, while Eis is a Dirty Coward who literally does everything he can to win.
    • GT gives this dynamic to Lapis and Lazuli aka Android 17 and 18. While 18 has mellowed out and become compassionate having settled down with Krillin and has a daughter with him, 17 much like his psychotic Bad Future counterpart still thinks everything is a game and is disgusted by his sister bonding with humans. In DBZ and Super 17 and 18 are much closer in personality with the only noticeable differences is that 17 is more cocky and battle loving than 18 but also less cautious (which gets him absorbed by Cell quicker). 18 also loves clothes and shopping, which bores 17 to tears.
  • Durarara!!:
    • Heiwajima Shizuo and his brother Kasuka. Shizuo's a violent maniac with unbelievable physical strength, while his brother is extremely taciturn and doesn't seem to show any fear of his brother's temper or power. Their relationship is actually very healthy, if low-key.
    • Izaya's younger twin sisters, Mairu and Kururi Orihara are cute siblings who are just as quirky as their older brother. Both are capable enough to deal with people, without being potentially villainous like their brother.
  • Unsui and Agon of Eyeshield 21. Unsui is serious, responsible, hard working, and polite. Agon is arrogant, self-centered, sadistic, and lazy.
  • Rogue and Sting from Fairy Tail (who might not be related but were at least raised as brothers) are big on this. Sting uses 'white' magic, is always very in your face, shows interest in almost everything going on, and is only concerned with strength. Rogue uses 'shadow' magic, generally lets Sting do the talking, acts uninterested in evverything, and places value on comradery.
  • Raoh and Toki from Fist of the North Star: one of them is a merciless conqueror and the other is a messianic healer.
  • Franken Fran:
    • Invoked Trope with Fran and Veronica, who were outright made to be this. Fran was made to preserve life (which can lead to unpleasant results); Veronica was made to end it (which she prefers to do swiftly and painlessly, though often gratuitously). Fran tries to put Veronica more on her side of the scale, but so far, no dice.
    • And then there's Big Sister Gavrill, who's Chaotic Evil (she can shapeshift into a giant wolf-thing), unless she's giving practical advice as Fran and Veronica's high school guidance counselor.
  • Yuki and Ayame in Fruits Basket. Ayame is the Always Camp Aloof Big Brother, while Yuki is the Princely Young Man with an Instant Fanclub. Yuki doesn't find Ayame very bearable, while Ayame insists he's showing support for his younger brother. He really doesn't get it.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Edward and Alphonse Elric. While Ed is a Hot-Blooded Napoleon, Al is a Gentle Giant, though he is only big because he's stuck in a suit of armor (at least in the manga, in the 2003 anime he's shown in adulthood to tower over Ed).
    • Alex and Olivier Armstrong. Alex Armstrong, a.k.a. Colonel Clean, is the almost grotesquely overmuscled poster boy for Pec Flex and prone to fits of staggering overacting at every possible opportunity, often with Manly Tears, and he's actually a total softy. His older sister Olivier is a Badass Normal of epic proportions, a slim, Magnificent Bitch Social Darwinist Lady of War who can call Ed short without him even trying to argue and has no compunction about killing representatives from Central because they tried to get her involved in a soul-stealing murder conspiracy that amounts to betraying the whole country, and tried to take her men away, and pushing their bodies into wet concrete.
    • The 2003 anime version and light novels also have Fletcher and Russel Tringham, who present many parallels with the Elric brothers. So much so that not only do they impersonate the Elrics at least twice, there's a certain amount of Sibling Yin Yang between respective imposters-the Tringhams fulfill a certain amount of the expectation of what you're going to get with the Elrics, which is quite different from what you actually get. Aside from the fact that each Tringham has an ego that matches his respective Elric.
    • The 2003 anime also has both Elrics and Envy. Envy is a murderous villain while his half-brothers are the heroic protagonists
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula has Osamu and Asuka Sugo. Osamu is a calm, level-headed individual while Asuka is more energetic and cheerful. Franz Heinel and his younger sister Lisa counts as well, with the same personalities as Osamu and Asuka has.
  • The Tomokanes — both without a name — in GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class. The younger Tomokane is a Bokukko, while her elder brother is an frail Non-Action Guy. This is lampshaded when the younger Tomokane's class teacher first sees the older Tomokane, and comments how the two's characters complement each other. This trope is also invoked in this case, as the younger Tomokane's personality is shaped as a response by her brother's constant mental bullying and exploitation of his Ill Boy status to avoid punishment.
  • Infinite Stratos has the Shinonono sisters, Tabane and Houki. The older is very silly, while the younger is very serious.
  • Yori and her sister Mari (not the titular character) from Inside Mari. Mari is nice, sociable young woman while her little sister is an introverted teenager with a temper.
  • I Think Our Son Is Gay: The older son Hiroki is very expressive and can't tell a lie to save his life. The younger son Yuuri is a quiet, deadpan stoic. They like these qualities in each other: Hiroki appreciates Yuuri matter-of-factly talking about things he struggles to, and Yuuri admires Hiroki's emotional openness.
  • The Chizeta princesses from Magic Knight Rayearth: Tarta the younger is loud, rude, and Hot-Blooded while Tatra the elder is quiet, polite, and a total pushover (apparently), which is probably why the younger sister seems to be the leader.
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch uses it repeatedly. Caren is a brooding, grudge-holding Broken Bird, while her twin sister Noel is a forgiving, self-sacrificing Nice Girl. When Caren got nicer and, as a result, dropped Out of Focus, she became a loud party girl to keep the opposite dynamic going. There's also Kaito and Gackto, of the Cain and Abel variety, as well as one being a friendly joker and the other a White Hair, Black Heart villain. Lucia and Nikora, though only posing as sisters, fit it too with The Ditz versus the Team Mom. In fact, it's even lampshaded in the Black Beauty Sisters, who are also definitely not sisters.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam:
  • Mobile Suit Gundam AGE has Zeheart Galette and Desil Galette. Zeheart's a pretty nice guy & cares about his friends despite his loyalty to Vagan. Desil on the other hand is an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight who views soldiers, for Vagan and the Earth Federal Forces, as his own toys.
  • Shigeo and Ritsu of Mob Psycho 100 are almost polar opposites. Shigeo is a frail, socially awkward Loser Protagonist with no talents other than the godlike psychic powers that have very little applicability to the life he wants to live. Ritsu, meanwhile, is the effortlessly brilliant School Idol who seems to have been gifted with everything except the psychic powers he desperately craves. Despite their Mutual Envy, they seem to have a very healthy and supportive relationship right up until Ritsu's own psychic powers awaken and he feels self-assured enough to unleash all the fear and resentment towards his brother that he'd been suppressing all this time.
  • Anna and Johan in Monster. Anna is outgoing, compassionate, helpful and an idealistic humanist. Johan is quiet, introspective, manipulative and an utter sociopath. And he's the titular character.
  • Naruto:
    • Samui is stoic, calculating and very serious at all times. On the other hand, her brother Atsui is Hot-Blooded, rash and a reckless loudmouth. To drive the point home, their names mean Cold and Hot respectively.
    • The Sasuke and Itachi dynamic plays with this. As a child, Sasuke strived to be like Itachi to earn recognition, but his brother was always several steps ahead. After the Uchiha massacre, Sasuke tried to distance himself from Itachi and become different from him, even refusing to obtain power in the same way as his brother. However, after Itachi's death, Sasuke drastically changes, becoming driven by hate and revenge against anyone who would stand against him, unlike his brother, who was motivated by love, albeit in a twisted way. Ironically, Sasuke would have ended up very similar to Itachi, had the latter not traumatized him in the way he did. Another factor that makes these two different from each other, is that Sasuke is a Brutally Honest individual, while Itachi is a Consummate Liar.
    • The First and Second leaders of Konoha were the Senju brothers: the elder was a laid-back, almost goofy straight-haired brunette who wanted to make peace with the Uchihas while the younger was a Combat Pragmatist with spiky white hair who thought it would be safer to just kill them all (their middle brother had both types of hair, split down the middle, but was killed before he reached adulthood).
    • Hinata and Hanabi are presented this way post-Shippuden, as shown in The Last: Naruto the Movie. Hinata is soft-spoken (though not shy like she used to be) while her younger sister Hanabi is quite perky and outspoken.
  • The Jigokumeguri sisters in Ojojojo are complete opposites in how they act and how they really are. Haru is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who has been acting stuck up as a defense mechanism for so long that she can't stop despite wanting to be nice. Aki is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who would like nothing more than to dig up dirt on Haru and take her place as heiress. The only thing they have in common is their complete failure to act on their real intentions (Haru ends up reflexively acting like a Rich Bitch whenever she tries to be nice and Aki's attempts to drive Haru and Tsurezure apart bring them closer together).
  • One Piece:
    • Ace is more level-headed and polite than his brash and much more ditzy little brother Luffy. Even Luffy's crew have expressed disbelief at how different Ace is from their captain. It has been revealed, however, that Luffy and Ace aren't actually blood siblings. They were raised together by Garp and consider each other as brothers, so they still count.
    • Similarly, Nami and her adoptive sister Nojiko. While the former is a bold and Fiery Redhead, the latter is incredibly calm. Both sisters are tattooed and very compassionate when they want to be.
    • Franky is this with Iceburg, though they are adoptive siblings. Throughout their childhood, Iceburg was the dutiful, respectful sibling while Franky was violent and disruptive.
    • And then there are Arlong and his younger sister Madame Shyarley. He's a Large and in Charge General Ripper shark man, she's a beautiful and polite mermaid.
    • Donquixote Doflamingo and his brother Donquixote Rosinante besides the fact Doffy is a Pirate and Rosinate is a undercover Marine, Domflamingo is a cruel and selfish Sadist while Rosinante is compassionate and selfless. Doffy exemplifies noble bigotry while Rosinante humbled himself and became better for it.
    • Sanji and his siblings:
      • Yonji is petty and conveying while Sanji is honorable and merciful. Also while Sanji willingly let him himself get beat up and defeated to protect his loved ones, Yonji is a Sore Loser who blusters over Sanji defeating him.
      • Niji is cruel, malicious and psychotic in stark contrast to Sanji’s heroism and compassion. Niji also wastes food and happily abuses women, the two things that pisses Sanji off the most.
      • Ichiji is stoically cold and aloof compared to Sanji who is often Hot-Blooded, but Ichiji also thinks commoners are trash and dismisses his own sister for being weak when she gets knocked down by Emperor Big Mom. Sanji on the other hand will feed anyone his cooking and can see and bring out the inner strength in the physically weakest people e.g Usopp in Enies Lobby.
      • Reiju will immensely more moral than her brothers still differs from her favorite bro Sanji, while she’s merely flirtatious he’s complete Handsome Lech. Reiju also can’t fathom why Sanji sacrifices himself to protect someone (Zeff) as she’s lived a life luxury while he almost died sailing the East Blue.
    • Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Perospero, both are the eldest brothers of their siblings but while Katakuri is massive, ripped, and surprisingly compassionate, Perospero is weedy, creepy, and cruel. Katakuri will even hurt himself to make it a fair fight and respects his opponents while Perospero likes to Kick the Dog and mock his foes at their lowest.
      • Speaking of the Charlotte Family, Pudding and Chiffon count as while they’re both cooks Pudding is Cute and Psycho due years of abuse causing her to be cruel to others while she’s actually full of self-loathing. Chiffon despite suffering similar abuse came out a better person who never took out her suffering on others.
    • Momonosuke and his sister Hiyori, as kids she was playful and tomboyish while he is bookish and stubborn. 20 years later things are different, Hiyori is a persuasive young woman while thanks to Time Travel Momonosuke is still a Bratty Half-Pint.
  • Otome no Iroha features Iroha and Hifumi as Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy (respectively), prior to their Gender Bender.
  • Ouran High School Host Club:
    • Umehito Nekozawa and his younger sister Kirimi. He's dark, brooding and extremely photosensitive, while she's cheerful, outgoing, and hates dark places.
    • The Hitachiin twins have some of this as well, although only when they are separated. Hikaru keeps the trouble-making personality (with some added Tsundere) whereas Kaoru is much more mature.
  • The titular sisters of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Panty is Hot-Blooded, dresses very skimpily, uses a gun, is very messy, and desires to have sex above all else. Stocking is much more reserved, dresses very elegantly, uses swords, is a bit of a Neat Freak, and has a vice in the form of sweets. Naturally, they're constantly at each other's throats.
  • Pokémon
    • Paul and his brother Reggie. Paul is unemotional and trains his Pokemon harshly to the point of abuse. In comparison his older brother Reggie is a nice young man.
    • Striaton Gum leader Chili is this with his brothers Cilan and Cress (who are also the gym leaders as well). Chili is hotheaded and feisty while Cilan and Cress are laid back and calm.
  • Miki and Kozue from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Miki is a polite Nice Guy (though with more issues than it seems) while Kozue is a yandere with some Hot-Blooded touches.
  • Sailor Moon: Usagi is a sweet and cheerful idealist, very outgoing and surrounds herself with friends, but she's also totally unfocused, naïve and a terrible student. Shingo is a sensible kid with top grades, but often moody, snarky and cynical, and he seems to enjoy his own company. About the only common bond they have is a fondness for video games. Both get better, though.
  • Saint Seiya:
  • Saki:
    • The eponymous main character is friendly to others, with a shy and nervous side that often comes up. Her older sister Teru is confident yet embittered.
    • Kuro Matsumi is outgoing and cheerful, although said confidence takes a blow when she goes up against strong opponents and loses points. Her older sister Yuu is a shy, timid Ill Girl, who nevertheless can become especially determined for the sake of her younger sister.
    • Hiroe Atago is a loud, outspoken Jerk with a Heart of Gold who is unshakably confident in her abilities. Her younger sister Kinue is mild-mannered and desperately seeks her sister's approval.
  • Downplayed in Sakura Trick: While Yuu is short, immature and only good at sports and her older sister Mitsuki is tall, more mature and not good at sports at all, they share a lot of similarities as well, including sharing the Trademark Favorite Food and the same crush.
  • Sand Chronicles has Fuji and Shiika of the Tsukishima family. Fuji is the aloof, cynical and cold brother, Shiika is the sweet, optimistic and helpful sister. Naturally, the two aren't close at all to begin with.
  • The biological siblings in the Shōgi manga 3-gatsu no Lion had different reactions when a young shogi phenom entered their household and took their place in their obsessive shogi-master father's heart (shogi is everything to him and they just weren't talented at it): the brother became increasingly passive and played video games all day while the sister became a vicious bully who terrorized her foster-brother at home — and possibly in bed. As young adults the foster-brother (who's still/barely present in high school) lives alone because he didn't want to destroy their family like a cuckoo chick; the brother is a divorced loser, and the sister, who is "as beautiful as a demon" is dating her father's and foster-brother's Jerkass shogi rival, who also happens to have a hospitalized wife and young child.
  • Minatsu and Mafuyu Shiina in Seitokai no Ichizon. Minatsu is busty, loves sports and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Mafuyu is petite and quiet.
  • Sgt. Frog has the Hinata sibings, unassertive bookworm Fuyuki and bossy tomboy Natsumi. Even their names contrast, containing the kanji for "winter" and "summer" respectively.
  • Another twin example: Yoh and Hao from Shaman King. Hao is an evil Manipulative Bastard while Yoh is a straight-up All-Loving Hero.
  • Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica has the Yugiri sisters. Persete is the outgoing one, Prinesca is the shy one.
  • They're not actually related, but Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's Simon and Kamina were definitely designed to fit the trope — Simon is shy, relatively sensible, quiet and intelligent, where Kamina is outgoing, reckless, big-mouthed and something of an idiot. Their respective appearances couldn't be much more different, either; Simon is short (prior to the Timeskip, anyway), pale and skinny with dark purple hair and blue eyes, where Kamina is tall, tan and muscular with bright blue hair and red eyes. Finally, in case all of that wasn't quite unsubtle enough, their names also contrast: Simon's name comes from "shimo", the Japanese word for "below", and Kamina's name comes from "kami", the Japanese word for "above".
  • Kotetsu and Muramasa Kaburagi from Tiger & Bunny. Kotetsu is an impulsive, Hot-Blooded, dorky Ascended Fanboy superhero, whereas Muramasa is his down-to-earth, low key, responsible older brother who runs the family liquor store.
  • Mirai from Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a cynical, moody teenage girl while her little brother Yuuki is an optimistic Cheerful Child. Mirai thinks of Yuuki as an Annoying Younger Sibling due to their personality differences. After mourning his death Mirai starts to change her disposition to be more cheerful.
  • Touch has Kazuya and Tatsuya, the former being a serious, hard-working student and sportsman in contrast with her laid-back, lazy brother. This is deliberate on Tatsuya's part, since he refuses to overshadow his brother in any way, shape or form.
  • The Nitori siblings of Wandering Son couldn't be more different. Big Sister Maho is outgoing and pushy. Little Sister Shuuichi is timid and docile. This actually gets lampshaded by the pair's father, who relates to Shuu a story of their grandmother betting Maho would be a boy and Shuu a girl before they were born. Given the family's recent discovery of Shuuichi's issues, Nitori Sr. wonders if Grandma was really so wrong about them.

    Audio Plays 

    Comic Books 
  • The Furst Brothers from Astro City: Augustus is a slender, white-haired, pipe-puffing Omnidisciplinary Scientist, Julius is a stocky, shaven-headed, cigar-chomping Boisterous Bruiser.
  • Batman:
    • Batman's sons Tim Drake (adopted) and Damian Wayne (biological). Tim is logical, cool-headed, and always follows Batman's example by never killing, while Damian is rash, violent, and thinks nothing of killing his enemies, until some Character Development, where he'll still resort to it if he has to. They slug it out every time they meet.
    • You could extend that to Tim Drake and Nightwing (Dick Grayson). Nightwing can be logical, but he's more emotional and his creation of 'Nightwing' directly extended from him rebelling against Batman. Tim and Dick act like actual brothers though, unlike Damian.
    • There's also Tim and Cassandra Cain. Tim is accepted to be among most brilliant detectives only surpassed by Bruce who expects Tim to someday surpass him, while Cass is among the best martial artists only definitively surpassed by her mother Shiva who expects Cass to surpass her. While neither of them is a slouch in the other's specialty martial arts is the part of the job Tim has to work the hardest at while detective work is what Cass has to work the hardest at.
    • There's Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. Apart from the obvious (Dick is a hero, Jason is a villain, or a '90s Anti-Hero on his good days), Dick is acrobatic, one of the most cheerful people in the DCU, never mind the Batfamily, and independent from Batman. Whereas Jason relies more on weaponry, is dark and wrathful, and is almost pitifully obsessed with being seen as Batman's son and true heir, if not replacing the Dark Knight himself. Both also have very different relationships with Batman: Dick is the favourite (and always has been, even when he didn't know it) and there is mutual respect between the two, while Jason is The Un-Favourite at the best of times and he and Bruce have a very rocky relationship.
    • Catwoman aka Selina Kyle and her younger sister, Magdalena "Maggie" Kyle, are all but exact opposites. One is a wild, provocative, self-centred thief, and the other a law-abiding, modest, generous nun. They even contrast appearance-wise; Selina has black hair and striking green eyes, but Maggie has chestnut hair and brown Puppy-Dog Eyes.
  • Many examples in ClanDestine. The most prominent example is Jasmine/Cuckoo/Kay Cera and Walter Destine/Wallop. Then again, when their younger sister Samantha complains about their constant bickering, their father Adam attributes it to them being too alike. In a flashback, we also have Thaddeus and Albert, who seem to get on much better.
  • This is the case of the original Hawk and Dove. Hank (Hawk) is generally characterized as a short-tempered and fight-happy loudmouth, with Don (Dove) being the calmer, more pacifistic, and studious brother.
  • Jerrica and Kimber Benton from Jem and the Holograms. Jerrica is a bit of a Shrinking Violet around people she's not close to while Kimber is her loud, dramatic Big Little Sister. By extension their foster sisters count as well. Shana is docile and fashion-savvy much like Jerrica while Aja is outgoing and tomboyish.
  • The (otherwise unnamed) Two Brothers from Marvel Versus DC — one was the Living Embodiment of the Marvel Multiverse, the other was the Living Embodiment of the DC Multiverse. When they became (re)aware of each other's existence, they each decided to destroy the other. They made up in the end because Status Quo Is God.
  • Played for Laughs and exaggerated in a Mickey Mouse comic where the Phantom Blot turned out to have a ridiculously good brother — who even dressed in a white sheet (to his black) because he wanted to emulate his brother. The good brother was so ridiculously naive and soft-hearted he didn't even realise the Blot was evil and hated him, at least not until after a lot of persuasion.
  • Quicksilver and his twin sister Scarlet Witch. Quicksilver is more violent and brash than her, but Scarlet Witch makes worse decision that endangers the whole universe.
  • Thor and Loki despite both being badass and powerful God are still juxtapose each frequently. Thor is headstrong and tends solves things with force, while Loki is sneaky and prefers to set schemes into motion. But Thor is also humble and merciful while Loki is psychotic and cruel, at least until the Loki: Agent of Asgard series.
  • Spider-Girl and her cousin/genetic half-brother Darkdevil. She's a naive, optimistic Plucky Girl who wears a bright costume. He's an angsty pessimistic Snark Knight dressed in dark tones. Together they fight crime! Sometimes.
  • X-Men:
    • Charles Xavier and Cain Marko. And that's before you get into how they are, respectively, the most mentally powerful and the most physically powerful people in the world. Xavier also has Cassandra Nova, who exists to be his polar opposite in absolutely everything.
    • Scott Summers aka Cyclops and his brother Alex Summers aka Havoc both are very powerful, great leaders and very mentally screwed up. However Scott shoots red Eye Beams while Alex has a blue Chest Blaster, also Alex is frequently a Anti-Hero who while Scott at his best can keep the X-Men together as The Leader.
    • Initially James Howlett aka Wolverine and his brother Dog Logan as ironically Wolverine as a kid was a sweet little pampered Ill Boy while Dog was a malicious and brutish bully. When James grew up he became more vicious like his brother, though still more compassionate than Dog at heart.
    • Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus and Illyana Rasputin aka Magik. Piotr is a textbook Gentle Giant and soft spoken artist with has organic metal skin while Illyana is brash, outspoken and can teleport through dimensions. Piotr is also a pacifist whilst Illyana will readily kill with her Cool Sword.
    • Adoptive siblings Nightcrawler and Rogue, he’s a demonic looking blue and furry teleporter and she’s a beautiful Flying Brick Power Parasite.
    • For that matter Nightcrawler and Graydon, both sons of Mystique but despite his devilish appearance Kurt is a Nice Guy while Graydon a Badass Normal manages to be a massive Jerkass.
    • Laura Kinney aka X-23 and Gabrielle “Gabby” Kinney aka Scout. Laura is completely The Stoic having severe intimacy problems, Gabby is a Plucky Girl whose childish and sweet.
  • The Fantastic Four:
    • Storm siblings Johnny and Susan. He’s Hot-Blooded and brash, she’s calm and motherly. Both have incredibly destructive powers and care deeply for their family. However while Sue is fiercely loyal to her husband Reed, Johnny is a Handsome Lech who Really Gets Around.
    • Following their footsteps are Sue’s kids Franklin and Valeria, the former being a playful Reality Warper Mutant the latter a mature Child Prodigy.

    Comic Strips 
  • The Otterloop kids in Cul de Sac. Alice is a hyperactive attention seeker. Petey is anxious and quiet.
  • In FoxTrot, Peter and Paige are rather average teenagers, while their little brother Jason is a nerdy Child Prodigy.

    Fan Works 
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Thor and Loki are still like this, but now their differences complement each other and Thor tends to be wiser in matters of the heart than Loki is, while Loki is more willing to take charge and can be a bit more irascible (as a result and partly because he used to be James Potter, Thor tends to wind him up every now and then).
  • It's also suggested that Jack O'Neill and his sister, Mrs. Danvers (mother of Carol Danvers) are nothing alike - he's the Military Maverick Deadpan Snarker he's always been, something he apparently gets from his mother and from his aunt actually grandmother Peggy Carter. She, by contrast, is painted as something of an Extreme Doormat by her Hot-Blooded teenage daughter, who is not likely to appreciate nuance - as it turns out, she's more of a Non-Action Guy who Refused the Call, preferring to 'make good' rather than simply fight evil as was the family business.
  • Personality-wise, Jean and Maddie are mirror images of each other, as a product of nature vs nurture - one was raised by loving parents and taught to be responsible that Mind over Manners is critically important, resulting in a sweet and kind big-sister-to-the-world type. The other was raised by a cold-blooded sociopath to be a Living Weapon and Tyke-Bomb. Even after the latter, not especially evil in the first place pulls a Heel–Face Turn, they're still incredibly different.
  • Continuing on what was shown in Night at the Museum, the prequel fanfiction Child of Moonlight demonstrates this is true for Kahmunrah and Ahkmenrah. One is ruthless, ambitious, and favors combat lessons. The other is thoughtful, friendly, and favors his more intellectual studies. Even the times of their births were drastically different, with Kahmunrah being born just before sunset during a new moon and Ahkmenrah at midnight during a full moon.
  • In Vapors, Naruto is still his regular Messianic Archetype Idiot Hero self, loud and friendly with unbelievable chakra reserves and frontline combat experience despite still being a genin. Aiko is a socially inhibited genius who graduated the Academy two years early, made chuunin before Naruto put on his headband, and generally works as a tracker and support fighter. Also, while Naruto is a big believer in redemption, Aiko does her best to follow his ideals, but can easily be ruthless for the sake of her mission or goal.
  • born of hell('s kitchen):
    • Invoked and Played for Laughs with the Defenders meeting Peter and begging his parents to give them more adorable babies to squee over. Jessica playfully declares no one can win the genetic lottery twice, so Matt and her trying to give Peter a baby sibling would probably create the Antichrist.
    • More pervasively, there's the growing opposition between Jessica and her adoptive sister Trish, caused by the lifestyle they decide to pursue. Jessica puts her civilian life first with the decision to become a mother to her estranged son, which pushes her to work on her personal issues and seek help from her friends who warmly support her. Trish pursues superheroics with such desperation she ultimately flounders, bringing danger on herself and her loved ones yet refusing to assume responsibility by refusing to see she's not suited for this path.

    Film — Animation 
  • Atta and Dot from A Bug's Life. Atta is mature, pessimistic, and serious while Dot is cheerful, innocent, and optimistic.
  • Elena and Victoria from Coco. Elena is loud, fierce and bombastic while Victoria is quiet, stoic, and proper.
  • Elsa and Anna in Frozen (2013). Princess Anna is cheerful, extroverted and a Badass Normal while Queen Elsa is stoic, introverted and very powerfully magical. Their differing personalities are the theme of the licensed book A Sister More Like Me. In the book, Anna wished Elsa was more playful and sociable growing up while Elsa wished Anna was more studious and shared more of her interests. After the events of the film, they learn to accept each others' differences and enjoy them.
  • Zeus and Hades from Hercules. Zeus is a wise ruler and a loving father, while Hades is a scheming Manipulative Bastard who wishes to overthrow his brother in order to rule Mount Olympus even hurting his heroic nephew who is destined to stop him.
  • Dash, an overconfident boy, and Violet, a shy girl, in The Incredibles.
  • Mufasa and Scar from The Lion King; Mufasa is a wise king and a loving father, while Scar is a Manipulative Bastard and willing to off his nephew if it means he has a shot at the crown.
  • Ariel, the carefree, naive youngest sister, and Attina, the serious, mature eldest sister, in the prequel, The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning.
  • Ian and Barley from Onward. As their mother puts it, one is afraid of everything and the other isn't afraid of anything.
  • Black and White of Tekkonkinkreet. Black is violent and territorial and White is childish and innocent. The fact that they need each other to balance out the pair is repeated often throughout the film and becomes a plot point.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen often play this role in their movies: either Tomboy and Girly Girl (with Mary-Kate usually being the former and Ashley the latter) or Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling (with Mary-Kate usually being the former and Ashley the latter), although they occasionally switch.
  • Black Mass: Whitey Bulger is a notorious crime lord, murderer, and all-around sociopath. His brother Billy is not only a straight arrow, but he's also a politician and an 18-year member of the Massachusetts state legislature.
  • Deewaar has calm, humble Ravi and emotional, prideful Vijay. This is reflected in the different ways they help others: Ravi turns down a job so a man who needs it more can get it, whereas Vijay beats up the racketeers extorting his fellow dockworkers.
  • The sisters Houseman in Dirty Dancing — flirty, Brainless Beauty Lisa and naive, studious Baby.
  • Hotblooded Santino and cold-hearted Michael in The Godfather.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly has Tuco, who is a Hot-Blooded bandito, and his brother Pablo, who is The Stoic and became a priest.
  • Into the Forest: A downplayed example. Eva is more emotional, while Nell is more rational.
  • Zach and Gray in Jurassic World. Zach is tough, aloof, cynical and (at least initially) unimpressed with the park and thinks it's for little kids. Gray is nice, optimistic, energetic, and is a die-hard dinosaur fan who loves the park.
  • Carefree, irresponsible David and frustrated Albert in The King's Speech.
  • In La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In), we learn that Robert and Zeca are brothers, with one child being bright and obedient and growing up to be a famous doctor, and the other going off to deal drugs at age seven and turning out as a killer and robber. However, by her own admission, they are both monsters, they just expressed it in different ways.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Thor and Loki. In Thor, the eponymous character starts as a Boisterous Bruiser who takes in the attention without realizing how destructive and reckless he is. Loki is the opposite, being quiet and preferring to use trickery and illusions. By The Avengers, Thor has learned to stop, listen, think and be humble. Loki has learned to fight, to take control and assert himself and has become a villain, again the opposite of Thor. By Thor: Ragnarok, they have learned from each other as Thor becomes more mischievous and scheming like Loki, and Loki becomes more selfless and even heroic like Thor.
    • Thor and his older sister, Hela, who is even more murderous and vindictive than Loki. In Thor: Ragnarok, she makes her youngest brother look like a model citizen by comparison, and she's, in Thor's own words, "The worst."
    • In Black Panther we have T’Challa and Shuri, he’s a physical powerhouse and tactician while she’s a Teen Genius whose quick with a Hand Blast. T’Challa is also very stoic and mature while Shuri is jokey and even outright crass.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy has adoptive (fellow abductees) sisters Gamora and Nebula, apart from the former being green and the latter blue both are cyborgs but Gamora is compassionate while Nebula is merciless. Inverted in Avengers: Endgame Nebula thanks to Character Development is a completely compassionate and heroic while thanks to Time Travel Gamora is cold and introverted lacking the development she gain over the course of the Guardian of the Galaxies movies.
    • Avengers: Infinity War has Ebony Maw and Obsidian Cull, the latter is a The Brute who smashes his problems, while the former is a Evil Sorcerer who uses careful and deadly methods to achieve his goals.
  • Downplayed in The Prestige with the Borden twins. We don't see much of them as individuals, but one is a family man who loves their wife and daughter and recommends just letting the rivalry with Angier die. Meanwhile the other is more aggressive, loves their assistant/mistress and sneaks into Angier's performance to learn how he performs "The Transported Man".
  • Scanners gives us the telepaths Cameron Vale and Darryl Revok. The former is reserved, methodical and loyal. The latter is emotional, bloodthirsty and manipulative. This was probably done on purpose to contrast their separate motivations for helping their own kind.
  • In Secondhand Lions, both Hub and Garth are old men who had many adventures in their lives, but in the end, Garth is the more calm, bookish one who could sit back and relax while Hub was looking for adventure and had no trouble beating up five punks after getting out of the hospital.
  • Slumdog Millionaire: Jamal and Salim; Jamal is a quiet and studious boy who followed the law (even in the Crapsack World that is the Indian slums) and tried to stick with his friends no matter what, while Salim was always more boisterous and eventually fell in with gangsters and shunned Jamal up until the very end.
  • According to their Tech Specs, Skids and Mudflap from the Transformers Film Series are this... with the caveat that they're both quite stupid. Skids merely believes he's the smart one.
  • X-Men Film Series:
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past: Eleven years after X-Men: First Class, Charles and Raven have not only become estranged but also polar opposites in almost every way, especially in regards to ideology and diplomacy. Her sparing of Trask and the president shows that Raven isn't quite as far gone as originally believed, though.
    • X-Men: Apocalypse: Although Charles and Raven are on better terms than in Days of Future Past, they still strongly disagree over how humans in general treat mutants. He believes the world is gradually becoming more tolerant of their kind, but she has seen with her own eyes that there's still a lot of oppression. This article uses the metaphor of Xavier being a peaceful dove and Mystique is an aggressive hawk.
      Charles: I have plans for this place. I mean to turn it into a real campus, a university. Not just for mutants, either; for humans, too. Living and working, growing together.
      Raven: You know, I really believed that once. I really believed we can change them.
      Charles: We did.
      Raven: Just because there's not a war, doesn't mean there's peace. You wanna teach your kids something, teach them that, teach them to fight, otherwise they might as well live in this house for the rest of their lives.

  • In The 39 Clues, we have Amy and Dan Cahill. Amy can be painfully shy and a bookworm, while Dan can be immature and goofy but is more daring and has a Photographic Memory. However, they make a great team.
  • The Anderssons:
    • Ida Sofia and Mandi are Polar Opposite Twins and a perfect example of Red Oni, Blue Oni already as four-year-olds. Ida Sofia is the introverted and cynical Book Worm, Mandi is more extroverted and naive and Book Dumb.
    • Ida Sofia and Greta have a case of The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry. Ida Sofia is the straight-laced intellectual, while Greta is an impulsive The Fashionista.
    • Eric and Otto are Sensitive Guy and Manly Man. Eric is meak and sensitive and becomes a confectioner. Otto is tough and more austere and becomes a military officer.
    • When it comes to Cecilia and Hannes, they develope a full-blown Sibling Rivalry. Cecilia is very much pushed into getting a High School diploma, whether that is what she wants or not. Hannes has dyslexia and could hardly get a passing grade in Elementary School, so he thinks that he's The Unfavorite. But if you ask Cecilia, he is free at least to get a job and make money and go anywhere he wants. They are constantly jealous of each other and are even divided by their different tastes in music: Cecilia's upbeat rock'n'roll vs Hannes's moody jazz. It is only gradually, that they can start to approach each other again.
    • Åsa and Saga are a Tomboy and Girly Girl pair. Åsa is a The Fashionista, who becomes a fashion designer. Saga is the Outdoorsy Gal, who is more interested in becoming a farmer like their parents.
  • Arn: The Knight Templar:
    • Arn is a deeply devout, highly trained knight. His brother Eskil is a worldly merchant, fond of silver, food, beer, and salty language. However, Arn points out that the two are Not So Different; while Eskil has made his name as a financial and political power-player in their homeland, Arn has been a castellan in the Knights Templar, and the big man in one of their most important trading posts in Outremer, meaning that he has played politics at the top level in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and while not on Eskil's level, he still has a decent grasp of the realities of commerce and logistics.
    • Cecilia is portrayed as a generally good-hearted woman, in huge contrast to her mean shrew of a sister, Katarina, who managed to separate Cecilia and Arn for more than twenty years with an evil scheme of hers, which she did out of not much more than petty jealousy. note  And unlike Arn and Eskil, who always got along despite their differences, Cecilia could not forgive Katarina for what she did to her and Arn, and it seems like the two sisters never saw each other again. And to further highlight how the different they were, Cecilia was of course always a faithful wife to Arn (after they could finally get married, that is), while Katarina was caught cheating on Eskil (because yes, Arn's brother was pretty much forced to marry her for political reasons). But she got banished to a convent for the rest of her life as a punishment for her infidelity, so she would at least not be a Karma Houdini for that one.
  • In Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, we have Dagny and James Taggart, and Hank and Philip Rearden. Both sets of siblings hold polarized world views and that in turn shows us that blood is not Thicker Than Water.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club:
    • Claudia and Janine. Claudia is a Book Dumb fashionista and an extrovert while her sister Janine is book-smart, nerdy, and introverted.
    • Abby and Anna. Anna is musical, bookish, and introspective while Abby is an athletic, noisy Class Clown. About the only things they have in common are that they both have scoliosis (although Abby didn't need it corrected by a brace while Anna did) and poor eyesight.
    • Karen is a bratty and talkative Genki Girl. Her brother Andrew is very shy.
    • One book is based around the club babysitting for twins Marilyn and Carolyn whose mother insisted on dressing them identically and treating them as one person, despite their completely different interests and personalities. In later books, Carolyn has short hair, wears trendy clothes, and likes science, while Marilyn wears her hair longer and likes to play the piano.
  • In the Cal Leandros series, Cal and Niko Leandros. Niko is the older, responsible, hard-working, polite, always-serious, Master Swordsman vegetarian Badass Bookworm, for whom everything has its place, while Cal, the younger brother, is bad-mouthed, snarky, gun-toting, hot dog-loving, addicted to the TV and so lazy Niko considers his room a bubonic plague-infested minefield. It even extends to their looks, with Cal being an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette and Niko a Dark-Skinned Blond.
  • And in the Circle of Magic series, we have Daja's students, identical twins Nia and Jory Bancanor. Nia is shyer and quieter, with woodworking magic, while Jory is louder and more outgoing, with cooking magic. They actually get along quite well, though.
  • Discworld: Esme and Lily Weatherwax. Esme "Granny" Weatherwax is the angry, bitter old woman who always saves the day because she feels she has to since her "good" sister Lily ended up being the evil one. It's especially frustrating to Esme because Lily isn't even particularly good at being evil — in large part because Lily doesn't even realise that's what she's being.
  • Flonne and Ozonne of the Disgaea novels. Flonne is a nice, flaky, adorable and optimistic Otaku Love Freak, while Ozonne is grumpy, rude, boyish and snarky Money Believer. They can't walk a step without arguing with each other.
  • Doctrine of Labyrinths:
    • Felix and Mildmay were separated as kids and raised in very different environments. Hence Felix is an arrogant, charismatic, extremely powerful wizard with the speech and bearing of an aristocrat, while Mildmay is an awkward, self-effacing, functionally illiterate cat burglar who looks and talks like a street thug. They also have elements of Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling going on, with Mildmay as the far more grounded and street-wise of the two, and Felix being bratty and temperamental with no common sense. Both have extremely poor mental health, although Felix is notably more unstable.
    • Stephen Teverius is dour and pragmatic, and is generally respected if not especially well-liked. His brother Shannon is a fun-loving Camp Gay who has plenty of admirers but isn't taken very seriously.
  • In The Dresden Files, Mab and Titania, the Queens of Faerie, are almost complete opposites. Mab is utterly ruthless and pragmatic, making her decisions entirely on cold logic, whereas Titania follows her heart. The only personality trait they have in common is that they both love their respective daughters.
  • From Ender's Game: Ender's brother Peter is the aggressive, masculine Yang to their sister Valentine's passive, feminine Yin. Peter was rejected from Battle School because he was too prone to violence, while Valentine was rejected because she was too compassionate. Graff tells Ender he has to find the balance between these two emotions in order to be an effective commander.
  • Princes Peter and Thomas in The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. Peter is fit and raven-haired like their mother while Thomas is chubby and sandy-haired like their father.
  • Fablehaven has Kendra and Seth Sorenson. Kendra is cautious and thoughtful, Seth is arrogant and brave to the point of stupidity.
  • Flawed: Eldest sister Juniper is awkward, cynical, Book Dumb and rebellious; Celestine is popular, intelligent, law-abiding, and logical. It was said that they were very close and very much alike as children but drifted apart as they got older.
  • Because they both reacted in very different ways when Alderaan and their family was destroyed, Tash and Zak Arranda of Galaxy of Fear ended up diverging more. Both are curious kids, but Tash is more withdrawn, empathic, and thinks she has to take care of her brother, who has become more of a daredevil.
  • Annie and Lila Little Hawk in Gives Light. Annie is thoughtful, quickwitted, feisty, and good at cooking and crafts. Little sister Lila is a glutton, a precocious flirt, and a mouthy brat.
  • The Curse of Camp Cold Lake from the Goosebumps series has Sarah, the protagonist, who is the socially awkward sibling to her brother Aaron's much more level-headed attitude who is much more social.
  • Most sibling relationships in Harry Potter follow this to some extent:
    • Sirius (hates his pureblood-obsessed family and eventually runs away from home) and Regulus (proud to be part of said family)
    • Bellatrix (fanatically devoted to Voldemort) and Narcissa (secretly terrified of him). In even greater contrast to Bellatrix and Narcissa is their other sister Andromeda Tonks. Not only did she not become a Death Eater, but she also married a muggle-born wizard, produced a daughter who became an Auror, and helps out the Order of the Phoenix, though she's not officially a member herself.
    • Harry's mother Lily (a muggleborn witch) and her sister Petunia (who is perfectly normal, thank you very much).
    • Bookish Cloudcuckoolander Dumbledore and his Book Dumb, down to Earth brother, Aberforth.
  • Katniss and Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Katniss is tough, a tomboy, a hunter, has difficulty connecting with people, and resembles their father. Prim, meanwhile, is delicate, sweet, well-liked, a healer and Friend to All Living Things who resembles their mother. Despite this, the two are incredibly close.
  • In The Snows Of Haz: Esmine is cold, analytical, and creepy, while his sister Selette is a sweet and friendly kid.
  • In The Land of Stories, where Alex is an overachieving "A" student and an optimist in love with fairytales, Conner is extremely lazy in school and a sarcastic skeptic.
  • Henry Palace and his sister Nico in The Last Policeman and its two sequels are highly contrasting in that he's quiet and straitlaced while she's rebellious and rambunctious. He's also philosophical about the coming end of the world, and she's determined to avert it somehow.
  • The Izzies from The Merlin Conspiracy by Diana Wynne Jones play with this trope. At any given time, the two girls will take on polar opposite traits; for example one being rude and aggressive while the other is shy and fainting. Then, at random times, they'll switch roles. Twin girls in a magical family where only one can be selected to inherit the family's magic, this is their way of fighting back by making themselves completely indistinguishable.
  • Isabelle and Alec Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments. Isabelle is not averse to showing off her beauty, is generally nicer, and like Jace, always rushing headfirst into demon-slaying. Unlike her, Clary notes that Alec is shyer, easier to guilt, and tries everything he can to downplay the good looks he shares with his sister. It's implied that Isabelle is the way she is in part because she wants to draw attention from her brother's homosexuality, as she does not want her parents to find out when he wasn't ready.
  • Överenskommelser by Simona Ahrnstedt:
    • Sofia Löwenström is a nearly flawless good-hearted Proper Lady, while her brother Edvard is a serial abuser of women and a sadistic sociopath. They only have one thing in common: They are both good-looking. It becomes very clear that Sofia has taken after their Extreme Doormat mother, while Edvard has taken after their Domestic Abuser father.
    • Their father Wilhelm and his brother (Beatrice's father) also seem to have been very different from each other. Wilhelm has no good memories at all of his more intelligent and liberal-minded brother.
  • Xiaohui wants to share Palimpsest with as many people as possible. Her brother puts a lot of effort into keeping any hint of Palimpsest off public forums.
  • Persuasion features radically different Eliot sisters, Anne being friendly, pleasant, and down-to-earth, and her two sisters being selfish hypochondriacs.
  • Phenomena has Alk, a responsible Bookworm and swordsman, and Ilke. an Adorable Action Girl with ice powers. Their only likeness is that they both are kind and quite badass.
  • Power: Donna is popular, attractive, and interested in things like fashion and boys. Omishto, meanwhile, is an unassuming, intelligent, and the target of abuse and bullying; in addition, Donna was given a "modern" English name, while Omishto was given a tribal name.
  • Also in Austen, Pride and Prejudice contrasts intelligent, aware, Elizabeth with her pretty but vain and shallow sisters Kitty and Lydia, who are also compared to Jane, who is beautiful but also extremely sweet and loving, and all of the sisters are compared again with Mary, who is plain, austere and studious.
  • Elinor — the sense — and Marianne — the sensibility, an archaic word for romanticism, in Sense and Sensibility.
  • The Silmarillion:
    • Fëanor and his younger half-brother Fingolfin. Fëanor is a ruthless, arrogant jerk whose actions end up cursing the Noldor and threatens Fingolfin when he thinks they will usurp his place as their father Finwë's heir. Fingolfin is more honourable and heroic and wants to reconcile with his brother.
    • Fëanor's third son Celegorm to the oldest son Maedhros. Celegorm is a notoriously cruel Elf, who is possibly the worst of his brothers, showing himself prepared to engage in kinslaying, trying to force Luthien into marriage, and urges Fëanor's sons to wicked deeds. Maedhros comes across as more reasonable and though still an Anti-Villain for his pursuit of the Silmarils tries to make up for his wicked deeds. This may be seen when Celegorm has Elflings Eluréd and Elurín abandoned in the forest to starve, at which Maedhros tries to find them but is unable to.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Most prominently seen with sisters Sansa and Arya Stark, who are each other's complete polar opposites and, as such, never get along. They even look completely different (Sansa has the Tully look inherited from her mother's side while Arya has the Stark look inherited from her father's side.) Interestingly, their older brothers Jon and Robb have this too (Jon has the Stark look like Arya, while Robb has the Tully look like Sansa) but, in contrast, Jon and Robb are extremely close as brothers.
    Jon was slender where Robb was muscular, dark where Robb was fair, graceful and quick where his half brother was strong and fast.
    • Also, the vicious Joffrey Baratheon and his gentler little brother Tommen.
    • Also, Stannis (plainer, stricter, more honourable, and not good with people) and Renly (flashy, charismatic, handsome, a Sleazy Politician) Baratheon.
      • Stannis is also this to his older brother King Robert Baratheon, a drunken Blood Knight, charismatic, Really Gets Around, but barely rules. The same can be said for Robert and Renly-both are charismatic, but Robert was a serial philanderer while Renly was, to all accounts, devoted to his lover. On the other hand, Robert was a great warrior while Renly was enthusiastic but indifferent at best (Stannis isn't as good as Robert but still a seasoned fighter; his talents lie in being among the best strategists to ever live).
    • The twins Jaime and Cersei Lannister seem to be very similar in A Game of Thrones, but when they start getting PoV chapters and character development in the later books, they move towards this trope. It's particularly in terms of how much morality (and sanity) they retain in any given situation.
      • Jaime and Tyrion are highly contrasted as well. Jaime is tall and handsome, Tyrion is a hideously deformed dwarf. Jaime thinks with his feelings and is a skilled swordsman, Tyrion is incredibly manipulative and fights with his wits. It was said that Jaime was the only one who gave a crap about his younger brother, in fact.
      • Staying within the Lannisters, Tywin Lannister was born to lead, Kevan Lannister born to follow. Luckily for them, they were born in the right order.
    • Doran and Oberyn Martell are the Sensitive Guy and Manly Man combination.
    • In the grey-and-black Yin-Yang category, large, muscular Emotional Bruiser Antivillain Sandor Clegane and his huge unrepentant rape-and-murder-machine brother Gregor.
  • Song of the Lioness's Alanna and Thom. Alanna is a Hot-Blooded tomboy who enjoys fighting and friendship and (at first) fears her magic. Thom is a bookworm who wants to be the most powerful mage and shuns friendship because he thinks it's beneath him.
  • The Star Wars Expanded Universe has Jacen and Jaina. Oddly, Jaina is more masculine than her brother.
  • In Super Powereds:
    • Angela and Shane Desoto have both inherited their powers from their grandfather Captain Starlight, the first costumed Hero: Angela got Hard Light and Shane got Living Shadow powers. Angela is a year ahead of Shane at the HCP. While both strive to be the best they can be, Angela is the lively one, enjoying all aspects of being in college (i.e. a party girl). Meanwhile, Shane is focused exclusively on his training at the expense of everything else. His best "friend" is his sparring partner. His sister has to practically force him to go to parties and social outings. To be fair, Angels is the best in her class for all four years, so she doesn't skimp on training either, but Shane feels that she could be way more powerful if she devoted more of her time to improving her abilities. However, Angela was influenced by a late Hero and a friend of her grandfather's, who convinced her to live her life to the fullest because it could end at any time.
    • To a smaller extent, this can be said about Phillip and Charles Adair (AKA Globe and Alchemist). Phillip is older and has always been kind, while also winning the Superpower Lottery. Meanwhile, Charles may have started out as a decent man, the desperation of trying to help his Powered wife led to him becoming cold and distant to his daughter and ruthless in his business endeavors. He also had no qualms about tricking his brother into killing his best friend and then trying to kill Phillip when the latter found out the truth. Contrast Vince and Alice's childhoods. Vince was homeless and got taken in by Phillip as his own, growing up in love and being taught how to be a good man. Alice was mostly raised by Charles's staff and trained to be a socialite, frequently crying herself to sleep. Vince had nothing, and Alice had everything. Which one of them was happier?
  • The Sweet Valley High franchise is based on this Trope with its protagonists — identical twin sisters no less. Elizabeth is serious, bookish, a good student, a writer for her High School newspaper, kind to all people in school (her closest friends aren't in the "popular" people club), always tries to help people, has two steady long-term boyfriends during high school, and her clothes are pretty but modest. In contrast, her twin Jessica is a scheming, gossipy, mostly superficial, and frequently lying Bratty Teenage Daughter who only hangs with the popular people, is on the Cheerleading team, goes after boy after boy, and dresses sexy and very fashionably note . And in each episode, they bicker over their differences but make up in the end.
  • In the Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note series, there's Aya and her sister Nako. Aya is mildly introverted and constantly worrying, while Nako is energetic and carefree.
  • Warrior Cats:
    • Squirrelflight and Leafpool: Leafpool is calm and patient, while Squirrelflight is hot-tempered and hyper. One character even compares them to water and fire when talking about their differences.
    • Sparkpelt and Alderheart: Sparkpelt is confident and boisterous, Alderheart is a gentler worrier. Sandstorm tells Alderheart at one point, "Sparkpaw believes she's solved every problem, and you believe you've caused every problem. You're two sides of the same leaf."
  • Wicked: The introverted, atheistic, and blandly dressed Elphaba is the older sister of the sociable, highly religious, and relatively fashionable Nessarose. Their differences are lampshaded repeatedly when Nessa is introduced.
  • In Yulia Voznesenskaya's children's book series Yulianna, the trope is invoked when twin sisters are separated when their parents get divorced. Brought up after her mother's death by Granny Classic, Anna is quiet, pious and obedient. Yulia, thanks to Bumbling Dad and Bitch in Sheep's Clothing stepmother, is spoiled, arrogant and headstrong.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Booth brothers from Bones — Booth the elder likes his comfort zone while Booth the younger is flashy and much more upwardly mobile. Dr. Sweets observes that this dichotomy is not atypical in victims of childhood abuse. Seeley took on the role of serious protector while the younger Jared took on the role of attention-seeking trouble-maker, both in response to their father's physical abuse of them and their mother. One episode was essentially an in-universe Alternate Continuity short-story being written by Dr. Brennan. In this version, the brothers' personalities remain largely the same, except their roles as protector and trouble-maker are switched with Seeley as a flashy nightclub owner and Jared as a straight-laced police detective.
  • Captain Ray Holt and his sister Debbie from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Ray is The Stoic and very closed off emotionally, while Debbie is extremely loud, vivacious and affectionate.
  • Pablo and Marcelina Guerra from Carrusel. Pablo is a loud The Prankster. Marcelina is a Shrinking Violet.
  • Criminal Minds:
    • Aaron Hotchner and his brother, who appears for exactly two episodes and is only a major focus in one. Perhaps their prominence in the series is another way that they're opposites?
    • There's also Siblings in Crime Mason and Lucas Turner. Lucas is huge, overweight, easily confused, violent, and either autistic or mentally handicapped. Mason is short, cold-blooded, highly intelligent, quadripalegic, and unlike Dumb Muscle Lucas, fully aware of what they're doing.
    • James and Lara Heathridge. James is dominant, physically strong, and is the one who does the actual hunting and killing. Lara is submissive, emotionally fragile and physically handicapped. Also, while they are both delusional, James believes he is on a mission to kill the brides of the devil, while Lara, by the end of the episode, is strongly implied to believe she herself is a bride.
  • CSI: NY:
    • Don and Sam Flack. Don is a straight-laced police detective while Sam, his sister, is a recovering alcoholic and has a felony record.
    • Danny and Louie Messer. Older brother Louie was a member of The Tanglewood Boys mafia-ish gang for quite a while, whereas Danny took the straight route and became a cop before moving to the crime lab.
    • A three-episode arc in season 7 involves Chief Carver and his sister, whose drug and alcohol abuse led to her abusing and neglecting her three children, often deserting them for days at a time. Carver eventually takes them in and raises them as his own, although they are old enough that they still called him "Uncle."
  • Dexter: Dexter who is morally ambiguous, and his brother the Ice Truck Killer who is...not.
  • Firefly: The Tams. Simon is cooler and calmer and more disciplined, and River is more sensitive and (for obvious reasons) more erratic. On the other hand, she is physically more powerful.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Arya and Sansa — Tomboy and Girly Girl.
    • Robert acts before he thinks, longs for the good old days of killing things, and cheats on his wife with numerous whores, many of whom have produced bastards. Contrast with Renly and Stannis. Renly thinks before he acts, prefers council meetings to hunting, and seems to be faithful to one man that he trusts and listens to. This is also in play with Renly and Stannis. Renly is snarky and fun, beloved by the smallfolk and his bannermen alike, has both a lover and a wife that he loves (albeit in different ways), is willing to break the rules, wants the crown because he desires power and thinks he could do a good job, gets things done with diplomacy, and is somewhat flighty and prone to impracticality (staging a tourney when he'd need all his knights in fighting shape for a war). Stannis, on the other hand, is dour and overly serious, has no social skills and only one friend, has a strained relationship with his unwanted wife, is devoted to rules and laws, only wants the crown out of duty and legal right, gets things done via law or conquest, and is logical and pragmatic.
    • Joffrey with both of his siblings; he's a sadistic psychopath, while Myrcella and Tommen are perfectly sane, decent and normal — in fact, kind and gentle to a fault. This makes Joffrey and Tommen both awful kings for different reasons.
    • Kevan is far nicer than his brother, as demonstrated by his relief in seeing Tyrion back safe and sound in "The Pointy End" — a stark contrast to Tywin's own reaction.
    • White-blonde hair and a disproportionate sense of entitlement are pretty much the only traits Daenerys shares with her brother.
    • Euron is everything Balon was not. Euron, for all his faults, is brave, proactive, cunning, and willing to make alliances, fight beside his men and actually go out and pay the iron price.
    • Euron is also this with Aeron. Euron is a bombastic, arrogant, flamboyant pirate. Aeron is a cold, stoic, solemn Priest.
  • On Grace and Frankie, Brianna & Mallory and Bud & Coyote. Brianna is a tough businesswoman with no desire to even be around kids, while Mallory is a housewife and mother of four. Bud is a responsible lawyer, whereas Coyote is a former professor who had problems with drugs and alcohol, and is now a substitute teacher.
  • Hank Zipzer has the outgoing, funny and creative Hank versus the serious, intellectual and know-it-all Emily.
  • Heroes: Hiro and his older sister Kimiko, with Hiro being idealistic, child-like, and bored by the prospect of being a businessman like his father; Kimiko is intelligent, motivated, and ambitious in regards to taking a place within the family's company.
  • Subverted by the Stinson brothers in How I Met Your Mother: Barney is white and straight, James is black and gay, but otherwise they are identical.
  • Kamen Rider Ghost: Ganma royal family has Adel, the clean-cut coldhearted pragmatist devoted to the cause and Alain, the adorkable obliviously evil Psychopathic Manchild confused about emotions and the whole reason behind their kind's crusade. Deadly Decadent Court antics definitely don't make their relationship any easier.

  • Legend Heroes: Emotional, self-admitted Idiot Hero Liu Bei and stoic, pragmatic Tsundere Gongsun Zhan. He gets them in trouble, is the cause of their Perpetual Poverty and always acts with his heart. She manages the finances, runs the dojo and always thinks in ways of practical life. Liu Bei adores Zhan as his Cool Big Sis. She loves him as much as one can love their (somewhat) Annoying Younger Sibling.
  • Los Espookys has the brainy, practical Úrsula and her ditzy sister Tati.
  • Lucifer has Lucifer and Amenadiel. Lucifer is the fun-loving rebel, while Amenadiel is their father's loyal soldier (at least at first). Amenadiel is initially dismissive of humans, but he eventually discovers he enjoys living on Earth and finds life in Heaven to be boring, something Lucifer has known all along. Their middle brother Uriel is cold and calculating, having the loyalty of Amenadiel and Lucifer's moral flexibility. Two of their other (female) siblings are shown, although not long enough to get a good sense of them. Azrael, despite being The Grim Reaper, is actually pretty kind and misses Lucifer. Remiel is more similar to Amenadiel's original personality, but they come into conflict when Remiel comes to Earth to find Amenadiel's half-human child.
  • Mad Men:
    • Anna Draper, widow of the real Don Draper is free-spirited and warm. She has a sister who is sour and uptight.
    • Seen also in the Draper children. Sally is aggressive, sometimes a tomboy and sometimes a bully. Bobby is sensitive and quiet.
    • Matthew Weiner & Co. must love this trope, as it shows up with Plucky Office Girl Peggy Olson and her devout Catholic housewife sister Anita and the sexy, somewhat liberated Megan and her whinier, devout Catholic sister.
  • NUMB3RS: Don is more "Jock-like" and Charlie is more "Geek-like".
  • Elliot and Darlene Alderson from Mr. Robot. Both are hackers, have revolutionary goals and are more than a bit unhinged (though Elliot definitely surpasses Darlene in that regard) and that's it for similarities. Elliot suffers from social anxiety disorder, hates being touched and is usually very quiet. Darlene is The Charmer and Femme Fatale, Really Gets Around and is incredibly loud and abrasive.
  • Jake and Ben Brockman in Outnumbered. Ben is outgoing, wild and wrecks chaos throughout the family, Jake is quiet, serious and often acts as a peacemaker. One of their teachers doesn't even believe they're related.
  • Poirot: Susannah and Rosamund in After the Funeral. Blond-haired Susannah does work for the Church, plans to go to Africa with a charity mission and tries to placate her Big, Screwed-Up Family. dark-haired Rosamund is a bohemian, flighty actress who fights over her uncle’s inheritance with her relatives. However, the initially shown contrast is eventually a bit blurred: Susannah can be pretty insensitive at times (and has an affair with her cousin), while Rosamund realizes she wants children more than her acting career and seeks advice from nuns on the matter.
  • Power Rangers Megaforce:
    • Vrak and Vekar, two villainous royal brothers, have different approaches in destroying and conquering Earth. Vrak is the cold, manipulative type; while Vekar is compulsive and is not afraid to throw temper tantrums when things don't go his way.
    • Sisters Vida and Madison from Power Rangers Mystic Force. Vida is aggressive and tomboyish, while Madison is quiet and girly.
  • Aunts Lily and Vivian in Pushing Daisies are both eccentric shut-ins, but the similarities end there: Vivian is gentle, flighty, and more emotional, while Lily is sharp and snarky, clever, and keeps her soft streak well-hidden.
  • Resurrection Ertugrul has Ertugrul and Gundogdu. While the former is typically calm, composed, and perfectly capable of executing his plans in secret, the latter is often loud-mouthed, critical of his younger brother, and prone to having meltdowns. Come season 5, much of Gundogdu’s impatience dies down considerably.
  • Schitt's Creek has David and Alexis. David is dark-haired, insecure, intellectual, pretentious, neat, introverted, has multiple phobias, is prone to worrying and gets depressed while Alexis is blond, confident, anything but book smart, resourceful, rarely feels emotion, extraverted, brave, upbeat and adapts easily to new situations. The siblings bicker a great deal, but they love each other and will stick up for each other
  • J.D. and Dan in Scrubs are Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling, with J.D. being the responsible one and his brother being an immature unsuccessful Basement-Dweller who mooches off of J.D.
  • From BBC's Sherlock, the Holmes brothers are portrayed this way. Sherlock is easily bored and has a tendency to be incautious and oft-dangerously short-sighted when in pursuit of a solution to whatever mystery happens to take his fancy. Mycroft runs a shadowy government agency and is much calmer and more collected than his dramatic, wild brother. This is in contrast to the characters of the original books, where Sherlock was driven and really cared about what he called "his art," while Mycroft was terminally lazy and probably could have been even greater than his brother, if he didn't find the idea of "legwork" detestable.
  • Identical twins Katie and Emily Fintch from Skins at least in their first season. Katie is the leader, dresses like sex-on-legs and Really Gets Around ("I haven't not had a boyfriend since I was seven"). Emily is eternally in her shadow, dresses slightly more conservative, and falls in love and is monogamous. There is also the tiny little fact that Emily is a closeted Lipstick Lesbian and Katie is a raging homophobe whose favorite target is the girl that Emily has fallen for.
  • Supernatural:
    • The Winchester Brothers contrast in many different ways. Dean is loud, boorish, slutty and is a Big Eater in a nutshell. But he goes quiet (and even mute in fanon) when hurting, turns all his angst in on himself and his whole life is wrapped in Sam and his family. Sam is mostly celibate (because of that pesky Cartwright Curse), is never shown to be eating and tends to be the quiet one while Dean takes control. But he gets louder and more dangerous when he's upset and his main Fatal Flaws are Pride and self-absorption. And he's far more independent than Dean, showing signs of wanting to flee the nest through the entire show's run, and, unlike Dean, would probably be able to go on permanently with his life if deprived of his family and hunting. The sex scenes (Dean in "Route 666" and "Heaven and Hell," and Sam in "Heart," "I Know What You Did Last Summer," and "Sex and Violence") show a difference between them too. Sex is fun for Dean; he doesn't mind being pushed down on the bed and letting the woman have her way with him. But for Sam, it's violent, kinky and it's clear he has to be the one in control and dominating. Sam and Dean's relationship is a parallel for Michael and Lucifer's, who are ying-yang brothers themselves.
    • It's made clear that Sam and Dean's differences stem from their contrasting roles in the family. Dean was forced to be his father's obedient soldier and his brother's caretaker while Sam seems to have been allowed some measure of freedom and innocence. It's revealed for example that a lot of Dean's mannerisms were inherited from his father, thus making it also very likely that Sam's personality is a deliberate attempt to distance himself from his family.
  • Charlie and Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men. One drinks, gambles, attracts the hottest women like moths to a bulb and lives in a nice house overlooking the beach, while the other doesn't drink (on his best days, anyway), is socially awkward, and is hopeless with women... Oh, and he's also divorced, has a kid, and lives off his brother.
  • Ultraman R/B: Katsumi is the Comically Serious realist. Isami is an excitable genius in serious need of a Cloudcuckoolander's Minder, usually supplied by their sister or, more begrudgingly, his brother.
  • The Umbrella Academy has plenty of this between the adoptive super siblings:
    • Luther and Five. Both have strong leadership qualities and considered the most mature. Except that Luther is mostly a Gentle Giant who tries to find peaceful solutions to situations, Five on the other hand is a murder happy pint-sized (thanks to messed up Time Travel) Anti-Hero who will make any sacrifice to save the world. Also while Luther relies on Super Strength and Super Toughness, Five utilizes a Teleport Spam as a Time Master.
    • Diego and Klaus. Both are reclusive and street smart but Diego is The Cowl seeking out crime as a Hot-Blooded vigilante whilst Klaus is a laid back drug taking Non-Action Guy. Both spite their adoptive father Hargreaves but while Klaus has grew past him, Diego was very effected by his father's cruelty to point developing a stammer.
    • Allison and Vanya the two sisters. The former is incredibly extroverted having become a glamorous actress, the later is severely introverted (thanks their father's emotional abuse) having grown up to be writer and violinist. They also both have devastating powers, to point of being a Reality Warper with Allison having a Compelling Voice and Vanya having Mind Over Matters powers.
    • Luther and Diego. Both are headstrong and butt heads when it comes to the leading the siblings, but Luther where is straightforward and naive Diego is stealthy and cynical. Luther also wears his heart on his sleeve, while Diego keeps his grief bottled up. Luther also works better up close with Good Old Fisticuffs while Diego with his Improbable Aiming Skills works best from a distance with his throwing knives.
    • Klaus and Ghost Ben. Both are easy going and have/had gruesome powers but whereas Ben is brave and believes in doing the right thing, Klaus is cowardly and cares more about himself. Also while Klaus has trouble getting along with his siblings, Ben cherishes them despite being unable to talk them besides Klaus.
  • The Vampire Diaries:
    • Damon is the snarky, hotheaded, impulsive pragmatist Sociopathic Hero to Stefan's milder, thoughtful, (sometimes) idealist Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire.
    • Vicki, a troubled girl addicted to drugs and Matt, a down-to-earth, normal Nice Guy.
    • Elena, a friendly, relatable Girl Next Door and her angsty Troubled, but Cute younger brother Jeremy. This was most prominent in early seasons, but averted later on the show, especially after Elena turns into a vampire.
  • Dick and Beaver on Veronica Mars. Dick is loud, stupid, sex-obsessed and borderline-sociopathic. Beaver is quiet, smart, reclusive and actually sociopathic.
  • The twin brothers in the "War Zone" episode of The Closer. One's an accomplished Army Ranger, the other's a gangbanger.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place has Alex (a mischievous, prankish, lazy, reckless manipulative bitch) and her older brother, Justin (a calm, collected, studious, mature Badass Bookworm, bordering on Mad Scientist — mad because of Alex).

    Myths & Religion 
  • In the Mabinogion: The brothers Nysien and Efnysien are complete opposites, one so kind and gentle he could bring warring armies to peace, and the other so wicked he could make the most loving family destroy each other. Their names even reflect this, meaning respectively "friendly one" and "hostile/enemy one." To highlight their differences, "Efnysien" also means "not Nysien."
  • Older Than Dirt: The Sumerian sun god Utu and his brother Nergal, god of plague and fire.
  • Cain and Abel. Abel loved God and gave him the best of his flocks as part of a sacrifice, while Cain's heart was not really in to serving God and he murdered Abel out of jealousy.
  • Izanagi and Izanami of Japanese Mythology were not only siblings but lovers as well. Keep in mind this was during a time when incestuous relationships weren't taboo. Izanagi continued being a great god to the world, while Izanami sadly became a vengeful one after becoming a monster.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Goldust and Cody Rhodes, by virtue of being sixteen years apart, don't have too much in common, other than they are both weird. Goldust is ambiguously bi, has an electric shock-induced speech impediment and is the human embodiment of movie criticism, dressing and painting himself like a giant academy award. Cody is a narcissistic dandy who once became convinced the whole world was ugly and resolved to wear a (see-through) mask and put paper bags on everyone's head.
  • Shane and Stephanie, Vince McMahon's kids, especially ever since Shane started getting characterization beyond Overlord Jr.. Whereas Shane is willing to step into the action and physically fight enemies when it comes to his family's honor whether to defend them or right their wrongs, and is otherwise a level-headed businessman who looks out for his personnel and tries to do what's best for the company as a whole, Stephanie is a spotlight-seeking, insufferably smug and petty tyrant who verbally cuts down all the talent around her with either biting condescension or scathing demonic fervor and lords her family's name as well as her gender over everyone and invokes them on a constant basis to avert nearly all manner of direct retribution or comeuppance for her actions, whether physical, official, or even verbal.

  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues has the sibling trio of Ciro, Elly, and Don. Elly is boisterous, bratty, and outspoken, while Don is more reserved and polite. And they're both a far cry from their responsible, overworked older brother.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Unconquered Sun and Luna, from Exalted. One is so absolutely perfect and virtuous that he imposes order on the world by his mere presence, and the other embodies chaos and change to such an extent that she doesn't even have a consistent motivation. Polar Opposite Twins indeed.
  • Urza and Mishra in Magic: The Gathering have a strong Red Oni, Blue Oni dynamic: Urza is detached and introspective, while Mishra is hotheaded and outgoing.
  • A few of the Primarchs of Warhammer 40,000 have this dynamic, such as Leman Russ (a boisterous, superstitious, hard-drinking Space Viking) and Magnus the Red (a sorcerer who was fascinated with knowledge and the mystic arts).

  • Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls has Uranus and Neptune. Older sister Uranus is a studious bookworm while the younger Neptune is a very laid-back surfer.
  • Not exactly siblings, but Monster High has Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde, total opposites who share a body. Jackson is quiet and introverted, while Holt is loud, outgoing, and a part-time DJ. They even have a Yin-Yang symbol as their motif.

  • Matilda has this in its B-story with the Acrobat and her Olympic athlete sister, who we later find out were actually Miss Honey's mother and aunt (Miss Trunchbull), respectively. For the eponymous Child Prodigy herself, teenage idiot Michael Wormwood is her antithesis.
  • The stage adaptation of The Little Mermaid makes King Triton and Ursula siblings. They were originally meant to be so in the film as well, but the scene telling this detail was deleted.
  • Wicked has Elphaba as an outspoken activist of Animal rights while her younger sister Nessarose is very conservative and stuck-up.

    Video Games 
  • Iris and Colonel of Mega Man X4 are technically identical twins: as a developing single reploid, they couldn't handle the series' thematic Logic Bomb and split into Iris, compassion for all living things and Colonel, the willingness to kill without hesitation to protect and for peace. They were an attempt to replicate the titular X's ability to handle this paradox, and this is the reason behind the Colonel's Honor Before Reason behaviour — he can't feel compassion. The fact they failed to live up to these principles, even one at a time, causing Zero to have to kill Colonel and then a grieving Iris to combine their power, attack Zero, and also have to be killed may have originally foreshadowed that X would eventually no longer be able to handle the Logic Bomb himself - Copy-X of Mega Man Zero was originally intended to be an X who had lost that compassion and reluctance to kill and become a Knight Templar that Zero would have to kill.
  • Onmyōji:
    • Kuromujō and Shiromujō. The former is brasher while the latter is gentler and more proper. They're even Color-Coded for Your Convenience.
    • There are also Hiromasa and Kagura. The former is hot-headed and often resorts to violence, while the latter is more sensible and thoughtful.
  • Bethany and Carver Hawke from Dragon Age II definitely count, with the twist that you hardly ever see them together - one of them dies in the first half-hour depending on Hawke's player class. Bethany is kind and supportive of Hawke, whereas Carver is surly and shares a rivalry with Hawke. Bethany feels burdened by her magic and would rather be normal, while Carver is desperate to prove himself. From the same game, Varric and Bartrand - one does everything he can to subvert dwarf stereotypes, the other is obsessed with his ancestry.
  • Resident Evil has the Redfield siblings Chris and Claire, both are heroic and skilled with guns but while Chris is stoic and driven, Claire is kind and passionate. Chris also relies on Good Old Fisticuffs while Claire is a Kick Chick.
  • Schala and her younger brother Janus (Magus) in Chrono Trigger. The former is sweet, compassionate and submissive. The latter is aloof, arrogant and headstrong.
  • Yun and Yang from the Street Fighter III series. Yun is loud and outgoing, while Yang is quiet and introverted. Also, Yun focuses on the strength of his attacks, while Yang focuses on the number of hits.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade has the Reasonable Authority Figure Uther and the Hot-Blooded Hector. This can probably be chalked up to the fact that Uther's functioned as Hector's father figure since their parents died.
      • The three Pegasus sisters are a rare trio example. Quiet, serious Fiora butts heads with boisterous Farina, who in turn gets a kick out of teasing both her and shy, sensitive Florina.
      • In the prequel to Blazing Blade, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, there's another sibling trio... also of Pegasus sisters. Yuuno is a sweet Action Mom, Thea is a stoic Defrosting Ice Queen and Shanna is a hyper Genki Girl. And there's also a set of twins: the cheerful mage Lugh and the snarky shaman Rai.
    • In Path of Radiance, some of the earliest playable characters are Oscar, The Ace and cool-headed Nice Guy, and his younger brother Boyd, a Boisterous Bruiser with a fairly lousy work ethic.
      • Micaiah and Sanaki have some of this going on Radiant Dawn, though they do have their similarities. The former is a peasant until the end (when she's crowned as Queen of Daein), the latter is the young empress of Begnion. The former possesses the Darkness affinity, the latter, the Light affinity. Both are kind and polite, though the former is often more soft-spoken whilst the latter can be a bit childish at times. Both, though especially the former, can be quite sarcastic at times. Both will do whatever they can for their country, though the former will demonstrate this to the max. They also both have a magic type in common. Their resemblance becomes even more apparent to anyone who bothers to compare images of their portraits side-by-side. About the biggest difference between them is that older sister Micaiah will live far beyond little sister Sanaki's lifespan because of being a Branded (half-Human, half-Laguz), while Sanaki is a human.
    • Fire Emblem Awakening has this between Warrior Prince Chrom, Tomboy Princess Lissa, and The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask Emmeryn. The sibling set-ups for the future children allow for this as well, depending on who is either Morgan's older sibling or Lucina's younger sibling: the most blatant examples are Lucina and either Cynthia (if Chrom marries Sumia) or Inigo (if he marries Olivia), or girl!Morgan with either Laurent, Gerome, Nah or Noire (if a male Avatar marries Miriel, Cherche, Nowi or Tharja.)
    • Fire Emblem Fates has the fraternal twins Saizo and Kaze, with older twin Saizo as a Fiery Redhead Highly Visible Ninja and younger twin Kaze as a green-haired Nice Guy. Depending on which path the Avatar takes, this will double as Cain and Abel. Sibling set-ups for the Second Generation work here too, depending on the Avatar and Azura's hook-ups: i.e., Azura's kind and calm son Shigure can potentially have characters like Rhajat, Shiro, Kiragi, Percy, Ophelia, Soleil or Nina as his sibling (if Azura marries either Hayato, Ryoma, Takumi, Arthur, Odin aka the Older and Wiser Owain, Laslow aka the Older and Wiser Inigo, or Niles)
    • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has the mages Luthier and Delthea, with the older brother Luthier as a Socially Awkward Hero who takes magic very seriously and the younger sister Delthea as a Brilliant, but Lazy Black Magician Girl.
  • Unusual triplet variant, from Metal Gear Solid - Solid and Liquid Snakes are extremely diametrically opposed; reserved, guilty Solid lacks his brother's ambitious, manipulative nature, and passionate, vengeful Liquid lacks his brother's wisdom and emotional clarity. This is complicated by the arrival of the third triplet, the calculating, focused Solidus, who considers himself a 'perfect balance' of his brothers' traits - he's wise and manipulative at once.
  • Touhou:
  • Netto (Lan) and Saito (Hub) Hikari AKA MegaMan from Mega Man Battle Network, especially in the Japanese version. Netto is outgoing, brash, and rather hot-headed; Saito is more calm and collected.
  • The Kirishima siblings from Project Justice - elder sister Yurika is a quiet, timid Ojou Of War, while younger brother Kurow is a megalomaniac Psycho for Hire complete with a Slasher Smile.
  • Hisui and Kohak in Tales of Hearts. The elder is Hot-Blooded and impulsive and rude, and his speech is crass; his sister is soft-spoken and polite. There's also Croaseraph, who is an aggressive Dual Wielding Glass Cannon who wants to Kill All Humans, and his brother Crinoseraph, a stoic, defensive spellcaster with two shields who's maintained his loyalty to his master.
  • Tales of the Tempest: Caius Qualls and Lukius Bridges. One's a Fiery Redhead melee fighter who embraces his Leiman half, the other's a coolheaded Squishy Wizard who rejects his half-Leiman heritage.
  • Devil May Cry brings us Dante and Vergil, the twin sons of Sparda. Dante is loud-mouthed, trash-talking, dresses in red, yet is a demon hunter who embraces his human side, using his demonic powers to aid humanity, being the hero. Vergil is soft-spoken, more introverted, dresses in blue yet embraces his demonic side and is obsessed with gaining power at every cost.
  • The Williams sisters from Tekken. Nina is statuesque, cold, and blonde while Anna is the curvaceous and flirty brunette.
  • Record of Agarest War:
    • Fyuria has light-based attacks, Zerva has darkness-based attacks. Together, they have a powerful Yin-Yang Bomb.
    • Same thing with Lavinia and Faina.
  • Jeanette and Therese Voerman (AKA Tourette Voerman) from Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. The Malkavian PC even describes them as "The Ivory Princess" and "The Dark Daughter" respectively. They're very likely one character...
  • Dark Souls has the Queen of Sunlight Gwynevere and the Darkmoon God Gwyndolyn.
  • Blazblue gives us the protagonist, Ragna the Bloodedge and his younger brother, Jin Kisaragi. The former is a wanted rebel who seeks to destroy the establishing government, and the latter is considered a hero by said government and embodies order. Ironically, in terms of personality, they're a lot more alike than either of them would like to admit.
  • Fatal Fury:
    • The Bogard brothers. Terry comes off as interpersonal and social while his brother Andy is stoic and keeps to himself to focus on his training.
    • The Kim brothers from Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Dong Hwan is a slacker who doesn't take his training seriously and just goofs off while his brother Jae Hoon is the exact opposite.
  • Granblue Fantasy has Aglovale and Percival. Aglovale is cool-headed in contrast to Percival's tendency to often be hot-blooded. It also reflects in their elements that Aglovale's element is water to Percival's fire.
  • Deadly Premonition has siblings Thomas and Carol MacLaine, and the two could not be more different. Thomas (a deputy in the sheriff's department) is meek, submissive, overly eager to please, gets along very well with York, and is extremely domestic. Carol is assertive, aggressive, dominant, takes no crap from anyone, and outrights tells York she can't stand him. They diverge more when York gets to know them better, as Carol has a Hidden Heart of Gold despite her coldness, and Thomas has a mean side beneath his sweetness. About the only thing they have in common is that they both love George Woodman.
  • Pokémon:
    • A double battle in Pokémon X and Y features a duo of sisters, one is a happy, friendly, Fairy Tale Girl, and the other is a shy, introverted, Hex Maniac.
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon gives us Lillie, a shy and sweet girl who dresses in white. Later on, we meet her brother Gladion, a grumpy, pessimistic boy who dresses in black.
    • Subway Bosses Emmet and Ingo of Pokémon Black and White at the very least appear this way; Emmet wears white and is always seen smiling, while Ingo wears black and is constantly frowning.
  • Ace Attorney:
    • In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Kristoph Gavin is a cool, businesslike defense attorney while his younger brother Klavier is a wild, extroverted prosecutor. Furthermore, Kristoph is evil and Klavier is good.
    • And in the same game, there's Apollo and Trucy, the protagonists themselves, although they don't know they're half-siblings. They do have some similarities, but Trucy is optimistic, a little naive, and extroverted. Apollo, on the other hand, is more cynical, sarcastic, and is more reserved around people than Trucy is.
    • There's also the kind Iris and the Manipulative Bastard Dahlia Hawthorne.
  • Undertale has the Skelebros: Papyrus is boisterous and enthusiastic but takes himself a bit too seriously at times; his brother Sans is The Slacker and hides an almost-nihilistic depression behind a constant string of pranks and bad puns. If there's one thing they have in common, it's that neither of them are to be taken lightly.
  • In Soulcalibur V, despite (or perhaps because of) their very different childhoods, Pyrrha and Patroklos are perfect Foils to each other. She's an ex-slave Martial Pacifist who craves approval; he's a mercenary aristocrat who often picks fights, even with his allies. Their (initial) inability to reconcile these differences drives the game's plot and is frequently lampshaded.
    Viola: "The sun and moon cannot rise together."
    Ivy: (to Pyrrha) "You should do something about that rude brother of yours."
    • Before them were their mother and aunt, Sophitia and Cassandra Alexandra respectively. Sophitia is a Nice Girl who had an air of grace and finesse to her combat style, utilizing precise sword attacks that emphasize skill over strength. Cassandra is a more brash, sassy girl whose combat style places a ton of emphasis overwhelming her opponents with brute force such as her many shield based attacks. It carries over to their general playstyle as well—Sophitia is more passive and defensive, Cassandra is more aggressive and offensive.
  • Neptunia: Three of the four Goddesses and their four younger sisters, the Goddess Candidates:
    • Planeptune's Neptune and Nepgear have the Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling dynamic. Neptune is a Lazy Bum and a childish Genki Girl who is rarely serious while in human form, while her younger sister Nepgear is more mature, does most of Neptune's work and calm and polite, but she lacks confidence. Their is also a huge difference when they transform. When Neptune transforms into Purple Heart, she drastically becomes a Lady of War, while Nepgear barely changes when she transforms into Purple Sister.
    • Lowee's Rom and Ram are Polar Opposite Twins, with Rom being a sweet Shrinking Violet and Ram being a Genki Girl brat. Their individual characters reflect Blanc's dual personality, their older sister. The twins fighting style is also very different from Blanc: they are mages, while Blanc fights with a hammer and is a Stone Wall.
    • Lastation's Noire and Uni have almost identical personalities, with their biggest difference being their amount of confidence (and their social life). Their fighting styles, however, are the complete opposite of each other (at least the Lowee sisters have all ice attacks). Noire is a close-combat swordswoman (heavy emphasis on close), while Uni is a long-range gunner.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a downplayed variant with siblings Hjalmar and Cerys An Craite, children to Crach An Craite and two likely candidates for the kingship of Skellige. Hjalamar is a Proud Warrior Race Guy who loves violence, uses it as his first solution to anything, and epitomizes the Fantasy Counterpart Culture of the Vikings that the people of Skellige represent. Cerys, his sister, is more subdued, is patient, and prefers to think her problems through before acting, as well as preferring peace. Both siblings are quite stubborn, and have aspects of each other: Cerys does not shy from combat when she needs to, and Hjalmar will use his brain to tackle tough foes, like ambushing a giant by avoiding stepping on snow. One of them becomes the ruler of Skellige, and the other is a Graceful Loser and proud of their sibling's accomplishment.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask has Tatl and Tael. Tatl is a hotheaded and snarky Tsundere who unfairly blames Link for her initial separation from Tael and the Skull Kid but nonetheless undergoes a Heel–Face Turn upon realizing just how destructive Majora's Mask has made the Skull Kid. Tael is her kind and timid younger brother who nonetheless sticks with the Skull Kid, both because of how much of an Extreme Doormat he is and because he can more easily see that the Skull Kid is Not Himself.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has Mipha and Sidon, the children of the Zora king. Mipha is The Quiet One, generally keeping her feelings to herself and filling the White Magician Girl role after battles, while Sidon is a Warrior Prince with an energetic and sociable personality. Impa and Purah are another pair; Impa is a fairly serious and reserved character who focuses on the spiritual traditions of Sheikah culture and who has a granddaughter, while Purah is an energetic and showy character who focuses more on the scientific traditions of Sheikah culture and who doesn't seem to have started a family of her own (implied based on dialogue with people in Hateno Village to be because she is a Child Hater).
  • Child of Light has Rubella, the energetic Non-Ironic Clown, and Tristis, the perpetually depressed Sad Clown.
  • The Squid Sisters from Splatoon, though they're actually cousins. There's the peppy and energetic Callie and her sarcastic laid-back cousin Marie. This is encouraged by the Splatfest competitions, where each character represents a different side. For example, Callie is an early morning person while Marie is a night-owl.
  • God of War (PS4) gives us the Dwarven blacksmiths Brok (a tough, foul-mouthed old cuss) and Sindri (a delicate, neurotic germophobe). At the start of the game they've had a falling out and haven't seen each other in a while, but it's clear they still care for each other in a Tsundere kind of way (at one point Brok asks Kratos and son if it looks like Sindri is eating well). Eventually, they get back together, each brother acknowledging the other's unique skills.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Pyra and Mythra aren't technically sisters, but it's how they view each other. Mythra is a somewhat overconfident, abrasive and a terrible cook, while Pyra is much more humble, gentle, and a Supreme Chef. The Torna DLC heavily implies that this is because Mythra, after being emotionally traumatized by her battle with Malos and the resulting collateral damage, deliberately created Pyra to be the opposite of herself.
  • Investi-Gator: The Case of the Big Crime: Investi-Gator and Insti-Gator are brothers. Respectively, one is a detective who seeks to solve cases and help people, and the other is a criminal who steals things and manipulates his brother for his own gain.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • Since Strong Mad and Strong Bad of Homestar Runner were originally created based on a wrestling tag-team, they both have brash personalities. Their brother, Strong Sad, however, is creative, sensitive, and depressed.
  • The Dakotas from Red vs. Blue; South is a loud, selfish Jerkass who will do anything to make sure she comes out on top, while North is a quiet and kind Team Dad for Project Freelancer. South eventually betrays North to his death between Tex's attempt at freeing the Alpha AI and her appearance in the Recovery One miniseries.
  • RWBY: When Qrow is telling Team RNJR stories around the campfire, he tells them of a creation myth about two brothers, the God of Darkness and the God of Light. The God of Light creates life while the God of Darkness creates destruction. In the myth, they don't get on very well and keep trying to one-up each other. In the end, they decide to create a single thing that they can both be proud of, something with the power to both create and destroy: humanity. Qrow tells Team RNJR that, while humans have come up with dozens of gods throughout Remnant's history, Ozpin once told him that the Gods of Light and Darkness are actually real: the God of Light created plants and animals while the God of Darkness created the Creatures of Grimm. They left behind four extremely powerful artefacts in the form of relics: the powers of Knowledge, Creation, Destruction, and Choice, which are protected by the four Huntsmen Academies and which Salem is trying to find.
    • Qrow himself with his sister Raven; while both have commitment issues, Qrow tries his hardest to be a Cool Uncle for Ruby and Yang and can be quite warm when pressed, while Raven is a Social Darwinist who abandoned her family and cares only for herself.

  • Molly and Galatea in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!; Molly is bubbly and optimistic, while Galatea is cynical and ambitious.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Elan and Nale. They even have opposite alignments (Elan is Chaotic Good, Nale is Lawful Evil).
    • From the Start of Darkness prequel, Redcloak and Right-Eye also count, though interestingly their positions changed as time went on; in their youth Right-Eye was impulsive and temperamental, while Redcloak was more reserved and calculating. After Right-Eye quit villainy and started a family he mellowed out and became more cautious and contemplative, while Redcloak's stubbornness grew and he became more harsh and severe. Later becomes Cain and Abel when Redcloak murders Right-Eye to prevent him from killing Xykon and setting Redcloak's Evil Plan back decades.
    • Roy and his sister Julia: Roy is a duty-bound Badass Normal who does come to care for his team, while Julia is a shallow Valley Girl who acts rather jerkish to everyone she meets. They still care for one another, though, something that completely baffles Nale.
  • Oasis and Kusari in Sluggy Freelance. Kusari is emotionless and unfailingly loyal to Hereti-Corp. Oasis is an Ax-Crazy Yandere who kills all Hereti-Corp employees on sight.
  • Angelika and Julie from Our Little Adventure. Julie is mature and responsible and Angelika is a nutcase.
  • Jack and Louise from Miscellaneous Error. Jack is batscat nuts, and his younger sister Louise is more straitlaced and responsible.
  • Elon and Myari of Ears for Elves, oh so much. Elon is cautious and methodical where Myari is impulsive and excitable.
  • In Pacificators, we have the Sibling Team Taffe and Larima. Taffe is The Stoic, and very unmotivated about her job, whereas Larima is The Ditz who really, really loves being a Pacificator. So far, there's just really not much in common between them.
  • Invoked in El Goonish Shive by Elliot's Opposite-Sex Clone, Ellen. Because she wants to break away from Elliot's person, she deliberately acts outgoing and flirty, while Elliot himself is reticent and prudish.
  • In PreTeena, protagonist Teena is a good-hearted and cheery Tomboy. Her sister Jeri is a cold-hearted and moody Girly Girl. Teena also still wants to be a good student in school, while Jeri doesn't care about that anymore.
  • Early on, Sticky Dilly Buns offers Amber, the blonde, instinctual, outgoing ex-porn star, and her younger sister, the brunette, uptight, initially friendless, virginal nerd Ruby. But for real yin-yang contrast, it later introduces the tall, skinny, anatomically simply female, psychologically gender-fluid, perpetually angry, emo/goth Angel, and her sister, the short, plump, medically intersex, psychologically solidly female, placid, fluffy-girly Ramona. One might wonder if there's a theme here. Incidentally, Ruby and Amber have problems dealing with each other, whereas Angel and Ramona are quite solidly affectionate.
  • Edith and her older siblings in Alice and the Nightmare - Edith is timid and shy, not to mention a Diamond (the lowest Suit), while her siblings are genki, gleeful and of Hearts (the highest Suit).
  • Girl Genius: Would you believe that shy, serious, reluctant explorer Bookworm Aldin and gung-ho Genius Ditz adventurer Jiminez are brothers?
  • In Beyond Bloom, Sikue and Tatsuma are polar opposites in many ways, one being loud and aggressive, while the other is quiet and gentle. This is especially emphasized when their magic abilities are used, one being offensive while the other is defensive. The flowers that they are made from are even revealed to always grow together while having opposite effects (one poisonous and one curing poison). The Yin-Yang similarities get pretty strong, one must wonder if it was intentional.
  • It's complicated to explain the relationships of kids of Homestuck, but they seem to do this:
    • Brunettes (John and Jade Guardians/Alpha counterparts Jake and Jane): Naive, Adorkable with Nerd Glasses, forthright, and Jumped at the Call. John and Jane live in the suburbs while Jade and Jake live on isolated islands. John, Jade, and Jane have like certain genres more than others (bad movies (unironically), furry art/anime, and comedy, respectively) while Jake loves all genres indiscriminately (but specially if they have blue-skinned space babes).
    • Blondes (Rose and Dave Guardians/Alpha counterparts Roxy and Dirk): Cynical, slightly Anti-Hero with Cool Shades for the guys and Scarf Of Ass Kicking for the girls, Genre Savvy/Properly Paranoid. Rose is the hero of Light and dislikes alcohol at age 13 while Roxy is the hero of Void and is a 16-year-old Hard-Drinking Party Girl (this is later reversed: Roxy wants to be sober while Rose discovers the joys of drinking); Dirk is always awake (he's simultaneously awake in the real world and in the dream world) while Roxy is always intoxicated (she's drunk in the real world and sleepwalks in the dream world).
    • Their guardians are also their ectobiological siblings, but the yin-yang shows up most in Rose/Roxy and Dave/Dirk, who are always wondering if their guardians are being ironic/sincere (Dave is ironic; Dirk is a little bit more sincere) and cruel/playful (probably not cruel but Rose thought her mother was playing a game of "passive-aggressive oneupsmanship" by doing over-the-top things like having a lavish funeral for her pet cat while Roxy, who'd never been to a funeral, genuinely wanted to see what one was like and it's probable as "Mom Lalonde" she felt the same), respectively.
    • In as much as animal counterparts can be considered siblings: Bec is the "good dog, best friend" of his owner Jade while God Cat is owned by no one and seems much more ambiguous. They're the omnipotent guardians of the Earth, manipulators of sapient beings, and masters of a game that will create a new universe from the ashes of the present one — or would be if they weren't just animals with superpowers. Well Bec definitely was, GCat's still a mystery.
    • The Troll kids (who are siblings) do this with their ancestors and each other. For example, Vriska likes to torture the child-like Tavros and while they're both considered losers their ancestors were a hugely successful pirate queen and an almost-successful messiah-figure.
    • Calliope and Caliborn. Calliope is kind, funny and wouldn't hurt a fly, while Caliborn is cruel, destructive, and antagonistic. They even contain references to Yin and Yang.
  • Hunters Of Salamastra: Mia and Matthew, in very bad way; while Mia was kind, Matthew was sadistic. Matthew bullied his sister constantly, and their parents encouraged this.
  • In Yokoka's Quest, The siblings Yin and Yang are opposites in terms of personalities, elemental magic, and colour schemes.

    Western Animation 
  • The Belcher kids on Bob's Burgers. The eldest daughter Tina is anxious, soft-spoken, and self-effacing, although boy-crazy. The youngest daughter is a snarky Large Ham and proud schemer. Between them is the lone son Gene, a scatterbrained Cheerful Child.
  • The Interesting Twins From Beneath The Mountain in Codename: Kids Next Door; "Sister" is domineering and driven by emotion, while "Brother" is more reserved and rational. To drive the point home, the birthmarks on their faces are literally the two halves of Yin and Yang.
  • Danny and Jazz in Danny Phantom. Danny is insecure, rash and powerful, while Jazz is book-smart, confident and collected.
  • Daria and Quinn in Daria. Daria is a snarky, cynical, intellectual girl, Quinn is a shallow, vain Lovable Alpha Bitch.
  • Dexter is a Child Prodigy and Dee Dee is The Ditz in Dexter's Laboratory, although Dee Dee has been portrayed as actually being smarter, or at least more experienced, on occasion.
  • Ang and Ling in Legend Of The Dragon. Ang is an easy-going, self-effacing hero, and Ling is an intense, ambitious Anti-Villain (later Anti-Hero). She even gets her powers from "the darkest Yin".
  • Girly-girl/Beauty queen Lola and tomboy/dirt-loving Lana are twin sisters on The Loud House
  • Andy and Kevin French from Mission Hill. The former is a Street Smart slacker who is quite savvy and able to be quite brilliant on the fly when the scenario calls for it, all the while being a sarcastic snarker and complete womanizer. The latter is an absolute genius at academics but so socially inept and sheltered he can hardly fend for himself outside of the classroom, and an overly enthusiastic mommy's boy. Andy is openly an Ethical Slut but completely willing to leave a woman hanging just to look out for his brother, while the latter claims to be against anything even remotely sexual but is secretly enthralled by pornography.
  • The Flea and Pulgita in ¡Mucha Lucha!, the latter being the sane man to the former.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Celestia, who controls the day, is gentle, motherly, and a bit mischievous, while Luna, who controls the night, is stern, overly formal, and a bit bad-tempered (as seen in "Luna Eclipsed"). That may be a side effect of being sealed in the moon for a thousand years, though. (It's eventually revealed that part of Luna's behavior is due to the guilt she feels over her time as Nightmare Moon.)
    • Pinkie Pie and her sister Maud. Pinkie's a brightly-colored Fun Personified ball of Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! energy. Maud's a grey-colored, rock-obsessed Emotionless Girl.
    • As seen in "Hearthbreakers", this goes for Pinkie's other sisters as well. Pinkie is friendly, welcoming, and fun-loving, while Limestone is gruff, bad-tempered, and serious. Pinkie is talkative and outgoing, while her twin sister Marble is quiet and bashful.
  • On Over the Garden Wall, Wirt is a shy Only Sane Man who occasional lapses into melodrama and despair, while his younger half-brother Greg is a kooky Cheerful Child who refuses to ever give up.
  • Phineas and Ferb, Phineas and Ferb, though they share the love of inventions, tend to contrast each other in some ways, though their differences seem more complementary than opposed; Phineas is the more talkative ideas guy while Ferb is The Quiet One who builds all the inventions Phineas thinks up. For that matter, either/both of them contrast their older sister Candace, a shrill Nervous Wreck who wants nothing more than a quiet, unexciting summer, and will go out of her way to try and get the duo caught by their parents.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
    • The Daughter and the Son are literal examples of this trope, as they are representing the Light and The Dark Side of the Force respectively.
    • It is revealed as of "Lawless" that Satine and Bo-Katan are this in the more general sense. Despite their differences, however, the latter was very much broken up when the former was killed.
    • Savage Oppress and Darth Maul are this as well. While they are both powerful and clever Sith warriors, the former, while far from stupid, is not much of a thinker, bluntly straightforward, honorable despite his darker nature, and content with staying in his brother's shadow. In contrast, Maul, while very much a fighter, is much more cunning, charismatic, manipulative, cruel, and ambitious. Despite the potential for a betrayal on Maul's part, both brothers genuinely do care for one another, and Maul's reaction to Savage's death by Sidious's hand is both grief and anger.
  • Huey and Riley in The Boondocks. Riley is more foolish and impressionable, while Huey is responsible and levelheaded.
  • The Legend of Korra
    • Mako and Bolin grew up on the streets, but while Mako is a broody, dark, Troubled, but Cute firebender devoted to winning the probending league and protecting his little brother, Bolin's a boisterous, fun-loving, earthbending ladies man.
    • Tenzin's daughters Ikki and Jinora. Jinora is a Cute Bookworm Shrinking Violet and the Girly Girl to Ikki's Motor Mouth, Genki Girl Tomboy personality.
    • Tenzin has this relationship with his older siblings Kya and Bumi. When they were children Tenzin was very serious while his siblings were rather rambunctious. In the present Tenzin is serious (usually), bald, and monk-like while Bumi is "a wild man" in the armed forces of the United Republic with a head full of anime hair; meanwhile Kya is unmarried and traveled all over the world to "find herself" (which Tenzin saw as abandoning her family) while Tenzin settled down and had a large family. Tenzin and Kya are benders with a spiritual/healing, while Bumi is a Bad Ass Normal military man/walking disaster area.
      • Bumi is like his father in his childhood: goofy, off-the-wall, and carefree. Tenzin is like his father in adulthood: serious, burdened with purpose, and a bit of a stick in the mud (i.e. Aang's consternation at Toph still calling him "Twinkle-toes" even in their forties).
    • Between Korra's father Tonraq and her uncle Unalaq. The younger brother, Unalaq is ambitious, focused on spiritual concerns, and feels driven to lead his people; while the older brother, Tonraq is unambitious, focused on physical strength, and decidedly unspiritual. Then it's revealed that Unalaq is a madman and got Tonraq kicked out of his tribe.
    • Lin and Suyin Beifong. Lin highly values law and order, never wanted children and is generally very cold, serious and bitter. Suyin, on the other hand, was a teenage rebel, still does not like authority too much, but highly values family, having five children of her own, and appears to be rather warm and open towards other people.
    • Desna is the Only Sane Man as he becomes concerned about his father's Evil Plan, while his twin sister Eska is the more abusive psycho towards Bolin.
    • Suyin's children: Huan is the Emo Teen, Wei and Wing are Bash Brothers, Opal is a sweet and honest person and Bataar Jr. is well, The Dragon to his fiance Kuvira, let alone being a jerk towards his mother, who considers him as a Black Sheep of the family.
    • Noatak/Amon wants to take over Republic City out of a genuine desire to bring equality between benders and non-benders. His brother Tarrlok is purely interested in gaining political power for himself. Their approach is also markedly different; Tarrlok is a politician using the crisis to more or less legally consolidate power, while Amon is a terrorist advocating the violent overthrow of the government
  • The Powerpuff Girls have Buttercup, a tough angry tomboy, and Bubbles, a gentle Girly Girl, who almost never gets mad. Blossom is somewhere between them personality-wise, but she also is the most intelligent one.
  • Megabyte and Hexadecimal are two virus siblings from Reboot. Megabyte is egomaniacal, sophisticated, well-mannered, calm and collected, and desires to have Mainframe placed under his orderly rule. Hexadecimal is sporatic, prone to wild mood swings, and loves chaos for the sake of chaos.
  • Bart, a lazy delinquent, and Lisa, a socially-aware academic, in The Simpsons. Incidentally, their parents contrast each other similarly.
  • Hank and Dean, the titular Venture Brothers, have grown to become this in later seasons. Dean is a nerdy, frail, non-confrontational Non-Action Guy who is being groomed for a career as a super scientist, while Hank is an underachiever and wannabe Action Hero.
  • Yin Yang Yo!:
    • Carl and Herman, with Carl's magic and strategy being contrasted by Herman's muscle and brute force. "Dojo Alone" showed that, if they ever worked together, they'd be unstoppable, but they can't stand each other.
    • Yin and Yang coping with each others' differences is quite a major part of the series. While Yin is studious, feminine, and a magic user, Yang is rather idiotic, rough, and prefers to use might over magic.
  • Evangelyne and Cleophee in Wakfu. Eva fits the Archer Archetype, while Cleo is more reckless and prefers hand-to-hand combat.
  • In Street Fighter, Akuma and his brother Gouken (Ryu and Ken's martial arts master). Gouken was happy that he and Akuma were chosen by their master to be training partners, as they were the first set of siblings in their school's history to be paired up like this. Akuma was less than thrilled since this only emphasized how different they were. Their master paired them up specifically because they were almost polar opposites since their school's philosophy stated that this was the best way to encourage growth. Gouken was as peaceful as Akuma was vicious. This is true to the source material: Gouken purged their school's martial art of its murderous aspects, while Akuma embraced and refined them.
  • The brothers Dijon and Poupon in DuckTales (1987). Dijon is an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain with Sticky Fingers, whereas Poupon is a virtuous monk and a member of the order that guards the Golden Goose.

    Real Life 
  • Fred Astaire and his sister Adele, who performed together as a dance team before Adele married and Fred went into movies. Although they got along very well, they were opposites in many ways. Adele was once said to have "put all the flap in flapperdom," loved parties, liked to shock people and hated to rehearse. Fred was much calmer and more reserved (to the point of being shy in his later years), and he could happily spend a couple of days perfecting a few seconds of dancing. Adele's nickname for Fred was "Moaning Minnie" due to his tendency to worry about his performances; in return, he called her "Goodtime Charlie." Their relationship, including Adele's eventual marriage to an English nobleman, is loosely dramatized in Royal Wedding.
  • Christopher and Peter Hitchens. Christopher was a very outspoken atheist/anti-theist and held predominantly (but by no means exclusively) liberal political views. Peter is an Anglican convert from atheism and holds predominantly conservative political views. Granted, both are relatively high-profile journalists, but beyond similar vocations and genetics, the similarities generally end there.
    • Chris was known for drinking and smoking a lot, whereas Peter can't drink much and doesn't smoke. Plus, Chris supported the Iraq War, bucking the left-wing consensus, whereas Peter opposed it, bucking the... Uncanny.
  • The Filipino brothers Juan and Antonio Luna. Juan was a painter while Antonio was a general and a chemist. Oddly, they both were good at fencing, and would often spar with each other. Antonio in particular was reputed to be so good that anyone who was not Juan would end up dead dueling him. They also both had a hot-blooded streak: Antonio's temper was so explosive that his men were scared of him (especially when his face contorted so much he got the nickname "Cafre" for it) and Juan, though calmer than his brother, murdered his wife and mother-in-law.
  • The Gracchi of The Roman Republic. Both of them had the same political sympathies and ideas but different modes of rhetoric and speaking. Tiberius, as per Plutarch was modest, calm and appealed to reason, while Gaius appealed to emotions and sentiment. Tiberius would speak standing in one place, Gaius would move around and make gestures and act out his emotions.
  • George W. and Jeb Bush. Both are Republican politicians, true, but George is (by all accounts) a very personable man who parlayed his youthful love for the bottle and a certain white powder into a deeply-held religious faith. Jeb (by all accounts) is somewhat less personable (though not half as detached as their father) and something of an introverted dork, and seems not to be half as religious as his brother. Oh, and one is seen as being rather stupid (although some see this as Obfuscating Stupidity), and the other is a quite intelligent and certified political whiz. note 
  • The Mitford Sisters. Two of them were Nazis: Diana (who married Oswald Mosely, leader of the British Union of Fascists) and Unity (a personal friendnote  of Adolf Hitler, who called her "a perfect specimen of Aryan womanhood"). Jessica, on the other hand, was a member of the Communist Party and civil rights activist. Nancy was a novelist, and Deborah is the Duchess of Devonshire; Nancy was considered to be a moderate socialist, and Deborah a moderate conservative-to-moderate (classical) liberal (she joined the Social Democratic Party with her husband in 1981). Pamela was the only non-famous sister; in private, she seems to have been a typical Tory (albeit a bit more racist than was acceptable even for a conservative of her class and generation).
  • Prim and proper Elizabeth Windsor vs. her sister, Princess Margaret the Hard-Drinking Party Girl/Lady Drunk.
  • Tom Skilling, the greatly respected Chief Meteorologist for WGN-TV and the Chicago Tribune newspaper, versus his brother Jeff, currently in a federal penitentiary for his actions as CFO of Enron.
  • Hermann Goering, one of the leaders of the Nazi party, had a younger brother named Albert, who was not only a staunch anti-Nazi but helped many Jews escape Nazi persecution.
  • James "Whitey" Bulger — mob boss, murderer, ex-fugitive, and inspiration for Jack Nicholson's character in The Departed — and William Bulger, President of the Massachusetts Senate and the University of Massachusetts (until authorities learned he was talking to his brother).
  • Al Capone, a famous gangster who made his fortune primarily through the selling of alcohol in the Prohibition era, and his brother James "Two-Gun Hart" Capone, one of the most successful Prohibition officers of the era.
  • Jamie Foxx's daughters — the older one (in her twenties) is fairly private and low-key while the younger one (about 5 or 6) loves the spotlight:
    Jamie Foxx (paraphrased): We were in the convertible on our way to a nice restaurant and I told her we had to put the top up. She was disappointed but before I could close it she stood up and shouted "JAMIE FOXX IN THE HOUSE!".
  • Notorious London gangsters the Kray twins fit this mould. Ronnie and Reggie Kray were an incredibly close set of twins who ruled the East End of London in a reign of terror in the 1960s. Though both known to be ruthless and incredibly violent, they were nonetheless polar opposites in personality. Ronnie Kray was hot-blooded, rash, unpredictable, a schizophrenic, and openly bisexual. Reggie, by contrast, was calm, cold, calculating, more reserved, and straight. They also had differing opinions on the media attention they received - Ronnie openly courted fame and the celebrity lifestyle, while Reggie wanted what he called 'the good life'; namely, a wife, material possessions, and respect. Despite these differences, the two remained very close to each other even during their eventual life imprisonment, keeping in daily contact through letters and telephone calls, and when Ronnie died in 1995, Reggie claimed "Being twins there's a certain amount of telepathy. I know he is at ease."


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