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Sibling Yin-Yang

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Opposites Attract; even in their blood.

"After 30 long years, finally, the two of us meet. The brother of light... and the brother of dark."
Liquid Snake, Metal Gear Solid

In Real Life, siblings rarely act the same. Fiction sometimes takes this to an extreme.

Enter Sibling Yin-Yang, the occurrence of siblings that are polar opposites. If he's cool and reckless, she's responsible and thoughtful. If she's a spiky-haired hooligan, he's the nerdy wimpy one. If he's an immature brat, she's... well, you get the picture.

The even more extreme form leads to Polar Opposite Twins or even Evil Twin. See also The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry, Tomboy and Girly Girl, Cain and Abel (when this leads to complete antagonism) and Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling (where An Aesop is involved). The siblings may very well (and are often, though not always) be a case of Red Oni, Blue Oni.

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  • Medici Chapels: The Medici brothers' contrasting but complimentary interests are reflected in their tomb sculptures by means of Characterizing Sitting Pose, among other cues. Lorenzo, the more academic of the two and the Blue Oni, sits in an introspective Thinker Pose. He sports a wise man's beard and his chest is covered by his arms and crouch. On the other hand, Giuliano's artistic passion has him depicted as a handsome golden boy who proudly shows his muscular chest and is seated like a Roman general —he's the Red Oni.

    Asian Animation 
  • Balala the Fairies features Meiqi and Meixue. Meiqi is The Ditz and the lazy one while her sister Meixue is more diligent. This is even shown in their powers (i.e. only one can make plants bigger while the other can only make plants smaller).
  • In Boonie Bears, Briar is smart and resourceful while his brother Bramble is more dim-witted and lazy.

    Audio Plays 

    Comic Books 
  • The Furst Brothers from Astro City: Augustus is a slender, white-haired, pipe-puffing Omnidisciplinary Scientist, Julius is a stocky, shaved-headed, cigar-chomping Boisterous Bruiser.
  • Batman:
    • Batman's sons Tim Drake (adopted) and Damian Wayne (biological). Tim is logical, cool-headed, and always follows Batman's example by never killing, while Damian is rash, violent, and thinks nothing of killing his enemies, until some Character Development, where he'll still resort to it if he has to. They slug it out every time they meet.
    • You could extend that to Tim Drake and Nightwing (Dick Grayson). Nightwing can be logical, but he's more emotional and his creation of 'Nightwing' directly extended from him rebelling against Batman. Tim and Dick act like actual brothers though, unlike Damian.
    • There's also Tim and Cassandra Cain. Tim is accepted to be among most brilliant detectives only surpassed by Bruce who expects Tim to someday surpass him, while Cass is among the best martial artists only definitively surpassed by her mother Shiva who expects Cass to surpass her. While neither of them is a slouch in the other's specialty martial arts is the part of the job Tim has to work the hardest at while detective work is what Cass has to work the hardest at.
    • There's Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. Apart from the obvious (Dick is a hero, Jason is a villain, or a '90s Anti-Hero on his good days), Dick is acrobatic, one of the most cheerful people in the DCU, never mind the Batfamily, and independent from Batman. Whereas Jason relies more on weaponry, is dark and wrathful, and is almost pitifully obsessed with being seen as Batman's son and true heir, if not replacing the Dark Knight himself. Both also have very different relationships with Batman: Dick is the favourite (and always has been, even when he didn't know it) and there is mutual respect between the two, while Jason is The Un-Favourite at the best of times and he and Bruce have a very rocky relationship.
    • Catwoman aka Selina Kyle and her younger sister, Magdalena "Maggie" Kyle, are all but exact opposites. One is a wild, provocative, self-centred thief, and the other a law-abiding, modest, generous nun. They even contrast appearance-wise; Selina has black hair and striking green eyes, but Maggie has chestnut hair and brown Puppy-Dog Eyes.
  • Many examples in ClanDestine. The most prominent example is The Hedonist Jasmine / Cuckoo / Kay Cera and The Dutiful Son Walter Destine / Wallop. Then again, when their younger sister Samantha complains about their constant bickering, their father Adam attributes it to them being too alike. In a flashback, we also have Thaddeus and Albert, who seem to get on much better.
  • This is the case of the original Hawk and Dove. Hank (Hawk) is generally characterized as a short-tempered and fight-happy loudmouth, with Don (Dove) being the calmer, more pacifistic, and studious brother.
  • Jerrica and Kimber Benton from Jem and the Holograms (IDW). Jerrica is a bit of a Shrinking Violet around people she's not close to while Kimber is her loud, dramatic Big Little Sister. By extension their foster sisters count as well. Shana is docile and fashion-savvy much like Jerrica while Aja is outgoing and tomboyish.
  • The (otherwise unnamed) Two Brothers from Marvel Versus DC — one was the Living Embodiment of the Marvel Multiverse, the other was the Living Embodiment of the DC Multiverse. When they became (re)aware of each other's existence, they each decided to destroy the other. They made up in the end because Status Quo Is God.
  • Played for Laughs and exaggerated in a Mickey Mouse comic where the Phantom Blot turned out to have a ridiculously good brother — who even dressed in a white sheet (to his black) because he wanted to emulate his brother. The good brother was so ridiculously naive and soft-hearted he didn't even realise the Blot was evil and hated him, at least not until after a lot of persuasion.
  • Quicksilver and his twin sister Scarlet Witch. Quicksilver is more violent and brash than her, but Scarlet Witch makes worse decisions that endanger the whole universe.
  • Shang-Chi: Shang-Chi’s father Zheng Zu and uncle Zheng Yi, the two heads of the Five Weapons Society, were both powerful sorcerers. Zheng Yi, the younger, was portrayed as calmer, wiser and less vengeful. After his brother’s death, without Zheng Yi to counsel and balance him, Zheng Zu took a darker path.
  • The Mighty Thor: Thor and Loki despite both being badass and powerful God are still juxtapose each frequently. Thor is headstrong and tends solves things with force, while Loki is sneaky and prefers to set schemes into motion. But Thor is also humble and merciful while Loki is psychotic and cruel, at least until the Loki: Agent of Asgard series.
  • Spider-Girl and her cousin/genetic half-brother Darkdevil. She's a naive, optimistic Plucky Girl who wears a bright costume. He's an angsty pessimistic Snark Knight dressed in dark tones. Together they fight crime! Sometimes.
  • Ultimate X-Men: Jimmy Hudson is Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch's half-brother, and more moral person than either of them.
  • X-Men:
    • Charles Xavier and Cain Marko. And that's before you get into how they are, respectively, the most mentally powerful and the most physically powerful people in the world. Xavier also has Cassandra Nova, who exists to be his polar opposite in absolutely everything.
    • Scott Summers aka Cyclops and his brother Alex Summers aka Havok both are very powerful, great leaders and very mentally screwed up. However Scott shoots red Eye Beams while Alex has a blue Chest Blaster, also Alex is frequently a Anti-Hero who while Scott at his best can keep the X-Men together as The Leader.
    • Initially James Howlett aka Wolverine and his brother Dog Logan as ironically Wolverine as a kid was a sweet little pampered Delicate and Sickly child while Dog was a malicious and brutish bully. When James grew up he became more vicious like his brother, though still more compassionate than Dog at heart.
    • Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus and Illyana Rasputin aka Magik. Piotr is a textbook Gentle Giant and soft spoken artist with has organic metal skin while Illyana is brash, outspoken and can teleport through dimensions. Piotr is also a pacifist whilst Illyana will readily kill with her Cool Sword.
    • Adoptive siblings Nightcrawler and Rogue, he’s a demonic looking blue and furry teleporter and she’s a beautiful Flying Brick Power Parasite.
    • For that matter Nightcrawler and Graydon, both sons of Mystique but despite his devilish appearance Kurt is a Nice Guy while Graydon a Badass Normal manages to be a massive Jerkass.
    • Laura Kinney aka X-23 and Gabrielle “Gabby” Kinney aka Scout. Laura is completely The Stoic having severe intimacy problems, Gabby is a Plucky Girl whose childish and sweet.
  • The Fantastic Four:
    • Storm siblings Johnny and Susan. He’s Hot-Blooded and brash, she’s calm and motherly. Both have incredibly destructive powers and care deeply for their family. However while Sue is fiercely loyal to her husband Reed, Johnny is a Handsome Lech who Really Gets Around.
    • Following their footsteps are Sue’s kids Franklin and Valeria, the former being a playful Reality Warper Mutant the latter a mature Child Prodigy.

    Comic Strips 
  • The Otterloop kids in Cul-de-sac. Alice is a hyperactive attention seeker. Petey is anxious and quiet.
  • In FoxTrot, Peter and Paige are rather average teenagers, while their little brother Jason is a nerdy Child Prodigy.

    Fan Works 
  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon): San and Vivienne Graham are effectively considered brother and sister after the former has merged with the latter to form a two-headed Titan. Characters In-Universe have lampshaded the fact that San and Vivienne would normally be considered polar opposites in many regards, yet they're making an inseparable Sibling Team after they've bonded emotionally. It's even the reason why Titanus Abraxas is chosen as Monster X's scientific name by Monarch: one interpretation of Abraxas in real-life was that it represented dual concepts given singular form.
  • Better Bones AU:
    • Siblings Redtail and Spottedleaf contrast drastically, with Redtail being a serious rule-follower and Spottedleaf being a mischievous rule-breaker.
    • Stormfur and Feathertail are contrasted as a Cynic–Idealist Duo.
  • born of hell('s kitchen):
    • Invoked and Played for Laughs with the Defenders meeting Peter and begging his parents to give them more adorable babies to squee over. Jessica playfully declares no one can win the genetic lottery twice, so Matt and her trying to give Peter a baby sibling would probably create the Antichrist.
    • More pervasively, there's the growing opposition between Jessica and her adoptive sister Trish, caused by the lifestyle they decide to pursue. Jessica puts her civilian life first with the decision to become a mother to her estranged son, which pushes her to work on her personal issues and seek help from her friends who warmly support her. Trish pursues superheroics with such desperation she ultimately flounders, bringing danger on herself and her loved ones yet refusing to assume responsibility by refusing to see she's not suited for this path.
  • Child of Moonlight, continuing on what was shown in Night at the Museum, demonstrates that this is true for Kahmunrah and Ahkmenrah. One is ruthless, ambitious, and favors combat lessons. The other is thoughtful, friendly, and favors his more intellectual studies. Even the times of their births were drastically different, with Kahmunrah being born just before sunset during a new moon and Ahkmenrah at midnight during a full moon.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Thor and Loki are still like this, but now their differences complement each other and Thor tends to be wiser in matters of the heart than Loki is, while Loki is more willing to take charge and can be a bit more irascible (as a result and partly because he used to be James Potter, Thor tends to wind him up every now and then).
    • It's also suggested that Jack O'Neill and his sister, Mrs. Danvers (mother of Carol Danvers) are nothing alike - he's the Military Maverick Deadpan Snarker he's always been, something he apparently gets from his mother and from his aunt actually grandmother Peggy Carter. She, by contrast, is painted as something of an Extreme Doormat by her Hot-Blooded teenage daughter, who is not likely to appreciate nuance - as it turns out, she's more of a Non-Action Guy who Refused the Call, preferring to 'make good' rather than simply fight evil as was the family business.
    • Personality-wise, Jean and Maddie are mirror images of each other, as a product of nature vs nurture - one was raised by loving parents and taught to be responsible that Mind over Manners is critically important, resulting in a sweet and kind big-sister-to-the-world type. The other was raised by a cold-blooded sociopath to be a Living Weapon and Tyke-Bomb. Even after the latter, not especially evil in the first place pulls a Heel–Face Turn, they're still incredibly different.
  • Game Theory (Lyrical Nanoha): Genki Girl Mei and Shrinking Violet Rizu.
  • Honor Trip: The Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling duo of The Comically Serious Hagala and The Prankster Hufeh.
  • The King Nobody Wanted:
    • Outrageous, flirtatious and cruel Barbara Bracken and pious, proper Jayne Bracken.
    • Fat, jovial, strategic Garth Tyrell and thin, severe, seemingly close-minded Grand Maester Gormon.
    • In the mythology, the brothers who founded Houses Greyiron and Greyjoy — one grim and "iron" and one charismatic and "joyful".
  • Misshapen Sparks: The aggressive and serious Yang contrasts with her innocent and bubbly younger half-sister Ruby, as a result of them growing up under completely different circumstances.
  • The Night Unfurls has Alicia and Prim. Though they are cousins rather than siblings, they had been raised together since childhood, making them as close as siblings. In the remastered version, Alicia strives to become a Knight in Shining Armor but proves to be a bit elitist, while Prim aspires the image of noblesse oblige and thus an approachable Princess Classic.
  • Some Semblance of Meaning: Fiery, clever, distrustful Fen and her openly friendly, trusting, more mellow brother Lark. Also, the heroine, the Shrinking Violet Vale, and her Hot-Blooded sister Maybelle.
  • Vapors: Naruto is still his regular Messianic Archetype Idiot Hero self, loud and friendly with unbelievable chakra reserves and frontline combat experience despite still being a genin. Aiko is a socially inhibited genius who graduated the Academy two years early, made chuunin before Naruto put on his headband, and generally works as a tracker and support fighter. Also, while Naruto is a big believer in redemption, Aiko does her best to follow his ideals, but can easily be ruthless for the sake of her mission or goal.
  • Zero Context: Taking Out the Trash: Ellen and Elk Harrison. Ellen is quiet and in control, exercises logic, is virtually emotionless, and seen as a defensive bulwark in battle. Her brother Elk is loud and chaotic for chaos' sake, peppers his random speech with non sequiturs and shout-outs, is very outgoing, and highly aggressive in a fight. In spite of their vastly differing personalities, they're in tune enough with each other that they're able to hold their own against opponents outside their weight class.

    Films — Animation 
  • A Bug's Life: Atta is mature, pessimistic, and serious, while Dot is cheerful, innocent, and optimistic.
  • Coco: Elena is loud, fierce, bombastic, and almost all the younger members of the Rivera family (including the protagonist Miguel) come from her line, while Victoria is quiet, stoic, proper, and doesn't have descendants on her own.
  • Frozen (2013): Princess Anna is cheerful, extroverted, and a Badass Normal, while Queen Elsa is stoic, introverted, and very powerfully magical. Their differing personalities are the theme of the licensed book A Sister More Like Me, wherein Anna wished Elsa was more playful and sociable growing up while Elsa wished Anna was more studious and shared more of her interests. After the events of the film, they learn to accept each others' differences and enjoy them.
  • Hercules: Zeus is a wise ruler and a loving father, while Hades is a scheming Manipulative Bastard who wishes to overthrow his brother in order to rule Mount Olympus — even hurting his heroic nephew, who is destined to stop him.
  • The Incredibles: Dash is overconfident and somewhat standoffish, while Violet is soft-spoken and shy.
  • The Lion King (1994): Mufasa is a wise king and a loving father, while Scar is a Manipulative Bastard and willing to off his nephew if it means he has a shot at the crown.
  • Ariel, the carefree, naive youngest sister, and Attina, the serious, mature eldest sister, in The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning.
  • Onward: Ian and Barley. As their mother puts it, one is afraid of everything and the other isn't afraid of anything.
  • Ratatouille: Rémy and Émile. Rémy wants to do his own thing, but Émile follows what their dad wants them to do. Rémy wants to cook good food with great flavor, while Émile is willing to just eat whatever's lying around.
  • Tekkonkinkreet: Black and White. Black is violent and territorial and White is childish and innocent. The fact that they need each other to balance out the pair is repeated often throughout the film and becomes a plot point.

    Myths & Religion 
  • In the Mabinogion: The brothers Nysien and Efnysien are complete opposites, one so kind and gentle he could bring warring armies to peace, and the other so wicked he could make the most loving family destroy each other. Their names even reflect this, meaning respectively "friendly one" and "hostile/enemy one." To highlight their differences, "Efnysien" also means "not Nysien."
  • Older Than Dirt: The Sumerian sun god Utu and his brother Nergal, god of plague.
  • Cain and Abel. Abel loved God and gave him the best of his flocks as part of a sacrifice, while Cain's heart was not really into serving God and he murdered Abel out of jealousy.
  • Egyptian Mythology: Osiris was a just, compassionate, and wise ruler, while Set was hard-hearted, self-centered, and violent, killing his brother for the throne of the Earth.
  • Japanese Mythology:
    • Izanagi and Izanami both started out as creator gods, but while Izanagi remained one, Izanami sadly became a vengeful one, vowing to kill a thousand people every day. By contrast, Izanagai has vowed to create 1,500 people every day.
    • Amaterasu (the sun goddess) cared greatly for both the humans and the other gods. Tsukuyomi (the moon god), however, was far more critical; this became more apparent during their argument concerning their sister Ukemochi's cooking. Tsukuyomi was disgusted by Ukemochi's way of preparing food, and killed her for such low standards. This act angered Amaterasu so much that she separated from Tsukuyomi out of spite.
  • From Guatuso mythology we have Chirrinhque and Colúrinhé. The former is the perfect example of antisocial behavior, unruly even towards his relatives, one day he murders a man from another family and hides in the jungle. The relatives of the victim eventually capture and torture him horribly before killing him. The latter is so good, the Gods order Chirrinhque to bring him to the place of punishment located in the sky and show him the torments he suffers there, afterwards, he is allowed to introduce heavenly fruits into earth and, years later, he is taken by the Gods in body and soul, effectively sparing him the trauma of death.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Goldust and Cody Rhodes, by virtue of being sixteen years apart, don't have too much in common, other than they are both weird. Goldust is ambiguously bi, has an electric shock-induced speech impediment and is the human embodiment of movie criticism, dressing and painting himself like a giant academy award. Cody is a narcissistic dandy who once became convinced the whole world was ugly and resolved to wear a (see-through) mask and put paper bags on everyone's head.
  • Shane and Stephanie, Vince McMahon's kids, especially ever since Shane started getting characterization beyond Overlord Jr.. Whereas Shane is willing to step into the action and physically fight enemies when it comes to his family's honor whether to defend them or right their wrongs, and is otherwise a level-headed businessman who looks out for his personnel and tries to do what's best for the company as a whole, Stephanie is a spotlight-seeking, insufferably smug and petty tyrant who verbally cuts down all the talent around her with either biting condescension or scathing demonic fervor and lords her family's name as well as her gender over everyone and invokes them on a constant basis to avert nearly all manner of direct retribution or comeuppance for her actions, whether physical, official, or even verbal.
  • Rick and Scott Steiner were this at first. Rick was a fun loving, not to bright manchild, with Scott as the level-headed Only Sane Man of the team. This was before Scott transformed into Big Poppa Pump and the roles arguably reversed.

  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues has the sibling trio of Ciro, Elly, and Don. Elly is boisterous, bratty, and outspoken, while Don is more reserved and polite. And they're both a far cry from their responsible, overworked older brother.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Dragon Magazine #62 describes the twins Ahi the Steel Dragon and Rahab the Grey Dragon, who hatched from the same egg. Ahi is Lawful Good and lives high in the sky, while Rahab is Chaotic Evil and lurks deep within a lightless cave.
  • Exalted: The Unconquered Sun and Luna. One is so absolutely perfect and virtuous that he imposes order on the world by his mere presence, and the other embodies chaos and change to such an extent that she doesn't even have a consistent motivation. Polar Opposite Twins indeed.
  • Magic: The Gathering: Urza and Mishra have a strong Red Oni, Blue Oni dynamic: Urza is detached and introspective, while Mishra is hotheaded and outgoing.
  • Warhammer 40,000: A few of the Primarchs have this dynamic, such as Leman Russ (a boisterous, superstitious, hard-drinking Space Viking) and Magnus the Red (a sorcerer who was fascinated with knowledge and the mystic arts).

  • Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls has Uranus and Neptune. Older sister Uranus is a studious bookworm while the younger Neptune is a very laid-back surfer.
  • Monster High: While not exactly siblings, Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde are total opposites who share a body. Jackson is quiet and introverted, while Holt is loud, outgoing, and a part-time DJ. They even have a Yin-Yang symbol as their motif.

  • Matilda: For the eponymous Child Prodigy herself, teenage idiot Michael Wormwood is her antithesis.
  • The Little Mermaid: The stage adaptation makes King Triton and Ursula siblings. They were originally meant to be so in the film as well, but the scene telling this detail was deleted.
  • Wicked has Elphaba as an outspoken activist of Animal rights while her younger sister Nessarose is very conservative and stuck-up.

    Video Games 
  • Richelieu and Jean Bart in Azur Lane. They're French sister battleships, but are polar opposites in practically every sense. Representing Free France, Richelieu has a strong religious/knightly visual motif with white armour, and is a gentle All-Loving Hero; and representing Vichy France is Jean Bart, who is a tough, grumpy Pirate Girlnote , though still presented as honourable and sympathetic. It even extends to how they play, as Richelieu focuses on buffing other French ships and firing out wide-area barrages in support, while Jean Bart has a lot of skills that turn her into a Critical Hit monster... but only affect her. This also means the two sisters complement each other beautifully when fielded together - Richelieu's buffs work on all French ships even the Vichy ones, so Jean Bart practically becomes a One-Hit Kill machine with Richelieu's barrage standing by to mop up whatever survives.
  • Iris and Colonel of Mega Man X4 are technically identical twins: as a developing single reploid, they couldn't handle the series' thematic Logic Bomb and split into Iris, compassion for all living things and Colonel, the willingness to kill without hesitation to protect and for peace. They were an attempt to replicate the eponymous X's ability to handle this paradox, and this is the reason behind the Colonel's Honor Before Reason behaviour — he can't feel compassion. The fact they failed to live up to these principles, even one at a time, causing Zero to have to kill Colonel and then a grieving Iris to combine their power, attack Zero, and also have to be killed may have originally foreshadowed that X would eventually no longer be able to handle the Logic Bomb himself - Copy-X of Mega Man Zero was originally intended to be an X who had lost that compassion and reluctance to kill and become a Knight Templar that Zero would have to kill.
  • Onmyoji:
    • Kuromujō and Shiromujō. The former is brasher while the latter is gentler and more proper. They're even Color-Coded for Your Convenience.
    • There are also Hiromasa and Kagura. The former is hot-headed and often resorts to violence, while the latter is more sensible and thoughtful.
  • Dragon Age II:
    • Bethany and Carver Hawke definitely count, with the twist that you hardly ever see them together - one of them dies in the first half-hour depending on Hawke's player class. Bethany is kind and supportive of Hawke, whereas Carver is surly and shares a rivalry with Hawke. Bethany feels burdened by her magic and would rather be normal, while Carver is desperate to prove himself.
    • From the same game, Varric and Bartrand - one does everything he can to subvert dwarf stereotypes, the other is obsessed with his ancestry.
  • Dragon Quest:
    • Dragon Quest IV: Meena/Nara is more level-headed and focused than her vibrant and outgoing sister Maya/Mara.
    • Dragon Quest V:
      • Nera Briscoletti is kindhearted and gentle in contrast with her sister Debora's sharp tongue and bluntness.
      • Downplayed: Parry loves heights while his twin sister Madchen is afraid of them.
  • Resident Evil has the Redfield siblings Chris and Claire, both are heroic and skilled with guns but while Chris is stoic and driven, Claire is kind and passionate. Chris also relies on Good Old Fisticuffs while Claire is a Kick Chick.
  • Schala and her younger brother Janus (Magus) in Chrono Trigger. The former is sweet, compassionate and submissive. The latter is aloof, arrogant and headstrong.
  • Yun and Yang from the Street Fighter III series. Yun is loud and outgoing, while Yang is quiet and introverted. Also, Yun focuses on the strength of his attacks, while Yang focuses on the number of hits.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade has the Reasonable Authority Figure Uther and the Hot-Blooded Hector. This can probably be chalked up to the fact that Uther's functioned as Hector's father figure since their parents died.
      • The three Pegasus sisters are a rare trio example. Quiet, serious Fiora butts heads with boisterous Farina, who in turn gets a kick out of teasing both her and shy, sensitive Florina.
      • In the prequel to Blazing Blade, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, there's another sibling trio... also of Pegasus sisters. Yuuno is a sweet Action Mom, Thea is a stoic Defrosting Ice Queen and Shanna is a hyper Genki Girl. And there's also a set of twins: the cheerful mage Lugh and the snarky shaman Rai.
    • In Path of Radiance:
      • Some of the earliest playable characters are Oscar, The Ace and cool-headed Nice Guy, and his younger brother Boyd, a Boisterous Bruiser with a fairly lousy work ethic.
      • Micaiah and Sanaki have some of this going on Radiant Dawn, though they do have their similarities. The former is a peasant until the end (when she's crowned as Queen of Daein), the latter is the young empress of Begnion. The former possesses the Darkness affinity, the latter, the Light affinity. Both are kind and polite, though the former is often more soft-spoken whilst the latter can be a bit childish at times. Both, though especially the former, can be quite sarcastic at times. Both will do whatever they can for their country, though the former will demonstrate this to the max. They also both have a magic type in common. Their resemblance becomes even more apparent to anyone who bothers to compare images of their portraits side-by-side. About the biggest difference between them is that older sister Micaiah will live far beyond little sister Sanaki's lifespan because of being a Branded (half-Human, half-Laguz), while Sanaki is a human.
    • Fire Emblem: Awakening has this between Chrom, Lissa, and Emmeryn. The sibling set-ups for the future children allow for this as well, depending on who is either Morgan's older sibling or Lucina's younger sibling: the most blatant examples are Lucina and either Cynthia (if Chrom marries Sumia) or Inigo (if he marries Olivia), or girl!Morgan with either Laurent, Gerome, Nah or Noire (if a male Avatar marries Miriel, Cherche, Nowi or Tharja.)
    • Fire Emblem Fates has the fraternal twins Saizo and Kaze, with older twin Saizo as a Fiery Redhead Highly-Visible Ninja and younger twin Kaze as a green-haired Nice Guy. Depending on which path the Avatar takes, this will double as Cain and Abel. Sibling set-ups for the Second Generation work here too, depending on the Avatar and Azura's hook-ups: i.e., Azura's kind and calm son Shigure can potentially have characters like Rhajat, Shiro, Kiragi, Percy, Ophelia, Soleil or Nina as his sibling (if Azura marries either Hayato, Ryoma, Takumi, Arthur, Odin aka the Older and Wiser Owain, Laslow aka the Older and Wiser Inigo, or Niles)
    • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has the mages Luthier and Delthea, with the older brother Luthier as a Socially Awkward Hero who takes magic very seriously and the younger sister Delthea as a Brilliant, but Lazy Black Magician Girl.
    • Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Mercedes and her younger half-brother Emile, aka Jeritza, the Death Knight. Mercedes is an outgoing, friendly, and empathetic Nice Girl, while stoic, aloof Jeritza struggles with handling a separate personality that is an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight. It's even reflected in their respective magic proficiencies. Mercedes, a firm believer, has her main strength in Faith magic, while Jeritza, a skeptic, has a weakness in Faith and instead has a strength in Reason magic, specifically dark magic. Also, Jeritza is a primarily physical unit with strengths and high starting ranks in Swords and Lances and neutral in all other weapon types, while Mercedes has weaknesses in most physical weapon types, with only a budding talent in Bows to speak of outside her magical skills.
    • Fire Emblem Engage has the Brodian princes Diamant and Alcryst. Diamant is a primarily front-line fighter who is outgoing and well-loved by those in his kingdom, while Alcryst is a long-range sniper who is withdrawn and prone to Chronic Self-Deprecation because he feels he can't measure up to the high standards set by his brother.
  • Unusual triplet variant, from Metal Gear Solid - Solid and Liquid Snakes are extremely diametrically opposed; reserved, guilty Solid lacks his brother's ambitious, manipulative nature, and passionate, vengeful Liquid lacks his brother's wisdom and emotional clarity. This is complicated by the arrival of the third triplet, the calculating, focused Solidus, who considers himself a 'perfect balance' of his brothers' traits - he's wise and manipulative at once.
  • Touhou Project:
  • Netto (Lan) and Saito (Hub) Hikari AKA MegaMan from Mega Man Battle Network, especially in the Japanese version. Netto is outgoing, brash, and rather hot-headed; Saito is more calm and collected.
  • The Kirishima siblings from Project Justice - elder sister Yurika is a quiet, timid Ojou Of War, while younger brother Kurow is a megalomaniac Psycho for Hire complete with a Slasher Smile.
  • Hisui and Kohak in Tales of Hearts. The elder is Hot-Blooded and impulsive and rude, and his speech is crass; his sister is soft-spoken and polite. There's also Croaseraph, who is an aggressive Dual Wielding Glass Cannon who wants to Kill All Humans, and his brother Crinoseraph, a stoic, defensive spellcaster with two shields who's maintained his loyalty to his master.
  • Tales of the Tempest: Caius Qualls and Lukius Bridges. One's a Fiery Redhead melee fighter who embraces his Leiman half, the other's a coolheaded Squishy Wizard who rejects his half-Leiman heritage.
  • Devil May Cry brings us Dante and Vergil, the twin sons of Sparda. Dante is loud-mouthed, trash-talking, dresses in red, yet is a demon hunter who embraces his human side, using his demonic powers to aid humanity, being the hero. Vergil is soft-spoken, more introverted, dresses in blue yet embraces his demonic side and is obsessed with gaining power at every cost.
  • The Williams sisters from Tekken. Nina is statuesque, cold, and blonde while Anna is the curvaceous and flirty brunette.
  • Record of Agarest War:
    • Fyuria has light-based attacks, Zerva has darkness-based attacks. Together, they have a powerful Yin-Yang Bomb.
    • Same thing with Lavinia and Faina.
  • Jeanette and Therese Voerman (AKA Tourette Voerman) from Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. The Malkavian PC even describes them as "The Ivory Princess" and "The Dark Daughter" respectively. They're very likely one character...
  • Dark Souls has the Queen of Sunlight Gwynevere and the Darkmoon God Gwyndolyn.
  • Blazblue gives us the protagonist, Ragna the Bloodedge and his younger brother, Jin Kisaragi. The former is a wanted rebel who seeks to destroy the establishing government, and the latter is considered a hero by said government and embodies order. Ironically, in terms of personality, they're a lot more alike than either of them would like to admit.
  • Fatal Fury:
    • The Bogard brothers. Terry comes off as interpersonal and social while his brother Andy is stoic and keeps to himself to focus on his training.
    • The Kim brothers from Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Dong Hwan is a slacker who doesn't take his training seriously and just goofs off while his brother Jae Hoon is the exact opposite.
    • Garou also has Gato and Hotaru Futaba: the former is an anti-social Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy who specializes in brutal hits, while the latter is an innocent young girl who gets along well with animals and fights noticeably more gentler.
  • Granblue Fantasy has Aglovale and Percival. Aglovale is cool-headed in contrast to Percival's tendency to often be hot-blooded. It also reflects in their elements that Aglovale's element is water to Percival's fire.
  • Deadly Premonition has siblings Thomas and Carol MacLaine, and the two could not be more different. Thomas (a deputy in the sheriff's department) is meek, submissive, overly eager to please, gets along very well with York, and is extremely domestic. Carol is assertive, aggressive, dominant, takes no crap from anyone, and outrights tells York she can't stand him. They diverge more when York gets to know them better, as Carol has a Hidden Heart of Gold despite her coldness, and Thomas has a mean side beneath his sweetness. About the only thing they have in common is that they both love George Woodman.
  • Pokémon:
    • A double battle in Pokémon X and Y features a duo of sisters, one is a happy, friendly, Fairy Tale Girl, and the other is a shy, introverted, Hex Maniac.
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon gives us Lillie, a shy and sweet girl who dresses in white. Later on, we meet her brother Gladion, a grumpy, pessimistic, hot-headed boy who dresses in black.
    • Subway Bosses Emmet and Ingo of Pokémon Black and White at the very least appear this way; Emmet wears white and is always seen smiling, while Ingo wears black and is constantly frowning.
    • Peony and Rose from Pokémon Sword and Shield are about as different to each other as you can get, with one being level-headed, debonaire, and the face of all industry in Galar while the other is wild, bombastic and an ex-Gym Leader.
    • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet keeps up the trend with Ryme and Tyme. Ryme is a renowned hip-hop artist with the sort of personality to match who specializes in rap battles on top of being a Gym Leader. Her older sister Tyme, on the other hand, is more soft-spoken in comparison while still being excitable at times and works as the academy STEM teacher. This even reflects in their preferred types, with Ryme specializing in the special-oriented Ghost-type and Tyme using the physical-oriented Rock-type. Fittingly enough, Tyme was the Montenevera Gym Leader before passing the torch to Ryme.
  • Undertale has Papyrus and Sans: Papyrus is boisterous and enthusiastic but takes himself a bit too seriously at times; his brother Sans is The Slacker and hides an almost-nihilistic depression behind a constant string of pranks and bad puns. If there's one thing they have in common, it's that neither of them are to be taken lightly.
  • In Soulcalibur V, despite (or perhaps because of) their very different childhoods, Pyrrha and Patroklos are perfect Foils to each other. She's an ex-slave Martial Pacifist who craves approval; he's a mercenary aristocrat who often picks fights, even with his allies. Their (initial) inability to reconcile these differences drives the game's plot and is frequently lampshaded.
    Viola: "The sun and moon cannot rise together."
    Ivy: (to Pyrrha) "You should do something about that rude brother of yours."
    • Before them were their mother and aunt, Sophitia and Cassandra Alexandra respectively. Sophitia is a Nice Girl who had an air of grace and finesse to her combat style, utilizing precise sword attacks that emphasize skill over strength. Cassandra is a more brash, sassy girl whose combat style places a ton of emphasis overwhelming her opponents with brute force such as her many shield based attacks. It carries over to their general playstyle as well—Sophitia is more passive and defensive, Cassandra is more aggressive and offensive.
  • Neptunia: Three of the four Goddesses and their four younger sisters, the Goddess Candidates:
    • Planeptune's Neptune and Nepgear have the Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling dynamic. Neptune is a Lazy Bum and a childish Genki Girl who is rarely serious while in human form, while her younger sister Nepgear is more mature, does most of Neptune's work and calm and polite, but she lacks confidence. Their is also a huge difference when they transform. When Neptune transforms into Purple Heart, she drastically becomes a Lady of War, while Nepgear barely changes when she transforms into Purple Sister.
    • Lowee's Rom and Ram are Polar Opposite Twins, with Rom being a sweet Shrinking Violet and Ram being a Genki Girl brat. Their individual characters reflect Blanc's dual personality, their older sister. The twins fighting style is also very different from Blanc: they are mages, while Blanc fights with a hammer and is a Stone Wall.
    • Lastation's Noire and Uni have almost identical personalities, with their biggest difference being their amount of confidence (and their social life). Their fighting styles, however, are the complete opposite of each other (at least the Lowee sisters have all ice attacks). Noire is a close-combat swordswoman (heavy emphasis on close), while Uni is a long-range gunner.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a downplayed variant with siblings Hjalmar and Cerys An Craite, children to Crach An Craite and two likely candidates for the kingship of Skellige. Hjalamar is a Proud Warrior Race Guy who loves violence, uses it as his first solution to anything, and epitomizes the Fantasy Counterpart Culture of the Vikings that the people of Skellige represent. Cerys, his sister, is more subdued, is patient, and prefers to think her problems through before acting, as well as preferring peace. Both siblings are quite stubborn, and have aspects of each other: Cerys does not shy from combat when she needs to, and Hjalmar will use his brain to tackle tough foes, like ambushing a giant by avoiding stepping on snow. One of them becomes the ruler of Skellige, and the other is a Graceful Loser and proud of their sibling's accomplishment.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask has Tatl and Tael. Tatl is a hotheaded and snarky Tsundere who unfairly blames Link for her initial separation from Tael and the Skull Kid but nonetheless undergoes a Heel–Face Turn upon realizing just how destructive Majora's Mask has made the Skull Kid. Tael is her kind and timid younger brother who nonetheless sticks with the Skull Kid, both because of how much of an Extreme Doormat he is and because he can more easily see that the Skull Kid is Not Himself.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
      • Mipha and Sidon, the children of the Zora king. Mipha is The Quiet One, generally keeping her feelings to herself and filling the White Magician Girl role after battles, while Sidon is a Warrior Prince with an energetic and sociable personality.
      • Impa and Purah are another pair; Impa is a fairly serious and reserved character who focuses on the spiritual traditions of Sheikah culture and who has a granddaughter, while Purah is an energetic and showy character who focuses more on the scientific traditions of Sheikah culture and who doesn't seem to have started a family of her own (implied based on dialogue with people in Hateno Village to be because she is a Child Hater).
    • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:
      • Rauru and Mineru of the Zonai. While both were wise and benevolent, Rauru was a more warm and extroverted guy who used light-based magic, while Mineru was a bookish and introverted woman who preferred to work on the Magitek Constructs in her study. This may be why Rauru was the one in charge of Hyrule despite Mineru being the older sibling.
      • Sophie (an Ascended Extra from Breath of the Wild) is a girl from Hateno Village who is a Shrinking Violet with a slumped-over posture who used to awkwardly greet visitors to Ventest Clothing from behind the entrance door and is implied to have never left her hometown. Her older sister Cece is a very flashy and wildly-gesturing Fashionista who had been travelling abroad (which is why you never saw her in the previous game) researching clothing styles and only came home to turn Hateno Village into a new fashion hub.
  • Child of Light has Rubella, the energetic Non-Ironic Clown, and Tristis, the perpetually depressed Sad Clown.
  • The Squid Sisters from Splatoon, though they're actually cousins. There's the peppy and energetic Callie and her sarcastic laid-back cousin Marie. This is encouraged by the Splatfest competitions they hosted in the first game, where each character represents a different side. For example, Callie is an early morning person, while Marie is a night-owl.
  • God of War (PS4) gives us the Dwarven blacksmiths Brok (a tough, foul-mouthed old cuss) and Sindri (a delicate, neurotic germophobe). At the start of the game they've had a falling out and haven't seen each other in a while, but it's clear they still care for each other in a Tsundere kind of way (at one point Brok asks Kratos and son if it looks like Sindri is eating well). Eventually, they get back together, each brother acknowledging the other's unique skills.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Pyra and Mythra aren't technically sisters, but it's how they view each other. Mythra is a somewhat overconfident, abrasive and a terrible cook, while Pyra is much more humble, gentle, and a Supreme Chef. The Torna DLC heavily implies that this is because Mythra, after being emotionally traumatized by her battle with Malos and the resulting collateral damage, deliberately created Pyra to be the opposite of herself.
  • Investi-Gator: The Case of the Big Crime: Investi-Gator and Insti-Gator are brothers. Respectively, one is a detective who seeks to solve cases and help people, and the other is a criminal who steals things and manipulates his brother for his own gain.
  • Crash Bandicoot: We have the wacky Crash and his highly intelligent little sister, Coco. Who couldn't be anymore the opposite, if they tried. Crash being The Hero saving the world through extorting the incompetence of his foes. Whilst Coco works behind the scenes, unravelling the real reason for their troubles.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Royally Screwed Up imperial family of Zakuul in Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne. Prince Arcann started as a "Well Done, Son" Guy to Emperor Valkorion, but that turns into a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal due to Valkorion's neglectful parenting and apparent refusal .note  He accidentally kills his twin brother Thexan in his first failed attempt to pull a Klingon Promotion on Valkorion, winning his father's seeming approval; the second time he enlists the aid of the Outlander, then promptly has them frozen in carbonite upon seizing Valkorion's throne. His younger sister Vaylin is a straight-up Ax-Crazy sadist, courtesy of Valkorion having tampered with her mind to control her burgeoning Force talents after she accidentally killed a Knight of Zakuul during a training match as a child. By Eternal Throne, with Arcann having proven an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, she straight-up pulls a Starscream on him.
  • From The King of Fighters, we have Adel and Rose Bernstein, children of the franchise's first Big Bad Rugal Bernstein. Whereas Rugal is haughty and vain but also an exceptional fighter, his son Adel is a skilled but noble fighter, while his daughter Rose a noncombatant with massive ego.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed:
    • The founders of Houses Vandham and Doyle Matthew and Na'el are practially unrecognisable as siblings. Matthew is a human with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail while Na'el is a cat girl with short white hair. Matthew's a hot headed brawler that uses a set of gauntlets to beat his opponents into submission while Na'el is a calm White Mage. The biggest seperation however is in terms of personality; Matthew is idealistic and always trying to look on the bright side of the Crapsack World that is Aionios, and seeking to do his part to help everyone. Na'el on the other hand is cynical, only caring about those within the City and perfectly content to let Aionios go to shit if it means the people she cares about are safe. This passes down and creates a schism between the houses they founded, with Vandham leading the charge against Moebius to free Aionios while Doyle seeks not to risk what the City has managed to achieve for the sake of Agnus and Keves.
    • Mio and Glimmer, The implied daughters of Rex, couldn't be more different. Aside from taking from their respective mothers, Nia and Pyra, Mio is a kind and melancholy person that helps keep the at times strained party together, while Glimmer is a volotile and confrontational young woman that has the hardest time becoming a part of the founders. Mio dreads her homecoming, wishing she could live longer, while Glimmer is distraught that she won't have hers. Even their classes are at odds, with Mio being a dodge tank made to draw the enemies attention and Glimmer acts as the healer that should avoid attention at all costs.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Kristoph Gavin is a cool, businesslike defense attorney who dresses in light blue tones and white, while his younger brother Klavier is a wild, extroverted prosecutor who mainly wears black and purple. Furthermore, Kristoph is evil and Klavier is good.
    • And in the same game, there's Apollo and Trucy, the protagonists themselves, although they don't know they're half-siblings. They do have some similarities, but Trucy is optimistic, a little naive, and extroverted. Apollo, on the other hand, is more cynical, sarcastic, and is more reserved around people than Trucy is.
    • There's also the kind Iris and the Manipulative Bastard Dahlia Hawthorne. This also counts as Polar Opposite Twins.
  • Missing Stars: Brunhilde and Beatrice. Hilda is cool, calm, and collected while Beatrice is a Woman Child. They also count as Tomboy and Girly Girl.
  • Nasuverse:
  • Itsuki and Sayo in Suika. Itsuki is gentle, shy and a bit of a pushover. Sayo is brash, slightly tomboyish and aggressive.
  • Yuu and Mirei Nozaki in Tsumugu Logic. While Yuu is outgoing, sociable and does not hesitate to bribe people and making a fuss when they don't accept, his sister Mirei is introverted, unsure and nervous. Yuu blames this on Mirei's chubby physique, but this trope goes both ways. When Tsumugu confronts Yuu, Yuu eventually bashes his face in, but turns into a writhing mess when Tsumugu is about to retaliate. As Akira shows a video of Yuu having been bullied (having the same physique as Mirei, no less), it turns out they aren't that different at all. At the true ending of chapter 8, Mirei gains more confidence and there are signs she has found people she likes as well.
  • Battler and his half-sister (actually full sister) Ange in Umineko: When They Cry. Ange is a female Sugar-and-Ice Personality to Battler's Hot-Blooded male, with completely opposite biases.

    Web Animation 
  • Since Strong Mad and Strong Bad of Homestar Runner were originally created based on a wrestling tag-team, they both have brash personalities. Their brother, Strong Sad, however, is creative, sensitive, and depressed.
  • The Koopalings from FreezeFlame's series, Bowser's Koopalings. Ludwig is grumpy, rude, and depressed, Morton is dumb, barbaric, and tough, Iggy is The Smart Guy who's kind of arrogant, Wendy wants attention, is sane, and feels empathy for Larry, Lemmy is sarcastic and rude, but also makes jokes, Roy is lazy, desperately wants to look cool, and loves women, and Larry is shown to be the Nice Guy, immature, short-tempered, and naive.
  • The Dakotas from Red vs. Blue; South is a loud, selfish Jerkass who will do anything to make sure she comes out on top, while North is a quiet and kind Team Dad for Project Freelancer. South eventually betrays North to his death between Tex's attempt at freeing the Alpha AI and her appearance in the Recovery One miniseries.
  • RWBY: When Qrow is telling Team RNJR stories around the campfire, he tells them of a creation myth about two brothers, the God of Darkness and the God of Light. The God of Light creates life while the God of Darkness creates destruction. In the myth, they don't get on very well and keep trying to one-up each other. In the end, they decide to create a single thing that they can both be proud of, something with the power to both create and destroy: humanity. Qrow tells Team RNJR that, while humans have come up with dozens of gods throughout Remnant's history, Ozpin once told him that the Gods of Light and Darkness are actually real: the God of Light created plants and animals while the God of Darkness created the Creatures of Grimm. They left behind four extremely powerful artefacts in the form of relics: the powers of Knowledge, Creation, Destruction, and Choice, which are protected by the four Huntsmen Academies and which Salem is trying to find.

  • Molly and Galatea in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!; Molly is bubbly and optimistic, while Galatea is cynical and ambitious.
  • Mob Psycho 100: Shigeo and Ritsu are almost polar opposites. Shigeo is a frail, socially awkward Loser Protagonist with no talents other than the godlike psychic powers that have very little applicability to the life he wants to live. Ritsu, meanwhile, is the effortlessly brilliant School Idol who seems to have been gifted with everything except the psychic powers he desperately craves. Despite their Mutual Envy, they seem to have a very healthy and supportive relationship right up until Ritsu's own psychic powers awaken and he feels self-assured enough to unleash all the fear and resentment towards his brother that he'd been suppressing all this time.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Elan and Nale. They even have opposite alignments (Elan is Chaotic Good, Nale is Lawful Evil).
    • From the Start of Darkness prequel, Redcloak and Right-Eye also count, though interestingly their positions changed as time went on; in their youth Right-Eye was impulsive and temperamental, while Redcloak was more reserved and calculating. After Right-Eye quit villainy and started a family he mellowed out and became more cautious and contemplative, while Redcloak's stubbornness grew and he became more harsh and severe. Later becomes Cain and Abel when Redcloak murders Right-Eye to prevent him from killing Xykon and setting Redcloak's Evil Plan back decades.
    • Roy and his sister Julia: Roy is a duty-bound Badass Normal who does come to care for his team, while Julia is a shallow Valley Girl who acts rather jerkish to everyone she meets. They still care for one another, though, something that completely baffles Nale.
  • Oasis and Kusari in Sluggy Freelance. Kusari is emotionless and unfailingly loyal to Hereti-Corp. Oasis is an Ax-Crazy Yandere who kills all Hereti-Corp employees on sight.
  • Angelika and Julie from Our Little Adventure. Julie is mature and responsible and Angelika is a nutcase.
  • Jack and Louise from Miscellaneous Error. Jack is batscat nuts, and his younger sister Louise is more straitlaced and responsible.
  • Muted:
    • Avaline and Camille are basically sisters, and they definitely have this; Avaline's outfits are usually stylish and show off skin, while Camille dresses more conservatively. Avaline accepts the idea of an arranged marriage and tries to make the best of it, while Camille is visibly uncomfortable with the idea of getting married to a man.
    • Camille and her twin sister Chloe were also an example of this when the latter was still alive, with Camille being the introvert who likes reading and drawing and Chloe was more active.
  • Elon and Myari of Ears for Elves, oh so much. Elon is cautious and methodical where Myari is impulsive and excitable.
  • In Pacificators, we have the Sibling Team Taffe and Larima. Taffe is The Stoic, and very unmotivated about her job, whereas Larima is The Ditz who really, really loves being a Pacificator. So far, there's just really not much in common between them.
  • Invoked in El Goonish Shive by Elliot's Opposite-Sex Clone, Ellen. Because she wants to break away from Elliot's person, she deliberately acts outgoing and flirty, while Elliot himself is reticent and prudish. It's not just an act, though; Ellen's considerably more impulsive and outgoing then Elliot even to start with.
  • In PreTeena, protagonist Teena is a good-hearted and cheery Tomboy. Her sister Jeri is a cold-hearted and moody Girly Girl. Teena also still wants to be a good student in school, while Jeri doesn't care about that anymore.
  • Early on, Sticky Dilly Buns offers Amber, the blonde, instinctual, outgoing ex-porn star, and her younger sister, the brunette, uptight, initially friendless, virginal nerd Ruby. But for real yin-yang contrast, it later introduces the tall, skinny, anatomically simply female, psychologically gender-fluid, perpetually angry, emo/goth Angel, and her sister, the short, plump, medically intersex, psychologically solidly female, placid, fluffy-girly Ramona. One might wonder if there's a theme here. Incidentally, Ruby and Amber have problems dealing with each other, whereas Angel and Ramona are quite solidly affectionate.
  • Edith and her older siblings in Alice and the Nightmare - Edith is timid and shy, not to mention a Diamond (the lowest Suit), while her siblings are genki, gleeful and of Hearts (the highest Suit).
  • Girl Genius: Would you believe that shy, serious, reluctant explorer Bookworm Aldin and gung-ho Genius Ditz adventurer Jiminez are brothers?
  • In Beyond Bloom, Sikue and Tatsuma are polar opposites in many ways, one being loud and aggressive, while the other is quiet and gentle. This is especially emphasized when their magic abilities are used, one being offensive while the other is defensive. The flowers that they are made from are even revealed to always grow together while having opposite effects (one poisonous and one curing poison). The Yin-Yang similarities get pretty strong, one must wonder if it was intentional.
  • It's complicated to explain the relationships of kids of Homestuck, but they seem to do this:
    • Brunettes (John and Jade Guardians/Alpha counterparts Jake and Jane): Naive, dorky with Nerd Glasses, forthright, and Jumped at the Call. John and Jane live in the suburbs while Jade and Jake live on isolated islands. John, Jade, and Jane have like certain genres more than others (bad movies (unironically), furry art/anime, and comedy, respectively) while Jake loves all genres indiscriminately (but specially if they have blue-skinned space babes).
    • Blondes (Rose and Dave Guardians/Alpha counterparts Roxy and Dirk): Cynical, slightly Anti-Hero with Cool Shades for the guys and Scarf Of Ass Kicking for the girls, Genre Savvy/Properly Paranoid. Rose is the hero of Light and dislikes alcohol at age 13 while Roxy is the hero of Void and is a 16-year-old Hard-Drinking Party Girl (this is later reversed: Roxy wants to be sober while Rose discovers the joys of drinking); Dirk is always awake (he's simultaneously awake in the real world and in the dream world) while Roxy is always intoxicated (she's drunk in the real world and sleepwalks in the dream world).
    • Their guardians are also their ectobiological siblings, but the yin-yang shows up most in Rose/Roxy and Dave/Dirk, who are always wondering if their guardians are being ironic/sincere (Dave is ironic; Dirk is a little bit more sincere) and cruel/playful (probably not cruel but Rose thought her mother was playing a game of "passive-aggressive oneupsmanship" by doing over-the-top things like having a lavish funeral for her pet cat while Roxy, who'd never been to a funeral, genuinely wanted to see what one was like and it's probable as "Mom Lalonde" she felt the same), respectively.
    • In as much as animal counterparts can be considered siblings: Bec is the "good dog, best friend" of his owner Jade while God Cat is owned by no one and seems much more ambiguous. They're the omnipotent guardians of the Earth, manipulators of sapient beings, and masters of a game that will create a new universe from the ashes of the present one — or would be if they weren't just animals with superpowers. Well Bec definitely was, GCat's still a mystery.
    • The Troll kids (who are siblings) do this with their ancestors and each other. For example, Vriska likes to torture the child-like Tavros and while they're both considered losers their ancestors were a hugely successful pirate queen and an almost-successful messiah-figure.
    • Calliope and Caliborn. Calliope is kind, funny and wouldn't hurt a fly, while Caliborn is cruel, destructive, and antagonistic. They even contain references to Yin and Yang.
  • Hunters Of Salamastra: Mia and Matthew, in very bad way; while Mia was kind, Matthew was sadistic. Matthew bullied his sister constantly, and their parents encouraged this.
  • In Yokoka's Quest, The siblings Yin and Yang are opposites in terms of personalities, elemental magic, and colour schemes.
  • Muted: Avaline and Camille are basically sisters, and they definitely have this; Avaline's outfits are usually stylish and show off skin, while Camille dresses more conservatively. Avaline accepts the idea of an arranged marriage and tries to make the best of it, while Camille is visibly uncomfortable with the idea of getting married to a man. Camille also seems to have had this with her actual sister as well. Her sister seemed more active and outgoing while she seemed more reserved.
    • Camille and her twin sister Chloe are also an example of this when the latter was still alive, with Camille being the introvert who likes reading and drawing and Chloe was more active.

    Web Original 
  • From the files of the SCP Foundation: Few siblings are as night and day as SCP-682 and his half-brother, SCP-999. 682 is a bloodthirsty, borderline invincible maniac of a creature from another dimension, who would enjoy nothing more than killing everything in his sight. 999 is an ankle high bit of sentient goo known as "The Tickle Monster" who produces feelings of ease and joy in those who touch him. Not surprisngly, 682 isn't crazy about his harmless sibling. Referring to him as a "Feckless snot wad."
  • Cream Heroes has the calm and polite Toto who prefers to snuggle up to other cats and use charm to get what he wants out of Claire, in contrast to his louder, goofier and more aggressive brother Dodo, who prefers to punch and wrestle with other cats and is known to steal whatever food he can get into his mouth.
  • SBI Rust has the adopted sibling pair of Tommy and Wilbur. Wilbur is mostly calm and collected while Tommy is rambunctious and passionate.


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