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Sinister Sentient Sun

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Who would want to be orbiting around that?

Since the Sun is the main provider of life, heat and energy on Earth, it is a symbol of health and light, and is often depicted as a benevolent being.

Well, This Is Not That Trope.

Sometimes, the Sun is depicted as a sentient, malevolent entity that actively tries to harm the life forms it shines upon. Some works also feature sun-like beings that bear malicious intentions.

Not that this is completely unjustified: while obviously not sentient, the Sun is incredibly nocive to the people that stay too much under its lights. Aside from the visible spectrum, it emits a vast array of electromagnetic radiation that can be exceedingly dangerous, most notably the ultraviolets, which can cause various skin cancers (including the deadly melanoma), cataract and sunburns, among others. It's only logical to see/portray it as an evil entity in some works.

Sub-Trope of Sentient Stars and Light Is Not Good. Compare The Power of the Sun. Can overlap with Evil Is Burning Hot and The Face of the Sun, usually with an angry, menacing expression for the latter.


Anime and Manga

  • Prometheus from One Piece is a malevolent Homie formed from a portion of the Yonkou Big Mom's soul.

Comic Books

  • Solaris is an evil artificial sun and one of Superman's nemeses in DC One Million and All-Star Superman. It is often nicknamed the "Tyrant Sun" or the "Evil Star".


  • How the sun in Teletubbies is portrayed in virtually every single work derived from the series. Canonically, it doesn't really do anything except laugh, but it is considered that creepy.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse features Corona, the Tyrant Sun. Once, she was Celestia, the Undimmed Daystar, Equestria's guardian and leader. But that was before she fell into madness, before she brought ruin and death on her little ponies, and before her sister was forced to use the Elements of Harmony to bind her into her own Sun. Even a thousand years later, fear and hatred of her is one of the core foundations of Equestrian society.


  • In Nests of Chimerae (a Spin-Off of the Labyrinths of Echo series), when Max enters the Stramoslyabians' domain, the Sun suddenly turns into a grinning monstrosity looming ominously in the sky. Subverted when he learns that it is just an illusion created by the shaman patrons of Stramoslyabians.

Live-Action TV

  • Doctor Who:
    • In "42", the Doctor and Martha must rescue a spaceship that is being pulled into the sentient sun of the Torajii System. Subverted, as it doesn't try to destroy the spaceship for malicious purposes, but because the crew had stolen its core, and it wanted the core back.
    • "The Rings of Akhaten" features an Eldritch Abomination called Akhaten or "Grandfather", who is a gigantic sun-like entity that devours the souls and memories of sacrifices. When the Doctor denies him the offering of a young girl, Akhaten awakens and threatens to consume all of the seven neighboring planets before the Doctor and Clara stop him via a Phlebotinum Overload.

Mythology And Religion

  • To the Aztecs, the sun was a God named Tonatiuh, which required Blood Magic to move in the sky, so the Aztecs performed thousands of Human Sacrifices to feed him with human blood.
  • Classical Mythology:
    • Quite possibly Medusa. She is speculated to be the remnants of an old middle-eastern sun goddess (this being a good candidate), which explains quite a few things: the "snakes" are actually beams of sunlight, while the power of the evil eye is otherwise attributed to the sun and his witch offspring (i.e. Circe). Thus, the sun is basically a monster that turns you into stone.
    • On that note, the sun titan Hyperion is considered to be aligned with Kronos and locked in Tartarus. Helios (who, depending on the many sources, is either Hyperion's son or Hyperion himself) is generally the Extreme Doormat in mythology, but gives evil powers to his witch daughters and does dickish things sometimes.
  • Egyptian Mythology: Sekhmet is a sun goddess that almost committed genocide on mankind and could only be stopped by making her drunk on beer. Meanwhile, there's a demon that's basically just a sun with a knife.
  • Bila from Australian Aboriginal mythology is a sun that also happens to be a cannibal, roasting her victims over a fire. That's where daylight comes from!

Tabletop Games

  • In Magic: The Gathering, there have been a number of malevolent or at least dangerous sun-related entities:
    • In Kamigawa (based on Japanese Mythology), the sun kami Terashi is a terrifying Eldritch Abomination siding with most of the kami to kill everyone.
    • In Theros (based on Greek Mythology), the sun god Heliod is a horrible, petty tyrant that has a long list of atrocities to his name, most famously killing his loyal champion, Elspeth, out of pure spite.
    • In Ixalan, the sun is embodied as dinosaurian avatars that eat people.

Video Games

  • In the Fallen London cosmology, the Sun is one of the Judgements, almighty entities that use their light to impose their own laws upon everything they shine upon. In Sunless Sea, the Dawn Machine functions as an artificial Sun that gained sentience, and it's just as nasty as the source material.
  • In Sunless Skies, while artificial, the Clockwork Sun on the ridge of Albion is a hateful and malevolent entity that bathes Albion in a toxic light that can turn the neraest people and environment into jagged glass, bringing them excrutiating pain. The people operating it must wear a full-coverage suit in order to avoid those effects. Also, the Sun houses a prison that leaves its prisoners without any protecting gear, leaving most of them them to turn into glass and go utterly insane in the ordeal.
  • Mr. Bright is a small sun that is fought as a boss in Kirby's Adventure alongside its moon counterpart, Mr. Shine. They reappear in Kirby's Dream Land 2 and as a sentient painting in Kirby's Dream Land 3.
  • The strongest Bonus Boss in Miitopia is the Dark Sun, a grey sun-shaped Eldritch Abomination decorated with Miis' stolen faces.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Super Mario Bros. 3 has the Angry Sun, a miniature sun enemy with a furious face that tries to ram into the plumber from above. It only appears in two levels.
    • The Angry Sun returns in Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii in the Desert Hills racetrack, where it shoots Fire Snakes that act as obstacles to the racers.
    • Wario Land 3 has the Taiyo, which is found in the Vast Plain and Colossal Hole levels. It flies around the sky during daytime, trying to set Wario on fire. Its name even means "Sun" in japanese.

Web Animation

  • In the deleted scenes from ASDFMovie, one skit has the sun sadistically call out a human to directly look at it. The results are predictable.
    The Sun: HAHA now you're blind!

Web Comics

  • In several Brawl in the Family strips, the Sun is a cheerful character that falls in the Obliviously Evil category:
    • In an alternate ending of Sun's Song, the Sun has a family reunion with many other suns, right next to the Earth, which really can't take all that heat and ends up completely burnt.
    • Other strips (seen here, here and here) has the same Sun joyfully sending beams to Earth to please either a flower or the planet itself, only to burn the entire world to a crisp.

Web Original

  • In Ra, the Sun is the host, residence and primary fuel source of the titular supercomputer and its genocidal inhabitants.

Western Animation

  • Mr. Pickles assumes this form in the "sunrise" trailer. This is probably foreshadowing for the finale, where it is revealed that whatever caused him to be evil is related to sunlight.