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Deli Guy: What do you wanna do? You wanna go to the beach?
Bob: No. Maybe. Wait, I-I'm straight. I mean, I'm mostly straight.
Deli Guy: Let's grab a coffee! No, let's just have sex! Ah, this feels so great!
Bob: I gotta go cook this. Also, I'm married. But if I wasn't... who am I kidding, you're out of my league.
Bob's Burgers, "Turkey in a Can"

Romantic relationships, sex, and romantic and sexual attraction are staples of fiction, and — unless you're dealing with asexual characters or a No Hugging, No Kissing setting — characters will express at least some desire for it. The vast majority of the time, male characters are attracted to women, and female characters are attracted to men, there are some gay and lesbian characters, and very rarely you'll get a bisexual character (unless it's a Queer Romance, where naturally the last two categories are more common), but others aren't so definite. Sometimes there's a male/female character who doesn't express interest in women/men but does seems to show interest in people the same gender as they; they're Ambiguously Gay. Then there are characters that seemingly show romantic and/or sexual interest in people of multiple genders; they're Ambiguously Bi.


Most of the time, this character's interest in people of a different gender is explicitly stated or written to be obvious, while their interest in people of the same gender is subtle or downplayed, but the inverse does exist. Characters with a Heterosexual Life Partner are especially prone to this, as while they might have an actual love interest of a different gender or try to get a love interest through flirting and having crushes on women, the relationship with their HLP often has a romantic/sexual element as well. Getting Crap Past the Radar can be a reason for this trope, the writers wanting to include hints a character is gay or bi but with enough heterosexuality to appease the Moral Guardians.

It should be noted that what makes a character Ambiguously Bi and what differentiates them from Bisexual characters is largely a matter of opinion. The character does not have to officially be declared bi to qualify, and as No Bisexuals demonstrates, even if a character is clearly bisexual to the audience, much of the time the writers don’t consider it as a possibility. Obviously, some form of attraction to people of different genders is required, but the exact extent varies; for some people, an offhand comment or a prolonged glance can be enough; for others, nothing short of onscreen sex can suggest bisexuality as a possibility. Characters who express If It's You, It's Okay further muddle the issue, as by definition, that makes a character bisexual, but there are otherwise straight, gay, and lesbian people in real life who do have exceptions to the "rule" of their sexuality.


Compare/contrast Ambiguously Gay, Ambiguous Gender Identity, Depraved Bisexual and Bi-Wildered. See also Pseudo-Romantic Friendship.


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    Asian Animation 
  • There is a Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf episode where Wolffy disguises himself as a female shark as part of a scheme, only to be chased down by a male shark named Leo who develops a crush on "her". Eventually, Leo learns that Wolffy is neither female nor a shark... but still wants to be with him anyway.

    Fairy Tales 
  • Florinda's princess, a character created before bisexuality as we know it was a recognized concept, has traces of proto-bisexuality in her characterization. Over the course of the story, the protagonist, Florinda, presents as both male and female, and is later supernaturally granted a male body by Jesus.The princess loves and accepts Florinda under all circumstances.
  • Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree is a variant of the Snow White story. When Queen Silver-Tree learns that Princess Gold-Tree is the new Fairest of Them All, she plots to kill her. Gold-Tree escapes by marrying a foreign prince. The evil queen tracks her down and poisons her. Thinking she's dead, the prince marries another woman. Then one day, the second princess wanders into Gold-Tree's chamber, finds the thorn and revives her, the role stereotypically associated with the comatose heroine's eventually marriage-partner. The second princess kills the evil queen, the prince decides to marry them both, and Gold-Tree lives Happily Ever After with her husband and her wife.

    Fan Works 
  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon): In this Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) fanfiction, Dr. Ling drops a casual hint at one point that Vivienne Graham might be into both sexes. Word of God has further supported the notion, noting that this coupled with Dr. Ling's emotional reaction to learning that half of Monster X is actually Vivienne could be signs that Ling and Vivienne are Amicable Exes.

  • A Diplomatic Visit In chapter 4, Swift-Pad mentions "sort of" having a special someone back home. In chapter 16, the Bearers and Spike learn he was referring to Maxilla, a biologically male (but mentally genderfluid) changeling who was in disguise as a she-wolf when Swift-Pad first met he/she, and has no problem being with either gender. Swift-Pad himself explains that he is still attracted to them, but at this time is uncertain of if the attraction is to the form, the gender, or the person themselves. He ultimately chooses to make their romance permanent.
  • Kaworu in Advice and Trust. He only ever shows romantic interest in Rei during the story proper, but he mentioned that he loved Shinji in at least one alternate timeline. The ambiguity comes down to how much those alternate Kaworu's can be considered to be him.
  • The Naruto fanfic Chasing the Shadow explores this, both Haku and Naruto having somewhat questionable sexual orientations. The author discusses it at times.
  • In the Infinity Crisis spin-off Sins, Sirens and Strife, Darcy Lewis states "Shoot, now I'm gay" when she first sees Wonder Woman, and later implies that she has engaged in at least one threesome.
  • The Lost Girl/Merlin Crossover Lost in Camelot takes this approach for Morgana in particular; she acknowledges that she would have gone after Bo from the beginning if her friend had been a man, was physically affectionate with Bo to such a degree that Kenzi found it noteworthy before either she or Bo realised they had more-than-friendly feelings for each other, and is willing to consider making their relationship romantic once Bo gives her a day to consider that possibility. That said, Morgana has only ever been attracted to men before Bo suggests the idea of a romantic relationship between two women, is reluctant to take things to a physical level too soon even after Bo kisses her for the first time- a fact that Bo understands and accepts- and was explicitly attracted to Merlin first.
  • Junior Officers
    • Donna is mentioned to have felt something for a girl named Martha, but her kiss with Deborah implies that she doesn't truly swing that way.
    • Deborah has shown interest in both men (she pines for Shellington) and women (she kissed Donna), but nothing is ever confirmed.
  • letmetellyouaboutmyfeels's MCU Rewrites portray Steve Rogers/Captain America as this: in Age of Ultron: Redux, he acknowledges what he could have had with Peggy Carter and a number of characters in-story wonder if his relationship with James "Bucky" Barnes/The Winter Soldier has the potential to be more than platonic. In Captain America: Ghosts of HYDRA, while being interviewed about Bucky Barnes, Steve states that being asked about his friend would be like asking a wife to testify against her husband. Word of God states she intentionally wrote the story this way so that the reader could interpret their relationship as platonic or romantic.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series The One With The Angelic Face, Angelus being cursed with a soul and turned into a woman has interesting consequences for Buffy's relationship with 'Angela';
    • Angela recalls Angelus having been a ‘lover’ of men and women in his time, but he was naturally into sex as a means of control and asserting his dominance rather than actual love, leaving Angela herself conflicted about her feelings for Buffy as she still thinks like a man with eighteenth-century morals (Liam would have enjoyed being with two women at once, but the idea of two women on their own would have been weird at best from his perspective).
    • For Buffy, she spends some time uncertain about her feelings for Angela, unable to reconcile her appreciation for Angela as a person with her hatred of Angelus, but despite acknowledging that she is attracted to cute boys and can't find Angelus attractive even when picturing Angela in his male body, Buffy eventually realises that she has fallen in love with Angela.
  • The Harry Potter fanfic The Power of Seven has some interesting variations of this as Harry finds himself forced to form a 'harem' with seven witches to get the horcrux out of his head. In the course of the fic, he bonds with Ginny, Hermione, Luna, Demelza Robbins, Susan Bones, Katie Bell and Fleur in that order. For the most part, only Ginny and Luna show an interest in doing anything with the other girls without Harry involved, but there are certain 'exceptional circumstances' for the other five. As the bonds are formed, it becomes clear that Ginny and Luna are fully bisexual, Hermione and Susan are fully straight but comfortable watching Harry with the others, and Katie, Demelza, and Fleur are somewhere in between (in rough order of "most to least straight," as it were).
    • Ginny finds that she enjoys watching Harry with other girls, to the point that she gets turned on while looking at Luna naked and picturing Harry’s reaction to her, and makes sure that Hermione is watching when she and Harry are completing the first stage of the ritual. This becomes more explicit when Ginny's link to Harry allows her to 'observe' Harry's first time with Hermione from Harry's perspective, inspiring Ginny to fantasize about a threesome with herself, Harry and Hermione, which becomes reality the following chapter even if she and Hermione don't do much with each other directly.
      • For a time, Ginny tells herself that her enjoyment is just based on seeing other girls react to Harry; in chapter 25, she muses that while she hasn't explicitly 'inherited' Harry's attraction to girls, she derived emotional pleasure from helping Luna pleasure Harry, and gets peripherally turned on by sharing Harry's reaction to looking at Demelza naked, to the point that she makes Demelza eat her out when they're alone in the dorms. However, Chapter 35 sees Ginny finally admit that she is at least somewhat bi on her own when she acknowledges that she fell victim to Fleur's allure when she unintentionally witnessed an encounter between Bill and Fleur back at the Burrow long before she formed a bond with Harry. By Chapter 67, Ginny has basically acknowledged her attraction to women to the extent that Harry fulfils a fantasy of himself and a woman double-teaming Ginny as a reward for Ginny's recent efforts, with Fleur being the third partner.
    • Initially Luna just has no problem stripping down to engage in a mutual masturbation session with Ginny, but later she explicitly asks that Ginny be present the first time she and Harry have sex, although there was no sign at the time that Luna was especially aroused by Ginny's presence in the room.
      • During a later conversation with Hermione, Luna explicitly (for her, anyway) states that she is turned on by looking at Hermione naked, and chapter 39 features the girls arranging an orgy to celebrate the end of the year, with Ginny and Luna already naked and masturbating each other by the time Harry arrives. As Fleur becomes part of the harem, Luna's observations make it clear that she's turned on by Fleur, and chapter 55 sees Luna kissing and stripping down Demelza to help console her after her parents' deaths while Katie just watches the others prepare after confirming that she'll be after Demelza.
    • Even after Ginny kisses Hermione twice, she does not appear to be independently aroused by the experience, and tells Luna that she isn't explicitly attracted to women on their own. Hermione not being aroused by women is reinforced in chapter 48 when she is the only one of Harry's existing bond-mates who can just acknowledge that Fleur is beautiful without feeling attracted to her, Ginny reflecting that Hermione is definitely straight by chapter 67 even after Ginny acknowledges her own interest in women pre-dates the bond with Harry.
    • Demelza was fully aware that Harry and Ginny were having sex before she learned about the ritual, and chapters 23-24 feature her watching Harry have sex with Ginny and Katie, but Demelza's thoughts were always focused on Harry's actions and reactions rather than being explicitly aroused by the other girls. In chapter 25, Demelza eats Ginny out while masturbating, but this is clearly demonstrated as an extension of her submission to Harry- Ginny essentially 'acting' as Harry's proxy- rather than Demelza showing any sign that she is sexually attracted to Ginny on her own. Although she shows an attraction to Fleur later, this only occurs after Demelza bonds with Harry, suggesting that she is more affected by Harry's own feelings for Fleur rather than Demelza liking women on her own.
    • While Katie shows no explicit sexual interest in girls, she does encourage Harry to release all over Ginny as she masturbates him herself, and briefly fantasises about licking Ginny's abdomen clean of his release before she decides to just have sex with Harry directly. Chapter 28 sees Katie watch as Demelza has sex with Harry, and even give Demelza advice on how to give a blowjob, but she shows no sign that she is aroused by Ginny and Demelza's own nudity. In chapter 63, at Harry's birthday party, Fleur gets a bit carried away and unleashes an uncontrolled, unfocused blast of allure, which Harry resists. Katie is impressed, either by the allure or Harry's resistance, and this after it's been established the allure only affects women if they're at least curious. Later, Katie gets extra creative with her time turner, using it to have a threesome with Harry and herself.
    • Chapter 31 has all six of the girls currently active in the harem spend the night with Harry and then spend the morning pleasuring him, but it is made clear that the girls were all pleasuring Harry with none of them doing anything to one of the others even after they start removing their nightclothes. Chapter 39-40 feature another orgy, but apart from Ginny and Luna starting it off by masturbating each other until Harry arrives, the girls show no sign of being interested in doing anything to each other, focusing all their sexual desires on Harry.
    • Come Chapter 59, Fleur notes that she's at least curious about other women. Her Veela half doesn't react to them in the same primal way it does to males, but as a human, she can ponder and be curious and wonder how her allure affects them. She's learned- through Ginny and Luna- that it can, but only if they're interested, or at least curious, themselves.
  • Ruby and Nora has gone out of its way to avert this, though the sexuality of Weiss's mother, Willow, is still in the air.
  • In RWBY ABRG, it's implied that Cardin is attracted to Jaune. Though Velvet is his main play-thing, he seems flirty towards Jaune as well.
  • Downplayed in the Supernatural/Jennifer's Body crossover Trust Doesn't Rust; Jennifer and Needy’s bond is defined as a sisterly one without the explicitly sexual elements used in the film, and Sam is briefly ‘attracted’ to Dean due to Dean using a sigil to turn Jennifer’s powers against her that basically turned Dean into an incubus.
  • Cinder in Vale's Underground makes her attraction to men very open and shut (as well as her attraction to violence). However, she also starts a relationship with Emerald when the latter admits her feelings. She is also willing to have sex with her. The issue is that her thoughts are described as Cinder only entering a relationship with her to toy with her. Without her showing any attraction to other women, it makes it difficult to tell if she really is attracted to women. The fact that her mother molested her when she was younger complicates things further — especially since Cinder resents her mother because of it.
  • In The Chronicles of Karai Getting Her Shit Together, Casey and Raphael tend to spend a lot of time together alone. There is even a Brain Bleach moment where they do a literal dick-measuring contest. That said, when Donatello and April become an official couple, Casey conspires to get them to break up.
  • The Lightning Strike;
    • Word of God confirms that Skye is bisexual with a preference for men, as she enjoys being the submissive in a dom/sub dynamic and so for the most part men make it easier for her to submit to them even if she'd be open to having Natasha act as her mistress.
    • Natasha later notes to Harry that she wasn't initially attracted to women on her own, but has developed an appreciation for them after some past missions required her to seduce female targets once she opened herself up to the idea.
  • The MCU fic "Tingle" features Peter Parker, Yelena Belova and Kate Bishop begin a polyamorous relationship, but while Kate is comfortable in her attraction to both sexes, although Yelena is equally willing to eat Kate out or give Peter a blowjob, she explicitly states that she's not a fan of penetrative sex, prefering to peg Peter instead.
  • In Charmed (1998), Prue Halliwell was only shown dating men, but the fic "Sweet Seduction" and its sequel see Prue fall in love with a woman, Delilah, the witch/demon daughter of the Source (Delilah was mistreated and abused by her father for years until she escaped). While Prue is happy with Delilah, at least one scene shows that she still has strong feelings for Andy Trudeau, visiting his grave at the conclusion to say goodbye to his memory but confident that he'd be happy she's found someone else.
  • Heaven's Light: (a crossover between The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney) and Tangled) Esmeralda. At the Festival of Fools, when she's doing her sensual dance, instead of sliding onto Frollo's lap, as per canon, she slides over to Queen Susanne, and leans in towards her, before kissing the Queen's nose instead and pulling away, making the Queen blush, since she was attending the Festival with her husband. In the sequel, Seven Days in Corona, she sidles up to the Queen again at the Festival (this time, in the presence of the Dunbroch royal family), but instead of kissing her, she just says "Not this year." Whether Esmeralda feels genuine attraction to the Queen or is just putting on a show, we know for a fact that she's attracted to men, because she gets together with Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert later on in the first story.
  • A Rabbit Among Wolves
    • Sun isn't remotely bothered when a crossdressing Jaune reveals himself to be a guy and continues calling him pretty.
    • Jaune himself blushes a bit when Sun winks at him and continues to coo over him.
  • Harbinger (Finmonster): (crossover between Danny Phantom and ParaNorman) Courtney Babcock. At the start of the story, she's dating Jerk Jock Dash Baxter, but blushes when Ember McLain (a lesbian banshee) winks at her.
  • Koopa Red in With Big Shells and Wings frequently hits on women, but in one of the final chapters, he accidentally reveals that he looked up the size of a Yoshi's penis. When questioned on this, he tries to explain himself away to no avail.
    Koopa Red: But my dick is big! I-I mean, it's huge! Seriously, a Yoshi's dick isn't even as big as mine.
    Koopa Black: And just how would you know how big a Yoshi's dick is?
    Koopa Red:(Blushing) Err… the Internet told me…
    Female Koopa Soldier: And just why were you looking that up?
    Koopa Red:(Sweating) Boredom?
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail: In the usual anime, Ash Ketchum is known to have many romantic scenes with his female companions (even though he's oblivious to it all) but the story has him willing to "get together" with Trip after the latter confessed his feelings for him.
  • The Pokémon Squad: RM was in a relationship with May during the first half of the series run, but has also shown signs of attraction towards RM's Friend, RM's Friend's Twin, PlatinumMage, and MM, often flirting with them. Eventually subverted, as the authors confirmed in an interview that RM is, in fact, one of the few characters who is straight, with his attraction towards males being a joke. This was later touched upon in "RM's Gay Old Time", where RM admits to Ash that he's straight.

    Films - Animation 
  • Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast is very into his feather duster girlfriend and they’re even Holding Hands at the end of the movie. Yet he was also happy to kiss Cogsworth after they successfully chase off the villagers.
  • The Goth Kid from The Book of Life. When introduced to the pictures of La Muerte and Xibalba he called them both "so pretty" in the same dreamy-like fashion.
  • The Lion King (1994): Timon and Pumbaa. While they are Heterosexual Life-Partners, there is so much blatant Homoerotic Subtext that went on between them. However, they do have crushes on several girls throughout Timon & Pumbaa. Pumbaa fits this trope more as he tried to kiss Timon in House of Mouse in the Valentines day special.
  • Pitch Black in Rise of the Guardians. If his backstory where when he was human, he had a wife and a daughter is in the movie-verse. He also flirts a bit in the official prequel comic with Tooth during his introduction. However, he also seems to be very touchy-feely with Jack. In the Antarctica scene, he always claimed that he and Jack were the same, touching him when he proposed him to join his side (and in one of early artworks, he even strokes his jaw with a smug smile) and is hurt by his rejection. Furthermore, he even called Bunnymund "cute" for mocking him, making Bunnymund slightly scared (though Bunny was probably just worried Pitch might try to harm him).

    Films - Live-Action 
  • 48 Hrs.: Lisa and Casey sleep with Billy and Ganz, and are implied to be sleeping with each other.
  • Morse in Alien³. When the prisoners all find out that Ripley has crashed on their prison planet, Morse declares that he has taken a vow of celibacy "...and that includes women." Later in the Assembly Cut of the film, Morse is finally persuaded to let Golic out of his restraints when Golic says to him "I love you, Morse."
  • All the Boys Love Mandy Lane: Chloe is into Garth, and heavily implied to be into Mandy.
  • Alto: It's never made entirely clear if Frankie is lesbian or bi, given she's got a male fiance at the start before falling for a woman. She seems unsure herself of all this as she'd apparently never been attracted by women before.
  • Anna: Was Anna ever actually attracted to Maude, or just using her as a tool? She also has competing male Love Interests, indicating she's likely bisexual if this was legitimate attraction.
  • Avalanche Sharks: Jenna is seen eyeing guys with her friends and acting a bit flirty a few times but has a lot of scenes that could indicate an attraction to girls. She makes a toast to "Girls Gone Wild" at one point (although it's unclear if she was serious, or meant that in a sexual sense if she was), holds hands with Lacy once, spends a lot of time in the hot tub with just two other girls in bikinis (although Lacy simply makes a toast to her "best friends, ever" implying a lack of romantic feelings at least on her part), and shows a clear lack of interest when Randy flirts with her (although this is implied to be because of a crude double innuendo Randy made).
  • Below Her Mouth: It's left unclear if Jasmine is a very closeted lesbian, or simply bisexual. Her male fiance thinks the former due to her passionate affair with butch lesbian Dallas, but Jasmine doesn't seem to know herself.
  • Bloody Bloody Bible Camp: Tad is a hound dog who pursues every attractive woman he sees, but he has to reassure himself that he has no homosexual desires.
  • Bonnie & Bonnie: Yara rejects the term "lesbian" for herself, but doesn't seem sure of what her sexuality is after being with a woman, though she adds that it doesn't matter as well.
  • But I'm a Cheerleader: Joel is sent to a conversion therapy camp due to liking boys, and is implied to reciprocate fellow camper Graham's faked affection for him. However, it's unclear if the brainwashing got to him, he's lying to get through the program like Graham is, or if he's genuinely into her.
  • Charlie's Angels (2019): Sabina is seen to flirt with men and women but it's unclear if her attraction to men is genuine or merely pragmatic. Her saying that her seduction of Johnny in the opening scene was the worst date of her life suggests the latter, and she only seems to notice hot women.
  • Karen from The Children's Hour. The movie centers around her and her best friend Martha, who is later revealed to be gay and in love with her, being Mistaken for Gay. Karen is engaged to a man, though her relationship with Martha is full of subtext. Even people in-story think they're too close, no thanks to a child's Malicious Slander. At the end she wants to run away with Martha even after Martha's Anguished Declaration of Love, though it doesn't work out because Martha is Driven to Suicide.
  • Confidence: King, the Big Bad of the film, comes on to both Jake and Lily, though whether he's attracted to both of them, or is just trying to intimidate both of them (or a combination of both), is the ambiguous part.
  • Dark Harvest: Alex is dating Darcy, who thinks she has Belligerent Sexual Tension with Sean.
  • Dead Hooker in a Trunk: Badass and Junkie are both seen having sex with men, but can't dismiss hiring a female prostitute in a drunken bender.
  • Deathgasm: Medina is Brodie's Love Interest, and her metal fantasy has heavy lesbian imagery.
  • Eloïse's Lover: It's left vague as to whether Àsia is attracted by her boyfriend, or indeed men generally. She cares about him, but their relationship (from her at least) is not much different than friends (aside from a few kisses that he initiates, they aren't intimate onscreen).
  • Faster Pusycat Kill Kill: Billie implies that she's bisexual during the whole "AM and FM" speech to Rosie, saying that "one-band broads are a drag".
  • The Final Girls: Kurt hits on literally every woman he sees, but briefly mentions that he thinks gay men have a cool lifestyle.
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral: Fiona, when a guest at Bernard and Lydia's wedding wonders if the reason she isn't married is because she is a lesbian (finding it a more interesting follow-up than just "Haven't met the right chap?"), admits, "Well, I was a lesbian once at school, but only for about fifteen minutes." and it's left unclear if she's attracted to women or it was just a one-time thing.
  • Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island: Sarah is married to Clark, but is flattered by her friend's offer of lesbian sex.
  • James (Will Ferrell) in Get Hard was disgusted over having to give oral sex to a man and is married to a woman, but also didn't mind getting close to Darnell (Kevin Hart) and using suggestive double entendres in regards to him.
  • Giant Little Ones: Both Ballas and Franky. While Ballas initiated oral sex, Franky tells his father that he wasn't uncomfortable with what happened. Both also have sexual encounters with girls throughout the film and nothing definitive is said about their sexualities.
  • Gory Gory Hallelujah: Jessie, the feminist Jesus, hooks up with Sky and later has lesbian sex at a feminist cult orgy, but she was clearly brainwashed with the latter, so it's not clear if she's interested in women or not.
  • Green Book: Don was once married to a woman, though in the film he's caught naked having a tryst with another man in a public pool by the cops. It's never made clear if she was cover, a heterosexual relationship before he embraced being gay, or he's bi. The fact he shows no interest toward a waitress flirting with him may indicate Don is gay, not bi, though.
  • The Guest House: Rachel was dating Jason, but doesn't seem to have been happy with him even before he dumps her. It may be she just hadn't realized she's a lesbian, or wasn't into him specifically too much. Even prior to her relationship with Amy, she's shown masturbating while watching lesbian porn. Amy similarly says that she's been with men and also uses her sexual wiles on them to get things, but that she'd never known love until Rachel, which makes her sexuality equally ambiguous. Neither one ever states an opinion on the matter.
  • Gutterballs: Hannah has threesomes with Steve and the canonically bi Julia, but it's not clear what these threesomes entail.
  • Hatchet: Jenna is introduced making out with Misty for a porno film, and later flirts with Marcus. However, she and Misty hate each other and are only doing it for the cash, so it's not clear if she's willing to sleep with women in her free time or just wanted the money.
  • Higher Learning: It's never really made clear if Kristen is actually bisexual or just curious. Aside from the merest teasing of a sexual relationship with Taryn (although it's implied that they did), some hand-holding, and a kiss (which may or may not have really happened), we only actually see her have sex with men. Of course when she was having sex with her boyfriend she was thinking of Taryn. This lends a dollop of subtext to the scene in which Dr. Phipps is discussing his students' various backgrounds.
    Dr. Phipps (to Kristen): What are you?
    Kristen: I don't know...
  • Ryan from High School Musical was originally intended to be Camp Gay but Disney wouldn't allow it. He was paired off with a female character (and his relationship with his twin sister Sharpay is a tiny bit unusual), yet at the same time he has a lot of Homoerotic Subtext with Chad in the sequel. Fans commonly read him as bisexual as a result.
  • I Love You, Beth Cooper: Everyone is certain Rich is gay, but he insists he's straight. By the end, he admits he's into guys, but had threesome with Beth's two female friends which he'd enjoyed. After that, Rich tells Denis he might be bi and not gay, but isn't sure.
  • David Skylark of The Interview. Dave seems omni-sexual, judging from his obvious attraction to women like the CIA agent, as well as some weird things he says (apparently he watches gay porn). He also didn't mind kissing Kim, the male leader of North Korea, when playing spin the bottle with him or his best male friend Aaron.
  • Interview with the Vampire: Louis has a deceased wife, and Lestat is perfectly willing to seduce women to drink from them, but their relationship is full of Homoerotic Subtext and it's strongly implied Lestat will seduce men too.
  • It: Chapter Two: A rare example where a character's interest to the same sex is confirmed in canon, but their opposite-sex attractions are left more ambiguous. By the end of the film it's been made clear that Richie is an Armoured Closet Gay who's been in love with Eddie since they were kids. What's far less clear is whether his elaborate bragging about his prowess with girls has any actual intention behind it, other than to hide his sexuality from his friends. On the one hand, as an adult he claims publicly to have a girlfriend who is clearly fabricated (but could conceivably be based on an ex); on the other, as a teenager he does join the other boys in briefly ogling Bev in her underwear (but it's established elsewhere that he overcompensates in order to fit in with his straight peers).
  • Jennifer's Body: Anita "Needy" Lesnicki has a boyfriend, whom she cares about very deeply. She also makes out with Jennifer, and seems to be really into it before she breaks it off.
    • And Megan Fox said that she portrayed Jennifer (who got around with many boys even before becoming possessed by a demon) as a deeply closeted lesbian.
  • Jupiter Ascending:
    • The driving force of the film is the conflict between the Abrasax siblings and Jupiter, the genetic recurrence of their mother. While the Abrasax patriarch is never mentioned or seen, the two Abrasax brothers definitely have an unhealthy interest in their mother. Titus is The Casanova whose defining scene is a Zero-G Spot pseudo-orgy of heavy petting with women. He plans to secure his claim to Earth by marrying Jupiter, and all that implies. There's also the scene where Titus tries to kill Caine which reeks of Ho Yay, complete with whispering his evil plan in Caine's ear while circling around him.
    • Kalique has two suggestive scenes with both genders. In one scene she strips naked in front of Jupiter, looks at her seductively, and then rises from her bath with a glamorous young body (in one of the only nude scenes in the movie). There's also her compliments on Caine's physique when he barges into her palace with no shirt on.
  • Elaine in the fourth Lake Placid movie shows a lot of Lipstick Lesbian signs, particularly towards Brittany (such as telling a friend that Brittany is a skank, then adding "She does have a great ass though", holding Brittany's hand at one point as they're running together and giving her a shoulder massage) but also takes part in a couple conversations about cute boys.
  • Loving Annabelle: It's unclear if Ms. Bradley is bisexual (as she's with a man, and is shown having sex with him) or just a closeted lesbian in denial trying to pretend she's straight (also possible, given her unhappiness, which he senses).
  • Implied in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, when Donna sings "When I Kissed the Teacher" to a female professor. Donna never exhibits any romantic interest in women after graduation, making it a case of experimentation.
  • Monos: Rambo is obviously attracted to Lady and regrets being spurning by her for Bigfoot. It's unclear if Rambo is attracted to Wolf. Wolf says she's "like a brother" to him. When Lady tells him to kiss Rambo, she kisses him back without complaint.
  • Naomi And Ely's No Kiss List: Bruce 2 goes out with Naomi before falling for Ely, her friend. She thinks he was just using her as a "gay test drive" though Bruce isn't entirely clear himself by the end on his orientation, except that he isn't straight. It's left unclear if he was attracted to her genuinely (or other women).
  • Palm Springs: Nyles casually tells Nana he had sex with Jerry during one of his loops. It isn't clear if this was just experimenting, or genuine attraction, though everyone else he's been with have been women. He doesn't appear to have disliked it though.
  • Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean. He's shown on screen to be interested in women and has considerable Ho Yay with other male characters, and Johnny Depp (the actor who plays him) has said that he's bisexual.
  • In Plan B, Bruno pretends to be attracted to his ex-girlfriend Laura's boyfriend Pablo with the end goal of making Pablo sexually confused enough to dump Laura and clear the path to him getting back together with her but the more his homoerotic-laden friendship with Pablo develops, the more his fake attraction to him starts to look not-so-fake. The ending confirms that Bruno did fall in love with Pablo for real, but it's still ambiguous whether he really is bisexual and was in denial about it or if Pablo is just an exception for him.
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera: Amber Sweet sleeps with the Graverobber and is implied to tap the Genterns.
  • Room in Rome: Natasha seems to be bi, as she insists she's into men but has sex with Alba more than once that she clearly enjoys, and flirted with her before. However, neither discusses her orientation, and since Natasha says she's never been attracted to a woman before it's obviously still new to her. Given that a lot of what she says is dubious, some or all of this may be an act too.
  • Scary Movie: Buffy and Cindy have boyfriends, but mention going down on each other one time. However, given that they swore to never speak of it again, it could have just as easily been bicurious experimentation.
  • James Bond villain Silva in Skyfall aggressively flirted with both Severine and Bond. While Bond's tied to a chair and Silva is suggestively touching him, the following exchange happens.
    Silva: Well...first time for everything, yes?
    Bond: What makes you think this is my first time?
  • Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies had a wife and daughter, but is very appreciative of Thor's muscular physique when he encounters the God in Avengers: Infinity War.
  • Scooby-Doo: Velma is implied to have a crush on Fred, but also shows signs of being interested in Daphne as well. When telling the story of the day Mystery Inc. kicked Scrappy-Doo off the team, Velma describes Daphne as "so beautiful" and Fred as "so handsome". For what it's worth, Velma was originally going to be depicted as a lesbian in the film's much raunchier original cut, and a deleted scene from the final film has her singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" while dancing sensually and making motions towards Daphne and/or Fred (they're both standing next to each other and the scene is framed in such a way that it's not clear if she's singing to Daphne, Fred, or both.)
  • Stealing Harvard: Honorable Judge Emmett Cook was married and denies being homosexual. However, he has Duff, John Plummer and later, Mr. Warner and many other males (as evidenced by photos he takes of them all) dress up and role-play as his deceased wife because he misses her too much. He also lays in bed with the men and spoons with them.
  • Stitches (2001): Mrs. Albright is perfectly willing to act seductive towards men and women, and has sex with Ms. Lester to get what she wants. It's unclear if she would have sex with men too.
  • The Summer of Sangaile: Sangaile has sex with Saulius, a male friend of Auste, early on. She doesn't seem to be very into it, however, only having enthusiastic encounters with Auste. It's left unclear why she even did it, as there was no buildup before the act.
  • Tank Girl: Tank Girl has a boyfriend in the beginning, and hooks up with a guy at the end. But her immediate response to Jet Girl being sexually harassed is to pretend to be her girlfriend, and she refers to past sexual partners in the gender-neutral unless referring to a specific one.
  • Thelma: Anja is dating a guy at the start, then breaks up with him and grows attracted to Thelma. However, it's left unclear if she genuinely felt this way, or was compelled by Thelma's powers.
  • Tragedy Girls: McKayla and Sadie both express interest in men, but it's clear that their only true emotional connection is with one another. They're extremely affectionate towards each other, do everything together, and would do anything for their friendship. In fact, both kill the guys they were interested in at the other's behest.
  • In The Truth About Charlie, the female detective is sleeping with her male partner, but much of her dialogue regarding Reggie, the protagonist, implies that she's attracted to her—talking about how beautiful she is, how fortunate any man who gets to sleep with her is, etc.
  • In The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Javi Gutierrez's idolization of Nicolas Cage sometimes seems like a Celeb Crush, especially when he blurts, "I fucking love you!" to Nick's face. Nick also shares a very strong affection for Javi, on top of fantasizing about making out with a younger Nicolas Cage. However, both guys also have long-lasting relationships with female love interests (Olivia for Nick and Gabriela for Javi).
  • Jay of The View Askewniverse enthusiastically hits on women, but when accused in Dogma by Rufus of fantasizing about other men while masturbating, his response is "Dude, not all the time!" Later, when waking up suddenly, he babbles "I didn't come in you, Pete, I swear!" Wikipedia lists most of the many times he and Bob do something ambiguous. Word of God is that Jay is most likely bi, though onscreen evidence suggests that he's severely closeted.
  • The World Unseen: It's never explicitly stated where Miriam falls on the sexuality spectrum, given that she's been married to Omar but gets into a relationship with Amina having never (so far as we know) found women attractive before.
  • Wrestlemaniac: Dallas, Debbie, and Daisy are willing to be sexual with each other and Alphonse on camera, but it's unclear how much (if any) of their activity is based on actual sexual interest and how much is the pay.

  • Many women in A Brother's Price are well able to appreciate beauty in their own sex. Cira is the only one who is explicitly bi, but as her homosexual relationship is treated as nothing unusual, it can be assumed that bisexual women wouldn't exactly feel the need to "out" themselves.
  • Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox: Perhaps it's just his mischievous nature, but Argent enjoys teasing (and feeding) Jaques' hopeless infatuation with him a little too much, including, it's implied, distracting him with dirty dreams at one point. Otherwise, the only person Argent ever shows any romantic interest in is Tsumiko.
    • Jaques himself counts, as his attraction to Argent is obvious (and the ongoing serial "Lord Mettlebright's Man" makes it clear he appreciates male beauty in many different persons, but it's less clear whether his pursuit of Tsumiko (and the flirtation he employs towards it) is solely materially based in an effort to get his hands on her fortune—and Argent—or whether he is also attracted in any way to women.
  • Be More Chill: Despite Jeremy's crush on Christine and insistence that he is totally, 100% straight, he does jerk off while on the phone with his friend Michael.
  • The Catcher in the Rye:
    • Holden describes Luce as a "flitty" seeming guy who has a strong Gaydar. He also notes that Luce seems to talk about sex with, presumably, women a lot. Luce himself mentions that he likes "a mature person", not "a mature woman", though he could have been referring to in general.
    • Holden's former Mr. Antolini teacher is either this or Ambiguously Gay. He married a much older woman, which might make her a Beard. Later Holden wakes up in an Ambiguous Situation where Mr. Antolini is petting his head in his sleep. It's vague whether it's paternal like Mr. Antolini implies or sexual like Holden thinks.
  • The Day of the Jackal: The Jackal is an assassin who has been hired to do a big job in Paris. When the Jackal is heading to Paris, he seduces a woman, which allows him to sleep indoors without leaving a paper trail at a hotel. Having arrived in Paris, instead of looking for a suitable woman he lets himself be picked up at a gay bar. He is not shown having any trouble finding the bar, and knows how to dress and act to get the right type of attention ... it's almost like he's familiar with the gay scene in Paris.
  • In the Discworld novels, Leonard of Quirm generally gives the impression of not being sufficiently aware of other people to have any sexuality, but in Jingo, when designing a bigger version of The Boat, it says "his pencil caressed the paper" as he sketched the "well-muscled and not overdressed" oarsmen. This is in keeping with a character based on Leonardo da Vinci. On the other hand, he's also implied to have had a relationship with Gytha Ogg when he was painting the Mona Ogg and Woman Holding Ferret; among the many initials in her Sweetie Graffiti in A Tourist's Guide to Lancre is "L d Q" in mirror writing, and The Art of Discworld has a sketch of them together based on The Hireling Shepherd by William Holman Hunt.
  • Rinaldi of A Farewell to Arms talks about sleeping with women constantly, but he is also very affectionate towards Frederic, trying to kiss him on several occasions. He calls Frederic "baby" and appears slightly flamboyant, though this may be Deliberate Values Dissonance being used to contrast him against his American friend.
  • In Erica Jong's Fear of Flying, it's easy to make a case for Adrian's bisexuality. While he's deeply enamoured with Isadora's body and mind, he also hints at an attraction to her husband Bennett at times, up to stroking Bennett's back after Bennett and Isadora have sex in front of him.
  • The protagonist of The Gallagher Girls has several relationships with men of varying importance, but she also has a tendency to describe the beauty of her female True Companions, even while bleeding out from a gunshot.
  • Rick Riordan:
    • Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
      • Percy mentions how attractive both male (Beckendorf, Apollo, etc.) and female characters (Annabeth, Rachel, etc.) are on numerous occasions, but only ever dates girls.
      • The characters of Clarisse and Silena both have in-text boyfriends but are heavily coded to being interested in each other romantically. Silena and Chris (Clarisse's boyfriend) are the only people that can truly get through to her. Silena and Clarisse also parallel Achilles and Patroclus, two lovers from the Trojan War. When Clarisse refuses to assist with battle, Silena puts on her armor and rallies the Ares Cabin in her stead but gets killed in the process. Silena's sacrifice motivates Clarisse to take up arms again and fight for the loss of her friend.
    • The Heroes of Olympus:
      • Annabeth and Piper are vaguely implied to be attracted to each other despite their canon boyfriends. Piper mentions that her charmspeak power only works on people that are attracted to her, and Annabeth mentions that it takes a lot of willpower to resist it. Piper also mentions how pretty Annabeth is multiple times.
      • A typo mentions Reyna and her sister Hylla getting stuck on Calypso's island instead of Circe's. For context: people can only leave Calypso's island once they and Calypso fall in love with each other.
    • The Trials of Apollo:
      • Continuing off of her coding in Heroes of Olympus, Piper breaks up with her boyfriend Jason. She comments that it felt fake and forced, like she wasn't being her true self when she was with him. She eventually is shown with a female love interest, which turns the coding into actual text. But whether or not she was actually attracted to men is now up for debate.
      • Again continuing off of her previous appearances, Reyna is shown to have a very close relationship with head of the Hunters Thalia. But, she is very insistent that the relationship is purely platonic and gets annoyed when people imply otherwise.
  • The Hurog duology has Ward, who is attracted to women, according to himself, but does notice that his newly inherited, immortal slave Oreg is a pretty boy. It causes him to pity Oreg, as he suspects some of his ancestors to have been rapists. However, later on they become quite close friends, and Ward notices that Oreg working magic is a beautiful sight, and he can also feel the magic, and is a bit embarrassed because it feels like "a hand touching [him] intimately". Ward is also well able to understand why the king's "favourite" has this position - Garranon is an exceptionally beautiful and elegant man, and Ward mentions that he likes Garranon better than most of the other courtiers.
  • InCryptid: Antimony has mentioned being open to liking women, though for most of her life her family thought she was too prickly to get romantically involved with anyone. Now that she's with Sam, it's unlikely she'll ever find out for sure.
  • Eragon from Inheritance Cycle comes off as this. Despite his obsession with an unattainable elf girl, he travels and becomes EXTREMELY close to his half-brother Murtagh, and starts getting vengeful and sulky when Murtagh turns out to think he's an annoying little twerp. Additionally he never notices Arya's characteristics (read: breasts), but he spends a lot of time ogling his master's muscles, "port-red lips" and long, flowing hair, and starts staring intently at the guy's "hairless groin" during a naked bath scene. He also ogles the "hard and lean" muscles of his crippled ex-nemesis.
  • Both Bunny and Raffles in the Raffles stories: the two have female love interests, but were partially modeled after Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas and are closer than male friends would be even in Victorian times. While the books never go beyond (heavy) subtext, some adaptations and pastiches make Bunny and Raffles explicitly a couple.
  • Jane Eyre gets together with Rochester by the book's end but there's also the ambiguous Les Yay she gets with Diana, Mary, and particularly Helen.
  • In The Long Walk, McVries seems to care about Garraty in a way that extends beyond friendship. He's also mentioned to have had a girlfriend.
  • Les Misérables: Victor Hugo never explicitly states the nature of Grantaire's love towards Enjolras, but he does compare them to several pairs of mythological/historical male lovers and that was probably as close as you could get to Word of Gay in the 19th century. At least, without being thrown in jail like Oscar Wilde. Unlike Enjolras, however, Grantaire is also said to show interest in women.
  • Aiden from Of Fear and Faith, who flirts with literally every woman he meets but also admits to using his considerable charms on men to get what he wants and he seems to flirt with his male friend Tel on occasion.
  • Paraiso Street: Isis appears to appreciate Henshaw’s nervous interest in her, but this might also be because she’s used to it. Mad Scientist Cali also offhandedly mentions previous flings but feels her first true romantic connection with a woman.
    • Downplayed with Henshaw, who clearly prefers women but is also not human.
  • Ilke from Phenomena is either this or Ambiguously Gay, her Ship Tease with Jolsah is mostly from his side. Yet does it seem that she Likes Older Women by her weird over-attraction to mothers, and a slightly Pseudo-Romantic Friendship with Millian that sorta resembles Korra and Asami's the way it was in the beginning, except in that Millian is in love with Azur, and they (Millian and Azur) become a couple if it'll last is yet to be seen. Hisj has shown some interest in a Wife Husbandry way only to be told by her that she doesn't belong to anyone. According to Word of God is she not asexual either, but her type is someone as powerful as herself, and her being one of the most powerful characters in the series will it not be an easy task. And with Norwegian sharing words for both girlfriend and boyfriend, kjæreste (word he used for partner), meaning 'dearest', does it stand as ambiguous.
  • Amaliya of Pretty When She Dies has a lot of hints dropped that she's attracted to women as well as men. It's practically text at some points that she's had lesbian relationships in the past.
  • Kavinsky of The Raven Cycle is hinted to be a Depraved Bisexual.
  • Fitchner au Barca of the Red Rising trilogy had a loving relationship with his wife Bryn. However, the prequel comics introduce his old friend Arturius, who was implied to have been in a relationship with Fitchner during their year at The Institute.
  • In The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps, two of the relationships Demane has been involved in so far have been with men, including his first love, but he also mentions almost marrying a woman at some point, and expresses some regret about not having done so. Though it's not entirely clear whether he loved her or it was just a 'she's been courting me for a year, that's got to mean something'-thing.
  • Kumiko in Sound! Euphonium has a strong connection with Reina. The two have a very touchy-feely Pseudo-Romantic Friendship. Kumiko is Oblivious to Love to her childhood friend Shuuichi, but they do have their Ship Tease together. After Kumiko is told about her feelings for Shuuichi by her other friends, the two become the Official Couple.
  • Shreve from The Twelve-Fingered Boy has some rather suspect moments (to the point where he himself wonders. Complicated by him being an Emotion Eater with a taste for love and happy memories, regardless of the gender of the people involved.
  • Twilight:
    • Bella is in a steady relationship with Edward. His adopted sister, Alice, is her best friend. Many of Bella and Alice's interactions mirror her interactions with Edward, particularly when Bella gets very huggy and clingy towards Alice. This includes a scene in New Moon where the two basically snuggle on the sofa. Bella also repeatedly talks about how "breathtaking" and beautiful Rosalie is.
  • Warrior Cats:
    • Jake, the father of half-brothers Firestar and Scourge, has had kits with two she-cats but is also very close to Tallstar (who is Ambiguously Gay in his own right). Two of the writers have stated that they view Jake and Tallstar as in love, but the publisher won't allow same-gender couples.
    • Leafpool is attracted to Crowfeather but also has ambiguous behavior with Mothwing.
  • Patches of When A Man's A Man (by Harold Wright) unsuccessfully proposes to two women over the course of the story and has no problem understanding the other cowboys' attraction to Kitty. However, his happy ending is riding off into the sunset with Yavapai Joe, saying he's going to teach him "how to be a man". This is meant to be interpreted philosophically rather than sexually, but you have to wonder.
  • The Wicked Years:
    • Whether Elphaba is in love with Glinda is left vague, but they share a lot of Homoerotic Subtext. Elphaba does have an affair with Fiyero and ends up pregnant by him.
    • Glinda is canonically in love with Elphaba, even decades after her death—however, she is married to a man. She uses him for money and it's unknown if she's attracted to any men or if he is a beard.
  • Wonder Woman: Warbringer: Poornima "Nim" Chaudhary likes girls, and maybe guys as well. She's rather unclear on the matter, and later says that she's not yet sure whether she's gay or bi.
  • The Hearts We Sold: Dee is very much in love with James, but is flustered by a pretty girl she meets at a party, and deeply admires her roommate and best friend, Gremma. Gremma actually is an out-and-proud lesbian, which doesn't help.
  • Jenna, the main character of the YA novel Squad.
    • She expresses attraction to men and has a boyfriend over the course of the novel, but the main plot follows her "friendship break-up" with her BFF Raejean. Back when they were close, they frequently held hands, shared a bed, and even almost had a three-way together (which Jenna fantasizes about). Jenna's utterly devastated by losing Raejean, and spends much of the first half of the story either trying to win her back, or get revenge. She becomes so depressed she briefly contemplates suicide, though she quickly tells herself she's overreacting. Things get better when she starts hanging out with her brother's friends, but it's clear that losing the friendship she and Raejean once had is a life-changing experience for Jenna.
    • Notably, Jenna admits she's this in-universe. When asked if she's possibly bisexual, she's about to say "no," but then pauses and gives the question some serious thought. Upon reflection, especially when it comes to her relationship with Raejean, Jenna decides that she can't be 100% certain she's straight, and answers accordingly.
  • Protagonist Richard Papen of The Secret History insists he's straight, has one-night stands with girls at his college, and has a crush on the one female member of the Classics group, but he also endlessly speculates which men of the Classics group are gay and puts up only token resistance as the one confirmed gay member starts kissing and undressing him, with the implication that they would have gone all the way if not interrupted.
  • In The Unlikelies, while Andie has attraction to men and eventually gets with Otto, she has a lot of Les Yay subtext with Izzy, even though they're just friends.

  • Visual Kei as a genre is somewhat notorious for people both being and pretending to be this, at least with onstage fanservice. It actually pre-dated its current use as Yaoi Fangirl fanservice, though, with an outsize population of actual bisexuals or at the very least men willing to touch, kiss, flirt with, and occasionally even possibly have sex with other men from the very beginning of the scene, with at least two founders of the scene itself being bisexual offstage, although concealing that they actually were. This led to a very accepting climate for gay and bisexual men and man on man fanservice, which began as a way to flip off a conservative Japanese society that believed same-sex attraction among men was "excessive" and "perverted" and a "phase" to be grown out of to marry a woman and have children and to provide a plausible cover story of "it's just fanservice," to protect everyone and their reputations. X Japan was the band that kicked off the entire idea of man-on-man fanservice onstage - and still holds the title for some of the most Refuge in Audacity examples, and has had members eventually subtly come out, albeit not in press conferences or exact words. Adams is a duet centered around the idea of being a male couple, though in their case it's inverted - both members are suspected to actually be heterosexual offstage.
  • The Loony Fan in "Stan" by Eminem sounds like he is in love with Eminem and says that they should be together. His girlfriend is even jealous of his obsession with Eminem.
  • "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town is about someone who is jealous of a woman because she's with the man she loves. She also sounds like she wants the object of her jealousy. She sings lyrics like "I want to taste her lips, yeah, 'cause she tastes like you", "I wanna drown myself in a bottle of her perfume", and other romantic-sounding lyrics about the woman she's jealous of.
  • Much of Sufjan Stevens' music has an ambiguously bi aura to it. In some songs ("Casimir Pulaski Day," for instance) he seems to be singing about a female love interest, in others ("The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades," "Drawn to the Blood") it's pretty clearly a man, and in a few ("Impossible Soul") it could go either—or both—ways. As Stevens has never spoken publicly about his sexuality, his fans tend to read into his lyrics whatever they want to see in them.

  • Dice Funk: Rinaldo is introduced as a suave lady's man who hits on the first female NPC the party meets. He then proceeds to flirt with a number of male characters.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • After gay rights activists complained about Goldust on Monday Night Raw for his ambiguously gay gimmick, Goldust instead began showing an equal amount of interest in men and women.
  • Matt Striker seems like a straight man, never expressing attraction to anything but women, but he once had an affair with Buff E to prove the man wasn't ready for marriage. Mace Mendoza, claims to be gay but when the affair was exposed he also revealed he had been cheating with his bride's maid and had gotten her pregnant. Also, Mendoza once stuck his junk in the face of Alexis Laree because he thought it would make Allison Danger happy.
  • Jimmy Jacobs. His Star-Making Role in Ring of Honor revolved around his attempts to woo The Lovely Lacey but he showed an equal amount of interest in later ROH Champion Adam Cole.
  • Triple H: "There's a lot of bi things I am, but -lingual isn't one of them."
  • Mickie James was initially portrayed as an obsessed Trish Stratus fan, even going so far as to corner Trish under the mistletoe. She would soon develop a finishing move where she would surprise her opponents with a kiss and then knock them out with a kick. But then she started dating John Cena on screen for a few months.
  • Lisa Marie Varon as Victoria had a twisted relationship with Steven Richards, but also a fixation on Trish Stratus that bordered on Yandere. In TNA as 'Tara' she openly flirted with both members of The Cult of the Serpent, brought in Jesse Godderz as her boyfriend and yet also would share a kiss on the apron with her tag team partner Brooke Adams. There was also a bit of Les Yay between Victoria and her Vince's Devils partners Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle.


    Stand-Up Comedy 
  • Louis C.K., in one of his routines, mentions that he saw a beautiful couple; a beautiful woman together with a beautiful man. He then says that he doesn't care that the man is beautiful and that he'd be willing to suck his dick. When referring to men who perform oral sex on other men, rather than being repelled by it, he defends it as being one of the gutsiest things a man can do.

     Tabletop Games 
  • In Freedom City, third edition, the write-up of Magpie, the Gender Flipped Catwoman to Raven II's Gender Flipped Batman, says that his battles with the third (male) Raven involve "less flirtation". Maybe that's an understated way of saying "no flirtation". Or maybe it isn't.

  • Ever After High:
    • Supplementary material makes mention of Darling being attracted to boys. Dragon Games implies that she's Apple's Prince Charming when she wakes her up using CPR.
    • Apple is both this and Ambiguously Gay. While she is destined to be with Daring and does fawn over him, she doesn't mind him flirting with other girls and is instead more emotionally invested in Raven. In Dragon Games, Daring tries to kiss her awake and fails. His sister Darling does CPR on her as well but that works.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney has several examples:
    • The titular character, Phoenix Wright, has shown visible attraction to women, and had a girlfriend while in college, but his relationship with Miles Edgeworth can easily be read as romantic. Their interactions and banter remind one of a married couple and Phoenix behaves like a jilted lover in the wake of Edgeworth's disappearance in the second game. Not to mention that Phoenix owes his entire career to Edgeworth, as he became a defence attorney just to reunite with him. The fact that Edgeworth is himself is Ambiguously Gay and Capcom inserts copious amounts of Ship Tease between them does not help.
    • Dick Gumshoe has a visible crush on Maggie Byrd, but also behaved as though he had a crush on Miles Edgeworth in the first game of the trilogy. He shows Undying Loyalty to the latter in spite of constant salary cuts, claims they have a "strong working relationship", and will rush to his defence if anyone speaks ill of him. And his requesting Phoenix to "stand by Mr. Edgeworth" came across as accepting that they were in a relationship in spite of his own feelings. In the third game, Phoenix also asks him if he "can't stop thinking about" Jean Armstrong, to which Gumshoe responds that he's "not his type."
    • Max Galactica, who is mostly a Camp Straight circus performer has his heart set on marrying Regina, the daughter of his boss at the circus but he flirts around with both Phoenix and Maya. He might have been joking when he did that but he does qualify since this is called "Ambiguously" bi. Of course "Max Galactica" is a stage persona and he's actually Good Ol' Boy Billy Bob Johns underneath all that fabulousness, but he definitely seems to prefer being Max whenever possible.
    • Klavier Gavin, from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, flirts with just about every girl he comes across but also acts very flirty towards Apollo. It's also mentioned that he personally writes all of the Gavinners' songs, one of which is called "My Boyfriend Is the Prosecution's Witness", though we never hear it so we don't know if it's written from his perspective or not.
  • Monika of Doki Doki Literature Club! is explicitly interested in the player. As in, you, the person playing the game. She even notes in Act 3 that she honestly doesn't know your gender, but she still considers herself your girlfriend anyways. The ambiguity comes in when she generally refers to you using masculine pronouns and terms. It's unclear whether she's assuming your gender based on the player character being male or you being the kind of person who'd play a Dating Sim, or if it's for simplicity's sake.
  • Amy from Double Homework expresses curiosity about lesbian sex, though she is never seen acting on this particular curiosity.
  • Saber of Fate/stay night has her main relationship with the male Shirou, but she also doesn't mind Rin getting involved, and in the end of the Unlimited Blade Work ending actually becomes part of Rin's harem along with Shirou. In Fate/Zero her relationship with Irisviel is more than a little eyebrow-raising, though it never appears to go past the Courtly Love level. And that's before remembering that Saber is actually King Arthur, and as we all know the legend states s/he married Guinevere, and though it's specifically referred to as a Sexless Marriage that was only done so Saber's gender wouldn't be questioned the two of them seem to have had some affection for each other, though as another nod to the original legend Guinevere was ultimately in love with Lancelot and we all know how that worked out.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry:
    • Rena takes home anyone regardless of their gender, age, or species.
    • Shion has a considerable amount of Incest Subtext with her twin sister Mion, despite having a canon male love interest in Satoshi.
    • Rika and Satoko have a considerably Les Yay filled relationship but there are implications that Rika is attracted to Keiichi, and arguably Akasaka. Rika also has an incarnation in Umineko: When They Cry who is in a relationship with a girl, who is literally a mishmash of Satoko and Miyo.
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair: Hiyoko Saionji has a very close relationship with Mahiru Koizumi, to the point where she drags her to take a bath with her (which is an optional Shower Scene if a certain present has been obtained) and almost never leaves her side during the second chapter, though on Mahiru's end she seems to view Hiyoko as a cute little sister and nothing more. She also reveals herself to be quite a Tsundere towards Hajime in her Free Time Events when she starts opening up to him, and he can also get a romantic ending with her in the Dangan Island Mode. The implications of her relationship with Mahiru aren't lost on Ibuki.
    Ibuki: "Welcome to the world of girl love! It's slippery when wet!"
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony:
    • Kokichi Ouma is constantly teasing Shuichi and at one point in Chapter Four attempts to convince Shuichi to work with him over Kaito. In addition to that, he had Kaito (who was impersonating Kokichi for most of the fifth trial) say that he loved Himiko in Chapter Five and he makes a special point of teasing Himiko the trials and seems concerned enough for her wellbeing he forces her to confront her repressed emotions regarding Tenko's death. He also repeatedly insults and Slut Shames Miu from the first trial onwards (even though Miu makes it clear she actually enjoys it quite a lot), and in their relationship chart, he demands she get on her knees for him and actually makes her do so in Chapter Four. He also attempts to warn Kaede about pursuing her own sense of right and wrong is going to get her hurt eventually during their freetime events and also tries to recruit her into his organisation. He compliments her before she dies, telling her she "wasn't boring" and seems saddened by her death despite only knowing her a short time.
    • Keebo wanted to hold hands with Shuichi in his Love Hotel event and he has some quite strong chemistry with Miu, who is one of the few classmates who treats him with any respect. Which make sense with him being a robot with No Biological Sex.
    • Kaede Akamatsu has quite the strong Ship Tease with Shuichi and other characters such as Rantaro, and when meeting Tsumugi for the first time, she comments that she has a "sexy aura" surrounding her and she says that she finds Tenko to be rather cute in both the prologue and her Free Time Events with her. During the chapter 1 investigation, in order to get Tsumugi to talk to her she threatens to lift up her skirt, exposing her panties, though that was more to fluster Shuichi than a desire to see them herself. However, when Himiko asks her in her Free Time Events with her if she is "playing for the other team" she gets confused.
    • Miu Iruma has good chemistry with Keebo and she claims to have fallen in love with Shuichi after he completes her Free Time Events. Not only that, but when Kokichi, as stated above, Slut Shames her on more than one occasion, she makes no effort in hiding that she enjoys it. In her Free Time Events with Kaede, if she is given a gift that she really likes, Miu will assume that Kaede is in love with her which actually makes her more than happy, and she also tries to touch her breasts during said events. Later on during the investigation in chapter 3, the first thing Miu does with the wax statue of Kaede that Angie had made is see if it was wearing any panties. In the extra modes, Miu reveals that she enjoys being Slut Shamed by both males and females alike.
    • Tenko Chabashira is a rare case of the ambiguity being on the heterosexual side. Tenko gets flustered when complimented by Kaede and is clearly infatuated with Himiko, which Tenko herself outright confirms. Additionally, despite the fact that she Does Not Like Men, it does not necessarily mean she is incapable of being attracted to them: in her Love Hotel event, it shows she is not above allowing Shuichi to do what he wants with her, so she can develop feelings for a man that has gained her trust. Also of note, her hatred of men apparently comes from her being gullible enough to take something her martial arts teacher said as an obvious joke at face value (that being that coming into contact with men will weaken her strength). Obvious because said teacher is a man, which Tenko apparently did not realize until Shuichi points it out, causing her to Go Mad from the Revelation.
  • Icari Isidolde from Sunrider is unquestionably attracted to Kayto Shields (much as she might try to deny it), but there’s also enough Homoerotic Subtext in her friendship with the Ambiguously Gay Kryska Stares that other characters have pointed it out to her in-universe. She denies this the same way she denies her attraction to Kayto: by getting flustered and saying “I-it’s not like I like her or anything!”

    Web Animation 
  • During a news report in Hazbin Hotel, Tom Trench makes a joke about lusting for Cherri Bomb, who shows a lot of skin in her outfit as she appears in the footage. A short while afterwards, Charlie mentions Cherri Bomb's protege Angel Dust, and Tom Trench immediately recognizes Angel Dust as a porn star.
    Charlie: Oh, just someone named... Angel Dust.
    Tom Trench: The porn star?
    Katie Killjoy: You fucking would, Tom!
    (Tom hides in embarrassment)
  • The titular character of Homestar Runner. He and Marzipan, the only female character, are technically dating (well, sometimes—their relationship is a bit of a revolving door). But he also once told Strong Bad he was "falling for him," seemed excited at the prospect of receiving a "deep tissue massage" from him, and also once proclaimed, about a celebrity, "He's positively dreamy!" (Said celebrity was a sound effect, but that's just the kind of show Homestar Runner is.)
  • Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls: Hitoshi-san's behavior towards the girls has flirtatious undertones (he calls them "lovely ladies") but has sexual fantasies about his male kidnapper and hooks up with him in the final episode.
  • RWBY: More than once Yang has all-but flirted with Blake, winking at her while promising to dance and flirtatiously calling her "feisty" being some of the more prominent moments. However, when she first arrived in Beacon, she was also happy to be sleeping in the hall so she could check out all the boys. When Blake runs away after the fall of Beacon, Yang takes it extremely hard. In Volume 5, she breaks down in tears in front of Weiss, sobbing that she needs Blake.

  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Noah, who is well aware of this.
      Noah: You are surprised I have a girlfriend?
      Elliot: I ASSUMED NOTHING!
      Noah: (grinning) Of course not.
    • Ashley was attracted to Elliot just from watching him on his show with Susan and became even more interested in him upon learning he can turn into a woman. Her sexuality was discussed between Elliot and Tedd, but they aren't sure either. Turns out, she doesn't really like labels but can find both men and women attractive.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court:
    • Kat has crushes on Alistair and Eglamore, her friendship with Annie has a lot of romantic tinges, and as of Chapter 42 she's dating Paz. It's entirely probable that she's still discovering her sexuality, but bisexual seems the most likely.
    • Antimony Carver has an ambiguous relationship with Kat and Jack, and, if what Zimmy found in her mind is any indicator, she is attracted to Jones.
  • Homestuck:
    • Caliborn is clearly interested in "the bitches", but also has quite a bit of a (one-sided) Villainous Crush on Dirk, to the point of drawing fanart of the two of them being "more than friendly" together. (This being Caliborn, though, it's impossible to tell what he actually drew.)
    • Rose is dating a girl, but is also fond of certain masculine literary figures and implies that she and Dave treated one another differently before they found out they were brother and sister.
    • Post-retcon, the Vriskagram suggests that Dave and Karkat might be in a romantic relationship. In his later conversation with John, Dave resists identifying as either exclusively straight or exclusively gay. He crosses out of this trope and into explicit bisexuality after asking Dirk for advice on how to come out to one's friends.
    • Pre-retcon, Roxy had a staggering amount of Ship Tease with Calliope and at least a little with Jane; post-retcon, she spends about 5 lines constructing an elaborate description of how hot Jane is. On the other hand, she's expressed much more direct interest in both Dirk and John.
    • Some of the trolls are only shown attracted to one gender or aren't shown in a relationship at all, but are assumed to be bisexual due to that being the norm in troll society.
  • Ménage à 3 does this a lot, although over time it tends to settle down to making most (though not all) of its characters definitively bi.
    • For example, DiDi, Sandra, Sonya, and Gary have all claimed to be straight, but hinted at or dabbled in bisexuality at times from the first (DiDi and Sandra even went so far as to attempt lesbian sex with each other, only to conclude that they were really "two naked straight girls with poor boundary issues"); DiDi and Sonya are nowadays fully functionally bisexual.
    • Also, Zii always held that Yuki was not a lesbian; she just didn't like penises due to a childhood trauma from the work left lying around the home by her father, a manga-artist who became famous as "The Tentacle King" — and this now appears to be entirely correct.
    • After it seemed that Sandra's heterosexuality had been confirmed by her attempt with DiDi, spinoff comic Sandra on the Rocks had Cammi bring the trope racing back to the surface for her. And then there's her tendency to grope other women when drunk. Becoming a successful model does wonders for her confidence, and by the end she can comfortably flirt with women while sober. She officially ends the comic as But Not Too Bi due to not wanting to put a label on her sexuality, and in the final strip, she confesses her love to Cammi and the two get together for real. Also in that comic, teenage geek Alex seems increasingly ambiguous about his complete commitment to heterosexuality, especially after Sandra vomiting on him made him start to associate attractive women with vomit. However, the only "boy" he shows attraction to is actually a girl in disguise, and this subplot resolves itself off-camera during a Time Skip with him scoring a threesome with said girl and her girlfriend.
    • Another spinoff comic, Sticky Dilly Buns, has Jerzy, who keeps insisting that bisexuality was a stage on the road to homosexuality for him. This might be more convincing if he didn't still sometimes have sex with women.
  • The Night Belongs to Us:
    • Ada specifically tells Hank that she's "not gay," but Ada's only love interests in the story, including her ex-girlfriend Miss Chief, are female.
    • Lendfire, though calling Ada beautiful, is also possessed of an unhealthy obsession with his master, Gustav.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Belkar kisses the genderqueer Vaarsuvius during a New Year's party and seems to love hitting on Roy, especially when Roy is temporarily turned into a woman and Belkar hits on "her" knowing full well who it really is. Much later, he volunteers to investigate brothels for information on an elusive character, and isn't at all put out when Roy reminds him to check with prostitutes of both genders.
    • Elan is in a relationship with Haley, but he gets disappointed when he learns that getting bit by Vampire Durkon won't draw them into a blood bond filled with Homoerotic Subtext.
    • Durkon has sex with Hilgya at one point, but offhandedly mentions he has considered the entire Order (consisting of three other men) as potential marriage options. For what it's worth, his mother mentioned that she wanted Durkon to settle down with a nice "gal or fella" when he got older.
  • In track 5 of The Rock Cocks, Elizabeth is sent to wake up a naked Steg and Suria in the grotto. When she finds the two on top of each other, she has a hard time deciding which she should look at; Steg's "morning wood" or Suria's "pretty".
  • Captain Tyr from Skins. He likes a female soldier named Jordan but seems a little too enthusiastic when it comes to arresting the Pretty Boy male vampire, Rabbit (who is openly in love with Tyr). The entire piece looks like a gay musical version of The Bodyguard.
  • Ensign Sue Must Die: Empress Sue, the titular character's Mirror Universe counterpart, "proves" that she's evil by making out with Uhura, but is just as smitten with Emperor Kirk as Ensign Sue is with Prime Kirk.

    Web Original 
  • Pwnage: Damian has had girlfriends before and talks about his exes in one of their videos. But he also enjoys flirting with Kyle.
    Damian: Oh Kyle, I want to stick my Mario cock inside your butthole.
  • The Cry of Mann: Agent Martinez appears to have a crush on Berry and gets very happy when female callers tell her she's pretty, even calling one of them "sweet cheeks"; however, she also seems to have a crush on "George Washington", and has accepted a sex proposal from one male caller.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Dende has a crush on Gohan and expresses a desire to "nestle inside" Bulma's boobs. The latter could just be alien curiosity, however.
    • Both Korin and Yajirobe. They are a couple, and eventually get married so attracted to men is a check. However, Yajirobe thinks that watching Bulma breastfeed is "awesome." And Korin owns a car that they named the "pussy wagon." Neither of them is expressly labeled as "gay" in the series either.
  • Matthew Santoro has been shown to have a girlfriend, but he's also expressed sexual attraction to the male Al Gore.
  • Sailor Moon Abridged: Serena is definitely into men, crushing heavily on both Tŭedo Mask and Andrew and thrice expressing attraction to Jedite, once in the radio episode, once in the diet episode, and once in the cruise episode. However, she makes some questionable comments towards three of her female teammates. Upon first meeting Raye, she says she would become a lesbian for her. When Jupiter is beating up a MOTW that attacked her, she exclaims "Sugoi!" and in a later episode, she mentions that her boobs are fantastic/amazing. When Venus introduces herself to the rest of the Scouts, Serena's first words are to note how big her boobs look and when Venus improbably jumps away, she exclaims "Hot!" with enlarged eyes. Then in season 2, she feels the need to say her hugging Luna (an alien cat) while naked isn't what it looks like to her past-life mom.
  • Yugioh The Abridged Series: Yami Yugi. Bakura's gaydar has reacted to him, he believes that the Millennium Puzzle is just fabulous, has an obsession with leather pants, and claimed that he was straight if Kaiba's ghost was real. Turns out the "ghost" was actually a gay clown. However, he occasionally shows interest in both genders, including Téa, though in "They Saved Tristan's Brain," it's revealed that he isn't sure if she's a girl. And then there's Bonds Beyond Time Abridged, where he is openly attracted to Yusei and in "What Would Yugi Do" he pervs on Yugi.
  • AFK: Q seems totally comfortable having sex with Quinn, her male alt. Since they're the same originally, it indicates they may be bisexual, though it's possibly a special case.


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