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"There's beauty, stranger… in thy soft form;
Thy fine, bright hair, not coarse like the hard athlete's,
Is mantling o'er thy cheek, warm with desire…
Wooing Aphrodite with thy loveliness."
Pentheus describes Dionysus, Bacchae

How do you make a Pretty Boy even prettier? Give him long (shoulder-length or longer), flowing tresses of glossy hair! Bonus points for wearing it loose, no matter how impractical this may be.

A lot of these fall under Viewer Gender Confusion, because Long Hair Is Feminine (if the confusion occurs in-universe, it's an example of Dude Looks Like a Lady). Many fall under Mr. Fanservice. This trope is very popular in Anime and Manga, especially those either aimed at girls/women, or are hoping to attract a significant female Periphery Demographic. It's also very common among Elfeminate elves.

Contrast Barbarian Long Hair when it's used in a Hunk.



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  • In a 2017 Australian commercial, a woman flirts with two men who are both gorgeous in a boyish way (they're her type), and one of them has long hair which is the same length as the lady's. (Trekkies would recognize the other guy as Evan Evagora, the model-turned-actor who portrayed Elnor on Star Trek: Picard.)

    Anime & Manga 
  • Anri and Shiro of Adekan used to have much longer hair when they were younger and were mistaken as girls because of their hair, feminine facial features and lithe forms typically dressed in female clothing. Shiro has since cut his hair to be free of a guy who held him captive as a slave due to his beauty and it remains past shoulder length. Anri once gained his long curly hair back after he degenerated to his child form.
  • Amatsuki:
    • Being set in the Edo Period, all men have long hair, but the longest belongs to Ginshu, who wears it loose and is pretty enough to have masqueraded as a woman for years.
    • Bonten, a suave, vain demon who Word of God calls the best looking guy in the series, is unique for his long blond hair which he ties in a ponytail, but sometimes lets down for alluring effect.
  • In Aruosumente, Moeran stands out even among a Cast Full of Pretty Boys thanks to his long hair and loose robes.
  • Nagisa from Assassination Classroom has long hair tied into pigtails, which makes him look like a girl. Turns out his mother won't allow him to cut his hair, because his mother, who wanted a daughter instead of a son, wants him to look like a girl.
  • By the time Eren is 16 in Attack on Titan he has grown his hair out in contrast to his short hairstyle he had when younger. This, coupled with his handsome looks, makes him a definite long haired pretty boy.
  • A non-human example comes from Long-haired Bananya in Bananya, as seen here.
  • Beelzebub: When Himekawa loses the pompadour and sunglasses, his hair is revealed to be very long and beautiful, and he's so handsome his classmates are left speechless. From then on whenever he appears in this state he's nicknamed "Sexykawa".
  • Griffith, the resident Bishōnen from Berserk who hordes of male and female characters have a fallen for and obsessed over during the course of the series, has waist-length white waves that the fandom has affectionately dubbed "cloud hair".
  • Bleach:
    • Byakuya has long black hair that falls just past his shoulders. As a stoic nobleman with raven black hair and pale skin, he tends to be very popular with the women. The Shinigami Women's Institute keeps voting him the sexiest male shinigami in their annual polls.
    • Ukitake has waist length white hair and is considered gentle, kind, and attractive. His Heterosexual Life-Partner, Kyoraku, keeps referring to him as a ladykiller because female shinigami can be reduced to blushing jelly if he so much as smiles at them. His female third seat, Kiyone, is hopelessly in love with him.
    • Yumichika, notorious for his beauty and his obsession with beauty, used to have long hair that was fashionably styled until he joined the shinigami, whereupon he cut his hair to chin-length.
    • Jugram Haschwalth of the Wandereich is a long haired, slender and pretty Bishonen. He's also The Dragon to Big Bad Yhwach.
  • Bokura no Hentai:
    • Ryousuke wears his hair long and has androgynous qualities. When he was younger he was noted for looking like a short haired version of his sister. When she died he grew his hair out and began dressing as her in private for his mother, who preferred her and has mental health issues due to her death. Ryousuke cuts his hair when he enters high school due to no longer needing to crossdress.
    • Satoshi is introduced as a boy with long hair who usually wears girls clothes. A few appearances later and he cut his hair short and ditched the sailor fuku because he was hitting a growth spurt. In later chapters he grows his hair out long which makes him stand out as the most Bishōnen male character. He often wears his hair in a ponytail.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Yue's braid of silver hair trails 2 feet behind him on the floor (or more, if it's a CLAMP illustration). Makes sense since he represents Yin and, through that, the Feminine aspect.
  • Classi9 has two of them: There is Beethoven, who's long violet hair and delicate features had him mistaken for a girl In-Universe. There's also Liszt, who despite thinking he isn't that good looking, has numerous fangirls for his looks and musical talent. As for the long-haired part, his hair goes below his knees.
  • Corsair: the brothers Jean-Hughes D'Aubigne and Canale Delacroix both have long hair and aristocratic good looks, with Canale in particular being seen as extraordinarily beautiful.
  • Akoya of Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! whose long pink hair is his defining physical trait.
  • Jin Kazama from DAYS has long, blond hair that stands out amongst most the cast (who mostly have black or brown hair). He's the most Bishōnen character and is a Chick Magnet. Kazama's hair gets commented on when people on another team say they expect him to get beat up for his looks.
  • Death Note: Mikami is a Sharp-Dressed Man with shoulder-length hair and some would argue he's even more Bishōnen than Light and (although he wasn't intended to be one) L. At least until the Yellow Box scene in the Grand Finale.
  • Kouji Minamoto of Digimon Frontier technically falls under this trope since his hair is long enough to be worn in a near-waist-length ponytail. Amusingly his long-lost twin brother Kouichi is a Short-Haired Pretty Boy due to having similar features but an overall more feminine appearance.
  • Hakuoh from Duel Masters has very long blue hair, and he's a very pretty boy.
  • In Endride, the very pretty Eljuia has flowing white long hair which unquestionably contributes to the Dude Looks Like a Lady effect that occurs in-universe. He stands out as most men in the series keep their hair shoulder length or higher.
  • Excel♡Saga: Il Palazzo has long silver hair and is rather pretty for an older man.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Envy true form in the 2003 continuity is an attractive smooth-skinned male with shoulder-length blonde hair and golden eyes, whilst having a bitter smile across his face.
  • Fruits Basket:
    • Ayame Sohma has very long silver hair and is famous for his beauty, not to mention he's incredibly camp.
    • Ritsu Sohma has long brown hair and is pretty enough that he can wear a kimono and pass for a woman. His timid demeanor also helps.
  • Get Backers: Kazuki has floor length brown hair and is so pretty he's been mistaken as female a number of times.
  • Ginga Teikoku Kouboushi: Volume 1: Foundation: Anselm haut Rodric is drawn as the tallest character during the "The Mayors" storyline, with long pale hair that goes down to his shoulder-blades. Narrow eyes and a smirk indicate his arrogant personality before he even says word one.
  • Gintama:
    • Katsura has long black hair that enhances his feminine good looks.
    • Kamui wears his long orange hair in a braid. He also happens to look just like his cute sister.
  • Guilty Crown: Gai Tsutsugami is tall, has a well built physique, has long blonde hair that goes passed his shoulders and has attracted a number of female characters.
  • Miyamura from Horimiya had long hair to hide his piercings while at school. He ended up cutting it after him dating Hori was made public knowledge, and it was considered an Unnecessary Makeover by both the fanbase and Hori. She leaves a bite mark on the back of his neck the first time they have sex to encourage him to grow it back out.
  • Inazuma Eleven: Terumi "Aphrodi" Afuro is named after the goddess of beauty, so naturally he is drawn with blonde hair that goes down to his hips and a very feminine appearance.
  • Guy of Innocents Shounen Juujigun has upper back length, immensely floofy black hair. While he's not the prettiest member of the cast, he's certainly an attractive young man.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Inuyasha has long white hair reminiscent of the lion-dog figure in kabuki plays. For all his abrasive personality, he's considered rather cute, and the dog ears half hidden in his hair tend to be irresistible for women to try and touch. Even Kagome's mother gave in to the urge. He's particularly popular with Jakotsu… much to his chagrin.
    • Sesshoumaru is a tall, slim, beautiful youkai of very high aristocratic rank with long, flowing white hair that falls to his waist. The anime takes this to extremes, however, by lengthening his hair down to his knees. Kagura, who had commented upon first seeing Inuyasha and Kouga that they weren't her type, fell for Sesshoumaru the moment she laid eyes on him. Jakotsu thought he was very attractive as well, but by then had his heart set on Inuyasha. The anime also gave him his very own Stalker with a Crush who fell for him the moment she saw him.
    • Naraku took over the body of a handsome young human lord to create the shell of the half-youkai that he became. As a result, he has long black hair styled as a young lord would wear it. Unusually in the series, his hair is actually wavy rather than dead straight.
  • Narciso Anasui from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. Upon meeting him, F.F. even questions his gender. To be fair, he was initially depicted as a woman before switching to male, leading to Fanon that he is Transgender.
  • K:
    • Kuroh, with his Samurai Ponytail. In the first episode, when he rescues Shiro, the latter blushes at Kuroh's beauty and tries to flirt with him quite a bit, even when Kuroh is trying to kill him. When Kuroh goes to Shiro's school to find him, passing groups of students notice how hot he is, even though he seems a little strange.
    • Shiro in his original body also qualifies - even after he cuts his hair in the end, it's still shoulder-length, and the students in the school are shown in a post-series side story to be very into both him and Kuroh for their looks.
  • Kaoru from Kids on the Slope is stated to have effeminate facial features once and certainly looks prettier than the other more 'average' looking boys. As an adult he is shown to have grown his hair out and become a doctor.
  • Macross Frontier: Alto Saotome a.k.a. Hime-sama is a beautiful boy with long blue hair tied in a ponytail. Often leads to him getting mistaken for a girl, much to his displeasure.
  • Aburatsubo from Magic User's Club. He's tall, has long red hair, and is gorgeous enough to have his fanclub.
  • Mononoke: Kusuriuri is known for capturing the hearts of all the women he meets just by standing still and letting the Dramatic Wind blow through his long, wavy ash blond hair.
  • Moriarty the Patriot: During the time-skip after The Final Problem, Sherlock grew his already-past-the-shoulder hair close to halfway down his back, a key member of the Cast Full of Pretty Boys.
  • Naruto: Haku's long hair is the main factor in his androgyny. He had long hair even as a child. According to Naruto in Chapter 21, he thought that Haku was even girlier than Sakura.
  • Night Walker: The protagonist Shido and his foe/stalker Cain both have chin-length hair in the first set of character designs, and Cain isn't even a pretty boy. But both are firmly within the scope of this trope in the second set of character designs. Shido's new 'do is waist length at least, and Cain has new blond tresses, to say nothing of his new (seme-appropriate) face.
  • Ryuunosuke of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, being a genius hikikomori, barely has time cutting his hair, which has now grown to feminine lengths. He's also so pretty that he's once forced to wear a maid outfit.
  • Ranma ½: Mousse' hair is longer than Shampoo's and he is quite pretty without his glasses.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin, referred to in the first chapter as "Handsome Swordsman of Legend", has long red hair. His impossibly youthful looks are lampshaded when two of the cast are surprised to learn he's actually 28.
  • Sailor Moon: Fisheye, Zoisite, Nephrite and Kunzite all have long hair. The first two were portrayed as female in the dub. Also, Ali (his alien form) in the anime only Doom Tree arc. And Fiore (his alien form) in the R movie. And Artemis (his human form) in the manga.
  • Saint Beast: Quite a few: Shin, Luca, and Lucifer all have long hair, and being angels, angelic beauty to accompany it. Rey is by far the worst offender with his long, flowing purple hair, and features bordering on Dude Looks Like a Lady.
  • Sakura Gari: Souma has long hair that he wears in a ponytail (before his Important Haircut) and Youya aka Sakurako.
  • The Secret Agreement: Iori has long locks and is commented on for his world-class beauty, even more so than his short-haired sister.
  • Seraph of the End
    • Ferid and Crowley are both effeminate looking vampires with Ferid keeping his long silver hair in a ponytail and Crowley keeping his long red hair in a braid.
    • Asuramaru is a demon with a feminine looking face and long dark hair. The dress doesn't help either.
  • Shimoneta: Oboro takes the "pretty" boy aspect to extremes, due to his soft facial features, the length of his hair, and the fact that he has a woman's figure. This is further emphasized during episode 12, by having him strip down in the women's changing room while a girl was present without her realizing Oboro was a guy.
  • Shugo Chara!: Nagihiko Fujisaki has long, flowing indigo hair. Justified because he's a crossdresser.
  • In Soul Hunter:
    • Youzen have the appearance of a elegant young man with long blue hair, and his good looks occasionally get noticed.
    • Kouyuuken of the shisei of Kuryuu islands is a lean man with hair long enough to reach his feet and is drawn with the long eyelashes the mangaka usually use for pretty female characters.
  • Star Driver: Shingo generally has some of the longest hair among the male cast, but after about sixteen years of coma it has grown to very long dimensions and he has soft facial features to match.
  • Tsukigasa: Azuma has very long, beautiful hair and a delicate appearance such that he resembles his mother strongly.
  • Kiri from Wild Rose and Olgrius and Shui from Wild Wind, all have long hair that is drawn in great detail, and beautiful appearances courtesy of their supernatural being status.
  • Kyubi from Yo-Kai Watch is portrayed as a long-haired, somewhat androgynous-looking boy in human form. He's a Chick Magnet who (literally) steals hearts. Despite this, Katie is oblivious to his flirting. His human counterpart in the Middle School AU Spin-Off of the series, Yo-kai Watch Jam The Movie: Yo-kai Academy Y - Can a Cat be a Hero? and Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Close Encounters of the N Kind, Ryuusuke Kyuubi, has even longer hair, and is even pretty to the female gaze. Too bad for them, he only has eyes for the for school nurse, Natsuki Enra.
  • Yona of the Dawn:
    • Jae-ha never misses an opportunity to bestow his beauty on anyone male or female. Since he is also The Charmer and a Chick Magnet, most of his targets really don't mind (except Hak). Jae-ha is also the only one of the Cast Full of Pretty Boys who seems to know just how pretty he is and will try to use it to get what he wants (with varying success, his companions are completely immune). His waist-length green hair is tied beautifully back with a long yellow ribbon.
    • While Kija's hair is shorter, it's still long enough to be tied back. And he's just as pretty as Jae-ha, just a lot more innocent...and slightly traumatized by infatuated women throwing themselves at him.
  • Youth Gone Wild has several, though Lu Kai is most notable, completing the look with Guy Liner and lipstick.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • The first series is guilty of this trope. You've got Bakura, Pegasus, Otogi, Espa Roba, Marik, Dartz and Sigfried. Like much of the male characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, they are attractive too. Even the cards aren't immune to this, as Yugi's Dark Magician is just as handsome as most of the cast (though much of his hair is concealed by his hat and outfit).
    • Continuing with Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Ryo, Daitokuji-sensei, Fubuki. In-Universe, the girls go crazy for them, especially the latter.
    • Christopher "Chris" Arclight—V—from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL is definitely this. Women would be jealous with how long his hair is. He also happens to be quite handsome. Also, Barian Emperor Mizael has hair that reaches down his back, both in human and alien form.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice: Victor Nikiforov had long, waist-length hair as a teenager. As an adult his hair is much shorter, though he hasn't lost his pretty looks. It helps that he's a Living Legend of a figure skater who's been highly skilled since his junior days and has male and female fans.
  • YuYu Hakusho:
    • Kurama (normally red, but turns white when he transforms into his Youko form), to the extent he suffers from a bad case of Even the Guys Want Him amoung the villians.
    • Karasu has long black hair (which turns blond when he powers up). Considering his sadistic nature, this leads to a really creepy Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon effect.
    • Shishiwakamaru is this in universe as well as out. He has a whole entourage of fangirls cheering for him and Yusuke jokes he should start a boy band because he "already has the looks for it" when he taunts him and his team.
    • Sakyou, meanwhile, has more of a mullet, leads to the same Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon effect as Karasu.

  • John is depicted in The Last Supper as androgynous, pretty, and long-haired to emphasize his status as the youngest, and thus least masculine, apostle.

    Asian Animation 
  • Pleasant Goat Fun Class: In Travel Around the World episode 12, the goats are in France and meet a rooster man with rather long, feminine hair and an effeminate voice to fit the romantic theme of the country.

    Comic Books 
  • In ElfQuest, Cutter, before he grows a beard. Gorgeous, curly blond mane, cute, rather feminine face... to be fair, though, most male elves qualify, but Cutter does have the most impressive hair.
  • He's more manly than your standard "pretty boy" as a giant muscular viking, but The Mighty Thor deserves a mention for his long blonde hair and numerous female admirers. He ain't called Goldilocks for nothin', true believers!
    • Since his Heel–Face Turn, Loki has been increasingly depicted as attractive as possible, so their hair has consequently been depicted as long. Not quite as long as Thor, mostly just to his shoulders or chin. Subverted of course since Loki is Gender Fluid and sometimes appears female-presenting, where they have their fair even longer; due to their attire being quite gender-concealing, their hair length is often used to distinguish between which gender identity they're currently presenting as.
  • In Runaways, Victor Mancha was designed to look like the all-American hero for the 21st century, with shoulder-length brown hair and perfect brown skin. A considerable amount of the intra-team conflict in the second series stems from the fact that multiple girls are attracted to him.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bohemian Rhapsody:
    • Roger Taylor has wavy blond hair that reaches his shoulders, and he's so pretty that he becomes Dude Looks Like a Lady when he's in drag for the "I Want to Break Free" music video.
    • Freddie Mercury counts as this in the earlier parts of the movie when he had long hair and was clean-shaven, before he adopts his iconic Manly Gay short-haired and mustached look.
  • The Dark Crystal: Jen has long hair, and Gelflings are the prettiest looking humanoids on Thra.
  • The King: The Dauphin has flowing blonde hair that reaches his shoulders.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Legolas is the main example, although according to Tolkien, all Elves fit this trope. It is impossible for anyone to have hair as gorgeously maintained as Legolas's without it being all they think about or without access to cleaning agents and facilities. The best analysis of what it would take to keep that hair up on the quest for the one ring can be found in journal for Legolas in The Very Secret Diaries.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
  • X-Men: Apocalypse: Charles Xavier combines his prettiness from X-Men: First Class with his long, wavy hair from X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is now styled into a feathered mullet instead of having Messy Hair, and he got rid of the Beard of Sorrow. Apocalypse also plays up Xavier's nurturing qualities.

  • Anita Blake: Micah, Nathaniel and Jean-Claude, among others, have long hair, low muscle bulk and delicate facial features.
  • Plenty of men in A Brother's Price. Women keep their hair short and practical; men grow theirs out very long and usually keep it braided. Since men are so rare most women see very few, any man with all of his teeth and both eyes is going to be considered attractive… even so, Jerin is thought of as amazingly handsome. His long hair dangles between his feet when he braids it (granted he is kneeling at the time but that means his hair is at least thigh length and possibly knee length.) and he dresses well. Almost all women who are not related to him make at least one comment on how pretty he is. Paying lots of attention to his appearance is part of his culture, but the beautiful face is genetic.
  • Chronicles of the Kencyrath: Randiroc, who Jame first sees via Outdoor Bath Peeping. He has waist-length Mystical White Hair (which is also Barbarian Long Hair, since he lives in the hills). He's so beautiful that when Jame first sees him, she thinks she might be dreaming. He... just let Jame tell it:
    Jame thought at first that it was Kindrie, but only because of the long white hair—too long, surely, unbound, waist-length, clinging to the stranger's shoulders and back. Moonlight turned his whole body into gleaming alabaster except where blue shadows traced wiry muscles and the threads of old scars. He scooped up water and dashed it in his face. It ran down, gleaming, over the hard lines of his chest, stomach, and loins.
  • In Dragon Bones, most men wear their hair long (more than shoulder-length) and open (except for old-fashioned Oranstone nobles, who wear it shaved in a specific manner). Ward notes that his brother Tosten is a pretty boy, who therefore has to be careful around sailors. Also, Oreg, who is said to resemble Tosten very much.
  • Fablehaven has Bracken, who is tall, willowy, youthful, and has long, soft silver-white hair.
  • Incarceron Keiro has long blonde hair,bright blue eyes, and is described as 'devastatingly handsome', with several characters remarking on his perfect appearance.He's also rather fond of nice clothes.
  • N. K. Jemisin's Inheritance Trilogy: The God of Darkness Nahadoth generally appears an unearthly beautiful humanoid with pale skin and long, ink-black hair that drifts in the air like smoke. Zig-zagged, since he's a habitual Sex Shifter.
  • In Kushiel's Legacy, the High-Class Call Boy Alcuin has silky, waist-length white hair and is described as possessing an outright otherworldly beauty, even compared to the uncommonly attractive people of Terre d'Ange. For his part, he has mixed feelings about the attention his appearance gets him, although that largely stems from people presuming that they can buy access to it.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Elves are a race of long-haired pretty boys. Though the women are even prettier and have even longer hair. Pick a male elf. Any male Tolkien's elf. Except Cirdan and Mahtan (who are long-haired, but have beards). Legolas in particular is described as being "fair of face beyond the measure of Men." And he's not even the prettiest elf in the series: that's Glórfindel. As far as the wider Legendarium goes, Legolas is actually about average.
    • Boromir, whom Legolas describes as "the Fair" (in his verse of the Lament for Boromir). Given that this is coming from an elf, and an elf prince at that, this is a pretty high complement. His long hair is described as dark and he's pretty young. If he has any facial hair at all it's probably not much. Ditto Faramir.
    • Éomer. Like most men of Rohan, he has long blond hair. Tolkien specifically talks about their "long hair flowing" in his lament for them. Unlike most, he doesn't have a full beard yet. The Rohirrim are based off the Anglo-Saxons, who also very much invoked this trope: at least in the images they produced of themselves, if not always in reality.
    • Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, leading many to speculate that he is descended from an elf (which may be true).
    • Túrin, who routinely gets mistaken for an elf by elves. So much so, that he earns the nickname "Adanedhel": Man-Elf. This is despite not actually being half-elven or descended from elves at all.
    • Voronwë as described by Tuor. Though this may just be the effect of having 1) recently escaped slavery and 2) gone a long time without seeing anyone at all. But Voronwë does have the rather exotic characteristic of silver hair: and he is unusual among his tribe because of this (the Noldor are typically dark haired).
    • And then of course there is the half-elf Dior, the most beautiful being ever. As he chose to be counted among Elves he wouldn't have facial hair at his age, and he presumably wears his hair long like all the rest of the elves in Doriath. Indeed, the half-elves in general are this: Elrond and his sons are also noted for their beauty, even by other elves. This is a-very much deliberate-inversion of the common at the time association between pure blood and beauty. Dior is not only pretty, but also a badass: he kills three Sons of Fëanor, before being killed by Maedhros (who is the Memetic Badass of the entire Legendarium). You don't want to mess with any of Tolkien's Long Haired Pretty Boys, but that goes double for the half-elves due to the whole being descended from a Maia thing. They are pretty, and kind, because they are powerful: not despite it.
  • Clip in the Malazan Book of the Fallen. Literally the first thing one learns about Clip is that he's tall, thin and has long flowing midnight-black hair. According to himself, he has no problems finding a date when out carousing in Bluerose.
  • Maximum Ride: Fang. He's a dark-haired, long-haired pretty boy. He's described as having long shaggy black hair that covers most of his face that he keeps tied into a ponytail, which is later cut to shoulder-length. In the first novel The Angel Experiment, he cuts his hair fairly much earlier than he does in the manga which showed him with extremely long hair for quite a few volumes.
  • Merry Gentry They all have ridiculously long hair and are ridiculously good-looking.
  • Nightfall (Series): Tristan is described as a Pretty Boy by both his friends and his enemies. And he has long, platinum-blond hair.
  • Valli in Outlander Leander has long hair and is described as pretty by Leander, and even wears flowers and dresses. Not to be confused with a crossdresser, though, because it's not considered crossdressing to them.
  • in A Place Of Greater Safety, Hilary Mantel makes much of pretty revolutionary Camille Desmoulins habit of pushing his long locks out of his face. It is believed he got it from a prostitute.
  • Prince Roger McClintock's long hair and prettyboy looks, combined with behaving like a useless fop in rebellion to his family, makes his bodyguards dismiss him as a useless load when they become stranded on Marduk as a result of a coup attempt, though as the series continues they realize their dismissal of him due to the appearance was a mistake.
  • Kuroki in Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note has shoulder-length hair—the longest allowed in Japanese Middle Grade Literature since that's the longest allowed for schoolboys there. He's the local Chick Magnet, combined with Tall, Dark, and Handsome and The Charmer traits.
  • Roiben, an elf with "long pewter hair" from Tithe by Holly Black. The protagonist Kaye first encounters him in the rain and severely injured, i.e., sopping wet and covered in mud and his own blood, and even in that state Kaye describes him as "beautiful in a way that made her breath catch" (this is one of the reasons she knows he's a faerie).
  • It's both stated and demonstrated several times that Penric from the Penric and Desdemona novellas is pretty enough to pass as a high-class courtesan with the right costume, and even without makeup he often gets mistaken for either a woman or much younger than his real age; his long, flowing, platinum-blonde hair explicitly plays a role in this, and both grown women and little girls jump at the chance to brush and braid it.
  • Roshaun ke Nelaid of Young Wizards. His descriptions in both books in which he appears stress two things: that he's very, very pretty, and sports a blond ponytail long enough for him to sit on.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights has shoulder-length locks and is referred to as attractive by just about everyone on the show, including his head coach. At the very beginning of the series, he had already slept with half the rally girls and was in a relationship with one of the hottest girls in school. Then, he basically forced her to break up with him, had sex with the head cheerleader and successfully seduced a woman 16 years older than himself. Oh, and that was before he won state and started having threesomes on a weekly basis.
  • Game of Thrones: Ser Loras Tyrell has wavy, light brown, shoulder-length hair in Season 1. George R.R. Martin even described the character as "the teen idol of Westeros" in an HBO featurette. Two lowborn Lannister soldiers consider the Knight of Flowers to be prettier than the Queen. Sansa Stark, Jeyne Poole, and Renly Baratheon — among others — like him because of his good looks.
  • Julie and the Phantoms has Willie, Alex's ghost skater love interest who's introduced with a slow-motion hair flip and everything.
  • In historical or fantasy Chinese Series every man in the cast usually has long hair (Truth in Television for ancient China), and the vast majority are pretty boys.
    • Fan Xian from Joy of Life wears his hair down for the better part of the first season, as do a couple other characters (most notably Yan Bingyun, for fans of The Untamed/Xiao Zhan).
    • Lin Chen in Nirvana in Fire has long flowing hair and a prettily handsome face. His flowing robe-like garments complete the androgynous look. The fact that he wears his hair down is also very unusual since Chinese men in this time period were supposed to always wear their hair up in public after reaching maturity.
  • Star Trek: Picard: Elnor has long, wavy black hair that almost reaches his waist, and combined with his delicate facial features and svelte frame, he's beautiful and elegant in a feminine way (heck, he's easily the prettiest male character in the franchise, Romulan or otherwise). He serves as a Foil to Narek, who's a short-haired, bearded Romulan Pretty Boy, so the length of Elnor's hair and being clean-shaven give him a more androgynous look than Narek.
  • In Trust, J. Paul Getty III is a gorgeous teenager with long red curls. His mother compares him to an angel.
  • Versailles: The most notable examples are King Louis XIV, his brother Philippe d'Orléans and the latter's lover the Chevalier de Lorraine, but really it's a whole Court Full of Long-Haired Pretty Boys. All of the noblemen at Versailles have long, wavy or curly hair, and most of the younger males are boyishly beautiful, including the extras with no dialogue such as the guys who are part of Philippe's entourage. (And please note that despite the era, we're talking hair-style hair, not wig-style hair. In real life, King Louis XIV had great hair when he was young. He started wearing wigs after losing his hair during a bout of typhoid fever when he was 20—thus starting the wig trend.)


  • Young David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, to the point where even guys swooned over him. He was a male model before pursuing a career in music.
  • Queen's Roger Taylor during the '70s who was once described as "With his baby-blond hair and deep blue eyes, Roger Meddows Taylor was almost too beautiful to be male."
  • Russell Mael of Sparks had a particularly bushy version of this trope in the early 70's, made particularly evident in the video for "This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us".
  • Though his hair was nowhere near long by today's standards, famed orchestra conductor Leopold Stokowski was seen as this by many in the early parts of the 20th Century. Spotlights would often be rigged over his podium specifically to illuminate his Einstein-like coif.
  • Tears for Fears: From the band's inception in 1981 to around the spring of 1985, Curt Smith's long, curly locks were either tied up in thin braids or a ponytail, and combined with his gorgeous, cherubic facial features, he was a popular pop star pin-up. In fact, his androgynous beauty had once propelled him to the #7 spot on the "Most Fanciable Male Human Being" list. Roland Orzabal (his best friend and fellow bandmate) has praised Curt's exceptional good looks, and the former has also divulged that the latter is his lifelong muse. note  TFF collaborator Michael Wainwright had genuinely mistaken a photo of Smith for that of an attractive woman.
    Wainwright: I just clicked on this pic because I thought it was a hot girl. It's not. It's a hot Curt. ("pervy" eyes emoji) @curtsmith #woops
  • There's a couple of these guys in the video for "Hangin' In" by Tanya Tucker.
  • Gackpo/Gakupo of Vocaloid fame, who has such long hair and feminine features that newcomers to the franchise sometimes mistake him for a woman. He's modeled after GACKT during his own years of being this trope, so it's understandable.
  • Hair Metal guys from The '80s (e.g. Jon Bon Jovi, Kip Winger, Bret Michaels, Nuno Bettencourt, Jani Lane, Vince Neil, Sebastian Bach, etc.)
  • And the genre that displaced Hair Metal, Grunge, although created as an antithesis of the aforementioned genre, offered two great, albeit unkempt, examples in Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder (Chris Cornell is an arguable case, given he didn't look boyish).
  • All three Hanson brothers during the height of their fame in the late 1990s - particularly Taylor, who was often mistaken for female (his gender-ambiguous name didn't help).
  • All four of the Gen-Z rock band Unsung, particularly their guitarist.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Cu Chulainn of Celtic Mythology is described in the The Cattle Raid of Cooley as as a beautiful young man with long, multi-hued hair that fell past his shoulders.
  • Krishna is known for his long hair and his beauty, as is the god Vishnu whom he incarnates from. One of Krishna's names literally translates into "of beautiful hair".

  • In Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues, Benedict is described as unconventionally attractive. Much of the attractive part comes from his luxuriously thick, shoulder-length hair, which he considers one of his best attributes.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the background material for Blood Bowl, the High Elf Star Catcher Bo Gallanté is thought to be the most handsome player ever to have taken to the Blood Bowl pitch. Sporting long blonde hair, that has won him Lauriel Elflock's Fabulous Follicles Award three years running, Bo is so good-looking that his mere presence is liable to drive his less attractive foes into fits of rage, driving them to fight as hard as possible to spoil his pretty face.
  • Warhammer Fantasy: Sigvald the Magnificent is noted for his great beauty and long blonde hair, and once went to war with the High Elves because he'd heard they had prettier hair than him. He's also the champion of Slaanesh, and one of the most vicious, sadistic, and self-centered monsters in a setting where that's a job requirement.

  • When Dionysus disguises himself as a human in Bacchae, King Pentheus goes on a poetic rant about how beautiful he is, paying particular attention to his long, silky hair, which he then threatens to cut off.
  • David Tennant wore hair extensions to achieve this effect when he played the title role in Richard II.
  • Tanz Der Vampire
    • Herbert von Krolock. The actor's makeup almost always makes him a pretty boy and in several productions he has long, loose, flowing blonde hair.
    • It's a fair guess to assume that Count von Krolock (Herbert's father) also used to be one of these when he was younger. Even if his face is now heavily lined, he's still really handsome and he has long black hair.

    Video Games 
  • Ensemble Stars! has three: Large Ham stage performer Wataru, Samurai fan Souma (who normally keeps his up in a ponytail), and the highly confident and commanding ex-fine member Nagisa. Rei and Kaoru also have shoulder-length hair, though in their case it's highly layered and much more masculine. And though Hajime's hair is much shorter, its bob-shaped style looks so feminine that he's the only one listed here to routinely invoke Viewer Gender Confusion. (On the other hand, the character with the hyper-femme Ambiguous Gender Identity actually has some of the shortest hair in the game.)
  • Fatal Fury: Terry and Andy Bogard. Andy is more notorious since he lets his long hair loose while Terry ties it up in a ponytail instead. Terry falls somewhere between both this trope and Hunk. Andy is quite muscular too, but has a more slender and lean physique compared to older of the Bogard brothers. In the Anime, both are long-haired Bishounens.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Lucius from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade has long blond hair and is pretty enough that Serra mistakes him for a girl at first.
    • Libra from Fire Emblem: Awakening has long hair that contributes to his feminine appearance and people mistake him for a woman on a regular basis.
    • Takumi from Fire Emblem Fates has long, flowing hair down to his waist, which he keeps in a high ponytail (so it is likely even longer). In an interview, the character designer explicitly noted that he was designed to appeal to the female audience.
    • Subaki from the same game also has long flowing hair worn in a ponytail. It doesn't hurt that he's an Expy of Cordelia, one of the most beautiful women in the previous game.
    • Forrest, also from Fates, is an extreme example. He has long hair in an elaborate curly style, and he's so pretty that several characters (including Elise, some bandits, Dwyer in one of the DLC levels, and apparently a good percent of the army in his Shigure supports) all comment on it.
    • Both Luthier and Leon in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia are long-haired bishonen. Leon in particular seems to be playing it up, since he accentuates his looks with makeup and claims to have a strict routine to keep himself looking pretty.
    • Ferdinand von Aegir, Lorenz Hellman Gloucester and Yuri Leclerc from Fire Emblem: Three Houses all grow their hair out over the five-year timeskip, though Ferdinand reveals he didn't do it to make a fashion statement and is in fact upset people keep assuming so. Rather, he's been so busy with the war that he just keeps neglecting to get it cut.
  • Guilty Gear has quite a few, with Testament standing out in particular for having long black hair and a very feminine looking attire. A number of the characters have commented on his beauty.
    • Ky Kiske had this look in Guilty Gear 2: Overture. In Xrd, he tied it back to a ponytail. He goes back to having short hair in Strive.
  • .hack//G.U. games: Endrance, crossing into Dude Looks Like a Lady territory. Also, Kuhn.
  • Infinite Space: A few male characters (including the main character), most notably Lord Roth, who has waist-length hair.
  • Jak and Daxter: Jak has long hair in the second game, and is mentioned by Keira as being handsome after he admits to missing his child self, and she admits he'll grow up to look handsome. He cuts it short in the third game to survive in the desert.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Xehanort, Xemnas, "Ansem", Saïx, Marluxia, Riku (until he cut it off in 3D)... Yeah, Kingdom Hearts is the master of Long Haired hotties.
  • The King of Fighters: Duo Lon.
    • Benimaru Nikaido has the long hair and the good looks, but his Shock and Awe powers make his hair stand up. He lets his hair down once or twice, though.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty introduces Raiden, with shoulder-length blonde hair that gets him mistaken for a girl and questioned as to its status as a wig. He irritatedly clarifies that his hair is, in fact, real.
  • Mortal Kombat: Raiden doesn't initially come off as this, but take away his hat and cloak, and you're left with a rather pretty man with a glorious mane of white hair. Partially lampshaded in Mortal Kombat 9 where, upon learning they are fighting for the safety of Earth, Johnny Cage asks Raiden, "What should we do, besides standing around looking pretty?"
  • Many male characters in the mobile RPG Onmyōji, being set in the Heian period and all, but most notably the protagonist Abe no Seimei whose white hair reaches his knees.
    • Also the Hair Eater who takes it further with his hair's trailing on the ground.
    • Even little boys aren't exempt from this rule, examples being Shirodōji and Kurodōji, leading many fans to mistake them for girls. The fact that they sport the Hime Cut doesn't help.
  • Super Punch-Out!! features Kabuki dancing boxer Heike Kagero, who has thigh-length hair. He is one of the most feminine and appearance-conscious boxers, and can use his hair as a whip to attack the player.
  • Stardew Valley has Elliot, a handsome, long-haired aspiring writer who lives in a shack on the beach in Pelican Town. He's one of the villagers you can marry in the Romance Sidequest.
  • Star Ocean: Ioshua Jerand from the first game, and Dias Flac from The Second Story/Second Evolution. Meanwhile, Albel Nox from Till the End of Time has twin rattails that reach past his waist.
  • In Star Sweep, Rank is a typical bishonen with long blue hair, and is so attractive Tia immediately asks him out on a date.
  • Story of Seasons has been fond of this on marriageable bachelors starting with Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. Julius (who is so pretty in the Japanese version he wonders if his love interest thinks he's a crossdresser) and Kendall (the resident Hospital Hottie doctor of Tree Of Tranquility and Animal Parade'' come to mind.
  • Street Fighter:
    • Vega has long hair that goes past his waist. His default outfit is him shirtless, revealing his muscular physique and wearing a mask to protect his handsome face.
  • Tales of Vesperia: Yuri "Pheromone Boy" Lowell. A man even offers him a drink until he realizes he's male.
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles, we have Dunban, a Handicapped Badass with long hair, and who some female fans consider to be the most attractive guy in the game.
  • Akira Nishikiyama of Yakuza, which is a series that definitely doesn't tend to have pretty boys or Bishōnen of any type. However, he's notably prettier and more delicate in appearance than most of the other male characters, and has always had long hair. Though he does go from wearing it down around his face to pushing it back in a very Squicky way, namely by smoothing his hair back with the blood of someone he's just killed.
  • Several lore characters in the Warcraft games. Certainly Illidan Stormrage, particularly his depiction on the box art for the Legion expansion: and indeed it's practically an Enforced Trope for male Night Elves. Also Anduin Wrynn, Arthas Menethil, and Kael'thas Sunstrider: all deeply emotional characters, known for being kind. Indeed, it's practically a trope for Blizzard Entertainment at this point to have a pretty male blond character go through a Face–Heel Turn and come out with (significantly less pretty) white hair. They did it with Leoric in Diablo too. Can be invoked by the player especially on male humans and elves if they choose to have no facial hair. Trolls and orcs avert the trope due to not really having gendered hairstyles: neither race tends to have very thick hair, so both sexes wear it long and in much the same styles. Tauren and dwarves avert the trope because neither gender particularly looks feminine: although neither race is without beauty. Can't really be invoked on goblins due to there not being many long hair styles for men, nor on draenei because of the extreme sexual dimorphism, nor on gnomes because neither gender particularly looks masculine or feminine. Players can even invoke the white-haired ruined beauty effect on male undead, at least if you choose to have most of the face intact.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Klavier and Kristoph Gavin from Apollo Justice.
    • Nahyuta Sahdmadhi in Spirit of Justice is probably the prettiest male character in Ace Attorney, and definitely has the longest hair. Braided, it reaches at least to his thighs.
  • Aoba Seragaki, the protagonist of the Boys' Love game DRAMAtical Murder, is quite pretty and has long hair because it hurts him to touch his hair, let alone cut it. In Koujaku's good ending, Aoba lets Koujaku cut his hair since the sensations in his hair completely disappeared after Toue is defeated.
  • Zen in Mystic Messenger has waist-long white hair bound in a low ponytail and is very attractive, so much he admires himself and takes many selfies. He also has many admirers, mostly female. It also helps that Jaehee comments how handsome he is, and Yoosung is jealous of his good looks.
    • Vanderwood also has long hair, reaching down to around his pecs, and if you should so choose to, during V's route, you can tell him that you think he's "good-looking," to which he'll be very surprised and very flustered.
  • Arsenik in War: 13th Day. His hair falls past his waist, and he's quite the unwitting heartbreaker. In his route, not only Ambrosia likes him but Wildfire as well. In fact, Wildfire has the world's longest-standing crush on him. She even tries to make him jealous by going out with someone else. Chase also mentions that Arsenik has admirers. And if it couldn't be made any clearer, Brooks says this about him:
    Brooks: I’ve seen that tight blonde you’ve been eyeing. Now, he is fine.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY: Lie Ren has pretty pink eyes and a slim, feminine facial structure. His body is slender and, while he's just barely taller than most of the female students, he's shorter than most of the men. For the first three volumes, his hair is tied back into a long ponytail with a pink streak that's the same colour as his eyes. In Volume 4, the pink streak is darker, almost purple, and he wears his hair unbound. It's so long it almost reaches his butt and emphasises his slight, feminine appearance.

  • Angel Down: Bernard was a Camp Bi when he was young, and wore his hair in a long curly mop.
  • A-gnosis:
    • Dionysos is portrayed as this. All the gods are implied to be good-looking, but he's taking it up to eleven, wearing earrings, flowers in his hair, and bracelets.
    • Ganymede, too, is portrayed like this, naturally. After all, Zeus gave him the job as cupbearer of the gods because he was so very pretty. He wears his hair open, and doesn't wear a shirt.
  • A Broken Winter: While both Kuroda and Reisen have very long hair, Reisen lets his fly in true pretty-boy style. Kuroda keeps his in a neat tail.
  • El Goonish Shive: Noah has long hair, strongly implied to include long furry antennae in addition to scalp hair, which he keeps in a ponytail. Due to that and his other androgynous traits other characters are unsure of his gender.
  • Girl Genius: Maxim, who was originally meant to be nothing more than a joke sketch of a Pretty Boy Jagermonster.
  • Lovely Lovecraft: Iranon, who has flowing blond hair adorned with flowers and wears rather feminine robes.
  • Ménage à 3:
    • Erik is a blond, sunglasses-wearing rich guy who '80s hair-rock fan Zii considers a perfect boyfriend, for his looks and many other reasons.
    • Wrestling trainer Damien also carries off the style in a way that is perhaps not unknown in pro wrestling. He is also habitually flirtatious, and clearly fully aware of the effect he has on some of his female students, using it to keep them paying their membership fees.
    • The spin-off comic, Sticky Dilly Buns, features Angel, who has the hair, who plays in a glam-rock revival band called "Pretty Boyz With Electric Toyz", and who the lead character correctly identifies as a romantic rival on sight. However, it subsequently turns out that Angel is actually "gender fluid" and indeed presenting as a slim, attractive woman on some days.
  • Monsterful: Jacob Bottom Button, the Rag doll boy.
  • In Moxie, Choco has long brown hair that is pulled back in a ponytail.
  • Paradis has angels as this, specifically Gabriel.
  • In Stand Still, Stay Silent, Reynir has a braid reaching below his waist and is one of the characters whose gender is the most often mistaken by the readers.
  • All the males in Sword Princess Amaltea have hair that go beyond their shoulders. This been because the story's world is a Matriarchy and men have female roles, including being pretty. This makes Prince Ossian Boyish Short Hair more significant and shocking.
  • Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet: Meredith has long dark hair, has been the cause of much Viewer Gender Confusion since his first appearance, and was called "impossibly beautiful" by Rolls. Elijah also noted (admittedly out of continuity) how Meredith was more popular with girls when they were younger, partially due to having a more handsome face.
  • Unsounded: Emne Toma's latest pretty boy toy is Karl, an attractive man who rarely wears a shirt and has hair cascading to his waist.
  • In The Wolf at Weston Court flirtatious dandy Elgin has long flowing red hair.

    Western Animation 
  • Ben 10: Kevin Levin, whose black hair falls to his shoulders. He grows up into a tall, muscular young man who's had multiple girls gain a crush on him.
  • Castlevania (2017): Alucard's design is based after his classic Symphony of the Night look. He is very attractive and has long, golden hair.
  • In Steven Universe, flashbacks of the titular character's dad Greg in his youth showed he was a rather attractive rock "star" and that his pompadour-like hair went past his knees like it does in the present, although he now has a bald spot.
  • Jorel's Brother: Jorel is a handsome boy with smooth, amazing long hair, being loved by almost every kid in the town. Inverted with his older brother Nico, who uses his long hair to hide how ugly he is.
  • Sym-Bionic Titan: Lance's black hair goes down to his shoulders, and he is incredibly popular in school, especially with the girls.
  • Teen Titans:
    • Aqualad has long, black hair that runs down to his shoulders, a lean muscular physique and is consider very handsome as both Raven and Starfire get a crush on him the first time they see him.
    • As an adult in an alternate future, Robin is shown to have long hair. This is different from in the comics, where Nightwing has had long hair but it was a mullet instead of standard long hair. Robin is a Chick Magnet as a teenager so it's certain he'd be one as an adult as well.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender, Prince Lotor of the Galra Empire has waist-length white hair and when compared to his father Zarkon, who looks more alien, his fine facial features perfectly stand out, helped by the fact that he's half-Altean on his mother Honerva's (also known as Haggar) side.

    Real Life 
  • It was the norm for practically all men in ancient China to have long hair because cutting one's hair was seen as being extremely disrespectful to one's parents under Confucianism. Only non-Sinicized ethnic minorities, Buddhist monks, and criminals would cut their hair. In the case of criminals, they often had their hair cut as a form of punishment. Confucianism also influenced a masculine ideal among Chinese men known as "scholar masculinity". Most of Chinese history preferred scholar masculinity - a style which emphasized men be beautiful, intelligent, youthful, frail, and pedantic. This Confucian gender role also explains why neighboring Korea and Japan are similarly obsessed with pretty boys.
  • Ancient Spartan warriors wore their hair long as it was said to make a handsome man more beautiful and an ugly one more fearsome. It was often braided and wound around the head so as to fit neatly under a helmet.
  • Over the course of the 17th century in Europe, long hair on men gradually became more and more fashionable (and longer and longer,) as can be seen in many portraits from the period, such as this portrait of two young British lords or this portrait of Sir Robert Worsley. This is ultimately the origin of the Judicial Wig; as the increasing expectations of how long and curly or wavy hair should be made it simpler to wear wigs instead, until by the end of the century wigs themselves became the fashion of high society (and by extension government officials like judges) instead.
  • William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody walked a fine line between this trope and Barbarian Longhair. He earned the nickname "Pahaska" (meaning "long hair") from his Native American friends who were otherwise unaccustomed to seeing a white man with such hair.
  • This look defined the skateboarding culture of the 1970s, as exemplified by the likes of Tony Hawk and Stacy Peralta. It has remained common among skateboarders ever since.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in perhaps the largest comeback since the 1960s of boys and younger men growing their hair out, due in large part to hair salon closures and remote school/work, coupled with the continued online availability of hair care products. Forums dedicated to men growing out their hair, such as the subreddit FierceFlow, saw a huge traffic increase in 2020-21. After the pandemic subsided, many decided to keep their long hair.