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Manhua / Youth Gone Wild

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A now-complete work by Lee Nicky. Can be read here.

Yating's an ambitious public relations manager with an ear and a drive for music, who's fired by her company due to upsetting primadonnas one too many times. Now (unofficially) blacklisted from the industry by the last starlet she pissed off and tending bar at a pub, she discovers Gangster, a once up-and-coming band who have lost their passion — all except for the drummer, Luo Kai. Then there's Wang Xiang, a theatrical jack-of-all-trades with a golden voice who she gets into trouble every time they meet; prickly rich-boy Zhigao; and self-proclaimed "Guitar God" Shang Guan, who is exactly as egotistical as he sounds.


Did I mention Yating's uncle is setting up a new agency?

Follows the band which results, their relationships, and their quest to "conquer Asia" with rock music.

Tropes include:
  • Author Appeal: Lee Nicky loves her rock music and pretty boys, and it shows.
  • Contrived Coincidence: So, so many. Really — Yating meets all the band members through different (unlikely) circumstances, they all happen to be brilliant at different instruments, two of them know each other previously (in a way unrelated to how Yating met them), and just when this is all happening she runs into her uncle, who is setting up an agency and trusts her judgement completely.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Yating overhears some... suggestive things between Wang Xiang and Zhigao. (It's just physical therapy.)
  • Drama Queen: Wang Xiang
  • Goal in Life: Yating's has always been to manage a legendary rock group
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  • Guy Liner: Luo Kao also sports lipstick
  • Ho Yay:
    • Luo Kai jokingly refers to Zhigao as his "old lover" in an otherwise serious moment. And Zhigao still has the "lucky charm" medal Lu Kai gave him years ago, when they were bestest besties.
    • Wang Xiang scrubbing a injured Zhigao's chest in the shower, chest-to-back, while half-naked himself. Seems legit.
    • Later, when Wang Xiang is going to be busy with vocal training, he gives a melodramatic monologue about how much Zhigao will miss his care. He also just loves cuddling/coddling him, and plays it up a lot.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Luo Kai is most notable, but Yating's idol JB definitely counts
  • Rape as Drama: Zhigao's backstory

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