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Monsterful is a Slice of Life webcomic created by Pablo T. Fiorentino (Artist and Writer) and Mariale Fiorentino (Co-Writer). It stars Sapphire, a zombie girl, and her friends and family. The setting is a world where only monsters live, so there's no need for them to hide or blend in like in most other monster stories.

The Chapters usually focus on a specific group of characters. Most chapters focus on Sapphire and her friends, but other chapters have shifted the attention on other characters and their friends, mostly Sapphire's siblings Onyx, Ruby and Topaz. One chapter focuses on Michelle Flammel as well.

Unusually enough, there seemed to be no issues for Zombies, Ragdolls, Vampires and who-knows-what-else to interbreed.

Starting in May 2016, the comic officially went into an indefinite hiatus, with all of the comic pages and other materials removed and replaced with a single page containing an author's note that proclaimed the hiatus and expressed a desire to reboot the comic sometime in the future. The comic's last update was in 2014, and the author's Twitter has not been active since. By 2019, the domain expired. The website was archived by the Wayback Machine and can still be browsed to an extent in snapshots from 2015 on back, but the actual pages of the comic were unfortunately not preserved.

This webcomic provides examples of: