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A-gnosis is a Swedish artist on DeviantArt and professional comic artist, who, among miscellaneous art, heavily focuses on Greek Mythology as an inspiration, but also uses other mythologies and folklore.

Webcomics by A-gnosis:

Tropes from works without a TV Tropes page:

  • Chariot Pulled by Cats: Demeter's carriage is pulled by giant snakes — they're friendly, but still a nasty shock for the stablehands on Olympus. Demeter's dislike of horses is later revealed to stem from her assault by Poseidon while they were in horse form.
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  • God of Darkness: A-gnosis' Greek myth comics include Nyx, the primordial goddess of night. She mostly relaxes in The Underworld, having little to do with mortals or most gods — but as one of the first beings in the universe, everyone treads carefully around her.
    Nyx: "Night that bends to her sway both gods and men", as the poets say.
  • God of the Dead: Hades oversees The Underworld and the arrival of the dead. He's a Workaholic, but is surprisingly compassionate towards the dead, especially lost ghosts, and once arranges a special meeting between Athena and a dead friend.
  • Shown Their Work: Everything, from Greek literature to Bronze age civilization is extensively researched and it shows.
  • Winged Humanoid: Many of the lesser gods including Eris, The Erinyes, and Iris have wings.