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A-gnosis is a Swedish artist on DeviantArt and professional comic artist, who, among miscellaneous art, heavily focuses on Greek Mythology as an inspiration, but also uses other mythologies and folklore.

Webcomics by A-gnosis:

Tropes from works without a TV Tropes page / tropes for the general canon:

  • Chariot Pulled by Cats: Demeter's carriage is pulled by giant snakes — they're friendly, but still a nasty shock for the stablehands on Olympus. Demeter's dislike of horses is later revealed to stem from her assault by Poseidon while they were in horse form.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Hekate may dwell in caves summoning ghosts and making curses, but she's one of the nicest and most compassionate gods, at least towards Demeter.
  • Divine Incest: Both the narration and the characters acknowledge the incestuous relationships in the pantheon, but mortals and gods alike believe that the gods aren't bound by the same rules as humans. Nonetheless, in Destroyer of Light, Athena is disgusted by the thought that Zeus impregnated his daughter Persephone with a Bed Trick.
  • God of Darkness: Old Mother Nyx is the primordial goddess of night. She mostly relaxes in The Underworld, having little to do with mortals or most gods — but as one of the first beings in the universe, everyone treads carefully around her.
    Nyx: "Night that bends to her sway both gods and men", as the poets say.
  • God of the Dead: Hades oversees The Underworld and the arrival of the dead. He's a Workaholic, but is surprisingly compassionate towards the dead, especially lost ghosts, and once arranges a special meeting between Athena and a dead friend.
  • Mystical Cave: The River Acheron flows through caves from the mortal world to The Underworld, which is taken advantage of by several Dimensional Travelers.
  • Shown Their Work: Everything, from Greek literature to Bronze age civilization, is extensively researched and it shows.
  • Special Occasions Are Magic: The Anthesteria, a three-day festival to Dionysos, upends both the social order and the supernatural, allowing the spirits of the dead to walk the mortal world. It's a huge headache for Hades.
    Hades: Hermes, my role in the cosmos is to make sure that the dead stay where they belong. That the world of the dead and the world of the living don't get mixed up. During the Anthesteria that rule suddenly ceases to exist.
  • Winged Humanoid: Many of the lesser gods including Eris, The Erinyes, and Iris have wings.