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"Marge, you look different... New haircut?"

Susan: Oh Reed, that sex was wonderful.
Reed: Was it, hehe— [morphs] Surprise! I was really a Skrull all along, baby!
Susan: [morphs] FRANK!

A trope in which Carol has sex with Bob by pretending to be Alice. In short, "My God, Who Have I Done?"

In the classic version which gave this trope its name, Carol accomplishes her coup by slipping into bed with Bob after dark; Bob is typically too sleepy to notice the difference. This can be justified in cases where Bob and Alice have never slept together before, but if Bob and Alice are married it strains the audience's Willing Suspension of Disbelief (he can't tell the difference between Carol and his wife of five years?). Historically, it was commonly used the other way round: Carol, as the wife that Bob rejected, took the place of Alice, who was desperate to escape Bob's wooing. Nowadays it's often achieved via the tropes that the fantasy or science fiction genre makes possible, e.g. shapeshifting, body swap, or some other device by which Carol could plausibly fool Bob into believing that she is Alice.

This is one of The Oldest Tricks in the Book and a common origin story for mythological heroes (often with a god playing the role of Carol). As a general rule, the farther back you go in time, the more likely it is that the person you're sleeping with isn't who you think they are, though it's seen something of a revival in Soap Operas (usually with the added justification that the person being fooled is drunk).

For once, the Law of Inverse Fertility is inverted: a woman who uses this to try to get pregnant is likely to pull it off, even after one time in bed.

When Played for Laughs, expect Carol-as-Alice to be much better in bed than the real Alice. If it's Dan impersonating Bob, expect Alice to notice "Bob" has grown a few inches, especially if it's a parody. For cases when Bob suspects something, see Not Right in the Bed. (A rather twisted case of Spot the Imposter in both cases.) Basically, a sub-category for Black Comedy Rape.

Compare with Bride and Switch and Double Standard: Rape, Sci-Fi. If Bob knows who he's with, but it becomes apparent he's imagining it's someone else, you're looking at Wrong-Name Outburst. Not to be confused with a Trick Bed.

This is basically the definition of rape by deception (or rape by fraud), though that crime can also include situations like doctors performing unnecessarily invasive sexual acts on patients while claiming that they're necessary for diagnosis or treatment. Most areas do not recognize this as a crime, but in the U.S. under expanding federal definitions of rape to include any non-consensual penetration, it may qualify and be prosecuted in the same vein as all other forms of rape. In other words, Do Not Try This at Home. Seriously. We mean it.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In a late chapter of Blood Alone, Higure ties up and gags Misaki and then pretends to be her in order to get Kuroe to make love to him. Thankfully, Koroe isn't into little kids, so the rape attempt fails regardless.
  • Hinata very nearly pulls this one on Shoei, by pretending to be his girlfriend Mio in Desire Climax. For more context, Shoei is nearly blind without his contact lenses and Hinata grew up with Mio and can imitate her fairly well. Thankfully Shoei figures it out before they can get up to anything.
  • Sae poses as Momo and attempts to do this to Toji in Peach Girl. It nearly works... until Toji turns the lights on...
  • Attempted in episode 8 of Penguindrum, when Ringo, who is obsessed with the idea of being the mother of Tabuki's child for VERY complicated reasons, drugs a cake that Tabuki eats and then disguises herself as his fiancée Yuri. Luckily, she's stopped before anything can happen by her best friend Shouma.

  • In the Child Ballad "Gil Brenton", the heroine sends her maid to her wedding bed to hide that she is not a virgin and is pregnant. The groom discovers this. His mother investigates and discovers that the bride was in fact a woman the groom had dallied with earlier, and so informs her son without actually adding "You idiot."
  • In the Spanish ballad "La Servana" the queen disguises herself as her daughter to prevent the king from sleeping with their daughter Servana. When the king notices that 'Servana' isn't a virgin, the queen says, "Of course I'm not, how could I be?" and promptly lists all her children, including the aforementioned daughter. The king is very grateful she stopped him from committing such horrible sin.

    Comic Books 
  • During the Legion Quest story that'd lead to Age of Apocalypse, an amnesiac Legion used his powers to pose as his own father and then sexually assault his own mother, Gabrielle Haller.
  • The Batman Adventures: Madeline, The Vamp, tries to seduce Harvey Dent by pretending to be his fiancee, aka her straight-laced twin sister Marilyn. Harvey figures her out right away but she persists in appealing to the bad boy in Harvey and he ends up sleeping with Madeline anyway.
  • Blade: Cilla disguises herself as his student to have sex with Blade, but he doesn't do the deed willingly and there were other forces involved. The disguise was primarily to put him at ease, since he would have attacked her on sight otherwise.
  • The Boys:
    • The Homelander once convinced Black Noir to pretend to be him when having sex with Queen Maeve. This turns out to be Foreshadowing to the fact that Black Noir is a clone of the Homelander.
    • The shape shifter Malchemical was moved from Team Titanic to Super Duper after impersonating the leader of Team Titanic. He was only found out when it turns out that the leader's girlfriend was really into the anal Malchemical introduced her to.
  • Typhoid Mary pulls this on Deadpool by disguising herself as Siryn. He does not take it well.
  • A variation occurs in Bill Willingham's Elementals comic. The villainous Shapeshifternote  doesn't per se impersonate Morningstar's boyfriend — she simply turns into the kind of guy she's sure her enemy can't help but fall for and indeed begins an affair that lasts for months without ever being detected. In the end, she simply reveals herself on a nice quiet outing and leaves Morningstar emotionally devastated enough to almost drive her to suicide, as well as embarrassingly pregnant with some kind of shapeshifting offspring.
    • Though, in both an Early-Bird Cameo and a subversion, an earlier issue set thousands of years in the future shows Morningstar and the shapeshifter in a committed, lesbian relationship by that point.
  • Another of Bill Willingham's works, FABLES sees a Gender Bender example of this trope, with Cinderella waking to discover that her latest lover is actually her arch nemesis Dorothy Gale and not Ivan Durak.
  • Empowered has a few examples.
    • The ultimate example, where Ninjette, when she was still with her ninja clan, took an infiltration mission than included consummating another ninja's marriage... As the groom. In-universe she's considered the ultimate Master of Disguise for this, but she mentions at one point that she's not exactly proud of it.
    • Also of note, Ninjette spends 3 pages in an imagine spot impersonating Emp in bed with Thugboy.
    • It's also implied in the same page that shows her as the aforementioned groom that she's done this to Emp as Thugboy as well.
  • In Fantastic Four, a Skrull secret agent named Lyja the Lazerfist fooled Johnny into first sleeping with and later marrying her by posing as the Thing's ex-girlfriend, Alicia Masters. The marriage lasted years.
  • The Incredible Hercules: Hercules, as part of a Zany Scheme involving him pretending to be Thor, ended up sleeping with the queen of the Dark Elves. However, it's clear that Alflyse had sex with him because she was incredibly attracted to him and his macho mannerisms, rather than because he was posing as Thor. It's also not entirely clear whether or not she already knew he wasn't Thor and was just playing along—she certainly doesn't seem at all upset when the truth comes out, and happily sleeps with him again.
  • Mystique, being a Femme Fatale shapeshifter does this a lot, usually to manipulate people or even For the Evulz:
    • She created a new identity in X-Men as a student known as Foxx, in order to seduce Gambit and break him and Rogue up. Later, when Gambit realizes who she is, she tries to seduce him again by taking Rogue's form and telling him that it wouldn't be cheating if they had sex while she appeared as Rogue.
    • In a Nightcrawler backstory, Mystique shapeshifts into a frigid maid to sleep with the driver and convinces him to sneak into the castle later that night and asks him to wake her up with sex... all so she can watch the driver be thrown from the house after the maid screams rape when he crawls into her bed that night. He's fired, the maid is mentally scarred, and Raven thinks it's all hilarious.
    • Another occasion had Mystique testing out her newly upgraded powers by seducing Wolverine in the form of his ninja ex Yukio. On a battlefield while surrounded by dead ninja. Mystique also took pictures and mailed them to Wolverine's current girlfriend.
    • Played With in Uncanny X-Force. Mystique takes the form of Psylocke to seduce and sleep with Fantomex, in order to poison him without him noticing. But during sex he does notice how different they are in bed and when he confronts Mystique later he implies that Betsy is just much better in bed causing Mystique to be the one that gets annoyed.
    Mystique: Yet you continued.
    Fantomex: I didn't say it was bad.
    • In issue 7 of Wolverines Mystique actually uses this as a threat against X-23.
      [Mystique transforms into Teen Warren.]
      Laura: Warren...
      Mystique: Oh yes, Laura. Warren. Think of this moment the next time he wraps you in the warmth of his wings. Think... and wonder whose hands are actually touching you. Or perhaps I'll make love to him as you.. .do the things he wants but is afraid to ask for, because of your...past.
  • In Runaways, Karolina is dating the Sex Shifter Xavin, but is also interested in Nico, who she has had a crush on for most of the series. At one point, Xavin tried appearing as Nico because they thought that this was what Karolina really wanted and that it would help Karolina deal with her emotions. It did not work; Karolina thought it was "some kind of sick test". Xavin, not being from around here, is somewhat baffled.
  • Secret Invasion: During the Skrull Alien Invasion, many of the Skrull imposters ended up replacing a few people that had lovers, who slept with the Skrull imposters without knowing:
    • Due to Black Bolt being replaced by a Skrull since World War Hulk, it's made painfully clear that his imposter has been intimate with Medusa many times without her ever noticing, a fact that his Skrull captors delight in pointing out to the captured Black Bolt. The jealousy and the idea that she may not even truly love him is what finally breaks his Nerves of Steel.
    • Before the start of the story, Hank Pym was seduced by a college girl who slept with him, revealed herself to be a Skrull, captured him, and took his identity. And then the impostor started a relationship with Tigra. And since Hank Pym had an unstable personality, no Skrull who took his identity lasted for long, which means that Tigra slept with several different Skrulls during her "relationship" with the Hank Pym imposters. She even became pregnant with one of the Skrull imposter's child, thus making her a target of Norman Osborn's in future storylines, since he wanted to obtain her half-Skrull baby.
    • With the Mockingbird that joined the West Coast Avengers in Issue #91 being retroactively made into a Skrull impostor, that would mean that Hawkeye's relationship with her would fall into this during that period. She was also the Mockingbird who was killed, while the real one was under Skrull captivity in space.
    • A Downplayed example in regards to Aunt May and Jarvis, who dated for a time, but unbeknown to Aunt May Jarvis was actually a Skrull imposter. But it's unlikely their relation went beyond some innocent dates.
  • In the Negation War storyline of CrossGen Comics's Sigil universe (original series), Capricia the Atlantean is directed to seduce Space Marine Sam Rey in the form as the latter's fiancee Zanniati, with the intent of producing an Atlantean-hybrid child capable of inheriting Sam's Sigil. Sadly, CrossGen tanked, canceled, and was bought out by Disney before the results of this (planned or unplanned) came to light, and neither character returns in the new series.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) (of all things), it's heavily implied that Sonic's Evil Twin Scourge the Hedgehog did this with Sonic's teammate Bunnie Rabbot while pretending to be him.
  • Spider-Man:
    • One of his enemies, the Chameleon, impersonated Spidey and slept with his roommate Michele Gonzales. Somewhat unusual in that this is being played up as an inconvenience to Peter, since Michele never found out and just assumed Peter was being a jerk after sleeping with her.
    • The Chameleon once attempted to do this to Mary Jane Watson (as in the above case he was disguised as Peter), only to be defied. When he kisses her, she realizes it isn't him (with an extra spewing of information Peter should have known to be false to make sure), and then proceeded to beat him senseless with a baseball bat.
    • When Doctor Octopus did a Grand Theft Me on Peter in the Superior Spider-Man storyline, he tried to get fresh with Mary Jane as well. She felt something was off because Peter wasn't himself (plus they were no longer together) and Doc Oc gave up his attempts. He tried again later with another woman, Anna Maria, who had no clue about anything. When Peter got back his body and let her in on everything, she was quite stunned by what had gone on. When Otto later on comes back from death (kinda, it's actually a mental duplicate) and tries to be a hero again, he even starts mentally kicking himself for denying her the full knowledge needed to make a conscientious choice.
    • The second Kraven the Hunter, Alyosha, had slept with Calypso—and only told her he wasn't Sergei while mocking her in the afterglow.
    • In Scarlet Spider #24, Kaine finds his girlfriend Annabelle waiting for him in his bedroom naked under a Modesty Bedsheet and the scene soon cuts away... to the real Annabelle who is on her way to visit him. Turns out the Annabelle he slept with is actually the villainess Shathra who took the form of Annabelle to seduce Kaine.
    • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Wolverine attempts this with Mary Jane after he and Peter are body-swapped. MJ declines to go through with it, however, wanting to wait.
  • Sub-Mariner. Lemurian supervillainess Lyra tricked Namor into sleeping with her by disguising herself as Susan Richards.
  • Superman: In Til Death Do Us Part, the Parasite (Rudy Jones), having learned Superman's true identity, takes the place of Lois Lane and attempts to tear him down emotionally by ruining their marriage. To facilitate his plan, he approaches an oblivious Lex Luthor and conducts an "extramarital" affair with him while in Lois's form. Unsurprisingly, Luthor is furious when he finally learns the truth.
  • Anton Arcane, Swamp Thing's primary nemesis, famously did this to Abby, his own niece, by possessing the body of her husband. That isn't even the worst thing he's done to her.
  • Teen Titans: Dick Grayson was once seduced by the shape-shifting Mirage in the form of his girlfriend Koriand'r/Starfire. This was a large factor in them subsequently breaking up. Mirage even goes so far as to taunt Dick for not noticing the difference.
  • In the second issue of Voodoo (2011), the title (female) character shapeshifts into the (male) partner of Agent Fallon, whom Fallon is sleeping with and who Voodoo has just killed. Voodoo then goes back to Fallon's hotel room and sleeps with her, before the truth comes out the next morning. Though it is never described as 'rape,' and Fallon is more angry over the death of her lover, in issue #8, when Voodoo tries to claim that they shared a legitimate emotional connection, Fallon is quick to point out that she does not love Voodoo at all, and that was simply the bond that she had with her lover. Voodoo admits that, yes, it was meaningless. She then kills Fallon.
  • The Warlord (DC): Y'Smalla seduces Machiste by disguising herself as Tara.
  • X-Factor (2006):
    • Downplayed with Madrox/Multiple Man as he can be confused with one of his dupes or vice versa, but he never deliberately uses them to trick anyone in this fashion.
      • Madrox awakens one morning to find that one of his dupes got out accidentally and has been, uhm, enjoying himself. Later, Siryn and M separately tell him how wonderful the night before was, indicating that he slept with one while the dupe got with the other, pretending to be him. It later turns out they both slept with dupes, and that a dupe managed to get Siryn pregnant. Made worse that hadn't even been the first time Siryn had slept with a duplicate of Jamie without realizing it. Seeing how mad she had gotten when he told her what had happened, the first time around, it's kind of frustrating that she fell for the exact same "trick" a second time.
    • It's heavily implied Reed Richard's Evil Doppelgänger was planning to pull something like this on Susan after he replaced Reed without the rest of the team noticing. His ally, Doctor Doom actually found it so distasteful he had Susan kidnapped for the sole reason of keeping her out of the doppelganger's reach.

    Comic Strips 
  • Brazilian newspaper comic Aline had one of the Aline's boyfriends disguising himself as her to trick a lesbian who had a crush on Aline.

    Fan Works 
  • Feynites Aftermath has Luo Binghe abducting the man his counterpart married in an alternate dimension and trying to use their likeness in order to have sex with Shen Qingqiu, claiming he's actually the nice version who heroically managed to rescue his beloved. Alas for him, Shen Qingqiu quickly understands it's a trap and gives him a Groin Attack.
  • In Flinch, Sheik is a violent split personality of Zelda's. In order to mend the already messed up relationship between Samus and Zelda, Sheik decides that sex will help. She seduces Samus under the guise of being Zelda. After she gains control again, Zelda is horrified and freaks out.
  • There are quite a number of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable fics that presume that Kira had sex with Shinobu while in the guise of her husband, Kosaku.
  • The trope is deconstructed in one of the Gaiden chapters for Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox. In that chapter, one character confides to another about having pulled this on a college roommate seven years earlier; the perpetrator was drunk, saw the victim in bed with blindfolds and limb-straps on in anticipation of kinky sex with someone else, and then pretended to be the expected party while making no sound that would give away the actual facts. However, the perpetrator's guilt after sobering up the next morning led to the two's friendship eroding into a years-long estrangement, with the victim never finding out why. Further deconstructed when the end of the chapter reveals that the victim had, in fact, realized early on who the sex partner actually was but never let on about that knowledge (and was embarrassed about being aroused), and has since harbored some resentment that the perpetrator never fessed up and let their friendship end instead.
  • Features in a lot of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies fanfic, specifically concerning the Phantomquill/Blackbright ship, as the Phantom spends the majority of the time he knows Blackquill pretending to be Fulbright. Therefore, a common plot becomes that Blackquill thought he was having sex with/in a relationship with Fulbright, only for the inevitable revelation that it was the Phantom all along.
  • In The Masks We Wear (Teen Titans), Samantha Vanaver drugs and rapes John Grayson after she forces him to become a Talon. She gets pregnant with her daughter, Rachel Grayson.
  • In One-Punch Man NSFW fanfic Mirror Mirror Genos is almost seduced by the time-traveling Bad Future Saitama, who got a little ecstatic since Genos is dead in his timelime. Genos, who had no idea of the deception, is happy that Saitama return his feelings for him until the actual Saitama interrupts them.
  • There's a certain subset of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom that suspects that the shape-shifting Emotion Eater Queen Chrysalis might have taken advantage of Shining Armour in this manner during the climax of Season 2. Her Mind Control abilities would certainly make it easy if Shining was unwilling:
    • One of the few fanfics that doesn't play this conceit for cheap laughs is Cadence in A Minor, which depicts the incident as exactly what it would be in real life: A horribly traumatic experience that messes him up in several ways and threatens to destroy his marriage. (NB: If it's not immediately obvious from the description, anyone with recent experience dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder may want to give this one a miss.)
    • All-American Girl also has a serious occurrence of this, with Chrysalis storing Shining's genetic material and using it to create an army of unicorn/changeling hybrids (Chrysalis terming the species "pepsis"), treating those who show any of their father's nobility as Child Soldiers (especially since she accelerates their aging) and Cannon Fodder.
    • In My Fluttering Heart, after killing Chrysalis, Shining finds a newborn foal. He soon realizes he had gotten Chrysalis pregnant eleven months ago and that the baby was his. He decides to raise Flurry Heart as his and his wife's.
    • It is not just with Chrysalis but changelings in general: For example, in Fluttershy Is Free, Fluttershy's father is a changeling who impersonated a pony.
  • The Miraculous Ladybug fic Pouvez-vous me laisser entrer? plays with this, by having Ladybug visiting Adrien in his room after finding out that he's a fan of hers and initiating a sexual relationship with him while concealing that her secret identity, Marinette, has been a classmate of his for years. Note though that Adrien is also concealing his other identity as Ladybug's partner Chat Noir. Marinette is shown to be eaten up by guilt at her deception, but she persists with the relationship until one night when Adrien's blindfold comes undone at the worst possible moment, causing her to flee the house, fearing that she's ruined everything. However, Adrien is not the least bit disappointed with who she is under the mask, and is somewhat shocked when she confesses to Chat Noir that she "used Ladybug to trick a guy into sleeping with [her]" — he doesn't feel tricked at all and if anything loves Ladybug more than ever knowing that she's Marinette.
  • In Polyjuice Cocktail Hermione's mother, while accidentally taking Polyjuice and turns into Hermione, then talks Harry into having sex with her.
  • A subset of the Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfic community has done this with the pairing of Picard/Q. As Q is an Energy Being with the power to shape-shift at will, and has canonically admitted to be able and willing to transform into a female if the entity thought it could get an amusing reaction out of Captain Picard, there are stories where Q will show up to Picard as a woman with no resemblance to his usual male form and will trick him into bed. For example in [1] Q-ockblocking Q sabotages multiple romantic ventures by taking the appearance of Picard's date for that evening and then assumes his usual male form to let Picard know he tricked him, all just for laughs.
  • In the original cut of RE-TAKE, "Ghost-Asuka", actually a specter of the original Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion, conjures an illusion where the alternate Asuka Shinji fell in love with survived in battle. As soon as the sex is finished, Ghost-Asuka drops the illusion.

    Fairy Tales 
  • In "Little Annie the Goose-Girl", an impure bride substitutes little Annie for herself to fool the bridegroom's magic stone, which will reveal her character to him. Then she discovers that the magic works getting out of the bed as well as in. After three attempts, the bridegroom marries little Annie.
  • One fairy tale type — include the Gypsy "The Tailor's Clever Daughter" — has a man refuse to sleep with his bride. Her solution is to slip from the prison where he keeps her and trick him into sleeping with her as a different woman, three times. Getting pregnant each time, often after one night.
  • Likewise averted in "The Two Brothers" by The Brothers Grimm, in which the brother mistaken for his valiant twin keeps the new queen from accidentally cheating on her husband by placing a double-edged sword between them. Once the brother who married her sorts out what happened, the Happily Ever After line for this tale is: "Then he knew how true his brother had been."
  • Reversed in an old story. A fairy/magic/sorcerer-king needs an enemy defeated, and can't do it himself. He enlists the help of a human king/nobleman. The sorcerer-king uses his powers to make each look exactly like the other and gives the human king specific instructions on how to defeat the enemy, and specific permission to use anything and everything he owns as though it actually belongs to the human king—including the sorcerer-king's wife. The human king does as he's bid, but lays a sword or bolster down between him and the fairy queen. (In some tales, this happens for a year.) At the right time, the human king kicks the bad guy's tail, then rides back to the agreed-upon meeting spot and switches back with the other king. When the sorcerer-king gets home, his wife wants to know what the deal is with the not sleeping together and all. (Exactly what she says depends on the story.) The sorcerer-king is both shocked and impressed because the queen is described as a very beautiful woman. (And usually the human king has no wife of his own to remain faithful to.)

    Films — Animated 
  • In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Jordan Price, a rival business man to Bruce Wayne gets into bed with what he thinks is his girlfriend, but it turns out to be one of the Dee Dee twins who works for the Joker, nothing happens and he is shocked to see her, and she reveals she and the other members of the gang kidnapped the girlfriend and tied her to a pole outside his yacht.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Adam (2019): Adam lets Gillian think that he's a trans man, having sex with her repeatedly (it later turns out she knew early on however). It's also then discussed as well in regards to a murdered trans woman, whom his friend Brad thinks was also doing this, leading to her murder by a man she'd slept with.
  • Ajnabee: Vicky proposes to Raj that they take each other's identity for one night so they sleep with each other's wives without them knowing. Raj is horrified at the suggestion and ends up beating up Vicky for merely suggesting it, and it takes a while for them to reconcile. Another night, when both couples are out drinking, Vicky drugs Raj so he would be more amenable to the idea and they seemingly go through with it. But it's later revealed that Raj just ranted to Vicky's wife Sonia about how awful Vicky was before passing out, while Vicky just told lies to Priya to set up Raj to being framed for the murder he's about to commit. But for a while Raj does actually believe he may have slept with Sonia and that Vicky slept with Priya and is anguished and disgusted by the idea.
  • Before I Go to Sleep: Mike tries to have sex with Christine due to impersonating her husband (which, given her amnesia, Christine doesn't realize at first). It's strongly implied he may have raped her already using such trickery (and just brute force, as he's revealed as being physically abusive later).
  • Miguel tries to pull this off in the opening of Bloody Moon. Murder, and a trip to mental hospital ensues.
  • In The Boat That Rocked, also known as Pirate Radio, one of the young protagonist's boat companions sets this up for him so he can lose his virginity. But, freaked out about the whole affair, he loses his head and turns the lights on.
  • Discussed in The Change-Up, which involves a "Freaky Friday" Flip between a bored husband and an unattached playboy. The playboy asks what to do if the husband's wife propositions him for sex.
  • In Clash of the Titans, Perseus is born as the result of Zeus disguising himself as King Acrisius and sleeping with his wife Danae. Just as the real Acrisius enters the bedchamber, Zeus changes back with a smirk, having done the deed, turns into an eagle and flies off. Danae immediately gives birth, and Acrisius kills her in a fit of rage. He's about to do the same to baby Perseus, but standing on a cliff in the middle of a storm and waving your sword around like a lightning rod (while screaming insults to the gods) is not a very good idea.
  • Dante pulls an unintentional one on then-girlfriend Caitlin Bree in the backstory to Clerks. He passes out in a darkened bedroom at a party and wakes up to find Caitlin in bed with him. The two have sex, and he only later learns that she had arranged to meet another man there and believed herself to be sleeping with him. He counts this as the "half" of her eight and a half acts of infidelity. The incident is later inverted when she enters a darkened bathroom and has sex with what she believes is an uncharacteristically silent, stoic Dante, but is in fact the corpse of a man who had suffered a fatal heart attack hours earlier.
  • In Dead Ringers, twin brothers Beverly and Elliott seem to make a regular practice of this, owing to Elliott getting bored with women quickly and Beverly being too shy to approach them on his own.
  • Happens all over the place in the Emmanuelle In Space softcore films thanks to the Human Aliens' transmutation technology that allows them to look like anyone. One of the films shows Emmanuelle having sex with her very close friend. Only after they're done does she realize that it was actually Captain Haffron of the alien craft. Does she feel tricked? No, she thinks it's very romantic. For his part, Haffron didn't intend to have sex with her and simply got sidetracked. In another film, Emmanuelle is the one who plays a game on Haffron by telling him that she'll use the transmuter to disguise herself as any woman on the cruise ship. He ends up sleeping with a number of women assuming they're all Emmanuelle. Only later does he find out that only one of them was. The other three women are not amused.
  • In Enemy, Adam and Anthony both impersonate each other, winding up having sex with the other's girlfriend/wife respectively.
  • This is used twice in Excalibur:
    • The first had Uther Pendragon, with Merlin's help, using an illusion spell to take on the appearance of his enemy Gorlois and bed Gorlois' wife Igraine, resulting in the conception of Arthur.
    • The second occasion has Morgana using a similar spell to make her appear as Guinevere in Arthur's eyes and allow her to proceed to rape him.
  • Face/Off: After Castor Troy has Sean Archer's face surgically grafted onto his head, he taunts Sean (who has Castor's face grafted on his) about how among other things, he'll have his way with Sean's wife. Later, he romances and seduces her.
  • In the soft-core porn Flash Gordon spoof, Flesh Gordon 2: Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders, the Big Bad insists his overweight wife wear a bag on her head during sex. Flesh Gordon enters the room instead and has sex with her, which doesn't bother her in the least, even when she realises who it is.
  • Mongolian film Love Crime has a pretty dark and unusual variation on this. A man gets ahold of an experimental drug that causes Easy Amnesia. He kidnaps his target woman, zaps her with the drug, and wipes out a decent chunk of her memories. When she comes to, he tells her that they've been dating for a year and living together for four months.
  • In Me, Myself & Irene Hank convinces Irene that he's the Charlie personality and proceeds to have a night of wild sex with her. Charlie and Irene are both annoyed about it.
  • Multiplicity: A busy man starts making clones of himself to substitute at work, etc to make his life easier. His wife gets exceptionally horny one night while he's on a business trip and the clones are roaming about the house. Hilarity Ensues. This was lampshaded earlier in the movie where the protagonist explicitly tells his clone that this is absolutely forbidden, and while the clones tried to resist they're all, at heart, the same guy who still loves her and find they can't do it. The early-generation clones made some effort to resist, but since the third is rather unintelligent (since he's a clone of a clone, rather than the original) he basically just goes "duh, okay."
  • In The One I Love, Ethan pulls this off on Sophie by pretending to be his clone. It's a coincidence that he catches her in a vulnerable moment but he doesn't reveal the deception until forced to by fake Ethan days later. Sophie is very hurt by it but it's not clear from the script that the writers are aware that what Ethan did was technically rape.
  • Lewis pulls this on Betty in Revenge of the Nerds. He's wearing a Darth Vader mask, and she just assumes her boyfriend is feeling kinky, and Lewis set up the situation specifically for this to happen and doesn't bother to correct her assumption.
  • Frank-n-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show pulls this in order to corrupt the innocent couple Brad and Janet. They both figure it out partway through, and they both go through with it anyway.
  • Sex and Death 101: Rod goes into the wrong room while late at night to have sex with a woman. He learns the next day that he'd been with her grandmother (who had died happily from the experience), horrifying him.
  • Played for Drama in Single White Female, where Hedy Carlson disguises herself as Allison Jones in order to sleep with Allison's boyfriend. Made all the more chilling in that she previously dyed her hair to look exactly the same as well, as she became a Stalker with a Crush.
  • A variation in True Lies, where Simon tries to seduce Helen under the pretense that they have to have sex for the sake of some top secret government mission. In reality, he's a used car salesman who has presumably been using this "secret agent" story to bed women for a unknown period of time.
  • What Happened to Monday: Saturday pulls one on Adrian unintentionally, as she didn't know he was seeing Monday but realizes that sleeping with him is the best way to get hack into the C.A.B. when he's distracted. It also turns out to be her first time.
  • In X2: X-Men United, Mystique shapeshifts into Jean Grey in an attempt to sleep with Logan. One could probably say it was subverted since Logan found out pretty much in the first minute when he felt a scar he previously had left on Mystique. The novelization claims he identified her by scent before she even entered his tent, but he played along until he got bored/annoyed/angry, it's not especially clear which.

  • Back in the days when you needed a good reason to be issued a divorce, a man goes into court complaining how he had been tricked into committing adultery when his wife's twin sister would sneak into his bed and have sex with him. The judge is kind of wary of this argument, saying, "You've been married for ten years and couldn't tell that it wasn't your wife when you made love?" The man said, "Yeah, I could tell. That's why I want a divorce."
  • An unusual variant is the joke where a very suspicious wife, convinced that her husband is cheating on her, allows him to attend a costume party in a devil costume. She then sneaks in wearing a costume of her own, finds her devil-suited husband on the dance floor, and convinces him to take her upstairs for a quick one. She then leaves, smugly certain about his infidelity. The next morning she asks him how the party went. "Kind of boring, really," he tells her. "I played cards all night in a back room. But the guy I loaned my costume to said he had a great time!"
  • A very politically incorrect variant, where not Bob is the fraud, but his George:
    "Madam, I'm sorry, this money is counterfeit."
    "Police! I have been raped!"
  • There is the occasional anecdote about a woman discovering that the Tall, Dark, and Handsome fellow she met at a night club wasn't really an exotic Latin Lover to brag about to her friends, but merely a well-tanned local man (or, in more racist variants which assume this would have been a turn-down, of Middle-Eastern or Roma descent).

  • Anansi Boys: Spider convinces Rosie to sleep with him by pretending to be his own brother. He doesn't actually shapeshift, but rather uses magic to cloud her mind.
  • The Arabian Nights: There is a very bawdy tale where the hero owns a flying carpet (and it's not Aladdin). He decides to use it by flying to the resident princess' inaccessible tower (she's kept there to preserve her virginity). How does he convince her that he's a man worthy of her... grace? He convinces her he's the freaking prophet Muhammad since only a supernatural entity could have possibly sneaked into that tower. He manages to fool even her (initially skeptical) dad and the entire court, living in luxury for months (and banging the sultan's smoking hot daughter every night) until the cover inevitably falls.
  • In Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia, there's a double one, where Pyrocles, disguised as a woman, has Basilius taken in and fall in lust with "her", while his wife Gynecia sees through the disguise and lusts after him. He arranges an assignation with both, to run off with their daughter; when it goes through, Gynecia realizes the truth instantly, but keeps her mouth shut, and Basilius doesn't realize it until after.
    Though they should have known, Basilius having been warned in a prophecy that he would commit adultery with his own wife.
  • In the backstory of Chronicles of the Kencyrath, Keral (a shapeshifter) bedded Rawneth by pretending to be Greshan—Rawneth's dead sort-of-fiancé—who he'd tricked Rawneth into believing she had raised from the dead. Partway through, he morphed again, revealing himself as… well, we actually don't know for sure, but it's implied he was "revealing" himself as someone else who he wasn't really.
  • In The Decameron, on Day 2 Panfilo tells the story of Alatiel, a daughter of the Sultan of Babylon, who is on her way to marry an Iberian king when her ship wrecks. Because of he beauty a succession of men take Alatiel as their lover (no indication of her feelings about all this. There's also a Language Barrier). When she is the mistress of the Prince of Morea, the Duke of Athens kills her husband and takes his place in bed with her.
  • In Richard Powell's Don Quixote, U.S.A. Arthur has sex in the dark with (he thinks) his current girlfriend Sally. Doubts set in when Sally slaps him the following morning, but he doesn't find out for certain that it was actually his other love interest Conchita until the end of the book.
  • In the 18th century novella Fantomina a young woman disguises herself as three different women after her lover gets bored of her so as to keep having good sex with him. He doesn't figure it out until she finally gets pregnant and her angry mother forces her to come clean.
  • In the Roald Dahl short story "The Great Switcheroo", two neighboring husbands switch places in the night in order to have sex with each other's wives. They go to great lengths to cover—wearing each other's cologne, discussing each other's sexual techniques, not turning on the lights, etc., and get away with it without a hitch... sort of. The protagonist realizes too late that he'd completely overlooked to do it the way the other man does, hence why the man's wife is all tense and stiff, but then she suddenly exclaims her consent and enthusiastically gets into it. The protagonist's own wife comments the next morning at breakfast on how fantastic the sex was last night... when she previously had not been very interested in it, implying that his neighbor had similarly forgotten or ignored his instructions. Ouch.
  • How to Be a Superhero recommends programming your robot double to say they have a headache if your partner suggests sex in order to avoid this trope (and having an example that is impossible to live up to when you return from your mission).
  • I Am Morgan le Fay, a retelling of Arthurian Legend (see Religion and Mythology), tells the tale of Igraine's rape by Uther from her point of view. Thus, the Bed Trick in question comes off as less "clever trick by Merlin" and more "creepy sexual assault."
  • The Infernal Devices: The third book reveals that this was how Tessa Gray was conceived. Her mother, Elizabeth (actually a Shadowhunter named Adele Starkweather Switched at Birth with a mundane baby), unknowingly had intercourse with a Greater Demon who disguised himself as her husband, Richard.
  • Happens in Lamb: The Gospel According To Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal with Biff and Maggie.
  • In Robertson Davies's The Lyre of Orpheus, a man takes the place of a woman's husband in the dark. Probably an allusion to the Arthurian thing, since the novel is all about the completion of an unfinished opera by E. T. A. Hoffmann about Arthur.
  • In the romance novel Midnight Waltz, the canonical couple get together because the heroine's husband won't consummate their marriage, and so his mother, wanting an heir, persuades a cousin to sneak into the bed. The husband conveniently dies, the deception is revealed, the wife and the trickster couple up.
  • This is done in The Once and Future King sans magic. Twice. While the first time has the excuse that Lancelot was incredibly drunk and thus mistook Elaine for Guinevere, the second time (during which he was perfectly sober and knew the queen wouldn't call him to her chambers as long as Elaine was in the castle) really didn't have much besides it being dark. Guinevere sure doesn't buy it.
  • Happens twice in One Hundred Years of Solitude.
    • Arcadio Buendía is fascinated by Pilar Ternera but he's the only Buendía son that she refuses to sleep with, since she's his mother but Arcadio doesn't know that. Pilar tells him to wait for her in his room one night, but the one who actually goes is a local girl named Santa Sofia de la Piedad, whom Pilar paid so she would take her place. Arcadio realizes the deal when she slips into his hammock, but goes along with it anyway; from then on, they stay together and, when Arcadio is executed, Santa Sofia and her children by Arcadio (a daughter and the twin boys she's pregnant with) are taken in by the Buendia family.
    • Twenty-something years later, Hooker with a Heart of Gold Petra Cotes sleeps with Santa Sofia's twins, Aureliano Segundo and Jose Arcadio Segundo, mistakenly thinking they're the same guy; the deal's revealed when the three contract STD's; once they get better, Aureliano Segundo takes Petra as his mistress and they stay together until his and his brother's deaths.
  • Played for Drama in The Priory of the Orange Tree. It is eventually revealed that the immortal sorceress Kalyba fell in love with Galian Berethnet after raising him as her adoptive son. So she made herself appear like Cleolind, the woman he was in love with, and their marriage lasted years. When he discovered the truth, he hanged himself. The protagonists are disgusted when they learn this.
  • James Clavell's Shogun features a double-reverse version: after a drunken party, protagonist Blackthorne is visited in the dark by a woman he assumes to be his interpreter Mariko. Next morning, he learns from Mariko that it was in fact one of the maids. However, we later learn that it was in fact Mariko, who took the place of the maid, but didn't want him to know about it.
  • In The Sirens Sang Of Murder by Sarah Caudwell, one of the protagonists has an intimate rendezvous that gets interrupted by a power outage before it goes anywhere. It later transpires that, unbeknownst to him, the remainder of the rendezvous was with the other woman spending the night in that particular inn, and that her husband — who committed all the other murders in the book out of jealousy — wants to murder him as well. In a bit of a variation, Cantrip greatly admires the second woman and would have been very pleased had he known of the swap.
  • Judge Dee:
    • Sergeant Hoong takes the judge to a play where a woman swears the child she conceived and bore during her husband's one-year absence is her husband's. The husband denies having returned, but it turns out the husband's brother disguised himself to sleep with her, even cutting off a finger like his brother.
    • "The Chinese Bell Murders": A Buddhist monastery is well-known for providing children to women who spend the night alone in the temple pavilion. What actually happens is that the monks enter via a secret passage and rape the women, telling them to keep their mouths shut and convince their husbands to make a generous donation if they don't want the truth coming out. As the socially-approved fate of a raped woman in Tang China is committing suicide, the judge (falsely, but speaks the truth in his official report) claims that not all the pavilions were equipped with secret passages, and therefore a woman conceiving as a result is not necessarily proof of her being Defiled Forever.
  • In the backstory of A Song of Ice and Fire, while Petyr Baelish was passed out drunk after a feast, Lysa Tully went to his bed in the dark and slept with him. In his drunken stupor, Petyr mistook her for her sister Catelyn, whom he loved. This results in Petyr thinking for years that Cat had a secret thing for him, and even when Lysa tells him what happened right before he kills her he still claims he loves "only Cat." Subverted in that 1.) it's not clear that Lysa intended to fool him or even knew about the mixup until he whispered Cat's name mid-coitus, and 2.) Petyr later beds Lysa quite willingly, at least once before leaving Riverrun if he can be believed and again several times after they're married. Petyr is apparently a big believer in the old saying "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." As long as they're useful, anyway.
  • In one of S.L. Viehl's Star Doc novels, Duncan ends up having sex with Cherijo (whom he previously raped under the influence of a sentient microorganism) while disguised as a Fish Person. It's left ambiguous as to whether or not Cherijo knew (or, at least, suspected) the truth. It helps that they did it doggy-style, so she wasn't really able to see too many details up-close to figure out that he's wearing a disguise. And no, she doesn't mind when she finds out, just like she quickly forgave him for the rape in the first book. They end up getting married. It doesn't look like there are any non-screwed-up people in that 'verse.
  • Happens in The Supervillainy Saga where it is surprisingly not played for comedy. Gary's wife Mandy was turned into a vampire and he spent the better part of two books trying to get her soul back. He succeeds, or so he thinks, and has a relationship with her. Unfortunately, it turns out he actually brought back the soul of another superhero, Spellbinder, who impersonated his wife for years. Gary reacts with disgust and horror once this is revealed, eventually calling it rape.
  • Deconstructed towards the end of the Sword of Truth novel Temple of the Winds. In order to access the titular Temple, Richard and Kahlan are made to marry separate spouses and then consummate their new marriages. Each of them must be sincere, otherwise it doesn't count. Kahlan lies back and thinks of the Midlands, but after time passes and the Temple doesn't reveal itself, she decides to try again, with greater enthusiasm this time. After she does, the Temple comes into being and she sees that it was Richard with her the whole time and he knew it. It turns out that this was the proper way to access the Temple, as it could only be entered by one who has been betrayed completely.
  • In the romance novel Taken By You, the hero pulls this on the conniving woman trying to break up him and his wife, by sending in his best friend to bed her (it's dark and they look very much alike). She never finds out and since his friend is as good a lover as he is, she has no complaints about "his" performance either.
  • In Thorn In My Heart, Leona pulls an unintentional one: she doesn't realize Jamie is utterly drunk and thinks she's her sister Rose until he murmurs Rose's name as they're falling asleep afterwards.
  • In The Three Musketeers, D'Artagnan spends a night with Milady de Winter pretending to be Count de Wardes, both for the reason of getting information out of her and for the obvious reason. After that, he insults her (still acting as de Wardes!) and gets to sleep with her again, as himself this time, since she wants revenge on de Wardes. She winds up asking D'Artagnan to challenge de Wardes to duel. It gets worse. You'd think a woman as experienced as Milady would realize she's bedding the same man, even with the lights off at her insistence, but apparently not....
  • In the Thursday Next book First Among Sequels, Thursday's villainous counterpart from the Bookworld impersonates Thursday and sleeps with her husband, Landen. The original Thursday can't reveal the switch without admitting that she had broken a promise by returning to Bookworld. Instead, Thursday discreetly asks Landen what he thought of the sex last night—and he answers along the lines of, "Honestly? You're usually a lot better."
  • Tristan and Iseult: Brangaine switches places with Isolde in King Mark's bed to hide the fact that her mistress is no longer a virgin.
  • Warrior Cats has a G-rated, but still dark and creepy version. Ashfur possesses the body of Bramblestar, Squirrelflight's mate, and while she's unaware of it the two spend long periods of time alone together, especially in their den. Who's to say they were celibate? Squirrelflight is justifiably furious when she finally learns the cat she sleeping with isn't her real mate.
  • This occurs in Whiskey and Water by Elizabeth Bear. Matthew Szczegelniak is both a wizard and a virgin, which means that whomever he sleeps with first will gain power. Morgan le Fay has made it clear that she wants this power, so Christopher Marlowe disguises himself as Matthew and offers to trade his virginity for the True Name of his adversary. She accepts, teaches him the name, and then reveals that she knew who he was all along, but had reasons of her own for wanting him to know the name.
  • In Angela Carter's Wise Children, there are twin sisters, Dora and Nora Chance. Dora is in love with a man who is in love with Nora. The sisters switch clothes and perfume, and Dora goes to bed with him. She does it twice, and is strongly tempted to tell him the truth and see if he'll marry her, but ultimately decides to leave him (unenlightened) as a memory only.

    Live-Action TV 
  • All My Children has an example where the (drunk) man genuinely does not realize that the woman (doped up on pain medication) doesn't know she's with someone other than her husband and feels genuinely horrible at the realization of what's happened.
  • In American Horror Story: Murder House, Vivian becomes a victim of rape by deception when Tate Langdon has sex with her while dressed in an all-concealing rubber suit, while she thinks it is her husband.
  • In the fourth season of Arrested Development Ann Veal pulls off an elaborate, comic bed-trick, separately telling both Gob and Tony that she will sleep with them, and claiming that she'll be wearing a mask. She then leaves the two of them to have sex with each other, while wearing masks.
  • On As the World Turns, a man sleeps with his wife's twin.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003):
    • During Season One, Athena pretends to be Boomer to seduce Helo into getting her pregnant on Caprica. Not too hard, since as the same model Cylon they look identical.
    • The same principle is at work when, in the Season Four episode "Someone to Watch Over Me", Boomer pretends to be Athena in order not to be found out by Helo, who wants to have some goodbye sex. Word of God is that she also did it to spite Athena (who was Bound and Gagged in a vantage point from which she could see what was happening). Athena remarks on the irony in the extended version of "Islanded in a Stream of Stars".
  • Played for Laughs in Better Call Saul when Jimmy hits the Despair Event Horizon and returns to being a Con Man, tricking two drunk girls into bed with him and his Best Friend Marco by impersonating Kevin Costner. During the next morning's Bedmate Reveal his girl cusses him out while her friend that was with Marco doesn't mind too much.
  • The Brittas Empire: This was how Carole got impregnated with her twins in the first place. The encounter took place at a New Year's Eve Costume Party and unfortunately for her, both she and Helen (Gordon Brittas' wife) decided to go using the same tiger costume. This eventually led to Gordon having sex with Carole genuinely believing it was Helen under the costume.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In "Who Are You?", Faith sleeps with Riley while she is in Buffy's body. This causes friction in Riley and Buffy's relationship when Buffy finds out (mostly about how Riley is a bad boyfriend for not noticing) as well as her vengeance-filled quest to take down Faith in Angel.
  • Camelot:
    • How Arthur was conceived. As usual, Uther had disguised himself and he slept with Igraine doing so.
    • Then there is the episode "Igraine" has Morgan impersonate Igraine, having sex with Merlin in that form.
    • Last we have Morgan impersonating Guinevere to have sex with the king.
  • Cheers. Woody and Sam get into a little contest in which the winner is the one who kisses Rebecca. She gets wind of it from Carla, and orchestrates so that in the dark, Sam and Woody kiss each other. Both are disgusted, but Woody makes Sam uncomfortable when he asks him to rate his kissing ability.
  • In The Class (2006), Kat and Ethan pretend to be other people's blind dates at a bar. Kat does this successfully, but Ethan does not understand the concept and attempts to pursue a relationship with the woman, all the while pretending to be Dan Slutsky.
  • A borderline example from Crownies: a woman dresses up very provocatively for a blind date set up by a friend, with someone she's been told is an attractive dentist named Phil. Around the time she's expecting him, an average-looking campaign worker who has been going door-to-door stops by. Before he can get a word in, she asks "Are you Phil?" Distracted by the Sexy, he impulsively answers "Yes." She proceeds to sleep with him, even though he's nowhere near as attractive as she was led to believe Phil is, and he never makes an effort to pretend to be the man she was expecting beyond lying about his name - the implication is that she never gave him a chance to talk after that. When the real Phil shows up, she reports the campaigner to the police and then to the Crown Prosecution Service. Though Richard acknowledges the man's actions could constitute rape by fraud, most of the characters are just dumbfounded by the fact that the woman slept with him for no reason beyond "He said he was Phil." Whether or not the man was charged is left unrevealed by the end of the episode.
  • In Deus Salve O Rei had Princess Catarina seduce Afonso with the help of an evil witch to make him delirious and see her as his love interest Amália, in order to have an heir and secure her hold to the throne. Catarina turns out to be pregnant, but by someone else though.
  • Inverted on Family Matters when Stefan (who was going out with Laura) pretended to be Steve to discover if Laura had feelings for Steve. To his shock, Laura comes onto him to screw with him, then reveals she wasn't fooled by him at all and was angry that he'd suspect that of her.
  • Implied to have happened offscreen in the sixth season of The Flash. Iris has been trapped in a mirror by someone currently masquerading as her… just in time for Valentine’s Day, and the masquerader had just curbed suspicion over any out-of-character behavior.
  • An unintentional (and mutual) example in Frasier. Niles intends to have sex with his wife Maris, their marriage counselor also intends to have sex with Maris, and Niles and the marriage counselor end up in the same bed each thinking the other is Maris, until the lights come on before they do anything and they see that neither one is Maris. Later, Niles claims his first tip-off was the heat coming from the other side of the bed (which would be unusual for Maris).
  • Friends:
    • Attempted by Chandler in the episode "The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant." When a mysterious woman leaves a message on his machine looking for her old lover Bob, Chandler pretends to be Bob and makes a date with her. He then consoles her when "Bob" doesn't show up, and they sleep together. Later, Chandler is Hoist by His Own Petard when the woman calls the machine and tells "Bob" that Chandler is nothing compared to him in bed.
    • In the episode "The One With The Stain", Phoebe is dating her twin sister's ex-fiance, and said twin sister pretends to be Phoebe in order to sleep with him.
  • In the third season of Fringe Olivia is replaced with her Mirror Universe counterpart, who sleeps with Peter.
  • An episode of F/X: The Series has an old enemy of Rollie's do that with his love interest. He then taunts her with "Every time you'll see Tyler, you'll remember me."
  • Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass pretends to be Blair Waldorf's English boyfriend during a blackout in order to get to sleep with her. Subverted in that they are interrupted by the real boyfriend before they can go any further than making out, and Blair knew all along that it was Chuck.
  • Adalind pulls this on Nick in Grimm with a spell that makes her appear like Juliette. Neither Nick nor Juliette are amused once the truth is revealed, especially when it's discovered that she did this to remove Nick's Grimm abilities. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the cure for this literally drives Juliette insane. And Adalind somehow got pregnant. Again. With her literal archnemesis, whom she has screwed over for four years. Strangely enough, Adalind and Nick eventually get together for good, while Juliette (now calling herself Eve) becomes a cold, calculating killing machine working for a secret government agency.
  • In an episode of The Grinder, the guys watch an episode of the Show Within a Show where Grinder uses a rubber mask to pose as a British attorney. When Stewart points out that Grinder had sex with the real attorney's wife while posing as him, which is illegal, his dad simply responds by saying "Not in Europe."
  • A rather strange example goes down in Heroes. In the final season, Sylar makes love with Parkman's wife when she thinks it's Matt. It's Matt's body, but the one in charge is Sylar.
  • In How I Met Your Mother:
    • At one point, Barney pretends to be Ted in order to seduce a woman. Although this isn't a straight example as he's just using Ted's name (and job) on women who've never met either of them.
    • On another occasion we learn that Barney apparently slept with a woman twice, once as himself, and once as his Evil Twin "Larney".
  • The plot of an entire episode in Kaamelott. After Ygraine explained to Guinevere how Arthur was conceived (see Myths & Religion), she refuses to let Arthur in her bed again unless he can prove it's really him and not another, his best friend for example. This being a comedy, Arthur is too uninterested in his wife to recall any secret only the two of them would share, but it doesn't matter in the end because they never consummated. At the end of the episode, Lancelot is seen asking Merlin about the trick, but gives up when Merlin asks him who he wants to impersonate.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
    • The aptly named "Imposter" episode dealt with this. A man claims to be the Director of Admissions at Hudson University, and uses to sleep with desperate mothers who want their children to get into Hudson in a quid pro quo exchange. Benson calls it rape, others aren't so sure. ADA Barba notes it counts as rape by fraud, but then remarks that isn't illegal in New York.
    • A particularly horrific example occurs in one episode involving a Twin Switch. A woman finds the body of her twin sister and knows that the hit was meant for her, so she decides to make them think they succeeded by posing as her dead sister, fooling everyone, including the murdered twin's husband and daughter. The husband is understandably horrified when the truth comes out.
  • Legend of the Seeker: Panis Rahl disguised himself as a young shepherd to seduce Richard and Jennsen's mother before they had sex.
  • Lovecraft Country: Ruby has sex with William, and then learns he was actually Christina from the beginning, by means of a magical potion, to her dismay.
  • In Season Five of Lucifer (2016) Michael, Lucifer's identical twin brother attempts this. Unfortunately for him, his badly flawed impersonation of Lucifer makes Chloe suspicious very quickly and she only pretended to be going along with it so that she could prove he wasn't the real Lucifer.
  • Married... with Children Seeking revenge on a girl who's been stringing him along, Bud convinces the guy she's really interested in (and who could care less about her) to go along with his plan—entice the girl into meeting him under the bleachers for a round of quickie sex. Later, the girl is seen emerging from the bleachers, adjusting her clothes, apparently completely unaware—thanks to the darkness—that she just had sex with Bud, who the audience soon sees coming out a few minutes after she did.
  • Midsomer Murders had an episode with a pair of physically identical twins played by James Callis. It comes out at the end of the episode that one of the twins had failed at conceiving a child with his wife, so he sent his brother to have a go — successfully — without her knowledge.
  • Played with in Misfits. An 82-year-old woman is turned into her younger self by the storm that gave the Misfits their powers. She seduces Nathan and eventually sleeps with him. He realizes this when she begins to shapeshift back into her older self while they are having sex. Although she didn't pretend to be anyone he knew, she still wasn't somebody he would've slept with normally.
  • In Neighbours, con-artist Andrea Somers slept with Toadie while she was impersonating his presumed-dead wife Dee (later revealed to be her long-lost twin sister). He realised the truth shortly afterward when he found her actual passport and was horrified, albeit less by the fact that she had raped him and more by the fact that he was losing Dee all over again.
  • It's happened twice on Once Upon a Time: once in season 4/5 by Zelena, who had disguised herself as Robin's wife Marian, and once in season 7 when Gothel disguises herself as Rapunzel to convince the Wish Realm Hook to sleep with her. Both situations result in pregnancies, though thus far only Robin was able to properly call out his attacker for her actions. In a twist of irony, the daughters resulting from these Bed Tricks are engaged to each other by the end of the series. Strangely, despite having been the victim of such, the Wish Realm Hook had also attempted it on Emma Swan, but he decided not to go through with it when he learned she was pregnant.
  • In Orphan Black, after stealing the deceased Beth's identity, Sarah sleeps with Beth's boyfriend, Paul, tricking him by virtue of looking exactly like Beth. She does it in part because she can, but mostly as a way of convincing him that she's Beth. Deconstructed as Sarah's enthusiasm is actually a clue that leads Paul to figure out the truth. Then, to complicate things, Paul falls for Fake!Beth. Once the secret is out, he transfers his feelings to Sarah, and the two have moved into a genuine relationship. Just before making a Heroic Sacrifice, he tells Sarah that he never loved Beth, but he did love her.
  • On Passions, a girl uses a magic spell to literally morph her appearance into that of the man's girlfriend.
  • Port Charles, where an amnesia-stricken Lucy is seduced by her boyfriend's archenemy. The man does this knowing full well that Lucy has no idea who she is, much less him, and convinces her that they're lovers, all for the purpose of humiliating her and taunting her boyfriend. After her memory returns, her enraged boyfriend calls him a rapist, but it's never taken any further (pressing charges, counseling, etc).
  • Princess Silver: Fu Chou thinks he slept with Rong Le. He actually slept with Hen Xiang disguised as Rong Le. He doesn't react well when he learns the truth.
  • Technically every single woman Sam in Quantum Leap has sex with or even kisses is a victim of sexual assault by this definition, as they're not watching Sam but a man Sam has leap onto, which would make Sam probably the most notorious serial rapist in TV history. Of course you can argue that sometimes Sam leaps right in the middle of the sexual act and/or is himself disoriented after leaping, but in some cases he is clearly and actively pursuing the sex. Also you can argue that he needs to sleep with some of the women to keep his cover but, again, that's still questionable for modern standards and a lot people would still consider it rape by deception.
  • In Roswell, Voluntary Shapeshifting alien Nasedo is impersonating a man he'd killed, and he reveals he's been doing this to a woman the dead man was involved with. Nasedo is an acknowledged villain both in-show and out, but neither the aliens nor humans he reveals this to have any reaction one way or another. Even if they have no sympathy for the woman due to her own antagonistic status, disgust for him doing it and an acknowledgement it's wrong would have been nice.
  • Scoundrels (2010): A unintentional example is when Logan is doing a Twin Switch for Cal and accidentally gets Patty interested on him, because she's more attracted to Logan's wit, and she ends up having a Two-Person Pool Party with Logan while thinking he's Cal. She's pissed about it when she finds out, but eventually forgives him and they start dating. Cal also is upset when he finds out, but it's mostly because he's jealous, especially when he finds out she's amazing in bed.
  • Smallville:
    • Lana's nutty shapeshifting Stalker with a Crush Tina Greer took Lana's shape to makeout with Clark, then a season later took Clark's shape and declared his love to Lana and they kissed before the real Clark interrupted them.
    • Five seasons later in "Persona", Lana sleeps with Bizarro thinking he's Clark. This turns out to actually be traumatizing for both her and Clark.
  • In Soap, Burt Campbell is kidnapped by aliens, and replaced by a double. This alien sleeps with Mary, Burt's wife, several times while Burt is away.
    • In series four, married couple Eunice and Dutch are trying to spark up their sex life by role-playing. When they discuss various ideas Eunice asks him why doesn't he do what he did last week: dress up like a burglar, climb in through the bedroom window, remain completely silent, have sex with her and then leave, while taking a piece of her jewelry. She comments that while taking the jewelry away was a nice touch, he should really give it back. He has absolutely no idea what she's talking about and, once she realizes it was an actual burglar, she pretends that she made the whole story up... and, once Dutch leaves the room, waves another piece of jewelry outside the window whilst shouting for the burglar's attention. While the burglar went in with no intention of going after Eunice, he certainly took advantage of the situation once she mistook him.
    • In another episode Jessica has a defense attorney(played by Howard Hesseman) who quits on her because he doesn't think he can win. A few episodes later he's back as the prosecutor. When questioned about how he could be both at the same time he explains that he has a twin brother and everyone always confuses them. He then mentions "last year we played quite a trick on our wives!"
  • In the Spartacus: Blood and Sand episode "Whore", Licinia attempts to purchase Spartacus's sexual services and Illithya attempts to purchase Crixus's, but jealous Lucretia instead pairs up Spartacus and Illithya, who are mortal enemies. The whole subterfuge is made easier by masks and gold paint. And the fallout includes both duped characters going into a murderous rage.
  • Borderline example in the final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Winn Adami takes her new spiritual guide to her bed. Later, she discovers he is actually Dukat, the architect of the Bajoran occupation and genocide, in disguise. Borderline since Dukat wasn't impersonating a previously existing character, but had created a completely new false identity. There's no way she would sleep with him (or any Cardassian) normally though.
    • Earlier, a Mirror Universe episode had Benjamin Sisko taking over for his counterpart in the Terran resistance who was missing and presumed dead. Jadzia Dax's mirror counterpart being his mistress, she insists on taking Sisko to bed with her on his return. The next time he pays a visit to her universe, she takes him to task for this, saying "You made love to me under false pretenses!"
  • In one of the few male on female examples on soaps, on Sunset Beach a man's evil twin seduce his unaware fiancee, all the while forcing the man to watch through a two-way mirror. She's sickened and horrified when she realizes what has happened.
  • Tales from the Crypt: In "Four Sided Triangle", George disguises himself as the scarecrow in the hope that Mary Jo will make love to him. (It Makes Sense in Context)
  • In That '70s Show, Fez tries multiple times in one episode to arrange for himself to be switched with a friend in a dark room so he can have sex with their girlfriends.
  • On True Blood, Tommy acquires the power to skinwalk (a.k.a shift into another human) and ends up shifting into Sam, his brother. After spending the day impersonating Sam while he was out on business (while also being a Jerkass to several people), Sam's girlfriend Luna shows up to consummate their relationship, and Tommy proceeds to go through with it without telling Luna that he really isn't Sam. When Sam finds out about what Tommy did, he is enraged and proceeds to kick Tommy out of his home.
  • Twin: A drunk Ingrid mistakes Erik for his twin brother Adam, he doesn't correct her and has sex with her.
  • Wild N Out had a skit with Ne-Yo in which the black team sung about portraying his bodyguards. One of the comedians/bodyguards sung about a Ne-Yo groupie who would only sleep with him if she got with Ne-Yo first: he took her into a dark room with just him & her. After it was over, he told her "It's not Ne-Yo, it's me, ho."
  • In The Windsors, Charles's identical twin brother, who's been kept locked in an attic since birth, escapes and sleeps with Camilla. Of course, she ends up preferring him to Charles.
  • This trope occurs twice in The X-Files
    • In "Small Potatoes", a shape-shifting man impregnates several women while impersonating their husbands, impregnates his ex-girlfriend by impersonating Luke Skywalker (no, not Mark Hamil, the character from the movie), and later transforms himself into Mulder first to avoid being arrested, and then uses his appearance to try to seduce Scully. She doesn't notice (to be fair, there was wine involved) and almost kisses the non-Mulder before the real Mulder bursts in. Scully, obviously, is not amused. Notably, this is treated as rape (unlike many examples here) with the man registered as a sex offender and behind bars at the end of the episode.
    • In "Dreamland", Mulder switches bodies with an MIB, who decides to try and seduce Scully. This time, though, she does notice that it's not Mulder because the MIB acts nothing like Mulder — including slapping her butt, calling her "Dana", and deferring to Skinner. In "Dreamland II", she tricks him into handcuffing himself to Mulder's bed and warns him that if he calls her "baby" again, he'll be "peeing through a catheter".
  • Subverted in The Young and the Restless, in which the man gets drunk on his own accord but the other woman in question deliberately does not protest (she wants him for herself) when he begins to make advances to her.

  • Ex-OutKast rapper Big Boi has a song called "General Patton" on his 2010 album Sir Lucious Left Foot...The Son of Chico Dusty. The song itself is innocuous enough, but a skit at the end describes a maneuver called the David Blaine, which involves having anal sex with a woman, then allowing a friend to take over and penetrate the woman from behind without her knowledge.
    "The David Blaine is when you're fucking a girl from the back, or somebody from the back, right, and goddamn. You let your friend slide in without her even knowing, right. Then you goddamn run around and bang on the window and you wave at her ass."

    Mythology and Religion 
  • The Book of Genesis has a few examples:
    • Laban substitutes his older daughter Leah for his younger daughter Rachel when Jacob thinks he's marrying the latter. After quite the "battle of wills" between both men, Jacob eventually marries them both.
      • To avoid this happening again, it's a Defied Trope in an Ashkenazi wedding tradition called badeken, a Yiddish word meaning "check" or "confirm". A bride wears a veil at her wedding—but her fiance is the one who puts it on her, so he can check that this is indeed the woman he wants to marry.
    • Tamar, a widow of Judah's sons, was due a marriage to another man of the family under the rules of levirate marriage. When it seemed Judah was not going to go through with this Tamar disguised herself as a prostitute and met him on the road, taking his staff and sigil as payment. She conceived twins and, when Judah realized what had happened and she explained her reasons, he was shamed into admitting his mistakes and, while he didn't marry her, he did acknowledge the twins as his children and heirs.
  • According to the Talmud, King David was conceived this way. His father, Jesse, was the grandson of a Moabite convert woman, and eventually became concerned that this made his marriage to a full-blooded Hebrew improper (Moabites are forbidden to marry Hebrews, though there was debate on whether or not this applied to women).note  He decided to forgo sexual relations with his wife, Nitzevet, but, wanting more sons, took his Canaanite servant as a concubine (since Canaanites are allowed to have relationships with Hebrews and Midianites). Nitzevet arranged to take the servant's place and conceived David, though Jesse and his sons spent years assuming that she had had an affair.
  • Arthurian Legend:
    • King Arthur is conceived when Uther Pendragon disguises himself as Gorlois of Cornwall to sleep with Ygraine. In the movie Excalibur, Morgana (Morgan Le Fey) who was about 8 or so, saw through the magic that Merlin was using to help Uther rape her mother. She later calls Merlin out on it when she has him immobilized in her cave.
    • Elaine magically disguises herself as Guinevere in order to sleep with Lancelot. Their liaison results in the birth of the sinless, pious Galahad who achieves the Grail Quest — but in some versions, it also causes Lancelot to fall from grace.
    • Though the original Arthurian myths usually show the incest between Arthur and one of his sisters as being a case of unknowing incest, modern re-tellings often rework it as this trope. An example would be The Mists of Avalon where Viviane sets up a tryst between Arthur and Morgan, knowing full well who they are in relation to each other, and when called on it, she doesn't see what they're so upset about.
  • Classical Mythology: Zeus does this several times in his bid to bed any attractive woman he lays his eyes on (besides his very frequent use of harmless-seeming animal disguises to get close to his victims, as well as taking the shape of Artemis to rape Callisto, one of her nymphs).
    • He disguises himself as Amphitryon, sleeps with Alcmene, and begets Herakles/Hercules. The real Amphitryon apparently took this pretty well—if Zeus wants to sleep with someone, he will, but at least his wife was faithful enough that Zeus had to trick her.
    • With Persephone, he disguises himself as Hades (his own older brother) and seduces her, producing Melinoe, goddess of ghosts. Pre-Orphic Hymns argue that these were not originally the stories of Melinoe and Zagreus and that they were changed to fit that particular cult.
  • The Mabinogion:
    • The original contains an inversion: Pwyll spends a year disguised as Arawn, so that he can kill Arawn's enemy. Arawn expects Pwyll to sleep with his queen, but he refuses her.
    • The Evangeline Walton retelling adds a straight example to counterbalance this. Pwyll is said to be infertile as the result of the time he spent in the underworld, and "his" son Pryderi is actually Manawyddan's son, conceived while Manawyddan is disguised as Pwyll.
  • The Völsunga saga gives us a double-whammy: Signy disguises herself as a witch and sleeps with her brother Sigmund in order to conceive a son who is strong enough to avenge her father and brothers. The result is the fearsome Sinfjotli.
  • In the Nibelungenlied, Siegfried pretends to be King Gunther to get into bed with Brunhild, his wife. However the twist is that Siegfried did this on Gunther's orders since Brunhild is very protective of her virginity as her superhuman strength comes from it. Gunther needed Siegfried to get into her bed and beat her half to death before he consummated his marriage with her.
  • In Kathasaritsagara, a multi-level Story Within a Story Sanskrit poem written in the 11th century by Somadeva and based on Indian myths and folk tales, Madanavega, a vidyadhara (demigod), is infatuated with Kalingasena, a human princess who wants to marry King Udayana (who is quite happy with his two wives and doesn’t want anyone else). With his magical powers, Madanavega disguises himself as Udayana to sleep with her. He believes it’s different from raping her, because he would never do that. Unlike in many examples of the trope, he does beg her forgiveness when she finds out.


  • In The Gamer's Alliance, the goddess Hivena takes the elfess Rhylian's shape in order to fool Rhylian's paladin boyfriend Nesa to sleep with her.

    Tabletop Games 

  • In All's Well That Ends Well, Bertram won't accept Helena as his wife until she can become pregnant by him; she discovers an assignation between him and Diana, and convinces Diana to let her go instead.
  • How Artus was conceived in the backstory to Artus - Excalibur.
  • The main female character (one hesitates to call her a heroine) of Middleton's The Changeling pulls a reverse bed trick, convincing a maidservant to take her place on her wedding night so that her husband won't discover that she isn't a virgin.
  • A complex version occurs in Gioachino Rossini’s Le Comte Ory. The eponymous rakish count has disguised himself as a nun in order to get close to the Countess Adèle. With all of the candles out, Ory talks Adèle into letting “Sister Collette” in her bed. Meanwhile however, Ory’s page Isolier, who is also in love with Adele, has informed her of Ory’s deception. With this in mind, Adèle gets into bed with Ory, but has Isolier lie in between them, so it’s him Ory ends up groping in the darkness. The 2008 Met adaptation has the situation turning into a ménage-à-trois once Ory catches on.
  • Don Giovanni as well, when the eponymous villain protagonist tries to seduce Elvira's maid by switching clothes with his servant. Partly to make sure the already-seduced Elvira wouldn't cause any trouble, partly because he guessed correctly that a servant girl wouldn't consider a noble's intentions with her very noble.
  • In Machiavelli’s play The Mandrake the entire plot revolves around a scheme to pull of one of this so that Callimaco can sleep with the beautiful, virtuous and married Lucrezia.
  • In Measure for Measure, Angelo attempts to use the Scarpia Ultimatum on Isabella; she convinces Angelo's rejected fiancée Mariana, who still loves him, to go in her place. They later use this to publicly expose him as a hypocrite for enacting draconian anti-fornication laws when he slept with his fiance out of wedlock himself.
  • This seems to be Susanna's and the Countess's plan in The Marriage of Figaro: the Count has an assignation with Susanna and the Countess shows up to it in Susanna's clothing. It doesn't quite get that far before the Count sees Figaro attempting to seduce the woman he thinks is the Countess, though.

    Video Games 
  • Part of the plot of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas involves robbing a casino. The game's protagonist, CJ, pulls a kinkier-than-normal version of this as part of the heist. They need a keycard from one of the casino staff in order to pull it off, so he decides to get one by seducing a female croupier who works there, Millie. Of course, she doesn't know him yet, so his plan to remedy this is to shadow her after she leaves work and look for an opportunity. Said opportunity comes when she visits a sex shop and buys some fetish wear. By eavesdropping on her making a phone call, CJ learns that she's buying the clothes for a BDSM play session with a guy. CJ buys a gimp suit that covers his entire body and face, and then trails Millie home, where he waits for the guy to show up. When the guy arrives, CJ ambushes him and enters the house in his place, wearing the gimp suit. Millie thinks that CJ is her boyfriend and is eager to be punished by him. (This is peculiar, since gimp suits are normally worn by submissives rather than dominants, but never mind.) He obliges. Afterwards, she finds out that the guy she did all that stuff with was CJ and not her usual partner. Astonishingly, she has no problem with any of what CJ did, and becomes his regular girlfriend. She's also willing to lend him her keycard after going out for a little while, in exchange for a share of the stolen money.
  • Defied in Psychonauts 2. After helping Bob Zanotto in his mental world, Raz takes Bob down to the Astralathe, where Bob is reunited with his thought-to-be-deceased husband Helmut Fullbear, whose brain is inside the body of Nick Johnsmith, the mail clerk. Bob tries to move in to kiss him, but Helmut declines, saying that it wouldn't be right to kiss him with "borrowed lips".
  • In one of the events added to the International version of Venus Blood -Hollow-, if Villain Protagonist Leonhardt has focused on corrupting his allies rather than raising their affection and has conquered Rakshasa, he can pull this on Kaya, a Rakshasan sorceress that's in love with her childhood friend Shinra. By using magic to take on Shinra's form, taking Kaya to bed, and then unveiling his true form after they sleep together, Kaya considers herself too defiled to be with Shinra and will fully submit to Leonhardt.

  • Being a retelling of Arthurian Legend, Arthur, King of Time and Space naturally does Uther/Ygraine. It turns out they were soulmates, and Ygraine only married Gorlois because the force of her feelings for Uther were scary. And again with Lancelot and Elaine, who definitely aren't soulmates, although Guenevere has her doubts.
  • In one story arc of Bigger Than Cheeses, Duke's wife Natalie reveals that she was on the lam for an entire year and had been impersonated by her identical twin sister. Duke claims that can't be true since he's been sleeping with Natalie for a whole year...he trails off as he realizes what he just said and what it meant.
  • Abel's backstory in Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures involves this when his father is revealed to be an incubus who killed his mother's real husband and has been impersonating him all these years.
  • A king considers this in Oglaf, then decides it would be simpler to just have the wizard turn into a copy of the woman he desires. Said wizard is not happy about this. This is a parody of the Arthurian legend above. It turns into a Brick Joke later when the wizard transforms into the king to meet the demand of a Hard Gay warrior who demands sex with the king as the price for crossing a bridge.
  • All the female leads of Olympic Dames dreamt they had an encounter with a cute guy they had met that day. They were actually visited by different Greek gods.
  • In PVP, Skull stumbles into this by accident after getting into a "Freaky Friday" Flip with Brent. He has to take Jade out on a date while in Brent's body, but since his normal body has no genitalia, he doesn't know what's happening when she gets into the mood.
  • The hero and Author Avatar of Sonichu travels into the future in one chapter, where finds his future wife, tricks her into thinking he is his future self, and has sex with her. He then promptly goes back in his own time where he is single again so he can make out with Meg Griffin.
  • The "Nite Girl" arc of Tales to Behold sees Katie Wright, the Ionic Angel, posing as new heroine Nite Girl in order to save Captain Evening from a crocodile man who's given him a very bad beating. The Captain, assuming that Nite Girl is actually his girlfriend Jesse (for whom he made the Nite Girl costume in the first place), decides to show his gratitude by having sex with her. Since she keeps her helmet on the whole time, he doesn't realize that she's not Jesse.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • One episode of American Dad! had Stan's body double try to get Francine into bed. Unluckily for him, the real Stan got home minutes later.
  • Used as much as Disney allows (kisses only, and not shown) and subverted in American Dragon: Jake Long: Spud tries to lure Stacy in a closet with an anonymous note, but she lost it without reading it and Trixie got it and thought it was from the guy she had the hots for. Hilarity Ensues when they realizes WHO they were kissing.
  • In Duckman, the eponymous character, who in an Actor Allusion, is said to have had been with a blind Seinfeld-obsessed woman who thought he was Jason Alexander in a duck suit.
  • Family Guy: In "Halloween on Spooner Street", one of the pranks Peter and Joe pull on Quagmire involves tricking him into sleeping with a disguised Joe.
    Quagmire: You said you were that waitress from Friendly's!
  • Futurama:
    • In "The Butterjunk Effect," Amy (long story) jumps into bed with Fry, who thinks she's Leela. They're almost immediately interrupted by the real Leela.
    • In "T: The Terrestrial," Bender's attempts to cover for Fry's absence seemingly included a makeout session with Leela in a dark closet.
      Leela: You were like a machine!
  • In the Justice League Unlimited episode "The Great Brain Robbery", Lex Luthor switches bodies with the Flash. The Flash, while posing as Luthor, is implied to have had sex with Luthor's girlfriend Tala. Tala is the one who initiates it, and she clearly enjoys it, even remarking that Lex is being a far more sensitive and attentive lover than usual, but she is having sex with a stranger and enemy who has fooled her into thinking that he's really her boyfriend. Flash most likely went along with it because otherwise he might have been discovered. At the end of the episode, Lex returns to his own body, and Tala is visibly disappointed to have him back.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Homer of Seville", Homer becomes a world-famous opera singer following an accident, then finds out that the woman he hired to be his manager, Julia, is a Yandere stalker. At one point she sneaks into his bedroom and pretends to be his wife Marge by donning a tall blue wig, but it's so unconvincing that even Homer sees right through it.
  • In Steven Universe the Fusion Dance is more often than not treated as G-Rated Sex, and when Pearl tricks Garnet into doing it with her under false pretenses on multiple occasions it's treated as a horrific betrayal.
  • Morph played with this in X-Men: The Animated Series while under Sinister's control. He posed as Rogue to invite Gambit over for a G-Rated Sex encounter, but when Gambit stumbled on the real, sleeping Rogue, (as Morph intended) he didn't get any farther than stealing a kiss before all chaos literally broke loose.


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