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"Jewish women are very hot, love to experiment, and always please their man."
Elyssa Goodman, Sex Advice From Jewish Mothers

A character (male or female) possesses In-Universe extraordinary prowess in both scoring and then giving physical sexual pleasure to his/her partner(s). A soft caress on the cheek from such a person can leave the subject a flustered bundle of sexual excitement, a body massage under their hands would be a heavenly experience, while the luckier ones who get to bed this character would most probably be in for the most intensely multi-orgasmic night they've ever had in their lives.

The reasons behind said prowess varies. Sometimes it's simply due to knowing "how to touch them right", sometimes it's through special sex techniques, sometimes it's by knowing how to make the best out of a larger than average tool, sometimes it's stamina, sometimes it might be actual magic, and sometimes, it's simply being a vampire. The Power Perversion Potential for this ability should be very obvious, assuming that it isn't itself a result of Power Perversion Potential. This an almost mandatory part of a Horny Devil's inventory of abilities. Many pornographic works tend to depict their male characters as this; for live-action ones, this would be an Informed Ability, given that they don't actually do anything "special" on-screen.


Note: This trope is neither tied to a specific gender nor tied to a specific sexual orientation. Also, being able to do one or two "tricks" to get one's partner to hit the O-zone does not qualify for this trope. The character is supposed to be (hailed as) a veritable expert in carnal delights, not a "one-trick pony".

May serve as a justification for the attractiveness behind the Chick Magnet, the Head-Turning Beauty, the Pornomancer, or the Kavorka Man.

Not to be confused with an actual deity of sexual activity, though due to their particular domain, they often are Sex Gods by necessity.

Compare with The Casanova and especially The Pornomancer, who both excel in sexual prowess and seduction rather than giving sexual pleasure alone. Though being a consistently successful and sought after lover would usually entail being a Sex God, too.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Iason Mink of the futuristic Ai no Kusabi is an Artificial Human with better prowess than that of a Sex Bot as evidenced by his human Sex Slave's musings. His abilities to prove Bigger Is Better in Bed at will (and any size he so chooses) and find a person's most sensitive erogenous zones within seconds only reinforces this status.
  • Black Butler: Because he's a demon disguised in the form his master ordered him to (a polite butler), Sebastian interrogates a cult member... very convincingly.
    Woman: I can see the Gates of Heaven!
    Sebastian: (unamused) Oh I highly doubt that.
  • Don't Meddle with My Daughter!: To say Clara's a virgin, she definitely knows how to satisfy other women.
    • Such as when she thoroughly ravished the entire staff at N.U.D.E. HQ; including her three best friends and Sister Velocitynote :
    Sister Velocity: (drooling) "God, please forgive me... My sinful body is drowning in pleasure...."
    (Velocity's eyes roll back as she experiences orgasm and faints)
    • Clara follows up by creating physical copes of herself to simultaneously gangbang her mother, Athena, and gives the MILF of Steel the mother of all orgasms. It's so intense that both of them to pass out from itnote .
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt gives us Panty, a Lovable Sex Maniac to the nth degree. She is a real master in these activities, and it shows from the lucky men's highly positive comments about her sex techniques. One even thought she was more a devil than an angel.
  • Vincent Nightray of PandoraHearts really gets around with the noblewomen despite (or possibly because of) the fact that he can't stand them.
  • Maken-ki! has three between its main villain , Love Espada, and a living teddy bear.
    • Old age has done nothing to quell Ouken Yamato's libido. The opening scene in chapter 32 had him bang one of his concubines so hard, that the guardian statue outside the bedchamber toppled over. The following page shows him being dressed by two more, while several others are shown passed out on the floor around him and the one he finished shagging is seen collapsed in her bed. His secretary, Miyabi, had been watching and was so aroused by it, that she started dripping.
    • In chapter 76, Himegami explains that Espada is said to have seduced over 100 girls, during the school's previous Himekagura Festival. Said while she and Usui are eavesdropping on her as she's having sex with Kyoki in one of the school's club rooms. Afterward, Kyoki's shown wearing a PE swimsuit with cat ears and a matching collar, having become the newest of Espada's Sex Slaves.
      • Three chapters later, Espada has her way with another group of girls off-panel and leaves them trembling at her feet, in orgasm.
    • Rudolf is a living teddy bear, who's able to make women collapse from pleasure by simply fondling their breasts. The shopkeeper Himegami bought him from confessed to having been one of his lovers, until she found him cheating on her with three other women. She took him back, but eventually put him up for sale to keep from being tempted by him again. Later, Himegami tries to get rid of Rudolf by summoning Nozuchi, but makes the mistake of leaving her alone with him. By the time she returns, Rudolf has banged Nozuchi and is seen having a cigar.
  • Rito in To Love-Ru. Despite being a generally innocent boy without perverted intentions, Rito appears to have sexual talents which he himself is not entirely aware of. Nemesis complimented his "technique" on pleasuring women when she ordered him to massage her shoulders. Momo believes the same thing about him when he fondles her in his sleep, which she greatly enjoys, and has made it a goal of hers to bring out his "inner harem king". Other times, whenever Rito trips and falls into a girl, some of the ways he manages to accidentally touch them seem to overtake them with an overwhelming sense of aroused euphoria before they notice what's just happened.
  • Yosuga no Sora: No matter what girl he ends up with, Haruko phenominally excels at pleasuring her.

    Comic Books 
  • X-23 spent time as a child prostitute in New York at some point after escaping the Facility. She's outright called the best at what she does by her clients while her pimp remarks on how lucrative she is.
  • In ''Astonishing X-Men' Colossus is revealed to be an extremely talented lover.The first time he and Kitty have sex he causes her so much pleasure she loses control of her powers and phases through the floor.
  • Amora the Enchantress from The Mighty Thor. Even without resorting to magic, Amora is a lover with few, if any equals. Thus far, absolutely no one is on record as having come away... unsatisfied.
  • Prince Charming from Vertigo's Fables is universally hailed as this. Whatever his other shortcomings, even his most hostile female detractors cannot deny his phenomenal carnal prowess.

    Fan Works 
  • Many, if not all, Ethical Sluts, Chivalrous Perverts and Good Bad Girls are likely to have this trope applied to them, often despite canon evidence to the contrary; even Ms. Fanservice-type and Ladette-type who exhibit none of the aforementioned tropes are still vulnerable to this via flanderization. And for Draco in Leather Pants and Mary Sues (especially Marty Stus) that have their sexual skills mentioned In-Universe, it's seen as a nigh-mandatory requirement.
  • Shinji in Neon Genesis Evangelion is one in Alpha and Omega due to his mother uploading all of her knowledge into his brain, including tantric massage. It helps that several of the women he's slept with as "The Shadow Consort" are Asari and he studied everything he could find on them, particularly physiology.
  • Child of the Storm has Betsy Braddock, a Good Bad Girl and Ethical Slut who uses her telepathy to adjust her approach in bed to each individual partner, and an afternoon with her leaves renowned casanova, Fandral the Dashing, a literal god with over 1500 years of experience (and thus an example in his own right), in a daze.
  • New Tamaran:
    • Robin is seen as this by his lovers, both past (Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Batgirl) and present (Starfire).
    • Thanks to her super-senses, Supergirl can make every sexual experience a perfect one, making other young heroes quite happy when she comes to visit.
    • Bumblebee learned how to be one as a student at HIVE Academy, and continues to be one to both Aqualad and Speedy.
    • In the prequel A Brief History of Superheroics, Lois Lane describes Superman as such.
  • LXG Tempest Rewrite: Mina, Emma, and Orlando use the skils they've acqured across centuries and planets to give each other the ultimate wedding night.
  • Xander in The List apparently once put a Succubus into a coma. Buffy gets very annoyed when he starts calling himself "The Sexual Slayer".
  • In defender2222's more humorous My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfics, Cadence is depicted as a literal case of this trope, as one of the perks of being the Goddess of Love. Apparently, a hockey game she went to was called off after it became an orgy.
  • Deconstructed in in Chapter 27 of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines. Anna notes that the lover she had who sired Arnold is by far the most sexually pleasing lover she ever had, but she notes that the physical pleasure involved was missing something. She notes that two later lovers, who were nowhere near as good as he was, had it. Basically the point there is just being a excellent lover physically can't match lower quality love making where genuine affection and care are in play. Notably Reset is a Harem Fic, where characters capable of immense physical love to every XX chromosomed being the writer likes is commonplace and often exists in place of non-sexual romantic connections.
  • Hiccup in Persephone has a lot of experience in the ways of a woman's body through sailors daughters looking for overnight companionship at harbor. This experience comes in handy when he and Astrid are in a relationship, evoking the trope's name when Ruffnut asks what its like for her in the sack with him.
  • After being made a god, Tony Stark in One Hell of a Ride quickly starts being able to exhaust Hela each night. When he later learns his domain (as knowing one's domain makes a god that much stronger at hit), it's revealed Tony became the god of wealth and sex.
  • Fate DxD AU: Ritsuka is really experienced in bed due to having to keep up with the superhuman Servants he sleeps with, especially Jeanne and Artoria Alter. When he sleeps with Rias and Akeno, he lasts so long that they pass out from exhaustion. As he puts it, he's a marathoner, not a sprinter.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Lieutenant Ilia is a Deltan, who must register an Oath of Celibacy upon coming aboard the Enterprise.
  • Chevy Chase's character in Modern Problems was able to give his girlfriend sexual pleasure via telekinesis.
  • Jim Carrey's character in Bruce Almighty has all of God's powers, and in a rather literal example, one of the first things that Bruce does with his powers is to have hot sex with his girlfriend. And what does this involve? Making his girlfriend have the most intense orgasms of her (and probably everyone else's) life, simply by saying the words "pleasure" and "pleasurable" to her, followed my some off screen screams of pleasure as they "get busy". Bruce even lampshades the trope name in the morning when he describes the experience as "heavenly".
  • Spoofed, along with Black Is Bigger in Bed and Sex–Face Turn, in Blazing Saddles.
  • In The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Steve Carell's character finally breaks his duck with an as-expected three-thrust wonder. The action then cuts to some time later after his second performance and it's clear he's astonished his more experienced new wife with "natural talent".
  • Bond. James Bond.
  • Dr. Frank N. Furter of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • In What Women Want the protagonist uses his mind-reading powers while having sex to find out what she finds most pleasurable, giving her the best sex of her life.
  • Satan from End of Days. All of the women he encounters are powerless against him. When he first arrives on Earth he french kisses a woman and fondles her breast in a crowded restaurant and she seems thrilled by it. Then he has a threesome with a mother and her daughter. Even Christine, who knows that Satan wants to impregnate her with the Antichrist, feels strangely powerless to resist him.
  • Like the example above, Satan is this again in The Devil's Advocate. He brags to Kevin about how he completely wore a woman out to the point that she believed an entire football team had their way with her and is shocked to see that it's just unassuming him. He charms Kevin's wife Mary-Ann and later violently rapes her. It's heavily implied that he has sex with his own daughter who is Kevin's half-sister. And one scene shows a woman giving him head while Kevin watches.
  • In The Destroyer literary series, Remo Williams can use his knowledge of pressure points to bring any woman to orgasm. This is Played With in the Film of the Book and TV series pilot.
    • In the film Chiun claims to know the pressure points to bring a woman to Nirvana. When Remo asks him what they are, he shows Remo how to tap his wrist with a regular beat. Remo asks if that's the first point, Chiun says "No, that is how you know when the rice is done." and removes the rice that had been cooking off the burner.
    • In another scene, the female lead is rambling on about something; Chiun takes her hand and taps an intricate pattern onto it. She gasps, slumps down, and stares into space dazed.
    • In the TV pilot, Remo tries the wrist-tapping on a woman and asks her if it does anything for her. It doesn't.
  • In the 2005 film Casanova there appears to be an entire order of nuns willing to add another notch to Casanova's bedpost. When admonished for risking (or perhaps earning, in the eyes of the inquisitor), eternal damnation for a single night with Casanova, the response is "seems fair."
  • Implied to be André's case in One Hour with You when his wife Colette whispers inaudibly about him to Mitzi, and the two of them gaze at him mischievously as his jaw drops in embarrassment. Take into consideration that the movie is about the couple enjoying their sex life...
  • In Hot Bot, the "Hot Bots" are all supposed to be this, with the Bardot model being supposedly the best when it comes to pleasuring their clients.

  • In BR Kingsolver's Gifts Of The Godess series, all of the succubi (who are actually humans with telepathic powers) fit this description.
  • Jerin in A Brother's Price is portrayed like this. His being a society where men marry all the sisters in a family, his father and grandfather considered it advisable to give him tips on how to keep all his wives happy. His wives, who are not at all inexperienced, are indeed very happy with his skills.
  • In the Earth's Children series, Jondalar is portrayed like this, due in no small part to his hardware and how well it and Ayla's own fit together.
  • The Destroyer series: In one of the books, it's noted that Remo can use his knowledge of Sinanju to bring any woman to orgasm by touching her pressure points in a specific order. The downside to this is that no woman he's tried it on has lasted past the first few steps, which amount to hand massage. He never gets to the point where he gets any fun out of it.
  • Candance "Cannie" Shapiro", the female protagonist of the Jennifer Weiner novel titled, er, Good in Bed. However, it's a more depressing/deconstructed example, as their experiences are used for several articles by her ex without her consent, and later as an attempt to save face after he finally gets word about impregnating her.
  • Any courtesan in Kushiel's Legacy, where the nation of Terre D'Ange reveres prostitution as a sacred act, but especially the protagonist, Phedre.
  • As a Canon Sue, Robert A. Heinlein's Lazarus Long is one.
  • The main character and his mistress in Trevanian's Shibumi are level 4 sexual adepts. The main character's favorite variant is where they sit/kneel at opposite walls of an empty room and try to make the other person orgasm first through sheer concentration. He later abandons it because of the lack of affection involved.
  • Anansi Boys: "He was part animal, part god, part unstoppable sex machine," referring to Spider who likes to party with the mortals.
    • Subverted in that while this in general applies to Spider (who is a god, after all) in this scene it's said to his twin brother who's pretty lame with the ladies. He is being teased here- he actually passed out the night before and nothing happened.
  • In The Wise Man's Fear, the Fae Felurian is considered a sex goddess, leaving men as empty husks who soon die after she leaves them because they will never experience anything like it again. Kvothe turns out to be so good in bed even she is impressed, learns some new tricks from her, and becomes a Sex God, too. Oh, and manages to escape her without going crazy.
  • Dune
    • Probably every Bene Geserit would be this by default given that they can control their bodies at the cellular level, manipulate emotions, etc.
    • In Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse: Dune, the "Honored Matres" who came back from the Scattering make this almost literal: their sexual skills are such that men who have sex with them have an unbreakable compulsion to obey them. Well, almost unbreakable. The ghola of Duncan Idaho manages it, but only by doing this trope back at Murbella.
  • Daemon Sadi in the Black Jewels series, who was kept as a sex slave for several centuries despite his magical power and his incredibly lethal temper. He learned to weaponize his sexual allure and skills (e.g., pleasuring to the point of pain) so well that people began calling him "the Sadist", but that didn't prevent people from trying to bed him.
  • How to Be a Superhero informs wanna-be superheroes to make their robot doubles be almost exact duplicates, except where necessary to avoid this trope:
    Girlfriend: "God, you were fabulous last night!"
    Superhero: "What? IN BED?"
    Girlfriend: "In bed... on the floor in front of the fire... in the bathtub... on the stairs... on top of the breakfast bar... behind the couch... in the attic... on the porch... in the rocking chair... inside the closet... under the bed... what a night! Whooo!"
  • The Dresden Files
    • Thanks to being a White Court Vampire - specifically, a Raith - Thomas is one, but it's justified because that's exactly how he feeds—by giving them mindblowing sex and absorbing their emotions. Harry is more than a little jealous of his exploits, despite knowing it's a trade off being a predator.
      • His sister, Lara, is even better. As Dresden notes at one point, Lara once told him she could do more to him in an hour than a mortal woman could in a week. Going by the simple experience of a kiss in White Night, she wasn't exaggerating.
    • Amusingly enough, Harry isn't half-bad in the sack either, if Susan's sex scene, Elaine's lingering but definite approval for certain memories of their relationship, and the very experienced Luccio's vigorous approval of their physical relationship are any indication. Plus, there's always the Erotic Dream in Skin Game where we find out Harry quite likes to, er, eat out, to Dream!Murphy's utter delight, and in the next book he's implied to very creative in getting around the fact that Murphy is recovering from a destroyed knee.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Sex Gods the series, Divi Filius is the son and incarnation of a deity who obessesed with sex.
  • An episode of Seinfeld has a plot revolving around George and Puddy employing one of Jerry's "moves" for their girlfriends because it works so well.
  • Joey from Friends is sometimes portrayed as an extremely satisfying lover; so is Chandler after some coaching from Monica and Rachel when he dates one of Joey's exes.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Vampires Are Sex Gods, right? Well Spike raves about how superhuman Buffy is in the sack, including going for five hours and bite marks. High praise indeed.
    • Xander Harris, for that matter, is apparently "a real Viking in the sack!" At least according to Anya, and she would know, seeing as she was a real Viking once upon a time. Heck, he even pleases Faith, her comments on his prowess being positive except when she was evil and imitating Buffy.
  • The inventor of the "Venus butterfly" on L.A. Law.
  • The cryptically named "The Immortal" from Angel is the sex god, on top of being an absolute badass. At one point in their history, he wiped the floor with both Spike and Angel, then tortured them and proceeded to "violate" Darla and the same time, with consent. Sometime after, he wrote a truly life-changing self-help book, landed Spike in jail for tax evasion, then wooed Buffy - though that last part was seemingly made up by Andrew... probably. Word of God suggested that he knew it was a decoy and went with it precisely because it would piss off Spike and Angel - while running rings around them across Rome in the caper of the week, including getting them blown up, destroying Spike's beloved coat, then delivering the MacGuffin to the LA office. And we never even see him. There's a very good reason both Angel and Spike hate the guy.
  • In the final episode of Weird Science, Gary shows up with an alien girlfriend. Considering she looks the same as the rest of the weird-looking humanoid aliens of the species, nothing like a Green-Skinned Space Babe or Cute Monster Girl, Wyatt wonders what exactly he sees in her — until he finds out just touching her hand feels so good that it causes him to do an ecstatic Jim Carrey / Jerry Lewis imitation. Apparently it's a feature of the species.
  • Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood. According to himself anyhow.
  • Mad Men gives us Don Draper, whom Bobbie Barret confirms that his skills are remarkable.
  • In an episode of the 1st season of ER, Doug's current girlfriend casually mentions to Carol, that "he's (Doug) great in bed". Carol's flustered reaction implies that she's fully aware of this (as she should be, given that they used to date). Another episode has Carol confiding to someone that within minutes of him arriving at her house to pick her up for their first date, they were having sex on her kitchen floor.
  • On Game of Thrones, Tyrion gifts his squire Podrick (who is a virgin, mind you) with 3 prostitutes. Podrick returns, and gives back the money that Tyrion gave him to pay the prostitutes. Apparently, Pod was so good that they did it for free. Bronn and Tyrion, stunned and a little jealous, ask him for details ... copious details. In a later episode, some ladies of the court loudly swoon over him as he walks by them.
  • On How I Met Your Mother Barney, who could be considered a Sex God himself, tries to bed Professor Lewis aka The Cougar. She manages to amaze him with her sexual prowess and his efforts to give her the same satisfaction ends with him dislocating his hip. She still only gave him a B+.
  • Lucifer: Lucifer is happy to tell anyone he meets just how good in bed he is — and he's not lying. During a case where the only link to two murders appears to be that they were both ex-lovers of Lucifer's, the precinct decides to interview all of the people he's slept with over the previous eight weeks. This happens to coincide with a dry spell for him, so he only had a list of 92 names to give them. Every single person interviewed earnestly informs Chloe that he's the best sex they've ever had. On one occasion when a person goes around town impersonating him to get laid, the thing that angers Lucifer the most is the fact that the guy is lousy in bed, which could ruin his reputation as a sex god. As he once says to Amenadiel: his skills in the bedroom are preternatural.

  • Both the main protagonist and her partner are this in "Lovin' All Night" by Rodney Crowell.
  • The song "Rock Me" by ABBA implies this. Every night they're at it in the bedroom and enjoy every second of it.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Most, if not all, Love Goddesses (or Love Gods) have been portrayed as this in at least one interpretation of their myths.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the Conan the Roleplaying Game there is the temptress class. At high levels the tempress gains the ability to have such energetic and exhausting sex with a willing partner that afterward the partner will fall into a deep slumber where they can only be awakened by attacking them (or dumping a bucket of water on them). She is also so skilled at seduction that she can easily manipulate men into doing her bidding.

    Video Games 
  • In Dragon Age II, Isabela claims to be so good in bed, she can turn even the straightest woman lesbian/bisexual.note 
  • Fallout 2 has the "Kama Sutra Master" perk. Given that there is one occasion where your "score" for sex has an effect, and only if Dump Stated physical attributes and charisma (an extremely unorthodox method of play), which prevent you from qualifying for it anyways, its a Useless Item.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Throughout the series, the followers of Dibella tend to be these. Dibella herself is the Aedric Divine Goddess of Beauty who is also associated with the carnal and sexual aspects of love. The "Dibellan Arts", a form of lovemaking and sexual practices which are supposedly the primary methods of worshiping her. Supposedly, being versed in them makes one an exceptionally skilled sex partner.
    • According to the in-game book series The Wolf Queen, Queen Potema (the titular "Wolf Queen") shared her bed with Orgnum, King of the Maormer (Sea Elves), who she stated was "one of the better lovers she had ever had".
      The Wolf Queen - Book Four: "He gave her some herbs before beginning that made her feel as if she was floating on the surface of time, conscious only of the gestures of love after she had found herself making them. She felt herself like the cooling mist, quenching the fire of his lust over and over and over again."

    Web Comics 
  • El Chupacabra in Girly possesses legendary skills to please any woman (and practically every woman) he ever faces. The action itself is never shown, but the immediate aftermath, quite a lot. Generally the ladies are barely able to walk from all the fun their nerves had.
  • Ménage à 3 has two contrasting figures:
    • Zii is an enthusiastic bisexual seductress who gets a lot of practice, and her psychological effects are intense (one of her ex-lovers said that she made him feel like the most desirable person in the world). Her abilities aren't actually supernatural, but her skill is such that a girl she slept with in high school found the experience so good that it drove her to become a porn star just so she could have more sex.
    • DiDi, on the other hand, has virtually supernatural attractiveness, to the point that her male partners tend to suffer from premature ejaculation and experienced bisexual women can be quite intimidated by the idea of sex with her. But it doesn't seem like she's actually especially good at sex, technically speaking; she's never had to be, and she lacks the empathy that she really needs for the purpose.
    • And then there's Gary, who by fate's cruel hand was taught a kissing technique that he accidentally discovered gave spectacular results when used for cunnilingus. This quickly gave him a reputation as an Oral Sex God, and he had women lining up at his door... but only so they could use him as a glorified vibrator and then leave without giving him so much as a "thank you" in return. Gary being Gary, was unable to say no, and after they were done with him, his jaw was so sore he wasn't able to say much of anything else either.
  • Oglaf:
    • There's a subversion with a guy who manages to score a lot because he's renowned for his sexual prowess among the girls in town. In fact, he asked for a spell that makes the women he's been with incapable of saying anything other than praise of his performance; he's actually pretty lousy in bed.
    • Another man had the infamous wish dolly enchant his penis to make women orgasm instantly. Unfortunately, he discovers that no one can last enough to reciprocate...
    • A genuine example with a woman who won the trophy for "Best at Sex", narrowly beating her partner. Though she's hoping to get the trophy for "Best at Puns" as well.
    • A man is cursed to become the best ever at oral sex, the curse-giver expecting him to be tormented by ill repute as "the blowjob guy". Instead, he saves a kingdom from invasion, becomes king, and solves all its social and financial problems, all with the power of really good blowjobs.

    Web Original 
  • A segment of Ukinojoe's Great: The Show 3 contains a character- literally named "Peter Sexhaver"- who is the envy of all of the ladies that he comes across.
    Girl 1: Do you think he's had??
    Girl 2: I know he's had.

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons has Ned Flanders. He has sex once with a movie star who is in town to shoot a film. He tells her that the first one's free, but if she wants any more she'll have to marry him. She almost does.
  • Skwisgaar Skwigelf of Metalocalypse.
  • Reverend Putty of all people turns out to be in Moral Orel, if his recounting of his first night is accurate.
  • Of all the characters, Pam Poovey of Archer. She gave Archer (who has slept with countless women all over the globe) the best sex of his life.


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